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Triple Fever

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Winter is not Kaminari's season. Well, he thinks it was not only him, as the others are coming down with cough and colds themselves and he is not different. Isn't he? There he lay on his bed, all bundled in sheets in the darkness of his room, struggling with his clogged runny nose.

Friday classes were gentle on him, perhaps. Or there is something that weighted more than the lessons they had. His cold, his headaches along with the tiredness he was feeling. It makes every lesson looking like a cake and a task to finish quick as Kaminari wants to go home so bad.

A-CHOO! Kaminari groans, for the nth time of sneezing. Something gooey protrudes on his nose that he wipes with his blanket. Oh god, he doesn't care anymore if he becomes disgusting as he is right now. He wants to sleep, sleep his cold off. And to rest what is getting flushed hot, he was ignoring all the time, hmm yes sleep, his body.


Man, the knocking just won't go away. Just go away. Kaminari feels real numb and stiff, his body won't respond to what he wants to do - to open his eyes and slam the door open. His body weights a ton and his nostrils are fully stuffed. Is the AC on? 'Cause hell, his feet are on ice. Kirishima's muffled voice at the door is getting louder in a second, then comes the banging of fists.. he doesn't have any choice huh?

Kaminari sit himself up and the world spin angles on its axis. God, he heaves a bit, not like this. Not like this that he almost crash on the floor if he doesn't grab on his chair as he wobbles towards the door. The light outside impales his eyes like knives, another irritated groan he makes.

"Kaminari!" the red headed boy exclaims, "Dude, you look horrible, what's up?"

Horrible? Me? Kaminari chuckles, his voice raspy, "No way.." he waves an arm at Kirishima as his head leans on the doorframe and his eyes are shut all this time.

A hand lands on his forehead, to the side of his neck then to his arm. Kaminari is just smiling foolishly at Kirishima, not bothering to open his burning eyes. He feels damn exhausted, maybe if his hand is not holding the door's frame, he's on the floor right now.

Or maybe he is? Kaminari senses the ground is not flat where he lands into, it feels like a figure.. Sleep clings on him like a thick drowsing gas. Oh, he can't think anymore..

- ✧ -

"You're burning Kaminari." Kirishima mumbles, he doubts that the blonde heard it as he suddenly sinks to the floor. He catches Kaminari in his arms and hoists him up. What the- falling asleep?

He elbows the light switch on while having Kaminari on his shoulder. Kirishima drops him at his bed, another touch at the forehead he makes and is concerned of how hot the boy is. And that he has not eaten yet as he saw Kaminari went straight to his bed.

Kirishima drapes a blanket over Kaminari who was fast asleep with his lips slightly parted open. Poor little thing. His mind drifts to home remedies he prepares to perform as he paces the room. A chicken soup first, then something to cool him, also-

"So, it wasn't just me, huh?" Kirishima says after a number of coughs, cannot help but to marvel at the other's shaded pink cheeks, giggling to himself.

It squeezes his heart to see anyone who's sick, and with Kaminari, it's worse. He's all poor, hot and damn- Why does Kirishima swore to shower him attention? No- Kirishima pushes the idea that makes red blossom on his face, nervous but kind of excited. Well, he is aware that he was going to come down with a fever anytime, as what Bakugou notices earlier. And it may be a chance to take anything on his heart out. He just needs to see Bakugou.

A great timing that Bakugou is at the kitchen while the few of the others hang at the living room. A set of coughs leaves his mouth which certainly catches the attention of the other blonde at the opposite side of the counter.

Kirishima blinks and a cough medicine is slid through the counter, stopping in front of him. Bakugou is holding the medicine box with his other hand, his eyebrows are furrowed, he is about to close the box when Kirishima talked.

"A flu one." he says softly.

Bakugou reacts with a rough eh? And Kirishima almost yelps as a firm but gentle hand lands on his forehead. It is Bakugou's which he retracts awkwardly in a bolt, shifting in his position. Kirishima's heart screams.

"Shitty fucking.." he hears him grumble, with few sighs of hestitation, Bakugou asks, "For who is it?"

"Kaminari's off with a fever, he hasn't come down to eat yet." Kirishima explains, hovering over the pot of chicken soup that was Iida's idea for all of them. He is not surprised to see it heated as some of them really needs to warm up in this kind of season. Kirishima steals occassional glances at the boy at the side of his vision.

Is he looking? Distracted, or maybe his mind is kinda sluggish? That his motor skills don't match with how he was brawny - clumsy and little bit shaky arms. Soup gets poured off the container he was filling that left the ash blonde triggered.

"Oi." he shoves Kirishima away from the spilled mess, taking the laddle himself, "You're in no good shape for this, you're messing the kitchen up."

Kirishima scratches his nape sheepishly, "Well, if you think I don't.." facing Bakugou's face with a wide grin, he says, "..then come with me, we'll take care of Kaminari!"

"What?!" Bakugou snarls, finishes the transfer and shoves the medicine box into the first aid cabinet, "I'm not doing anything for that dunce face, for fuck's sake, not even a nurse.." he grumbles as he proceeds to occupy himself in arranging stuff there.

Kirishima closes the container with the lid and frowns, "But Bakugou?"

"Shut up."

And Kirishima literally fake coughs, looking sideways at Bakugou. With a fake gasp, "O-Ok-ay, I guess-" and fake coughs, he pretends to walk out with the soup and medicine in his hands. C'mon, c'mon..

"What the fuck are you doing?" Bakugou is staring down, gaze almost tearing a hole in his face. Kirishima is caught with a wandering hand over his mouth and his ridiculous sideway glance. A small cough escapes like a white flag.

Instead, he smiles, preventing a sheepish part to show. Kirishima is not expecting Bakugou's next movements; he grabs the soup from him, he got tissues and other stuff placed above it and stomps away.

"Damn it, stop smiling."

Well, he skips with Bakugou, leaving Kirishima beaming a smile in victory.

- ✧ -

For the love of Mary, Bakugou hates babysitting. It probably came from the time a naughty cousin of his has to be dropped for a sick month-long business trip. He doesn't do all of the toddler-sitting, but of course, there is absolutely a time where he was left with it. All drooling and nasty runny noses is not his damn thing, now he realizes the idiot might be like that.

And fuck no, his brain says retreat! but his body does not follow. Realizations of contamination dawns over his head as Kirishima blasts the door open like a funfair. Why did he agree to this? Taking care of someone sick is equivalent to babysitting, it just had a wonderful name called "nursing" which makes it sound heartwarming.

Heartwarming ass. It's too late to turn back when he sees Kaminari at his bed, trembling in cold that shoots a pang of sympathy to his heart. Wow, since when was he capable of that? Especially with that stupid blonde. He has ample patience with him actually, but now, why stand in front of him?

"Bakugou!" Kirishima bolts to the blonde, places a hand on those shaking arms, "He's cold, turn off the AC!"

Wha? Who- me? Bakugou hisses, "Don't tell me what to do!" while his eyes are glued on the quivering cocoon, he swiftly switched the cooler off and ran to the said cocoon.

"Hey.. Dunce face." he says low, later he hoping it was not heard as the butterfly inside the blanket shifts to whimper he's cold. Kirishima catches his attention with a giggle, he climbs the bed and fits himself between the wall and the latter's back. An arm wraps around the sick boy's chest where he kind of melts into.

What the- Bakugou becomes flustered, there is a noticable rise in heat on his face and he stutters to get a question or an appropriate reaction out of his head. Is that a hug? If so, then why? Why does he feel shitty? Instead, he stands and turns his back around, hands running through his face.

"What's the matter?" the red headed questions.

Bakugou breathes, hesitating again before he turns sharply, "What the fuck are you doing? Why are you hugging him like that?!" seconds after he realize the words left him, "Fuck."

"You like him too, don't you?" Kirishima pops his head out with a wink and hides his face into Kaminari's nape.

Hell no. Bakugou messes his hair as he paces the room in mad circles, cursing under his breath. It is a thought he has been avoiding. He does not know when did it started, but he was certain he cares a lot no- Kaminari has this thing that needs some protecting. Like a guardian as the blonde frequently fucks up. He likes to watch him, guide him, tease him. And the next thing he knew he is getting attached? He wants him around as Kaminari just sits with him at the couch, asks him and connects himself to his fucking emotions, being as persistent he was.

Now, those feelings are named so, "The fuck!?" Bakugou whines, sitting on the bed in resignation.

However, it doesn't feel as complete as it should be. It is not only Kaminari whom he felt those things. And wait, Kirishima's words repeats itself and emphasizes the word "too".

Okay, damn. Fuck.

If this night is going to be confessions, Bakugou starts to regret his choices he made that got him there.

Bakugou spent minutes helplessly distancing himself on Kaminari's desk chair, later shifting his position on the bed then back on the chair. He feels tired but he won't let himself sleep on the floor. And! There is no way he's going lie there. What is he still doing here anyway? His eyes frequently land on Kaminari's arm that was spread on the space through the edge of the bed. The both has dozed off fast and were snoring in a rhythmic matter.

Looking at them makes him yawn. He glances at the clock above the blonde's PC and reads 8:56PM. Bakugou shouldn't be sleepy right now, it's way too early for a weekend but hell, he doesn't have any plans for the night. His room feels like hundred miles away and with what happened, there is no escaping.

He wants to- well, he is curious to know what would happen next. Maybe a nice nap wouldn't hurt, he feels the tug of slumber drag him into the space beside the idiot.

"Just shit, real shit.." he mumbles his way beside the sick boy. Bakugou knows his face is beet red though he's getting half-asleep. He hates winter too and he can't help to think that Kaminari is so warm, it's weirdly comforting and welcoming shit.

It's not that bad.