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In The Middle Of May (Pokemon)

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"Shit, shit, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT! FUCK!" Maxie was sure that his dentist would give him a proper lecture on grinding his teeth after this.
If he kept at it he wouldn't be able to eat solids for a week. But grinding his teeth was the least of his worries right now. He could feel it. The wetness. The embarrassment. What would she think?
Right now she seemed to be distracted but once all was said and done would she be repulsed? How many times now had he leaked? What was the proper name for it? Squirting.
Thats what Archie had called it. When this sort of thing happened. Listening to the pirate prattle on about his wild escapades was not one of he redhead's favorite pastimes. But he let Archie talk. It seemed to make them closer.
The Aqua leader spoke much about bedding women but had never said a word about men. Or anyone like Maxie. Transgender individuals.
"Maxie~!" May squealed as she pulled Maxie's hands away from the sheets that they were gripping.
She plastered them to her naked breasts and continued to bounce around on top of him. Maxie was on his back with a double ended penetrator strapped onto him. He enjoyed the feeling of things being crammed up into his body to much to use a one sided prosthetic.
"May?" Maxie was rather unsure if her calling out his name was for his attention or if she was asking something.
"Oh!" The girl squeaked as she threw her hips forward.
The toy moved with them and rubbed up on Maxie's baby carrot sized member. He really wished that he had gained more growth on his clitoris from the testosterone but in all reality his cli- his penis was fairly standard for a man such as himself.
"Gahhh!" Maxie let a gasp slip.
How did he end up like this? Oh right, yes. Of corse. It started about a month ago when May had chosen to come poking around Team Magma's base. She was welcome to come and go as the champion pleased but Maxie never expected her to take such an interest in his work. His life. In him. So much was in him.
May would spend a lot of time at Maxie's side. After two weeks of constant hanging around she started to flirt. Little things here and there. Winking at him. Offering to bring him lunch, she would try and feed him. Usually he ate lunch alone in his office so no one was around to see him being nearly force fed by the eighteen year old girl who was clearly more powerful than he. Yet she was so small.
Maxie was so sure that she was underage. After finding a red thong in his top right side desk drawer he confessed that he was rather uncomfortable about the fact that she was only a child. He was sure she was around the age of thirteen? Maybe? Any how he was more than uncomfortable. She laughed her ass off as she pulled out her wallet and handed him her ID. May never wore make up and was a fairly small woman. She lived at home with her mother. At least her things were all at home with her mother.
She had mostly been staying here at the Magma base. How was he supposed to know that she was a woman? After his blush retreated from his embarrassing mistake of assuming her age, May made a comment about a sugar daddy.
"I will have you know I am not nearly old enough to be called such a thing!" He proudly produced his own ID from his wallets place in his back pocket without thinking.
The second he handed it over he realized his mistake. He reached out to grab it back but her face had already fallen. Maxie was correct. He was only twenty seven. His job had taken one hell of a toll on him.
But that wasn't the only information that May had gotten off of his ID. Rather her ID.
"Wait, wait is this you?" She flipped it over to show a photo of a younger Maxie sporting longer red hair and a gender marker that was checked F on the license.
The name also read 'Tesla Matsubusa'. May shook the card lightly before Maxie snatched it out of her hand. That photo was so old. He still looked girly in the photo. It was from about six months before he had met Archie for the first time. Back when they worked for Team Rocket. That was another story though. After that photo was taken Maxie had gotten his first shot of T and started to look more and more like a man each day.
"Your a woman?" She asked eyeing him up and down.
"NO!" He wailed.
May took a step back. His outburst surprising her.
Maxie took a deep breath, "I um... happen to be a transgender man. I was simply born with a female body. That card is old and I need to get a new photo taken."
"...and your name?"
"Yes well..." He blushed deeply, "I have um, yet to change that legally so on all legal paper work it has that name typed out on it."
"Well why haven't you changed it?" She cocked her head to the side.
Really that was all she had to say? Where was the freak out? The disgust?
"I... um... well..." He stammered.
"You know..." She stepped forward and looped a finger into his belt and tugged at him, "I think your just to handsome to be called Tesla. I think it'll sound much better when I start screaming 'Maxie' from your bedroom."
Her smile was soft and wide. Maxie's knees started to go weak. Oh dear lord. She really liked him. But he kind of liked Archie. And Archie liked fish. But sometimes Maxie smelled like fish. Was that helpful? Fuck.
And now he was on his back with a young lady using him like some sort of trampoline. Good God what had happened to his life? He was leaking fluid everywhere. Nothing smelled of urine. That was good. Her breasts were soft. That was nice. And when she unhooked Maxie's harness so that they could rub their open holes onto each other that was fantastic.
Maxie grabbed one of her legs and held her up so that he could hump into her crotch with his own natural body. It was something.
It gave him a lot of anxiety and pissed him off to no end that it wasn't working like he wanted but the action of moving his hips felt so right. Good. This was good. His glasses sat on the bedside table so he was slightly blind. And the sweat was dripping down his back into his butt. This was less than ideal. Yet it was still highly enjoyable.
"Maxie!" May cried out as she road out her last orgasm.
She was done for. Maxie thrusted until he gave one last squirt and flopped back onto the bed. It was a disgusting mess. He would have to take the mattress liquid protectant sheet off and clean it too.
"That was... rather interesting." Maxie was breathing hard.
But he smiled when May propped her head up and grinned at him.