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Give All Your Secrets Away

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Captain Quentin Lance was a bit disappointed in himself right now. How could he have been so blind for so long? The signs were all there, mocking him for the longest time and he still failed to see it.

Well, it wasn't like he never suspected Oliver Queen to be Starling City’s vigilante before, because he had, at the very beginning. He even arrested the kid for this very reason a couple of weeks after the vigilante started dropping bodies around the city. But time had changed the relationship he had with the now self-titled “Arrow”.

After the events of the last couple of years, Lance was at a point where he didn’t want to know the Arrow’s identity. He once told Laurel that he didn’t want to know because then the Arrow would become a real person in his eyes, with a family and friends that cared about him. And it was true. He didn’t want to know. It didn’t mean he wasn’t curious about it from time to time.

But now he knew. He knew and he was disappointed that he had pushed the idea of Oliver Queen being the Arrow so far off of his mind that it took one tiny blonde genius for him to realize the truth.

Not that Ms. Smoak had told him anything. She would never do that. If there was something that Lance had learned about the Arrow was that he definitely had people who cared about him. And Ms. Smoak was one of those people.

He never understood why someone like Felicity Smoak would get involved in all of this, why she would get involved in this life. But right from the beginning, one thing was clear to Lance: the girl knew who the Arrow was. She knew and she believed in him so much to the point of risking herself to help him.

The signs were all there. Too many coincidences, too many people involved in this vigilante business as well as involved in some other way. Like that time that Queen had made Ms. Smoak his Executive Assistant seemingly out of nowhere.

Lance was a little bit confused at the time. He had no idea that the two of them even knew each other. Yes, Ms. Smoak worked for his family’s company, but Queen Consolidated had thousands of employees. Who goes from the I.T department to assistant to the CEO like that? There was more than a simple employer/employee connection there.

He then learned that apparently the kid and Ms. Smoak had been friends for some time. And that was something that confused him even more because the Oliver Queen he knew didn’t have any friends that were girls. But then he dismissed his thoughts about the subject, because… Well, stranger things had happened than Queen having a female friend. If the kid trusted Ms. Smoak enough to help him with his family’s company, then good for him that he had found a friend in her.

But then his dead daughter wasn’t so dead and she was also a vigilante, and apparently she had a thing with Queen again. And then she was helping the Arrow and the only thing she said about it was a sarcastic retort about how the two of them met in the vigilante club. And really, Lance should have seen it at the time. But everything was a mess, and he didn’t have the time to think about how the fact that Oliver Queen was the Arrow was practically slapping him in the face.

But now? To be honest, he wasn’t even surprised. It took him more than two years and to see firsthand the relationship between a very protective green hooded guy and a tiny blonde girl for things to click in his mind, but he wasn’t surprised when the puzzle’s pieces finally fell into place. Lance had to be part of two different scenarios involving Ms. Smoak being in danger to recognize what was in his subconscious for a long time, but now he had no doubt. Queen and the Arrow were one and the same.

And he definitely wasn’t doing things alone. Lance knew about Ms. Smoak’s involvement, obviously. But he always found it strange the relationship that Queen and Ms. Smoak had with Queen’s ex-bodyguard, Mr. Diggle. Again, it was more than an employer/employee kind of thing, especially now that Queen was in no position to pay for a bodyguard.

John Diggle wasn’t working for the kid anymore. But he was definitely working with him. Of course the relationship between the three of them seemed strange from the outside. Mr. Diggle was as in on the secret as Felicity Smoak was. They were a team. And again, Lance wasn’t even surprised. It all made a lot more sense now.

It took him a three month period between seeing Oliver Queen punching a wall because Ms. Smoak was at the wrong place at the wrong time and seeing the Arrow almost losing his mind because the girl got herself into trouble in a mission gone wrong for Lance to understand that the two were the same person, but now he couldn’t unsee it. It was impossible to unsee it when the big and scary Starling City vigilante turned into a big, pleased cat curled around the girl, just like Queen had, months prior.

It was also possible that he would never be able to forget the look on the kid’s face when they understood what was going on three months ago, on that Wednesday morning. It was the same reaction he saw months later in the Arrow’s face, even behind the hood and the mask. And this… This is exactly why he didn’t want to know.