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The Method

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Skip Beat: The Method

A fancomic by sqbr

Original Author: Yoshiki Nakamura

Kyoko is in a labcoat and safety glasses pouring a liquid from a test tube to a flask.

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Panel 1: Ren looks bored

Panel 2: Ren grins

Panel 3: Ren looks scared

Panel 4:
Kyoko: Stop making faces when I'm trying to kiss you!

Ren: You were taking too long. I told you this was a bad idea.

Kyoko: I have to learn somehow, it's in my next role.

Panel 5:
Ren: Here, let me do it.

Panel 6:
(an arrow points out Ren's thumb over Kyoko's lips)

Panel 7:
Kyoko: Hey! That wasn't so bad!

Ren: Try not to sound so surprised.

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Panel 1: Kyoko glowers.

Panel 2:
Ren: Perhaps trying to imagine how you would feel being kissed by someone you liked was a bad idea.

Panel 3:
Kyoko: I'm sorry.

Ren: Why don't you just act as your character?

Kyoko: I haven't gotten the script yet.

Panel 4:
Kyoko: Wait, Tsuraga-san! Why don't we play Mitzuki and Katsuki again?

Ren: Yes I suppose we might as well.

Panel 5:
Kyoko: Good evening, Sensei.

Ren: Good evening.

Panel 6: Ren places his thumb on Kyoko's lips.

Panel 7: You know I'm not sure I'm comfortable kissing anyone with such an anxious expression.

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Panel 1:
Kyoko: Well it was very sudden. Could you try being a bit more in character?

Ren: ...fine.

Panel 2:
Ren: I...

Panel 3:
Ren: I love you. I've tried not to but I can't help it. I love you. I've tried not to but I can't help it.

Panel 4:
Ren: But would you allow one kiss?

Kyoko: Yes (who can say no to the sparkles?)

Panel 5: They kiss chastely

Panel 6: Ren and Kyoko stare at each other

Panel 7: Kyoko's smiles and blushes, putting her hand on Ren's cheek and moving towards him.

Panel 7: They kiss slightly less chastely.

Chapter Text

Panel 1: Blank

Panel 2: Stop

Panel 3:
Kyoko: How can we do this to Misao?

Panel 4:
Ren: Yes! Misao, my fiance, who I love very much. We should stop.

Panel 5:
Kyoko: And yet...

Panel 6:
Ren: Mogami.

Panel 7:
Kyoko (to Kanae): And then he made me go home! Just as I was getting the hang of it too.