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Loved: Confessions of a troubled soul

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My dearest friend:


Here we are… once again, ready to talk about my certainly boring and unpleasant life; not that I’m ashamed though, but I must recall on the fact that so far, you’ve been the only one I can completely open myself to without fear of misunderstand or judgment… and if it helps somehow, all this craziness that goes on inside my mind is just you know, too much for one person to carry alone but yet, on the other hand, it’s kinda funny, ‘cause sometimes I just wonder, if you could tell me anything, would you really think I’ve gone nuts?


[Sighs with a smirk] Probably… 

However, that’s not why I came to talk to you today…

As you probably already know by now, we’re starting Hogwarts again, not a new year, though, just an… after break if you know what I mean, and… going back is not so bad as I just come back to my usual daily routine which has pretty much been the same since my second year… yeah, I know what you’re thinking: Albus… the ‘never changing’ Potter and… you know what, I definitely am. I know it’s not amusing, but… for some reason I just have never felt like changing, at least not until this weekend, you’ll see, we’ll be going to Hogsmeade, that little village near the castle, that everyone talks about all year, every year, that very same one I always complain and swear I’ll just never go and stay. 


Just to freshen up your memory, you might remember, a few years ago, the full weekend Hogsmeade trip was implemented by Mrs. McGonagall, as one of the most recent changes to the school politics, this meant that every student from third to seventh grade, would be able to stay for a whole weekend in the village, either by groups or ‘camping’ nearby; and, for as cool as I know that sounds for anyone my age and how much I enjoy camping, the whole idea, never really blew my mind, perhaps it was just another thing to blame father for, as Hogsmeade was a usual destination of our ‘family trips’ and therefore, I never really consider it that much of a big deal.


Anyway, the thing is that… this time I just decided to give it a try and… yeah, the idea didn’t really come from me, but you’ll see… Scorpius asked me out and… I just, I just couldn’t say no, because… it’s been a rough couple of months for us and our relationship and, to be honest I don’t necessarily hate the idea of us being completely alone and together for a whole weekend so… I just asked myself, why not? and although, I know luck is not always on my side when I tend to plan something, I’m somewhat hopeful that just this once, things will work out. 


So… what do you think my friend? 

Just… just wish me luck. I’ll sure need it.


The old diary closes and turns back to its tiny usual shape in Albus’ necklace and the green eyed boy breathes out with a nervousness that can be felt from miles away. 

For sure, Hogwarts never tends to look as crowded as the days they go on Hogsmeade trips and, for someone that hates crowds as much as Albus does, it feels like a real nightmare coming out from his dreams. Maybe is just the fact that he’s paying too much attention now that he’s going, or he had never really notice the amount of students that reunite to go there on these specific days. What’s so special about Hogsmeade anyway? —he wonders in frustration.


As minutes pass by, Albus begins to ask himself anxiously if Harry might not sign his permission in time [“What on earth is taking him so long?”]—he thinks as he curses himself in his mind, if only he’d decided earlier, this might not be happening. Albus’ foot goes crazy, tapping impatiently over the rock he’s sitting on [“fine, I guess… if dad just forgets I’ll be forced to think of a clever way of telling Scorpius our date will be canceled”]—he sighed. As he already knew, shit happened, but for some unfortunate reasons he’ll never understand, shit always seemed to lean on him.


—Albus—called a voice right beside him. Albus was probably too distracted with the crowd around him, that he didn’t notice right away when his father appeared out of nowhere. His face turned in absolute shock and horror as he stared at Harry freakin’ Potter standing in front of him, at the school’s grounds, with thousands of people watching their every move.


On what world did Harry ever thought that was a good idea? 

Albus just wanted to die, there, right there without having to deal with the horrors of the fame striking on him, like many other times. 


—Hey dad...—he finally said with the best smile he could fake. Almost all his classmates turned over them and stared like they were seeing some sort of God or Merlin itself. Albus gasped—what… what are you doing here?—Albus shrugged.


Harry sat next to him and smirked—well, I’m sorry I didn’t warn you...—Harry excused himself—but… I had to come and give you this in person—he explained handing out the signed paper to Albus—your mum insisted so… you know it’s best not to argue with her—


Of course it would be Ginny Potter’s fault, but at this point, what could Albus do if not just deal with it? He sighed in disappointment and looked down—I see… well, it’s fine dad… I just…—


Harry nodded—I know—he implied by the tone of Al’s voice, that his presence was certainly not wanted, it hurt for all he could tell, but… he knew beforehand, that his name had always been the problem with this kind of things—but you can relax Severus, I won’t stay long, I just wanted to say that… I’m happy you’re taking the trip for the first time, your mother and me, we know you’ll enjoy it, back in our day, we did and… I’m sure the fun is still out there, you just have to be ready for it—


Albus blushed.

—Just try to enjoy it… alright? These trips have gotten much better than back then, so… get the most of it while you can and you’ll be fine—Harry advised and Albus shrugged in silence.


—I will Dad, thank you...—he replied after a few seconds and then added something that minutes later, he regretted badly off—in fact… it was all Scorpius’ idea, he… asked me out—he said blushing and panicking—I mean, he… invited me, he invited me as… friends, we’re friends so… he wanted us to go—Albus freaked out as those words came out worse than he thought.


By now, there was no secret to Harry that Albus had more than a friendship with Scorpius, despite the fact that Albus had never acknowledge it in front of him or Ginny, he guessed somehow by Draco’s comments and the way Albus used to talk about him, that something else was going on. However, he understood whatever reasons Albus’ felt like having for keeping that as a secret and never dare to cross the line with him.


—So… it was the Malfoy kid, good—Harry said with a smirk—I’m glad you’re still… ‘friends’ I think I remember him from one of your birthday parties, he is a nice kid—

Albus didn’t say a word, but blushed like there was no tomorrow—anyway son, I just want you to know this, whatever it is you choose, we’ll always be by your side, okay?—Albus nodded, a bit shocked by that kind of response. Was Harry up to something? He just couldn’t tell.


Harry pulled the youngest Potter in for a hug and, even though Albus wasn’t much of a hugger, this time, just this time, the hug didn’t feel so awkward. 


“I love you” Harry said with a small tender kiss on his head “please don’t forget to write to your mother, you don’t want her to freak out too much” 


Al nodded and the oldest Potter, just vanished in the air, leaving all the students completely amused. 



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Once Harry was gone and all the eyes, were back to their business for the most part, Albus scraped by them and ran towards Mr. Longbottom by the fountain, he handed out his paper and went on his way to find Scorpius or another familiar face to go with, but despite his effort, no one seemed to be there, not even Rose. 

—Alright, fourth and fifth graders, stay behind me, sixth grade follow your older classmates and prefects, remember to stay alert and don’t get away from the path—Mr. Longbottom started out with his groups behind and Albus silently followed as told. If someone was coming, they’ll just find him along the way.


Albus POV


There we are then, walking through the forest somewhat alone, and I’m not the kind of guy who’s a loner for the most part, but either it was that everyone was busy or I was certainly turning invisible to the eye. Whatever the reason, I was feeling bloody anxious and… gotta say, not the usual anxiety I used to get, this was different like the kind of chill you get when something bad is coming your way and you just know you’ll be fucked and, if I’m honest, the only bad thing I’d be expecting to happen on a day like this would be crossing paths with Johannan Zabini and his group of psychos.  


[“Quiet and invisible, just stay quiet and invisible”]—I muttered, trying to calm myself down, but the chill is still there and… just as if I summoned the devil himself, he appears.


—Well, well, well…—Zabini boasted with his usual devilish grin and his pack of demons followed back, I felt the chill slowly growing inside me as all I could do was to stop silently and follow Johann away from the group and I know, that was probably what I shouldn’t have done, ever, ever in a million years, but when you’ve been bullied for as long as I have from someone as clever as Johann Smartass Zabini, you get to a point where all you can do is just make it easy and from there try to think of something else… after all, it’s been like this for six years in a row now, and he’s managed to escape through it, even when he almost got me killed back on third grade. 

I cringe because I just know what’s coming, his words boom inside my ears as he speaks and the anxiety rushes over, filling  my chest with absolute horror, I’m just fucked.


—My favorite little princess, left her dungeon today—Johann mocked—tell me Mademoiselle, what are you doing on such a fine day, outside? Don’t you know the world is a dangerous place to wander all by yourself?—Zabini’s group laughed, but I remained silent and gulped. 


I stare at them and look around, if there’s any way of getting out of this, I must think quickly. Hannah Longbottom stands there by Johann’s side,  shy and silent too as he brags about. Her voice might be silenced nowadays, but I know deep down on her, she’s begging for him to stop doing this. When we were kids, Hannah used to be one of my best friends along with her brother, we’d played at Uncle Neville’s house and have sleepovers with all my cousins, she’ll smile and dance around showing everyone why she was considered the girl with the purest heart and we all loved her, we all did until the day she met Johann, and something happened to her, she lost her spark and her voice as if both of them had been buried under Zabini’s false charm and intellect and it wasn’t that she had gotten evil, because we all know that Hannah’s heart would never do that, it was fear a fear perhaps none of us would ever truly understand but we only wished for her to fade away. However, now there she was, just watching and there I was, about to be beaten by Hogwarts’ worst evil.


—So… what do you say guys, we might never have this much luck again. We should show Potter, that we might be evil but grateful, manners always come first—


I close my eyes and breath in deep.

I won’t run, I won’t escape, I just can’t and… there’s no point if this would come to me anyway.

Beat, curse, torture?  I wasn’t sure, but this would be far from the best weekend of my life.


—Oh love, c’mon. Are you mute now? Have the snakes eaten your tongue already? Or perhaps all that smooching with Malfoy has finally affected you?—he mocked once again for everyone to laugh. Everyone except Hannah who just kept staring at me with that sorry look on her face.


Johann walked around me leaving Hannah behind, he caressed my cheek softly as he grinned like he was planning something really bad. —Let me explain our little game today, alright? Noah here, the boys and of course  my beautiful Alice, we’re all concerned about our tests this week, so… we’ve decided to take a human target to practice on, since you happen to be a volunteer today, you’ll be helping your fellow Ravenclaw’s to succeed.  However, I must tell you...—he stopped and muttered softly at my ear—some of my spells are… just an outer body experience, you’ll feel thrilled—


I freeze and clench my eyes… Johann’s fist, nails against my stomach, it does it so hard that I stumble out of air—Wow man! This, this is what I call a weekend… oh Potter, Potter. I may have forgotten to say, I’m doing boxing now, quite relaxing I must say…—he pulls me up by the shirt before I can even catch my breath and punches me again in the same place, I can feel my body shivering in pain and he throws me out like I was nothing but a pile of trash—Potter, love… c’mon, give me something… challenge, where’s the school’s star? Where’s Slytherin’s best athlete ah?—he kicks me off in the ground, I curl up.  

Noah, Peter, Roman and a bunch of other idiots I can’t remember catch up in the moment, they all circle around me except Hannah and I feel their feet hitting against me, my face, my chest, my arms, my whole body aches and I just cough a few times expecting it to stop and surprisingly, just minutes after they all have beaten me, they stop. Johann kneels down on me and grins caressing my bloody face—no, no, love… don’t go to sleep yet, let me show you first, why scum like you, will never be accepted among us, let me show you, why, a half blood like you… will never be like us—


I tear up still curling up on the floor, Johann points at me with his wand and I swear, I swear for all that’s good, that I’ve never felt a pain like this, is nothing like something I’ve ever read or hear about, it’s worse, it cuts my body slowly from inside out, it burns like hell and the pain just grows bigger and bigger, I can’t scream, I can’t move and my body just aches in pain inside, I’m paralyzed but feeling absolutely everything and I swear for the next minute, that my bones are going to crack. 


—Unfucking believable, this is the son of the boy who lived? A fucking Slytherin?—he boasts—you’re nothing, Potter, nothing but… disgrace to our whole community—

I can’t move, although he’s no longer spelling me, he crushes my chest with his foot and stares straight into my eyes—best you can do, from what I see it, is… just die—he mutters and I can catch as the other Ravenclaws’ faces have turned white. This is no longer a game they want to play, but they have no other choice.


Then suddenly I hear her voice—please—she whispers with her eyes closed tight as she grabs Zabini’s hand between hers. She can’t look at me, but she can’t let this go on, anymore.

Zabini quivers and nods stepping back, I’m certain that nobody has heard or seen that, except us, but for was worth, I’ll be forever thankful to Hannah Longbottom.




Albus wakes up.

Around him smells like sweet cinnamon and herbs and Albus has no idea if he’d just woke up in heaven or he’s having a bad nightmare. His head pounds like a thousand hammers and he’s dizzy but definitely not dead. Where the hell is he, and where the hell is Zabini?


His heart starts rushing—shh… Albus, hush, you’re okay now love... you’re safe—says a voice too familiar to ignore. Albus smirks like an idiot and blinks slowly a few times before catching his face by his side.


—Why… why am I shirtless? Why aren’t you?—Albus jokes  holding his head with his hand—what’s going on?—Scorpius smirks shaking his head and trying so hard to keep himself right. His hands are still red and shaky and Albus notices soon, by the way his tears almost fall from his beautiful eyes.


—I… I thought we’d lost you, I thought you...—Albus moved slightly to pull him in for a hug. Scorpius teared up on his chest, and Albus felt a little pain but it was alright, after Zabini, this was just a scratch.

—I’m sorry, I’m sorry I worried you babe, I… I just… I just didn’t see it coming—Albus apologized.


—When we found you there, I didn’t know what to do, we… we didn’t want to get in trouble or make anyone panic, all we could do was to bring you here, and… I did all I could, I used all that I knew and...—

Albus pecked Scorpius on the head and snuggled him. 


—and I’m alive thanks to you, so… thank you Scorp. Just… thank you—he said and kissed his head again.  

—I… It was nothing, I… still don’t know if we should get you to San Mungo or Mr. Schatten—Albus shook his head. He didn’t want that, he didn’t want this to get out of control.


—No, I’m fine right here, I’m just… dizzy, but… I’m okay, I’ll be okay. All I need is right here—


They both hug and neither of them lets go of the other for a few minutes, they embrace in the longest, yet most tender hug they’ve ever had—I love you—they both whisper and kiss on the lips as they smirked like dorks. 


—Sirius… he’s fine. James!—they both hear someone scream by the door—Sirius, he’s fine, I told you if something was wrong I would’ve sense it, James!—


James rushes over the room and his eyes look as red as if he’d been crying for a few hours.

Is the first time Albus sees him like that and… it’s almost surreal, Scorpius lets go of him and lets Sirius step in towards his brother.


—Hey man—he says with a crackling voice—how are you? Are you still hurting? You want me to call dad or… Vic? I know Malfoy said he knew what he was doing but… dude is just sixteen—

Albus chuckled and shook his head.

—He did, he’s smart and… I feel much better now, I swear—

James sighed—we need to tell Dad, Albus… that fucking asshole needs to go to Azkaban or worse—


Albus shrugged nervously—please don’t, promise me you won’t tell dad—

James frowned—please Sirius, promise me, he can never know… I’ll just… I’ll be fine, I’ll be fine for as long as I stay away from him —he said referring to Zabini.


James clenched his fists and breathed—I’ll kill him myself if I have to Albus, just know that, okay? If he ever… if he ever touches you again, I’m putting him in the darkest, deepest cell of Azkaban myself—

Albus looked down. James was being serious and yet he did not feel happy knowing someone else had to battle his demons.


—I’m… I’m sorry James, I… I know I should’ve…. I just, I didn’t want to cause you any trouble—Albus apologized with a broken voice. James unexpectedly hugged him and Albus broke into tears of shock. He somehow felt like those days before Hogwarts, where his big brother was always there to protect him.


—I know I don’t say it very often Sev, but… I do love you, I love you so much little brother and… I, I was really worried about you, I couldn’t do anything to protect you and I’m your big brother right? I should’ve been there, I should’ve..—James broke too—but I promise you Albus, I promise you there won’t be a next time, nobody will hurt my family and live for as long as I’m alive, I promise you that—Albus nodded.


—Thank you—

James punched him playfully and smirked to what Albus complained just a little—now rest well man, it’ll be a long weekend and you might wanna feel better to chill with this guy, so...—James stared at Malfoy and nodded as a thanks.

—I’ll stop by tomorrow morning, I’ll be just an owl away, alright? Thanks again Malfoy, I guess… you’re not so bad after all, he’s in your hands—

Scorpius blushed and thanked him too.

—Well… we’ll leave you two, get better Al and… don’t forget I love you, both of you—Anna pecked both of them and then went away with James.



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Albus POV


I wake up by my boyfriend’s side, quite early, judging by the slight rays of sunlight that pass through our curtains. My head’s still hurting and I still feel dizzy, but my body is surprisingly less sore than yesterday and for what I can tell my weekend is not ruined yet, which is great because I’ll have at least one more day to spend completely alone with the love of my life… 


We’re at one of the Malfoy’s family homes. This one in particular, was a gift for Scorpius fifteenth birthday and since then… well, it has pretty much been our hideout and chill kind of place. The interior is quite similar to the Wiltshire Manor, but much more rustic on the outside. I have to say though, it’s a place that just feels like home, our… home. 


I turn over to face Scorpius’ side and rest over my arms for a moment, he’s sleeping so peacefully next to me, that I just can’t bring myself to wake him up. He’s charming and alluring in every single way, he’s the kind of person one would never want to leave and… I confess it, I fall in love with him every single day. I breathe with a deep sigh and feel a brief pain on my chest as I do it, I hope it’s just part of my healing process, though I’m not the expert here. 


I peek down on myself, my body is certainly recovering from the attack but… most of my skin looks bruised and hurt. I glance over the ink on my skin, despite my constant efforts to get rid of the scars, it seems like I’ll never get rid of them completely and it frustrates me a lot.  I sigh and wonder...


How can someone love me the way he does? How can a person be this pure and beautiful? How can a single human just turn your whole world inside out this quick? How can Scorpius make me feel this alive? This safe? How can his soul be so bright? So true? So… perfect?  


My boyfriend wakes up, he smirks at me, speaking with a raspy, still sleepy kind of voice—please don’t tell me you’ve been creeping on me for the last hour—he says and I nod shrugging careless.

—Guilty—I say and he laughs with me.

—Good—he replies and leans on to kiss me, his eyes are barely open but his lips find me anyway. He’s still sleepy and I swear he’s so adorable—do you feel better?—he asks, I know he’s still worried about me, but… I feel much better by now.

—Pretty much—I answer—my head is still hurting quite a bit, but… my body is feeling much better—

Scorpius glances at me. He opens his eyes finally and checks me out, I know what he’s doing, despite him not saying a word, I know he’s making sure of my words just in case I’m trying to lie about it. Lucky for me, this time I’m not and he breathes out calmly.


His hand slides gently from his side to my belly and I quiver to his touch, it’s been quite a bit without feeling him this close and my skin is quite sensitive at the moment. He stares at me and stops. A part of me wants him to keep going, to stay with me this way for as long as we can do it, but… another just pushes him away because he just can’t see this body, he can’t see how bad I’ve turned through the years. He moves a little closer and keeps staring at me with confusion.


—I’m sorry, does it still hurt you?—he asks me, thinking that maybe that’s why I’m pushing him away. He tries to take his hand away from me but… I take it and simply look away ashamed—Albus? What’s wrong, babe?—he asks once again and… this time, this time I lock our hands and give him a little kiss.

—I doesn’t hurt me... —I mutter and sigh—I just… I don’t want you to look at me and… think I’m hideous, I mean… I’ve tried to cover this, I’ve tried so hard but… it doesn’t go away and… and there’s no way you can look at me and think that I… that I look...—

Scorpius stares at me with a serious face and immediately cups my face in his hands.

—Beautiful? Gorgeous? Sexy?—he questions with a pause, then kisses my shoulder as tenderly as he can—well Severus, if you think a couple of bruises and scars are going to make me hate you or think you’re horrible in any way, then perhaps you don’t really know me at all—he lifts my face with his finger and smirks as he talks to me—in what world, Albus Potter, will I ever feel disgusted by you? In what world, Severus, will I ever want to stop loving you? Because it certainly ain’t this one—he says and I tear up a little. I don’t deserve him—your body is dazzling and perfect the way it is and I love every bit of it as much as I love you—he says to me and I… I tear up. 


He wipes my face with his fingers and smiles before kissing my cheek—remember our first time? Remember how that night I touched and kissed this very same scars you’re so embarrassed of? That day I promised you, I’ll love you with all that I am for the rest of my days and to this day at least, I still do, I love you Severus, with or without the scars, with or without the bruises, I love you for who you are, for your silly jokes and your perfect curls, for your disastrous potions and your cheeky smiles, I love you and… that’s all you have to know—he tells me and my eyes are full of water by now. —… never, never ever feel like you have to hide your precious body from me because it’s ‘hideous’ or embarrassing, because nothing, not a single freckle or spot on it will ever be of any hideous nature to me, nothing—


Scorpius holds me in his arms and I know I’m crying because I feel my tears falling on my face, he smooches me on the head and caresses my arm as we cuddle on the bed, with his fingertips he rambles down my waistline, he turns over me to kiss me and trails down on me with his lips.

I want him, I want him now and forever and I whisper it softly into his ear, he giggles.

He goes up on me, and kisses me again... our breaths mix into a precious dance as I feel his lips touching me like I was made of nothing else but glass.  

—I want you too, love... —he utters to me and he smirks on my lips as our eyes find each other and there’s nothing left to say. 


We make out. We make love and we do it for as long as we can, I feel every inch of his body with my fingers, tracing slow figures as I go, I hear his heartbeat pounding fast against my chest and his warm breath over my skin… I contemplate his eyes with amusement as they glow under my face, I caress him like I was touching the softest of clouds over the sky and… as we merge together into one, there are no words to describe this feeling, no mortal way of telling how magical it is for our bodies to be together like this...




Albus wakes up.

He stretches up a little bit as he raises from the bed, he covers himself with one of the blankets and walks straight into the bathroom door. He washes his face and looks out in the mirror, his reflection has never look this bad, his face is still quite bruised but less swollen and a few more scars appear to be healing over his eyes. 

How could he let Zabini do this to him? How had he survive for six years like this?


He washes his face with some cold water and sighs. He’ll be alright. He has to be.


—Al?—he hears Scorpius calling him from the bed. His voice is raspy, so he knows he might still be a little sleepy. He’s lost track of the time for the whole day but he can tell is sometime in the evening. —Albus?—Scorpius calls again and Albus hurries to put his whole hair into a messy bun over his head before walking out.


—good… night?—Albus jokes as he sits beside the blonde. 

Scorpius giggles and rolls over to look at him—looking good, Potter—he mutters and sighs with his eyes still looking over him. Albus blushes but he has to admit he likes the attention—can’t believe the last time we made love like this, it was… I mean, it was beyond perfect—he said with a sigh. 


Albus leaned over to kiss him and nodded with his head—well… if that was perfect, I’m sure we can make it even better next time—he said to Scorpius and the blonde giggled covering his mouth with his hand.

—If you’re thinking about the next already, then I’m sure we’ll need more than just a weekend for ourselves—the blonde added with a huge smile and Albus nodded, taking off his blanket and pushing Scorpius on his back over the bed. 


Scorpius blushed and stared at him with those sparkling silvered eyes that Albus loved with his whole heart and soul. He traveled through his body with his fingertips, running slow fine lines with it as he went, Scorpius quivered and smiled to his touch—I could do this for the rest of my life as long as it’s with you, you know?—he muttered softly into Albus’ ear. Albus bit the lobe of it, pulling gently with his teeth as Scorpius let out a quiet moan out—Just… just kiss me—he pleaded and Albus just did. 


He pushed himself onto Scorpius, kissing him as his hands held his body as close as possible to him, he brushed softly every bit of his back as they grinded on each other a bit faster than before. Albus sought and gazed into Scorpius’ eyes as he stopped himself for a moment, he could feel Scorpius’ flutter underneath him and he swore in that moment it was like looking into a night full of stars through his eyes, it was peaceful and happy, just the perfect sight for the perfect moment and he leaned over to kiss his forehead in a long, tender kiss. 


—I love you...—Scorpius whispered and Albus did the same as they locked their lips one more time in a perfect kiss, then he stopped. 

—I almost forget I… had something prepared for this weekend, something… perhaps stupid but… that I wanted to try—Albus said sitting over Scorpius hips. His hands were resting over his chest and he bit his lip nervously as Scorpius tried to figure out what he was trying to say.

—Well… I’d say go for it, if… you don’t mind...—Scorpius said as he bit his lip pointing the obvious state Albus’ had clearly gotten him. 

Albus laughed. 

—Oh… I definitely mind, but… don’t worry, if it’s not so bad… we’ll be back on track in no time—he explained and jumped out of bed with a quick move. 


Scorpius sat up and looked as his naked boyfriend took back the blanket and his shirt from the chair. Albus got half dressed with it and stood in front of him taking a deep, deep sigh. Scorpius raised an eyebrow in confusion but kept watching anyway.


By the top of a bookshelf inside the bedroom, stood an old radio Albus had played a few times before, he couldn’t back up now, but he had to admit he was too nervous to do this right. What if it ended up being everything but a turn on? He wasn’t exactly the best dancer and… he had never, ever… done this before. 


Scorpius coughed and smirked to him. Albus nodded. 

He walked towards the night table to take his wand and point at the old radio. By that moment he was so nervous that for a second the wand almost slipped from his fingers. Scorpius simply giggled.

[ Well, here we go... —Albus uttered to himself and the music began playing...]


Scorpius listened to it, quite interested, the whole thing felt like all of the sudden he was being teleported back in time. He pictured himself and Albus and it was funny.


“The minute you walked in the joint 

I could see you were a man of distinction 

A real big spender, 

Good lookin' so refined 

Say, wouldn't you like to know what's goin' on in my mind? 

So let me get right to the point 

I don't pop my cork for every man I see 

Hey big spender, 

Spend a little time with me

Wouldn't you like to have fun, fun, fun 

How's about a few laughs, laughs

I could show you a good time 

Let me show you a good time!”


He couldn’t believe it. Scorpius couldn’t believe that Albus, his Albus was doing this. Albus, his rebel, cheesy and weird boyfriend was dancing to that song the way he was doing it. He was shocked for sure, but also amused. 


Albus turned and swayed in a perfect synchrony with the music, to Scorpius it looked beyond beautiful, because he’d never seen Albus express himself like that. For sure, he knew Albus was an artist and he’d seen him play music before, sing or even try his best at drawing or painting stuff with him, but never this, never dancing with such grace and passion. He was thrilled.


Albus opened up his shirt but not entirely, he did it half way and walked towards Scorpius as he crawled over the bed. His cheeks were red and his curls all messy and kinda covering his face, but to Scorpius it was simply perfect. He took his boyfriend hand nervously and gently slid it under his opened shirt. Scorpius quivered and smiled, letting himself be driven by Albus. 


Then the music stop and Albus sat on Scorpius’ lap and stared directly into his eyes as he tried to recover his breath. Tomorrow he’ll regret of so much exercise, as he wasn’t completely healed yet, but for what was worth it, he could do it all over again. He smirked shyly towards Scorpius and the blonde cupped his face with one of his hands as he pulled him in for a kiss. 


—That was the most adorable, stupid and hottest thing I’ve ever seen—he muttered between his lips. Albus blushed and hid his face next to him as Scorpius lifted it with his hand—I love you, I love you more than you can possibly imagine, Severus, you dork—


Albus stares into his eyes grinning, those same eyes that he’d loved since he was eleven, those eyes that he dreamt of every night, those eyes that reminded him of the very same stars he loved to watch at night. Scorpius Malfoy was his star, his one and only star and… he loved him too, he loved him just as much.


They kissed one more time, but this time no words were needed, nothing was needed to say and the only sound inside that room were the ones made by their lips claiming each other, by their breaths dancing together, by their bed as they merged into a single soul. 


Albus heaved as Scorpius still over his body, trailed delicate small paths over his waist and hips, he trembled slowly as his fingers touched him as if he was made of glass; so gentle… so careful, so patient, Albus felt for the first time in all his life so special, so wanted… so loved and… he just wondered if he was just a lucky man or perhaps just worthy of someone like Scorpius.  


Scorpius traced over his wounds, he smoothly kissed each and every one of them with affection and tenderness as Albus felt a warm feeling embracing him whole. This must’ve been what everyone said about love, what Rose meant when she talked about the most powerful magic, this must’ve been it, because Albus couldn’t describe it in any other way than extraordinary.

Just then, Scorpius made its way under his blanket, Albus arched his back and whimpered, his eyes closed as he let his mind guide him through all those feelings Scorpius was making on him right now. The blonde’s mouth felt like heaven and he clasped on the bed sheets as he sucked him off non-stop. Albus moaned and a huge sigh escaped his lips as his first orgasm hit over. Scorpius didn’t flinch, he moved towards Albus with a big grin and kissed his lips tenderly. 


Albus felt sweaty and aroused as his eyes met Malfoy’s again, he pulled him closer and breathed over him—don’t let go of me… please—he uttered, his voice was soft and exhausted but his words were as clear as water. Scorpius kissed his forehead and nodded.

—Never—he replied back and Albus pressed his lips against his, they were needy, needy of Scorpius’ promise, of a love that would never fade from him. He was excited and scared, so scared of ever losing this feeling growing inside him, of ever losing Scorpius to anything out there in the world. He claimed him, he kissed him so deeply and desperately until Scorpius embraced him in his arms and held him tight—I’ll hold you with me for the rest of my life Severus, for as long as our hearts beat against each other and… even when they stop I’ll still be there to hold you. I’ll hold you on whatever comes in the afterlife because… because that big is my love for you— 


Albus nodded and sighed calmly on his chest—always—he whispered.

—Always—Scorpius replied.


—Scorpius?—Albus asked turning over to face Scorpius. 

—Yes, love?—the blonde answered.

Albus blushed and looked away, he bit his lip for a moment and then climbed over him. Scorpius stared at him as his cheeks blushed too—can we…?—he muttered and Scorpius nodded with a smirk.

—I was waiting for you to ask—he said and placed his hands over Albus’ hips as this one grind softly over him. Albus arched his head and sighed to the touch, it was warm but hard, perhaps just as much as he was getting now. Scorpius leaned and a small bottle jumped from the night table to his hand, he opened it and gently spread a bit of it over himself and Albus. 


Albus quivered to the chill feeling inside him but it wasn’t uncomfortable, he clinched to Scorpius and felt the tip of his cock slightly pushing inside him. He sighed and held tight to Scorpius, his long curls brushed over his skin, tickling him a little. Scorpius grazed inside him one more time and took one of Albus’ locks between his fingers, he played with it as Albus’ eyes closed feeling him inside him, he gasped and lunged and Scorpius did too as he pummeled against him. 


Scorpius felt his cock throbbing and relished to the feeling, he wanted Albus just as much as he knew Albus wanted him. He cradled Potter in his arms. In that moment, they felt like one and they were, their soul was nothing but entwined, surrounded by a feeling they were both unable to put into words. 


Albus moaned his name over and over, he could feel his own cock pulsing as he tried to reach it with his hand but Scorpius stopped him and did it himself, Albus’ hands clasped onto his skin and it didn’t take too long before both of them finished. 


Albus opened his eyes and Scorpius moved his curls gently behind his ear, they stood together for a few more minutes, before Scorpius pulled out and smirked. Albus’ cheeks were completely red, his green eyes sparkled like the brightest emeralds he’d ever seen, he was happy and exhausted and Scorpius could feel it too. They snuggled in bed for a while and before Scorpius could say anything else, he felt Albus comfortably falling asleep over him, he rested his head over Albus’ and sighed a big sigh—sleep tight, love...—he muttered and caressed the messy curls on his head as he watched him sleep....