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The Battle to Become the Royal Fart Princess

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Lucy owed her landlady money as per usual. But she had no way of paying it and all the jobs Natsu and Happy invited her to go on, sometimes with Erza and Grey, resulted in no money. Even when a reward was listed on the flier, Erza would say they didn't need it, helping people was all that was needed.

Helping people didn't pay the rent, though, as Lucy knew. She needed money, and fast.

That was when Mirajane came rushing toward her, as she sat on the pier overlooking the lake, which was on her way home. Blue the celestial spirit that looked like a harmless Olaf, waddled around.

Well Olaf wasn't harmless. Lucy missed her friends Anna and Elsa, who had visited a few times at her Dad's place. They taught her a skill she never thought would come in handy. Farting. Such a weird thing, but Anna insisted that she and Elsa show Lucy last time Lucy saw them.

Anna was Lucy's favorite fart recipient. But of course they lived in Arendelle, which wasn't that near Fiore, honestly.

Oh how her butt ached to have Anna's nose pressed into it! Anna loved it, too, otherwise Lucy would feel weird about it all.

But now Mirajane called her name. "Lucy, I have the answer to your problem!"

She waved a flier. Lucy stared at Miraane's waving hand. "Mira, another job won't help. One way or another, I won't get paid."

"This isn't just any job," Mirajane said, winking. "Natsu, Happy, and Gray won't be able to mess it up for you. Erza might but I don't think she'd be interested."

"I need money, not hopeless dreams," Lucy said.

"It's not hopeless. Go to this and you have a major shot."


"Um, what?" Lucy said, looking up at Mirajane. "Is this some kind of joke?"

"Nope, it's real. Jenny said she's competing. I might have if not for the trauma caused when I thought Lisanna was dead. But I doubt too many Fairy Tail members will go to it."

"I would feel weird farting on anyone from our guild," Lucy said.

"I don't think Juvia would go," Mirajane said, touching her finger to her cheek. "It's not Lisanna's thing, or Levy's. Cana I can't say for sure, she might."

"Well, even if she does, I shouldn't have to face her, right? I mean there'll be tons of competitors."

"Yeah, I hear this girl blessed with super strength is planning to go. Hope you're not facing her."

"Couldn't I just use a celestial spirit to aid me if I get in trouble?"

"It's a competition, Lucy," Mirajane said. "I think powers are allowed but not celestial spirit summoning. You have to fart to win."

"I know that," Lucy said, looking sheepish. "But I wonder what kinds of girls I'll have to face."

"Hopefully ones you can beat."

Lucy wanted to take comfort in these words but had the feeling Mirajane was subtly implying she was weak.

However, she didn't want to start a fight with her. And then as Mirajane walked away, after saying a farewell, Lucy realized something.

She needed to practice. And though she said farting on a guildmate would be weird, she meant in public. And a female she was supposed to defeat.

Now she wanted a male to practice on. And not Natsu either, he would laugh himself till he died if she asked.

There was only one level-headed guy in the group to ask. Not Laxus, his Thunder Legion would go haywire on her if she suggested it. Not Galjeel, he didn't seem like the type who could endure that.

No, the only true answer was Gray Fulbuster.

However, he was on a job. She didn't see him for two days, and Juvia hogged him as per usual.

Then the next morning, Lucy got up earlier than usual, went to Grey's, knocked on the door. He opened it, groggy and shirtless.

"Hey, um, Gray, I have a huge favor to ask you."


She wouldn't look at his face. "This is going to sound disgusting but..."

"Lucy, nothing you could request of me could be disgusting."

"You might think otherwise when I say what I need."

"What do you need?"

"There's no easy way to say this," Lucy said, twirling hair around her finger and still not looking him into the eye. "I need someone to practice farting on, and I figured you'd be the best one for that."

"You want to what now?"

"Fart on you," she said. "I know, totally crazy." She turned away. "I'll go kill myself. Leave you alone."

He grabbed her hand. "No way, Lucy, don't be pathetic. If you want to fart on me, go ahead."

"You mean it?" she squealed.

"I mean it," he said, nodding.

"But it'll taste nasty..." she said.

"If it didn't, I'd be worried," he grinned.

So they retreated into his room and he lay on the bed. Lucy sat on his face, rubbing her butt around, then began farting. PRRRRRRRBBBBBBBBBBBBBTTTTTTTT.

Gray half regretted his early compliance. But then he remembered this was Lucy. Being farted on by her was just fine. This was something she was sharing with him, over Natsu. Provided she hadn't done this with Natsu...

When there was a break in farts, he ventured to ask her. "Have you done this with Natsu?"

"No," she said. "I doubt he'd understand."

"Yeah, he can be a hothead sometimes." More like all the time, he thought.

"You so punny Gray!" Lucy said appreciately. And she farted more and more.

Day after day she spent three hours farting on Gray. He had to take extra showers to keep the others from guessing.

Juvia was getting jealous that he spent so much time in his room and decided to check up on him. She listened at the door, heard the farting and was disgusted. Then she heard Lucy sighing (though she didn't know it was Lucy).

"Why is my darling Gray in there with a girl?" she moaned, but swept off down the hallway, where she let slip to Wendy.

Wendy went to investigate. She wasn't shy around female farting. And she knew what Lucy's sighs sounded like. She knocked and said loudly, "Lucy, you in there?"

The door opened, and Lucy waved Wendy inside.

"What are you doing with Gray?" Wendy asked.

"Practicing my farting for the Girl Farthlon."

"But isn't that a girl on girl competition? Wouldn't it make more sense to fart on another girl?"

"Sure, if I had someone for that," Lucy said. "But I don't."

"Yes, you do," Wendy said. "I'd love for you to fart on me."

"You, Wendy? But you're too young for this..."

"I want to be farted on by you! Please let me."

Lucy turned to the man on his bed. "Gray, tell her she's too young."

"She's old enough to make this decision, Lucy. Also she's standing in a room full of your fart and just fine."

"You're right," Lucy said. She turned to Wendy. "How are you doing that?"

"Well, I may've slept under your butt before. To taste it."

Wendy swayed from this embarrassing revelation.

"Really?" Lucy asked, surprised. "Well, if you like my butt that much, sure I'll fart on you."

"Oh thank you, Lucy! Thank you so much! I won't disappoint!"

"Wendy," Gray said, "did you come here to ask Lucy that?"

"Nah, I came here to find out what was going on, Juvia's worried since she hasn't seen you."

"Well, if Lucy's gong to be farting on you, Juvia can see more of me, I guess."

Lucy started to ask Gray if he'd miss being under her butt, but he held a finger to his lips. So Lucy just grabbed Wendy's wrist and left. She couldn't wait to practice farting on Wendy's long blue hair

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Wendy loved Lucy’s fart so much. It poured over her face and made her feel enlightened. And brighter than ever.\

Lucy rubbed her butt around Wendy’s face too, which was super hot. And made her squeal with pleasure as fart rippled out. Oh, what a wondrous position she was in! PRRRRRRRRRRRRBTTTTTTTTTT.

Wonderful taste, even though it was rancid, if that made any sense. Wendy had been dreaming of being farted on by Lucy for eons now. It entered her thoughts several times a day, and finally it was happening, she felt so enlightened.

More and more fart emerged from Lucy’s butt, engulfing Wendy in the smell. Oh yes.

Then a blond girl who was thinking of joining Fairy Tail entered.

Her name was Lillie, and she came from someplace called Alola. And she happened to be Lucy’s fart coach.

And she really needed to fart now. Like majorly. So she zoomed toward Lucy’s face, slammed her butt into it, and started ripping them off.

Lucy planned to go to Alola one day, maybe with Natsu, Gray, and Erza, the Dream Team. But she’d definitely need Wendy there, her butt absolutely loved having Wendy’s face pressed beneath it.

Lillie said that Alola was full of strange creatures that made the Exceeds sound like normal cats. Well, not really. According to Lillie, the creatures she spoke of couldn’t talk, though she did say there was some use of telepathy so they could communicate with humans if not actually talk to them.

“I have heard of a talking Meowth,” Lillie said, once. “But I think it’s just a rumor. I mean seriously, no Meowth I’ve ever encountered could speak.”
Now as she farted, Lucy swallowed and then asked Lillie how it was in Alola.

“Oh, well my journey with Naho has ended,” Lillie said. “And now my mother’s in a horrible state, I need someone from Kanto to help heal her. But he is on a journey and there’s nothing I can do for mom while she’s basically in a coma. Gladion said he could watch her for awhile. Gladion’s my brother.”

“That’s horrible,” Lucy said, as another fart squeezed out from Lillie’s buttcheeks. “Do you think your mother will recover?”

“I hope so,” Lillie said. “If I didn’t have hope that she’d be healed, I wouldn’t have come here. But Gladion says I can’t just stop living because mom’s in a coma, so here I am, farting away.”


Her butt was very effusive today. And Lucy’s own posterior twitched on Wendy’s face, releasing oodles of gas. Oh yes, Wendy serving her this way felt so goooooooood.
While Lillie farted, she told Lucy about the creatures from Alola. A purple bat with four wings. A horse that spins horsehoes at the other creatures in battle. A yellow mouse creature that stands two feet tall.

“Pikachu is one of the most beloved Pokemon, by many. There’s Pikachu cosplay contests, where you dress your Pikachu in costumes you made yourself. Then your Pikachu performs against others of the same species. I haven’t entered one, but I’ve seen them. And there’s even a ghost Pokemon that tries its best to look like Pikachu.”
“Is it really all that famous there?” Lucy asked. “I never heard of it.”

“Well, uh…” Lillie said. “I don’t exactly fly on a plane to get to Fiore, you know.”

What did she mean by that? Lucy wondered, but her nose was forced to endure lots of rapid farts so the thought slipped her mind.

“Are you entering the fart completion?” Lucy asked Lillie.

“I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be eligible,” Lillie said, smiling back at her. “And anyway, I might not be here for the competition, I’ll likely need to be in Kanto. But my friend Mallow will be. You better expect her.”

“I will,” Lucy said.

Lillie released more and more farts, bubbly ones, wet ones, rancid ones. But Lucy loved them all, she licked Lillie’s butt in anticipation of the unlimited flatulence which would so delight her taste buds.

But Lillie had to leave. She released one more lengthy fart (fifteen minutes straight), before turning around, hugging Lucy, saying goodbye, and slipping out the door.

Lucy carried on farting on Wendy, who was in heaven. For several hours, she remained doing this. Then they both fell asleep, Wendy falling into dreams of being farted on by Lucy forever, and love the, Lucy dreaming of dominating all the competitors at the fart tournament.

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Training was hard-going. But Lucy needed money for her rent, and she wasn’t going to go down crying.

Of course Gray happened to be her victim. But she way he sniffed her posterior, inhaled her gasses, even when they had to be especially gross, Lucy figured he must enjoy it.

Juvia was curious why Gray stayed in his room all the time. But lately Lyon had been coming, and he and Levy were distracting her.

Wendy pranced past those three on her way to the room where Lucy was waiting. She knew it’d smell horrible in there but Lucy’s farts were also pleasant to be around in a way. She was destined to be a fart princess.

Wendy kind of wanted to be a fart princess herself. Doranbalt was the guy who introduced her to Lillie, who taught her everything she needed to know about farting.

Lillie actually sent her friend over, Mallow, who supposedly had a thing for spicy food and whose fart was expected to be that much more potent.

Before opening the door though, Wendy spotted a box outside Gray’s room, and curiosity got the best of her. She ripped it open.

Inside was a magazine, Fart Maidens of the World. It showed Mirajane on the front having a fart battle with Jenny from Blue Pegasus.

Wendy did a double take. Mirajane was into this? For real? She had never asked about it, but this was so strange…


She could smell it from out here, tried covering her nose. But she knew it was Lucy’s, so she removed her hands from her face and inhaled it. Oh gosh, if this was how it smelt outside Gray’s room, she imagined Gray had it even more powerfully up his nostrils.

She opened the door and closed it quickly behind her. And oh gosh. Lucy had donned a super hot red bikini. Wendy suddenly grew jealous of Gray, having
Lucy’s beautiful butt in his face, directly releasing gasses on him.

“Hey, Wendy,” Lucy said, but then her face scrunches up as if her butt is giving her pain. EYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPP.

Wendy swallowed it, as waves zoomed toward her. Gosh she loved Lucy. But she could never say that out loud, which happened to be another reason she felt joyous over Lucy’s gas filling her throat.


Wendy couldn’t get enough of how wonderful it was. She fantasized about flowers giving off the scent of Lucy’s fart, such a lovely fragrance.

Now of course it had a strong unpleasantness to smell, but Wendy knew Lucy, liked Lucy, and her heart really started to beat whenever she thought of being farted on by this wonderful, beautiful blond writer.

Neither of the girls had really asked Gray how he felt about this seriously. But he didn’t struggle when Lucy sat on him.

Gray actually kind of wondered why Lucy hadn’t asked Natsu if he’d do this. At least at first. But he knew why thinking it over. Natsu would blab the whole thing to the entire guild, and this wasn’t something Lucy would want everyone to be talking about. She’d be way too embarrassed, and some like Gajeel might tease her, and she might find it irritating.

But Gray was trustworthy, had been in a team with Lucy so many times, she must’ve known he wouldn’t tell anyone unless she gave the clear.

Her butt looming over him, and pressed over his nostrils made him feel so good. He had liked Lucy for a long time now, and for her to do something intimate and cute with him, oh gosh!


Oh it smelled so nasty, but it was lovely at the same time. Lucy made it awesome. The heat of her posterior through her gorgeous bikini bottom. Her mostly bare back. Her beautiful blond hair.

He had ordered a magazine to read up on it. He hadn’t opened the box yet, but supposedly this Fart Princess contest was a big deal. But it wouldn’t be something the Guild would appreciate, could it? Just so different from what they would expect. Sure the world was full of magic and all. Magic sometimes involves the very unexpected.

But farting didn’t have anyone to do with magic. It was a body’s involuntary way of dealing with food passing through it. And that was part of what made it so cute.

The being trapped here beneath Lucy’s butt. Well, he wasn’t technically trapped. Lucy had asked him if he’d do this, and he’d agreed.

But it was an adorable fantasy that she could make him do this against his will if she wanted to. Wouldn’t be too bad either, given it was Lucy.


Oh gosh, that one was horrific! Like a mega-ton of gross-smelling gas. If it weren’t for the source being this wonderfully cute Lucy, Gray would probably have been displeased to have to smell it.

Except Wendy. But Wendy would only fart on Lucy and wasn’t entering the competition, far as Gray knew.

He doubted anyone else from Fairy Tail would. Erza would probably burst into laughter if she heard about it. Levy, this wouldn’t be her thing though she might be understanding if Lucy told her at least. Imagining Evergreen in this seemed nightmarish, urgh.

Erza actually might get into it once she finished laughing herself silly.

Then there’s Juvia.

Now if Gray told Juvia he was into this, she would definitely do it, he knew. Ever since the moment they met she had been head over heels for him and had already indicated she’d do sexual things with him no matter how weird.

But Juvia would make this public, and Gray thought it was better to keep it private. Juvia also grew too affectionate, and probably couldn’t resist talking about it when the girls bathed together.

And Cana…she’d probably enter this without a second though.

There were other girls in the guild also. But when Gray pictured the girls who would show up at the actual competition…

Wait, many girls were going to go there. Surely. To make it even a decent competition would require at least sixteen participants. And that was just a minimal number, it might have more.

There were girls from other guilds who might go. Maybe someone from Mermaid Tail. A girl in Twilight Ogre also might be into it, Gray didn’t know her name.


Oh gosh that smelled much worse than all the farts before put together.

But Lucy made him want it, she was tickling his chest now. It felt so good.

And then Wendy pushed her butt into Lucy’s face and her farts began going off.

Wendy’s are sweeter than Lucy’s. Gray cold catch a whiff of them from down here, even though Lucy’s were overpowering and crushed them so that only a little could of Wendy’s could reach his nostrils (not to mention that the space between Wendy’s butt and his face were separated by Lucy).

And now they began farting in synchronization.



Oh the gas, such a wonder. It filled Gray’s throat as though it were a chimney.

Then Lucy let out three long, wet, bubbly farts on top of the big one just now. And Wendy let out a cute one up there, or it sounded cute anyway as Gray didn’t get an opportunity to smell it.

See it wasn’t just that Natsu would blab, he might not understand why Lucy would put herself through this to try to earn money. But it was often Natsu who got Lucy involved in a job with a monetary reward but one way or another no money passed from the offerer even though the job got done.

Then Gray’s door burst open. He couldn’t see the girl who came in, but he heard her greet Wendy.

“Hi, I’m Mallow,” she said.


Gray imagined the girls were shaking hands.

“Lillie sent me. Gosh, it reeks in here. But you’re so gorgeous, as is the girl under you. If I were in the competition and faced off against one of you, I wouldn’t even battle, just let your fart wash all over me.”

“That’s quite the compliment,” Wendy said.

“You’re welcome! But even with that praise, Lillie did send me here to fart on you.”

“That’s what I was expecting,” Wendy said.

From Gray’s vantage point he had to picture the next scene, Mallow (whom he didn’t know what she looked like yet) shoving her butt into Wendy’s face…

But though Lucy kept farting, a couple of minutes brought no sounds from the two girls above.

“It just won’t come out on you,” Mallow said, sighing. “I don’t feel comfortable releasing on you.”

“What’s wrong with farting on me?” Wendy asks.

“I dunno, you’re just so adorable. My butt doesn’t want to let it’s gasses out on you.”

“Lillie goes on me just fine.”

“Yes, but I’m not Lillie. Wish she were here.”

“I am here,” says a voice, as the door opens. Wendy leaps off of Lucy and rushes to hug the newcomer.

“I thought you had something else to do,” Wendy wept.

“I did but Gladion was kind enough to take care of it for me, in exchange for a promise to fart on him for two hours one day next week.”

“Oh, wonderful!” Wendy said, nuzzling Lillie.

“So you had trouble going on Wendy?” Lillie asks Mallow.

“Sorry,” Mallow says, shuffling her feet.

“Don’t be. You can fart on Lucy. And Wendy can go on you.”

“Would you? Oh please do!” Mallow begged Wendy.

“Sure, I can fart on you.”

“Thank you so much! You are too kind!”

Then Mallow slams her butt into Lucy’s face and rips off a spicy-chicken filled fart.


Lucy gagged, and was choking for a second but then Mallow released a super-cute refereshing fart. Then she lowered her panties, stuck a water battle in her butt crack, farted in it for half a minute, and poured it down Lucy’s throat.

“Why not pee in my mouth instead?” Lucy asked, pushing the bottle of water away. Wendy gulped it down. “Ah, so good!”

“You want me to urinate in your mouth?” Mallow asked. “You absolutely sure?”

“Yes, please! I’m going to be tasting your farts a lot, but water isn’t what I crave for a drink. It’s your pee.”

“But it might not be the delicious stream you expect.”

“I don’t care. Can you please give it to me?”

“Okay,” Mallow said, laughing. She sat on Lucy’s face again, this time her vagina over Lucy’s mouth. Urine pours our like a lake. Oh it keeps on coming and coming.

For Lucy, it has a salty, tea sort of taste with a tinge of mint. She had fantasized about Wendy doing this but could never ask the blue-haired wonder. But maybe she could see if Wendy would do this on another day, now that she knew Lucy liked it.

Speaking of Wendy, she squished her butt into Mallow’s face and let off a massive fart.

Then Lillie gave Wendy a fartdown that would’ve given her brother a heavy boner.

Why Gladion was into his sister farting on him, they tried not to discuss. Lillie knew other girls might call their brothers a “perv” in her situation. But she didn’t think Gladion was a pervert.

It was possible that Lillie being the only girl Gladion felt he could get close to, her fart made him so happy. Or perhaps he thought she wouldn’t consider if as a fulfilling of his fetish if it was her doing it, being his sister.

She didn’t know if she should give it to him too much. But on this occasion it seemed like the best place for her today was right here. Mallow and Wendy might’ve been a bit uncomfortable with one another had she not made the suggestion that hey swap who farted on who. Wendy didn’t know Mallow, but with Lillie there everything went smoothly.

As these girls trained, with their fart chain—Lillie on Wendy on Mallow on Lucy on Gray—and the room was filled with sounds of ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP and ILLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP and EXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBBBBBBBBBBPPPPPPPPPPPPPPMMMMNNNNN, and the whole area began to reek of the four girls’ cmbined farts…they were unaware that Mirajane in another chamber was letting it out oon Lisanna, as she prepped to beat her rival Jennifer from the blue Pegasus guild.

And Mirajane’s fart felt like knives digging into Lisanna’s nostrils, and this was coming from a girl who knew this butt fairly well, having smelled the fart for quite some time since Mirajane told her the secret and Lisanna begged to help her train.

In the Blue Pegasus guild hall, Jenny was farting on Hibiki Lates, who like Lisanna had nostrils that were being tortured because of it…

But Hibiki thought of Jenny as sexy, so it was a different scenario from a sister farting on a sister.

But one thing was sure. Come competition day, Jenny and Mirajane were both preparing to give each other a horrendous assault of gas.

And though neither of them wanted to admit it publicly, they secretly hoped that each would be dominated by her opponent. Mirajane fantasized that try as she might, she’d fail and Jenny would get to fart on her for two days straight, and Mirajane wouldn’t have any say in it.

And Jenny imagined the same thing, only Mirajane winning.They each hugged the pillow the other had sent which had been farted on for seven hours by the sender. Jenny sniffed Mirajane’s fart pillow, and Mirajane sniffed Jenny’s fart pillow.

“Only one of us can win, but I hope it’s her,” they each thought.

Jenny even had tons of Mirajane’s pictures form Sorcerer’s Weekly spread out before her. And Mirajane the same, of Jenny.

Later, after the girls had left Gray’s room, and their fart still rank up his quarters, he found the box with the magazine Wendy had opened. And saw Mirajane on the cover, as well as Jenny.

Mirajane is into this? He wondered.

Then he read how the competition would open with them farting on one another till one gave up, to inspire all the competitors.

He pondered if she help Mirajane prepare. But then he thought better of it. Helping Lucy was more important, and she told him just now that she’d return with many more farts in a couple of hours.

Besides Mirajane might be uncomfortable if Gray approached her about this. And she might already have some to train with.

He just hoped whoever it was knew how lucky they were. Though he supposed he was more lucky, because as great as Mirajane was, Lucy seemed like a real fart princess, and someone people would pay to have fart on them.

But he got it for free. So wonderful.

Then the thought struck him. Could other members of the Guild already know about this? If Mirajane did, maybe he shouldn’t be surprised if maybe Erza did.

He flipped through the magazine, but didn’t see any pictures of Erza. And soon Lucy was back, wearing pink booty shorts, which she thrust in his face as she recommenced farting.


It was only then as his favorite girl to receive gas from released it heavily did he think….what will happen to these sessions after the competition? Will Lucy still want to fart on me, or will she have others to do it on? Will she not care about letting me sniff her farts anymore?

Could it depend on if she wins? I should read up on the competiton. I want her to win, of course I do.

But what I don’t want is to lose this. Being someone she has to see every day, to train with. Having all her cute outfits loom over me. Her amazing butt pressed to my nose. Her gas showering me and making me smile.

Don’t let me lose Lucy, no matter what happens. I need her. And I hope…just a little…that she might need me, too.