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Jimin has loved doing gymnastics for as long as he can remember. His parents signed him up basically as soon as he could walk because he would tumble and roll around a lot as a child. At first it was just a class a couple times a week, but as he’s gotten older it’s become a more time consuming, daily activity. It’s not as fun as he remembers it being. Jimin figures that’s what happens to any hobby that you do often enough--it starts to feel like a job.

Still, there are worse things out there to complain about especially since he still enjoys doing it. Jimin’s pretty good from all the practice over the years and has won several championships with various club groups in South Korea. He still has fun at all the meets, especially when he can hear his best friend/roommate Taehyung cheering him on from the crowd, but he doesn’t have a desire for an olympic career or anything which is what most people expect from him. When he’d last done qualifiers and didn’t make the cut, his coach had been more disappointed than he was. It was a fun experience, but Jimin really wasn’t keen to do it all again. He doesn’t want to quit or anything, but he wishes he could be on the college team without devoting his every early morning to practice.

Jimin would love to just sleep in or not worry about whether he’s eating too little or too much in order to fuel him through his floor routines. Maybe as a nutrition major it shouldn’t exhaust him to think about it so much, but it does. And maybe if Friday nights weren’t reserved for gym meets, he and Tae wouldn’t be such shut-ins. Well okay, they’d probably just use that time to watch more anime, but it’s a thought that crosses his mind a lot.

Jimin’s time that isn’t devoted to practice or class is spent at work at the cafe Jin-hyung owns right off campus. Jin hired him back during freshman year when he first opened it. He likes working there even if it does get really busy sometimes. He likes Jin-hyung because he always gives him baked goods to ask his opinion on whether or not they should be on the menu and he lets him choose his own hours conveniently. Even though Jooheon, whom he’d shared shifts with for the previous two years had graduated and stopped working there, Jimin likes his new coworker, a second semester freshman named Jungkook, well enough.

“Jimin, your annoying friend is here,” Jungkook calls dryly and Jimin looks up from where he’s reading his textbook for class behind the counter. The cafe is basically empty right now anyway and Jin-hyung wouldn’t mind. They’d just finished off the lunch rush and were comfortably before the crowd that would come in for an afternoon pick me up.

“Hey Tae,” Jimin greets his best friend with a smile, ignoring the fact that Jungkook called him annoying since Tae didn’t pay him any mind. He’s used to Tae coming to visit him and just sitting there at the bar without ordering anything. Jin doesn’t comment because his long term boyfriend, Namjoon, who’s a senior at the university even though he completed all the credits required to graduate, can sometimes, like now, be found sitting next to Tae.

Jimin enjoys Namjoon’s company though. He’s always a great conversationalist when the cafe is slow and Jimin doesn’t have any work to catch up on. He helps him keep Jungkook in line, and plus Jin and Namjoon are adorable together so it’s cute to see them interact. They’re one of those couples that have been together for so long that they’re basically married. Jimin would never admit it out loud, but he hopes one day he’ll have a relationship like them.




Min Yoongi works at the university in the music department. When he’d graduated early two years ago with the highest distinction, they’d immediately asked him to design a course for the university. He’s really good at what he does and actually maybe a little antisocial because of his work ethic. He doesn’t really feel the need to show his face everywhere around the university. He occasionally does sound for the drama department when they put on a large production. They’re a bit of a mess over there, and they pay him well for his time, but that’s the most he ventures out of the music building most of the time. 

It has nothing to do with his age and the fact that people mistake him for a student sometimes, though it probably doesn’t help that his hair is mint colored. He’s just busy. Yes, he’s young, but he’s well respected in the production class he teaches that’s exclusive to music major seniors. His class is intensive with major assignments due every week. Yoongi spends a lot of time painstakingly going through them all and leaving comments, even if it is a relatively small group each semester. 

Occasionally he runs into a student that can’t read music and somehow has made it this far into their musical college career and he has to start from scratch. He genuinely cares for his students and wants them to get the most out of his course. This means he has a bit of a reputation for being a hardass, but most of his students like him well enough by the end of it. Some even come back after graduation to tell him how his class was the most rewarding of all of the classes offered at the university which is the reason Yoongi continues teaching.

Yoongi has to go over his student’s work and he could do it at his office in the music building, but he’s in the rare mood for a change of scenery and he could really go for a cup of coffee that’s not shit. That rules out the library, which has the shittiest coffee shop inside. Not to mention the one time he’d tried to do work in the library he shared a table with a group of girls who kept giggling--which was fine, he had noise cancelling headphones, but they kept banging on the table and the vibrations irritated him so much while he was listening to one of his student’s project. It just so happened it was one student who couldn’t read music, so really they needed all the help they could get and it was distracting. He also may not have had coffee that day so he snapped at them to remind them that it was a library, not a playground. They had all glared at him and one of them looked teary eyed. He’d immediately felt guilty. So he’d learned his lesson, no library.

Yoongi walks to the cafe that’s right off campus. He’s only been here a couple times before on his way to campus in the morning, but knows the coffee is far superior to anything else nearby. Not to mention Yoongi likes the atmosphere and the delicious smell of baked goods. He fully intends to order an iced americano--he hates when hot drinks go cold, and he plans to be here a while--but when he walks up to the counter he stops dead in his tracks because behind the counter is an angel smiling at him.

He has soft and fluffy looking orange hair, nice full lips, and the cutest fucking eye smile. Jimin, his nametag says. Yoongi hopes the double take he does and the way his heart spasms in his chest like a damn fool isn’t outwardly obvious. He swears he doesn’t usually act like the lead girl in a drama swooning at someone’s physical appearance, but he literally can’t stop it.

Yoongi looks around. The only people that are in the cafe besides Jimin and his coworker are the two guys that are sitting to the side and across the bar from Jimin. They were obviously having a conversation with him. Yoongi tries and fails to stifle the irrational, and frankly stupid, pang of jealousy. He doesn’t even know Jimin and he’s not the type to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Yoongi doesn’t socialize a lot actually, but he wouldn’t say he’s shy just...busy.

“What can I get you?” Jimin asks and the smile doesn’t leave his face, if anything his eyes crinkle up even more as it gets wider.

“A tall iced americano, please,” Yoongi says and he makes an effort to smile instead of leaving his face blank which he’s been told is intimidating. Something about Jimin makes him want to appear more personable. Also, kind of makes him wish he’d combed his mint hair today.

“Sure thing, can I get your name for your order?”

“Yoongi.” He doesn’t know why Jimin needs it considering it’s practically empty in here, but Jimin could probably ask for his bank account info and he might actually have to think about it.

Jimin smiles again, or well, really had he ever even stopped? “Can I get you something to eat, Yoongi-ssi?”

Yoongi isn’t particularly hungry, but the smells in the cafe tempt him. He looks in the display box to see if something catches his eye.

“What do you recommend?” 

“Oh, well, Jin-hyung, the owner just pulled chai pear scones out of the oven in the back. They’re my favorite so he has to hide them back there so I don’t eat them all.” Jimin pouts.

Honestly the kid is too fucking cute.

“Okay, well I’ll take two of those.” Yoongi pays and Jimin’s coworker makes his drink while Jimin goes to retrieve the scones. Jimin hands him both of them.

“Oh, no, one is for you, so your boss can’t get mad.” Yoongi smiles and only takes one of the offered scones.

“Er, uh-um, thank you, Yoongi-ssi,” Jimin blushes and stammers. His pink cheeks just add to his cuteness. Yoongi smiles and nods before taking his drink and scone and finding a table to sit and do work at.




Jimin wants to know who the mint haired cutie, Yoongi, is. When Yoongi sits down and puts on large headphones, Jimin feels safe turning to Jungkook, Tae, and Namjoon to ask.

“Do you guys know him? He’s super cute. I’ve never seen him around before.” Jimin stuffs the scone in his mouth and refuses to feel guilty about it. He still can’t believe Yoongi bought it for him.

“How could you ever? Maybe if you stopped rewatching Tokyo Ghoul for the 8,000th time and actually left your dorm for once…” Jungkook says and Jimin shoots him a look.

“That’s not true, Kook-ah, just the other day they were telling me about watching Sword Art Online,” Namjoon says matter of factly. Jimin gives him a look, too.

“Is that not worse?”

“Actually it’s quite entertaining to hate-watch. And anyway, we’re rewatching Fullmetal Alchemist now, not Tokyo Ghoul, thanks. Besides Kookie, we do things besides watching anime, like studying, you should try it sometime,” Tae says and Jimin almost laughs at how petty his best friend is. Jungkook has said many times how he hates that nickname, especially when Tae says it, but Tae continues to call him it. Also, it’s funny because Tae never studies, he’s one of those annoyingly smart biochemistry majors that never has to study and always convinces Jimin to take study breaks at inopportune times.

Jungkook just rolls his eyes and Jimin takes another bite of his heavenly scone and swallows.

“Well since you leave your dorm so much more than us, can you tell me who he is, oh wise freshie?” He still wants to know.

“I’m pretty sure that’s the legendary Mint Yoongi. I heard these upperclassmen talk about him once. Apparently he’s an asshole. He yelled at a group of girls for talking on the first floor of the library. Not the quiet floors, literally the first floor, it’s always loud. He made this one girl cry.”

Of course he did. Jimin feels the fluttering in his chest that started when Yoongi smiled at him die down. He can’t ever be attracted to a nice guy. His past relationship, his only serious relationship, was with an asshole. Seung-gi had been older than him and charming enough back when Jimin was a junior in high school. He’d somehow managed to convince Jimin that it was his own fault he’d cheated on him several times. He’d just overall treated him like shit, trying to control who he saw, what he wore, what he ate, and how much he practiced all under the guise of him caring for him. Jimin had been too blinded by what he thought was love, but was really fear and poor judgement to see it at first. It had been Tae who’d show him that it wasn’t right and who’d helped him out. Jimin’s not really eager to give assholes anymore chances.




Yoongi sits over at his table and tries to get work done, really. He’s distracted though, glancing over at Jimin and keeps catching him look over. Yoongi thinks he’s looking at him, but he could very well be looking out the window that’s behind his table.

Jimin’s entourage leaves a while into Yoongi’s visit. The tall one gives a kiss to the guy who came out from the back before they leave together, and Jimin just waves off the other one. Yoongi assumes, not a boyfriend then, and immediately feels dumb for even speculating when this stranger’s life is none of his business. He takes a bitter bite out of the scone. Yoongi is pleasantly surprised at the taste that assaults his tongue. It’s really fucking good.

Yoongi quits listening to a track and subtly moves a headphone off his ear. He listens to Jimin and his co-worker’s conversation.

“He’s just annoying, that’s all. I don’t hate him.” 

“Jungkook-ah, you’ve barely even given him a chance. You practically decided to dislike him before you even met him. I don’t get it. I mean it’s like you turn into a completely different person and it’s hard to stick up for you when I agree with Tae that you’re being an asshole. What’d Tae ever do to you? Besides I know for a fact that you love Tokyo Ghoul, we literally talked about it all last week.” 

“He’s just so condescending because I’m not a science major. You know just cause you two are on science track doesn’t mean other majors aren’t worthy. Being a history major doesn’t make my classes any less challenging. He talks down to me all the time. I just don’t like him. I’ve literally told him not to call me Kookie so many times I’ve lost count and yet he still does it.”

Jimin sighs. Yoongi thinks he sounds tired.

“Hey cover me for a second, I’m going pee,” Jungkook says after a quiet moment and Jimin nods. The cafe is basically empty besides him anyway. Yoongi decides he’s probably gotten as much work done here as he’s going to get done. He stretches and starts packing up his things.

He hears the phone rings and Jimin pick it up as he’s zipping up his bag.

“Jin's cafe, what can I do for you?”

Yoongi doesn’t ever give his number out to random strangers, just like he doesn’t start up conversations with them, but he doesn’t want this to be the last time he sees Jimin. He thinks Jimin kept looking over at him and he holds onto that as he takes out a pin and writes his name and number on a napkin.


You have good taste in baked goods, you should give me more recommendations.


It’s lame, but quickly while Jimin is distracted he leaves it on the counter and all but runs out. As soon as the door shuts behind him he curses himself. He tries to calm himself down.

What’s the worst thing that could happen? He doesn’t have anything to lose and it’s better to try then to wonder ‘what if’ all the time.




Jungkook comes back after Jimin hangs up.

“Hyung, what’s this?” He picks up a napkin on the counter.

Jimin’s eyes widen as he reads the message. He blushes, snatching it from Jungkook’s grip and shoving it into his pocket. He tells himself he’ll decide what to do with it later. People change anyway, and he’s not going to let his one shitty past relationship make him jaded and cynical about everyone. 

Jungkook stares at him with judgement on his face in full force.

Jimin leaves work later on with a positive outlook. He thinks he’s going to call Yoongi. He knows better now. He has enough experience to recognize the signs if he turns out to be anything like Seung-gi.

He’s walking home to his dorm and it’s like all his thinking about his ex brings him to him. Like speak of the devil and he shall appear. He doesn’t even go to the university anymore, Jimin hasn’t seen him since freshman year of college, and he doesn’t know why he’s hanging around. 

Seung-gi is walking in the opposite direction as him and Jimin contemplates crossing the street just so they don’t have to cross paths, but Seung-gi has already spotted him. His grip seems to tighten around the waist of the guy he’s dragging along. The guy is gorgeous, if a bit young looking, and he winces at Seung-gi’s grip. Jimin feels his blood boil, but he tries not to give Seung-gi the satisfaction. He hopes that the guy doesn’t get trapped like Jimin felt he was.

“Hey, Jimin-ah,” Seung-gi calls and Jimin tries to just walk past him without acknowledging him, but they block the sidewalk and Seung-gi grabs his arm. Jimin shakes out of his grip.

“Jimin-ah, this is my boyfriend Wonshik.” Seung-gi turns to his boyfriend. “Babe, Jimin-ah and I used to date. He was a really good gymnast back then you know? He let himself go a little bit,” he chuckles and pokes at Jimin’s relaxed middle.

Jimin internally rages. He can’t believe he ever dated this evil human. Wonshik smirks beside him and Jimin hopes he’s not blinded like he was.

“Fuck you,” Jimin says with feeling and pushes past them. Any good mood he was in before the encounter vanishing.

“Ew, been there, don’t want it anymore,” Seung-gi calls after him and Jimin doesn’t even turn around, but he can hear them laughing.

Jimin vents about it to Tae when he’s back at the dorm while he empties his pockets and changes into comfortable clothes. He puts the napkin with Yoongi’s number on his desk along with his wallet and phone.

Tae picks it up idly as he waits for Jimin to stop seething about his fuckface of an ex. Though Tae chips in occasionally since he can never pass up the opportunity to bad mouth Seung-gi after all that time of Jimin defending him.

“Don’t worry, he’ll get what’s coming to him. Is this from the guy at the cafe? You deserve better, Jiminie.” He gestures to the napkin and Jimin had kind of forgotten about it in the heat of things, but he’s inclined to agree with Tae.

“You’re right. I was gonna throw it away anyway. I don’t even know why I kept it.” Jimin lets Tae do the honors even though he could use the stress relief of ripping it to shreds. Tae just rips the napkin in half and throws it away.




When Jimin wakes up he’s warm and swaddled in blankets. He’s unusually comfortable for being in his lumpy twin dorm bed even despite the large amount of money he spent on his memory foam mattress pad. His eyes stay closed. His alarm for practice hasn’t gone off yet and he’s not going to do anything that’ll sacrifice however much sleep he still has time for.

His body seems to have other plans. He has to pee and when he wiggles a little in order to see if he can ignore it for a while longer, his knee feels stiff like he landed a stunt wrong. Jimin groans and hopes that doesn’t mean he can’t compete on Friday. His coach will probably kill him. The bed shifts next to him.

Jimin’s eyes pop open suddenly. Tae and him can’t fit on the same bed comfortably--not for lack of trying. Still, they’re not in the habit of trying to sleep on the same bed so it’s his first clue that something isn’t right.

Jimin doesn’t recognize his surroundings even though he distinctly remembers going to bed in his dorm. He vaguely recalls falling asleep watching an episode of Fullmetal with Tae, who probably continued watching more episodes without him after all the caffeine he pumped himself with. Jimin hates when he does that even if they’re just rewatching something and he knows what happens. He likes continuity which is the same reason that it’s so jarring to see he’s not in his dorm. He’s confused, but he doesn’t seem to be in danger or anything so he’s trying not to panic.

The shift in the bed seemed to come from whoever is buried in a mass of blankets beside him. Whoever it is, they’re still after a moment and Jimin thinks it’s safe to assume they went back to sleep. The bed is large and all the bedding is luxurious and white. It’s no wonder Jimin was so comfortable. There’s a giant flatscreen tv mounted on the wall across from the bed and artwork decorating the walls. The room itself is large enough that when he looks past the mass of blankets that is his bed company, there’s a couch and a coffee table nestled in the far right portion of the room.

To the left is  a long entryway table and three doors. One of them is cracked enough that Jimin can see it’s a walk in closet. He scans the room before turning directly to see the nightstand. There’s a phone plugged in and Jimin reaches for it. As he does he sees a ring on his ring finger.

It’s not uncommon for him to wear rings. He likes them and wears a certain combination when he’s not at practice or at a meet, but this is a single ring. It’s a platinum band with five rows of diamonds in it. Jimin doesn’t usually wear diamond rings. They’re just a bit too flashy for his taste, and this ring looks especially expensive. He makes a face at it, but unplugs the phone.

It’s not his phone, in fact, he’s not sure he’s ever even seen this model before, but when he puts his finger on the sensor, it unlocks. Before he looks at the wallpaper on the phone, he’s not sure what his theory for how he ended up here was, his brain is still half asleep, but as he looks at it, he’s pretty sure this has to be a dream. A really vivid, lucid dream.

Because the wallpaper is him--his hair is silver, which is a color it’s never been before, but there’s no doubt that it’s him. He’s kissing a guy. Jimin can’t tell who it is because his face is obscured by the fact that they’re kissing. It’s a self taken photo. This dream version of himself is definitely a little self absorbed because Jimin can’t ever imagine making a picture of himself his phone background.

The mass of blankets next to him moves again and Jimin tries to be still. He wonders if the guy in the photo is the one sleeping next to him. Jimin exhales softly and curses the fact that his bladder is making it so he has to get up right now or risk peeing himself. He tries to get out of bed without jostling the bed too much. When he goes to stand his knee twinges in pain. It’s not a sharp shooting pain, but a deep aching soreness that makes him wince. He uncovers himself from the blankets to see he’s just in tight black boxer briefs and his knee is....scarred. Heavily. It looks really bad, but it looks to be an old injury.

Jimin walks over to one of the closed doors and is relieved to see it’s a bathroom. He grimaces at the nagging pain as he puts weight on his knee just during the short walk from the bed to the bathroom. He locks the door and places his phone that’s still clutched in his hand on the counter so that he can relieve himself.

He washes his hands before he really takes in his reflection in the mirror. He almost doesn’t recognize himself. His hair is a blushy pink now and his face looks more slender, his cheeks just a tiny bit less chubby, and he looks aged almost. Jimin checks the date on his phone on a whim, just to make sure he hasn’t gone crazy. He blanches at the year. 2025.

Jimin sincerely hopes that this is a dream and he hasn’t lost all the time since last night until right now. That’s 8 years. He’s panicking now. He puts his phone down so he can scrub at his face with water from the sink. He shakily exhales and dries himself off on the towel that’s hanging. He grabs his phone and hopes that it will somehow tell him answers.

He opens the messenger app and is relieved a little to see his thread with TaeTae <3 still at the top. He’s about to start reading when there’s a knock on the door and the door knob wiggles against the lock.

“Babe, are you alright in there? I thought we agreed not to lock the door anymore.”

Jimin doesn’t recognize the voice, but it sounds maybe a little familiar. He also has no idea what to say because Babe? He has no clue who’s on the other side of the door and he has no clue how he got here, somehow 8 years into the future. He can’t remember anything. That’s patently not ‘alright.’ He’s about to open his mouth to say so when he catches sight of his reflection.

Jimin’s not moving, but his reflection is. The Jimin in the mirror puts a finger to his lips in shushing motion. It’s so unsettling to see so he yelps out loud and his reflection winks at him before it fades and he sees his own horrified expression staring back at him. He’s going fucking crazy.

“Damnit, Jimin-ah! Did you fall again? I told you to leave the door unlocked in case I need to help you,” the guy says in response to his yelp. It really bugs Jimin that he can’t place the vaguely familiar voice. 

“No, I’m fine!” Jimin finally calls. He doesn’t know why he doesn’t say anything, why his own crazy brain’s conjuring of his own reflection stops him from admitting that he’s really not alright and he can’t remember anything. Jimin’s still kind of in denial that this is anything but a dream.

“Open the door then, baby.”

Jimin takes a deep breath and really wishes he had stopped to put on clothes before coming into the bathroom. He shakes his head and finally pulls open the door.

It’s Yoongi, the guy from the coffee shop yesterday, or well Jimin’s yesterday. His hair is black with streaks of blue instead of the mint color, and he’s just as undressed as Jimin is in just his underwear and his hair is in disarray, but it’s undeniably him. Jimin looks away as soon as he realizes his state of undress like it’s only polite to, but Yoongi doesn’t act like this is anything out of the ordinary.

He nods toward Jimin’s knee. “Bad day?”

Jimin just nods. He’s not sure what a good day or a bad day feels like, but he knows he’s in pain. He can only hope that this is the worst of it. Yoongi makes a sympathetic noise and kisses him on the forehead. Jimin blushes at the gesture.

“Sorry for yelling. You know I just get so fucking worried. You said you wouldn’t lock the door anymore and I’m sorry I keep bringing it up. I don’t mean to baby you, but Jimin-ah when you fell in the shower and I couldn’t help...I don’t want to ever feel that helpless again.”

Jimin can sense that this is apparently a conversation they’ve had before. Yoongi looks uncomfortable saying it again and obviously worried. Wow, Jimin’s surprised at how much Yoongi obviously cares for him.

“Sorry, it’s just a habit…” Jimin says sheepishly. He feels bad even though this is obviously his first time hearing about it. He wonders if Yoongi’s Jimin, because he’s decided that this might be a future parallel universe, fights him on this. As someone who randomly woke up with an injured knee, he understands, but maybe he hasn’t had it long enough to become bitter over someone being concerned about him all the time. Jimin wonders how all of this even happened.

“Are you going to be alright babysitting the twins by yourself today? I still have to go into the studio, but Namjoon and Jin can stay home to watch them if you’re not feeling up to it. They can celebrate their anniversary some other time, I’m sure.”

Jimin doesn’t have the slightest idea what Yoongi is talking about. Namjoon and Jin have kids? He thinks of them back in his time and how adorable the couple is. If Jimin volunteered to watch their kids while they had a romantic day then Jimin would feel guilty for even thinking about cancelling. He’ll have some painkillers. He’ll be fine.

“No, no, it’s not that bad. I can still watch them.” Hopefully they won’t expect him to move much or God, go anywhere. His knee does really fucking hurt.

Yoongi looks skeptical, but just nods once like he’s not willing to have an argument about it. Jimin looks down at his hand and sees a matching ring on Yoongi’s finger. And oh. They must be married which is...certainly interesting. Jimin wonders how long they’ve been together. He twists his own ring around his finger, still leaning against the bathroom counter to help support him and take the burden off his knee.

“Something on your mind, Jimin-ah? It’s been awhile since you played with your ring like that.”

Jimin hopes he doesn’t look as panicked as he feels for being caught out. He hopes that he hasn’t somehow given himself up before even committing all the way to playing along. Jimin shakes his head in response.

“I’ll try to be home early so we can all get dinner. I’ll make a reservation.” Jimin doesn’t say anything. “What? No comment on how bad I am at keeping reservations when I’m in the studio?” Yoongi jokes.

Jimin huffs a laugh and hopes it’s convincing. Yoongi steps forward and Jimin almost yelps in surprise as Yoongi grabs his bare sides to hoist him up so that he’s sitting on the counter.

“Shower with me? Jin-hyung said he wasn’t dropping off the little hellions till 9.”

Jimin gulps. Oh, God. Naked showering? With Yoongi? It’s not an unappealing idea even if Yoongi doesn’t know who he’s suggesting it to is not his Jimin. Yoongi is attractive and Jimin feels weak, but his knee still hurts even without him putting weight on it so his excuse isn’t even a lie.

“I don’t think that I should stand and wear myself out before the twins get here.”

“Are you sure you’ll be okay?”

“Yes, I’ll be fine.” Jimin hopes, at least.

“Okay, I’ll run you a bath and shower down the hall.” Yoongi sighs and kisses him chastely on the lips before doing just that. He even adds bubbles to the bathtub. He helps him off the counter and leaves him to it with another kiss on the forehead.

Jimin wonders if Yoongi ever gets tired of taking care of him and if his knee always hurts this bad. Jimin goes through the medicine cabinet and finds several prescriptions in his name. There are painkillers in varying strengths, some that he’s never even heard of. Jimin doesn’t want to risk being out of it when there are children around so he settles for over the counter painkillers and hopes it does something to dull the pain.

He stares at his own reflection in the mirror for a second, willing it to do something or explain somehow, but all he can see is his own expression looking back at him and he just feels silly. He’s starting to wonder if he hadn’t just imagined the whole thing.

He strips and gets into the bath. He relaxes enough to feel sleepy. He wonders if he fell asleep in the bath if he’d wake up back in his dorm bed. He just soaks for a long time before he realizes he should probably get dressed and fed before the kids come over at 9. Jimin finds a towel in the cabinet and drains the tub. Finding clothes is a bit of a challenge since it appears that Yoongi and him share a closet and he doesn’t know what’s his and what’s Yoongi’s.

He pulls on a pair of track pants and a t-shirt and figures if they aren’t his then his apparent husband won’t mind. His nose leads him to find Yoongi making breakfast in the kitchen. Jimin gets the feeling he doesn’t do it often, like he maybe just took over because Jimin wasn’t feeling well. The warm water and the painkillers seemed to have helped to dull the pain a little. Yoongi appears to be overcooking eggs so Jimin just nudges him out of the way and takes over. Yoongi pulls a face at him, but takes a bowl of fruit out of the fridge and it’s surprisingly easy.

Jin-hyung comes by to drop off the kids. They’re not as young as Jimin expects them to be which is good because he doesn’t know how to change a diaper. Really though, Jimin bets he could have figured it out. They’re fraternal twins, a boy and a girl. Jimin doesn’t know their names and momentarily panics because that’s probably something he should know.

Jin seems flustered though and it reminds Jimin of the way he is when he comes into the cafe late. It’s nice to be greeted by something so familiar in this unfamiliar territory. The only difference really is that he’s carrying two small backpacks that belong to the two children that launch themselves at Jimin.

“Uncle Chim!” Jimin almost chokes. Chim? He let’s it go though because they’re adorable.

“Jinho-yah! Be careful! Remember Uncle Chim has a hurt leg, okay?” Jin scolds when Jinho is the one who grabs his injured leg tightly. Jinho, then, right. Now Jimin only has to worry about the girl’s name.

“They’ve already eaten so don’t let them trick you into thinking they haven’t. There’s snacks and stuff in the bags if they get hungry before lunch. There’s a few chai pear scones in there for you, too.” Jin-hyung says in a rush and Jimin’s glad that he hasn’t changed.

“Jin-hyung, thanks, but I’ve got it. Don’t worry so much, okay? Go have fun!”

Jin gives him a grateful smile before crouching down. “Okay, come give Appa a hug bye.”

Jinho releases his grip on Jimin to run at his father with a giggle, but the girl twin clings tightly to Jimin.

Jin-hyung just pouts. “Jihyo-yah, don’t you want to give Appa a hug bye? Appa will be gone a while and he’ll miss you. Don’t you love Appa?”

Jihyo runs over and pokes at Jin’s lower lip and kisses his cheek, giggling when he tickles her.

“Appa, stop it!”

Jin-hyung leaves when he untangles himself from them. Jimin puts on the movie that Jinho demands to watch that’s in his bag. He doesn’t want to be lured into a false sense of security, but Jinho and Jihyo seem content to quietly watch the movie from the floor while he lounges on the couch. Yoongi sits with him for a while before he announces that he has to leave to get to the studio. He gives Jimin an apologetic look like he didn’t already tell Jimin that he would have to leave.  Jimin just waves him off. He doesn’t even hesitate to give him a kiss goodbye when Yoongi leans in for one, already accustomed to the casual kisses they’ve traded all morning. He chuckles a little at the ‘ew’s’ it earns from the twins.

“Bye, Uncle Yoongi!” Jihyo says and of course they say his name perfectly. Jimin tries not to be bitter. She runs over to Yoongi to give him a hug and yells in delight when he picks her up and swings her around in a circle. Jimin feels his heart clench a little. It’s cute as hell.

Jinho doesn’t unglue his eyes from the tv and Yoongi just pats a hand on his head. “Bye, Jinho,” he says and disappears with one last glance at Jimin.

Jihyo sits back down and becomes entranced with the movie again. Jimin pulls out his phone again, determined to find some answers now that he’s not likely to be interrupted. He scrolls through the thread with TaeTae <3. From what he can see most of them are about confirming plans. The last message is from yesterday afternoon before they had all apparently had dinner at Tae’s place. Jungkook had been the one to cook which Jimin finds weird until he scrolls up and sees a selfie of Tae on a sleeping Jungkook’s shirtless chest and Jimin gathers enough context clues to tell him that they’re together and they live together. Jimin has to laugh when he thinks back to how he’s used to them interacting and all their bickering. And wow, he guesses they do flirt a bit like school children.

Tae also talks about the kids he has as patients which besides being a little alarming because of the breach in patient-doctor confidentiality, although he doesn’t use names,  is a little alarming because that means someone trusted Tae enough to allow him to become a pediatrician. All of his stories are cute though. Jimin can sense that Tae has baby-fever for his own from their conversations. He clearly wants a whole slew of kids, but for some reason won’t discuss it with Jungkook despite Jimin’s encouraging replies. Jungkook is apparently a history teacher who is also fond of kids, though maybe not to Tae’s degree from what he gathers. It’s a little shocking when he reads his own response about wanting kids himself.

He really shouldn’t be shocked. He’s always said he wanted kids, but he feels not nearly mature or responsible enough, and he’d always figured that’d come later. But, he guesses this is later. 8 years into the ‘future’ and he’s apparently married, happy, and he doesn’t know what kind of job he’s holding down with his knee, but the bills are apparently getting paid. It’s strange to think about.

Tae’s replies encourage him to talk it over with Yoongi because ‘at least they’re married’ which Jimin takes to mean that he and Jungkook are not. Also Tae mentions that he’s really good with his goddaughter, Jihyo, as a major point in his argument of why he should get serious about kids and talk it over with Yoongi. Which, wow, no wonder she had clinged to him in particular, he probably spoils her rotten. Jimin’s responses show him why he’s hesitant though. Yoongi apparently is away on tour and on schedule a lot and he has bad knee days that prevent him from doing a lot some days.

Tae’s text confirm that Yoongi is some sort of musician if the fact that he said he had to go to the studio didn’t already. And apparently a relatively famous one too considering the niceness of their house and appliances. He somehow doesn’t think any of that is due to his contribution.

Jimin leaves the thread with Tae to find his with Yoongi, curiosity getting the best of him. A lot of their messages are Yoongi apologizing for running late which Jimin guesses is where his joke from earlier came from. His own responses aren’t terse, but understanding, and really somewhere along the way he must have found his patience because there are a lot of messages like that.

None of their conversations through text are groundbreaking, but they must spend quite a bit of time on the phone because there’s a lot of ‘i’ll call you in 15 minutes’ and variants of the same. Jimin just keeps scrolling until he runs into pictures. They must be from when Yoongi was on tour because they’re racy pictures with a ‘miss you’ message written below them. Jimin blushes at his own daringness, despite not technically being the one to send the pictures. There are quite a few pictures of his ass, one of him pouting shirtless in the mirror, and a video which from the preview he can tell is not safe for work.

He scrolls up more and sees pictures of Yoongi and a video. Jimin can see Yoongi stroke his dick in the preview with a Rolex around his wrist. He has to bite his lip to keep from making a noise, but he can’t help the choking sound that comes out of him.

“Uncle Chim, what are you doing?” Jihyo says appearing out of nowhere. She climbs on the couch to look at the phone, but Jimin quickly hits the home button before she can see anything. God, the last thing Jin-hyung would want is him scarring his child with a video of Yoongi masturbating. Jimin looks over at Jinho to see that he’s still entranced by the movie.

“Nothing for little girls to see,” Jimin says playfully, locking his phone so there aren’t any mishaps.

“But Uncle Chim! I’m six years old! I’m a big girl!”

“Wow, you’re getting so old.” Jimin scrunches up his nose and pulls her into his lap to tickle her, careful of his knee. She squirms laughing and almost hits him in the leg so he stops.

“Did you talk to Uncle Yoongi about kids yet? You said I’d get to play with them when I came over!”

Jimin is momentarily stunned. He confided in a six year old about that? He can’t believe it, and it’s probably bad that his next thought is to see if she knows more that she can tell him.

“Er, not yet. Do you know how your Uncle Yoongi and I met?” Jimin’s not expecting much, but he’s curious. Like he has to check if he got dropped into some parallel universe where everything is different or if this really is the future.

“Course! Appa brings it up all the time! You met at his cafe and Uncle Yoongi got you a magic appa love scone and you fell in love like in the movies! Abeoji was there, too,” Jihyo says excitedly like it’s one of her favorite stories to tell. Jimin snorts at the ‘magic appa love scone’ tidbit. Honestly if it turns out those scones are a bit magic Jimin wouldn’t be surprised. They’re really good and really addicting. He’s certainly eaten enough of them to amass enough magical strength to transport him 8 years in the future.

Jimin really doubts a scone is to blame for his predicament though. Besides Jihyo, his six year old goddaughter, however precious, probably isn’t the most reliable source of information.

“Appa also says that you and Uncle Yoongi were meant to be together like him and Abeoji cause it worked out even though it didn’t seem like it would at first. I don’t think Abeoji likes when he says that though because he makes a face.” Jihyo mimics a face that Jimin has seen on Namjoon’s firsthand. It’s funny how much it makes her look like him even though they don’t look all that much alike and are probably not even blood related.

It’s the face Namjoon makes when Jungkook spouts some bullshit at work. It’s the ‘I don’t agree, but you can have your own dumb opinion’ look though Jimin imagines it translates differently when it’s directed at Jin-hyung. Which, ouch, apparently Namjoon-hyung doesn’t think he and Yoongi were meant to be. Jimin tries not to be offended though since Namjoon strikes him as someone who doesn’t subscribe to the belief that fate dictates whether or not a couple was meant to be.

“Wait, what do you mean it didn’t seem like it would work out at first?” Jimin asks curiously.

Jihyo shrugs. “I don’t know. I’m hungry.” And right, he’s not going to get answers this way.

When Jimin finally manages to unglue Jinho from the tv, he makes them sandwiches for lunch. He does his best to ignore the fact that the pain in his knee is flaring up again.

“Uncle Chim, can I have another strawberry milk?” Jinho grins mischievously when he asks like he knows he’s not supposed to have another strawberry milk, but Jimin can’t see the harm in giving him another one so he limps to the refrigerator to grab one.

“Jihyo-yah, do you want another one, too?”

“Yeah!” she calls so he grabs two and brings them back to the table. Jinho punctures his with a straw and sips at his greedily while Jihyo doesn’t even look twice at hers. It’s like she just wanted another one because her twin was getting another.

“Can we play hide and go seek again?” Jihyo asks excitedly when they’re all done with lunch and Jimin inwardly groans at the thought of trying to play when his knee is screaming at him.

“I don’t want to play hide and go seek! I want to watch another movie.” Jinho looks at Jimin with pleading eyes. Jimin doesn’t think watching that much tv is good for him, they probably need some physical activity to tire them out, but he isn’t feeling up to moving.

“How about a nap?” he suggests hopefully. They both turn to him with twin looks of distaste and horror.

“You’re acting weird, Uncle Chim. Are you okay?” Jinho asks. “Is it your leg? Appa says it’s like a boo-boo that won’t get better.”

“And Abeoji says that you had to get stitches like when Jinho put his foot under the rocking chair. He still has a scar! Do you have a scar? Can we see?”

“Jihyo, that’s not nice to ask!” Jinho scolds and Jihyo’s eyes get big and her lower lip quivers. Oh no, Jimin thinks.

“That’s okay. Your Uncle Chim is hurting a little bit so let’s go watch something. We can play hide and go seek another day when I’m feeling better, okay Jihyo?”


Jimin lets the twins argue over what to watch while he sits on the couch and tries to take deep breaths. He wonders if he should’ve taken something stronger. He swears to himself that if he ever wakes up or magically gets back to his time then he’ll never take his knee for granted again.

They eventually settle on some animated movie that Jimin doesn’t recognize, but it’s rated PG so he thinks they’re okay. The twins sit close to the television and it can’t be good for their eyes, but Jimin doesn’t try to fight it.

In the middle of the movie Jinho walks over to the couch where Jimin is laying. He’s rubbing at his belly. “Uncle Chim, my stomach hurts.”

Jimin finally understands why he had looked so shifty about asking for a second strawberry milk. Jimin pouts at him and pulls him onto the couch so he can rub his belly.

“Do you have to go to the bathroom?” Jimin asks after a while and pulls his hand off the younger boy’s stomach. Jinho shakes his head and pulls his hand back over his tummy.

They must have reached a point in the movie where it’s too slow to hold Jihyo’s attention because she comes over after a while. She looks like she wants to climb on the couch, but she hesitates with a glance at Jimin’s legs which are taking up a good portion of the large sectional.

“It’s okay,” Jimin says and he goes to help pull her onto the couch, but she ducks and runs out of the room. He’d get up to see what she’s doing but Jinho looks like he’s fallen asleep next to him and he doesn’t want to disturb him.

She comes back after a minute anyway with a ice pack in her hand. “Uncle Yoongi always says to make sure you ice your leg because you’re ‘forgetful and stubborn’.”

Jimin laughs at the way she mimics Yoongi, but takes the ice pack from Jihyo. “Thanks Jihyo, you take good care of me.” He pats her on the head.

She squawks and clambers into his lap to take the ice pack from him. She places it gently on his knee. “Is that okay?”

Jimin nods and closes his eyes. He feels Jihyo nestle into his chest and before he knows it, he’s asleep.




By the time Yoongi gets back from the studio, it’s a little late to be having dinner with children, and it’s also an hour past their seven o’clock reservation that he apparently made. He makes an apologetic face at Jimin. Luckily, they are well rested from the nap they all took earlier.

The rest and the ice seemed to help his knee a bit so he’s in a good mood when they’re led into a private room at a nice restaurant. Jimin had changed, but he still feels underdressed. Jimin thinks they’re all a bit underdressed, but no one at the restaurant gives them another look.

The food is good and Jimin lets the twins lead the conversation and detail their day to Yoongi who grabs Jimin’s thigh under the table occasionally and throws him fond looks.

“And then Uncle Chim said ‘if you’re not asleep when I get back, you’re going to get it!’ and we tried but Jihyo kept laughing whenever he came into the room! Then Uncle Chim turned into the tickle monster and Jihyo almost peed herself.”

“Did not!”

“Did too!”

Jimin laughs at Jinho’s description of one of the games Jimin spent the afternoon improvising post nap. It was fun. He thinks he could get used to their company. It had been so long since he had been in the presence of small children, but Jimin likes it and can see why this Jimin wants kids now.

“Tickle monster, eh? You’ll have to show me that one.” Yoongi winks at him and chuckles at Jimin’s flushed face.

When the bill comes after dessert, Jimin glances over at the cost and feels his heart lurch. He tries not to let it show because Yoongi just hands over his card like it’s no big deal. Jimin doesn’t know how a price tag that steep can be seen as a regular expense. Then again, he glances at the Rolex on Yoongi’s wrist and figures it’s probably nothing to him. It actually makes him a little uncomfortable thinking about it. Jimin didn’t grow up poor or anything, but his parents definitely made a lot of sacrifices to allow him to keep doing gymnastics.

Thinking of his parents make him wonder how they’re doing in this ‘future’ universe. He wonders how his hyung is doing. He must have zoned out a little bit because he shakes his head and sees Yoongi staring down at him concernedly.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, sorry, I just zoned out for a second.” He stands and takes Yoongi’s offered hand. Jihyo takes his other hand and he sees Jinho take Yoongi’s. As soon as they open the door to the restaurant they’re accosted by the flashes from cameras. Jimin’s surprised, but he lets Jihyo tuck her head down into his side as they try to walk quickly to the black SUV that the driver pulled around.

“Agust D!” people are shouting, and Jimin just assumes that must be Yoongi’s stage name because he has no idea what else it could be. He almost laughs at the girls crying, “Oppa, I love you!” He doesn’t know how Yoongi deals with this on a regular basis. He’s shocked when the girls seem to round on him. “Oppa, you deserve better than a cripple!”

He slams the car door behind them and helps Jihyo into a car seat while Yoongi does the same for Jinho in the back row. Jimin tries not to dwell on it, but wow, their words seem to get to him more than they really should. Jihyo must sense it because she squeezes his hand. Jimin offers her a small grateful smile. Cripple, they had called him. And well, they weren’t wrong. He probably does slow Yoongi down in more ways than one. Jimin curses himself for an injury that isn’t even his. The encounter also tells Jimin that apparently they’re out to the public which surprises him, but maybe Korea has come along in the way they treat members of the lgbtqa+ community in the past 8 years.

“Fucking ridiculous,” Yoongi snaps and Jimin tries to cover Jihyo’s ears all after the fact.

“Hey!” he says looking at Jihyo and Jinho.

“It’s okay, Appa and Abeoji say it sometimes, too,” Jinho says solemnly. Jimin covers his face with his hands and doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. These kids are something else.

“No, they don’t get to say that shit about you. We have children with us for God’s sake! How did they even know we were there?” Yoongi seethes and he pulls out his phone to make a phone call.

Jimin offers a smile to Jinho and Jihyo so they know Yoongi isn’t mad at them, but they don’t seem bothered. It’s like they’re used to Yoongi acting this way which is a little worrying.

Yoongi seems to listen to whoever is on the other end of the phone for a moment. “I don’t want an apology Young-min-hyung, I want him fired. He put my family at risk for harassment and I don’t take that lightly.”

Jimin listens to Yoongi speak gruffly over the phone and he wonders how they fell in love. Wonders how he got together with a guy who’s willing to argue over the phone for him and who calls him and their friends’ kids his ‘family.’ Jimin doesn’t know how long they’ve been together or if they got together before or after his injury, but his curiosity is growing by the second.

It’s late, almost 11 by the time they get home. Jinho and Jihyo are falling asleep by the time Namjoon-hyung and Jin-hyung are there to pick up the twins. Jimin would ask what they’ve been up to, but by the amount of hickies on both of their necks, it’s pretty obvious. Jimin laughs.

“Shut up, Jiminie, you don’t have the right to say anything. When you and hyung have kids then you’ll understand,” Namjoon says. He has purple hair now, but he really looks the same as ever, like 8 years has nothing on his dimples. He hoists a sleepy Jihyo in his arms and Jimin smiles brightly at him. Maybe it’s from practice, but it looks so right to see Jihyo in her dad’s arms. Jimin knows that if he goes to sleep tonight and wakes up back in his dorm he’ll miss seeing Jihyo and Jinho. It makes him sad to think about.

Yoongi and Jin appear to be having a hushed conversation with Jinho in Jin’s arms sleeping with his head pressed to Jin’s broad shoulder. It’s probably about what happened when they left the restaurant if the fierceness in Yoongi’s face is anything to go by. 

When they all leave Jimin feels a bit awkward now that it’s just him and Yoongi with no children to buffer the fact that he’s essentially a stranger to Jimin. He picks up the now warm ice pack from the floor in the tv room to put back in the freezer and he sets about to doing the dishes from earlier. He’s rinsing a pan before he puts it in the dishwasher when Yoongi grabs him by the waist from behind.

“Feeling better?” he mumbles into his neck before kissing it. Jimin drops the pan in surprise and makes water splash everywhere. “Sorry, did I scare you?” Yoongi laughs.

Jimin cuts off the water. “Yeah, my knee is fine,” he says and he isn’t lying. It feels a lot better, just a bit stiff. Jimin takes the pan and bends over so he can put it in the dishwasher. Yoongi whistles and grabs his ass. Jimin stumbles forward a bit and would’ve landed into the dishwasher if Yoongi didn’t catch him. He snorts and closes it before Jimin injures himself.

“What’s got you so jumpy today?”

Jimin blushes. He can’t believe that he’s married to a guy who whistles at his ass and grabs at it when he bends over. God. He can’t help the laugh that comes out of him. He turns around to face Yoongi. “Don’t do that!”

“What? You like it when hyung does that,” Yoongi says with a gummy smile that Jimin thinks is adorable, but he has to cover his face in his hands. “You also like it when hyung does this.” Yoongi’s hands slide under his shirt and rub at his sides.

Jimin eeps at the ticklish sensation. He takes a step back, trapping himself between the wet sink and Yoongi when he takes a step forward. Jimin tries to pull his shirt down, but Yoongi just laughs and continues his now full blown tickling.

“Hyung, stop!” Jimin laughs and Yoongi’s hands still, pulling him close so he can kiss him soundly. Yoongi really knows what he’s doing, Jimin discovers as he’s kissed into speechlessness.

“Bed now?” Yoongi asks and Jimin just nods without thinking of the implications. Yoongi shuts the light out behind him. They go into their ensuite bathroom to brush their teeth and wash their faces. Jimin lets Yoongi take his toothbrush first so he doesn’t get them mixed up.

Jimin pats his face dry and hurriedly strips to his underwear before he climbs under the covers. He would pretend to be asleep, but that feels like a cop out and if this is all just a dream and he wakes up in his dorm tomorrow he wants to savor this whole day of domestic bliss.

Yoongi comes in and snorts at the clothes Jimin left on the floor before he picks them up and throws them into the hamper in the closet. He strips and Jimin watches avidly. He’d be really stupid not to. His husband is hot as fuck. The more pale skin that’s exposed, the more Jimin can’t really believe his luck. He really hadn’t taken it all in this morning.

“Tired?” Yoongi asks and he must miss the way Jimin is literally eye fucking him from the bed. The nap Jimin took after lunch with the twins really messed up his sleeping schedule because no, he’s not tired at all. Jimin just hums because somehow doing anything with Yoongi wouldn’t seem right. It’s like he’s stepping on someone’s toes even if it is just future him’s toes…

Yoongi nods, crawls into bed, and kisses him once before shutting off the lamp. “Goodnight,” he says and Jimin takes it as a cue to reach to turn off the lamp on his nightstand and plug in his phone.

“Goodnight,” Jimin says and Yoongi spoons him and throws an arm over his waist. Jimin just lies there until he can hear Yoongi’s breathing even out and a little bit after to make sure he’s asleep.

If he should go to sleep and return to reality he wants to know how he got here so he can avoid somethings. The internet always has answers when you look hard enough. Jimin sneaks out of Yoongi’s grasp and down the hall where he had explored and found an office before. He opens the laptop and is disheartened for a second when he sees that it’s locked and he doesn’t know the password before he realizes that it’s 2025 and there are biometrics authentication on every piece of technology now. He scans his fingerprint and blesses modern technology when it lets him in.

He searches ‘Park Jimin knee injury’ and braces himself. He’s not sure what he expected but there are so many hits. There’s videos from the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea along with several articles that feature exclusives from him. Jimin clicks on the first article he sees, not sure if he can stomach a video.

It details his injury: a dislocated knee with a torn ACL and PCL. He’d required emergency vascular surgery for on his knee before they could think about repairing the ligaments. It had been so bad that there was talk of amputation. Apparently it taken several surgeries after that to attempt to repair the ligaments, each time Jimin responding to the anesthesia more poorly. He’d woken up during one of the surgeries and could feel everything, but hadn’t been able to move to tell anyone, Jimin reads horrified. When they’d realized he was awake they gave him more anesthesia which he had a scarily delayed emergence from. Jimin has to stop reading when they go on about how the South Korean men’s gymnastics team would have medalled if not for his injury. There had been talk about gold.

Jimin searches ‘Park Jimin and Min Yoongi.’ There appears to be even more hits than in his search for his injury. Jimin learns ‘Agust D’ is indeed his husbands stage name and they’ve been married for 6 years though they dated before Jimin’s injury. Yoongi had apparently been in the crowd with his family, jesus.

They happened to be South Korea’s gay power couple. Jimin has to laugh at that, but he can tell Yoongi is a fan favorite. “South Korea’s bad boy rapper” is the title Yoongi gets in a lot of the articles and Jimin doesn’t get it until he watches a music video with the volume on low. Then he finally understands why his husband is so popular. There’s fire, blonde hair, and a whole lot of ripped denim, but Yoongi is a talented rapper. He’s super famous if the views are anything to go by. Jimin wonders how the hell they ended up together, but even the internet can’t tell him that no matter what article he clicks on.

He closes out of the tab to see the window with the video of his injury still open. Jimin chews on his bottom lip before he hits play. The beginning of his routine is great. It’s cool to see himself land stunts that he’s never landed before perfectly. Jimin almost forgets what he’s supposed to be watching for until it happens. He doesn’t stick his landing and Jimin watches as his knee bends in an unnatural way before he falls to the ground and doesn’t get up. There’s trainers and the team doctor who run up to him before the video cuts out. Jimin just stares at it in horror and wonders if he should replay it. It happened so fast that he barely got to see how it happened.

“Why are you watching this, babe?” Yoongi asks from the doorway and Jimin startles. Holy shit, he came out of nowhere. “Is it about what those girls said outside the restaurant?”

Jimin turns to look at him. Yoongi didn’t bother to dress in more clothes. He looks a little scared like catching Jimin watching this is a really Bad Thing.

“No, I-...” but Jimin doesn’t really know what to say.

“Come back to bed please.”

Jimin doesn’t hesitate because he doesn’t want to worry Yoongi. He shuts the laptop and gets out of the chair to follow Yoongi. Yoongi presses him gently against the bed, careful of his knee and kisses him.

“Jimin-ah, you mean so much to me. I love you. You’re so much more than an old injury.” Yoongi kisses him reassuringly. Jimin’s eyes feel hot at hearing the words that aren’t meant for him. Yoongi looks into his eyes. “There’s nothing you can do to change that, so please don’t torture yourself anymore by watching that.”

Yoongi kisses down the column of his neck gently and slides around in his lap. Jimin feels the arousal pool in his lower stomach. He swallows and hopes ‘future’ him can forgive him for what he wants to happen. Jimin palms at Yoongi’s pert ass. Yoongi kisses him firmly before he’s carefully divesting him of his boxers and stroking him to full hardness.

Jimin makes grabby hands before Yoongi takes off his own underwear. Jimin bites his lip and tries to be quiet when Yoongi fondles his balls.

“You don’t have to be quiet, you know. The twins left, remember? I want to hear you.”

Jimin feels his body flush as Yoongi reaches for his nightstand to grab an industrial sized bottle of lube. It’s seriously the biggest bottle of lube Jimin has ever seen in real life and he wonders if this is what he has to look forward to in married life.

“Do you want--” Yoongi starts but Jimin just cuts him off by nodding before he finishes and spreading his legs so he can get between them. Yoongi grabs a pillow and puts it underneath his hips. He takes his time loosening him up with his fingers, something that Jimin’s not really accustomed to. The only prepping Jimin’s familiar with is when Seung-gi had been kind enough to coat his rim in lube before pressing into him roughly.

Jimin’s kind of surprised when Yoongi crooks his fingers inside of him and it sends a zapping of pleasure up his spine. He can’t help the yelp of surprise and the loud moan that escapes him. Jimin blushes when he realizes how loud he’s being, but Yoongi doesn’t seem to mind as he continually massages the spot before he goes back to scissoring him open with his fingers.

Jimin just bucks his hips up into the unfamiliar feeling. He knows from his time on the internet that Yoongi found his prostate, but either Seung-gi had never bothered to look or he didn’t know because he’s definitely never felt it like this before. Jimin’s never really gotten the chance to explore down there himself with having a roommate basically his whole life. The only times Jimin gets to get off is when he jerks off quickly in the shower.

“Ready?” Yoongi asks and it pulls him out of his thoughts before he nods. He withdraws his fingers and Jimin whines at the emptiness inside of him. Yoongi shushes him before he hurriedly uses another pump of lube to coat himself before he lines up at Jimin’s entrance and pushes in slowly. Jimin tries to stay relaxed, he knows it hurts less that way from experience, but he’s shocked when the fullness he feels doesn’t feel as painful as he remembers.

Jimin bucks his hips up again when Yoongi doesn’t move immediately and he hisses. Yoongi rolls his hips to gently thrust inside of him. Yoongi leans down on top of him to breathe hotly into his neck which should probably be disgusting, but it’s working for Jimin. Jimin grabs at Yoongi’s hips to try to encourage him to go a little harder, but he’s not having it. Yoongi is content to go slowly like he’s reassuring him.

“Hyung, I won’t break,” Jimin moans and only then does Yoongi speed up a little with his hips snapping a bit harder. Yoongi sits up and puts a hand between them around his dick and thumbs at the head. It doesn’t take much before Jimin can feel his abdominals tense and he shouts as he comes all over Yoongi’s hand. Yoongi keeps thrusting inside of him, and it’s almost too much, but it doesn’t take long before he buries himself to the hilt and comes inside of him.

Jimin shouldn’t be as surprised as he is by the rush of warm wetness he feels inside of him considering he watched Yoongi lube up without putting on a condom, but he can’t help but feel that it’s a little bit weird that his first time having unprotected sex is in this strange future universe that’s not his.

His last thought before he falls asleep is that he’s not even sorry to future him for sleeping with his husband because that was the best sex of probably his entire life. And even if he wakes up in sticky boxers with Tae standing over him ready to tease him then it was still worth it.


Chapter Text

Jimin doesn’t wake up in his dorm. In fact he wakes up still in bed with Yoongi to an alarm on his phone blaring. He groans. He has no idea what the alarm is for, but if he’s not returning to 2017 anytime soon then he should probably buckle down and figure it out so his life doesn’t go up in flames.

When he finally grabs at his phone to turn off the alarm that just says ‘PT,’ he blames the fact that he’s still half asleep on why it takes him a stupidly long amount of time to realize that ‘PT’ stands for physical therapy. He wonders if he’ll still have physical therapy if he just goes back to sleep because it sounds so unappealing. Just the thought of trying to figure out where to go for it stresses him out. Jimin just closes his eyes.

“Babe, you have to get up. Hoseok-ah will be here soon and I’m not getting up just to tell him to go away again. It didn’t work in your favor last time and I doubt it will this time,” Yoongi says around a yawn. Hoseok? Jimin doesn’t know a Hoseok, but apparently this Jimin does.

Jimin groans before he rolls out of bed. Yoongi must have cleaned him up last night, he realizes because although he’s still naked, at least he doesn’t have bodily fluids drying on him. He assesses his knee and is glad to see it feels a lot better than yesterday. Small mercies.

He hears the doorbell ring and Yoongi just snorts before rolling over to go back to sleep. Jimin hurriedly throws on clothes and curses himself for setting an alarm with apparently just enough time to roll out of bed before someone came over.

He wrenches open the door to see a guy around his age with silvery pink hair and a athletic bag that surely holds torture devices. Jimin doesn’t recognize him. He grins brightly at him, almost too brightly like he’s about to take pleasure in causing Jimin pain. “Jimin-ah! How are you feeling today?”

“No,” Jimin whines. He can sense that this Hoseok character is about to destroy him when he cracks up laughing at Jimin’s response.

“A good day then. I’m excited.” Hoseok wiggles his fingers together maniacally.

For all his seeming evilness, Hoseok is really encouraging through the multiple sets of different exercises he guides him through. He’s really patient through Jimin’s complaints and he seems proud when he pushes Jimin through the last rep that he claimed he couldn’t do.

Jimin’s completely puffed out, red in the face, and a little bit sore by the end of it all. This body is clearly not as adapt to regular exercise as his back home. He just lays on his back and tries to catch his breath.

“You did really well, Jimin-ah. I was worried we’d have to cancel when hyung called me yesterday to say you had a bad day,” Hoseok says pulling on his foot. “I think that was the best you’ve ever done.”

“Yoongi-hyung called you?”

“Yeah, of course,” Hoseok says with a strange look on his face. “He always calls when you have a bad day. Obviously, you know hyung is a worry wart when it comes to his baby.”

Jimin blushes. Right. Jimin sits up to see Yoongi walk in the room. He’s dressed in a sweater and jeans and it looks like he’s headed off somewhere.

“Finished? Did you do good?”

“He did very well. I think he deserves a kiss, hyung,” Hoseok says gleefully and if Jimin wasn’t already red from his workout he’d probably be blushing.

Yoongi leans down to give him a kiss on the lips. “Good job. I’m headed out. I’ll probably be out late so don’t wait up, Jimin-ah. I’ll see you at dinner tomorrow, Hoseok-ah.” He waves.

Jimin thinks it’s safe to assume that they’re all good friends then as they call out their byes. He wonders if they met because of his injury or if they’ve been friends longer than that.

“So are you excited to start your internship tomorrow?” Hoseok asks him, pulling him out of his thoughts.

Jimin has no idea what he’s talking about. Internship? This has to be when he’s found out because he doesn’t even have any hope of playing along.

Hoseok laughs. “You don’t have to be so nervous, Jimin-ah! You’re shadowing a child and adolescent psychologist, right? In my experience, children are better to work with. They’re much less stubborn than adults, at least that’s true for my line of work in physical therapy.”

Psychologist? Jimin wonders why he isn’t a sports nutritionist like he’d thought he wanted to be. It seems kind of random to him. Besides, that’s definitely something you have to go to graduate school for. Did he go to graduate school? Is he in graduate school? He’d imagine his injury set him back a bit.

“Yeah, I’m a bit nervous,” Jimin says sheepishly. Even though he’s not a bit nervous, he’s a whole lot nervous. At least he finds comfort in the fact he’s apparently shadowing someone and not working by himself. He’s not sure he wouldn’t ruin someone’s mental health if he was on his own.

“Don’t be! You’ve worked so hard to get here Jimin-ah, and it’s obvious you’re really passionate about it.”

He is? Jimin stews in that thought and only half listens to whatever Hoseok has to say before he says he has to go to make another appointment.

“Good luck tomorrow, Jimin-ah! Don’t worry so much. I’ll see you at dinner. I’m excited for Jin’s cooking,” Hoseok says as he hugs him before he takes his leave.

Jimin goes to shower and find something to eat. He goes back on his computer and tries to rifle through his emails to get more detail about his supposed internship. He learns that he’ll be shadowing a Dr. Lee Soojung as one of his final requirements for finishing his degree. She seems nice enough through the correspondence and Jimin’s still grossly unprepared and very nervous, but he feels a little better now that he knows where he’s supposed to go and when.

Jimin’s contemplating taking a nap, Hoseok really did a number on him, when he gets a text from Tae to inform him that he and Jungkook are coming over. He texts back his acknowledgment even though he probably won’t make good company right now, tired and stressed. He’s just too curious to pass up the opportunity.

When they arrive Jimin is surprised. Jungkook has lightened hair and him and Tae almost match. It’s startling because it makes them look kind of similar and it reminds Jimin vaguely of this one buzzfeed article about how couples that have been together for a long time start to look like each other.

Jungkook has gotten...thicker. It’s really the only way Jimin can describe the amount of muscle he’s somehow put on in the past 8 years. He wonders what business a high school history teacher has looking like he does.

“Jiminie!” Tae greets him with as much enthusiasm as ever after they step into the house. It’s nice to see that their friendship hasn’t faltered over the last 8 years.

“Taetae!” Jimin responds in kind and they hug like it’s been long since they last met up even though Jimin knows from their texts that it’s only been a couple days.

“Hey, hyung,” Jungkook says looking at them fondly. “How’re you doing? Knee feeling okay?”

“I’m fine, it’s fine,” Jimin says with a smile although maybe it’s the sleepiness and the stress but people asking him that is starting to get a little grating.

“That’s good, Jiminie, PT was fine then?” Tae asks as he leads them into the tv room.

“It went okay. Hyung wasn’t too evil,” Jimin says sitting down on the couch. Tae hums and Jungkook leaves the room so Jimin assumes he has to pee or something.

“I think Kookie’s mad at me. He wanted to go out last night, but I was too tired from work. I was already falling asleep when he was telling me to get ready. I don’t know, he seemed really ticked off at me when I woke up. I apologized and he said it’s alright, but he’s acting weird,” Tae says in a hushed voice, sitting close to him and biting his lip.

Jimin remembers the fond look Jungkook had given them when they hugged and thinks that’s the fondest look he’s ever seen on his face. He can’t see how that’s the face of someone who’s mad. He doesn’t get to say anything because Jungkook comes back into the room.

Tae shoots him a look as if to ask him what he thinks, but Jimin just looks over at Jungkook and gives Tae a skeptical look. Jungkook walks over to sit in Tae’s space with literal hearts in his eyes and it just solidifies his point. Jimin almost wants to laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation.

“Hyung, big day tomorrow! It’s crazy that you and Namjoon both have something to celebrate,” Jungkook says and Jimin tries not to let his confusion or curiosity show on his face.

“Namjoon-hyung has been done with the second book for ages and we celebrated when he finished it. It’s just being published tomorrow, big deal. Tomorrow’s Jiminie’s day,” Tae reminds him petulantly.

Jimin is curious to hear that Namjoon-hyung is publishing a book. He forgets that he’s a writing major most of the time back in his reality just because he is always talking about all the classes he takes ‘for fun.’ Jimin’s not surprised though, Namjoon could probably do anything and he wouldn’t be surprised.

“Tae, babe, I wasn’t trying to compare them. I was just saying it’s cool that it winded up happening on the same day,” Jungkook placates.

“No, you didn’t say cool. You said crazy!” Tae says and he gives Jimin a look to say ‘see, he’s mad at me’ like he wasn’t just trying to be contrary to get a rise out of him.

Jungkook just sighs looking at Tae like he knows exactly what he’s trying to do. Jimin almost feels sorry for him, but it’s honestly hilarious in the way that it reminds Jimin of the way Tae acts around Jungkook in his time. Tae doesn’t sound like he’s matured out of his petty stage in the past 8 years, at least when it comes to Jeon Jungkook, and Jimin is starting to think that this is some weird flirting ritual.

“Yeah, I’m a little nervous about tomorrow,” he says to draw the attention away from the weird tension brewing between the two of them. He assumes they’re talking about his internship. At least, he hopes nothing else monumental is happening.

“What? Nervous! No way, you’ve wanted this for so long,” Jungkook says with wide eyes.

“Yeah, I still remember after your injury you were so lost and depressed,” Tae says solemnly and pauses as if he’s reflecting on something. “It broke my heart, Jiminie, and when you went to therapy, I could tell it exhausted you, but I know it helped you in ways we really couldn’t. I--”

“Tae,” Jimin interrupts to stop him even though he doesn’t know what to say because he has no memory of any of those events. Tae sounds like he’s really getting choked up at the memory and Jimin really must have been a mess to make his best friend like this. He watches Jungkook squeeze Tae’s hand comfortingly.

“I know you just want to help people like that, Jiminie, and it’s so admirable and if anyone deserves to do what they want, it’s you after everything you’ve been through,” Tae finishes earnestly and Jimin smiles at him.





Jungkook and Tae leave after a little while when Jimin starts punctuating his sentences with yawns and fighting to keep his eyes open. Physical therapy really wore him out. Jimin makes himself something to eat before he goes upstairs to crash.

He wakes up after a few hours, still in the comfortable bed he’d crashed in. Jimin’s starting to worry if he’ll ever go back to where he came from. And now that he has a moment where he doesn’t have any pressing needs or things to do, as far as he knows, he reflects on why he’s even here.

Jimin’s not so much focused on the how because he knows it should be impossible to somehow find himself 8 years in the future, surrounded by people who don’t think anything is out of the ordinary. He’d briefly entertained the idea of amnesia, but he’s pretty sure if he’d gone and bumped his head to forget 8 years it’d be more disorienting and he’d at least have some kind of headache. The dream scenario seemed most likely, but the longer he’s here, the more he seriously doubts this is a dream.

So Jimin is really more focused on the why because, in the movies at least, that’s how people seem to snap themselves out of situations like these. The character who finds themself in the unknown situation has some big revelation and then things go back to normal.

The thing is, Jimin doesn’t really think he has anything like that. Sure, there’s been some surprises here, i.e. his knee, his marriage, Jungkook and Tae in a relationship, his prospective job. But, even before all of this he didn’t think he was going to go to the Olympics. He had no plans to go through qualifiers again even though his coach, teammates, and family all encourage him to try again. He likes gymnastics, but he never saw it as a career choice. Even then he knows the stunts he does at meets come with risks, but he’s careful and has never had a serious injury like the one he’s currently sporting.

And his marriage, well, if this whole dream is to try to encourage him to wake up and dig Yoongi’s number out of the trash and call him then it probably succeeded in making him want to do that when Yoongi first kissed his forehead and ran him a bath with bubbles. He’s nothing at all like Seung-gi, at least here in this universe, and Jimin feels bad for even thinking about putting them on the same level.

He highly doubts fate put him here to try to set up Jungkook and Tae even though that had surprised him. And well, while it’s nice that he’s apparently passionate about becoming a counselling psychologist here, he hasn’t had nearly the same life experiences in his universe to draw him to that choice. Not to mention he’s 2 and a half years into an undergraduate degree in Nutrition Sciences back home and while maybe he isn’t 100% happy with it, he’s gotten this far and he doesn’t want to backtrack just to do something else.

Jimin sighs. There’s no point in fretting over it, really. It’s not like he can will himself back to reality. Fate is going to do with him what it will.

He flips on the tv and tries to watch it, but really he has no hope of following the sequels to movies that have yet to come out in his time or the new shows that are out. He falls asleep again and when he wakes up it’s a little after dinner time. Jimin really hopes that he didn’t screw up his chances of sleeping tonight before his internship because of the naps he took.

Jimin eats his dinner alone in the kitchen. The house feels unnecessarily big for just him and Yoongi and even more so without Yoongi here. It’s quiet and Jimin is bored by the time he finishes cleaning up after himself.

His knee starts to protest as he climbs the stairs again, so he decides he’ll stay up here for the rest of the night. He takes in the framed pictures on the wall down the hallway that leads him to their bedroom. There’s baby pictures of Jihyo and Jinho, all dressed up and adorable.

There’s a picture of the seven of them looking excited, standing outside of what looks like the Gogcheok Sky Dome, Yoongi standing in the middle looking sweaty but happy.

Closer to their room there’s pictures from their wedding. There’s Tae raising a glass supposedly mid-speech because Yoongi is grinning and Jimin has his face buried in his hands.

There’s a photo of their entire wedding party. Jimin spots his family on his side and feels a pang of sudden homesickness. He’s glad that they got to attend.

Finally, there’s a picture of Yoongi and Jimin in tuxedos smiling happily. Jimin’s hair is dark and Yoongi’s is silver. It’s surreal to look at and Jimin is struck with the need to sit down so he goes into the bedroom and sits on the bed.

Jimin absentmindedly pulls open his nightstand. There’s a pair of reading glasses and a large, pink satin-looking sac of something. Curiosity piqued, Jimin grabs it and opens it.

“Oh my God,” he says aloud for no one but himself to hear and blushes furiously when he sees the sex toys that are inside. There’s plugs in variable sizes and what looks like a vibrator. This along with the half empty industrial sized bottle of lube that he knows is inside of the other nightstand confirms that he and Yoongi must have a very active sex life.

Jimin is suddenly a little warm thinking about it and Yoongi did say he’d be home late and not to wait up. He’s never used a toy and now that he has the opportunity, well. He remembers how good it felt to have Yoongi inside of him last night, and he wants to see if he can do it himself.

He’s on his feet stripping before he can talk himself out of it. He’s a little nervous for some reason as he pulls out the smallest plug and grabs the large bottle of lube out of Yoongi’s nightstand. He climbs under the covers and steals a pump of lube to stroke at his half-roused length. He thinks that he should probably start with fingers like Yoongi did. He coats his other hand’s fingers in lube before shifting to his side with his good knee bent and hiked up. He presses his index finger in between his cheeks and can feel his hole twitch as he unconsciously clenches. He wills himself to relax as he presses in the finger. He works in the digit slowly, easing it in and out until he can take it without resistance.

He slowly works up to his middle finger, scissoring his entrance and adding more lube to glide his way. It feels good to have something to clench down on inside of him, but it doesn’t light up his spine like when Yoongi found that one spot. Jimin’s fingers seem like they're just too short no matter which way he crooks them. It’s still warm and his walls are soft inside of him, but he’s too turned on to have patience.

He pulls them out and lubes up the plug. The smallest of the plugs is still a snug fit, but it isn’t much wider than three of his fingers. It’s longer than they are though which Jimin finds out when he’s rocking back on it and it nudges against the spot. Jimin whines. It’s good, but it’s not great like it was with Yoongi taking care of him, and it’s taking too long.

Jimin grabs the plug that’s a little bigger before he remembers the video that Yoongi sent him, still in their message thread. He’s curious about it and now that he’s alone, he feels like he can safely watch it. Plus, it’ll be kind of like Yoongi is here with him. He takes the hand he was using to jerk himself and wipes it on the sheets before he grabs his phone to find the video.

He turns up the volume on the phone, lubes up the plug, breathing deep as he pushes it inside of himself. He groans a little and waits until he adjusts to the width before he hits play.

He’s not at all prepared for what he sees. The camera angles on Yoongi’s face.

“Jiminie, I miss you so fucking much,” he says quietly before his eyelids fall shut and he’s biting at his already swollen bottom lip. There’s movement out of frame but Jimin can’t see what he’s doing until it pans down and Jimin can see he’s palming himself through his pants. He hikes up his shirt to reveal a pale, toned stomach and undoes his pants to inch them off his hips with his underwear. His dick springs out enticingly, flushed against his lower stomach.

Jimin reaches back to thrust the plug into him to match the pace Yoongi is stroking himself to. Yoongi twists his wrists and thumbs at the head of his cock skillfully. Jimin watches, enraptured, breath hitching as Yoongi all but growls.

“My Jiminie, it’s all for you. Gonna let you sit on it when I get home.”

Jimin can’t help the whines that escape him as he speeds up the pace. He’s so lost in his need to get off and the heat pooling in the lower pit of his stomach that he doesn’t hear the alarm system beep as the front door opens and closes. He just ignores the squelching sound the plug is making from thrusting in and out of him in the mess of lube and watches the video attentively. He thinks he can come like this without touching his dick as long as he doesn’t take his eyes of the small video playing on his phone or stop listening to Yoongi’s grunts and growls.

He does, however, somewhere on a subconscious level, register the bedroom door being opened. But Jimin doesn’t stop his movements until he hears the sound of Yoongi’s voice--and it’s not coming from his phone.

“Fuck, Jiminie, got started without me, huh?” There’s no hint of teasing in his voice but Jimin still hits his phone until it stops playing the lewd sounds of Yoongi jerking it. He takes his other hand out from under the covers, like putting both hands where Yoongi can see them will make him forget that he was doing anything.

There’s no sense in trying to deny anything with his clothes littering the floor, the large bottle of lube settled next to him in bed, and the previously discarded plug next to it. Not to mention probably the most damning evidence of it all, the phone that was blaring Yoongi’s growls.

Jimin doesn’t know what to expect from Yoongi’s reaction to catching him getting himself off to a video of him. He’s already so embarrassed. He doesn’t know what time it is, but he really thought he’d have more time alone. He can feel that his face is on fire, but his erection doesn’t flag at being caught especially since he can see, when he dares to finally look into his eyes, that Yoongi is watching him intently like he’s loving this. And every embarrassed wiggle Jimin does, thankfully under the covers, shifts the plug inside of him. If anything, being caught only turns him on more.

“Whatcha watching? Anything good?” Yoongi preens, snatching the phone off of the bed before Jimin can take it back. It only takes a few presses of the screen before it’s playing again, seemingly louder than ever, and Jimin buries his face in the crook of his elbow. He probably shouldn’t feel as embarrassed as he does considering that they’re married and Yoongi sent the video, obviously wanted him to watch, but this Jimin isn’t married to Yoongi, not really.

“You didn’t even get to the good part yet,” Yoongi says, letting the video play as he strokes Jimin’s sweaty bangs off his forehead. He peels back the covers to reveal Jimin’s hidden activities even though Jimin halfheartedly tries to stop him from seeing. Jimin lets out a squeak at the cold air that rushes in. “Mm, that for me?”

“Hyung, stop, don’t tease.” Jimin slaps at Yoongi’s hands that are reaching for him that look armed to tickle. He’s really geared up and he’s not sure he can take any teasing. Yoongi just chuckles.

“C’mere then, Angel.” Jimin inches toward him and Yoongi pulls him flush to him and kisses his lips hard. “So fucking sexy, Jiminie.” He nibbles down his throat and reaches behind him to ease out the plug before driving it back into him. Jimin moans loudly. “I think you can take the bigger plug, Jiminie, what do you think?”

And while it sounds enticing, Jimin just really wants to sit on the real thing. Yoongi must understand because his eyebrows shoot up before he’s nodding and undoing his pants. Jimin stops him with a kiss when they’re only halfway down his thighs. He pushes Yoongi toward the edge of the bed and is glad they’re about the same height when he lubes up Yoongi’s length, making sure it’s all the way hard before he stands with his back to his chest as he sinks down on it. Jimin feels small with Yoongi’s pale hands encompassing his tanned waist, driving him up and down on Yoongi’s shaft without putting too much of a burden on his knee.

Yoongi must get tired of being restricted by the pants around his thighs so he pushes Jimin up so he can strip all the way. Jimin eyes him appreciatively, stroking his length while he waits for Yoongi to get all the way naked.

Yoongi just taps his ass until he’s laying on the bed face down. Jimin blushes as he feels Yoongi jiggling the globes of his ass before he presses into him. He clenches around him as he thrusts into him.

“Fuck, just like that, Jiminie,” Yoongi groans and it’s so good. Jimin thinks he’s getting spoiled by Yoongi’s cock because it only takes a few more thrusts before Jimin is coming untouched all over their messy sheets with a loud whine.

Yoongi quickens his pace to fuck him through it, but Jimin starts to get too oversensitive after a while. He clenches the sheets and tries to inch away from the snap of Yoongi’s hips.

“Too much? Sorry, sorry,” Yoongi says before pulling out. Jimin rolls over out of the wet spot to see Yoongi fisting his cock. He sits up to kiss him and take over when he gets his breath back.

“Hyung,” Jimin breathes before Yoongi is spilling all over his hand. He’s seriously going to miss this.

“Fuck, it’s late, Jiminie, and you have your internship tomorrow morning. Go shower, I’ll clean up.” Yoongi looks regretful as he says it, looking him up and down like he wasn’t done with him. It makes him feel very attractive and well loved, in more ways than one, as he scrambles off the bed to go shower.

As the warm water rushes over him, Jimin thinks that this future version of himself is really lucky to have this Yoongi.




When he gets to Dr. Lee Soojung’s office the next day it’s not anything like he expects. He didn’t know what to expect really considering he’s never been to therapy, but it’s nowhere near as clinical as he’d thought it’d be.

The waiting room is nice when he gets there and the receptionist tells him he’s early and he can wait there. Jimin sits on the sofa and takes in the paintings on the walls and the children’s toys sequestered to a corner.  He’s dressed business casual and his knee feels okay so he counts his small blessings. He still feels nervous like he’s going to somehow botch this really badly. Yoongi seemed to have noticed this morning when he drove him because he’d squeezed him in a tight hug and said something that was probably encouraging, but Jimin was too busy buzzing with nerves to take it in. Sitting here now, he wishes he had taken it in.

“Jimin-ssi?” a woman asks, smiling at him. Jimin stands up and bows politely to her as she introduces herself and leads him to her office.

The office is nice, the walls are a pretty blue color and there’s plants in the corners of the room. There’s a desk but there’s also two sofas facing each other with a coffee table in between them that look well used.

Dr. Lee Soojung explains to him that he isn’t expected to take notes or anything today, just to observe until he gets the hang of things. Jimin is immensely thankful for that. She seems nice, warm, and asks him if he has any questions. Jimin just shakes his head. He can see why she’d be a good therapist.

“Let’s see, the first appointment is with a first time client, Park Sunhi. She’s 14 and her parents are concerned about her eating habits. They say she’s dropped a lot of weight. Unfortunately, it sounded like her parents coerced her into coming to therapy, which doesn’t always work in our favor,” she says sounding tired, reading through her notes at her desk. Jimin just sits in one of the two chairs across from it and tries not to twiddle his fingers. “She should be here now. Let’s see if we can meet her.”

Jimin follows the middle aged woman to the waiting room where he sees a girl in a large sweater looking bored with what looks like her parents who seem impatient. Dr. Lee talks with her parents and Jimin just smiles at Sunhi when she looks up at him.

When they return to Dr. Lee’s office after dismissing Sunhi’s parents, Sunhi anxiously sits at a chair across the desk.

“Sunhi, you may sit on the sofa if that’s more comfortable. This is Park Jimin, he’s shadowing my appointments for today as a requirement for school. If at any point his being here makes you uncomfortable, please let me know and I will ask him to leave. I want you to know that everything you say in this room is strictly confidential unless you’re in any immediate danger in which case I’m required by law to report it to the proper authorities.” Dr. Lee gestures to the sofa and Sunhi moves to the furthest one from the door. She nods her acknowledgement.

“Good, now that that’s out of the way. Can I get you something to drink?”

“I’m fine.” Sunhi seems to sink into herself like she’s trying to make herself take up less space. Jimin thinks she looks as antsy as he feels.

Dr. Lee comes around and sits on the couch opposite her. Jimin just tries not to feel awkward as he sits as far away as possible on the same couch.

“How are you doing today?”

“I’m fine,” Sunhi says and Jimin can tell this is going to be a long session if that’s all she’s willing to say, but Dr. Lee seems patient and smiles at her like this isn’t out of the ordinary.

“Well, how about you tell me about yourself,” Dr. Lee prompts, trying to coax something from Sunhi other than ‘I’m fine.’ Sunhi seems to chew on this for a bit.

“I’d rather not,” Sunhi says and she doesn’t sound annoyed, but also she doesn’t seem pleased to be here.

“Well, why not?”

“I don’t think I need to be here and you seem pretty busy. I don’t want to waste your time or mine.”

Dr. Lee goes to say something but there’s a knock on the door before it’s being opened by the lady that Jimin recognizes as the receptionist.

“I’m so sorry, Dr. Lee, but I have a parent on the phone and it seems like an emergency.”

“Okay, Jimin-ssi is going to talk with you while I see if I can get this sorted, okay?” Dr. Lee says glancing at him before she’s hurrying out the door. Jimin opens his mouth to protest, but she’s gone before he can say anything and really, what could he have even said? He’s supposed to kind of know what to do.

He looks at Sunhi who seems to relax a little when the door is shut and they’re alone. He smiles at her.

“So, er, what do you do for fun?” Jimin cringes at his own question. He sounds so old, older than the 8 years his age recently acquired. Sunhi smiles at him though like she finds his stumbling endearing.

“Well I went to the Agust D concert last weekend with my boyfriend,” she says shooting him a knowing look. Jimin had kind of forgotten that he could be recognized as Agust D’s husband of South Korea’s gay power couple. It’s weird and he feels a little wrongfooted since apparently she knows more about him than he knows about her. Of course she’d be a fan though. “He’s so cool, Jimin-ssi. I think it’s awesome that you’re married to him!”

Yeah, Jimin’s not sure how he got as lucky. “Your parents let you go to his concert with your boyfriend? When I was your age I wasn’t even allowed to go to concerts with friends. My hyung had to come with me before I was allowed.” He remembers even that had taken a lot of begging. Not to mention, Yoongi did get dubbed ‘South Korea’s bad boy rapper.’ Jimin would probably be hesitant to let his 14 year old daughter go to his concert if he had a 14 year old daughter.

Sunhi bites her lip. “Well, they didn’t know I was going, Kang-dae-oppa surprised me with tickets.”

“Oh man, I bet your parents love him,” he jokes.

“Yeah, they hate him actually.” Sunhi frowns. “They think he treats me poorly.”

Jimin thinks boyfriends who buy you concert tickets are nice, but then again sometimes Seung-gi had his moments. “What about you, do you think he treats you poorly?”

Sunhi looks stricken at the question like she would never think that. “No way! He loves me.”

She doesn’t smile as she says it and Jimin can only think about how that had been his thought process with Seung-gi, too. It’d taken him a long time to realize that it wasn’t right for him to be treated the way he was, even longer to feel secure enough in himself to know he deserved better. He had to learn that just because he was comfortable in what to expect from Seung-gi and he’d invested so long in the relationship, that didn’t mean he couldn’t walk away.

“Well if you loved someone--”

“I do, Jimin-ssi, I love Kang-dae-oppa!”

“Well if you loved someone else, would you happily treat them the way Kang-dae treats you?” Jimin knows that he had been insecure and sometimes felt like he’d allowed Seung-gi’s behavior to go on so long because of it, but he would have immediately known it was wrong if someone else was being treated the way he was. Because he knows that’s not how being in a healthy relationship works, but he’d been too blinded by his own insecurities to see it.

It seems to have been the right question to ask because it makes Sunhi pause and think. “But he loves me...he’s just trying to look out for me! He can be harsh at times, but I know he just cares about me. It’s nothing like they’re making it out to be. He’s never laid a hand on me or anything, but he just--I was overweight and he helped me to get healthier,” she flushes at the admission and Jimin feels a pang of sadness. No one should ever be made to feel less than because of their weight, especially by their partner. He doubts she’d even been overweight really because she’s completely swallowed by her sweater and her cheeks look sunken.

Jimin wishes so fiercely that he could make her see that it’s not right and help her to help herself. He knows if she’s anything like him she’ll take her time before she realizes, too, and he hopes that she has the support she needs when she does. Like he had had Tae.

“Just something to think about, Sunhi-yah,” Jimin says and then there’s a knock on the door and Dr. Lee is opening the door.

“Sunhi, I’m sorry I have to cut our session short, but I have an emergency to attend to. I’ll look forward to talking to you when we can reschedule, but for now your parents are waiting.”

Sunhi stands. “Thank you. It was nice to meet you,” she says as she bows politely to Dr. Lee and hesitates a look at Jimin before bowing toward him too and walking back toward the waiting room.

“I’m sorry, Jimin-ssi, but I really have to go now. I’m afraid I’ll have to cancel the rest of the appointments today, so I’ll have to let you go early and see you tomorrow. I’ll email with the new schedule when I get things moved around,” she rushes and Jimin follows her out so she can lock up her office.




By the time Jimin and Yoongi get to Namjoon and Jin’s house, they’re running slightly late. Yoongi had picked him up at Dr. Lee’s office when he was dismissed and they’d gotten lunch before he took him home and had gone back to the studio. Jimin is really starting to see that Yoongi has no concept of time when he’s working.

The driver drops them off and Jimin sees the two story house and wonders if they should have brought something. That’s what adults do, right? Bring stuff to dinner parties? Jimin thinks it’s kind of too late for that as Yoongi knocks on the front door.

Hoseok is the one that pulls open the door with a giggling Jinho hanging onto his leg. “Yoongi-hyung and Jimin-ah are here,” he calls loudly into the house before allowing them to enter.

“Uncle Yoongi!” Jinho launches himself at Yoongi.

“Hey little man,” Yoongi says before ruffling his hair. Jinho seems to allow it for a moment before he realizes that Jimin is standing behind him.

“Uncle Chim!” he calls and Jimin forgets his knee for a moment to bend down and hug him. He smiles widely at Jinho through the pain that flares up in his leg. He pulls away and briefly wonders if he’s even going to be able to get up from his painful crouched position when he really just wants to sit.

“Why don’t you go see if Uncle Kookie needs anything Jinho?” Hoseok asks and Jinho nods before he runs off in the direction of all the noise. Jimin doesn’t stand even after he disappears around the corner. “Sit back, Jimin-ah, before you hurt yourself more.”

Jimin thought he’d hidden the fact that he’s in pain well, but apparently not because Yoongi is hovering and Hoseok looks slightly stern which is kind of scary. He obliges, rocking back to place his bum on the floor with a wince. It relieves some stress on his knee, but he doesn’t have any desire to place weight on it any time soon.

“Okay, straighten it out slowly.” Jimin does as he’s asked and exhales as he does. He’s wearing pants, but his knee must be inflamed from how it’s throbbing. Jimin looks to Yoongi who is obviously concerned and he’s suddenly hit with how bad he doesn’t want Yoongi to witness him in pain. He doesn’t like the lines the worry has etched into his face and he especially doesn’t like that he’s the cause of them.

Jimin gives him a half smile, “it’s alright, hyung. I’m fine.” He holds out a hand and lets Yoongi hoist him up to his feet despite his protesting knee. Hoseok looks like he wants to stop him, probably wants him to lie down, ice it, and leave his leg elevated, but Jimin just shoots him a look.

“This is what I meant when I said adults are more stubborn than children. Alright, but if it starts swelling and it hurts worse then don’t say I didn’t tell you anything,” Hoseok says into his ear when he leans in for a hug that’s both too long and too late to be a hello hug. Hoseok hugs Yoongi, too. “Dinner’s almost done, but Jin-hyung has banished us all from the kitchen.”

Hoseok leads them to the living room where there’s toys everywhere. Namjoon is lying on the ground pretending to be crushed with Jihyo laughing as she bounces on his stomach. Tae and Jungkook are sitting on the sofa with Jinho sitting between them loudly explaining something.

“Uncle Chim!” Jihyo yells scrambling off Namjoon who lets out a noise of real pain as she tramples him with her feet. She looks like she’s about to run at his legs but Yoongi stops her before she reaches her destination, picking her up and swinging her around.

“What am I, chopped liver?” he asks putting her on his hip and Jihyo giggles.

“Yeah,” she says and Jimin laughs at Yoongi’s affronted face and his goddaughter’s savagery.

“Be nice, Jihyo-yah,” Namjoon says as he laughs.

“Abeoji, I’m just joking. I love Uncle Yoongi!” she beams. Yoongi places her back down on her feet.

“But you love Uncle Tae more, right?” Tae asks and Namjoon shoots him a look. Jihyo looks to her abeoji like she’s looking for a cue card.

“Abeoji says that my love for my uncles isn’t”

“Quantifiable,” Namjoon offers and Jimin can’t believe this. She’s six.

Jin comes into the room and smiles at his husband on the ground. “Dinner’s ready.”

Jimin is really glad because hopefully that means he can get off his feet soon. He follows the masses to the long table. Yoongi pulls out a chair and motions to him to sit. Everyone gets settled and Jimin watches in surprise as Yoongi lifts food from the middle of the table to make both of their plates. He doesn’t argue even though he’s perfectly capable of making his own plate. It’s nice to be taken care of.

“Oh, I left the wine in the kitchen,” Jin says as he’s cutting the food on Jihyo’s plate into small bite sized pieces.

“I’ll get it!” Jungkook says standing abruptly. “Jimin-hyung can help me.”

Jimin doesn’t see why he needs help grabbing wine, but maybe there are other drinks?

“Jimin-ah’s hurting, take Tae,” Yoongi says seemingly displeased at Jungkook’s lack of consideration. Jungkook eyes widen like they do when someone at the cafe hits on him a little too strongly and he’s uncomfortable and wants Jimin to take over. Jimin scoots back in his chair.

“I’m fine,” he says even though there’s still a dull aching in his knee. He stands to follow Jungkook into the kitchen where Jungkook promptly throws his hands in Jimin’s face to show that they’re shaking.

“What? What’s wrong?”

Jungkook just sighs and takes a jewelry box from his jacket pocket. He opens it to reveal an engagement band. Jimin loses his breath a bit and has to just blink at it for a second.

“You--you weren’t planning on proposing tonight, were you?”

“What? No, I stopped carrying it around all the time a month ago when I figured out I really can’t do it spontaneously. I’ve been trying to make it special, but Tae keeps messing with my plans. I--it was in my sock drawer and he was out of socks, and so I grabbed it before he could see it when we were getting ready. I never got the chance to hide it again, but he keeps touching me and I’m afraid he’s going to find it,” Jungkook whispers hurriedly like he’s scared someone is listening in, the panic obvious in his tone. That explains why Tae thought he was mad at him yesterday, Jimin thinks. He’d probably be a little bit angry if his boyfriend slept through his special plans to propose.

“Well, what do you want me to do about it?” Jimin asks. He had taken off his coat and the only pockets he has are his pants which will be extremely obvious if he has a jewelry box in them. Jungkook looks him up and down and seems to come to the same conclusion.

“I don’t know. How did you do it when you proposed to Yoongi-hyung?” Jungkook asks.

“I did what?” Jimin says completely forgetting himself in shock. He’d been the one to propose? How the hell?

“Well, counter proposed? Whatever you want to call it when you propose to your fiance who proposed first. It was still romantic and you’re like the least romantic couple that I know.”

“Hey! If you’re asking me for help you might not want to offend me, Kook-ah.” The door swings open.

“What the hell is taking so long? We’re thirsty,” Hoseok asks as if he’s about to drink wine to quench his thirst. Which, Jimin doesn’t know, maybe he is. He seems to take in Jungkook’s pained, panicked face and the jewelry box and Jimin leaning against the island unsure. “Are you proposing to a married man?” Hoseok asks with a mock gasp.

“What? No, hyung, please lower your voice. Can you hide this in your pocket please?” Jungkook asks. Hoseok takes it and opens the box. He whistles. Jimin laughs.

“Tae’s a lucky man. What’d this cost you, your whole salary?” Hoseok laughs, but he stops when he sees Jungkook’s nervous face. “Oh cheer up, of course he’ll say yes, buddy friend. I’ll hide it, but if one of the twins finds it then you’re explaining it. You know Jinho-yah’s a damn pickpocket.” Hoseok takes it and tucks it conveniently in the inner pocket of his blazer.

“Hyung, please don’t say anything,” Jungkook begs. Jimin doesn’t know Hoseok out of this future universe, but he does strike him as someone who has a hard time keeping a secret.

“My lips are sealed. I gotta say though Kookie, of all people, you invite Jimin-ah into your proposal plans? Sure he’s done it before, but he’s like the least romantic person ever.”

“Hey!” Jimin calls. If he ever goes back to 2017 then he’s making it his mission to dig Yoongi’s number out of the trash and romance him off his feet. Hoseok gives him an unapologetic shrug.

The door swings open again. It’s Namjoon this time. “Guys please, what is taking so long? Jin-hyung is getting mad that no one is eating his food. It’s getting cold.”

Jimin just shares a look with Hoseok and Jungkook and he can’t help the giggle that escapes him.

“We’re coming, hyung.” Jungkook grabs a few bottles of wine and Jimin takes one so that he doesn’t go back to the table empty handed and prove that this whole thing was a one person job.

They settle back into the table and Jin-hyung glares at Jungkook. Yoongi raises his eyebrows in question at Jimin, but he just smiles and shakes his head.

“You’re not allowed into the kitchen again, Kook-ah!” Jin yells while shaking his head. Jimin thinks it kind of looks like he’s convulsing and he’s kind of scared and unsure if he should laugh.

“That’s the second time you banished him tonight,” Hoseok laughs first and Jin turns his gaze on him which succeeds in quietening him quickly. Jimin’s glad he didn’t laugh. Jihyo claps her hands excitedly at her appa. Jin smiles at her before honking a laugh that sounds suspiciously like a windshield wiper.

Jungkook just looks relieved like now that he isn’t carrying the ring a weight has been lifted off of him. Next to him, Tae whispers something into his ear and rubs his back comfortingly.

Namjoon snorts as he pours glasses of wine for everyone and passes them around. Jimin eats his food which is kind of lukewarm by this point.

Tae taps on his wine glass and stands up. “A toast. To Joon-hyung’s new book which I honestly probably won’t get around to reading just like the first one, sorry, but I’m sure it’s amazing and we’re all proud.” Namjoon laughs and nods to him with his dimples on full display. “And to Jiminie, our little mochi, who’s one step closer to being a proper counselling psychologist. He’s one of the hardest working people I know and deserves it the most.”

“Here, here!” Hoseok says and they all raise their glasses to drink. Jimin swallows roughly. He really likes the life he has here. Likes the strong friendships he’s obviously fostered, likes his married life with Yoongi, and even his job prospect has a lot of appeal to him after he saw how he could help Sunhi. Jimin feels his eyes well up with tears. He’s not sure at what, whether it’s because he’s happy here or because it feels disingenuous to be here when this life isn’t his own. It’s scary to think about how he wouldn’t mind staying here no matter how bad it feels like cheating.

Yoongi wipes away his tears with his thumbs and Jimin would be embarrassed but when he looks up, everyone has politely averted their gaze. Yoongi kisses him on the lips. “I’m proud of you,” he says and it only serves to make Jimin cry harder. He takes a deep breath and pulls himself together. “Okay?” Yoongi asks and he nods.

“Joon-ah!” Jin-hyung yells successfully pulling them out of their moment.

“What? Hyung, it’s only a sip. It’s fine. He wanted to try it.” Jimin looks up to see Jinho and Namjoon gripping the same glass of wine and he assumes that Namjoon just let his six year old son have some wine.

“Appa, it’s gross,” Jinho says to Jin who laughs and rubs at his eyes. Jihyo who’s sitting next to Jin looks about ready to pass out.

“Come on, it’s time for bed for you two,” Jin says and stands. Jihyo puts her arms up to be lifted.

“Appa, I’m not tired!” Jinho whines. Jin glares at Namjoon as if he’s to blame for this.

“Say goodnight, Jinho-yah, it’s bedtime,” Namjoon says.

“But Abeoji!” Jinho says and Jimin thinks he looks like he’s about to start crying. Tae gets up from his chair to hoist the six year old from his chair before he can start. He whooshes him through the air with sound effects before he stops him directly in front of him with a giant boxy grin on his face. Jinho taps his nose. “You look dumb.”

“Jinho!” Jin and Namjoon scold at the same time. Tae pouts.

“Sorry, Uncle Tae, but you look funny when you make that face.”

“Okay, fair enough,” Tae says. Namjoon takes his son from Tae and follows Jin’s lead out of the room as Jinho and Jihyo call their goodnights.

“I love that kid,” Hoseok says. Jimin is inclined to agree. “Tae-yah, aren’t you supposed to be good with kids as a pediatrician?” Hoseok honks a laugh.

“Tough crowd,” Tae scowls.

“I think you were great, hyung. He didn’t cry like it looked like he was at first,” Jungkook says and Jimin can still see the hearts in his eyes from across the table. He’s still not over that. Jimin yawns. He’s full of food and the wine and his crying seemed to have made him sleepy.

“Almost ready to go?” Yoongi asks and Jimin nods. Yoongi pulls out his phone to notify the driver.

“Already ducking out, hyungs?” Jungkook asks as Tae pouts.

“Yah, you guys are so married and boring,” Hoseok complains and Jin walks back into the room.

“Those aren’t two words I’d put together. It’s never boring,” he says without context.

“We’re going to head out Jin-hyung. Jimin-ah has an early day again tomorrow.”

“Oh, wait, Jimin-ah, I brought some scones home from work for you. You better take them or Joon-ah will eat them all instead of real food,” Jin-hyung says and he goes into the kitchen to grab them. “Well, there was more, but it looks like he already got to them,” Jin sighs.

Jimin laughs and accepts the two scones from Jin. “That’s okay, thanks Jin-hyung, for thinking of me and for cooking,” Jimin says motioning to the bag of scones. He hasn’t had many opportunities to enjoy his favorite treat and hadn’t gotten around to when he was babysitting the twins. He wonders if they taste the same as 8 years ago.

“Of course.” Jin hugs him goodbye and Jimin makes his way around the table to say goodbye, chuckling softly when he can feel the ring box in Hoseok’s pocket during their hug.

“Give Namjoon-hyung a hug for me,” Jimin says after they’ve made their rounds and are on their way out. He lets Yoongi lead him to the car. He’s close enough that Jimin could lean on him for support if he needed to, but his knee seems to have settled a bit so he doesn’t need to.

In the back of the car Jimin pulls out a scone and offers the other to Yoongi who raises an eyebrow, but cautiously accepts it.

“Remember when we first started dating and you cried and didn’t talk to me for 2 whole days because I ate one of your scones?” Yoongi asks.

“Hyung, I did not!” Though maybe he did? He really hopes not especially since there’s usually an abundance of them. Jimin bites into his. 8 years later and he thinks they might taste even better, but maybe that’s just because he hasn’t had one for a couple days. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that.

“That’s the way I remember it.” Yoongi smirks and takes a bite out of his. Jimin just rolls his eyes and munches on his scone.

Later, when they crawl into bed and Jimin has his head tucked into Yoongi’s chest while Yoongi plays with his pink hair, Jimin wishes he had memories of the supposed incident or of any of their shared moments before a few days ago. He drifts off to sleep.


Chapter Text

Jimin wakes up to an alarm blaring. He grabs at his phone and turns off the annoying sound before he realizes that he’s back in his dorm. His phone wallpaper is no longer the selfie of himself, silver haired and kissing Yoongi, but instead a shirtless picture of G-dragon that Jungkook had put there one shift as a joke. He can feel the springs in his lumpy dorm bed, even through his mattress pad, and he can see Tae knocked out despite the alarm that had just sounded. The tv is still on an episode of Fullmetal Alchemist, and it’s obvious that Tae had continued watching without him after he fell asleep because it’s not the episode he remembers watching last. He sighs. He guesses it was a dream after all.

Jimin blinks at the time on his phone: 5am. It gives him just enough time to throw some clothes on, grab his bag and something to eat on the way, and run to practice across campus. It’s not unlike the alarm he set just before physical therapy with Hoseok in his dream when he actually thinks about how little time he gives himself to do things. And shit, Hoseok, how does his subconscious even make up someone like that? It had all seemed so real. He can’t help but feel like that’s how things will be 8 years from now or how they’re meant to be 8 years from now.

Jimin can’t connect the dots though. He doesn’t see how his life now could possibly get him to where he was in the dream scenario especially since he has no plans to go to the Olympics. And even though he only had a small sample of it, it’s kind of how he wants his future to play out. He thinks he could be really happy if it worked out that way. Well, maybe minus the knee injury, but his marriage and his friends, his job, even, at least seemed more interesting than what he’s gearing up to do now.

His thoughts cause him to pause before he gets up even though he’s pretty sure his coach will fuss at him for being late to practice. He can’t just go on like this doesn’t have him questioning everything, like nothing happened, even though he guesses technically nothing has. The days he spent in the dream were clearly just hours he spent asleep here. Still, his mind is going a mile a minute as he tries to separate reality from everything that was in the dream.

He doesn’t have a sweet goddaughter named Jihyo and Namjoon-hyung doesn’t give wine to his cute little six year old son, Jinho, at dinner surrounded by their best friends. Jungkook-ah isn’t about to propose to Tae and probably make him the happiest guy alive. Hoseok-hyung doesn’t even exist as far as he knows and Yoongi, well, Yoongi doesn’t know him at all.

And shit, thinking about Yoongi has him scrambling out of bed and going over to the trashcan to try and find the pieces of napkin that have his number written on them. Jimin finds half of it under an open bottle of one of Tae’s energy drinks. The last dregs from the bottle seem to have leaked onto the napkin, soaking it through and blurring all the numbers. It’s completely unreadable and no, no, no, Jimin wants to cry. That’s not how this is supposed to go. He’s supposed to grab the halves of the napkin and call Yoongi and romance him like he promised himself he would in the dream.

But right, Jimin takes a deep breath, that’s all it was, just a dream even if it had felt real. It’s not a psychic vision. He obviously knows that things in dreams don’t just come true like that. There’s no use in crying over spilt milk or energy drink in this case. There’s no guarantee things would ever work out or happen that way anyway. Life goes on.

He’s 15 minutes late when he gets to practice. He works hard in order to make up for it feeling immensely grateful that his knee gives him no issues. There’s a home hosted meet this Friday and he wants to do well, obviously. He’s missed doing his routines even though technically he did them yesterday, but the few days in the dream are messing with his timeline. His coach still asks him to wait after practice is over. Jackson, the Chinese transfer student on the team that Jimin has kind of befriended, oohs at him when the coach dismisses everyone but him. He rolls his eyes at Jackson and hangs back.

“Jimin-ah, if you’re ever going to make it to Olympic level then you have to show some more discipline. 15 minutes can make or break you for qualifiers.”

Jimin bites his lip to keep from doing anything he’ll regret--like quitting right then and there. He’s never late and thinks that’s a little harsh. Not that he even wants to go to the Olympics especially now that he’s visualized a scenario in which he doesn’t come out unscathed. But, he doesn’t actually want to quit gymnastics or get told he can’t compete so he bows politely and apologizes for being late.

He goes to class and listens to his Lifecycle Nutrition professor drone on about micronutrient requirements for pregnant women. He has to fight to stay awake. Has this always been this boring? Has he just never realized? It’s obvious to him now with the dream giving him a new outlook. He thinks it’s kind of sad that he needed a dream to remind him that he doesn’t have to live his life content with mediocrity when there are things out there that are better for him.

Jimin packs up after his last class of the day and realizes just how boring and unrewarding his classes are. His lack of passion toward what he’s studying is more than that; it’s almost a complete lack of interest. He’s always been a good student, if for no reason other than he needs to keep a certain GPA in order to stay on the team, but it seems like a waste if he has no interest or desire to do anything with the things he’s learning. He curses the dream for being persistent in his thoughts and making him doubt himself and dwell on things he doesn’t want to dwell on.   


He goes to work. He tries not to look over at the door every time it opens in hopes of seeing Yoongi again. Fate would never be that kind. Hell, if he’d left his number for someone at a cafe and they didn’t call, Jimin wouldn’t be likely to show his face either. Jimin sighs and runs a hand through his hair. It was odd to see it orange again in the mirror this morning. Next to him, a less muscled and a darker haired Jungkook is quiet. He seems to sense something is off with Jimin’s mood because he brings him a scone from the back with a smile when the cafe is slow.

“Thanks,” Jimin says and accepts the scone even though he has no plans to actually eat it. He leaves it on the counter. He feels betrayed by the scone and blames them for the whole dream fiasco even though it’s not like he actually thinks they’re magic or anything. Call him superstitious or whatever, but he doesn’t know if he will be able to eat another one with his subconscious making weird time travel connections with them. He curses the dream for ruining his favorite treat for him, but really what if he eats it and ends up in a different scenario and gets stuck there for more than just a few days?

“Now I know something is wrong, hyung. You’re never too sad to eat your favorite scone. What happened? Did you and Tae fight or something?” Jungkook asks concernedly. Jimin thinks it’s kind of funny that he brings up Tae and when he really thinks about it, it’s not uncommon for Jungkook to find a way to bring him up, if usually by the title ‘annoying friend.’

“No, no, I just--didn’t sleep well, that’s all,” Jimin says and the look Jungkook gives him tells him that his lame excuse doesn’t fly even if it is kind of true. Jimin’s really not mad at Tae though, he was just looking out for him when he’d torn up Yoongi’s number and thrown it away. And anyway, the energy drink spilling in the trash is hardly his fault. Just then Jin-hyung comes out from the back and sees his scone resting on the counter uneaten.

“Are you not feeling well, Jimin-ah?” Jimin thinks he might have a problem if people assume he’s unwell just because he didn’t immediately scarf down the scone. “You can head out early if you’re sick. I’m sure we’ll do okay without you.”

Jimin feels a pang of fondness for his eldest friend. Really, just because he doesn’t have Hoseok or Yoongi here that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have friends that really care for him. The thought cheers him up a little. He smiles at Jin-hyung.

“Hyung, your scones aren’t irresistible. I won’t die if I don’t immediately eat it.”

“Yah, Park Jimin, you watch your tone! And the way you usually inhale them makes me think otherwise.” Jin-hyung checks inventory in the display box, checking things off on a clipboard that Jimin is sure he got just so he could look more important. Jimin looks over at Jungkook who’s scrolling through social media on his phone as if he’s popular enough that he has to check it every two seconds.

“Jin-hyung?” Jimin asks to get his attention. He wants to ask something because Jin’s life could easily turn into the one he had in Jimin’s dream in 8 years. He’s in the same relationship, he has the same job, and well, maybe in a couple years him and Namjoon are married and decide to adopt kids like Jinho and Jihyo.

Jin-hyung just hums at him that he’s listening.

“Are you happy?” Jimin asks.

Jin-hyung stops what he’s doing to look at Jimin like the question is very unexpected before he smiles widely. “Of course, Jimin-ah, what’s this about?”

“Nothing, nothing,” Jimin says even though it isn’t nothing. “I just, I think I’m having a quarter life crisis.”

Jin-hyung blinks at him. “Are you stressed about something? Do you need tomorrow off? Take tomorrow off, Jimin-ah. I can get Joonie to cover your shift.”

“No, hyung, didn’t that start a fight between you guys last time when Namjoon-hyung broke the coffee machine? I thought you both agreed it was a bad idea to let him work here again. And besides, it’s fine. I’m fine.” Jimin wouldn’t know what to do with himself if he was indirectly the cause of Namjoon-hyung and Jin-hyung fighting.

“If you’re sure, Jimin-ah. I don’t mind you taking tomorrow off. I know you have a lot on your plate. I’m still not sure how you find the energy to do it all. It’s completely fine to take some time for yourself every once in awhile.” Jin looks like he’s speaking from experience.

“Thanks, hyung, but I’m fine, really,” Jimin says smiling gratefully at Jin who seems to finally accept this with a nod before going back to what he was doing.

Jimin doesn’t need time. He had enough of that in his dream. He realizes just because he saw something in a dream doesn’t mean everything is meant to be that way, but if nothing else it shows him that there are possibilities out there that could probably make him happier than he is now. He doesn’t have to settle for less, but one thing is for sure: good things aren’t going to just come to him because he saw it in a dream. He has to actively strive to make himself happy. He’s been offered a wake up call in the form of a dream if nothing else.

And while he might not be able to make any advancements in his relationship with Yoongi, he’s not going to let everything he saw go to waste. He’s just not really sure where to start until he turns to see Jungkook frowning at his phone and he remembers the fond look that he always gave Tae in his dream. The hearts in his eyes had been hard to miss. Tae’s feelings for Jungkook had also been obvious in his weird playful flirting and in his actions.

He’s not sure how to go about setting them up though. Jimin’s never set anyone up before, let alone people who pretend--well, maybe pretend--to dislike each other, but in order for anything to happen they have to be in proximity right? And maybe in a different context then while he and Jungkook are at work and Tae comes to visit.

“Hey, Jungkook-ah, what are you doing on Saturday?” Saturday’s are pretty much Jimin’s only free day of the week. He doesn’t have practice or work. They’re usually devoted to schoolwork and marathoning anime with Tae, but he’s willing to make some sacrifices to get his plan or lack thereof in motion.

“Gym and homework, probably.”

“Like the university gym? Why?” Jimin’s never heard Jungkook say anything about going to the gym.

“Yeah, to work out, hyung, why else does anyone go to the gym?” Jungkook sasses and Jimin wonders if setting him up with Tae is even a good idea.

“Oh, I just didn’t know you were into that. You’ve never mentioned it,” Jimin says dumbly. It’s not like he’d ever cross paths with Jungkook at the gym unless he went at ass o’clock in the morning when Jimin is required to for gymnastics.

“I mean, I started going regularly like a month ago. It’s nice, a good stress relief and it’s paying off, I guess.” Jungkook seems shy about saying this for some reason. Jimin wonders if this is how Jungkook managed to get so muscled in his dream. Hell, he loves Tae, but he can imagine one would need a hefty amount of stress relief to be in a romantic relationship with him. Tae’s really not the type to do things by halves, he goes all in. Jimin knows he has a history of being really clingy with his past boyfriends.

“That’s cool. What time do you go?” Jimin tries to sound casual as he asks.

“I mean, I usually go in the mornings around 10. Why?” Jungkook looks a little suspicious and Jimin racks his brain for an excuse.

“No reason, I’ve just never seen you around before. Thought you could spot me or something.” Jungkook doesn’t seem to believe him so Jimin’s glad when more customers walk in and they have to serve them.


Jimin makes it through another day of practice, class, and work before he sets up an appointment with an advisor for tomorrow. He discusses it with Tae as he’s doing it through the website.

“Change your major? Why? But, Jiminie, I thought you liked your nutrition track,” Tae says and he looks surprised. Maybe it’s dumb to base a decision that could seriously impact his future on a dream that he had, but Jimin really can’t let this go. He’s intent on bettering himself and doing things that he enjoys and he seriously thinks that a degree in psychology will help him achieve that even if it means having to stay an extra semester or two to finish his degree.

“I think I’ll like psychology more, Taetae.” Really, Jimin is convinced. Even if he ends up not wanting to be a psychologist, at least he thinks it’ll be more interesting and rewarding than nutrition.

“Well, if you’re sure Jiminie, it just seems kind of sudden. I mean you’re a junior and you’ve never mentioned it.” Tae looks at his face and quickly assumes his position as supportive best friend. “But of course, if that’s what you want then I’m happy for you.”

Jimin smiles at him.

By the time Saturday comes around, Jimin is exhausted from the meet the night before and the existential turmoil he’s been through over the course of the week. Still, he tries to coax Tae out of bed around 9am which is kind of unheard of on a Saturday.

“Jimbo, why?” Tae whines when Jimin pokes at him.

“I need your help.” Tae opens his eyes and squints at Jimin, taking in his usual gym attire.

“With what?”

“I need you to come spot me at the gym.”

“Jiminie, don’t you get enough of that at practice. Wasn’t your score last night a personal best? Why do you have to go now? I don’t like the gym, the machines are sweaty and it smells gross,” Tae groans and turns over in his bed like he’s about to go back to sleep. Jimin pulls at his shoulder to make him face him again.

“Please, Taetae,” Jimin begs. “You don’t even have to work out if you don’t want to, just come spot me.”

Tae finally relents before getting up to change into gym appropriate clothing. “I’m not just going to sit there and watch you get sweaty. That’s dumb.”

“Working out is good for you, Tae. It’s good to sweat a little bit.” Tae glares at him and Jimin can only hope he gets in a better mood when he gets there.

When they get there, Jimin starts off on the treadmill for his warm up. “Didn’t the walk over here count as a warm up?” Tae asks as he follows suit. Jimin laughs at his friend.

He starts at a leisurely pace and slowly increases the speed as he gets into it. Tae struggles to keep up, panting loudly, and clearly out of shape which doesn’t surprise Jimin in the slightest considering he never takes advantage of the university gym. It’s almost funny until Tae increases the speed a bit too ambitiously and trips on the treadmill. Jimin quickly hops off his treadmill to turn off Tae’s.

“Fuck, Tae, are you alright?” Jimin asks concernedly as his friend stares up at the ceiling. Tae’s pants seems to have protected his legs from the brush burn that usually accompanies tripping on the treadmill.

“This workout has almost killed me, Jiminie. I saw my life flash before my eyes,” Tae says dramatically and Jimin bites back a laugh and politely doesn’t tell Tae that it was only their warm up.

They go into the room with the machines and Jimin spots Jungkook. He has earphones in and is clearly there to do his routine and get out. He’s squatting with a barbell with more weight on it than Jimin would expect from him--that is, until he sees his legs flex. Jimin thinks he might have underestimated Jungkook a little bit. The month in the gym seems to have done him a lot of favors. Jimin looks away from him in case Tae catches him looking over and realizes his plan.

Jimin runs through some arm exercises with the free weights in front of the mirrored wall. Tae seems content to just sit by him and complain about how their 10 minute warm up run almost killed him and how he can’t be expected to come back here after he was humiliated like that. Jimin just nods along until Tae stops. He looks over at Tae who is staring into the reflection of the mirror at a guy who’s wiping the sweat from his face with the hem of his white t-shirt to reveal abs that Jimin could not have anticipated. Tae is almost drooling until the guy puts his shirt down and he sees it’s Jungkook. Jimin coughs.

“See something you like?” Jimin teases.

“What? No, I--I just didn’t know the cute rabbit had like--muscles,” Tae says distractedly as his face flushes.

“Cute?” Jimin knows Tae has called Jungkook a rabbit because of his teeth and the way he eats. That had started in one of the roasting sessions of Jeon Jungkook Tae has by himself in the comfort of their dorm when Jimin is trying to study. He half tunes them out usually, but that detail seemed to repeat so it sticks out in his mind.

“No, I meant like rabbits are cute. I didn’t mean Kookie was cute...cause he’s not. Kookie is a jerk,” Tae says defensively. Jimin sighs.

“Yeah, yeah, just come spot me.” He puts weights on the barbell at the bench press and lies down on it before waiting for Tae to stand behind the bar so he can spot him. He lifts the weight off the rack.

“I mean, why does he even work out like that? It’s not like he even plays a sport, right? What’s the point? Obviously as a history major he must have a lot of time on his hands,” Tae rants and Jimin is concentrated on what he’s doing, but he gets the feeling that Tae is still watching Jungkook.

“Tae, don’t be mean,” Jimin grunts through another rep.

“Ok, fine, but like it’s not fair. He already he looks, he doesn’t need to add another layer of ‘I’m better than you in every way.’”

“He doesn’t even think like that, Taetae.” Jimin has lost count of how many reps he’s done and realizes he must of miscounted when his arms go all wobbly and start to give out before he can rerack the barbell. Tae seems to be too caught up in watching Jeon Jungkook to notice the bar fall onto his chest. Fortunately, it happens to be the moment Jungkook looks over at them.

“Fuck, hyung, are you okay? You guys should be more careful. You could have gotten seriously hurt,” Jungkook says after running over and lifting the bar off his chest with ease.

Jimin just nods and turns to Tae who at least has the grace to look a little apologetic.

“I haven’t seen you guys around here before,” Jungkook says when he looks over at Tae.

“What? We work out here all the time, Kookie. I never skip leg day,” Tae says and Jimin has to hold back his laughter at his blatant lie that’s purely just to show off in front of Jungkook.

“Oh, okay,” Jungkook says and he doesn’t look skeptical at all which makes Jimin want to protect him. They watch as Tae saunters over to the leg press machine and adds more weight to it--struggling to even lift the weight plates off their holder which is Jimin’s first indication that it’s too much for him. He sits down at the machine and at least looks to be in the right position before he unlocks the machine and promptly gets folded as he’s crushed by the weight.

“Wait, hold on, you’ll hurt your knees if you bend them all the way like that,” Jungkook calls before running over to rescue Tae from his shame. He pushes the weight off Tae’s body with his arms, a feat that even Jimin is impressed by. Jimin watches as Tae thirstily stares at Jungkook’s biceps. Oh my God, this is great, Jimin thinks observing his disaster of a best friend from where he’s still recovering on the bench press.

He watches as Jungkook and Tae chat about something which ends in Jungkook pulling out his phone and giving it to Tae to, Jimin assumes, put his number in. Jungkook goes back to his routine and Tae comes back over scowling at Jimin’s amused face.

“What just happened?” Jimin asks.

Tae clears his throat, “you mean before or after you let me make a fool of myself? He offered to train me a bit and help me come up with my own routine. He’s just so smug. I don’t get it.”

Smug is probably the last thing he would describe Jungkook as so he’s not sure what Tae’s on about, but he guesses this is progress. Jungkook and Tae together in the dream seems to have at least a little merit. Jimin hardly even had to do anything.

Jimin spends the rest of his Saturday doing school work. Even if he changed his major, he still has to finish out the semester well so he can stay on the gymnastics team. When that’s all done he somehow convinces Tae to go with him to get his hair dyed. He likes the orange, but he’s eager for the change. It’s kind of symbolic in a way. New hair, new Jimin. He thinks about the pink he had in the dream, but he’s more curious about the silver he had on his lockscreen. He always wanted to try silver hair, but he wasn’t sure if he could pull it off.

He likes it and he’s glad he did it even though he was in the chair for hours and it costed him more money than he’d like to disclose. Not to mention it’ll probably be harder to keep up than the orange. Still, he’s glad he went for it.

“Looks good, Jiminie,” Tae says when he sees the final result.

He sees Namjoon-hyung for the first time since the dream on the following Tuesday at work. It’s probably the longest Jimin has gone without seeing him in a while.

“Hey, hyung, what’s up? Haven’t seen you around in a bit.” Jimin asks him when Namjoon sits down at the bar.

“Hey, Jimin-ah, yeah, I’ve been writing, you know? Kind of lost track of the days there. How have you been doing? I heard the past couple of weeks have been busy for you. Jin-hyung said you had a quarter life crisis and your change in hair color is making me believe him.”

“Yeah, I’ve been okay. I changed my major.”

“So I heard from Tae-yah, psychology, right? I think it suits you. I’m sure you’ll do well in it,” Namjoon says and Jimin is both relieved and comforted by his supportive words. He didn’t even know he placed so much importance on Namjoon’s acceptance.

“Thanks,” Jimin smiles at him. “So are you writing a book then or more poetry?” Jimin is used to hearing Namjoon’s profound words in the form of his poetry which he’s always taken a liking to despite not having the biggest interest in poetry.

“No, it’s prose, a book. I’m not sure it’s any good. How’d you know? Did Jin-hyung tell you?”

“Just a feeling, I guess,” Jimin says and there’s another detail that seems to align with his dream. Jimin feels a pang of sadness for the details that won’t ever present themselves in real life like Hoseok or a relationship with Yoongi. “You should keep at it, hyung, I’m sure the book will be great.”

“Eh,” Namjoon says modestly.

“No, really, you should look into publishing it when you’re done. You’re a great writer, hyung, so you should put yourself out there and stop being modest.”

“Thanks, Jimin-ah.” Namjoon smiles with his dimples on full display, seemingly pleased. “Oi, Kook-ah, aren’t you even going to greet your hyung? What are you doing on that phone that’s making you smile like an idiot?”

Jimin turns to see Jungkook blink up from his phone with a smile sliding off his face. “Nothing, hyung!”

“Are you texting Tae?”

“What? No, hyung, I--yes,” Jungkook admits sheepishly. Jimin can’t help the wicked grin that spreads over his face. He’s starting not to doubt that the scone, which he still refuses to eat, is at least a little bit magic. It has to be in order to get that detail right.


It takes a few weeks for Tae to stop complaining about Jungkook. At first he would come home from their gym dates and complain about ‘satan Kookie’ and how sore he was. Then the complaints about the soreness stopped, which Jimin assumes is because Tae stopped doing the exercises, but the complaints about ‘stupid, perfect Jeon’ continued. Next thing Jimin knows, the gym dates are happening every night and lasting longer every day. Jimin doesn’t know if they still spend their time together in the gym or if they’ve leveled up to dating elsewhere, but he’s not sure he wants to know all the gory details.

This means that instead of spending time with Tae watching anime after he finishes his schoolwork, Jimin finds himself alone in the room and bored. No show is the same without Tae’s commentary. He has other friends besides Tae, but no one really he’d want to bother on a weekday night. This is how he finds himself scoping out the gym at night. There’s a yoga class that’s free to students on Wednesday nights and so he signs up. It’s not that he doesn’t get enough physical activity in his day, but he figures the yoga class is better and more chill than the high intensity kickboxing class that’s offered. He’s never done yoga, but he’s pretty flexible and willing to at least give it a try.

It’s the shocker of a lifetime when he walks in with his newly purchased yoga mat and sees the instructor is Hoseok-hyung, albeit with dark hair, but still definitely him. Jimin disguises his noise of surprise as a cough. There’s only about 10 people in the class so a lot of people turn to look at him. Hoseok smiles up at him.

The class is harder than Jimin anticipates. He’s not used to focusing on his breathing so much and holding positions for that long, even if they are mostly beginner positions or positions Hoseok shows how to modify into beginner positions. He sweats more than he thought he would. He still likes it though.

When the class is over people are drinking water and just hanging about, but Jimin is lying on his mat contemplating a nap. Hoseok comes over.

“You doing alright?” He laughs and Jimin sits up.

“Yeah, it was a nice class. I wasn’t sure what to expect.”

“Oh, thanks, was it your first yoga class? I’m glad you came. You’re amazingly flexible,” Hoseok says and Jimin nods. “Hey wait, you’re Park Jimin, right? I’ve been to a few of your gym meets. You’re really good. I guess that explains the flexibility. Are you shooting for the Olympics?”

“Thanks, and nah, it’s just a hobby. It’s not serious. It’s really good to meet you actually,” Jimin says and it’s probably a bit creepy how sincere he sounds. It might even sound a little bit like he’s coming onto him, but Hoseok-hyung takes it in stride with a blinding smile.

“Yeah, of course, here, why don’t you give me your number and we can hang out sometime? My friends aren’t that into physical activity and it’d be nice to have friends who are athletes.” Hoseok laughs as he hands Jimin his phone to put in his number.


And thus, Hoseok-hyung gets taken into the fold. He visits Jimin at work where he meets Jungkook, Tae, Jin, and Namjoon. He gets their seal of approval. Jin seems to be okay with him hanging around without ordering anything after he praises the scone--the very same scone that Jimin is now convinced is magic and is still managing to forgo eating with weaker and weaker excuses.

Jimin starts attending Hoseok’s class regularly and when Tae and Jungkook are busy doing what they do, they hang out. This means that they see each other pretty much everyday. It’s probably his most rapidly evolving friendship since Jimin met Tae in the ninth grade. They study together on the first floor of the library and go for night runs together to relieve the stress from schoolwork. Jimin is feeling the stress a lot with having to finish his courses even if they won’t apply to his degree at all starting next semester, and Hoseok seems to have a full course load as a kinesiology senior.

Jimin can’t even pretend to be shocked when he finds out that Hoseok wants to be a physical therapist. He just laughs and shakes his head when Hoseok questions him about it. It turns out that Hoseok is quite a bit more social than he is, if the amount of parties he invites him to over the weekends are anything to go by. He knows a lot of people and Jimin just doesn’t so he usually makes up a lame excuse to get out of going. Jimin can count on one hand how many times he’s gone out during his entire college experience and that had mostly been with his team to celebrate winning.


The excuses work for a few weeks, especially when he’s out of town for away gym meets on Friday and has to use his Saturday for recovery from travel. He has a bye week this Friday and Hoseok-hyung obviously knows this.

“Jimin-ah, please!” he begs. “I won’t let anything bad happen! I’ll make sure you have fun and we don’t even have to stay that long. I just want to see you let loose a little bit.”

“Fine, but we have to leave if I say I want to go and I get to invite Tae and Jungkook.”

“Okay, but you have to come over before the party, so I get to dress you,” Hoseok says wiggling his fingers together maniacally in a way that gives Jimin deja vu.

“Hyung, I can dress myself,” Jimin complains halfheartedly. Hoseok seems really excited though and he doesn’t want to actually burst his bubble so he lets it go.

On the night of the party, Jimin texts Hoseok-hyung that he’s on his way and follows his instructions in riding the bus to his apartment off campus. He’s dressed in what he thinks is party attire in hope that it dissuades Hoseok from wanting to dress him.

Hoseok lets him in with a smile and an offer of a mixed drink already in hand. Jimin accepts it and foresees a long night ahead of him as he steps into the apartment.

“Wait you ate already, right?” Hoseok asks as an afterthought. Jimin nods considering it’s like 9pm. “Good, drinking on an empty stomach is no good. Don’t worry I didn’t forget that I’m dressing you. I laid out the outfit on my bed.” Hoseok vaguely points in a direction.

Jimin just stands there and drinks his--foul--drink in the kitchen, unsure if he’s supposed to be trying to find Hoseok’s room.

“Right, you don’t know where it is. I’ll show you. Hold on,” Hoseok says before yelling, “Hyung, do you still want me to make you a drink?” Jimin is slightly alarmed at the abrupt change in volume. “Roommate,” Hoseok explains simply.

“Not if you have company now. I didn’t want one of your disgusting creations, I just didn’t want you to be a loser who drinks alone,” a voice calls back and Jimin suddenly has to grab hold of the kitchen counter because it’s a voice he’d never thought he would hear again. The timbre of his voice is exactly how he remembers it in his dream which is strange because even before his dream he didn’t have the largest sample size of it. Jimin swears the next time he sees Jin-hyung he’s asking him what the hell he puts in those scones.

“But hyung, you drink alone all the time,” Hoseok calls.

“Exactly,” the voice yells back and Jimin snorts.

“Come meet Jimin-ah! You need to see his before look so you can properly assess my work when I finish dressing him.”

Jimin freezes. Even though he’s been wanting to see Yoongi-hyung and kicking himself for ever letting Tae throw his number away, he’s still mentally unprepared to see him again. What if he’s mad at him for never contacting him? What if he’s nothing like the sweet dream version of himself? Jimin kind of scraps that thought after remembering how similar Hoseok is to his dream self.

“Jimin-ah, this is--”

“Yoongi,” Jimin can’t help but say when he walks into the room. His mind catalogues the small differences in his face now and in 8 years as he stares at the older man. Jimin takes comfort in the way that Yoongi seems to be staring back at him. The mint shade of his hair seems to have faded a lot. His hair is so light that it almost reminds him of how it looked in the Agust D music video he watched.

“Wait, you two know each other? How?” Hoseok asks at the same time as Yoongi says, “you dyed your hair.”

“Yeah,” Jimin says in response to Yoongi’s spoken observation. He kind of forgets Hoseok spoke or is even in the room because Yoongi is here. This is Jimin’s chance. He’s not sure fate will forgive him if he somehow messes this up.

“I like it,” Yoongi says with a smile and Jimin feels himself getting flustered under Yoongi’s gaze. Fuck, he didn’t think seeing Yoongi again would feel like this. He didn’t think it was possible to crave attention and affection from someone so badly. He has to look away after a while and then he remembers Hoseok.

“I had orange hair when we met,” he explains.

“Oh my God, Jimin-ah is the orange haired angel?” Hoseok asks and Jimin flushes at the description. He remembers when Yoongi had called him Angel in the dream when he pulled him close before they got horizontal. And this is probably not the time to be thinking about it.




Yoongi is kind of embarrassed when he sees that the Jimin Hoseok has been talking about nonstop is the same Jimin from the cafe who never called him. Not that there’s any hard feelings. He’s really not offended that he never tried to call him. Yoongi is old enough to understand that not everyone is going to like him. He doesn’t think he’s the most conventionally attractive guy and the note that he left had been particularly lame. He’s kept busy with work, anyway, so he hasn’t had a lot of time to dwell on it too much.

He swears to himself that it’s still better that he left his number. Yoongi doesn’t want to live his life with regrets just because some fear of rejection, especially when it comes to something as simple as leaving his number. He does, however, wish Hoseok would shut the fuck up, which of course is why his roommate continues.

“Wow, Jimin-ah, you never called. That’s heartless.” He says it jokingly and Yoongi can see Jimin’s flushed face get even darker. He’s still so cute, but Yoongi tries not to think about that too much. He hopes Hoseok isn’t embarrassing him too much. Yoongi doesn’t want to make him uncomfortable and the poor kid will probably never want to come back here.

“I wanted to,” Jimin is suddenly saying, biting his lip. Yoongi wonders for a second if he’s just saying it to get out of an awkward situation or out of pity, but he actually sounds sincere. His eyes widen a little bit and Yoongi is overcome with the urge to kiss at the apples of his flushed cheeks. He doesn’t act on it, obviously, even if Jimin had wanted to call him that doesn’t mean that it’d be appreciated. “My roommate threw away the napkin and so I actually lost your number. It works better if you just put it in here.” Jimin hands Yoongi his phone.

Yoongi snorts at the wallpaper of the phone. “G-dragon fan?” He’d make a joke about not wanting to give Jimin his number now that he’s seen GD on his phone, but he doesn’t think they’re there yet and he doesn’t want him to take it wrong.

“My coworker put that there! I just never got around to changing it…” Jimin groans like he’s just remembering his wallpaper and is seriously embarrassed. His small hands come up to cover his face.

“It’s okay. I’m just teasing you,” Yoongi smiles at him before putting in his number. “Is it alright if I text myself so I have yours?” He doesn’t want to assume anything. For all he knows, Jimin could just be being polite.

“Of course, hyung!” Jimin says and it’s more familiar than Yoongi thought they were, but he finds that he doesn’t mind Jimin calling him hyung. He texts himself and hears his phone go off in the other room. He smiles at Jimin before handing him back his phone.

“Okay, not to ruin this moment or anything, but I think it’s gone on long enough. Jimin-ah, go change into the clothes on my bed,” Hoseok says and he allows Jimin to put his drink down on the counter before he pulls Jimin out of the room to lead the way to his room. He comes back shortly.

“Hyung, what the hell was that?” Hoseok whispers. “My sweet little Jimin-ah?! How could you? You have no game.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes at his roommate. He won’t kill him while Jimin is here. That’ll have to wait for when they’re alone. He’s already plotting.

“You know, hyung. I can really see it working out. Jimin-ah seems a little vanilla for you, but I could see him being a freak when he wants to be. You know he’s a gymnast so he’s really flexible.” Hoseok wiggles his eyebrows at him and Yoongi picks up a mostly empty water bottle on the counter to throw at his head. “Ouch, hyung, watch my moneymaker.”

“Hyung! There’s no way this is going to fit!” Jimin calls from Hoseok’s room and Yoongi’s eyes widen at Hoseok. Oh my God, what is he trying to get Jimin to wear?

“Don’t worry, you’ll thank me later,” Hoseok whispers before calling, “sure they will! Just suck it in, sister!”

“I can’t suck in my thighs! They’re bigger than yours, hyung!” Jimin yells. Yoongi thinks he should maybe go hide in his room again. He turns to leave the room, but Hoseok stops him.

“Oh no, you don't! Park Jimin’s thighs could probably destroy you. That’s why you have to be here to witness this.”

“I--I really think I should find somewhere else to be.” He has work to do. He could probably go to the cafe now that he knows Jimin isn’t there and do work.

“Hyung, I look like I’ve been vacuumed into these pants,” Jimin comes into the room. Yoongi tries not to stare at the tight, black plastic looking material clinging to every muscled crevice of Jimin’s legs. He’s never seen Hoseok with these pants and he wonders where the hell he pulled these from.

“No, Jimin-ah, you look hot! Hyung, tell him he looks hot!” Hoseok says glaring at Yoongi. Yoongi decides that fire has to be involved in his plot for homicide. He does the quickest once over for Jimin so it doesn’t look like he’s talking out of his ass before gluing his eyes to his face, absolutely not looking down.

“Yeah, you look great. I’m going to head out, actually, Hoseok-ah. You guys have fun at your party.” Yoongi looks away from Jimin as he says it. He makes the quickest escape to his room to throw on more clothes and grab his stuff. He’s out of the door in a matter of minutes.




“Jimin-ah!” Hoseok laughs. “Did you see that? I’ve never seen hyung so flustered! You have to tell me everything about how that happened!”

Jimin has time. Jungkook and Tae aren’t supposed to be meeting them at the party till 11 so he sits and tells Hoseok-hyung everything. He tells him about the dream, well, minus the really explicit parts, after making him promise not to say anything to Yoongi.

“Jimin-ah, that’s really weird, but I seriously doubt it was the scone. I’ve eaten a bunch of them and never had any weird future telling dreams. You shouldn’t deprive yourself of them. They’re seriously so good. But hey, maybe you’re a little bit psychic!”

Jimin snorts. “What if you have to share them with your like...soulmate to unleash their powers?”

Now Hoseok laughs. “Soulmate? You don’t really believe that, do you? Besides, ‘South Korea’s bad boy rapper, Agust D’? I mean I know he raps and writes music, but he’s never even let me hear his original stuff. That’s hilarious. You know hyung is a professor right?”

“What?” Jimin asks. He thought he was a student. I mean, he’s so young. Jimin bites his lip.

“Yeah, he teaches a music production class to seniors. It’s a small thing. He started as soon as he graduated and so he’s only been at it for a couple of years. We were roommates when he was still a student, too. Really, don’t get all twisted up about it, Jimin-ah. It’s not against the rules for you two to get down if you aren’t even in his class.”

Jimin flushes. “But...Hyung!”

Hoseok honks a laugh.

The party isn’t nearly as bad as he thought it’d be even if he does have to watch Jungkook and Tae hook up with his own two eyes.

Chapter Text

Jimin goes to work the day after the party. He’s not hungover or anything, so it’s really like any other Sunday at work except now Jimin has Yoongi’s number. He’s still trying to wrap his head around it and try to figure out what to say. Should he call him? Should he text him? He hasn’t mentioned it to anyone, and he doesn’t know how Tae will react if he suddenly wants to contact Yoongi after he was adamant about not wanting his number before. However, Hoseok-hyung doesn’t let Jimin keep quiet about it long when he comes to visit during the middle of Jimin’s shift.

“So, when are you going to call Yoongi-hyung?” he asks. He’s sitting next to both Namjoon-hyung and Tae. Really it’s getting kind of crowded at the counter, and Jin-hyung should probably kick them out.

Jimin just widens his eyes at Hoseok for letting the cat out of the bag. Hoseok doesn’t even look the least bit apologetic.

“Who’s Yoongi?” Namjoon-hyung asks. Tae is looking at Jimin expectantly like he’s waiting for him to explain and even Jungkook looks confused.

“Yoongi-hyung is my roommate who Jimin-ah totally has a crush on! They met here at the cafe. Yoongi-hyung bought him a magical scone,” Hoseok explains. Namjoon just nods like he accepts the information.

“Wait, Mint Yoongi? The one who left his number?” Jungkook asks and Jimin nods. Tae still hasn’t said anything and it’s making Jimin kind of nervous. He knows Tae is protective of him since the whole Seung-gi ordeal.

“Jiminie, I thought you said you didn’t want to contact him,” Tae says like he really wishes he wouldn’t.

“Yeah, but...I changed my mind. He seems nice, Taetae.” Jimin hasn’t told Tae about the whole dream thing. He’s not sure how he would take it or if it would upset the progress he’s made with Jungkook.

“I can vouch for him. I mean, I’ve lived with him for the past 3 years. He’s a little prickly, but he’s a good guy, Tae-yah. Wouldn’t hurt a fly. I think he and our Jimin-ah would make a cute couple.”

“If he hurts Jiminie--” Tae starts, but Jimin stops him.

“He won’t. I know he won’t.” Jimin hopes Tae can just trust him on this. He doesn’t have anything to go on besides the dream and his instinct, neither of which will be solid reasoning for Tae.

“Fine, but I get to vet him before it becomes too serious,” Tae says and Jimin really had no doubt in his mind that he would. Tae must sense how badly Jimin wants this to work out.

Namjoon snorts at Tae’s serious expression, but Jimin just smiles. He’s happy that he doesn’t have to fight Tae on this.

“You guys are getting too ahead of yourselves. I haven’t even contacted him yet. I don’t even really know what to say.” Jimin blushes as he pulls out his phone to look at Yoongi’s number.

“Just text him: Hey Yoongi-hyung, let’s fuck,” Jungkook says and Jimin slaps at his arm for being so vulgar. Jungkook rubs at his arm and screws up his face in pain.

“Jiminie, don’t hit so hard! Are you okay, Kookie?” Tae asks concernedly and Jimin catches Namjoon’s eye to mouth ‘Kookie’ at him. Jungkook nods and smiles at Tae. Jimin makes a silent gagging motion to Namjoon and Hoseok as Jungkook and Tae coo at each other.

Hoseok laughs. “What about: Hey hyung, can we go eat and then fuck?”

Jimin would hit Hoseok-hyung, too, but he’s all the way across the counter. “I don’t trust any of you to help me, except maybe Namjoon-hyung.” Jimin turns to him hopefully. Namjoon-hyung is a romantic. Jin-hyung has said many times he’s written poetry for him, so Jimin is pretty sure he can help him come up with something good.

“Uh, just ask him if he’s free to get dinner sometime, but make it clear that you mean as a date and not just bros being bros,” Namjoon offers and Jimin gives up getting help from them. He can’t believe he was let down by a literal poet. Jin-hyung is probably the romantic in that relationship actually, but he’s in his office doing paperwork, so Jimin turns to Tae pleadingly.

“Dinner is nice. Just pick a night you’re free and ask if he wants to get dinner that night. Make sure you have an idea of where you want to go though because it’s not cute if you leave it up to him to decide.” Tae’s eyes narrow at Jungkook at this like he always makes him decide where to go. Jungkook looks sheepish.

“Hyung likes BBQ if that helps,” Hoseok offers and okay, Jimin’s good with that. He’d like to eat meat with Yoongi so he pulls out his phone and tries to channel his romantic side.


Heyyy, I was wondering if you were maybe free to get dinner with me on Tuesday night. If not, that’s totally okay. I just thought I’d ask. ^.^


He’ll give more details if Yoongi agrees. Jimin sends it before he can give himself a chance to overthink it. He cringes when he rereads it. Maybe he didn’t exactly nail romance, and maybe the sentences after the first were unnecessary, and actually, that emoticon looks really stupid when he looks at it again. He probably made himself look so immature to Professor Min. God, this is way easier to mess up than when they were already married and he just had to play along.

“That bad?” Namjoon speaks up first. Jimin looks up from his phone to see they’re all watching him.

“I don’t know. I guess we’ll see if he agrees.” Jimin shrugs. He did his part and, while he probably won’t give up all the way if Yoongi says no to dinner, there isn’t much he can do now but wait.

“I’m sure he’ll agree, Jimin-ah, especially after seeing you in those pants,” Hoseok comforts him with a grin. Jimin groans at the memory. And he’d accidentally called Yoongi ‘hyung’ when saying it was alright for him to text himself with his phone. Jimin blushes.

Just then a group of girls walk in to order and Hoseok and Tae leave together so they aren’t in the way. After they serve the girls, Jimin and Namjoon round on Jungkook.

“‘Are you okay, Kookie?’” Namjoon imitates Tae in a falsetto that is absolutely nothing like Tae’s deep voice with a hand to his own chest in mock shock. Jungkook rolls his eyes.

“So do you like being called Kookie now? I’m asking for a friend,” Jimin teases.

“Shut up, hyungs!” Jungkook says and Namjoon makes the sound of a whip cracking. Jimin laughs until he hears his text tone go off with Yoongi’s response. He only hesitates a little before he pulls out his phone.


Min Y.: Yes, Tuesday night works. Did you have a place in mind or do you want to get BBQ?


Jimin smiles up at Jungkook and may or may not do a celebratory dance. Jungkook just rolls his eyes at his coworker.


BBQ sounds good. :)


“I take it he said yes, Jimin-ah?” Namjoon asks as Jin comes in from the back.

“Who said yes? What’s going on?” Jin-hyung asks his boyfriend. He walks in front of the counter to hug Namjoon’s back and give him a peck on the cheek in greeting. Namjoon-hyung smiles at the gesture. Jimin sighs happily at the exchange. Jin-hyung is definitely the romantic of the two.

“Jimin-ah asked Hoseok-hyung’s roommate out and he was smiling at his phone like he texted back a yes,” Namjoon explains.

“You asked him over text, Jimin-ah? That’s not very romantic,” Jin-hyung tuts and Jimin deflates a little. Maybe romance and him just weren’t meant to mix, like oil and water. His phone goes off again.


Min Y.: Okay, you live on campus right? I can pick you up. Is 7 okay?


Jimin thinks that even though he’d been the one to ask Yoongi out, this is rapidly evolving into Yoongi’s date with the way he seems to be taking control. He’s not mad about it though. Actually he might even like Yoongi taking the lead. It certainly seemed like that was what usually happened in the dream, in more ways than one. Jimin flushes at the thought. He texts back an affirmative and his information. He’s got a date with Min Yoongi. He grins at Jin-hyung.

“Kids these days,” Jin sighs.

Jimin gets off work at 6 on Monday night. and it’s like just because he’s starting to feel a little nervous about his date with Yoongi tomorrow and wants to distract himself by hanging out with someone, everyone seems to be busy. Hoseok has a big test tomorrow and is staying in to study for it. Jungkook and Tae are doing whatever it is they do--Jimin still maintains that he doesn’t want to know the details. He would have hung around the cafe with Jin-hyung, but he’d been essentially kicked out for taking up space while it was so busy. The rain seemed to have pulled more people in than usual.

So he finds himself in his dorm room alone without much schoolwork to do for once. Jimin is just messing around on his computer. He’d already looked up ‘Agust D’ only to be redirected to Auguste Deter, who was apparently the first person to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, so he’s just scrolling through whatever.

He’s not even really sure how he ended up on the site he’s on, but there’s so many ads. Tae must have used his computer again because his Adblock is certainly turned off. There’s an ad for a site called ‘adam and steve’ and it’s covered in what Jimin can identify as sex toys even if he wouldn’t know what to do with most of the ones he can see in the ad. He doesn’t want to know what Tae was doing on his computer to have this pop up. Jimin bites at his lower lip and looks around to make sure he’s alone before he clicks on it.

He remembers the plugs he had in the dream and it makes him kind of curious. The website immediately boasts about discrete packaging and 10% off a first purchase. Jimin might be a little overwhelmed by everything he sees. A lot of it does not look like a fun time with how they’re shaped into the strangest conformations. He comes across a ‘trainer set’ of plugs and they look exactly like the ones he had in the dream and maybe this is a sign?

Next thing Jimin knows, he has the set, lube, toy cleaner, and a pink satin looking sac that promises a microbiostatic barrier for his toys all in his cart ready for checkout. He can’t believe he’s doing this. Is he really going to send sex toys to his school mailbox? There’s a small part of him that’s telling him to treat himself especially after all the risks he’s been taking lately. He’s been doing his very best to live his life right since the dream and to pat himself on the back he reaches for his wallet.


On the day of his date Jimin wakes up from his worst night of sleep ever. It’s kind of good in the way that his sleepiness distracts him from being too nervous. On the other hand, it also distracts him from being diligent in practice, class, or even at work.

“Jimin-ah, just go home and get ready for your date. Maybe take a 15 minute nap or something. You look dead,” Jin-hyung offers when it’s just after 5. Jimin still has another hour of his shift, but he accepts the offer gratefully.

“Thanks, hyung,” Jimin says as he takes off his apron and throws it at Jungkook who bats it away.

“Hyung, how come you never let me go early?”

“Jeon Jungkook, your boyfriend is in here almost every day. I don’t want to hear it. Jimin-ah, have fun, okay?”

“Yeah, hyung, don’t mess it up.”

“Thanks hyung,” Jimin says ignoring Jungkook before he’s out the door. He makes it all the way back to his dorm thinking about that nap until he gets back and realizes that Yoongi will be picking him up here in less than 2 hours. He’s too nervous to sleep at this point.

Jimin takes his time getting ready. He showers to get rid of the coffee smell of the cafe and changes into the outfit he picked out. It’s simple, just a black and white striped long sleeve shirt and tight black jeans, but he wants to be comfortable, and they aren’t going anywhere fancy. He just sits around on his bed and wonders if it would have been better to stay at work for his whole shift.

Yoongi texts him that he’s downstairs and Jimin tells him he’s coming down. He’s waiting for the elevator--what can he say he can be lazy sometimes--when he hears Tae coming up the stairs.

“Jiminie! That’s what you’re wearing?” Tae says when he sees him. Jimin feels all the confidence he had about his outfit leave him. The elevator opens and he steps inside while he pouts at Tae. “No, I didn’t mean it like that! You’re a star, Jiminie! I just meant it’s kind of col--” The elevator closes and takes him down to the ground floor. He’ll be okay. It hadn’t been that cold when he walked home from the cafe earlier.

As soon as he’s past the door that requires a keycard to open, he sees Yoongi sitting on a bench in the lobby. He has to do a double take because his hair is black and it makes him look more like the Yoongi he’d known in his dream.

“Hey,” he says standing when he sees Jimin.

“You dyed your hair.” Jimin curses his lack of brain to mouth filter sometimes. “I mean, hi, hello.”

Yoongi smiles at him and wow, Jimin’s not sure if he’s going to be able to maintain any semblance of composure tonight. His heart is beating so alarmingly fast.

“Yeah, Hoseok-ah said my roots coming in looked trashy and that I should look more presentable for our date. Do you like it?” Yoongi asks.

“I-uh, yeah,” Jimin responds and it comes out embarrassingly breathy. Yoongi doesn’t say anything or seem to notice anything, but Jimin has to subtly take a deep breath to calm his nerves. He can do this. Yoongi doesn’t think he’s a freak yet and he won’t make a fool of himself.

“I’m glad. Are you hungry? We should probably go.” Yoongi offers out a hand to Jimin and he takes it.

“Yeah, I’m starving.” Jimin lets himself be guided to Yoongi’s car which is nowhere near as nice as the one he had in his dream, but it still works and Yoongi still looks good driving it. Jimin doesn’t care that this Yoongi isn’t rich and famous, even if he has fond memories of his Rolex. Maybe it was the fact that he’d just been plopped right into it and he didn’t watch Yoongi’s fame and net worth grow, but it had made him slightly uncomfortable. With Yoongi now, it seems more comfortable--not all the way because Jimin still doesn’t know him very well, but it makes the playing field a bit more equal, Jimin thinks.

When they get to the restaurant, Jimin has calmed down a bit. Yoongi orders the most expensive bundle of foods that they might not even be able to finish after asking Jimin if he’s okay with it. Jimin just nods. This is a special occasion, he tells himself and it’s not like he won’t enjoy every bite even if his wallet will scream at him. Between the sex toys and this date, Jimin thinks the dream might just be making him acting more flush with money than he really is.

“So Hoseok-ah talks about you a lot,” Yoongi starts after they put some of the food on the grill.

“Oh no, please don’t believe anything he says, hyung,” Jimin says flushing.

“What? It’s nothing bad, Jimin-ah. Why, should I be worried?” Yoongi laughs at the face he pulls. “It’s okay, I’m teasing. You don’t have to be so embarrassed! I think it’s safe to say I’ve known Hoseok-ah long enough to know when he’s saying things for shock value. But, he tells me you’re a gymnast?”

“Oh,” Jimin runs a hand through his hair. “Yeah, since I was really little. I’m on the university team. I specialize in floor events mostly.”

“That’s really awesome. I know the teams really competitive. I hear about it all the time from my students, but I’ve never been to a meet to check it out for myself.”

“You should come to the one on Friday! Hoseok-hyung has been going to all the ones at home since we met. You could go with him. I mean, if you wanted to watch me compete--or well, watch the team compete.” Jimin quickly shoves a whole bunch of food in his mouth so he can get himself to shut up.

“I’d like that, to watch you compete, I mean.” Yoongi actually winks at him and Jimin drops his chopsticks on his plate so he can cover his face. “Was that too much? I’m sorry,” Yoongi laughs. “You’re cute.”

“No, it wasn’t. It was just so cheesy, hyung! I didn’t know you would be this cheesy.” Jimin doesn’t think Yoongi was this cheesy in the dream. He doesn’t dislike it though, even if it makes his cheeks hurt from smiling.

“Eh, I’m not usually. You’re just making me kind of nervous, Jimin-ah.” Huh? Jimin’s making him nervous? How?

“You make me nervous, too, in a good way,” Jimin admits and Yoongi smiles at him. “So, Hoseok-hyung says you teach a music production class?”

“I do. It’s nice. I like music and producing music and well, getting to teach people to be good at it is an added bonus. It’s not what I want to do forever, but it’s rewarding to see my efforts in someone else’s progress,” Yoongi says flipping some more meat on the grill. Jimin thinks it’s kind of like the reason he wants to be a psychologist.

“I think that’s admirable, hyung,” Jimin tells him and Yoongi looks shy like he’s embarrassed. Jimin bites his lip. He’s too curious not to ask. “So do you produce your own music then?”

“Er, yeah, I do.”

“Oh, that’s so cool! You should let me listen sometime, hyung.” Jimin smiles at him and Yoongi looks at him like he made a calculated error in admitting it.

“Uh, I don’t think--”

“I mean it’s only fair since you get to come see me compete. I should be able to hear your music,” Jimin says before Yoongi can shut it down. He didn’t expect him to agree considering he hasn’t even showed Hoseok his music, but Jimin is determined to worm his way into Yoongi’s life completely.

“I guess. I’ve never shown anyone my music before--I mean, not my personal songs.”

“It’s okay, I’m sure they’re great, hyung.” Jimin grins at him and continues eating his food.

When the bill comes, Yoongi takes it before Jimin can even look at it.

“Hyung, I asked you out, let me pay.”

“Jimin-ah, I’m your hyung. I’ve got it,” Yoongi says simply before handing his card to their waitress.

“Oh, thanks hyung,” Jimin says even though he’s upset with himself for letting Yoongi commandeer his entire date. He was supposed to be trying to be romantic. It’s why as they leave the restaurant Jimin grabs Yoongi’s hand and pulls him toward the park that’s nearby. “Let’s go for a walk in the park.”

“It’s cold out, Jimin-ah, are you sure?” Yoongi asks concernedly as he eyes his car parked on the street longingly. Yoongi is dressed warmly at least.

Jimin just nods. It’s a bit breezy, but Jimin is well adapted to the cold this far into winter. He pulls Yoongi along by his hand and congratulates himself on such a solid romantic plan. They walk and Jimin starts his mantra of ‘I’m not cold, I’m romantic’ over and over in his head. He’s only half listening to Yoongi speaking, but he’s enjoying the timbre of his voice.

That is, until Yoongi stops walking and pulls Jimin’s hand so he stumbles in front of him. Jimin thinks for a second that Yoongi is going to kiss him from the way that he’s staring down at his lips. Jimin stares at him with wide eyes until Yoongi rubs at his sides to warm him up.

“Jimin-ah, come on, let’s go, it’s cold. Don’t try to say it’s not. I’m cold and your lips are turning blue,” Yoongi says and then he’s once again leading Jimin all the way back to the car. Yeah, romance is not for him, Jimin thinks. Yoongi turns the heat on as high as it can go and makes Jimin put his hands in front of the vents until they warm up.

Jimin doesn’t even realize that they aren’t going back to his dorm until they’re outside the cafe. “Hyung, what are we doing here?”

“Warming up. Come on.” Yoongi gets out of the car and goes around to open his door when he hesitates. Jimin was starting to get sleepy from the car heater and doesn’t really want to move, but he goes with Yoongi in the cafe.

“Jimin-ah,” Namjoon-hyung calls from behind the counter with an apron on which is never a good sign. “You guys are out late. Don’t you have practice at the crack of dawn?” Namjoon gives him a suggestive look at their clasped hands that Jimin thinks--hopes-- is a joke. “Kim Namjoon,” he introduces himself to Yoongi.

“Min Yoongi.”

“Yeah, you know what? I just realized that I’ve definitely seen you around the music building before.” And of course Namjoon-hyung has taken a class in the music building because where hasn’t he taken a class? “Are you a music student?”

“No, actually, I’m a professor. I teach a music production class to seniors,” Yoongi explains and Jimin flushes at the scandalized look Namjoon gives him. Jimin guesses he probably should have mentioned that if only to get out of this awkward situation that he’s finding himself in right now. Luckily, Namjoon seems to come to his senses quickly.

“Oh no way, you’re Professor Min? I tried to get into your class, but they said it was for music majors only. That’s so cool that you’re dating our sweet little Jimin-ah.”

“Right, Namjoon-hyung, can you get us two hot chocolates?” Jimin tries not to sound as pained as he feels when he asks. He doesn’t want Namjoon touching the coffee maker if he can help it.

“Sure thing,” Namjoon says and taps his knuckles on the counter before setting about to getting their drinks. Jimin turns to Yoongi and wants to apologize for Namjoon, but Yoongi looks amused from the whole exchange so he doesn’t say anything.

Jimin pays for the drinks before Yoongi can say anything. He needs to at least win this portion of the date. They sit at a table as far away from Namjoon as they can manage so they can enjoy their hot chocolate in peace.

“I didn’t realize you had practice tomorrow, Jimin-ah. I wouldn’t have kept you out so late,” Yoongi says like it wasn’t Jimin who extended this whole date with his wannabe romantic walk in the park. Jimin doesn’t even think it’s that late until he looks at his phone and sees it’s almost 11pm which means the cafe is about to close. He guesses that explains why there’s only a few people left here studying.

“It’s fine, hyung. I’m having fun, aren’t you?” Jimin smiles at him.

“Of course I am. We’ll have to do this again sometime.” Yoongi smiles back at him.

When Yoongi drives him back to his dorm, he walks him to the door of the lobby and kisses him on the cheek before he says goodnight. Jimin thinks it’s the best date he’s ever had even if he did almost get hypothermia.

Jimin does his best at practice in order to try to make up for yesterday even though he’s almost just as tired after being out and about all night. He wants to do well on his upcoming meet especially since Yoongi is going to be there. Jimin daydreams about Yoongi and last night in all of his classes. He wonders if he’d anticipate spending time with him this much if he never had his dream.


“There he is! He was getting all cozy with the professor here last night,” Namjoon is saying to Hoseok and Jungkook when Jimin walks in for his shift with Tae in tow.

“Jimin-ah! I need details, Yoongi-hyung wouldn’t tell me anything,” Hoseok whines.

“Professor?” Tae asks confusedly.

“Apparently Min Yoongi is a music professor even though he’s only 23. Don’t worry, I asked, too,” Jungkook explains quickly and Jimin’s glad since Tae is less likely to turn into a bomb if Jungkook is the one to diffuse the situation. Jimin hopes Tae and Yoongi can get along. He thinks that if they both come to his meet this Friday then Tae is likely to ease up a bit.

“We had dinner, we went for a walk and it was cold, so we came back here for hot chocolate. It was nice,” Jimin says simply.

“Just nice? There wasn’t anything exciting at the end?” Hoseok sounds disappointed.

Jimin tries to stop the smile that breaks out on his face, but there’s no use. “He kissed me on the cheek.”

“Hyung, on the cheek? Man, you got to put the moves on him if you want to keep him around. That’s almost friendzone material,” Jungkook says and Namjoon grimaces at him while Hoseok snorts. Tae just glares at him.

“I happen to think it’s sweet. Just because they don’t have sex on the first date doesn’t mean they aren’t into each other, Kookie.” Jimin’s glad that Tae is defending him even if it is because Jungkook can be a tool.

“It was just a joke, babe. I wasn’t being serious,” Jungkook pleads and Hoseok mimes cracking a whip as Namjoon makes the sound effects.


Jimin gets an email about getting a package after his shift and he almost forgets what it is until he remembers quickly with a jolt--his plugs. He tries to look nonchalant as he goes to the mailroom to sign for his discreet brown box after work.

Tae’s not in the room when he gets there. He’s been spending most nights with Jungkook so Jimin figures he’s safe in that aspect. He sends Hoseok a quick text to tell him he’s not going to make yoga tonight. He has to lie about being tired to get him off his back, but hopefully it will be worth it. Jimin makes himself do all his homework before he opens the box. Maybe it’s because he’s anticipating fucking himself with one of the plugs, but it takes him longer than usual to finish it all.

He’s just managed to rip the box open when the door crashes open and he can hear Tae’s giggle. Jimin throws his blanket over the box on autopilot.

“Whoa, hyung, sorry, you’re usually at yoga now,” Jungkook says when he stops kissing Tae long enough to see him.

“Do you two have sex in here when I’m at yoga?” Jimin asks and from the redness of Jungkook’s face, he’s going to go with the affirmative. Jimin groans. “At least tell me it’s never on my bed.”

“Well, Jiminie, you have that nice mattress pad…” Tae says, but Jimin can tell he’s joking. Even still, he’s grossed out. “What’s under the covers?” Tae narrows his eyes at the box under Jimin’s blanket.

“Er, uh, nothing,” Jimin says and it must be suspicious enough because Tae comes over and removes the blanket. He doesn’t even hesitate to see what’s in the box. He’s never really been good at privacy, but Jimin’s never really had anything to hide. Jimin knows his face is red when Tae pulls out the box of plugs.

“Whoa, Jiminie! Oh my God, did Yoongi buy these for you?” Tae asks and Jimin wants to bang his head against the wall. Jungkook is laughing hysterically even though Jimin totally just cockblocked him. Jimin almost wants to say yes, so that they don’t know he went online and ordered them of his own free will, but he knows that’s not fair to Yoongi who’s been a total gentleman. Besides, he’s not sure if that’ll make Tae like Yoongi less or more.

“No, Tae!” Jimin whines and Tae’s eyes widen.

“Oh, do you need us to go somewhere else for the night?” Tae asks and Jimin just shakes his head. He wrenches the plugs out of Tae’s hand and puts it in the box before he closes it back up and shoves it under his bed. He doesn’t think he’ll ever get around to using them. The shame will just be too much.


At the gym meet on Friday, Jimin performs his best he has all season even if the team does lose on their combined score. The team they competed against is one of the best in the nation even if Jimin’s team is really good. The crowd is the most lively Jimin’s heard it in a while especially considering the 6 people he has in the crowd cheering for him.


At the end of the meet, Jimin is crowded around his coach with his teammates to try and listen to what he’s saying. There’s still a lot of people in the bleachers and standing around so the gym is loud, and he can’t really hear what he’s saying. Really, why don’t they do this in the locker room? He can hear Jackson in his ear though.

“And just who were you showing off for? Making us all look bad.”

“No one, maybe I’m just better than you,” Jimin says still high from the fact his score was higher than his even though it’s usually the other way around. Jackson’s dead set on the Olympics and Jimin’s not usually jealous, but he won’t miss this opportunity to rub it in his face. They put their hands in and break apart, and Jimin thinks that’s that, but apparently Jackson isn’t ready to let it go. Jackson grabs a mostly frozen water bottle and tries to squeeze it down Jimin’s leotard. Jimin squawks when he realizes and tries to run away laughing at Jackson’s immaturity.

He sees Yoongi coming down from the bleachers mid conversation with Hoseok and Tae. Jimin makes a break for them, narrowly avoiding running into people on the way. He hides behind Yoongi, peaking from behind him to see that Jackson is still holding the water bottle threateningly.

“So this is who you were trying to impress, kid? I see,” Jackson says eyeing Yoongi up and down before his American boyfriend and teammate, Mark is calling him over. “Bye, Jimin-ah, nice going on that Olympic level score. Guess I’ll have to get you back later.” Jackson waves at them all. Six heads turn to look at Jimin.

“Can we go get ice cream?” Jimin asks hopefully, trying to be cute.

“Only if you shower first,” Jin-hyung says and Jimin counts that as a win.

“A little man stink never hurt anyone,” Tae says bounding over to hug a sweaty Jimin. Jungkook makes a disgusted face at him. “You did so well, Jiminie! I’m so proud!”

“You’re not coming near me again until you shower, too, Tae,” Jungkook says and Tae lets Jimin go to try and smooch Jungkook loudly on the cheek, but Jungkook squirms away from him.

“You were the best out of everyone, Jimin-ah. I’ll have to keep coming to watch you,” Yoongi praises him and Jimin flushes. He can’t bring himself to tell Yoongi that it’s usually not that way.

“Thanks hyung.”

Jimin goes to take the quickest shower of his life in the locker room and change into real clothes, but by the time he comes out everyone is gone but Yoongi.

“Where’d everyone go?” Jimin asks.

“They all seemed to somehow, magically find things to do,” Yoongi explains. “I thought I’d still take you if you still want ice cream.”

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to, hyung!” Jimin feels bad all his friends left him and forced the burden on Yoongi.

“No, no, Jimin-ah, I want to take you out. Let me?”

“Oh, okay,” Jimin says with a smile.



Jimin successfully worms his way into Yoongi’s life. It’s a little rough at first, Yoongi still has to make time for him and Jimin has to find patience deep within himself because even without the studio, Yoongi seems to lose track of time a lot. But pretty soon Yoongi slots right in like he was supposed to be there the whole time, like a key fits into a lock.

Yoongi doesn’t crowd the counter at work, for which Jin-hyung is thankful, but he does usually pick him up after work. Yoongi really only comes into the cafe when Namjoon-hyung is around. They’ve formed the strangest friendship and Jimin has learned not to question it. Even Tae has come around to liking Yoongi. Yoongi still refuses to tell Jimin what Tae had to say to him before that occurred. ‘I’m just glad you have friends who really care about you,’ is all he says when Jimin tries to bring it up.


After work, Jimin’s sitting on Yoongi’s couch cuddled up with him when he hears the door open.

“A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep,” Hoseok sings loudly to make his presence known. He has a habit of doing that, as if one day he’ll find them in a compromising position.

“We’re still not doing anything,” Yoongi calls. Jimin is used to the way they scream at each other throughout their apartment. “Why does he always sing that song?” Yoongi asks him offhandedly.

Jimin shrugs even though he knows exactly why. Ever since Yoongi and him have started going out, Hoseok-hyung hasn’t stopped making subtle allusions to Jimin’s psychic dream. He even comes into the cafe and taunts him about the magic scones that he still refuses to eat. Jimin would find it annoying if it didn’t make Hoseok look stupid in front of the others which, if nothing else, is kind of funny.

Yoongi pulls him off the couch and to his room. Jimin thinks for a second that they might actually make it past 1st base--Jimin quite likes 1st base, not so much when Hoseok walks in on them though--but then he figures he wouldn’t have waited until Hoseok was home to do that. He closes the door behind them though which he never does, so Jimin is starting to question if Yoongi even cares that Hoseok is here.

Jimin makes himself comfortable sprawled out on Yoongi’s bed and tries to look inviting, but Yoongi just walks over to his desk and turns on his computer. Jimin is a little offended.

“Hyung,” he whines and pats the bed next to him.

“Wait, Jimin-ah, I want to show you something.” Yoongi pulls up something and plugs in headphones. “Can you come here?”

And right, Yoongi has been coming to his gym meets to support him, but Jimin never did get to listen to his music. Yoongi lets him sit in the chair and places the headphones over his ears and presses play on the song called So far away.

The voice rapping is the same even if he isn’t rapping to ‘gi-give it to [him],’ but instead about something more serious. Jimin listens to the whole song and tries not to get emotional before he stands up and hugs Yoongi.

“I like it, hyung. You’re so talented,” Jimin says after he pulls away. And even if Yoongi never decides to publicly release it, Jimin is really proud of him.

Break approaches quickly and Jimin gets a phone call from his parents telling him that they’re going to visit his halmeoni in Japan while Jimin will be out of school for week. He’d usually visit them in Busan, but plane tickets to Japan, especially on such short notice, are just a bit too expensive for him to go with them. Jimin is gutted. He misses his family fiercely even if they do communicate regularly over the phone.  Even Yoongi seems to notice how upset he is because he offers to help pay.

“No, hyung, you don’t have to do that. It’ll be fine, just a little lonely over break with Tae and Jungkook gone. I already took off work. I guess my parents just didn’t realize what week break was.”

“So stay here,” Yoongi says simply. “Hoseok-ah is headed home for the week, too. I mean,” Jimin swears Yoongi turns a little pink here, “not that that matters. You can stay regardless.”

Jimin laughs. Of course it matters if Hoseok isn’t here. They’ll be alone in the apartment and that hardly ever happens unless Jimin decides to skip out on yoga, and even then they’ve never gotten around to do anything that involves the removal of clothes.

Jimin tries his best to act sexy and subtly brush up against Yoongi to get him going, but nothing really works. Most of the time he can feel how turned on Yoongi is, so he knows that Yoongi doesn’t find him unattractive, but Yoongi doesn’t touch him unless Jimin explicitly asks him to--which has only happened once in a fit of pure desperation--or Jimin initiates it first. And by the time Jimin works up the courage, and okay, gets worked up enough, to try to initiate anything under clothes, they’re interrupted in some way. Jimin loves both Tae and Hoseok, but he’s really starting to resent the fact that him and Yoongi both have roommates.

So yes, it absolutely matters that Hoseok will not be here, but not at all in a bad way.

When Jimin packs his bag to stay over at Yoongi’s he remembers the box he’s had under his bed for weeks and the plugs inside of it. He bites his lip before he unpackages everything in the box to put in the satin sac to throw in his bag. He’s glad Tae and Jungkook have already gone, otherwise this might be more awkward than it is just by himself.

He runs down the stairs when Yoongi tells him he’s downstairs. He’s excited. It feels like a vacation even if he isn’t going anywhere. He smiles at Yoongi when he sees him.

“Is this everything?” Yoongi asks as he takes his duffle bag from him even though Jimin is quite capable of carrying it. Jimin nods and they go. Yoongi puts his duffle in the trunk before climbing in the driver’s seat. He keeps his hand on Jimin’s thigh the whole drive.

“So did Hoseok-hyung leave yet?” Jimin asks innocently as Yoongi is letting them in.

“No! I’m still here until tomorrow morning, so don’t you dare try anything Park Jimin,” Hoseok calls from inside the apartment.

“I wasn’t! I just wanted to know if I would be able to see off my favorite hyung.” Yoongi raises an eyebrow at this, but Jimin just smiles at him. Hoseok comes into the kitchen to stir a pot of something on the stove. It smells good.

“Yeah right, no one here thinks you’re innocent, Jimin-ah, so you can drop the act. I’ve seen the way those legs can bend. That is what we call sin,” Hoseok says suggestively.

“Yah, don’t talk about the way his legs bend.”

“Hyung, are you jealous? It’s just yoga. Maybe you should come to a class,” Jimin says seriously. Hoseok laughs hysterically like Jimin’s just told the funniest joke.

“Hyung would pull something so fast.” Hoseok wipes tears out of his eyes. Yoongi looks unamused.

“I don’t think you’re giving him enough credit.”

“Thank you, Jimin-ah!” Yoongi says before kissing him on the cheek before going to drop his bag in his room. Hoseok mimes cracking a whip at Jimin, but it’s not as effective without Namjoon’s sound effects.

They sit on the couch to eat the stew that Hoseok-hyung made for dinner. After they finish, Hoseok puts on a movie, but Jimin falls asleep leaning against Yoongi halfway through it.


He gets shaken awake an indeterminable amount of time later. The tv is off.

“Come on, Jimin-ah, no one expects you to sleep on the couch. Let’s go to bed,” Yoongi says. Jimin stays awake long enough to brush his teeth and wash his face. He tugs off his jeans and leaves them on the floor before crawling into Yoongi’s bed. He vaguely registers Yoongi snorting at the jeans on the floor before picking them up just like he had in his dream.


Jimin fists at the sheets and groans in protest when he feels Yoongi trying to shake him awake again. Jimin squints at the light in the room. He sees Yoongi fully dressed sitting on the bed. Yoongi grabs his small fist and presses kisses to it in apology for waking him.

“What time is it?” Jimin mumbles sleepily.

“Early. I have to go drop Hoseok-ah at the train station and then I have to go into work for a bit to grab some things. Are you going to be alright here by yourself or do you want to come with me?”

Jimin groans and pulls the covers up higher as an answer.

“Jimin-ah, I’m hurt, I thought you wanted to see off your favorite hyung?” Hoseok says from the door.

“My favorite hyung would never force me to get out of bed this early over break.” Jimin says and settles into a more comfortable position. “Bye, hyung, have a good trip,” he calls softly as an afterthought.

“Bye, Jimin-ah,” Hoseok says.

“Call me if you need anything, Jimin-ah,” Yoongi says and then they’re gone.


Jimin tries to go back to sleep. He tosses and turns and may sleep for a bit, but it’s not the restful kind of sleep. He sighs to himself. He’s always had trouble falling back asleep after something woke him up. He sits up and decides to go take a shower.

He opens his bag to find clothes to wear, but the first thing that catches his eye is the pink sac. Jimin thinks he’s waited long enough to test them out. And well, now that he’s alone there’s nothing to stop him from using the toys he bought with his own hard earned money. He decides to just take his whole bag into the bathroom. He locks the door this time. He’s really not eager to repeat the same mistakes even if it did have a happy ending.

He gets in the shower and cleans himself first then he reaches for the bottle of lube and opens himself up with his fingers slowly. His body is tighter than he remembers it being in the dream so he really has to take his time so that the stretch doesn’t burn too much.

The water streaming over his body is warm, but it washes away the lube on his fingers if he’s not careful to keep his hand out of the water. Jimin has to wonder how shower sex is a thing that people enjoy.

When he thinks he’s ready, he grabs the smallest plug and lubes it up and pushes it inside of himself. He moans softly, the sound reverberating from the tiled walls and sounding louder than it really was. He pushes the plug out using only his muscles before he fucks himself back on it with his hand and the movement of his hips.

It’s just starting to get good which of course is when there’s a knock at the door.

“Jimin-ah, are you alright in there? Did you drown? You’ve been in there a while. I picked up food on my way back.” Jimin thinks this amount of deja vu is probably unhealthy for a person as he cuts off the water.

“Yeah, okay, I’ll be right out, hyung.” Jimin dries off while the plug is still inside of him. He thinks about leaving it inside of him and the possibility of Yoongi finding it. It’s enough to make him blush, and he can see it even through the foggy mirror. It’s exciting enough to make his semi-erection twitch in interest. If he ignores the plug, he’ll be okay. It’s not big enough to really effect his walking, but it’s definitely big enough that he can feel it and it won’t fall out unless he pushes it out.

Jimin quickly packs everything up so Yoongi doesn’t realize what he’s been doing and he gets dressed. He puts his bag back by the foot of the bed and goes to find Yoongi in the kitchen.

“Oh, there you are,” Yoongi says and he hands Jimin a plate of food, and they walk over to the couch to eat again. Jimin hesitates to sit a bit before he perches on the edge of the sofa so he doesn’t push the plug further inside of him.

Jimin eats his food and tries not to think about it too hard, but even that’s distracting him from Yoongi.

“Babe? Are you okay? You seem kind of tense,” Yoongi says hesitantly. “And like you’ve just been nodding at everything I say.”

Jimin wants to laugh at himself. He can’t believe he thought he could pull this off without Yoongi thinking anything was weird. He tries to relax and he can feel the plug move.

“Hyung,” Jimin says as he puts his plate on the coffee table. “Why don’t you want to fuck me?” And wow that came out easier than he thought it would. Jimin is starting to think he should have asked that way earlier. Yoongi is staring at him in shock.

“Jimin-ah, it’s not that I don’t want to because I really, really do. I--Tae told me about your ex and I was just letting you...take the reins, I guess.” Of course, Yoongi won’t fuck him because he’s trying to be respectful of his past. Shit, Jimin thinks he loves him.

Jimin takes Yoongi’s plate from him and puts it on the coffee table before he crawls into his lap and kisses him. He’s going to make Yoongi feel so good that he’s never going to hesitate to do what he wants with him again.

He pulls apart from Yoongi to pull off his own t-shirt before he pulls at the hem of Yoongi’s to make him take off his too. Yoongi’s hands grab at his bottom through his jeans, moving the plug as he massages his cheeks. In a flash, Yoongi pins his hands to his sides like he wasn’t supposed to do that or something.

“Hyung, touch my butt, I want you to, I want you to touch me all over,” Jimin says and he feels so hot and everywhere Yoongi touches him is 10 degrees hotter. He undoes his jeans before he tries to inch them down without getting off of Yoongi’s lap. He gets really frustrated when it takes him too long and he has to pull away. The frustration just makes his blood run hotter as he unbuttons Yoongi’s pants and pulls them down and off along with his underwear. Hoseok will be mad that Yoongi is bare assed on the couch like they promised him they wouldn’t be, but Jimin can’t bring himself to care.

He sinks to his knees in between Yoongi’s legs. Yoongi brushes Jimin’s hair out of his face as he gets eye level with his cock and parts his lips.

“Oh my God, Jiminie, you don’t have to do that,” Yoongi says tossing his head back so he doesn’t have to see, like the sight is too much for him.

“I want to, hyung,” Jimin says looking up at him through his eyelashes.

“Fucking hell, Jiminie, okay,” Yoongi breathes and Jimin barely sticks the tip in his mouth, circling it around his plush lips that are swollen and slicked with spit from their kissing. Yoongi’s legs circle around his back to pull him closer. Jimin sucks hard at the head. He pulls off with a pop that makes Yoongi groan before Jimin is laughing, his eyes crinkling up at Yoongi the same way they did when they first met. Jimin uses the saliva and the precum to slick Yoongi’s length with his small hands.

“You can pull my hair a bit, hyung, I don’t mind.”

Yoongi gives a pained whine before Jimin is sucking him down all the way. Yoongi hears the sound of Jimin’s throat closing around him before he’s choking a little. Yoongi pulls his hair then to pull him off his length. Jimin’s eyes are watering a little, but he’s smiling and laughing. Jimin kisses him and Yoongi pulls him off the floor and back into his lap.

Yoongi nibbles on his lower lip and Jimin pulls away a little to pant into his neck.

“Hyung,” Jimin whines. He needs Yoongi to take the plug out and fuck him.

“What do you want Jiminie?”

“I want you to fuck me,” Jimin says and then Yoongi is lifting him off the couch. Jimin yelps a bit. “Hyung, stop, I know I’m heavy. I’m like all muscle.” But Yoongi just carries him to his bed where he plops him down before climbing on top of him to kiss him again. Yoongi goes into his nightstand and pulls out a condom and a bottle of lube that is nowhere near the size of the one in the dream, but Jimin guesses they’ll work up to it.

Yoongi kisses down his abs before he pulls off Jimin’s underwear. He pauses to look at him and sees the plug that Jimin has unconsciously pushed out part of the way at some point.

“What’s this Jiminie?” Yoongi asks. He doesn’t sound grossed out which Jimin thinks is a plus.

“You were taking too long, hyung, I don’t like holding the reins.” Yoongi takes the plug out almost all the way before he’s driving it back into him. Jimin groans.

“Fuck, okay, we’re revisiting this later. I need to fuck you now,” Yoongi says and pulls out the plug and tosses it off the bed. Jimin agrees, nodding enthusiastically as Yoongi rips open the condom with his teeth and rolls it on himself. Yoongi dizzles lube on his fingers to make sure Jimin is properly stretched and presses them inside of him. They slide in pretty easily. “Oh my God,” Yoongi moans. “Jiminie you feel so good, is it okay if I--”

“Yes,” Jimin says and hikes both of his legs up to give Yoongi better access. Yoongi pushes inside of him and Jimin keeps his legs on his shoulders, essentially folding himself in half when Yoongi’s all the way buried inside, but he doesn’t care because it’s just right.

“Can you bend like this? Am I hurting you?” Yoongi asks.

“I’m flexible, hyung and no, no, it feels so good. Don’t you dare stop. You can move.”

Yoongi gives a kiss to each of his legs before he starts thrusting inside of him. Every thrust punches the air out of Jimin’s chest and stops him from making even a sound of agreement. Jimin can feel his eyes water.

“Is that okay? I promise, I’ll take my time with you later, Jimin-ah,” Yoongi says through a groan. Jimin just hooks his legs around the back of Yoongi’s neck and hopes that’s enough to tell him that if he stops, Jimin will literally kill him.

Yoongi’s thrusts speed up and Jimin whines. It’s so good and he knows it’ll be over too quickly. Jimin moans Yoongi’s name when he comes in between them and Yoongi follows soon after. Yoongi pulls out and unfolds Jimin. He goes to deal with the condom before coming back with a wet towel to clean them up.

“Good?” Yoongi asks and Jimin’s eyes must still be watering because Yoongi thumbs tears off his face. Jimin nods. “Wow, speechless. That good?”

Jimin laughs and swats at him, “hyung, don’t be a brat.”

“I’m sorry, I’m just teasing.”

“I know, I know, what time is it?” Jimin asks. He wants to know if it’s too late for a nap. Yoongi picks up Jimin’s phone on the nightstand since his own is probably somewhere in the living room.

“It’s like 2pm. Why is this still your phone wallpaper? GD isn’t even your bias,” Yoongi says. Jimin is glad that Yoongi knows him well enough to know that about him.

Jimin has told him many times how Jungkook, the little shit, put it there, but Jimin hasn’t thought much about why he hasn’t changed it yet. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t even have anything to change it to, and he can’t even remember what it was before it was GD.

“I don’t have anything better to change it to.”

“So take a picture, Jimin-ah,” Yoongi says and Jimin gets an idea. He turns on the front facing camera and makes Yoongi get in frame so he can kiss him.

It’s not the same photo as his lockscreen in the dream, but it’s perfect.

Chapter Text

Jimin spends summer break getting some much needed time with his family in Busan. His parents had wanted him to bring Yoongi home with him after hearing Jimin talk so much about him, but there’s still summer classes going on so Yoongi has to stay in Seoul. Yoongi and him spend most nights of the week on the phone or facetiming until one of them falls asleep, but Jimin can’t help but miss him fiercely especially as the days go by and the novelty of being home for the summer wears off.

Jimin keeps in touch with all of his friends who seem to be scattered along South Korea, but he still misses Yoongi the most. Even his hyung mentions that he looks down and tries to cheer him up by doing fun things around town. The distraction hardly works, and Jimin feels like the clingiest boyfriend ever when he texts Yoongi about how much he misses him during the day even though he knows Yoongi is at work and will take a while to text back.

It all culminates into a night of Jimin tearing up over facetime a month and a half into summer break because he misses him so badly. Yoongi tells him he can come back early and stay with him if he wants. He doesn’t seem to be nearly as affected by the distance as Jimin is, but the suggestion doesn’t seem to be made reluctantly.

Jimin can’t stand the distance between them and doesn’t know how people in long distance relationships do it. It’s not even like they’re together all the time when they’re both in town, but Jimin was spoiled by Yoongi picking him up and making time for him whenever he wanted to hang out. He misses having Yoongi at his fingertips and is craving Yoongi’s touch--not even in the sexual sense, though he misses that too. He’d pay a lot of money just to sit next to him and cuddle. There’s just something so clinical about talking over the phone instead of in person, facetime helps a bit, but it’s not the same.

When Jimin decides that he wants to return to Seoul early, Jimin’s parents meet Yoongi over facetime. It’s the most awkward experience of Jimin’s entire life, but they want to meet the man who’s ‘taking their baby away from them so soon.’ Yoongi-hyung is very polite and respectful which means both of his parents like him. His eomma comments on how handsome she thinks he is after they hang up. His appa snorts and tells her to ‘spare them’ and Jimin just laughs with pink cheeks, happy that the people he loves can get along.

Yoongi picks him up from the train station in Seoul and Jimin doesn’t even care that people are staring when he runs up to him and hugs him so tightly. People can think whatever they want. Jimin’s just glad to be back in his boyfriend’s arms. Yoongi laughs at how tightly Jimin clings to him.

“I missed you, Jimin-ah.”

“I missed you, too, hyung. Let’s not do that again,” Jimin says laughing and Yoongi just snorts as he takes Jimin’s bags from him. Jimin tries to take one back. They’re kind of heavy and he doesn’t need Yoongi to carry them when he’s perfectly capable on his own.

“Let me do this for you,” Yoongi says smiling at him. Jimin huffs, but allows it.


The two weeks he spends at Yoongi’s apartment before the semester starts remind Jimin of his dream after a while. Jimin feels like a kept boyfriend at first when Yoongi leaves him to go to work, but then he starts getting rides with him to the cafe so he can work shifts there to keep busy. Yoongi comes by to pick him up after work, stopping in to chat with Namjoon-hyung, the disaster prone human that Jimin unfortunately shares shifts with.

It’s so easy to fall into a domestic routine with him especially since Hoseok-hyung is still visiting home for break.  They grocery shop together and, like in his dream, it seems like Jimin is the better cook out of them. Jimin knows Yoongi can have the worst eating habits, especially for breakfast in the morning or when he’s caught up in work, so he does his best to make sure they’re both well-fed. Yoongi tells him he doesn’t have to cook, but it seems to be mostly out of politeness since he’s happy to scarf down whatever Jimin makes.

They spend the time that they aren’t at work cuddled up on the couch watching movies and sometimes just talking as Yoongi rubs soothing circles into Jimin’s skin. Jimin values these conversations the most even if sometimes it seems like they aren’t talking about anything concrete. They get ready for bed together and sleep together in Yoongi’s bed. There Jimin learns the difference between the way Yoongi pulls him close because he wants to hold him and when he pulls him close for sex.

Yoongi even shows him more of his music. He’s still a little shy about it, so Jimin makes sure to be a little over the top in his praise. Yoongi always snorts at him, but he becomes more open about it so Jimin counts it as a win.

They don’t butt heads nearly as much as Jimin thought they would from spending so much time together in close quarters. It’s not that Jimin thinks they’re ready to say vows to each other and move in together permanently; they’ve only been together for going on 6 months, and a month and a half of that was spent apart, but Jimin is really starting to see a future in them.

A few weeks after he moves back into his dorm with Tae and his first semester as an official psych major started, Jimin finds himself back in Yoongi’s room, sitting on his bed.

“Cover your eyes, Jimin-ah. I brought you a present,” Yoongi says with his hands behind his back. Jimin’s not sure what the occasion is, but he plays along, giggling as he covers his eyes with his small hands.

“Good, keep them closed. Now open your mouth.”

Jimin laughs, “Yoongi-hyung, this better not be--”

“Jimin-ah, don’t you trust me?” Yoongi kind of laughs as if he knows what Jimin is thinking. Jimin finds it kind of questionable, but he does trust Yoongi so he opens his mouth.

Yoongi puts a piece of something in his mouth, putting more of his fingers in his mouth than he really needs to in order to place it on his tongue. Jimin waits for his fingers to clear his mouth before he closes it. He chews a couple times before he places the taste--the scone. The very same one that he’s been avoiding eating since his dream months ago. Even if it had just been a dream and he was, at first, skeptical that the scone that he had eaten plenty of times before with no issues had magical properties, he’s so certain the dream was induced by the two of them sharing the magical scones somehow. Jimin rips his hands from his face to see Yoongi smiling around a piece of scone that he’s chewing for himself. Jimin’s eyes widen at it. Oh no.

“What? I got them for you. They’re your favorite right?” Yoongi asks after he swallows. And oh God, this is it. This is everything that he’s so cautiously tried to avoid. He’s so sure he’s going to get plunged back into a future when he goes to sleep tonight, and he’s not sure what he’s more scared of--the future being the same or the future being different. His eyes are glued to the offending baked good in Yoongi’s hand.

“Jimin-ah?” Yoongi says at his silence. Jimin doesn’t want his future with Yoongi to be different, but he doesn’t want to see that he’s injured himself in some other way either. “Jimin-ah, are you crying? There’s more, but here, I’m sorry, I won’t eat it.” Yoongi hands him the scone--what’s left of it at least--and the bag that has two more inside. Jimin rubs at his eyes and they are a little wet, but he’s definitely not crying.

Which, actually, that’s kind of embarrassing if Yoongi thinks he’s crying because he took a bite of his scone. Yoongi looks worried though like he thinks something else is wrong. He’s doing that hovering thing like he doesn’t know whether or not Jimin wants to be comforted. Jimin’s just filled with so much dread about his dreams tonight that he wants to be alone so Yoongi doesn’t keep questioning him. Jimin’s pretty sure Yoongi is perceptive enough to his moods by now that he’ll pick up on it and try to get answers out of him.

“Hyung, can you leave me for a minute?” Jimin feels bad for kicking Yoongi out of his own room, but clearly he needs time to collect himself.

“Oh, okay, right. Just come get me if you need me,” Yoongi says concernedly and only hesitates a little before he grabs his bag with his laptop on the way out, closing the door behind him. Jimin sighs and tries to get a grip. Yoongi is probably the sweetest, most patient boyfriend to ever exist and he’s probably making him feel like he did something wrong when he didn’t really.

It’s not Yoongi’s fault that Jimin never told him about the dream and the connection he made to the scones. Jimin’s always been the type to offer full disclosure and has always believed honesty is the best policy, but how was he supposed to tell Yoongi about the dream? He’d sound crazy like Hoseok still kind of thinks he is, and Yoongi would probably question their whole relationship and Jimin’s feelings toward him. Jimin doesn’t want to make Yoongi think he’s in it just because he saw them being happy together in a dream.

Jimin sits and tries to compose himself. Whatever happens, happens. It’s not like what happens in his dreams will affect his present day anyway. Jimin texts Yoongi that he can come back if he wants to. Yoongi doesn’t wait. He comes back into the room looking apologetic. He sits down on the bed, careful to not sit too close.

“I’m sorry if I did something wrong, Jimin-ah,” he says and Jimin smiles at him in the hopes that it makes Yoongi stop feeling guilty. Jimin scoots closer.

“No, you didn’t, I was just being silly, hyung,” Jimin says and maybe he is getting ahead of himself. Maybe the scones and the dream had no connection at all and it was all just a coincidence. And if he keeps telling himself that, he almost feels at peace. Yoongi purses his lips like he thinks there’s a little more to it than that, but Jimin doesn’t really want to give him time to think too hard about it. “Besides I know a way you can make it up to me,” Jimin tries to say suggestively as a distraction.

“Oh? Yeah, that’s right. Let me make it up to you,” Yoongi says falling into his trap.

“And how are you going to do that, Professor Min?” Jimin asks cheekily with a smile. Yoongi’s eyes widen at him at the name. For a second Jimin thinks he might have actually found something Yoongi doesn’t like, but Yoongi huffs a laugh before he’s pulling at him to lay down and crawling on top of him to kiss him stupid.

“Are you going to punish me for being bad, Professor?” Jimin asks while fluttering his eyelashes at him when Yoongi breaks the kiss. “Hyung, is that okay? Is it too much?” Jimin breaks character for a second because he might have crossed a line if the twitch in Yoongi’s eye is anything to go by.

Yoongi makes a guttural noise before he’s leaning back so he can turn Jimin over on his stomach. Jimin goes willingly with his face pressed into the bed which is good because he knows it’s so red. He was kind of joking, but he thinks Yoongi might actually be getting off on it when his hands come under his hips to try to undo his pants. Jimin lifts his hips up to let him even as he keeps his face buried in the comforter on the bed.

Yoongi pulls down his pants along with his underwear and takes them all the way off. He climbs back up the bed to put his hand under Jimin’s shirt onto the small of his back just above his bare ass. Jimin cracks his back as he squirms under Yoongi’s firm hand. He feels awkward not being able to see what Yoongi’s doing even when he turns his head to the side. Yoongi moves his hand and slaps his bum to stop him squirming. It’s a light slap and it doesn’t hurt, but Jimin is still so surprised by it that he sputters.

“Don’t move,” Yoongi says lowly. He hikes up Jimin’s shirt until it’s in his armpits and he kisses down his spine. Jimin can’t help but arch his back to lift his butt into the air when Yoongi makes his way to the base of his spine. He doesn’t expect Yoongi to keep going, but he spreads Jimin’s cheeks and keeps kissing lower.

“Hyung! What are you doing? That’s dirty,” Jimiin says even if it’s making him warm all over. He’s been taking care to clean himself thoroughly after practice now that he and Yoongi have sex regularly, but Yoongi’s never put his face down there. Jimin feels embarrassed with Yoongi so up close and personal with that part of his anatomy.

“You don’t like it?” Yoongi asks when he pulls back. Jimin twists a little to see his lips are wet with spit. And well, Jimin doesn’t dislike it, but it’s so awkward. “We can do something else. It’s okay, Jimin-ah, I won’t pressure you if you don’t want to.”

“No!” Jimin says and he buries his face in the covers again. “I want you to,” he mumbles. He trusts Yoongi to make him feel good even if he’s never had it done to him before.

“Jimin-ah,” Yoongi says warningly and he’s pulling back which is the exact opposite of what Jimin wants him to do. “You have to tell me if I do something you don’t like. I don’t want to force you to do anything.”

Jimin turns and sits up at this, his shirt falling down again. “Hyung, no, I would say if I didn’t like it. I just, no one’s ever--been down there, like that, before.” Jimin knows his face is so red, but he needs to make sure there’s no misunderstanding. He doesn’t want Yoongi to think he crossed a line when he didn’t. “I want you to,” Jimin says finally with more confidence than before. He pulls off his shirt and tosses it on the ground. Yoongi gives him an appraising look despite the amount of times he’s seen him naked. It never fails to make Jimin excited and he only wishes that Yoongi wasn’t still fully dressed.

“Turn over then,” Yoongi says and Jimin tries to lie flat, belly down, but Yoongi pulls his hips up so his ass is in the air and his face is down on the bed. Yoongi bites at the swell of his ass and maybe it’s the fact that he’s a little nervous, but Jimin can’t help but let out a laugh.

It turns into a sharp intake of breath as Yoongi’s tongue dives between his cheeks. Jimin can feel Yoongi’s hot breath on his entrance and it’s a weird sensation, but it isn’t unpleasant. He spreads his legs more to open himself up when he feels Yoongi’s tongue poking there. It feels tentative, and Jimin wonders if Yoongi is enjoying this at all when he pulls his face back.

“Jiminie, hold on, it’ll be better if you sit,” Yoongi says and he’s lying down on the bed and motioning for Jimin to come closer. Jimin thinks he means for him to sit on his face.

“I’m not doing that unless you at least take off your clothes, hyung.” Jimin’s questioning if he should even do it at all. Won’t he crush him? He watches as Yoongi grips his shirt at the collar and strips out of it in one fluid motion. Yoongi makes quick work of his pants and then he’s lying down again with his head at the edge of the bed and uses two fingers to beckon him over.

Jimin’s not sure how to do this really but Yoongi guides him till he’s half-sitting and half standing with Yoongi’s face between his legs. He’s glad that Yoongi’s bed is low enough to the ground that he doesn’t have to crush him at least. Jimin can just see Yoongi’s black hair splayed out and his exposed forehead when he looks down and he wonders how he’s supposed to breathe.  He feels Yoongi tilt his head back.

“You can sit back, baby, you’re not going to crush me.” It feels weird to have the vibrations of his voice on his perineum, just behind his balls. Jimin takes his feet off the floor and leans back, supporting himself with his hands back on Yoongi’s chest. Yoongi’s hand comes around his thigh and he tilts his head all the way so he can lick it before he places it on Jimin’s length to stroke him. The other hand holds Jimin’s hip in place.

Yoongi sucks Jimin’s balls into his mouth briefly before he’s moving back into position. His tongue swirls around his entrance before it’s plunging inside of him. He makes it really wet with his saliva before he’s sucking at the thin skin there. Jimin’s arms shake on Yoongi’s chest as he struggles to hold himself up. Yoongi seems to really know what he’s doing with his tongue, but Jimin can’t help but buck his hips up a little into his hand that’s pumping him fast. Jimin throws his head back and moans.

“Yoongi-hyung,” Jimin cries and if he was worried about crushing him before, he isn’t now as he grinds down on his face. Except he must suffocate Yoongi a little bit because he stops and tilts his head up to get some air, his hand still jerking Jimin’s length. It’s really good and if Yoongi gets back to it, he could probably come like this, but he has other plans. He scoots back so he’s sitting on Yoongi’s chest and watches as Yoongi wipes at his spitty bottom half of his face with the back of his hands.

“You like?” Yoongi asks and Jimin can just nod enthusiastically before he’s moving even further down Yoongi’s body to sit on his crotch. Jimin grinds his ass against Yoongi’s hard dick. Yoongi sits up to spread Jimin’s cheeks so that he can slip his cock between them in the mess of his saliva. “Fuck, just like that.”

Jimin scratches at Yoongi’s back as his dick rubs against Yoongi’s stomach. “Hyung, I want you to fuck me,” Jimin keens. He reaches back about to steady Yoongi’s dick where it’s sliding around in his crack so he can sit on it.

“Wait, wait, Jimin-ah, I don’t want to hurt you and we need a condom.”

“Do we?” Jimin bites his lip. He’d gotten tested at the student health center as soon as school started just to be safe and he knows that Yoongi gets tested regularly.

“You want--without?” Yoongi spits out as his brain visibly seems to shutdown and reboot.

“That’s okay, right? My results came back all good, so I just thought that we don’t need them anymore,” Jimin says and maybe he’d just assumed where he shouldn’t have. Just because they had forgone protection in his dream doesn’t mean Yoongi will want to now. And God, thinking about the dream has him dreading what will happen tonight again.

“No, I know, you told me, okay. I want to, yeah, but I still need--” Yoongi cuts himself off as he goes into his nightstand for the bottle of lube. They’d had to replace it a few times and Jimin’s wondering when they’ll invest in a big bottle. Jimin can see the pink sac of his plugs that he leaves in Yoongi’s nightstand--he can’t use them in his dorm with Tae there, so he might as well. Jimin gets an idea. He kind of wants Yoongi to plug him when he finishes, but he doesn’t know if Yoongi would be into it so he saves the thought for another time.

Yoongi eventually comes back with the lube to open Jimin up with his fingers while he lays on his side. Jimin feels like he’s been put through enough. “Hurry up, hyung,” he whines when he takes too long. Yoongi always seems to have a lot of patience when he’s stretching him open and he really doesn’t know how when Jimin needs him inside of him like yesterday.

“Be patient, Jimin-ah, I don’t want to hurt you,” he says just as he withdraws his fingers and strokes his length. Yoongi hikes up Jimin’s leg so he can push into him. Jimin exhales roughly and Yoongi groans when he’s fully seated. Yoongi nips at his shoulder playfully. “Good?”

Jimin nods and Yoongi starts to thrust shallowly inside of him. “I think you can go harder than that, Professor Min.”

Yoongi bites his shoulder harder at that and shoves into him more roughly. “Stop that,” he says with a laugh, “or I’ll never be able to look at my students again.”

Jimin tries to laugh, but another timely thrust has it caught in his chest. He holds his own leg up as Yoongi fucks him in earnest. Jimin comes first, as soon as Yoongi gets a hand around him, and Yoongi finishes buried inside of him. He can feel Yoongi’s cum inside of him.

Yoongi’s eyes close soon after, so Jimin just takes a tissue and cleans him up as best he can since it doesn’t look like he’s getting up anytime soon. Jimin is a little past what the tissue can do for him at this point so he gets up to go shower in Yoongi’s bathroom. Yoongi pulls on his arm before he can get up all the way, and Jimin looks at Yoongi’s sleepy half lidded eyes. “Mm, I love you,” he says sleepily.

“I love you, too, hyung,” Jimin says with a smile as Yoongi lets go of his arm and drops off. Jimin goes to shower.

When he’s done, it’s tempting to just crawl next to a sleeping Yoongi and go to sleep himself, but if he has dreams tonight he kind of wants to be alone. Besides, it’s hell trying to get to practice on time when he’s not already on campus. Jimin gets dressed and nudges Yoongi awake.

“I’m headed out, hyung.”

“What? No, Jimin-ah, it’s late. Just spend the night. I’ll drive you to practice in the morning,” Yoongi offers sleepily patting the side of the bed next to him.

“No, I don’t want to make you have to get up that early. It’s fine, you don’t have to get up, I’ll take the bus.”

“No, no, just give me a second I’ll drive you back,” Yoongi says yawning as he sits up and tries to find clothes. Jimin’s really grateful considering how long the busses take.

When they leave Yoongi’s room, Hoseok is standing near the living room. He gives them a disgusted look. “I live here, too. I’m not moving out, no matter how loud you get, Jimin-ah.”

Jimin blushes. He’d forgotten Hoseok would even be home. Yoongi snorts and just tugs at his hand.

“Sorry, hyung!” Jimin remembers to call before he closes the front door behind him.



Jimin can tell himself that the scones and the dream don’t have a connection and that there’s nothing to worry about when he goes back to sleep at his dorm, but well, it’s not nothing.

He wakes up in a bed that’s neither his dorm bed nor the bed he shared with Yoongi in the first dream. Another notable difference is that he’s alone. The room he’s in is definitely not as nice or as big as the one he was in either. The bed is pushed up against the wall and it only has one nightstand.

When Jimin sees the phone on the nightstand he knows he’s in the future because it’s the same as the one from the dream before. He still checks anyway. It tells him it’s 2025 yet again, and Jimin has to wonder if he did something to make his future this different--if he can even call this his future. He scrolls through his contact list and sees a whole bunch of people he doesn’t know, but no Yoongi. He searches ‘Agust D’ on his phone and there aren’t any results. There’s no trace of Yoongi anywhere. He’s not really sure how that could happen. Everything is going well, so he doesn’t really see what could happen that would make him disappear from his life altogether.

Jimin moves the covers on his bed to see that both of his legs are fine. He doesn’t have a knee injury. And is that why everything’s different, because he doesn’t want to go to the Olympics? Jimin doesn’t see how that could make that much of a difference. Did something awful happen in the past 8 years to make Yoongi leave? Was there an accident? Did he die? And the thought alone has Jimin racing to find the bathroom because he thinks he’s going to throw up.

The first door he yanks open is a bathroom and he’s really grateful as he runs to the toilet to heave even if nothing comes up. He sits by the toilet a while before he feels strong enough to stand. He goes over to the sink to turn on the tap when he catches his reflection in the mirror. He has black hair.

“It’s okay, don’t panic. Really, I’ve done it enough for the both of us,” his reflection says even if he’s not moving at all.

“What? What do you mean? Yoongi--he’s gone. Where is he?” Jimin doesn’t care if it seems crazy to talk to his reflection. He needs answers.

His reflection shrugs back at him. “I guess in the place we left him.”

“Huh? What does that mean? You left him? Why? I love him.” He doesn’t see how any of this could happen.

“Yeah, well, he stopped loving us a long time ago,” his reflection says and Jimin’s never heard himself sounds so jaded.

“What did we--I mean, what did you do?” Yoongi would never just stop loving him for no reason, right?

Again the reflection of himself gives a nonchalant shrug, and Jimin wants to punch himself or well, his reflection, but he knows shattering a mirror can bring 7 years of bad luck and apparently he doesn’t need any more of that.

“We held him back, he got bitter and started to resent us, and then he stopped loving us. It’s simple, really,” his reflection finally says in a bored tone.

“What? I’d never--” ‘hold him back’ is what Jimin wants to say but his reflection cuts him off.

“Well, we did, and it’s time to move on from that. Look, some things just don’t work out, and it’s time for you to stop being so naive and grow up a little. You’re starting to sound like one of our clients.”

“I’d never hold him back. I love Yoongi-hyung.” Jimin has zero doubts about these two statements.

“Well we must not know what love really is, do we?” his reflection lets out a cracked laugh at this and Jimin thinks it sounds sad. “Because if we really loved him, we would’ve let him go,” it says wistfully.

Let him go? How? He loves Yoongi too much to let him go. He doesn’t even see how letting him go would put him in a different scenario than he’s in now. Either way, Yoongi still wouldn’t be with him whether he was the one who let him go or Yoongi broke up with him.

Jimin can feel his chest heaving, but it’s like he can’t get any oxygen. There’s so much pressure building in his chest and it feels like he’s being pushed down so he crouches to the ground. He can feel his eyes water. Jimin gasps for air and he--

He wakes up. Tae is shaking him awake back in his dorm.

“Jiminie, breathe, it’s okay. It’s just a nightmare.”

Jimin takes shuddering gasps of air and waits for the pain in his chest to subside. He blinks the tears out of his eyes.

“Want to talk about it?” Tae asks and Jimin shakes his head. “You want to be alone?”

Jimin shakes his head again, and Tae climbs into his bed. They don’t really fit, the twin dorm bed is really not fit for two people, and he’s mostly on top of him--his elbow is digging into his ribs painfully, but Jimin appreciates the gesture all the same.

Jimin is scared. He doesn’t want to be by himself and certainly doesn’t want to hold Yoongi back. What had his reflection meant by letting him go? His head is swimming with questions.

Was it just a nightmare? It had certainly felt like the dream he had before, but what if it was just a nightmare? Tae had been able to pull him from it without him eating a scone in the dream.

But, even if it was a magical future dream, isn’t his future not set in stone? If it had changed before doesn’t that mean he can change it again? Just because he saw something in his dream doesn’t mean it’s going to come true. Not every detail in the first dream will come true even if an alarming amount of details had.

He knows his life won’t exactly match up with the first dream, he’d gone through efforts for it not to in some ways. For instance, he told his coach no when he tried to pressure him into committing to doing qualifiers for the 2018 Olympics. And if he doesn’t compete in the Olympics then he can’t really injure himself there, can he?

He also knows that a lot of things, like meeting Hoseok, and even his minimal effort that snowballed Tae and Jungkook into forming a relationship shows that some things might just be fated. Still, Jimin knows that his actions and choices will build his future, and he knows he can make the right ones to prove the future version of himself from the nightmare wrong.

Jimin goes back to sleep with no more dreams. His alarm goes off just like any other school day and he goes to practice. His interrupted sleep combined with his thoughts about the nightmare from last night mean he’s distracted and maybe doesn’t stretch enough because he pulls his hamstring while he’s practicing. Jimin knows immediately something is wrong by how badly it hurts when he stretches out his leg.

His coach can tell what it is almost immediately from Jimin’s descriptions. He doesn’t think Jimin tore anything, at least not too badly, even if it is swelling and it hurts. He gets it wrapped, gets crutches, and gets told to see a doctor if he wakes up with bruising tomorrow. His coach gives him the rest of the week off. Jimin’s really angry at himself for letting it happen, but he figures what’s done is done as he moves slowly on his crutches back to his dorm.  

Getting to class is rough, campus isn’t as handicap accessible as they claim it to be, and his arms hurt from using the crutches. Jimin doesn’t want to skip his classes especially since they’re now classes he actually cares about. He finds his psychology classes fascinating even if they do take up quite a bit of his time, and he feels like he’s playing catch up in his new major.

He goes to work, but Jin-hyung tuts at the crutches as soon as he sees him and tells him to rest up until he’s healed. Jungkook looks on in sympathy and gives him a scone. He has no real desire to go back to the future world if it’s anything like last night again, but he wants to ask more questions so he can prevent himself from ending up like he did in the nightmare. Jimin sighs, he remembers a simpler time when he didn’t know any more about the future than anyone else did. He eats the scone, enjoying the taste again at least, before he treks back to his dorm.

Hoseok comes over to his dorm when the news about his injury spreads. Tae lets him in while Jimin is in bed with his leg elevated and icing on a stack of pillows as he does homework. Jimin hadn’t bothered to text anyone about his injury, but apparently Jin-hyung did. He didn’t want to worry anyone, namely Yoongi, for something that should heal in a few days. He guesses he should’ve known that someone would text him, and he probably should have tried to contact him before someone else did.

“Yoongi-hyung wasn’t at home. Obviously, I don’t think he got Jin-hyung’s text from the way he’s not here. I think he might be using the studio again because he didn’t answer when I tried to call him to tell him,” Hoseok says when he sits at Jimin’s desk. Jimin hopes Yoongi reads his messages before he goes to try to pick him up from work only to discover that he’s not there.

Hoseok stays for a while to keep him company or distract him from his homework, Jimin’s not really sure, but it’s a little bit before 6--when Jimin usually gets off work, when Yoongi is blowing up all three of their phones that he’s downstairs. Tae snorts before he’s going to let him in, too.

Yoongi comes in and Tae must have explained because he doesn’t ask what happened. “Jimin-ah, I’m so fucking sorry. My phone was off and when I turned it on I saw Jin-hyung’s text that you were on crutches. I was so worried.” Yoongi puts his hand on the back of Jimin’s neck before he presses a kiss to his forehead. Jimin doesn’t miss the amused look that Tae and Hoseok share at Yoongi’s display of affection.

“Hyung, it’s okay, it’s just a pulled muscle. Coach said it should heal in a few days as long as I stay off of it. Really, it doesn’t even hurt unless I straighten it out,” Jimin says, but Yoongi doesn’t seem to be relieved at all. It’s like he hates that Jimin is hurt more than Jimin hates that he’s hurt. He even pulls up Tae’s desk chair to Jimin’s bed and sits with him even when Tae puts on Sword Art Online and any sane person would leave. Hoseok even gets up to leave 10 minutes into the episode, but Yoongi stays.

Jimin tells him he’s going to bed and Yoongi asks if he needs anything.

“Hyung, just go, it’s not that serious and if I happen to need anything in the middle of the night I will make Tae go get it,” Jimin says and Yoongi actually looks over at Tae to confirm. Tae just nods and then Yoongi kisses him goodnight.


Despite the scone that Jimin ate earlier, he doesn’t dream of anything.

Yoongi babies him a lot for the entire rest of the week. If Jimin says he wants something than Yoongi will seriously go get it even if it’s just the randomest craving. Jimin appreciates it even if his injury isn’t that serious, he still likes being spoiled by his boyfriend.

Jimin is still glad when he heals though and things can go back to routine. Namely, he misses having sex with Yoongi. Yoongi had placed a week long sex ban on him when he was injured even if it wasn’t like his dick was broken and his leg had felt okay by the third day. Jimin takes his free Saturday night as an opportunity to go to Yoongi’s apartment and get his fix to make up for lost time. Jimin texts him that he’s outside. Yoongi opens the door and smiles at his lack of crutches.

“Jimin-ah, you didn’t tell me you were coming, but I’m glad you’re here. I’ve been wanting to tell you something,” Yoongi says as he lets him in.

“Hyung, can it wait a little while longer?” Jimin’s here long after dinner time and he figured it’d be pretty obvious what he’s here for--even if it obviously isn’t all he wants from Yoongi. He pushes Yoongi up against the front door and kisses him. Jimin sucks on Yoongi’s neck like he knows his hyung likes.

“Fuck, okay, let’s go to my room,” Yoongi says and leads the way. Jimin thought he’d never ask.

When they get there they don’t even bother to shed their clothes all the way. Yoongi must be as desperate as Jimin is, even if he had been better at hiding it, because he’s neither as careful or as gentle as he usually is. He fucks into him hard and fast as Jimin ruts back into him with equal fervor.

Jimin falls asleep almost immediately after they finish. He vaguely feels Yoongi pulling him out of his clothes before cleaning him up and pressing kisses to his lower tummy.


They wake up to texts on their phone from the group chat. It’s from Namjoon.




Jimin almost screams. He can’t believe this is happening. He knew it would happen eventually, Jin-hyung and Namjoon-hyung are perfect for each other. He zooms in on the photo that accompanies the text. It’s of Jin-hyung, but he’s covering his splotchy red face with his hand that’s now sporting an engagement ring.

Jimin coos and shows the picture to Yoongi who’s sitting beside him in bed. “Hyung, look, Jin-hyung looks like he was crying. They’re so cute and so lucky!”

“Lucky?” Yoongi says cocking an eyebrow at him. “Don’t tell me you want to get married soon, Jimin-ah.”

Jimin sputters and his face flushes. “Hyung! I just meant that they’re lucky to have each other and they fit well. I didn’t mean to imply that I--I mean, not so soon,” Jimin says. He knows it’s probably too soon to be talking about that, only 6 months into their relationship, even if it is where he sees himself down the line. Yoongi just gives him a gummy smile that tells him he was only teasing him. Jimin swipes at him. “Did you know about this?” Jimin asks gesturing to his phone.

“That Joon-ah was going to ask? Of course, I helped him pick out the ring like over a month ago.”

“What hyung, and you didn’t tell me?” Jimin squawks.

“Joon-ah told me not to, and besides don’t lie to me and tell me you wouldn’t have gone and told Jin-hyung. I see you two gossiping when I come in to pick you up from work.”

“Hyung! We do not gossip!” Jimin says even if it is kind of a lie. He likes listening to Jin-hyung rant about things, even if it is mostly just him lovingly ranting about what amazing feat Namjoon-hyung has pulled. Jimin had especially loved the story about the time Namjoon had broken the toilet in their apartment and tried to ‘fix it’ and somehow made it explode. Jin-hyung had been extra feisty that day.

Eventually they get up and get dressed--Jimin in clothes that he left in Yoongi’s apartment--so they can visit Namjoon and Jin at the cafe to congratulate them and Jimin can work his usual Sunday shift.

Yoongi holds the door open for him as he walks into the cafe. Tae, Hoseok, and Jungkook are all already there. Jin and Namjoon are standing so close that it seems their engagement glued them together.

“Yoongi-hyung! You better be in town for the wedding! You’re gonna be my best man,” Namjoon says when he sees him.

“Why wouldn’t he be in town, hyung?” Jimin asks Namjoon curiously.

“You still haven’t told him?” Namjoon asks looking at Yoongi and Jimin turns to Yoongi to see him stood still like he’s been caught doing something he wasn’t supposed to.

“Told me what? Hyung?” Jimin asks turning the question to Yoongi. Whatever it is, all his friends seem to know because they turn away with winces like they think something bad is about to happen.

“Jimin-ah, I was going to tell you! I just haven’t found the right time. They want me to sign a contract at BigHit. They liked my music,” Yoongi says and he doesn’t sound all the way excited, but Jimin thinks that’s good news.

“Hyung, that’s great!” Jimin is so excited for him. He can’t believe he was the last to know about this. Yoongi didn’t even tell him that he was showing anyone his music, let alone trying to get a contract.

“Yeah?” Yoongi asks and finally smiles when Jimin nods enthusiastically. “I’ll pick you up after work, okay?”

“Okay,” Jimin says and he’s surprised when Yoongi kisses him full on the mouth. He usually doesn’t do that in public, but Jimin thinks he might just be excited. Jimin smiles at him. Yoongi is so talented. How could he ever think he’d be anything but supportive and proud? Jimin loves him. The future version of himself in that nightmare had been wrong. How could he ever even think about holding him back?

After work, Yoongi drives them back to his apartment and he sits Jimin down on his bed and he doesn’t seem happy. Actually, Jimin thinks he seems kind of sad.


“Jimin-ah, there’s a reason I waited to tell you about the contract.” Yoongi looks nervous.

“Hyung, you’re scaring me. What is it?”

“They have me on schedule a lot, just small stuff at first, but they really think it’ll take off from there quickly,” Yoongi says gently. Jimin feels his eyes sting and hopes he’s wrong about what he thinks Yoongi is saying. He has to swallow roughly before he speaks.

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying I won’t be around a lot and with you in school for another year at least, I don’t know how it’s going to work.” It--Yoongi means them. He doesn’t know how they’re going to work.

“Hyung–” Jimin thinks that he’s being broken up with, but he tries to hold Yoongi’s gaze even if he’s blinking back tears.

“Jimin-ah, it barely worked over the summer. It sucked with you gone and you were miserable. Fuck, I hated it, too, and we were only cities apart. We’ll be in different time zones. And I love you, you’re fucking everything to me, Jimin-ah, I don’t want to make you miserable. You’re the only reason I was ever even confident enough to put myself out there, but I’ve wanted this so bad.” Yoongi is crying now and it’s the first time Jimin has ever seen that happen. Jimin wants to hug him, but he’s so mad that he almost hates him for what he’s saying, even if he loves him.

Yoongi’s right though, Jimin would drive himself crazy if they tried long distance. He has no idea how that future version of himself from the first dream managed when Yoongi was on tour. Part of him wants Yoongi to at least ask that they try it. He thinks that if Yoongi really loved him, he’d be begging for him to at least try.

“What about your class?” is what comes out of Jimin’s mouth instead of any of the things he wants to say. His voice shakes as he asks.

“The administration says they’ve already found someone to take over if I decide to sign.”

“Well, hyung, you have to sign. It’s what you want,” Jimin makes himself say. Jimin wants so badly to be selfish and to tell him not to sign if he really means it when he says that he loves him, but he’s not going to hold Yoongi back. Jimin knows that this is what he wants--Agust D is who he’s meant to be. And if that means Jimin has to let him go then…

“I won’t, Jimin-ah, not if you ask me to stay,” Yoongi says and he sounds wrecked, like he wants Jimin to ask him to stay, but Jimin thinks that might just be wishful thinking on his part. Jimin tells himself he would’ve made him sign even if he hadn’t had that nightmare. Even if it’s not fair, he loves him and he knows he’ll be so unhappy if he doesn’t do this and misses his chance.

“Min Yoongi!” Jimin raises his voice in a way he hopes sounds threatening--even if his face is wet with tears. “You will sign that contract and you will finally be recognized as the best rapper alive! You wouldn’t be the man I love if you didn’t.”

Yoongi hugs him and Jimin can feel him shake with sobs. He hugs him back tightly and tries not to break down. He can’t make Yoongi feel guilty for doing what he has always dreamed of doing.




Chapter Text

When Yoongi composes himself he offers to drive Jimin back to his dorm. Jimin agrees in hopes that Yoongi will say something to make them okay, but as they drive in silence it becomes clear that it isn’t going to happen.

“Let me walk you inside,” Yoongi says when they pull up outside Jimin’s dorm building. Jimin almost wishes that Yoongi would be mean to him to make this less painful. He shakes his head.

“It’s better if you don’t, hyung,” Jimin says while squeezing his eyes shut tightly to stop himself from crying.

Yoongi just gives him a wobbly attempt at a smile and a single sharp nod.

“So, this is it.” Jimin doesn’t know why he even got his hopes up for Yoongi to say something. He doesn’t know why he expected for Yoongi to make him some grand promise for their future when their relationship is only 6 months old. He guesses he could blame it on the dream he had for giving him false hope about what his future would be like. Maybe Yoongi never even saw a future in them like he did. Besides, Yoongi is bound to go off and experience things Jimin never has any hope of experiencing, and their short 6 month relationship in their small, sheltered bubble will seem like a small insignificance in the grand scheme of his life.

“Jimin-ah,” Yoongi swallows and says nothing else. He doesn’t even try to comfort him even though Jimin knows he must look upset, even if he is trying to hold himself together. In a way Jimin’s kind of glad because any type of comforting platitude would be a lie. Nothing feels like it’s going to be okay right now.

“Right. Good luck, hyung, I really am happy for you. You deserve all the success you get,” Jimin says sincerely and gives Yoongi the best smile he can muster. He has to tell himself not to cry over and over.

“Thanks,” Yoongi says and his face looks like it could crumple at any second and Jimin knows he’s going to break down if Yoongi starts again.

“So I guess this is goodbye.” Jimin can’t look at him as he says it. His hand is already on the handle of the car door.

“Goodbye, Jimin-ah.” There’s a finality to it that has Jimin yanking on the handle and scrambling to get out of the car so Yoongi doesn’t see his face as a silent sob that he can’t contain is ripped from him. He shuts the door and doesn’t turn back around as he goes into the building. He has to swipe his keycard a few times because the tears blurring his vision don’t allow him to see that he’s swiping with the wrong side. He runs up the stairs to his room before he lets himself really cry.

Tae is at his side in a second. Jimin lets himself be hugged as he cries himself to the point where he almost feels sick.

“It’s okay, Jiminie, he’ll be back. It won’t be for forever,” Tae says when Jimin quiets down a little. He rubs at his back soothingly. “There’s still facetime and I’m sure you and hyung will be able to plan to meet up places if he’s going to be out of town for that long. Long distance is tough, but you and hyung are so solid. You’ll get through it,” he soothes. It does little to stop Jimin from crying when it becomes clear that Tae doesn’t know what just happened. They aren’t going to facetime or plan to meet up anywhere when they’re no longer even together.

“Taetae…” Jimin hiccups, “he broke up with me.” And saying it aloud makes it feel real. Jimin can’t stop thinking about how much he doesn’t want it to be true. It’s not fair for it to end this way when Jimin thought everything was going so well, the way it was supposed to.

“He--what?” Tae looks dumbfounded like that’s the last thing he’d expected to hear happened. “No! Jiminie, I swear when he told us about the contract he never said he would do that. I don’t get why he would. I mean, I knew he was nervous about telling you about the busy schedule, but I didn’t think he would--why would he do that?” The more he says, angrier it seems Tae gets. Jimin knew that Yoongi didn’t tell Tae about his plan to break up, and Jimin wonders how quickly he came to make the decision to break up in the first place. He knows if Yoongi had told Tae, he would have told him immediately, probably after making Yoongi regret it deeply in some way.

“He thinks doing long distance will make me sad,” Jimin laughs wetly, finding it ironic that he’s wiping tears from his eyes now. Yoongi had seemed upset to break the news, but to Jimin it feels so much like an overplayed ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ scenario. He had phrased it like ‘I don’t want to make you miserable’ instead of the ‘you’ll be miserable and clingy, and I don’t want to deal with that’ it had still kind of felt like.

“So he’s not even going to try? I know this summer was hard for both of you, but you don’t just walk away from something like this!” Tae raises his voice and Jimin knows he’s not mad at him, but he never likes seeing Tae angry.

“I don’t think he wants to deal with my clinginess when he’s trying to build his career, Tae.” Jimin knows this summer didn’t set the best precedent for showing Yoongi how he could handle long distance relationships. In fact, Tae says the summer had been hard for him and Yoongi both, but it was really just him who had been clingy and couldn't handle it. Yoongi had assured him several times when they reunited that he missed him and that he didn't like being apart either, but aside from the occasional phone call, it had been him who'd initiated most of their contact. Yoongi never complained about it, but looking back Jimin can see how it'd get annoying and so can he really blame Yoongi for not wanting to try long distance?

"I'm going to kill him when I see him," Tae says with a clenched jaw.

"No," Jimin says quickly. While Jimin is mad and he feels like he’s been suckerpunched to the gut by the whole situation, he can’t wish any harm on Yoongi. He loves him and Yoongi hasn’t even done anything wrong. He’s always treated him with respect and so much love and kindness. Jimin was only just getting used to being cared for in that way after being in a relationship for 6 months. He thinks about how upset Yoongi had seemed and how he'd been willing to not sign the contract, his ticket to his dream, if Jimin just said the word. "I don't--I'm not happy, Tae, I thought we'd really have a future together, you know? But I don't blame him, so I don't want you to either."

"Jiminie, he broke your fucking heart when I warned him not to. I can't help blaming him. I wouldn't be your best friend otherwise." Tae hugs him.

Jimin gives him a sad smile when he pulls back. He's still so upset and if he thinks too hard about it then he'll start crying again and probably make himself sick. "Can we not talk about it right now? I don't want to think about it."

"Sure, you want to watch Attack on Titan?"

Jimin doesn't text Yoongi even though there are several times throughout the days that go by that he itches to. Yoongi doesn't try to contact him either. Jimin thinks it's probably better this way: cold turkey with a clean break. That doesn't mean it sucks any less.

A week goes by and Jimin has to get accustomed to life without Yoongi. He assumes that he's signed the contract by now, not that he'd know. Tae seems to have put the fear of God in all of their friends to not bring Yoongi up and Jimin doesn’t want to torture himself by asking. Jimin tries to just take life a day at a time and does his best not to dwell too much on it. He has to keep reminding himself that he did the right thing by letting Yoongi go even if it keeps him up at night.

Finally, one night, Jimin can’t take it anymore. Tae had asked him if he’d be alright if he spent the night at Jungkook’s. Jimin had reassured him that he’d be fine being alone. He was careful to put on a brave face around all of his friends because he didn’t feel ready to talk about anything, and he didn’t want to bring anybody down. But, when he’s all alone, he picks up the phone.

He wants to call Yoongi to yell at him. Why would he think breaking up would make him less miserable than doing long distance? He’s still in love with him and that’s not going to change just because they aren’t together anymore.

When he clicks on his number all he gets is a voice saying the number is no longer in use.

And oh, Jimin sees. Yoongi doesn’t want him to contact him at all. Jimin’s heart hurts when he thinks about how this was probably just a way to let him down easily. Jimin had thought they were both happy and on their way to forever together like in his dream. Maybe that was naive to think and maybe his reflection in the nightmare was right. He had to grow up a little.

Clearly, something went wrong or he did something wrong along the way. He can’t shake the thoughts that maybe Yoongi thought he was too clingy and needed too much attention over the summer and just doesn’t want to deal with him anymore. He thinks that if Yoongi had just communicated that with him then this wouldn’t have had to end like this--that it wouldn’t hurt like this.

Jimin gives himself a few weeks to wallow and readjust before he has to give himself a pep talk. He needs to pull himself together because being sad all the time isn't helping him in any aspect of his life. So when Hoseok invites him to a party on a Saturday night, he goes.

He, Jungkook, and Tae all meet up at Hoseok and Yoongi’s apartment before the party so that they can all hang out and go together. Jimin's a little hesitant when they get there, and Hoseok seems to catch him looking around.

"If you're looking for Yoongi-hyung, he's not here, Jimin-ah. He moved out."

"Oh." Jimin didn't know that. He hasn't exactly been asking for updates on Yoongi. He knows Yoongi still talks with most, if not all, of their friends excluding Tae and he can probably get his new number off one of them, but they'd ask if that was a good idea. Jimin’s not stupid. He knows contacting him and holding onto hope that they’ll get back together, when Yoongi clearly doesn’t even want him to contact him, will just make things more difficult.

"Yeah, is that why you haven't been coming around when I invite you? He moved into company housing weeks ago," Hoseok says. Tae and Jungkook won't make eye contact with Jimin and he thinks it's safe to say they knew that already too.

"No," Jimin kind of lies. "I just haven't been feeling up to it." That much is true at least. It seems like being sad has drained all of his energy and he's not really eager to go somewhere and subject anyone to his poor mood.

"Right, well, we'll make sure you have fun tonight," Hoseok says with a smile. Jimin smiles back at him gratefully. It might be his first real smile since the day Yoongi broke up with him. Hoseok makes him a giant drink with a stronger combination of liquor than the many mixers he splashes in. It's disgusting, but Jimin chugs it down anyway.


Jimin is drunk by the time they stumble into the house party. He sits down on the couch and Tae pushes Jungkook down next to him before he sits in his lap. Hoseok disappears to presumably get another drink. Jimin knows he has to put in a little effort to have fun, but he doesn't really even want to be here. Tae nudges him and motions with his head to a guy standing in the corner who's staring at them.

"Why don't you go ask him to dance, Jiminie?" Tae shouts over the music into his ear. Jimin likes to dance. It's one of the main reasons he even bothers to attend the occasional party with Hoseok. That's really one of the only things to do at parties where the music is played as loud as it is. He's not about to ask some guy to dance though, or at least he thinks he isn’t until he looks at his friend’s expectant faces. Jimin gets up even though they probably are just looking for a way to to pawn him off so that they can go find a room upstairs to hook up in. Tae gives him a little push.

“Hey,” Jimin shouts when he walks over.

“Hi,” the guy says. “Wanna dance?”

Jimin nods even if he doesn’t feel like it really. It was the whole point of even coming over here. They dance more around each other than with each other, trading turns so it’s more of a dance off than anything else. The guy is pretty good and Jimin actually laughs when they start gathering a crowd.

Jimin’s about to take his turn when the sound of glass breaking is louder than the music. He turns to see a fight breaking out. The couch is empty of Jungkook and Tae. He can’t see them anywhere and he hasn’t seen Hoseok-hyung since the start of the party, but he’s not willing to stick around and get caught in the crosshairs of whatever is happening. The guy he was dancing with pulls at his wrist and they make it outside of the house along with the stampede of people.

“Wait, wait, my friends,” Jimin calls when they make it to the street and he doesn’t stop pulling on him.

“Text them. We shouldn’t stick around though. The police will probably come around. What’s your name?” he asks.

“Jimin,” he says as he pulls out his phone to do it in order to make sure Tae, Jungkook, and Hoseok got out and are all good.

“Cool, I’m Yugyeom. Are you headed back to campus? There’s a cafe this way and we could wait for your friends there.”

Jimin nods and let’s Yugyeom lead the way to Jin-hyung’s cafe. He hears back from Tae and Jungkook first. Apparently they had heard the fight start upstairs and had gotten out before them. Hoseok-hyung ran into some friends, and they were somewhere behind them with the same idea to head to the cafe.

“Jimin-ah! There’s a lot of people here. Did the party already get shut down?” Jin-hyung asks when they get there. “Who’s this?”

“There was a fight, hyung. This is Yugyeom. We just met,” Jimin says, not wanting Jin-hyung to get the wrong idea. “Coffee?” Jimin asks Yugyeom when he sees a line forming behind them. Yugyeom nods. “Can we get two coffees, hyung?”

“Sure,” Jin-hyung says and waves Jimin off when he tries to pull out his wallet to pay. They pick up the coffees from Minhyuk, who works the late shift during their longer weekend hours, and go find a table.

“So you work here?” Yugyeom asks and Jimin nods. “That’s cool. I come here often, but I don’t think I’ve seen you around.”

“Yeah, I don’t work on Saturdays or the night shift.” Jimin doesn’t want to seem rude or anything, but he also doesn’t really want to be having a conversation right now. Yugyeom seems like he’s trying to get to know him and Jimin’s not looking to foster any type of new relationship right now.

“Well, that’d explain it. I would’ve remembered your hair. My boyfriend has the same color right now,” Yugyeom says and Jimin looks up curiously at that. That’d probably explain his staring at the party.

“Oh, so you have a boyfriend?” Jimin asks and Yugyeom grins happily. Jimin can’t help but be a little jealous.

“Yeah, he went back to Thailand for university.”

“That sucks.” Jimin can’t help but think of Yoongi and what it would’ve been like had they done long distance. It would have to suck less than this.

Yugyeom just shrugs. “A little bit, a lot sometimes, but it’s not for forever.”

Hoseok comes in with his friends after that and squishes them into the booth to fit at the one table. Jimin stays quiet, thinking about how this breakup with Yoongi might really be for forever.

When Jimin’s parents call him to see how he’s doing, they ask about Yoongi. Jimin tries to hide the sadness in his voice when he tells them that they broke up, but he’s proud of Yoongi for following his dreams. He still doesn’t want his parents to dislike Yoongi. His parents seem to catch onto his mood anyway.

“Jimin-ah, you will find someone again. There are plenty of fish in the sea. I know you gave a piece of your heart to that young man, so you just take this time to focus on yourself and making yourself happy and whole again,” his eomma says. Jimin has to sign off before he starts crying on the phone.

Weeks go by and Jimin takes his eomma’s advice to heart. He throws himself into his studies and practice. His grades are now the best they’ve ever been and his individual ranking is impressive enough that he’s getting more and more questions about becoming Olympic eligible. He spends more time with his friends even if he’d rather be alone. He knows being alone isn’t good for him right now if he wants to feel any better about himself.

Jin-hyung and Namjoon-hyung start having movie nights at their apartment on Saturdays. They invite everyone, but Jimin knows they’re mostly for his benefit. He appreciates his hyungs for trying not to make it glaringly obvious and for making their hang outs lowkey. Getting drunk at parties surrounded by people he doesn’t know has never really appealed that much to him.

Jimin cuddles with the engaged couple when he, Tae, Jungkook, and Hoseok all pile in their living room to watch whatever weird movie Namjoon picks out. Jin-hyung even plays with his hair sometimes while they watch and it helps Jimin to not feel so alone for awhile.

Jimin’s birthday passes without word from Yoongi. It’s when it really sets in that it’s something he needs to accept. He can’t hold onto hope that they’ll get back together when he doesn’t even warrant a birthday text. Yoongi never made any promises to him and so Jimin shouldn’t wait for him.

Jin-hyung bakes him a cake and they all celebrate at the cafe. Hoseok-hyung and Tae gift him a poorly wrapped box and snigger as they let him open it in public. Jungkook just shakes his head in the back. Jimin flushes and covers his face when he sees that it’s a vibrator. He tries to wrap it back up the best he can before anyone can see. Jin-hyung bops both Hoseok and Tae on the head.

“Ow, what? It’s good stress relief! You always say Jimin-ah works himself too hard,” Hoseok says wiggling his eyebrows at Jin who outright belly laughs. Namjoon snorts. Jimin turns redder.

“You’ll have to tell me when you want to use it, Jiminie, so I can clear the room, but you’ll use it, right? I mean, you had those bu--”

“Tae!” Jimin calls to stop him from saying anything damning about the buttplugs that he never even got back from Yoongi’s nightstand. Besides, what did he do to deserve this? It’s his birthday, they should be celebrating him, not trying to put him in an early grave via embarrassment.

“There’s some things we don’t need to know, Tae-yah,” Namjoon says solemnly even though Hoseok looks kind of curious. It must mean that Hoseok doesn’t know about the buttplugs and suddenly Jimin is glad he never asked him about them. It was too embarrassing to ask Hoseok about their location, if they were still in Yoongi’s old nightstand, so he’d accepted the loss of his buttplugs as a casualty of the breakup.

“Hyung, you’re literally the worst of us all. The other day I tried to use your computer to print something and well...who even downloads porn anymore? The internet exists, you know?” Jungkook says and Namjoon turns to face him suddenly.

“Well maybe you shouldn’t use my resources as your own personal library. Putting me on blast like that...see if I let you use my stuff again,” Namjoon says and then he nervously turns to face Jin who’s lips are pulled into a flat line.

Hoseok looks at Jimin with a hand clutched to his chest and wide eyes as he silently laughs.

“I’m sure it was all old, Jin-hyung,” Jungkook says nervously, trying to backtrack, most likely to redeem his own convenient privilege of using their printer. “I mean, not that I looked that hard,” he looks over at Tae and gulps. “But it seemed...outdated.” Jimin covers his face in his hands.

“Nice try, but we’ve been together for over four years, Kook-ah,” Jin says still looking at Namjoon who’s making an apologetic face.

“Right, and well, it looked at least...older than that,” Jungkook counters weakly.

“He’s only had the computer for two years! I’d know, I was the one who bought it for him for Christmas!” Jin yells at Jungkook while he flails violently. Hoseok laughs at him and is met with a look that silences him quickly. Jungkook winces and shrugs. He tried.

Jimin just hugs the box with his vibrator to his chest and tries to avoid catching Tae’s eyes as he wiggles his eyebrows at him. He loves his friends even if they are really bizarre.

Pretty soon, Jimin goes from not seeing or hearing Yoongi at all, to hearing about him and seeing him everywhere. The album comes out and the promotions are everywhere. Jimin’s downtown shopping with Jin-hyung when he sees a billboard with Yoongi’s face on it.

He stops and stares at it for a while. He’s used to Yoongi looking good, but he’s clearly in makeup for this photoshoot like he’s some kind of idol. Agust D, the billboard says. His dream had gotten that detail right it seems. Jimin just misses him so much and it’s not fair that he’s still inwardly struggling this much after two months of being broken up. Jin-hyung has to pull him away when he realizes what he’s looking at. They go back to his and Namjoon’s apartment.

“Have you listened to it at all?” Jin asks and Jimin knows he’s talking about Yoongi’s album. Jimin shakes his head. He hasn’t been able to bring himself to. The only reason he knows it came out is because he allows himself a 5 minute pity party every night before he goes to sleep of searching him up online. “Well, hopefully one day you’ll feel alright to give it a listen, Jimin-ah. It’s really good.”

And that’s exactly what he needs, a reminder of how well Yoongi is thriving without him. Jimin makes lame excuses that he knows Jin-hyung can see straight through before he makes his leave. Jin let’s him go with an apology. He gets back to his dorm which is thankfully empty before he lets himself cry. He’s getting better at not doing that in front of anyone else now at least.

He hates himself for still being sad all the time. He let himself believe he’d be okay after he let himself feel what he had to feel, and he can keep pretending to be okay--to have his shit together with school and gymnastics--but he’s not. He knows he made a mistake in not begging for Yoongi to try long distance, but they’ve been broken up for two months and even if he got Yoongi’s number to try and ask, it’s a little late for that. Besides, he can’t forget that Yoongi-hyung most likely doesn’t even want to get back together.

Yoongi’s music starts playing everywhere, even on the radio when Jimin’s at practice. Jimin buys the album and slowly makes his way through the whole thing when he’s alone in the dorm. He recognizes most of the songs on it as the final versions of songs Yoongi has shown him before. He has to restart So Far Away, the first song Yoongi ever showed him, over many times because Jimin loses it and can barely listen over his ragged breathing.

There are different sides of Yoongi showcased on the album, all of which Jimin knows and loves. Except now, Jimin has to come to terms with the fact that Yoongi’s no longer just sharing them with him, but the entire world. Because Yoongi’s music climbs to the top of the charts in a lot of different countries. The response to it is overwhelmingly positive. His reach is international just like they’d predicted and Jimin reads about the speculations of a world tour before it’s even announced. Apparently he’s famous enough in Japan to spend a whole month doing dates there, but there’s dates everywhere, starting in Seoul, all before April even starts. Yoongi’s schedule looks jam packed, but it looks like he’ll have time around April to make it to the wedding.

And speaking of the wedding, Jimin agrees to help the engaged couple with their plans considering it’s only a few short months away. It gives him something to do and really Jimin functions just fine as long as he doesn’t let himself have any free time to think about how Yoongi isn’t his anymore. It’s how he finds himself over at Jin-hyung and Namjoon-hyung’s on a Tuesday night after he gets off work.

They eat a quiet dinner and Jimin is starting to think he got more than he bargained for when they all start discussing and researching things for the wedding. The couple can’t seem to agree on a location and Jimin can tell it’s starting to cause tension. He can see why Jin enlisted his help.

“What about colors?” Jimin asks because it sounds simple enough and maybe they’ll settle down if they agree on one thing at least.

“I don’t know. How” Namjoon suggests after a moment of contemplation and Jimin thinks he sounds serious. Before Jimin can even speak a word about how that’s not really a wedding color, Jin whips his head over at him.

“Are we planning a funeral, Joonie? Is that how you view the day you’re marrying me, as your funeral? Really? Black?” Jin rants and Jimin would laugh at Namjoon’s widening eyes if Jin didn’t actually look stressed.

“Hyung,” Namjoon pleads, “you know that’s not true, please.” He comes around the table to hold Jin’s wrist and shake it a little. He bends down to kiss him on the side of his face. “Look, you pick whatever you want, okay? Whatever you want, we’ll make it happen and I won’t argue. It’ll be one of the happiest days of my life as long as I get to marry you.”

Jin smiles a little at that and Namjoon bends down to kiss him on the lips. Jimin looks away to give them some semblance of privacy so they can have their private, romantic moment that Jimin will probably never see for himself. He tries not to be bitter.

“I’m going to head out for a bit, okay? You two can catch me up on the plans later,” Namjoon says and he looks over at Jimin with a nod. Jin sighs, but agrees before he gets up to walk him out to wherever he’s planning on going. Jimin doesn’t want to ask in case it’s with Yoongi, who he knows is in town briefly courtesy of overhearing Jungkook talk earlier at work. Their breakup is not something he wants to think about when he’s here trying to help plan a wedding. He doesn’t want to think about how they might’ve broken up because Yoongi didn’t have time for him anymore, but he can still maybe find the time to hang out with Namjoon.

“Bye, hyung,” Jimin calls before he watches them leave the room. Namjoon waves. Jin comes back shortly.

“God, I’m turning into groomzilla, aren’t I, Jimin-ah?” Jin asks with a laugh.

“You’re not so bad, hyung,” Jimin shrugs. He’d listened to them argue over a location for almost an hour, but he thinks it’s kind of understandable. They obviously are only planning on getting married once, and they want it to be special. Jin smiles at him thankfully, probably because he thinks he’s lying to be nice.

“It’s a lot. We didn’t give ourselves much time to plan when we set the date, and I want things to be nice, but nice weddings at fancy venues are really expensive. Joonie doesn’t want to spare any expense and well, I have a savings for us, but it’s more for starting a family. That’s really more important to both of us, I think. Adoption is really expensive, you know?”

Jimin grins and thinks of Jinho and Jihyo and how perfect of a family they were. “I can imagine, hyung, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it if that’s something you both want.” Jin smiles at him.

“Jimin-ah, I’ve been meaning to ask. You can say no, I know it might make things awkward because Yoongi is Joonie’s best man, but will you be my best man?” Jin-hyung asks and Jimin is shocked because even though they’re close and have gotten closer since Yoongi and him broke up, he didn't think he'd be Jin’s first choice at best man. “I can ask Hoseok-ah, if you'd rather.”

“What? No way, hyung! I've known you way longer,” Jimin says quickly. “Of course I’ll be your best man.”

“So you'll be fine with Yoongi-yah there?”

Jimin just shrugs. Fine is a relative term. He’ll likely be even more heartbroken, watching two of his friends get married while standing near the man he once thought he’d marry. But, he's not going to make a scene about it, so he’ll be fine.

“Have you talked with him since…?”

“Since he dumped me because he didn't want to do long distance? You don't have to sugarcoat it, hyung. And no, we haven't talked at all.” Jimin still doesn’t even have his new number. He hasn’t even talked about Yoongi with any of his friends, really, unless you count Jungkook’s accidental slip of ‘have you seen hyung’s new music video? It’s so sick’ when he forgot who he was talking to, or Tae’s attempts at coaxing a conversation about it out of him to ‘make him feel better.’ Besides, if Yoongi had wanted to talk to him at any point he would’ve. Maybe he hasn’t even thought of him at all. Jin looks surprised at his response.

“Is that how you remember your last conversation? Him not wanting to do long distance? Jimin-ah, I think you guys should talk. He’s--”

“Hyung,” Jimin cuts him off. He really can’t take it anymore. He’s been trying so hard to move past everything and accept things for how they are now. Jimin’s spent so many hours trying to console his own conscious that he did the right thing in not asking him to stay. Talking about it now, while it’s still so raw despite the time that’s passed, is not something he wants to do.

Jin sighs deeply before he acquiesces. Jimin is grateful.

It’s late November, two days before Yoongi’s concert in Seoul, when Tae asks hesitantly, “Jiminie, do you want to come to hyung’s concert?”

Jimin didn’t expect the question from Tae, who for the first month after the breakup had seemed content to act like Yoongi was satan. He’d suspected that he and Yoongi had started talking somewhere along the way from the amount of times he walks in on him and Jungkook talking about him, but going quiet when they realize he’s there. Jimin doesn’t know how it happened and he tries not to be bitter. It’s not like there’s sides to pick. Their breakup wasn’t a big blowout fight, nobody cheated on anyone, there’s no reason Jimin’s friends should be angry with Yoongi--he’d even said that himself multiple times. It still bothers him for some reason.

“I thought tickets were sold out?” Jimin asks instead of answering. He doesn’t really know if Yoongi would even want him there.

“Hyung offered to give us tickets. He has a certain number set aside, you know? He just wants to know how many we need. You don’t have to come if you don’t want to. No one is going to force you, Jiminie.”

Yoongi probably has other people he wants to invite. He probably doesn’t want to waste a ticket on his ex-boyfriend. He wants to see Yoongi, the same guy who’d been shy to show him his music at first, perform live and be happy to display his talent to thousands of cheering people. Jimin thinks it must be a surreal sight to see, but Yoongi hasn’t given him any indication that he wants him there. He doesn’t want to sour any part of it for Yoongi and he’s not sure he could stand to sit there and be reminded of how much better Yoongi is doing without him.

“No, I’m okay. He should use his ticket for someone he wants there.”

“Hyung, he wants--I don’t think,” Tae sighs, cutting himself off. “Okay, do you mind if I go?”

“Go if you want, Taetae, I’m not going to stop you.” Jimin isn’t going to stop his friends from supporting their friend just because they’re broken up. Jimin’s not that cruel.


The day after the concert when he’s scrolling through his social media, he can see videos and pictures posted by his friends of Yoongi performing. There’s a picture of all of them standing proudly with Yoongi, all sweaty from after the show, and it kind of reminds him of the picture that was in the hallway of his and Yoongi’s house in the dream. Except in this one, Jimin’s not there. Jimin wipes his face roughly, unsure of when he started crying, and logs out of social media. Not for the first time, he decides he hates this version of the future.

It’s early December when he’s cuddled with Jin-hyung on his couch. They’re talking about the wedding which is seeming more and more real and exciting as it grows closer, when Namjoon walks into the apartment dressed in black dress pants, a low cut black shirt with a black blazer thrown over it, and a red choker.

“Hyung! You look nice. I’ve never seen you so dressed up before. This isn’t what you’re planning on wearing to the wedding is it? Because you know it’s bad luck to show Jin-hyung before your wedding day,” Jimin jokes. He knows it isn’t what he’s wearing because him and Jin-hyung have extensively talked about wardrobe for the wedding. Besides, Jin-hyung really wants pink as their color so the red choker would never fly with him.

“Ah, Jimin-ah, no, it’s for the award show tonight. Hyung invited me along,” Namjoon says hesitantly like he thinks it’ll make Jimin mad. Jimin tries not to deflate.

“I didn’t think they’d let just anyone in those things,” Jimin laughs so they know he’s joking and not upset.

“Well, uh, no, they don’t. Hyung’s waiting in the car. I just had to come in to grab my wallet, so…” Namjoon trails off to go further into the apartment to get his wallet. Jimin’s brain just kind of short circuits. He didn’t know there was even an award show tonight and Yoongi is outside?

Namjoon comes back into the room and Jin-hyung gets up to kiss his boyfriend goodbye and feel him up a little in his fancy outfit. Namjoon says his goodbyes but Jimin can only nod absently as his brain tries to catch up with the fact that Yoongi is outside. Jin-hyung comes back to sit down on the couch.

“You okay?” Jin asks.

“Hyung...he didn’t even want to come in.” Jimin is stuck on that. He’s spent so much of his energy missing Yoongi when Yoongi can’t even bring himself to be in his presence for the short amount of time it took for Namjoon to grab his wallet.

“Jimin-ah, Joonie was just grabbing his wallet. He probably didn’t even know you were here,” Jin assures him, but Jimin hardly hears him. He covers his eyes as his chest starts heaving.

“It’s not fair, hyung. I miss him so bad and he doesn’t even want to see me,” Jimin chokes out with a wavering voice as he struggles to breathe around sobs. Jin pulls him in for a tight hug.

“No, no, don’t do that, Jimin-ah. Don’t assume things when you guys haven’t even talked. Why didn’t you say anything if you were hurting this bad?”

“It’s true, he changed his number because he didn’t want to talk to me and now he doesn’t even want to see me,” Jimin cries into Jin’s shoulder. “I love him so much, it’s not fair.”

Jin just breathes out and rubs at his back comfortingly until Jimin exhausts himself and falls asleep.

Jin doesn’t bring up that night even though Jimin can tell he wants to pick at it until it’s resolved in some way. Jimin doesn’t see how it could be.


Soon the semester is over. He finishes with straight A’s, his highest ranking as a gymnast ever, and without contact from Yoongi. He stays in Seoul to watch Hoseok and Namjoon graduate and celebrates with their friends, but afterwards he looks forward to going home to Busan for time with his family over the break. He thinks that Seoul just reminds him of Yoongi and maybe taking a break from it will lessen the pain in his chest that he still gets when he thinks of him.

Distance, like time, doesn’t do much to make him feel better. He still misses Yoongi in Busan as fiercely as he missed him while in Seoul. It doesn’t help that his hyung is an Agust D fan. He tries to keep it on lock, but his ringtone is set to Give It To Me, and there’s no hiding it.

His parents are upset that he’s still sad. His eomma and appa spoil him to make sure that he knows he’s loved. It makes it a little bit easier, but Jimin still misses Yoongi, and part of him thinks he always will.

The new semester starts. He has a new set of classes that seem promising, but also come with a heavier workload. He’s required to log a certain number of research credits this semester, and he can tell it will keep him busy. It doesn’t take long for him to get back into the routine of practice, class, and work. He’s glad Tae had still chosen to room with him despite the fact that Jimin knows Jungkook had tried to steal him away. They still get to binge watch anime together on nights they’re both free.

Come February, Jimin watches the 2018 Olympics alone in the dorm while Tae is off with Jungkook. He tells himself it’s better this way. His coach had wanted him to do qualifiers, especially since his rank had improved so much. People had even wanted interviews from him and his parents had even asked him, but Jimin had stood his ground even if he thinks there’s a version of that story where he doesn’t injure himself.

The Olympics is still not something he wanted, not for a long time since he stopped loving gymnastics the way he used to. And after he watches the gymnastics events he’s grateful, at least, that publically hurting himself in front of his parents and Yoongi is one less thing he has to worry about.


Chapter Text

Yoongi waves, but doesn’t stop as his manager leads him past the crowd of fans cheering for him outside the airport. He’s grateful to them for supporting him, but it’s 4am, and the last thing he wants right now is for someone to take his picture. He’d just landed in Seoul and, despite the whirlwind that’s been the past 6 months, he still isn’t used to sleeping on planes so he’s thankful for the mask covering his face. He isn’t used to people recognizing him on the street either, let alone waiting for him at the airport. All he wants to do is go home and sleep for a couple days.

Tour had been incredible for the past few months, getting to go new places and experience new things. He can’t believe he was ever hesitant to share his music with people. He didn’t doubt his ability to pursue music as a career after being praised and encouraged throughout school, but his music is so different from what he turned in for grades. It’s autobiographical and the thought of sharing his own personal experiences and feelings, especially during the times when he’d felt low, was daunting and it seemed like he would be opening himself up to judgement he wasn’t ready to face. He’ll forever be grateful to Jimin for helping him gather the courage to take a chance and put himself out there. Jimin, Yoongi can’t stop the tight feeling in his chest he gets every time he thinks about how he had let him go.

He crawls into the backseat of the car and closes the door behind him. The windows are tinted enough that he can finally close his eyes and rest while he’s taken back to his apartment. He takes the time to reflect on things he’s been struggling to keep out of his thoughts.

While tour had been amazing, it’s been grueling on him in a lot of ways. The times spent not on stage or preparing to go on stage had made him feel more lonely than when he’d truly been alone. Even though he’d constantly been surrounded by people, it hadn’t been the same as having Jimin in his arms. Knowing that he’d be coming home to life without Jimin in it, the way he wants him to be at least, has lost him sleep. He enjoyed getting to do what he loved, but he couldn’t help longing for what he had.

Yoongi had been so sure Jimin would at least try and contact him, maybe say something supportive to make this suck less in the way he usually did. It was completely stupid because the whole reason he’d broken it off was so that Jimin didn’t have to wait for him and didn’t have to worry about trying to keep an open line of communication. And, if he’s being honest with himself, so that he didn’t have to feel guilty about not being there in the way that he should be. Every day that passed without anything from Jimin has made him doubt his decision, regardless of how happy doing all of this has made him. He feels shitty knowing he was the reason that Jimin hasn’t contacted him. It had killed him to break it off and when he performed in Seoul knowing Jimin wasn’t in the crowd watching, he’d known he’d made a mistake. Not that it had actually taken him that long to figure it out, but it was definitely cemented then. Now, with the past six months of no communication--the same length of time that was their relationship, Yoongi wasn’t sure he could correct it.

Just because Yoongi hadn’t heard from Jimin, doesn’t mean he hasn’t been made aware of what’s going on in his life. He’d constantly, and probably annoyingly, asked after him to Namjoon. Well, at first it was just Namjoon, but then he couldn’t tell him everything he wanted to know and once he’d gotten a taste he wasn’t about to stop.

Jungkook was next, though he’d mostly just told him what Jimin was working on for classes behind the counter at work when the cafe was slow. Still, it was something and Yoongi held onto it tightly.

Hoseok had refused to spy for him at first--Yoongi had predicted this of his old roommate and that was the reason he wasn’t the first person he went to. After he’d cracked, Hoseok had taken to sending him selcas of them both after yoga on Wednesday nights or pictures of Jimin sleeping at their movie nights. Yoongi slept better when he got those.

Jin was next, but his updates mostly just made him feel guilty for leaving, so Yoongi tried not to resort to asking him. He knew from the others that Jin and Jimin had gotten closer since he left, so he couldn’t fault Jin for wanting to make him feel like trash.

Taehyung, who’d been openly furious with him--understandably, for breaking his best friend’s heart like he’d promised he wouldn’t--had taken a while to come around. It had taken Yoongi almost crying on the phone with him before Tae seemed to realize that he was more miserable than Jimin probably, despite the traveling and the money and the new found fame. Tae was very forthcoming with information after that. His texts were usually what he needed to hear to get through the day without feeling the overwhelming guilt at leaving Jimin and the doubt that he made the right decision. They weren’t anything earth shattering, just: Jimin missed him, but he was laughing at Jin-hyung’s dumb joke or Jimin missed him, but he got a 100 on his abnormal psychology exam. Overall, Yoongi just needed reassurance that he’d done the right thing by Jimin.

It made him happy to hear that he was doing alright, but also he couldn’t help but feel like he was almost doing better without him. Yoongi had taken to recording the university gym meets that were televised and watching them when he had a break in his schedules. He knew it wasn’t something he should get in the habit of doing, it wasn’t healthy to torture himself like that, but he couldn’t help it. Jimin was doing so well and Yoongi missed him fiercely. He’d wanted so bad some nights to just hear his voice, but he couldn’t pick up the phone and do that to Jimin, not when the whole point of all of this was so that Jimin didn’t have to be sad. Yoongi knew that calling Jimin in order to be comforted and told that he did the right thing in breaking up with him would be cruel. Especially because he knew Jimin was the type of person who’d probably show him nothing but kindness if he did even if he absolutely wouldn’t deserve it.

When Yoongi finally gets to his apartment, he takes his bag from the trunk and goes inside. He kicks off his shoes at the door, throws down his bag, and goes into his room to crash.

He wakes up late the next day, clearly his body needed the rest. He has the next two weeks off from schedules and so he’s surprised to see a text on his phone from his manager telling him to stay out of too much trouble. He snorts a laugh at it. Hyungwon had told him several times during tour how boring he was, so he knows it’s meant as a joke. Yoongi thinks it’s funny that Hyungwon had been the one trying to get him to go out after shows when all Yoongi wanted to do was curl up at the hotel and go to sleep. He supposes it makes his job too boring, but Yoongi isn’t exactly the pinnacle of scandal.

Yoongi hangs around his place until he’s supposed to meet up and have dinner at Jin and Namjoon’s apartment. It’s been so long since he drove himself somewhere that it feels weird, but he arrives in one piece so that’s something.

“Hey,” Namjoon greets him at the door, pulling him into a one armed hug. Yoongi hugs him back. They’d talked while he was away, but he’s happy to see his friend’s smiling dimples. “I ordered in, hope that’s okay with you.”

“What? Jin-hyung’s not willing to cook a home cooked meal for me?” Yoongi was kind of looking forward to it if he’s being honest with himself, but he’s glad that Namjoon didn’t attempt to cook for him. Namjoon just laughs.

“Jin-hyung’s not around. He went out with Jimin-ah to finalize something for the wedding Thursday. Honestly, it’s better if I don’t ask,” Namjoon says and Yoongi slips off his shoes at the door before following him further into the apartment to sit at the table. He doesn’t say anything at the mention of Jimin’s name and he’s proud of that.

“He’s giving you a hard time about it still?” he asks instead.

“Ah, well, he’s just being so frugal. He didn’t want to have a rehearsal because he didn’t want to have to book the venue for two nights which I understand, but what if something goes wrong? I’m nervous as hell.” Namjoon fidgets which further proves his point.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine. Besides, we’ll get to blow off some steam tomorrow at your bachelors party. Hoseok-ah told me you’re still refusing strippers.” Yoongi says and Namjoon laughs.

“Hyung, I’m about to happily be married to the guy I’ve been in a monogamous relationship with for the past going on 5 years. The time for strippers has passed. I told you guys I want lowkey.” Namjoon looks even more like a mature dad than he usually does when he says it.

“Joon-ah, the time for strippers has never passed,” Yoongi jokes. “What’s Jin-hyung doing for his?”

“I think he and Jimin-ah planned like facials and massages or something. I don’t know. I didn’t ask, mostly because I didn’t want him to ask me,” Namjoon offers and Yoongi can’t bite his tongue this time.

“So is Jimin-ah taking anyone to the wedding?” Yoongi’s been meaning to ask because if he is, then he needs to mentally prepare himself for it. He’d think that one of them would have told him if there was someone new in Jimin’s life, but he couldn’t be too sure. Namjoon just sighs and rubs at his eyes.

“Hyung, what do you think? Don’t ask stupid questions. Seriously, you really need to handle that before the ceremony. Jin-hyung’s going to be pissed if y’all distract anyone in any way. He’s put a lot of time and effort into this.”

“Okay.” Yoongi doesn’t know how the hell he’s going to ‘handle’ it, but he agrees to spare himself from more of Namjoon’s disappointed tone.

“Hyung, invite him to breakfast or something in the morning tomorrow. You guys need to talk and figure some stuff out because this clearly isn’t working for either of you.”


“No, you think I haven’t gone through this either? When I studied in America for a year and Jin-hyung was here, you don’t think we struggled? Of course we did. It sucked, but we didn’t walk away from each other. You think I’d still be marrying him in two days if we did? If anything it made us stronger. Hyung, I’ve kept quiet because your choices are your own, but it’s ridiculous now. If you care for him, you two will find a way to make it work.” Namjoon doesn’t say anything Yoongi doesn’t already know, but he can’t help being bitter at the timing. Maybe this could have helped him fix his fuck up six months ago, but now it seems too little, too late.

“Joon-ah, it’s been six months. What am I supposed to do? Ask him to take me back? How the hell would that work? Besides, nothing would be the same. I can’t take him out. Contractually, I’m not even allowed to date, let alone another man.” He’d balked at that line in the contract and got it amended to ‘openly date,’ but still Yoongi doesn’t even let himself get his hopes up. Jimin deserves more than what he can give him and he won’t fool himself into thinking that he’s worthy of being taken back after abruptly cutting him from his life for six months. Namjoon clucks his disapproval.

“Well, I’d start with talking to him. That’s usually a good place to start.” Namjoon makes himself a plate of food before tucking in. Yoongi does the same and searches for another conversation topic that won’t make him feel inadequate and will stop Namjoon’s outward disapproval.




Yoongi really does want to talk to Jimin before the wedding if for no reason other than to prevent some of the inevitable awkwardness. When he wakes up he goes to text him about breakfast or lunch before he realizes that he doesn’t have his number saved in his new phone. The company made him change his number for privacy shortly after he signed the contract and it ended up being easier to just buy a new phone. He’d transferred over his contacts, but had deleted Jimin’s to remove temptation. He purses his lips and decides to get it off Jin since he was going to text him anyway.


Hey, missed you last night, hyung. What are you up to today?


He tries to make conversation so it doesn’t seem like he’s just using him to get Jimin’s number. Plus, he is actually curious about what Jin-hyung is doing with his last day as an unmarried man.


Kim S.: Yoongi-yah, tomorrow the stars will align and we will meet again!!!! Also, I’ll be married. It’s so crazy????


Yoongi looks down at his phone and wonders if Jin is alright. Maybe the pre-wedding jitters have him a little loopy.


...Are you drunk?


Kim S.: No, I’m not Drunk. My name is Seokjin


Yoongi groans but snorts despite himself. He should screenshot this conversation and send it to Namjoon to make sure he really wants to tie himself to this mess of a human for the rest of their lives, but he gets another text before he can do that.


Kim S.: Jimin-ah says that one wasn’t funny. :( We’ve had a few at the salon ahah Spa and strippers later!1


There’s no doubt in Yoongi’s mind that he’s serious about the strippers, but it’s like 10am and if Jin’s already drinking then they have a long day ahead of them. He guesses that means they’re pretty busy and he doesn’t want to take Jimin away from the groom-to-be.


Sounds fun. Be careful. Drink some water or something.


Kim S.: You sound like Jimin-ah! You two are no fun~ Perfect for each other


Yoongi bites his lip and doesn’t respond.




Yoongi meets up with Jungkook and Hoseok at his old apartment to help set up for the bachelor party in the late afternoon. He walks in the door and laughs out loud.

“What the hell is this?” Yoongi asks gesturing to the dildos that are intermittently suction cupped to the apartment walls. Jungkook is jumping on the couch to stick yet another one to the wall above the couch as Hoseok laughs hysterically.

“They’re just decoration, hyung,” he says with a grin. Yoongi knew when he pawned off the job of planning this party to Hoseok he was potentially setting up something a little more than the ‘lowkey’ Namjoon claimed he wanted, but somehow Hoseok has managed to outdo himself.

“Did you seriously buy like 30 dildos for this? We’re not even staying here, are we?” Yoongi asks Hoseok and stares at Jungkook as he nods at his handiwork. The dildo is almost on the ceiling.

“Hyung, don’t be a party pooper. Joon-ah will appreciate this. Besides, we’re going out, but I’ve just always wanted to do this,” Hoseok explains and Yoongi looks at him skeptically.

“Well, I’m glad you waited until I moved out to indulge yourself. What does Minhyuk think about this?” Yoongi asks gesturing to all the dildos and thinking about Hoseok’s new roommate. Hoseok just barks a laugh and Yoongi takes that to mean he doesn’t know this is happening.

“Hyung, wait till you hear what Hoseok-hyung planned. It’s going to be awesome. He--” Jungkook starts, but Hoseok shushes him. Yoongi is starting to get a little worried if he’s not even allowed to hear the plan.

“You’ll see. We’ll have fun, I promise,” Hoseok says and Yoongi knows he has a right to be worried now. Hoseok’s idea of fun could never be described as tame or lowkey when he gets like this. Hoseok always seems to have two moods: off, also known as ‘hyung, leave me alone I’m tired and not in the mood,’ and maximum energy. There was no middle ground. Yoongi almost wishes that Jin and Namjoon would have a joint bachelor party so that they could all work together to keep him from being arrested.

Only almost, though, because that would mean he’d have to see Jimin before the wedding which is getting progressively more nerve wracking. It makes him more anxious than the first time he performed on stage as Agust D. He wonders how the hell he managed to screw up so badly that he ended up here, when being around Jimin used to feel as comfortable as coming home.

There’s a knock at the door and Hoseok wiggles his eyebrows at him before he goes to open it. “The man of the hour! Kim Namjoonie has arrived,” Hoseok says loudly in an announcer voice. Namjoon just laughs before he walks into the apartment and takes site of all the dildos stuck to the wall.

“Oh my God, this is amazing,” he says and Yoongi honestly can’t believe this man is thinking about adopting kids in the near future. There’s no hope for the future generation. “I mean these walls aren’t exactly smooth. How?” he asks in amazement.

“Hyung! Look at the one I did!” Jungkook points to the dildo near the ceiling. “We had to wet the suction cups, but they’re surprisingly strong. I guess they’d have to be…” he trails off and Yoongi watches Jungkook’s series of facial expressions as he actually thinks about the strength the suction cup on a dildo has to have in order to allow someone to fuck themselves on it.

“I have to take a picture,” Namjoon laughs and Yoongi watches in a mixture of horror and amusement as this grown and soon to be married man whips out his phone and snaps a picture of the dildo near the ceiling. “Jin will think this is hilarious.”

“Ah, no no no,” Hoseok says plucking the phone from his hands before he can send it to anyone. “No phones. Whatever happens tonight stays between the four of us.” He holds out his hand for Yoongi’s phone too, but Yoongi laughs and shakes his head.

“I’ll control myself from posting anything on my public SNS, don’t worry. I don’t trust you not to get us all killed though and for safety reasons I need to keep my phone,” he says and Hoseok just looks at him exasperated.

“Have a little faith. I’m sure everything will be great,” Namjoon says to Yoongi before addressing Hoseok like he’s not in the room, “Yoongi-hyung just needs a few drinks in him and then he’ll be less prickly. I’m not exactly sure why he’s in a bad mood, but I could guess.” Namjoon looks at him knowingly. Like he knows he didn’t talk to Jimin like he said he would, but he’s not sure how he knows that. He must have asked Jin.

“Guys, I think the limo is here,” Jungkook calls from where he’s looking outside the window. Yoongi tries to withhold all biting comments about how they’re going to ride in a limo like they were going to prom or something.

“Oh, good, let me just grab my bag and we can go,” Hoseok says before going off in the direction of his room.

“Kook-ah, what are we doing?” Yoongi asks now that Hoseok is momentarily not there to stop him.

“No, hyung, my lips are sealed,” Jungkook says and mimes zipping his lips. Namjoon looks curious and not at all worried. It’s almost as if he expected this even though he claimed he wanted lowkey.

Hoseok comes back with a large backpack and refuses to say what’s in the bag. Yoongi eyes it suspiciously even when they’re en route to what he’s been assured is a normal restaurant.

It turns out that he’s being paranoid because dinner is pretty standard. Thanks to the hat he has pulled low, no one even recognizes him. It’s nice to catch up with all of them and Namjoon hardly stops smiling, so they’re doing something right. It isn’t until they’re out for drinks that Yoongi realizes letting his guard down was a bad idea. They’ve each had a few when Yoongi can’t find Hoseok. Jungkook just laughs when he asks after him.

“Bathroom, maybe?” Namjoon says with a shrug. He seems nonchalant about it, Yoongi thinks it’s just the alcohol making him numb. He’s pretty sure Namjoon would be a million times more concerned if he was sober.

He doesn’t have to wait long to see where Hoseok went because he comes back shortly in a police uniform costume. He’s waving around a baton and Yoongi isn’t drunk enough for this yet. He goes to the bar to order more shots and downs them in quick succession. When he turns around he sees Hoseok stroking the baton suggestively. He watches from afar as Namjoon throws his head back and laughs. Hoseok tries to straddle his lap and Namjoon is laughing too hard to put any real force behind trying to push him off.

The lap dance Hoseok proceeds to give him in the crowded bar isn’t even Hoseok’s best work, they’re both laughing too hard, but it still garners enough attention. People are filming them with their phones and Yoongi knows that somehow Jin is going to see one of the videos. He just turns back to the bar to settle their tab when he sees security making their way over to see what everyone is crowding around them for.

They take their leave before they find some way to get themselves kicked out, and walk the streets to find another bar with ‘better music’ as Hoseok puts it.

“I can’t believe you guys couldn’t spring for a real stripper,” Namjoon laughs as he drunkenly stumbles down the sidewalk.

“Joon-ah, you said you didn’t even want a stripper,” Yoongi reminds him.

“I thought Hoseok-hyung did a great job. The baton was a nice touch,” Jungkook offers and he sounds suspiciously sober. Yoongi can feel the haze of the alcohol even more now, even against the cool night breeze. It’s like the shots hit him all at once because one moment he’s there and the next he’s gone.




Yoongi wakes up on the day of the wedding with the worst hangover. His eyes are crusted shut and there’s someone stroking his hair. He pries his eyes open to see his head is in Jungkook’s lap and he’s laying on his old sofa.

“What the fuck?” he groans and rubs at his eyes. His mouth tastes like something died in it. He turns his head a little to see Jungkook’s face fully. He looks alert and not at all hungover, but even the small motion makes his head hurt.

“How are you feeling, hyung?” Jungkook asks still playing with his hair.

“Like shit, what the fuck happened? Have you even slept?” Yoongi finds it hard to believe he slept sitting up if he did.

“No, I was really worried about you,” Jungkook says and Yoongi racks his brain for the events of the night before, but can’t remember much after the lap dance Hoseok gave to Namjoon.

Hoseok and Namjoon enter the room looking far too cheerful for people who went out the night before. “Oh good, you’re up,” Hoseok says with a grin.

Yoongi thinks ‘up’ is overestimating his state of being right now. “What the hell happened last night?”

“Hyung, we were all having fun! I’ve never been to a gay club before but we seriously have to go back there. Everyone was so nice. Anyway, you were dancing on the table and it was so fucking funny. Like, hyung, I didn’t know you could even drop it that low. I’m pretty sure Hoseok-hyung filmed it with your phone,” Jungkook says and then he hesitates, “but then you started crying and it kind of went downhill from there.”

“No, I fucking didn’t.” Yoongi refuses to believe that he ‘dropped it low’ or cried, let alone in a public space. It sounds horrifying.

“You did,” Namjoon says with a wince.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t even realize I was even that drunk.” His tolerance is usually pretty high, but it’s been awhile since he had more than a couple drinks at once. That’s actually really embarrassing. He hopes he never sees any video proof of the night before. “What was I even crying about?”

“Hyung, you practically bought out the whole bar. You were blackout drunk. I’ve never even seen you that drunk,” Hoseok says. “And well, you cried about Jimin and how much you miss him.”

Yoongi groans before he realizes that he’s going to see Jimin today. That is a thing that’s happening and Yoongi can feel his heart rate increase as he thinks about it.

“Don’t look so worried, hyung, it wasn’t anything that we didn’t already know,” Namjoon tries to comfort.

“Yeah, and we did our best to keep you from looking blackout drunk when all the paparazzi showed up,” Jungkook tells him and Yoongi just hums his thanks before it registers what he actually said.

“Wait, what? Paparazzi?” Yoongi sits up abruptly even if it makes him nauseous. Fuck, he has zero memory of any of this happening.

“Yeah, I think it was...” Namjoon starts, but falters, “okay, so it was kind of bad? But you’ll probably still have a career after this, but you definitely want to call Hyungwon. He seemed mad when we answered your phone.”

Yoongi bangs his head against the wall behind the couch wishing the world would just swallow up all evidence of the night before. The force behind it must have unsuctioned the dildo from the wall because it startles him as it falls on him. Fuck.

Namjoon bursts out laughing.




A call to his manager, some food and a nap on the couch to cure his hangover later, Yoongi is feeling much better. Hyungwon seemed to think his career wasn’t in danger and that it's a small PR blip that’d blow over. He even sounded a little proud by the end of their conversation.


Everyone else seems to have made much more progress than him in getting ready for the ceremony. Namjoon stands over him with half of his tux already pulled on.

“Are you sure that’s safe to put on right now? You aren’t worried about spilling something on it? You have a few hours,” Yoongi says trying to be helpful, Namjoon just snorts a laugh like it’s unheard of that he’d spill something.

“I’ll be extra careful, trust me. Now are you good? Because I can’t have my best man down. I’d have to ask Hoseok-hyung to step in.”

“I’m fine, besides how the hell is he supposed to marry you two and be your best man at the same time?” Yoongi resents the fact that he can be so easily replaced.

“Right, right.”

“Nervous?” Yoongi asks even though the look on Namjoon’s face is telling.

“Like hell,” he says and Yoongi laughs.

“Don’t worry so much. Jin-hyung’s put up with you for this long.” He can’t say the same for his nerves about Jimin.




When they arrive at the venue, Yoongi hardly has time to be anxious about seeing Jimin because he’s immediately swept away to get hair and makeup done before people start showing up. Apparently there’s plenty of things to still set up that he’s almost too busy to notice the time ticking by before he’s split up from Hoseok and Namjoon.

He and Jungkook get sequestered into a room along with Namjoon’s sister, Geong-min, and told to wait there until they’re ready to walk down the aisle and stand by Namjoon’s side. It’s supposed to be a small and short ceremony. Jin hadn’t wanted anything too big, just a small ordeal where they could openly share their love with their closest friends and family. Yoongi figures that’s the whole point of a wedding anyway, well, that and getting presents and partying. But even this small event seems like it’s caused a lot of stress to plan, though, and he’s not sure how he’d do it if he was given the chance. Well, he’d probably hire a wedding planner, for one.

He’s shaken out of his thoughts about his uncertain future marriage when Tae-yah comes into the room from a door he hadn’t even noticed.

“Oh, hyung! Hey, long time no see,” Tae greets with a silly grin and Jungkook kisses his boyfriend on the cheek.

“Hey Tae-yah, you ready for this?” Yoongi asks gesturing to the door they're supposed to exit through shortly.

“Don’t I look ready?” Tae does a slow spin.

“You look very nice,” Jungkook says dutifully. Yoongi snorts, but Tae beams at him before turning to Geong-min curiously. “Oh yeah, Taetae, this is Namjoon’s sister, Geong-min. Geong-min, Taehyung.”

Tae smiles at her. “Nice to meet you.”

“You too. Is Jin-oppa ready to marry my disaster of a brother?” Geong-min asks as she nods toward the door Tae just came from.

Tae laughs. “He’s getting there. He’s got Jiminie, his brother, and his mom in there with him right now.”

Yoongi freezes at the mention of Jimin’s name. All his anxiety about seeing him again builds just like that. He doesn’t know how Jimin will react to seeing him again. Will he be angry with him? Will he ignore him? Will he act like nothing happened between them? He doesn’t think Jimin will be cold toward him, but it’s been six months and he’s so unsure about what Jimin’s feeling now.

“...Is that okay? Yoongi-hyung?” Tae snaps in front of his face and Yoongi scowls at him. He laughs. “Sorry, you weren’t paying attention. I asked if it’s okay that you’re walking out first?” Tae asks and Yoongi just nods. “With Jiminie, of course, since you guys are both best man--best men?”

Oh, Yoongi didn’t actually even think about that, but yeah they’re supposed to walk down the aisle together. Yoongi suddenly wishes he’d made more of an effort to talk to Jimin before this. Tae, Jungkook, and Geong-min are all looking at him expectantly.

“Yeah, that’s fine. Is he--do I have time to talk to him before it starts?”

Tae narrows his eyes at him before he sighs and looks down at his watch. “If you can pry him away from Jin-hyung, in the last 3 minutes he has before he starts his wedding ceremony, and talk with him for whatevers left of those 3 minutes.”

Yoongi thinks that’s probably Tae’s way of saying no, but he walks over to the door and knocks. He doesn’t wait for a response before he cracks it open. Jin-hyung is in his dusty pink tux and his face almost matches it with how flushed it is. His mother is trying to coax him into drinking some water. It’s the first time Yoongi has ever seen him look anything but confident and self assured. He feels a little bad for bursting in until he turns to the side and sees Jimin-ah.

Jimin’s in the same suit as the rest of the wedding party--with the exception of the grooms--black slacks with a pink, blue, and silver sequined jacket over a white shirt. He wears it well, Yoongi’s sure Jimin looks infinitely better in it than he does, but what’s new is the soft bubblegum shade of his fluffy hair. His full lips part slightly as they make eye contact. Yoongi doesn’t know what his own face is doing because he’s focused on other things, but he’s pretty sure it must look ridiculous.

Yoongi didn’t forget how attractive Jimin was while he was gone. His mind wouldn’t let him considering how he was the only one he could think of as he hurriedly got off in the shower to relieve the stress from his hectic schedule or when he just thought of him right before he went to bed, remembering how soft and warm the younger boy felt in his arms despite the amount of muscle beneath his skin, the slightly crooked tooth in the front of his mouth when he smiled with his eyes crinkled up, and the way his cheeks flushed whenever he laughed. It was all so endearing, and Yoongi is hit with just how much he still loves the boy in front of him and how much he missed him--still does even though he’s standing right in front of him--not just for his endearing qualities, but the less endearing ones too. Like how stubborn Jimin could be when he thought he was right about something, or the way he couldn’t let things go and had to worm his way into every problem that wasn’t his to try to help, but didn’t like ‘burdening’ people with his own problems. Yoongi knows he made a grave error when he broke up with him, but so many more with every day that’s passed that he didn’t try to fix it.

“Hyung,” Jimin says and Yoongi feels his eyes prick and he takes a deep breath so he doesn’t ruin the makeup around his eyes. Yoongi doesn’t know what to say and he doesn’t think any talent he has with words could help him right now, so he opens his mouth and lets out the first thing on his brain.

“You dyed your hair.” Yoongi wants to punch himself in the face. Six months. Six months and that’s what he opens with. There’s a clearing of a throat behind him.

“Guys, it’s time,” Tae says and Jimin squeezes Jin’s shoulder comfortingly before they all make their way out. Jimin interlocks their arms before they open the door to walk down the aisle. Yoongi wants to say something, but people are watching from the rows of chairs and Jimin is facing the front and not looking over to him at all. He doesn’t think this is the time despite how awkward Yoongi feels at the moment. Soon he stands next to Namjoon and Hoseok while Jimin stands on the other side.

“God, what’s going on, hyung? You guys took forever and all these people are watching. Is he having cold feet? Does he not want to marry me anymore?” Namjoon says out of the corner of his mouth like he doesn’t want people to know they’re having a conversation. Yoongi snorts in amusement and doesn’t know who seems more nervous, Namjoon or Jin.

“Of course he isn’t, you idiot. Why would he go through all of this trouble to plan this only to get cold feet?” Yoongi rolls his eyes, not even bothering to try to hide the fact that they’re talking. Jungkook joins their side and eyes them curiously after walking down the aisle with Tae.

“Don’t be salty just because of your mess with Jimin-ah. These are genuine fears that I have,” Namjoon says and then he sees Geong-min and Seokjin’s brother walk down the aisle together and Namjoon starts making a pained face. He covers his face with a hand and Yoongi’s sure that means he’s crying or about to start which probably says something bad about his abilities as best man.

“Joon-ah, don’t start, okay? You’ll freak Jin-hyung out if you start crying and you’ll probably look ugly. There’s people watching,” Yoongi tries to comfort him.

“Hyung, honestly, even I would have been a better best man,” Jungkook says. “Sorry, but Yoongi-hyung, you’re shit at this.”

Any biting retort Yoongi could think of is cut short by the doors opening again and Jin-hyung and his mom standing there.

“Fuck, I’m so lucky,” Namjoon says as he stares in awe at his fiance. Hoseok snorts in amusement from Namjoon’s other side. Yoongi watches as tears start creeping down Namjoon’s face. Jin smiles at him and squeezes his hand when he reaches them.

Yoongi swears to himself that he’s not emotional at the sight of them. He’s never cried at a wedding before, but this is almost too much for him.

“Ladies and gentlemen, today we’re gathered to witness the love union of Kim Seokjin and Kim Namjoon,” Hoseok starts. “I promised to keep this short and sweet, but I’ve never married anybody before today so please bare with me.”

Yoongi thinks this is why wedding rehearsals exist, but things go relatively smoothly, even when Namjoon pulls out a sheet of paper with handwritten vows to recite and stumbles over them. Jin looks so endeared even though Yoongi can hear Jungkook snickering in his ear. Yoongi stomps on the younger boy’s toes which makes him quiet down. He manages to hand over the rings and watch the signing of the marriage certificate without any mishaps.

“I now pronounce you, husbands, so go ahead a kiss,” Hoseok says with no finesse. Namjoon and Seokjin kiss wetly and Yoongi smiles, but averts his gaze. He catches sight of Jimin’s blushing face as he does the same.




The wedding party and the guests arrive at the restaurant they rented out for the reception in just a few groups. They take pictures against the wall before they sit down in their seats for dinner. Yoongi sits between Namjoon and Hoseok. He tries not to make eye contact with Jimin across the table from him all through dinner. Jin and Namjoon are being nauseatingly cute, feeding each other. He has Hoseok cooing in his ear instead of Jungkook’s snickering, which at this point in time he thinks he prefers.

Yoongi sips at his wine despite the queasy feeling more alcohol gives him after last night. He succeeds in not catching Jimin’s eye until Jin and Namjoon are having their first dance and he looks over to see Jimin staring at him.  Yoongi’s about to get up to round the table to maybe have a conversation they need to have, but then the music cuts out and people are cheering. There’s waiters handing out flutes of champagne and he gladly takes one.

“Speech! Speech! Speech!” Hoseok starts cheering and Yoongi curses at his ability to not plan these things. He doesn’t think he can get out of this when he sees people looking around him expectantly. Aw, fuck. He stands up and gets everyone’s attention with a utensil to his glass. People quiet down and look at him expectantly.

“Hello, for those of you I haven’t met yet, I’m Min Yoongi and I’ve had the pleasure of being Namjoon-ah’s best man tonight.” Namjoon smiles up at him. “Even though we’ve only been friends for about a year, sometimes you don’t even need that long to know you’ve met someone who’ll be in your life forever. In the year I’ve known Joon-ah I’ve known the duo Joon-ah and Jin-hyung. In fact, sometimes I fear for what you were like before you had Jin-hyung,” Yoongi pauses when people start laughing.

“A disaster!” Geong-min calls and there’s more laughing. Yoongi smiles and shakes his head, but Namjoon just smiles and nods.

“All I know is that it’s couples like Joon-ah and Jin-hyung that give single people hope for the future and teach everyone valuable lessons, even if we’re slow to apply them, about what it means to love, completely and unconditionally. It was their relationship that taught me the importance of growing as an individual as well as growing with your partner. Despite the fact that Joon-ah and Jin-hyung are both independent and have their own very different skillsets, they work well together,” Yoongi thinks briefly of the coffee machine Namjoon broke, “for the most part, in a way that can only come through practice. Likewise, they’ve taught me that throwing in the towel when things get tough isn’t an option when you really love someone, but more than that they’ve taught me that if you really love someone, everything has a way of working itself out, even when it doesn’t seem like it will.” Yoongi catches Jimin’s eye as he says it, but Jimin quickly averts his gaze. “Anyway, I wish them all the best and, even though I know they won’t need it, luck for their happy and long future together.” Yoongi raises his glass as people politely applaud.

“Hyung, you almost redeemed yourself as best man. That was cute, mostly for Jimin-ah’s benefit, but still cute,” Hoseok sing songs. Yoongi ignores him in favor of Namjoon’s soft punch to his shoulder in thanks.

Jimin takes his turn clanking against his glass. He’s smiling widely at the married couple and it feels like a punch to Yoongi’s chest.

“Hi, everyone, I’m Park Jimin and I’m Jin-hyung’s best man. For the past almost 4 years I’ve had the pleasure of working under and befriending Jin-hyung, the hardest-working man I know. Although, he and Joon-hyung got together before we met, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of hearing how they met and got together, but Jin-hyung says if I share that story then I can kiss my chances of being godfather to their first child goodbye, so I think I’ll keep it to myself.” Yoongi can’t help but laugh along with everyone at that even though his curiosity is piqued. He’ll have to ask Namjoon about it later.

“Jin-hyung and Joon-hyung’s relationship has stood the test of time and even when I look back on the times where it was fresher and things were less smooth, there was no doubt in my mind that things would end up here. They compliment each other perfectly and have the kind of relationship that most people aspire to have and long before this day I’ve joked that they’re like a married couple. Well, I guess I don’t have to joke anymore. Congratulations guys, I know you guys will be the best husbands and eventually the best fathers.” Jimin raises his glass before he sits down.

Yoongi clanks his glass to Hoseok’s before he downs his drink in one go. They go to watch the married couple slice the cake and he laughs as Jin smashes in a handful of cake into Namjoon’s mouth. Namjoon looks surprised, but he just chews and swallows before he kisses Jin with his cake covered mouth as Jin tries to squirm away.

Yoongi gets a slice of cake, thankfully unmarred from Namjoon and Jin’s bare hands, and the DJ starts playing music. People start dancing, but Yoongi just zeros in on Jimin sitting at the table with Tae and Jungkook, eating cake happily. As he makes his way closer, Tae and Jungkook see him and suddenly they decide they want to dance, abandoning their cake.

“Mind if I sit here?” Yoongi asks as he pulls out the chair next to Jimin. He looks up with a cake filled mouth and shakes his head so Yoongi sits. “I liked your speech, Jimin-ah. Did you write that or did you wing it?”

Jimin sighs. “I made it up on the spot. Jin-hyung had me in charge of a lot of things, so I didn’t really have time to write a speech. I can tell you winged yours, too, hyung. You seemed nervous.”

“Did I?” Yoongi hadn’t realized. He was used to talking in front of crowds by now, so if anything had made him nervous it was the boy in front of him listening to his words.

Jimin just nods and eats more cake.

“What did you think?”

“I, um--sorry, hyung, I have to go pee,” Jimin says and before Yoongi can say anything else Jimin’s abandoning his cake and all but running away. Yoongi sighs before getting up to go to the bar.

“It’s not open,” Namjoon says from behind him. It’s the first time he’s seen him tonight without Jin-hyung plastered to his side.

“What? What kind of wedding doesn’t have an open bar?”

Namjoon laughs, “Jin wouldn’t spring for it. I know, it’s cheap, but I couldn’t argue. I told him it was his day.”

“Well, consider it open now,” Yoongi says digging out his wallet to pull out his credit card.

“Hyung, you don’t have to do that.”

“Trust me, it’s mostly for my benefit. Besides, I haven’t gotten around to getting you guys a present yet.” Yoongi had planned on it. Getting gifts was one of the main points of having a wedding anyway, but he hasn’t had much time since he came in town.

“Alright, well don’t drink too much. Lord knows you did enough of that last night.”

Yoongi waves him off. “Go find your new husband, I’m fine.” He hands his card to the bartender and instructs him to put everyone’s drinks on his tab before he orders himself a drink. He sits on the bar stool and takes the drink from the bartender. He sips at it before he turns in the stool to survey the large floor of the restaurant. His eyes find pink easily and he sees Jimin dancing with a guy that he doesn’t recognize. And maybe he’s why Jimin didn’t want to talk to him. Wow, Yoongi can’t believe he made a fool of himself during his speech.

“Hyung, you’re glaring. Do you want to dance? You’re scaring people off,” Hoseok says as he approaches hesitantly.

“No, who’s that guy Jimin-ah is dancing with?” Yoongi motions with his head before he takes another big gulp from his drink.

“Wow, jealousy isn’t cute, hyung. I don’t know, but I think you’re making it out to be a bigger deal than it is. They’re just dancing. Come on, you don’t even look like you’re having fun. It’s sad. Weddings are supposed to be fun.”

“He didn’t even want to talk to me, Hoseok-ah. I fucked up.” Yoongi is maybe feeling a bit sorry for himself and he knows Hoseok is right, but he can’t help his minor pity party.

“Well, it’s about time you admitted it. Did you tell Jimin that?”

Yoongi scowls at him. “No,” he grumbles.

“Then you can worry about doing that some other time, literally any other time that’s not tonight. Now stop being lame and put this down.” Hoseok takes his drink and puts it on the bar. “I don’t know how you’re drinking after last night. Come on, let’s dance.”

Yoongi lets himself get pulled onto the dancefloor.

Chapter Text

Jimin wakes up the day after the wedding as early as ever to go to practice. He’s still inwardly cringing at his memory of running away from Yoongi as he makes his way across campus.

He’d thought he was mentally prepared to see Yoongi again, but in reality all the assurances he made to Jin-hyung that he wouldn’t freak out flew out of the window when he started trying to have a conversation with him. Yoongi’s speech had felt like a kick to the gut and he was so busy trying to eat his feelings with cake that he’d let his guard down.

“They’ve taught me that throwing in the towel when things get tough isn’t an option when you really love someone, but more than that they’ve taught me that if you really love someone, everything has a way of working itself out,” he had said.

Was that supposed to mean Yoongi didn’t love him? Because it seems like he had been really quick to come to the decision to break things off when he got offered his contract. It had hurt to hear those words in his speech, especially since Jimin’s feelings for Yoongi haven’t even begun to fade. Clearly that’s not going to ‘work itself out’ anytime soon if Yoongi doesn’t feel the same way for him anymore--if he ever even did to begin with. Jimin is starting to doubt he ever did and maybe that’s his fault for not realizing it sooner. Just because Yoongi had treated him better than his shitty ex doesn’t mean he felt the same way Jimin feels for him.

Yoongi hadn’t said anything maliciously. He seemed perfectly civil, but Jimin can’t help the bitterness that he feels toward him for breaking his heart and ruining what he thought was his future, their future. He’d been so flustered and upset by the question of what he thought about his speech that he’d run to the bathroom to have a minor freakout. Even running into Jooheon, his old coworker before Jungkook, in the bathroom and him trying to coax out what’s wrong by being his goofy self could barely cheer him up. He’d gotten him to dance to ‘get his mind off things’ and Jimin hadn’t heard from Yoongi again, not that he was eager to have a conversation with him. Jimin knows they need to talk. They need to to clear the air so it’s not as awkward as it was at the wedding. They have the same group of friends so he can’t just hope they never see each other again until his feelings fade, if that ever even happens--Jimin is starting to doubt that it will. He knows Yoongi has enough tact to not say he’s glad they broke up, but he thinks he’ll hear it in whatever he has to say. He knows how to read in between the lines.

Jimin tries not to think about it too hard as he motions through practice. It’s an open practice so Jimin’s used to having some spectators sitting in the stands--not that many, practice is at the crack of dawn-- but it’s not until practice is over and Jackson nudges him that he pays attention.

“Hey, isn’t that your famous bae?” he asks. Jimin looks up and sure enough Yoongi is in the crowd. He’s dressed in all black with a cap on like that’ll stop people from staring. Jimin’s surprised Jackson even recognizes Yoongi as Agust D since he’s only briefly met Yoongi at their meets when he used to come before they broke up.

He’s pretty sure everyone on the team can recognize him as Agust D. They have the radio on most times during practice and one of his songs comes on what feels like every other song. Jimin looks around to see that people are staring at Yoongi. He’s sure the pictures from Namjoon-hyung’s bachelor party that were all over social media aren’t helping Yoongi blend in.

Jimin wonders what the hell he’s doing here. He wasn’t planning on having a conversation with him so soon, let alone at school this early in the morning, but he tells himself to be brave as his feet carry him over after he waves Jackson off. He’s sweaty from practice and he’s sure he doesn’t look his best, but it’s not anything Yoongi hasn’t seen before. Jimin doesn’t know why he cares so much about his appearance now when it doesn’t even matter, but he guesses a part of him--a really petty part of him--wants to show Yoongi what he was missing when he left.

He takes a deep breath and tells himself everything will be fine as he climbs the stands until he gets close enough that he knows Yoongi can hear him.

“What are you doing here, hyung?”

“Come with me?” is all he says lifting his head so he can look him in the eyes even with the brim of his hat pulled low. Jimin wants to be mad at him and yell at him for thinking he can just waltz back in and expect him to go with him, never mind the classes that he has today. “Just for a while. I won’t take up too much of your time.”

But Jimin is weak and Yoongi looks so hopeful and he loves him and can’t deny him this, even if he wanted to. Jimin doesn’t let himself think for a second that Yoongi wants to talk because he wants to get back together. He can’t get his hopes up and be let down. He bites his lip and tells Yoongi to wait as he goes to quickly shower and change his clothes.

They’re silent as Yoongi leads the way to where his car is parked on campus. It’s still the same car from before and Jimin is glad for the little bit of normalcy when there’s so much uncertainty between them. Yoongi has his hand on the passenger door handle as he unlocks the car and makes like he’s going to pull the door open for Jimin like he has a hundred times before, but he seems to think better of it and turns around. Jimin feels a pang to his chest as he realizes that something that used to feel so normal is so stilted and wrong now.

“Is it okay if we talk at my place? I’ll bring you back after. I just wanted to talk in private without anyone taking pictures of us or anything,” Yoongi says and Jimin nods. It’s weird that that’s something Yoongi has to worry about now. He hadn’t seemed too worried about it in the dream Jimin had had, but he guesses that’ll come with time. Not that Jimin thinks he’ll have to be worried about being in the photos after today. Even if they do manage to work out some system of being friends and not awkward exes through talking, Jimin doubts they’ll spend much time together. He loves Yoongi and it’ll never get better if he’s still hanging around all the time, and maybe that’s selfish and Jimin should be happy to spend time with him in whatever capacity, but he thinks it’s allowed here for his own mental health.

So they drive in silence to a nicer district of Seoul that Jimin never has a reason to frequent. Yoongi’s nice modern studio apartment is fancy in a way that reminds Jimin that Yoongi makes a lot more money than he used to. It’s also pretty minimalistic in a way that could be purposefully trendy if not for the fact that Jimin knows it’s probably because Yoongi’s barely ever even here. The open floor plan and the windows that are larger than Jimin don’t offer much privacy, the only thing shielding the bed in the raised area of the apartment is a curtain, and Jimin’s not sure how Yoongi can live here. He knows he wouldn’t be able to--not that Yoongi’s asking him to move in.

“Do you want something to drink? Or to eat? You’re usually hungry after practice,” Yoongi asks thoughtfully and it startles Jimin from his looking around. He shakes his head even though Yoongi’s right. He could definitely eat something right now. He usually uses the time in between practice and his first class to eat, but he doesn’t want to put off this long overdue conversation anymore. “Right.”

Jimin follows Yoongi’s lead as he motions toward the couch and watches as he sets down his keys and his hat on the coffee table. Yoongi goes to grab some juice from the fridge behind the island and hands it to him even though he’d declined. Jimin takes it gratefully and and takes a sip so he doesn’t have to speak. There’s silence for a long while until Yoongi finally speaks up.

“Did you have fun last night?” he asks. Jimin can tell it’s not really what he wants to say from how hesitant it comes. He’d rather get to the point than make small talk, but Jimin’s sure as hell not going to be the one to bring up the elephant in the room.

“Yeah, it was nice. I’m just glad Jin-hyung was happy with the way things turned out. He spent a lot of time stressing over everything. But yeah, it went well,” he says without actually making eye contact with Yoongi. Jimin thinks about how happy Jin and Namjoon looked and he feels proud at being able to play a role in their intimate ceremony and reception. Even if he’d spent a lot of the time worrying about seeing Yoongi, what he was thinking, or what he’d meant in his speech, Jimin did manage to let loose a little bit toward the end.

“It looked like you were having fun,” Yoongi says and something about his tone makes Jimin look up at him questioningly. “I mean, I saw you dancing with that guy.” Yoongi sounds accusatory even though Jimin knows he has no right to be.

“Wow.” Jimin feels the bitter resentment he was feeling toward Yoongi for leaving him turn into something hotter in his chest. He can’t believe Yoongi thinks he has any say in who he dances with. It makes him mad that he thinks he could just move on like that, like the past 6 months haven’t been miserable. “Are you really jealous, hyung?” Jimin watches as Yoongi’s eyes widen and his mouth falls open, but nothing comes out. Jimin stands abruptly, placing the glass of juice on the coffee table. He’s not sure where he’s going, but he knows he doesn’t have to stick around to listen to this.

“Wait,” Yoongi says jumping up from the couch. “I didn’t mean that like it sounded.”

“Well how did you mean it then? I’m allowed to dance with whoever I want to because you left me, hyung! You left and you didn’t even try to contact me. You never made any promises about the future so you can’t expect me to wait for you.” Jimin can’t stop it from all coming out now. The words just spew out like word vomit from his betraying mouth as he angrily wipes at the tears that come from his betraying eyes. “These past months have been absolute shit. You think that I could just move on like that? Hyung, I love you. I thought we were going to be for forever. I gave you everything. How can you stand there and act like you didn’t break my heart? Like you saying goodbye and nothing else didn’t destroy everything? I-I just don’t…” he hiccups and stops when he starts crying harder. Jimin can’t make out Yoongi’s face through the haze of his tears, isn’t sure he wants to, but he can feel him moving closer.

Yoongi shushes him and pulls him into a hug, his warm body enveloping Jimin’s smaller one easily. He clings to him for a minute until Jimin can feel himself stop crying before he pulls back to wipe at his eyes with the pads of his thumbs. “I’m sorry,” Yoongi says as Jimin hiccups again. “Jiminie, I’m so sorry.” He kisses him on the cheek. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he says as he peppers kisses all over Jimin’s face.

Jimin calms down enough between the kisses that Yoongi litters all over his face that he craves Yoongi closer. So when Yoongi makes to kiss him on the cheek again Jimin turns his head and kisses him on the mouth. He can feel Yoongi’s sharp intake of breath through his nose as the kiss quickly turns into something desperate. They cling to each other tightly as Yoongi walks them backwards. Jimin feels Yoongi grab at his ass through his jeans so he allows himself to be lifted as he wraps his legs around Yoongi’s torso. He doesn’t register that Yoongi is leading him up the few stairs to the raised area of the apartment or past the curtain until he’s being dropped on the bed. Yoongi clambers over him and Jimin barely gets the chance to breathe before he’s being kissed again. He sits up a little and breaks the kiss for a second to let Yoongi lift the hem of his shirt over his head.

Jimin can’t help but let his hands search underneath Yoongi’s shirt, fingertips trailing over the smooth skin of his sides as he kisses him back fiercely. He missed this so much and can feel himself getting hard in his jeans just from their kissing. Yoongi breaks the kiss and sits back to pull his shirt off and toss it to the side. Jimin can’t help but stare up at him and flush when Yoongi looks at him knowingly. Yoongi scoots back in his lap and traces a finger down his tummy before he reaches the button of his jeans. “Can I? I mean, do you want to?”

Jimin nods enthusiastically. It’s been so long and Jimin’s had nothing but his hand, the vibrator he got for his birthday, and a memory to get himself off. Yoongi pops the button of his jeans and stands to yank them down along with his underwear as Jimin shimmies to help him out. Jimin bites his lip as he feels Yoongi’s hungry gaze on his naked body.

“Hyung,” he whines to remind him that he needs to do something other than just stare at him.

“Yeah, shit, yeah,” Yoongi breathes out before he’s undressing himself the rest of the way and climbing back on top of him. Jimin sits up to pull him closer so that their chests are flushed together and kisses a bruising mark into the side of his neck. He wants to leave marks for everyone to see so they know Yoongi is his. Yoongi lets him for a while, humming in contentment as he strokes his back. He pulls a fistful of Jimin’s hair gently when he’s had enough. Yoongi kisses him on the mouth with bruising force. Jimin feels his stomach jump as Yoongi wraps a hand around his length.

Jimin turns his head to the side, breathing heavily. “Hyung, I want you inside of me.” Jimin knows they should talk before they do anything, but he’s painfully hard and it’s Yoongi. Even if he doesn’t trust him to not leave him again after it all, he trusts him to make him feel good like he has many times before. And if this should be the last time then Jimin really wants to make it count.

Jimin watches as Yoongi pulls open his nightstand to pull out a bottle of lube. He can see the pink sac of his buttplugs in the drawer and he blushes at the thought of Yoongi keeping them. Jimin spreads his legs so that Yoongi can sit in between them and have access to his entrance, but Yoongi seems to have a different idea.

“Turn over for me, baby, just for a minute,” he says as he pats his hip. Jimin wrinkles up his nose and squirms a little bit before obliging. Yoongi pushes at his inner thighs so Jimin spreads them to allow him to get between them. He feels Yoongi settle before he traces a finger down his spine and stops in the curve of his lower back, just before the swell of his ass. “You’re so fucking perfect for me, Jiminie.”

Jimin whines and feels his face burn as Yoongi grabs at both of his cheeks and shakes them. “Shit, look at you,” he says and Jimin can feel the bed move as Yoongi repositions himself lower so that he can blow air onto his exposed hole. His hips buck off the mattress at the sensation and then Yoongi is burying his face in between his cheeks, pushing them together on either side of his face to trap himself in as he sucks at Jimin’s entrance. Yoongi’s tongue laves at his hole and Jimin grinds back into it. He teasingly sucks at his rim and it’s making Jimin feel hot, but it’s nowhere near enough.

“Hyung, more, please. I need more,” Jimin whines and Yoongi pulls back and moves from in between his legs before he’s flipping him back over.

“I’m going to take care of you, baby. Be patient,” Yoongi growls lowly and he picks up the bottle of lube. Jimin doesn’t bring up that this hasn’t happened in 6 months and his patience can’t be found. Yoongi kneels in front of him and hoists one of Jimin’s legs on either side of him, abruptly yanking him closer and further down the bed. Jimin gasps at the quick movement and then he hears Yoongi chuckle and the sound of the bottle of lube being uncapped. He feels Yoongi's lubed index finger circle his entrance before he pushes it inside slowly. Jimin can't help his sharp exhale when Yoongi's finger is buried all the way inside of him. His hips wriggle a little and Yoongi stills them with a squeeze to his hip with his other hand as he works his finger in and out.

Yoongi stares into his eyes intently as he adds another finger and Jimin has to cover his face in his hands because it's kind of embarrassing. Yoongi isn't having it. He pulls at Jimin's wrists to move his hands. "Don't do that. You're so beautiful right now, Jiminie. I missed this so much. You have no idea." Yoongi crooks his fingers and Jimin moans breathily as he bucks into the feeling. "Yeah, just like that, so pretty," Yoongi breathes before adding another finger, scissoring them before thrusting them in and out. Jimin can feel his body relax and take it as he tries to concentrate on how good it feels and not just that it’s Yoongi making him feel this way. “I don’t have a condom. Is that still okay?”

“There hasn’t been anyone else for me, hyung,” Jimin says, placing emphasis around the ‘for me’ part and trying to hold his voice steady as Yoongi’s fingers still slowly thrust in and out of him. He looks to Yoongi for an answer to his unasked question. Yoongi actually withdraws his fingers at this, eliciting a grimace from Jimin, and looks at him like he’s shocked that Jimin would even wonder.

“Jimin-ah, never, you’re the only one,” Yoongi says seriously and Jimin finally allows himself to hope for them to have a future together. Jimin uses his hands to push his back off the bed and to slide forward into Yoongi’s lap. Yoongi grips at his waist to hold him there.

“Then I don’t think we need one, if you’re going to stay a while.” Jimin doesn’t feel like he needs to elaborate when Yoongi is staring into his eyes adoringly and nodding along.

“I don’t want to leave you again,” Yoongi says without hesitation and Jimin buries his face in the crook of his neck. He doesn’t think Yoongi even knows how badly he’d wanted to hear those words. He wriggles in Yoongi’s lap and feels the slick head of Yoongi’s cock prodding at his entrance. Yoongi lines up and Jimin gives his consent with a small nod of his head before Yoongi is penetrating him from a combination of Jimin sinking down on his length and Yoongi thrusting up into his prepped hole.

Jimin mewls into Yoongi’s neck and clings to him tightly. His nails drag down Yoongi’s broad back as he lets Yoongi pump up into him with hard hip thrusts. Yoongi must get tired of the position because he leans them forward so that Jimin can lie back. When Yoongi pushes into him the air leaves his chest and he lets out a strangled noise. Yoongi kisses at all the naked skin he can reach and Jimin can’t do more than buck his hips in time with Yoongi’s thrust to push him deeper and pull him impossibly closer with his hands on his back. He probably scratches at his skin harder than he means to when Yoongi starts at a faster pace that Jimin can’t even keep up with. Jimin moans and feels himself get closer as his dick slides against Yoongi’s sweat soaked stomach and Yoongi fucks into him relentlessly.

“Yoongi,” Jimin sobs as his orgasm is punched out of him and he feels all of his muscles tighten around Yoongi.

“That’s it, you did so good, baby,” Yoongi pants as he coaxes him through it with well timed thrusts. It’s not much later that he’s burying himself to the hilt inside of him and coming with a drawn out groan. They’re sweaty skin is sticking together, but Jimin is too spent to care. Yoongi gives him a kiss to the chest before he pulls out slowly.

“Don’t leave,” Jimin says a little nonsensically considering they’re in his apartment, but Yoongi seems to know what he means when he pushes back into him slowly, in and out, and shushes him, despite how his length is softening slowly.

“I’m not leaving. Do you want one of your plugs?” Yoongi asks and Jimin doesn’t feel needy or embarrassed when he nods. He feels like he could drop off into sleep any second now, but he hums as he feels Yoongi press a lubed plug into his over sensitive hole, plugging his cum inside of him. He feels Yoongi clean off the cum that’s smeared on his stomach before he lies down and pulls him closer. Jimin presses his face into the crook of Yoongi’s neck sleepily before he lets himself fall asleep.

Jimin wakes up to a knocking sound and it takes him a minute to remember where he is. Yoongi tries to rearrange him gently as he gets up to investigate the noise.

“Stay right there. I’ll tell whoever it is to go away,” he says. Jimin hums and watches as Yoongi pulls on boxers to go answer the door. He thinks about going back to sleep until he hears the door open and an unfamiliar voice from behind the curtain.

“Hey, hyung, I thought I’d stop by with lunch to make sure you’re still alive. I didn’t think you’d be sleeping, actually-- that’s a lie you’re always sleeping if you’re not working, except for when you’re dancing on tables apparently...You should be happy I vouched for you about that by the way,” the voice rambles. “Holy shit, who mauled your neck?” It seems to get louder like whoever’s speaking has pushed their way inside of the apartment.

Jimin rises from the bed quickly and searches for his clothes, happy that Yoongi waited until they were behind the curtain to start pulling them off and he can get dressed without flashing whoever is in the front of the curtain. He winces as his quick movements shift the plug nestled inside of him, but he pulls on his clothes without taking it out.

“Hyungwon, thanks for lunch, but please leave,” he hears Yoongi say finally. And is it really lunch time? Jimin’s probably missed all of his morning classes. He’s going to have to email his professors.

“What? No, I brought it for us, hyung. That’s a lot of food. Don’t be so rude. You should really be more grateful to me. You know not many other artist on the label have such a kind and thoughtful manager,” the voice gets even louder like he comes even further into the apartment and Jimin wishes there was a mirror behind the curtain so he could make sure he doesn’t look like he’s just been fucked. He doesn’t want to out Yoongi, but he thinks they might be beyond plausible deniability and he’s not about to be caught with his pants down if Yoongi’s manager decides to investigate. Jimin tries to make noise to make his presence known. “Oh, shit, hyung do you have someone here? You’ve only been back for like 3 days. I didn’t know you had it in you.”

“Yes, now can you leave?” Yoongi asks hopefully.

“No way, is this why you were so boring on tour? Because you have a girlfriend? I want to meet her, hyung. She seems wild if you let her maul you like that.” Jimin flushes even though no one can see him. He might have gotten a little carried away with marking Yoongi

“Don’t you have anything better to do?” Yoongi sighs in defeat and Jimin takes that as he’s not going to force Hyungwon to leave. He swallows nervously before coming from behind the curtain. Yoongi turns to face him and smiles at him. He doesn’t seem at all concerned about what his manager will think so Jimin does his best to smile and seem friendly. Hyungwon’s mouth is wide open.

“Hi,” Jimin says shyly. Hyungwon doesn’t say anything, but he looks between him and Yoongi in shock. “I should go, shouldn’t I?” Jimin asks Yoongi and Yoongi gives him a panicked look like it’s the last thing he wants, like if he lets Jimin leave now it’ll ruin the tentative thing between them. Jimin thinks there’s a little bit more clarity between the two of them, even if there is still much more uncertainty. They obviously need to talk to redefine whatever it is between them, even if it is probably almost time for Jimin to get to work. “Or I could stay?”

“We need to talk, Jiminie,” Yoongi says seriously before he remembers to make introductions. “Hyungwon, this is Jimin. Jimin, my manager, Hyungwon,” Yoongi introduces and Jimin smiles at Hyungwon.

“Okay, well, I’ll take that as my cue to leave. Here, you two have lunch,” Hyungwon says thrusting the bag of food into Yoongi’s hand. “You look like you need to rebuild your strength. Jimin-ssi, it’s nice to meet you. Please take care. And um, you should probably clip your nails--okay, okay I’m leaving. We’re having a very important conversation when you're….free, hyung. Don’t do anything stupid.” Yoongi sets the food down on the counter of the bar before he walks him out and Jimin can see the angry red scratches down Yoongi’s back and he winces. “Where was my heads up? You’re going to give me a damn heart attack,” he hears Hyungwon whisper to Yoongi as he’s leaving. Jimin digs his phone out of his pants to see he only has an hour before he’s supposed to be at work. He probably needs to shower before then, too. He bites his lip.

Yoongi scratches at his bare chest. “Sit, I don’t know what’s in the bag, but Hyungwon doesn’t usually cheap out on food.” Jimin hesitates a little.

“Hyung, I have work in an hour. I can’t miss it. We’re short staffed as it is with Jin-hyung on his honeymoon.” Jimin knows Yoongi is fully aware of the newlyweds’ trip to Paris for a week considering he’d been the one to fund it. He’s glad considering Jin hadn’t even planned to take more than a few days off work after his wedding and definitely hadn’t planned a honeymoon. They deserve it even if it had made Jimin’s picture frame wedding gift look lame in comparison.

Yoongi stares at him like he’s trying to gage something. “Okay, well you should eat and I’ll drive you. We should--can I take you to dinner? We really should talk about things,” Yoongi sounds like he’s walking on eggshells and Jimin really hates it. He thinks Yoongi wanting to take him to dinner is a good sign though. He doesn’t think Yoongi would do that if he was going to say he didn’t want them to get back together.

“Oh, yeah, of course. I’d like that,” he says and smiles to show Yoongi he means it and hopes that it eases some of his hesitation. Jimin perches on the barstool, still not accustomed to the plug inside of him. Yoongi comes over and places a hand on his lower back.

“You okay?” he asks and Jimin just hums and reaches for the bag of food. “You sure? You seem tense.” Yoongi massages his shoulders like he’s trying to get him to relax before he pets at his hair. “I like the pink, by the way. I don’t think I said before, but you’re pretty with any color hair.”

Jimin flushes at the praise and at how Yoongi obviously doesn’t know the plug is still inside of him. “Thanks, hyung.” Jimin pulls out chopsticks and eats quickly before Yoongi can figure out why he’s sitting so awkwardly on the edge of his seat.


When they’re fed Jimin asks if he can use Yoongi’s shower quickly before work. Yoongi leads him into the bathroom that’s just as luxurious as the rest of the apartment. There’s a large glass shower that Yoongi has to enter to show him how to work. Jimin pulls off his shirt and his pants, determined to make this quick considering he’s probably already going to be late to work. He doesn’t even realize Yoongi’s still watching until he’s about to go for the waistband of his underwear. “Hyung!” Jimin says with a laugh at his blatant staring.

“What? It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

It’s true, but Jimin still turns around before he drops his boxers before stepping into the shower, closing the glass door behind him.

“Oh,” Yoongi says after a sharp intake of breath. Jimin pretends not to hear him over the sound of the rushing water even as he strips and steps into the shower behind him. Jimin just closes his eyes under the warm water until he feels Yoongi grab his waist, pulling their bodies flush together. “This whole time?” he says as he twists the plug inside of him. Jimin can feel Yoongi’s erection against his backside and he tries not to think about it even as he nods. He grabs the soap and tries to be efficient in washing himself which means ignoring Yoongi as he kisses at his neck and grinds against him.

“Hyung, we don’t have time,” Jimin says when it gets to be too much to ignore. Even his dick is taking an interest in what Yoongi’s doing, but they shouldn’t, not until they’ve talked and not while Jimin should be going to work. Yoongi steps back understandingly. He reaches forward to grab hold of the plug and slowly pull it out. Jimin whines and Yoongi shushes him and helps to get him all the way clean.


When he finally gets to work, Minhyuk and Jungkook are working to serve the crowd. Jungkook gives him a knowing and judging look. “You’re late. Tae was wondering where you’ve been all day,” he says as he hands a lady her drink with the fakest smile.

“Yeah, sorry, sorry,” Jimin says and pulls on his apron and nametag and clocks in before taking over for Minhyuk at the register.

“You don’t want my night shift, do you Jimin-ah?” Minhyuk asks and Jimin winces at how tired he sounds. Jimin shakes his head. “Then don’t be late again while Jin-hyung’s out of town. He left me in charge, but I don’t want to deal with this shit.” Jimin nods before taking the next person in line’s order.

Eventually the cafe slows down and that’s of course when Tae and Hoseok waltz in to sit across the counter. Hoseok has a shit eating grin on his face.

“Something you want to tell us, Jimin-ah?” he asks.

“No,” Jimin says resolutely.

“Really? Because just before coming here I got a phone call from a certain Yoongi-hyung. He sounded particularly happy and when I asked if he wanted to come to dinner he told me he already had plans with our sweet little Jimin-ah.”

“Jiminie, is it true? Did you two finally get back together?” Tae asks excitedly and even Jungkook is looking at him curiously.

“No, and what do you mean ‘finally’?” Jimin asks and they all deflate a little bit.

“Hyung, you two were almost on par with Namjoon-hyung and Jin-hyung--basically a gross, married couple. And you’ve both been so emo since you broke up, honestly, it’s almost exhausting. I mean, really it’s only a matter of time before it happens. It’s like fate,” Jungkook says and Tae nods enthusiastically in agreement.

Hoseok just gives him a knowing grin, undoubtedly thinking about the dream. Fate, huh? Jimin wouldn’t be mad at it.


Jimin goes back to his dorm after work, happy that he doesn’t have a meet tonight. He’s trying to pick out something to wear with Tae and Jungkook advising him from where they’re cuddled on Tae’s bed.

“Jiminie, I don’t understand what the big deal is. You said he already stuck it in your poop chute so I don’t know why you feel like you have to dress up and make some grand impression. He already thinks you’re hot,” Tae says before stuffing his mouth with popcorn. Jimin pauses in his search to turn to his best friend. He sees Jungkook’s horrified and disgusted face at his boyfriend and it matches his feelings perfectly.

“Poop chute? Taetae, don’t be disgusting.”

“Fine, your shitter, your chocolate cavern, whatever you want to call it,” Tae says flippantly, waving off Jimin and Jungkook actually laughs. Jimin makes a note to monitor Tae’s use of the internet. He thinks he might be reading too much explicit Naruto fanfiction again.

“I just want to look good. It’s my first date in six months,” Jimin says and both of his friends give him sympathetic looks and are quick to offer their opinion after that. Jimin ends up in a slightly oversized soft blue sweater and black jeans. It’s nothing special or fancy, but Jungkook and Tae swear up and down that it’s a good look.

Yoongi texts him when he’s downstairs. Jimin’s surprised to see he’s actually in the lobby signing things for people when he goes down. He hesitantly approaches and Yoongi smiles at him. “Ready to go?” he asks as he hands a newly signed phone back to a girl Jimin’s never seen before.

“Yeah,” Jimin says and he can see the hickeys that he left on Yoongi’s neck earlier despite the hooded jacket he has on. He feels a little bad for leaving them there, but he can’t bring himself to regret it. Yoongi waves at the small group of people that were just creepily watching like they were too scared to just walk up and say hi before he leads the way out. He opens the car door for Jimin without any hesitation.

“What do you think about BBQ?” Yoongi asks when he slides into the driver seat and closes the door behind him.

“You mean like where we had our first date?” Jimin grins at Yoongi.

“Well, I wasn’t trying to be that sentimental. I just can always go for meat,” he says and Jimin scowls at him. Yoongi laughs. “Don’t give me that look, Jimin-ah. I’m partially kidding.” Jimin pouts at him and Yoongi reaches over and squeezes his thigh and leaves his hand resting there. “I missed you, you know, a whole lot every day. Even when I was performing in front of thousands of people, I couldn’t help but wish you were there.”

“Hyung,” Jimin breathes because even though he’d hoped that Yoongi missed him as much as he did him, he doesn’t like the thought of Yoongi suffering as much as he did. Jimin knows just how much missing someone can make you ache and he doesn’t wish that on Yoongi at all.

“I really screwed up,” Yoongi admits.

“I understand why you did it, hyung. You thought you were saving me from hurting. You had good intentions,” he tries to comfort him. Jimin had doubted his reasoning behind breaking it off for the longest, but he doesn’t anymore, not with him in front of him looking like he’s kicking himself.

“Jimin-ah, my intentions don’t matter. I hurt you, probably even worse, and I hurt myself. It was so stupid. Everyone told me it was stupid, but I really believed I was doing the right thing until today. I came to talk to you today to ask you to take me back because I was miserable. I thought you were doing better without me and I was prepared to beg. But instead it turns out I’ve wasted all this time making us both miserable and everyone’s been right. I’ve been stupid. I don’t know how I can begin to make up for these past 6 months and you deserve so much better…”

“Hyung, stop, just tell me you want to get back together,” Jimin says because it doesn’t make sense to rehash everything and stir up bad feelings when there’s hope blooming in his chest.

“I do,” Yoongi says simply without hesitation.

“Okay, then,” Jimin grins at him and then takes Yoongi’s larger hand on his thigh and laces their fingers together.

“Just like that?”

“Of course. I love you, hyung, just don’t do anything like that again.”

“I swear I won’t. I love you, Jiminie, you won’t be able to get rid of me.” Yoongi squeezes his hand and Jimin can’t stop smiling at him even as his stomach growls.

“I won’t ever want to,” Jimin says squeezing his hand back. “Hyung, can we go eat meat now? I’m starving.”

At the restaurant, Yoongi doesn’t even say anything as Jimin crawls into the same side of the booth as him, wanting to be as close to his boyfriend as possible, even if it’s a gross public display of their affection. Jimin can’t bring himself to care and Yoongi is unconcerned about anyone saying anything or taking a picture of them.

Yoongi is watching Jimin stuff himself as he cooks more meat and puts it onto his plate. Jimin is enjoying being spoiled. “I’m still going to have to leave town a lot, Jimin-ah.”

“Hyung, can you not bring that up right now? I know. I still wouldn’t want you to give it up, but it’s going to suck. We’ll get through it though. I know we can.” Jimin knows if there’s a version of himself out there that did it then he can do it, too, and he thinks of the pictures and videos the dream versions of them traded and he has hope that it’ll work itself out.

“Okay,” Yoongi says and he grins at him with all of his gums.

“There’s one thing though, hyung,” Jimin says and Yoongi widens his eyes at him.


“You have to be the one to explain to my parents,” Jimin says and Yoongi winces, but nods.

When they finish eating, Yoongi settles the bill, and they head out. Yoongi suggests a walk at the park again, and Jimin thinks the weather is actually suited for it now, but he’s feeling full and lazy and the last thing he wants to do is walk. Jimin laughs to himself as he thinks about how unromantic he is even if he is so giddy and full of sweetness at their getting back together.

So Yoongi drives them back to Jimin’s dorm and parks outside before cutting the engine of his car. Jimin makes to get out of the car, but Yoongi stops him.

“Wait, I got you something,” he says reaching behind his seat to pull out a small bag with the logo of an expensive jewelry store that Jimin vaguely recognizes. “It made me think of you, and I missed your birthday, so…” Yoongi bites his lip before he hands it to him. Jimin looks at him and Yoongi just motions for him to open it. He takes out the tissue paper and grabs at the velvet box inside. He looks over at Yoongi again only for him to motion at him to get on with it. Jimin opens the box to see a ring. It’s silver and has a vine with flowers engraved on it. It’s stunning and Jimin has to just stare at it for a moment.

“You usually wear rings so I thought you’d like it. I tried to size it right so it’d fit your index finger, but you’ll have to tell me if it doesn’t fit right so I can get it resized. I mean, if you like it...if not, you don’t have to wear it,” Yoongi rambles. Jimin just takes it out of the box and slides it on his index finger. It fits perfectly. He grins stupidly at Yoongi.

“Hyung, I love it, it’s perfect. Thank you, you didn’t have to. You don’t have to buy me expensive things, you know. You’ll spoil me.”

“Yeah, well, you deserve to be spoiled,” Yoongi says and Jimin leans over the middle console to kiss Yoongi on the lips.

“If that’s the case, then hyung, do you mind if we go back to your place instead?” Jimin tries to look innocent as he asks. Yoongi laughs and starts the engine.


Chapter Text

Jimin wakes up warm and comfortable. He’s pretty sure he’s slept in a lot by his standards but with his head on Yoongi’s bare chest and their legs tangled together he can’t bring himself to care. He’d love to just stay in bed all day, but he vaguely has to pee and his stomach is demanding food.

He lifts his head and Yoongi grumbles and throws an arm around his waist to trap him. Jimin smiles at his boyfriend, still riding the high of them getting back together. Everything that Jimin loved about the dream seems so tangible now. He can’t help but be stupidly happy even with his tummy growling at him. He tries to escape Yoongi’s clutches, but he just grumbles at him more and clings to him tighter.

“Hyung, let me go, I’m hungry and I have to pee,” Jimin laughs when it becomes clear that he really doesn’t mean to let him go. Yoongi cracks an eye open at him.

“I haven’t done any food shopping since I’ve been back. You’ll have to order something,” Yoongi says but still doesn’t let him go, just nuzzles him before trying to get comfortable again.

“Or I could go back and eat on campus,” Jimin says even though it’s an empty threat. He has no intention of leaving Yoongi when he’s only just gotten him back. Yoongi opens both eyes wide at him and makes a noise of protest anyway, even though he knows it too. “I will if you don’t let me up.”

Yoongi groans like it’s the greatest inconvenience before he does. He yawns cutely and Jimin likes him like this, all cute and sleepy. He feels like a lot of people wouldn’t believe him if he told them Yoongi was like this when he first woke up. He’s happy he gets to see it firsthand. Jimin sits on the edge of the bed and stretches before getting up and untangling himself from the sheets.

He can feel Yoongi’s gaze on his bare ass before he even turns around and sees him staring. Jimin feels himself go red, not from embarrassment, not after all the times they’ve had sex, but excitement. He likes that Yoongi is looking at him like he’s hungry for him even though it might seem a little objectifying if he didn’t know Yoongi loved him for more than just his body. It’s exciting to know that he’s desired that way by Yoongi when Jimin feels that way about him. Still, he has to pee and he’s a little sore from when Yoongi had been particularly enthusiastic the night before so he scrunches up his nose and whines, “hyung.”

Yoongi just hums and his eyes snap up to Jimin’s face. He smiles like he wasn’t just ogling him. “What time is it?” he asks sitting up to grab his phone on the nightstand before he sighs. Jimin pulls on his underwear that were thrown on the floor. He watches as Yoongi leans over the bed to reach the phone charger that’s on the ground. He plugs in his phone which must be dead because he just purses his lips at it impatiently. Jimin laughs and Yoongi looks up at him curiously.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re kind of a mess when you first wake up, hyung?” Jimin smiles at him. He’s been conditioned to be a morning person with all the early practices, and It has to be early afternoon, but Yoongi clearly still doesn’t want to get up. Yoongi just grunts at him and Jimin goes to use the bathroom. Jimin laughs at his reflection while he washes his hands. His pale pink hair is sticking up in odd ways from where he’d gone to bed with wet hair from their shower the night before. He tries to tame it a little before he slides the ring Yoongi gave him back on. He smiles at it. He’ll have to get Yoongi something as a belated birthday present since he missed his as well. He’s not really sure what to get and he resolves to think about it later.

Yoongi looks like he’s about to fall back asleep with his phone in his hand when he goes back into the room. Jimin thinks it’s funny considering he’d been wide awake when he was staring at his ass minutes ago. “Hyung, are you going to get up? Did you ever call your manager?”

“Huh? Oh, I met up with him when I dropped you off at work yesterday,” Yoongi says looking down at his phone as he turns it on and waits for it to come alive.

“You weren’t in trouble, were you?” Jimin bites his lip. Hyungwon didn’t seem mad when he’d left, but Jimin didn’t want to assume anything. He’d hate to be the reason Yoongi got into trouble. Yoongi looks up at him at that.

“No, no,” he says and holds out a hand that Jimin doesn’t hesitate to take. He pauses to look at the ring on his finger before pressing gentle kisses to his knuckles. “He rushed out to give us privacy, not because he was mad or didn’t like you. I think you’d like each other if you both got to know one another.” Jimin smiles at him and climbs on top of his thighs.

“So you don’t mind that he knows that we’re together?” He wants to be sure. What’s done is done, but he hadn’t wanted to out Yoongi without discussing it first and he still kind of feels bad about it even if it happened beyond his control. Yoongi drops his phone in favor of placing his hands on Jimin’s hips.

“Jimin-ah, it’s fine. Hyungwon isn’t homophobic or anything. I may not be allowed to openly date, but I’m not embarrassed of you. He didn’t disapprove of you or anything, if anything he seemed curious, but even if he did that wouldn’t stop me from wanting to be in a relationship with you.” His hands fall to the tops of Jimin’s thighs and he squeezes them. “I love you. No one else’s opinion of us or of you matters to me when they’re not the ones in this relationship.”

Jimin smiles down at Yoongi. “I love you, hyung.” Yoongi smiles and gives his upper thighs one last squeeze before he’s reaching for his phone again. Jimin pouts as all of Yoongi’s attention is diverted toward the device despite him sitting in his lap.

He shimmies further down Yoongi’s legs and inches the covers down as he goes. Yoongi doesn’t look away from his phone but Jimin can see his eyebrows rise at his antics. He kisses at Yoongi’s tummy before glancing up to see him still looking at his phone. Jimin takes it as a challenge as he keeps kissing lower and uncovers his naked body completely. He sucks at the skin at the crevice of his thigh and groin, but it fails to dissuade Yoongi from looking away from his phone despite the fact that Jimin can see his cock taking an interest. He trails open mouthed kisses in between his thighs where he spreads them. He can feel his own dick twitch in excitement when he makes himself breathless from the kisses.

Finally Yoongi catches a fistfull of his messy hair and forces him to stop and look up at him. “Are you going to stop teasing me, Jimin-ah?” Jimin licks his lips and sees the phone lying on the bed, plugged in, and forgotten. He smiles at what feels like a victory.

“What do you mean, hyung?” Jimin asks innocently.

“Brat,” he says before taking his length into his own hand and stroking himself. Jimin sits back and watches the way Yoongi twists his wrists as he lazily tugs himself. He flushes when he looks up and sees Yoongi’s gaze directly on him as he does. His eyes are half lidded, but he’s watching him intently with his lips slightly parted and his face flushed from arousal.

Jimin grabs at his wrist and pushes it away. He leans down and parts his lips around the head of his cock, licking at the slit. He holds the base with a hand before taking Yoongi further into his mouth, humming around him at Yoongi’s approving groan.

“Jimin-ah, your mouth is perfect for me,” Yoongi breathes out. He bucks his hips off the bed and it’s more than Jimin’s ready for so he pulls off before he chokes, working Yoongi with his hand. “Sorry, too much for you?” Yoongi boasts with a smirk like Jimin hasn’t taken his whole length down his open throat before.

“Hyung,” Jimin groans and squeezes his eyes shut because it’s not funny, not even a little bit. Yoongi just laughs and Jimin quiets him with his mouth, opening his throat this time. Yoongi’s more careful to still his hips and not to choke him. Jimin bobs his head slowly and loves the choked little mewls that spill from Yoongi’s lips as he plays with his hair. Yoongi doesn’t pull on it even though Jimin’s told him several times that he doesn’t mind. He pulls off his length to take his balls into his mouth, sucking hard the way he knows his hyung likes and only then does he tug on the pink strands with a low sound from the back of his throat.

“Fucking killing me, Jimin-ah,” Yoongi rasps and Jimin holds his shaft and drags the head of his cock over his spitty smiling lips and looks at Yoongi mischievously. Yoongi makes a pained noise as he watches him.

Jimin swallows him down, bobbing his head faster. He finds his rhythm and keeps going through the slight ache in his jaw. “Jimin-ah, I’m gonna--” Yoongi says and tries to pull him off by the hair, but Jimin keeps going, swallowing the cum that spurts down his throat and onto his tongue. He sucks him clean before pulling off.

Yoongi sits up and pulls him up to kiss him on the mouth. “You’re going to kill me, come here, get these off.” Jimin pulls off his underwear and lets himself get rearranged on the bed to Yoongi’s liking. Yoongi looks down at him predatorily before he kisses down his chest, pausing to suck hard at his nipples. Jimin squirms under his ministrations.

“Hyung,” he whines as Yoongi moves lower. He can feel him grin against his lower stomach before he licks his lips.

“You’re so cute, Jimin-ah,” he says as he grabs at his length and thumbs over the head. Jimin tries to stifle the loud moan that it rips from him. “Baby, let me hear you. I love when you’re loud. Sound so pretty for me.” Yoongi looks up at him as he strokes him.

Jimin feels himself flush. He knows he can be loud, Hoseok even commented on it back when he and Yoongi lived together, but Yoongi’s never said anything about it. It’s a little embarrassing to have it brought up now, but when Yoongi licks the underside of his cock, Jimin doesn’t hold back. He throws his head back and lets the sounds be punched out of him.

Yoongi hums around the head of his dick and Jimin can feel his hips twitching in pleasure. He’s determined not to come so soon, but he knows he never last long in Yoongi’s mouth. Yoongi spreads his legs more and builds a rhythm that Jimin can’t help but whine at. “Hyung...Yoongi, I’m so close.” He never wants the feeling to end, but when Yoongi rubs a dry finger over his sore hole he feels his orgasm tense his entire body. “Hyung!” he shouts in warning but Yoongi holds his hips steady with two large firm hands as he swallows most of Jimin’s cum. He lets the rest slide out of his mouth along Jimin’s length before he pulls off and uses a hand to rub it in as he strokes him.

Jimin whines when he gets too sensitive for it to feel good and Yoongi lets him go. Yoongi lies next to him and pulls him into the crook of his side. He kisses him on his neck. Jimin smiles and lets himself get kissed and cuddled by his boyfriend as he recovers. He feels something buzz repeatedly underneath him. He extracts Yoongi’s phone from under him, unplugs it, and nudges Yoongi with the still vibrating phone where he’s drifting off again.

Yoongi sighs and takes it before engrossing himself in whatever the notifications say. Jimin’s about to get up to find his own phone to maybe order food for them but pauses when Yoongi’s grip around him tightens. “Oh fuck,” he says and Jimin turns to see Yoongi looking pale and stricken.

“What is it?” It has to be something serious for Yoongi to react like that and Jimin’s worried.

“Jimin-ah, someone fucking took pictures of us last night.”

“What? Where?” Jimin thinks they have to be pretty damning for Yoongi to be as affected by them as he is. Jimin hadn’t thought about it that much last night. It wasn’t as if there were hordes of people with professional cameras following them around like in the dream when they left the restaurant with Jinho and Jihyo. He didn’t notice anyone even giving them a second look, but then again he’d been kind of caught up on being with Yoongi.

Yoongi shows him his phone in answer. The twitter app is open on Yoongi’s notifications and it’s flooded with photos of them being retweeted and replied to. Jimin clicks on the first one he sees. It’s of them at the restaurant and it’s a cell phone photo if the quality is anything to go by. Jimin cringes at how he’s practically in Yoongi’s lap in the picture. He’d wanted to be close to him the night before and he didn’t think about this as a consequence. Still, besides their hair colors hinting that it’s them, it’s not a clear shot of their faces, and they could just deny that it’s them. Jimin thinks Yoongi’s making this out to be a bigger deal than it is, especially for being the person who just a little bit ago said, ‘ No one else’s opinion of us or of you matters to me when they’re not the ones in this relationship .’

And then Jimin clicks on the next photo. It’s them holding hands leaving the restaurant. This shots a little bit clearer and more obvious that it’s them. It makes it harder to deny the other photo considering they’re wearing the same clothes and leaving the same restaurant. It could be worse.

But then, Jimin had that thought too soon because in the next photo it’s them in the car outside of his dorm. They’re kissing and it’s taken through the front window with something other than a camera phone because there’s a jump in quality that can’t be explained any other way. The picture is lit from the headlights of the car parked in front of them which is where the person taking the photo must have been. Jimin doesn’t know how they missed it. He thinks he would’ve realized something was up if he had gotten out of the car and seen the car reversed into the spot in front of them with the headlights on, but he hadn’t. He had been too caught up in Yoongi to notice.

“Hyung,” Jimin swallows because he doesn’t know what to say. This is Yoongi’s career and he can’t help but feel like he might have just fucked it all up. There was no dream he had that warned him about this. He’s completely at a loss on what to do. He reads some of the replies. At any other time ‘Agust D likes the D’ might make him laugh, but right now it feels like a punch to the gut as he looks at Yoongi. “Hyung, I’m sorry.” Jimin feels terrible. This is all his fault. He hadn’t been thinking about this at all. He’d been impatient and he was the one to initiate all of it.

“Jimin-ah, I’m not mad at you. I should have known this was going to happen, but I wasn’t thinking,” Yoongi assures him even though he sounds peeved. “People need to learn to mind their own damn business, but we can’t go back in time and fix it so we have to deal with it. You should get dressed. Hyungwon’s coming over with a member of upper management and PR. They’ll be here soon.”

Jimin wants to say something to alleviate the tense set in Yoongi’s shoulders as he gets up to find clothes, but he can’t find the words. He’s nervous. It must be a big deal if they’re dragging upper management into this. Can they rescind his contract over this? Will they be forced to split up even though they only just got back together? Yoongi looks nervous enough that he can’t rule out either of those things.

He wonders if anyone’s recognized him in the photos and what his own social media looks like. He’s hardly ever on social media because of how busy he usually is with gymnastics and school. He doesn’t even have notifications turned on on his phone, but as he pulls on his jeans he digs out his forgotten phone. It’s on silent, but it thankfully isn’t dead. He has several texts from Tae and Jungkook, but he ignores them in favor of checking his SNS. On twitter, it’s clear that someone has recognized him and passed around his information from the large amounts of notifications he has and the thousands of new followers he has despite the fact that he almost never tweets. Jimin turns off his phone as more mentions come in, not all of them welcoming.

“Hyung…” he starts but before he can even say anything else there’s a knock at the door. Yoongi squeezes the back of his neck and kisses the side of his face before he goes to answer it. It probably does more to comfort him and calm him than anything he could have said, so Jimin’s thankful for it. Hyungwon comes in and winces at him, followed by a shorter lady and a taller man. Jimin’s anxious to see what they have to say and probably looks rough with his messy hair and the same clothes from the night before, coincidentally the same in the photos. It’s obvious that he’s stayed over and he really didn’t think this through. He’s sure this isn’t a good first impression on anyone Yoongi works with, let alone people who’ve come to probably reprimand him.

“This is Park Jieun who works in the PR department and Son Dongwoon, upper management,” Hyungwon introduces nervously. Jimin bows his head politely.

“Min Yoongi, and this is my boyfriend, Park Jimin. Please sit,” Yoongi says gesturing to the large sectional sofa. Jimin blushes at the blunt introduction. Hyungwon doesn’t waste any time, sitting before Yoongi can even finish the suggestion, and it’s clear that he’s almost as uncomfortable as Jimin feels. Son Dongwoon sits on the opposite end.

“I’d prefer to stand, actually,” Park Jieun says and Jimin feels like she’s about to tear into them. Probably could kill them with the heels she’s wearing. Yoongi tugs him down so that they’re sitting next to Hyungwon. “Jimin-ssi, I’m glad you’re here. It saves us a trip actually. Let’s not waste time here. You’ve both seen the pictures, yes?” she asks it distractedly as she pulls out a tablet from her bag.

Jimin blinks at being addressed and nods. “Yes, we’ve seen them,” Yoongi says without letting any of his feelings on the matter bleed into his voice.

“Good, then you understand this is a violation of your contract and also a lot of added work for my department?” Jieun says as she shows them a tablet and flips through the pictures from last night. Jimin bites his bottom lip and finds Yoongi’s hand to squeeze it. He can’t believe they’ve only just gotten back together and they’re in this mess.

“Yes,” Yoongi says and Jimin can tell he’s trying not to sound upset even though it’s obvious, to him at least, that he is.

Jieun sighs when Yoongi doesn’t say anything else. “Son manager-nim has agreed to let me do the talking because he believes I can make this point clearer. This,” she says as she shows the picture of them kissing in the car, “is inappropriate public behavior. Exactly what we were trying to avoid with the no dating clause.”

Jimin would argue that it was hardly inappropriate. It wasn’t like they were going at it, it was a brief kiss in the private bubble of Yoongi’s car where they hadn’t seen anyone around, but he knows his arguing wouldn’t be well received. Yoongi just huffs and Jimin can tell he wants to defend their actions but thinks better of it, too.

“That being said, we’re not going to terminate your contract. We’d be stupid to, considering you’re our highest grossing artist in the past two years and you’ve only been a part of the company for the past six months. That does not give you a free pass to do whatever you want.” She gives them both a hard stare at this. “We have an amended version of your contract for you to sign when you come in tomorrow. In the meantime, we’re going to have to come out with a statement, unfortunately. It’s a gross violation of privacy for both of you that you were outed like this, but not all of the response is positive. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how controversial lgbt relationships still are in South Korea and many other places of the world. You two have caused quite a stir and it’s best to release a statement before speculation can grow too much.”

“Okay, so we’ll draft a statement and send it to PR,” Yoongi agrees and Jieun’s lips are set into a thin line at what sounds like it could be a dismissal.

“No, this time, I’m going to help with the statement. This is a more sensitive topic than your stunt dancing on tables. Hyungwon-ah isn’t well versed in handling situations like these and we think,” Jieun gestures to herself and Dongwoon, “for that reason, you may need to be assigned a different personal manager, one that’s more adept at managing these kind of things.” She doesn’t say it unkindly, but it’s stern, in a no nonsense way, and causes both Hyungwon and Yoongi to frown. Jimin knows from the little bit Yoongi has talked about Hyungwon that he’s fond of his manager. Maybe their relationship is more like friends than a professional relationship, but Jimin doesn’t think it’s fair to split them up over this.

“Jieun-ssi, I don’t think that’s necessary. It was me...I didn’t think about people taking photos and posting them. Hyungwon-ssi warned us to be careful,” Jimin finds himself saying even though that’s kind of a stretch. Hyungwon’s ‘don’t do anything stupid’ yesterday had been directed at Yoongi and not exactly a warning about this, but he thinks it kind of counts. “Yoongi-hyung was careful, but I--we hadn’t seen each other in a long time.” Jimin blushes at everyone’s rapt attention being on him now, and he’s not exactly sure how to satisfyingly end his train of thought and get his point across. Yoongi squeezes his hand and gives him a grateful smile.

Jieun sighs and smiles, looking infinitely more warm and friendly than she did five minutes ago. “Well it’s a good thing you’re cute. I’m sorry you got dragged into this. You probably didn’t sign up to be a public figure, but it kind of comes with the territory. Hyungwon-ah, be grateful, the kid probably just saved your job,” she says and she looks over at Dongwoon who nods and stands.

“I’ll head back, if you have this under control,” he says glancing at Jieun who waves him off. He nods his head at them before taking his leave. Jimin wonders if he had to come just to sit threateningly in the corner and assess the situation or if there was some other reason for his being there.

“Before we get started on the statement, Yoongi-ssi, your car make and model and license plate number is now all over the internet which is a nightmare waiting to happen. For your own safety until we get that sorted out, if you want to go anywhere, I’m going to have to advise that you take a company driver. Other than that, I hopefully don’t have to tell you both that it’s better if you don’t respond to negativity online.”

“No, you don’t. We’ll try to avoid temptation,” Yoongi says dryly and Jimin winces at how prickly he’s being.

Jieun sighs again. “Yoongi-ssi, I don’t have an issue with your relationship. I’m sorry that your privacy got invaded, but it’s the nature of the business. I’m not trying to make things difficult. It’s just my job to try and contain any backlash.  Please don’t make it harder than it has to be.” She finally sits down where Dongwoon had sat and Jimin nudges Yoongi. He huffs.

“You’re right. I’m sorry. What happens next?” Yoongi asks.

“Well, we have to decide on what to share with the public. Jimin-ssi, people seem to have gotten a hold of your personal details. We don’t have to confirm any of them and we can ask people to respect your privacy, but that clearly only works so well.”

“It’s up to you,” Yoongi says as he looks over at him, but Jimin just shrugs. Clearly a lot of people already know and wouldn’t withholding the information just make people more curious?

“If this isn’t that serious then I recommend that we leave those details out,” Jieun continues with a raised eyebrow. Jimin twists the ring around his index finger. He’s serious about this and people are going to find out eventually. It’s a little scary to put himself out there, but it’s probably the biggest sign of commitment to their relationship he can give, save proposing to Yoongi.

“I think it’s better if you put it in,” he says shyly and feels his cheeks heat at Hyungwon’s answering grin and Jieun’s amused look.

“Are you sure? People can be vicious and you didn’t sign up for that. No one’s making you, Jimin-ah,” Yoongi says looking at him and ignoring everyone else like it’ll make Jimin more sincere and change his answer.

Jimin smiles at him. “Hyung, I’m serious about this, aren’t you?  It’s like you said, no one else’s opinion of us is going to change anything.” Yoongi nods and squeezes his hand. Jimin can feel his stomach growl, and yeah, he’d kind of forgotten how hungry he was in the moment of panic. He hopes this is over soon.

“Okay,” Jieun says taking notes in her tablet. “And how long has this been going on?”

“It’s kind of complicated,” Yoongi offers, “but off and on since 6 months before I signed my contract?”

Jimin thinks complicated is kind of an understatement and he sees Hyungwon wince from where he’s silently sitting next to them.

“A year and you didn’t know about this, Hyungwon-ah?” Jieun asks.

“To be fair, we were broken up for the past 6 months,” Yoongi defends and Hyungwon looks grateful. Jieun looks like she wants to massage her temples.

“Okay, well, a year sounds better than 6 months, 6 months ago, so we’re going to go with that.”

By the time the statement is written and Jieun and Hyungwon leave, Jimin’s stomach is eating itself. Yoongi thankfully orders food after he hears his stomach growl.

“Jimin-ah,” he says and nuzzles Jimin in the neck. It’s cute, but Yoongi usually only does that when he’s sleepy or he wants something.


“What do you mean what?” he mumbles into his skin. Jimin laughs at the ticklish sensation.

“Why are you being cute, hyung?”

Yoongi pulls back and squints at him as he purses his lips. “So I’m not always cute, Jiminie? That’s mean.”

Jimin laughs. “No, you know what I meant, hyung. Besides you’re only cute when you want something or you’re sleepy. The rest of the time you’re sexy, wow, bangable, hot, 10/10.”

“So I’m sexy when I’m taking a shit?” Yoongi jokes and Jimin swats at him.

“Hyung, don’t be gross,” he whines and Yoongi laughs.

“I just wanted to say thank you,” he says finally, “for officially and really publicly coming out with me. I know that’s scary, and you didn’t have to do that, but it makes it a little bit easier, somehow, if we do it together.” Yoongi sounds so sincere that it makes his heart clench a little. He knows it’s a serious moment and he shouldn’t brush it off like it’s nothing, but he can’t stop himself from teasing a little.

“Hyung~,” he says playfully, laughing all the while. All the sincerity is wiped clean off Yoongi’s face.

“Yah, brat, see if I ever thank you for anything again,” Yoongi complains. Jimin wraps him in a tight hug despite Yoongi halfheartedly pushing him away.

“Of course I would come out with you. I love you and our relationship is important to me. People should get used to me being around their Agust D because I don’t plan on leaving for a long, long time.” Jimin holds Yoongi’s gaze as he says it, but he looks down when Yoongi’s face turns into something overly fond. He plays with his ring and Yoongi takes his hand into his.

“A long, long time, huh? Long enough to leave this finger open for me?” Yoongi asks as he plays with his ring finger and he sounds a little too serious for something that he probably thought offhandedly. Jimin looks up in surprise and Yoongi looks like he’s only just realized what he said. And of course he didn’t mean it as a serious question, they’ve only just gotten back together. Jimin really needs himself to not act like Yoongi just seriously proposed to him.

“Only if you keep giving me that tongue technology, hyung,” Jimin laughs at his poor attempt at a joke to dispel whatever’s happening. He watches as the tension seems to drain out of Yoongi as he snorts at him. “By the way, we should probably call my parents before the statement gets released.”

Yoongi groans and is saved for a while by a knock at the door and their food arriving, but by the time they’re fed, they can’t put it off anymore. It’s really only a matter of time before Jimin’s parents find out about the pictures or read the statement. Jimin brings Yoongi’s phone charger by the sofa so he can charge his phone and puts his phone on speaker as he calls his eomma.

“Hello, Jimin-ah, is everything okay?”

“Hi, Eomma, of course, why wouldn’t it be?” There’s no way she already saw anything, right? She’s not usually online for anything, but maybe his hyung showed her. He really hopes he didn’t.

You don’t usually call at this time,” she says simply and of course that’s all it is.

“No, well, I mean, I have something to tell you and Appa. Is he around?”

“Yes, he’s right here, Jimin-ah. Hold on, let me put you on speaker...okay, you’re on speaker.”

“Okay, you’re on speaker, too. Yoongi-hyung is here.”

“Yoongi?” Jimin winces at his appa’s tone. He doesn’t sound friendly even though Jimin had never claimed Yoongi did anything wrong. He knows his parents are protective of him and he knows Yoongi will absolutely not have fun explaining why he broke their son’s heart.

“Yes, Appa, he’ll explain, but we need to tell you some stuff first,” Jimin says before Yoongi can say whatever it was he looked like he was gearing up to say.

What is it, Jimin-ah? If we’d had a daughter I’d be worried you were pregnant from how you sound right now,” his eomma comments and Jimin winces.

“Um, we--Yoongi-hyung and I got back together. Last night we were on a date and some people took pictures without us noticing. They’re all over the internet and…”

Jimin-ah! Tell me they’re at least tasteful.” His eomma sounds so scandalized and Jimin has to bite his lip to keep from laughing. Yoongi actually covers his mouth.

“Eomma, they’re--we were in public, but we thought no one was watching us. They make it obvious we’re in a relationship, so we wrote a statement with a member of PR at hyung’s company. I just wanted to tell you both before you read it.”

Okay, Jimin-ah, I’m going to go look up the pictures. Let your abeoji talk to Yoongi in private.

“No, Eomma!” Jimin whines. He’ll never hear the end of it from her.

You’re too late, Jimin-ah. She’s already gone. She moves quick when she wants to. Give Yoongi-yah the phone.” Jimin takes the phone off speaker and moves so Yoongi can take his place on the sofa and talk on the phone while it’s being charged. He lies next to him and puts his head on his lap. He listens to the one sided conversation as Yoongi plays with his hair absentmindedly.

“Hello, abeonim, yes...I understand....It was stupid….Yes. I..was...stupid,” Yoongi says it like his appa is making him repeat the words and Jimin covers his face. “Very, very much...Yes, I understand, believe me, I won’t be that stupid again...If he’ll have me, then one day...Okay, I will, take care,” Yoongi says and then hangs up. “Your abeoji says bye and that he loves you. He can be kind of scary, did you know?”

Jimin laughs. “What did he say?”

“Nope, you made me have that conversation. I don’t have to share.”

“Hyung,” Jimin whines.


Jimin doesn’t see Tae or Jungkook after the whole ordeal until he goes into work on Sunday. He’s been glued to Yoongi’s side since Friday after not having him around for six months. He didn’t even want to come in, but Jin-hyung is still on his honeymoon and Minhyuk-hyung would probably kill him.

“Oi, Park Jimin! Or is it Min Jimin now?” Jungkook teases and Tae woots from where he’s sitting in front of the bar. Jimin rolls his eyes as he puts on his apron and clocks in. He’s not even late, but he wonders how Jungkook always seems to be here before him.

“Shut up.” There’s not a lot of people in just yet, and he hopes it stays that way. They didn’t release where he works in the statement, but he thinks people could easily follow him here despite the fact that he got here by a company driver. He doesn’t think his life without Yoongi by his side is interesting enough that people would care to stalk him like that, but he’s never been in this situation before, and he doesn’t know what to expect.

“Jiminie, how’s life in the public eye?” Tae asks cheekily with a grin.

“The same as before. It’s not like we got married.”

“You kind of did, Jiminie, like internet married. Like you publically changed your relationship status on SNS. That’s practically marriage,” Tae says solemnly.

“I remember the old days when you claimed you weren’t back together, almost like it was the day before yesterday? Now you’re married to the Agust D,” Jungkook says fondly. “What type of vanilla coming out was that anyway? Those pictures were tame for you, hyung.”

“I’m sorry, Kook-ah, when we release the sex tape, I’ll let you know,” he says sarcastically and sees Tae laugh at something behind him. Jimin turns to see Minhyuk’s face.

“Don’t explain. I don’t want to know,” he says. “I’m glad that you’re here on time.”

Work goes by without any major differences and Jimin kind of figures he’s in the clear until he’s at the open practice on Monday morning and the stands are full. It’s a lot to process so early in the morning and he doesn’t like the way it makes almost all of his teammates give him a wide berth.

Jackson comes up to him and puts an arm around his middle. He turns to the stands and gives a dramatic wave like they’re some kind of royalty. “Smile for the people, Jimin-ah,” he says. Jimin just shrugs him off and rolls his eyes. He sighs, he can make it through this. He’s had more people watch him than this, albeit for a different reason, but it’s almost the same thing.

He makes his way through practice without making a fool of himself, thankfully. They gather around the coach at the end of practice for him to give his spiel. Jimin mostly tunes him out since he usually just takes this time to remind them of the things he said at the beginning of practice.

“ was a good practice, despite the unnecessary craziness out there. I’m going to see what I can do to make sure it’s not like that again. Okay, you guys are free to hit the showers.” Jimin waits for his teammates to enter the locker room. There’s people from the school newspaper standing around waiting to give interviews like they usually only do when it’s close to championships. He isn’t eager to enter the room and instead follows his coach to the coaches office. He feels like he needs to say something, apologize maybe. Jimin knocks on the open door. His coach grunts his acknowledgment without looking up.

“Coach-nim,” Jimin starts but his coach finally looks up and realizes it’s him.

“Oh, Jimin-ah, it’s you,” he doesn’t sound the least bit happy about him being here. In fact he sounds angry and Jimin’s kind of taken aback, but he barrels on.

“I wanted to, uh, apologize for all of that out there. I think it was probably because of me,” Jimin says and wow, it sounds kind of arrogant when he says it like that so he goes to continue, but his coach cuts him off.

“I know why they’re here. I don’t need to hear about it again. That type of behaviour doesn’t belong on this team, Jimin-ah.”

“W-what?” Jimin’s too shocked to be as angry as he probably should be.

“Those types of relationships are the ones you keep to yourself. When you get older and you marry a nice woman then you will understand. You don’t parade around town like a kept boy thinking it’s some kind of lasting relationship when it’s not. It’s a poor reflection of the people we allow at this school and on my team.” It’s so condescending and Jimin’s at a loss for what to say, but he’s not going to keep quiet.

“Excuse me?” Jimin sputters. He hadn’t expected this at all from his coach. He could be strict at times, but Jimin never pegged him as homophobic. “A poor reflection of the people on your team?”

“Yes, that’s what I’ve said. Don’t tell me the man has fucked your brain away.” Jimin gapes at him. He can’t believe the blatant unprofessionalism and offensiveness. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll see about closing practices to the public from now on and restoring the reputation of the team since you want to run amok and have your little fun with that boy. I don’t want you taking any interviews until you learn to grow up a little.”

Jimin knows he can go to the director of the athletics department and probably get his coach reprimanded for saying the things he’s saying, but suddenly everything just doesn’t seem worth it. It’s been harder to juggle his classes and gymnastics this semester. Adding a homophobic asshole of a coach to the mix sort of tips the scale. He doesn’t want to be on this team anymore. Gymnastics is just a hobby to him and if he really wants to then he’s sure he could find a club to join outside of the university. The team is large enough that they don’t need him to compete. It takes him just a few short seconds to decide.

“Yeah, don’t bother, I quit.” He knows he sounds pissed from the way his coach looks surprised, but he is pissed and he has every right to be. He doesn’t have to put up with this.

“What? Championships are coming up. You can’t quit,” he says like he thinks Jimin isn’t serious or something.

“Well, I just did.” Jimin turns around and leaves because he can feel himself seething with anger and he doesn’t want anyone to walk in on him yelling at his coach--his ex-coach. He goes into the locker room and doesn’t miss the way people quiet down a little bit. There’s still newspaper people around filming post practice interviews despite the amount of people walking around practically naked behind the camera. He’s never understood why they had to do that in here. Jimin goes to his stall and sits for a while to try to calm down. He takes his phone out of his bag and checks it.

Min Y.: Pick you up after work today?

Jimin smiles at his phone and sends an affirmative text. He also has a text from Jin.

Kim J.: Looks like you’ve had a fun couple of days. Catch me up when I get back. For right now, just tell me the cafe hasn’t burned down yet under Minhyuk’s care.

Jimin huffs a laugh. He and Namjoon were probably the last of their friend group to see the pictures. Jimin doesn’t blame them. If he was on his honeymoon he probably wouldn’t spare the time to check social media either.

Everything’s fine, hyung. Just enjoy your trip!

“Park Jimin-ssi, do you mind if we ask you some questions?” Jimin looks up to see the guy who asked. He’s pretty sure he’s done an interview with him before, but he can’t remember his name. He kind of figured this was going to happen.

“Sorry, not today,” he says, straightening and putting his phone away to find the things he needs to shower and get changed. He’s given interviews before and he knows how to be PR friendly. He can say the right, and probably not all that exciting to write about, things, but he just quit the team and he doesn’t see the point of giving an interview, especially if they’re going to ask questions about his personal life.

And then it really sets in, he really just quit the team.

Jimin gets dressed quickly and doesn’t give anyone else a chance to stop him. He texts Hoseok to see if he wants to meet for breakfast, hoping he can catch him before he has to go to class. They’ve done that a few times this semester, but not as often as Jimin would like. Hoseok’s been pretty busy with physical therapy school, and Jimin knows he’s trying to play catch up with missing a few days because of the wedding, but he really wants to talk to him. There’s a lot he can only say to Hoseok-hyung since he’s the only one who knows about the dream and everything. Hoseok just responds that he’ll pick him up and he’s on the way.

It’s not till they’re at a restaurant and have already ordered that Hoseok asks him to spit it out.


“Jimin-ah, you’ve been fuming since you got in the car,” Hoseok says, “just spit it out. You’ll feel better or at least that’s what you always say to me.”

“I quit gymnastics,” Jimin says and Hoseok furrows his eyebrows.

“And you’re upset about it? I thought you were already thinking about that. You said it wasn’t as fun as it used to be.”

“My coach was being an asshole. He said that my behavior was ‘a poor reflection of the people on his team’ and that when I ‘get older and marry a nice woman that I’ll understand.’”

“What? He really said that?” Hoseok asks with wide eyes.

“Yes, and then when I stood there, not knowing what to say in response to him calling me a ‘kept boy,’ he wondered if Yoongi-hyung fucked my brain away.”

Hoseok laughs, mostly out of disbelief. “I hope you told him he did, in fact, fuck your brains out and gave him a big ‘fuck you’ before you quit. What a jackass.” Jimin just hums in agreement. “You know you don’t have to quit if you don’t want to though, Jimin-ah, I’m sure if you went to talk to someone about this they would fire him. The university claims a no tolerance against bullying policy and I’m sure they would extend that to their staff.”

“I don’t really want to stay on the team. It was getting harder to juggle everything. Besides, the stands were full of people because of the pictures and stuff, and I don’t want to draw that kind of attention for the team,” Jimin says and Hoseok sighs.

“It’s whatever you want, Jimin-ah, but I still think you should report him either way. You aren’t the only one in a relationship with a guy on the team and that type of intolerance shouldn’t go unpunished.”

“Yeah, I’ll think about it,” he says right before they get their food.


Jimin’s almost done his shift at work when he feels his phone vibrate. It’s been the longest day. His professors aren’t eager to accept his excuses for missing classes on Friday when there’s photo evidence posted all over the internet of him hanging out with his boyfriend. Sometimes the power of social media is bad. Today is proof, Jimin thinks as he pulls out his phone to see a text from Yoongi.

Min Y.: Something you want to tell me?

Jimin thinks maybe Hoseok told Yoongi about him quitting even though he’d specifically asked him not to. Just for a second, though, because another text with a link comes in. It’s a picture of him and Hoseok at the restaurant earlier, obviously taken from a cell phone, attached to the article “Is Park Jimin Cheating on Agust D?” He guesses it really doesn’t take much to get speculation going. Jimin makes an offended noise at the related article, “Is Park Jimin a Gold Digger?” He has to stop himself from clicking on it. That way lies madness probably, even if he’s kind of curious on what evidence they have. He sends the link to Yoongi.

Why would I cheat on you with Hoseok-hyung if I’m a gold digger?

Min Y.: I’m glad my money keeps you around.

Jimin laughs and puts his phone away when he hears the bell of someone entering the cafe. He looks up, but it’s only Yoongi.

“Hey,” Yoongi greets, “you ready to go?” Jimin looks at how he technically has 15 minutes left to his shift, bites his lip, and looks at Jungkook.

“Hyung, if you keep him overnight and he gives me his room key then I’ll cover for him.” Jimin is already taking off his apron. He digs out his key and tosses it to Jungkook.

“Don’t lose it. I’ll need it back tomorrow morning. Also, don’t have sex on my bed.”

Jungkook salutes him and Yoongi snorts before they leave.


“I figured I’d make dinner since you’re probably tired of going out,” Yoongi says. “Considering you went out with Hoseok-ah.”

“Hyung, are you seriously jealous?” Jimin asks incredulously. He can’t tell if Yoongi is joking by his tone.

“No, but why did you invite him to breakfast and not me?” Yoongi whines.

“Hyung! You are, you’re jealous. Of Hoseok-hyung!” Jimin laughs and Yoongi scowls at him. He launches himself at him and nuzzles into his neck. “I love you.”

Yoongi sighs and puts his hands on his waist.

“I love you, too,” he says and kisses his hair. They stand like that for a while. Jimin lets himself be comforted by Yoongi. When Yoongi finally pulls back, he looks slightly concerned. “Are you okay?”

Jimin nods because he is. Everything that happened earlier kind of blurs and matters less. He’s thankful that Yoongi has that effect on him.

Jimin does his homework on the bar stool at the island and watches as Yoongi makes them dinner. It feels really domestic to watch Yoongi chop vegetables as he talks about his day he spent in the studio. He loves it and can’t stop himself from smiling wide.

“What is it?”

“I can’t smile at you, hyung? I’m happy. You make me so happy.” Stupidly so. He’s so glad Yoongi is in his life.

“Yah, so cheesy today,” Yoongi says, but he’s smiling as he adds the vegetables to the pot.


After dinner Jimin plops down on the couch and suggests they watch a movie, but Yoongi hums and pulls him up. “It’s late, Jimin-ah, we should go to bed. You have practice tomorrow morning.”

And yeah, that’s right, he hasn’t told Yoongi yet. “I don’t actually, hyung.”

“You don’t? Did it get cancelled or something?” Yoongi asks and Jimin bites his lip. He doesn’t think Yoongi will disapprove of his decision, but he’s nervous to tell him for some reason.

“No, I quit,” he says looking anywhere but at Yoongi. He side steps him and starts to walk over to the raised area where the bed is, but Yoongi grabs hold of his wrist.

“Whoa, whoa, wait, hold on. You let me ramble about my day and you didn’t tell me that? Jimin-ah, what’s going on?” He looks shocked and Jimin just pulls him up the few stairs to the bed so they can sit down.

“Hyung, I went to practice and there were people everywhere,” Jimin starts. He’s just trying to set the scene so he can get to the part where his coach was an asshole, but Yoongi looks crestfallen.

“Tell me that’s not why you quit, Jimin-ah. Because of the statement I made? Did I--” Jimin puts his index finger to Yoongi’s lips.

“No, no, hyung, just listen, don’t interrupt. I had a part in making the statement, too, so nothing is your fault. I wanted to quit. I made the choice to do it, it was just expedited by today. Anyway, there were people there, which yes, I’m assuming is because of our statement. Coach said he was going to try to make sure the crowd doesn’t happen again because it was kind of distracting. I just went to explain and apologize, but he, well, he said a lot of not nice things, so I quit.”

Yoongi purses his lips. “What do you mean ‘not nice things’? He was rude to you?” He can sense that Yoongi is about to get angry. Jimin didn’t mean to make him mad, so he tries to backtrack a little.

“Hyung, it doesn’t matter. Let’s just go to bed,” he says as he leans back and tries to pull him back with him. Yoongi doesn’t seem to want to let it go.

“Of course it matters, Jimin-ah. It upset you enough to quit,” Yoongi says sharply and he sounds more angry than Jimin’s ever heard him before, save maybe in the dream when he was yelling on the phone. Jimin knows it isn’t directed at him, but he can’t help but flinch at his tone. Yoongi sees and softens immediately. “Baby, what did he say?”

“He said that my behavior was a ‘poor reflection of the people on his team and that when I get older and marry a nice woman, I’ll understand that our relationship is the kind that you keep to yourself and not anything lasting.’” Yoongi’s face darkens and Jimin can tell he’s upset and isn’t going to let any of that slide.

“Jimin-ah, I’m sorry.”

“Hyung, I said it’s not your fault.”

“I know, but I’m sorry that your coach turned out to be a homophobic prick. He’s going to get what’s coming to him,” Yoongi says, but doesn’t elaborate. Jimin didn’t think he’d let it slide, but this sounds scarily foreboding.

Yoongi pulls up his shirt a little bit and kisses him on the tummy, like if he’s soft right now then Jimin won’t worry about what he’s going to do.

“Hyung, I can handle it. Hoseok-hyung already made up my mind to report him earlier.”

“Good,” Yoongi says before blowing a raspberry into his bellybutton.

“Hyung,” Jimin whines, “you know I hate that.” Yoongi laughs.


Chapter Text

Jimin’s glad for the free time he has from quitting gymnastics. It mostly means he gets to stay up with Yoongi later and sleep in some more, but it allows him to breathe easier. His parents seemed somewhat upset when he’d explained that he quit, but they were understanding for the most part. He felt a little bit like he was letting them down. His parents have always supported him and his gymnastics. Even when they could have moved away and gotten better jobs, they’d stayed closer to his club so he could still practice. Part of him thinks that they wanted him to compete in the Olympics even if they claimed they weren’t disappointed by his decision and they just wanted him to be happy.

He is happy, though, especially now that he gets to spend more time with Yoongi. He feels like they’re still making up for lost time. He wouldn’t trade the past few quiet evenings in with him for anything, even if it means he spends a lot of time in Yoongi’s apartment. He still isn’t fond of it, and his initial opinion that he wouldn’t be able to live in it hasn’t changed despite him staying over. He makes the mistake of mentioning that offhandedly when they’re curled together on the couch.

“Huh, you don’t like it here, Jimin-ah?” Yoongi asks, setting down his phone from where he was doing emails instead of watching the movie they picked out. Jimin tries to backtrack because it’s not awful, it’s certainly better than his dorm, but something about it makes him uncomfortable. Maybe it’s because of the large windows that leave him feeling exposed or the fact that it feels like a single person’s home, a bachelor pad, almost. He doesn’t think he has a right to tell Yoongi where he should live, especially if he’s comfortable here.

“No, hyung, it’s fine,” he brushes off with a smile at him. Yoongi just hums with a frown, not turning back to his phone, but before Jimin can reassure him further Yoongi leans in and presses a kiss to his cheek.




Jimin feels a little bit wrongfooted when he walks into work on Friday after class and Yoongi is at the cafe talking with Jin. Jin and Namjoon returned from their honeymoon late last night, and he would have thought Jin would want to take Friday off, too, but apparently a week is too long away for him. It’s strange that Yoongi is here. Jimin distinctly remembers him saying he couldn’t pick him up on Friday or hang out much this weekend because he’d be in the studio until late on all days. It makes him kind of suspicious, especially when they stop talking when they see him, but his curiosity about Jin’s honeymoon momentarily distracts him.

“Hyung! How was your trip?” he asks while he approaches them and shoots Yoongi a questioning look.

“Oh, Jimin-ah, it was perfect! You’ll have to go to Paris for yourself. I think you’d really like it. I have a ton of photos if you want to see,” Jin says as he pulls out his phone excitedly to show him. “I look great in this one. Well, I look great in all of them, of course, but especially this one.” Jin laughs.

Jimin just takes the phone from him to look at the pictures and coos over the particularly cute pictures of Jin and Namjoon kissing with the Eiffel Tower in the background. There’s pictures of them grinning like fools, and Jimin’s so ridiculously happy for them. He’s surprised when he doesn’t feel a pang of longing like he would have before he met Yoongi. Now he can only think of how the type of relationship that he’s always been envious of is the type of relationship he shares with Yoongi.

Jimin hears the bell at the door signifying someone entering or leaving, but when he looks up from the pictures, he misses who it was until he looks around for Yoongi and realizes that it was him who left.

“What was that about, hyung?” Jimin asks as he hands back his phone. “Yoongi-hyung said he would be in the studio today and for the weekend.”

“Oh, that’s nothing. He was just catching me up on things,” Jin says waving him off. Jimin can tell he’s not telling him something.


“You should probably clock in. I have scones in the oven.” Jin wonders off in the back. Jimin clocks in and pulls on his apron before joining Jungkook behind the counter.

“Do you know what that was about?” He asks Jungkook who just blinks at him, looking up from his phone.

“Huh? Who me? I’m not sure what you’re talking about,” he says in the least convincing way possible. Jimin scowls at him.

“At least tell me it wasn’t anything bad.” Jimin doesn’t have any ideas about what it could be about and why it would be a secret. It makes him worry a little.

“You worry too much, hyung.” Jungkook punches him good naturedly in the arm. Jimin doesn’t think it’s supposed to hurt as much as it does. He hopes, at least, as he winces and rubs at his arm.




On Saturday, Jimin wakes up, twists the ring that Yoongi got him around his finger, and decides that today is the day.

He recruits Hoseok to assist him in finding a belated birthday gift for Yoongi. He wants to get him something nice even if Yoongi could probably get himself anything Jimin can afford. He just doesn’t know where to start really. He really likes the ring that Yoongi bought for him, and he’s worn it everyday since he got it. He wants to get something for Yoongi that he’ll like equally as much. He thinks, at first, that taking Hoseok will be helpful considering the length of time they’ve known each other, but when they get to the mall, Hoseok doesn’t seem to want to help even after Jimin buys and bribes him with food from the food court. Jimin looks at him expectantly.

“Jimin-ah, I’m not sure what you were expecting from me. I don’t know what Yoongi-hyung wants. You’d know better than I would. Did you try asking him?”
“Hyung, no! That ruins the surprise. Besides, he didn’t have to ask me about my ring.” Jimin twists it around his finger as he mentions it, and Hoseok looks at it approvingly.

“Yeah, that’s nice. You’re a student though, Jimin-ah, I’m pretty sure hyung doesn’t expect you to drop a lot of money on him. He probably doesn’t even expect you to get him anything.” Hoseok waves him off like it’s no big deal, but Jimin is determined.

“I can’t not get him something, hyung, that’s sad! I may not be romantic or able to shower hyung in gifts, but I can’t not do this. It would make me a terrible boyfriend. I just--I love him and I want hyung to feel as loved as he makes me feel,” Jimin says and it’s cheesy, but it’s what he really feels. Hoseok just pulls a face at his abrupt declaration of feelings. “Hyung,” Jimin whines because Hoseok has never been anything but supportive of his relationship with Yoongi and he really does want his help.

Hoseok laughs. “Jimin-ah, I really don’t know what hyung would want.”

“What about a nice watch?” Jimin asks. He can’t help but think of the Rolex Yoongi wore in his dream. He can’t afford a Rolex, but maybe he could get him something nice in his price range that Yoongi would appreciate.

“Yeah, I don’t know about that. Hyung was wearing a Rolex last time we went out before the wedding,” Hoseok says as he looks contemplative. Jimin doesn’t think he’s seen Yoongi wear it, but maybe he just hasn’t been paying close enough attention. “Jimin-ah, why don’t you just get yourself a nice little new toy and let him bang you on the kitchen counter or something. I’m sure hyung would appreciate that just as much as anything you could buy him,” Hoseok says, wiggling his eyebrows and honking a laugh at his own suggestion.

“Hyung!”Jimin can’t help the flush on his cheeks that Hoseok laughs more at. He sighs, but actually considers it for a second. While it doesn’t sound unappealing, he can do better than that. Besides, they’ve already christened the kitchen counter, and he wants something special for Yoongi.




In the end, after the bust that was the mall, Jimin decides to bake Yoongi a cake. It’s nothing extravagant, but it’s personal and he figures it’s a classic for a reason. He decides to do it while Yoongi is in the studio, but his dorm doesn’t have an oven so he’s at a loss for how to set his plan into action.

When he’s back in his dorm with Tae and Jungkook, he brings it up. Jungkook laughs at him but stops when Tae grins at Jimin.

“Jiminie, that’s so cute! I’m sure hyung will love it. I wish someone would bake me a cake,” Tae says excitedly without even glancing at Jungkook. Jimin laughs at Jungkook’s widened eyes, and smiles at his best friend, happy that at least one of his friends is supportive of his gift idea.

“I just don’t know where I’d bake it. I want it to be a surprise and Hoseok-hyung says he’s busy tomorrow, but Yoongi-hyung will be in the studio, and it’s the perfect time to do it.” He feels more confident in his decision now that he has Tae’s approval, but he’s still not sure about the logistics.

“Why don’t you just bake it at work? Jin-hyung would help,” Jungkook offers, surprisingly helpful despite the fact that he laughed in his face at the idea just a few minutes prior.

“But I don’t want to ask Jin-hyung for help. I want to do it by myself. It makes it more special that way.” Jimin bites his lip. He might not be much of a baker, and he’d probably be safer asking Jin for help, but this is his gift. He wants to bake it himself without any supervision. Yoongi would appreciate it more that way, he thinks.

“Oh, I know! Won’t someone let you into Yoongi-hyung’s apartment if you explain? I mean, you’ve been hanging out there enough and everybody knows about you guys now,” Tae suggests.

“Not that anyone is complaining! It’s good that you’ve been spending time with Yoongi-hyung. Besides it’s nice to finally get the room to oursel--” Jungkook is cut off by Tae swatting at him.

“Don’t listen to Kookie, Jiminie, we do miss you,” Tae says and glares at Jungkook who agrees begrudgingly even though they see each other at work almost every day.

Jimin knows he’s been kind of absent since he’s stayed over at Yoongi’s apartment almost every night for the past week. He just doesn’t know how much time they’ll have together before Yoongi has to leave town again. He hasn’t asked, and he’s not sure he wants to. Ignorance is bliss and all that. He hadn’t thought much about not spending enough time with his friends.

“No, Jiminie, don’t look so guilty! It’s fine. We’re glad you’re back with your mans. And that’s not what this conversation is about! We need to find a place for operation Yoongi-hyung’s Cake…” Tae ponders silently for a second before he suddenly draws a sharp inhale that startles Jimin. “I know! Hyungwon-ssi! You have his number, right? He has to have a key to hyung’s apartment or at least an oven you can use.”

It’s not a bad idea. Hyungwon gave him his number after they released their statement in case he needed anything. This probably isn’t what he meant, and Jimin feels a bit uncomfortable calling him for a favor when they don’t know each other very well. Or at all, really. Still, it’s probably his best shot at pulling this off, so he nods at Tae who claps his hands together excitedly in a way that reminds Jimin of a seal.


Hyungwon-ssi, ‘please just call me hyung, Jimin-ah,’ lets him into Yoongi’s apartment the next day. He did research in order to make the best cake from scratch, and he had to equip himself with all the right tools so Jimin walks in with his hands full. Hyungwon kept gushing about how cute of an idea it was to surprise him, and he sits at Yoongi’s breakfast bar, intent on watching Jimin bake the cake. It makes Jimin feel slightly anxious like he’s going to mess this up somehow.

“Um, hyung, do you think that you could, uh--” Jimin doesn’t exactly know how to phrase it so it’s not rude. “I mean, doesn’t hyung need you while he’s in the studio? Won’t he get suspicious if you’re gone long?”

Hyungwon deflates a little and Jimin feels bad. “I see, you don’t want to be supervised. Okay, Jimin-ah, but you have to promise to tell me how it goes. Yoongi-hyung refuses to even share anything about your relationship. He won’t even tell me how you guys met.” He pouts and Jimin makes a note to take Hyungwon to lunch as a thank you.

“Okay, I promise, I will,” Jimin says as he follows Hyungwon to the door.

“I’m holding you to that. Hyung will probably be back in a couple hours, just so you know. Try not to burn the house down.” Hyungwon smiles and waves before he takes off.

Jimin gets down to business. He’s following a recipe so it’s pretty easy--if a bit messy. He doesn’t know how Jin-hyung isn’t constantly covered in flour because it goes everywhere. He’s pretty sure he has some on his face, but the cake layers go into the preheated oven without any disasters. He makes the different colored icing while he’s waiting for it to bake. He taste tests the icing and is slightly surprised by how good it is when he finishes, not that he thought he was incapable, but it is his first time doing it. He thinks Yoongi is going to love it.

The cake still needs more time to bake so he does the dishes and tries to clean up the mess he made while he waits. The whole apartment starts to smell like cake when he finally pulls the layers from the oven for them to cool. He removes them from their pans when they cool enough. The recipe tells him he still has to wait for them to cool more in order to ice and stack them, but they look good. He’d been sure to grease the pans well so they’d come out in one go, and he’s happy that they did. His cake surprise finally seems like it’s going to be a success until he hears Yoongi’s keys in the door.

“Jimin-ah?” Yoongi asks when he sees him. He looks surprised at least so Jimin counts that as a win even if the cake isn’t done. He’ll have to thank Hyungwon for not saying anything to ruin the surprise. “What’s this?” Yoongi asks as he closes the door. He sets down his stuff and takes off his shoes before he enters the kitchen area and sees the cake cooling on the rack Jimin had brought.

“No, hyung, don’t look! It’s supposed to be a surprise,” Jimin whines playfully as he steps in front of the cake even though Yoongi has already seen it.

“For me? What’s the occasion?” Yoongi has a gummy, happy smile on his face and Jimin is so glad he could be the one to put it there.

“It’s for your birthday, hyung,” Jimin explains and Yoongi walks into his space to kiss him on the cheek, brushing off flour from the opposite cheek with his thumb.

“My birthday was in March, baby,” Yoongi says, but he’s still smiling.

“I know that,” Jimin huffs. “It’s belated since we didn’t celebrate then.” Jimin doesn’t want to think about why that was--the dumb time they spent apart when they didn’t need to be.

Yoongi side steps him to look at the cooling cake and before Jimin can stop him he’s pinching off the corner of one of the layers to taste it.

“Hyung! It’s not done! It still has to cool so I can ice it,” Jimin complains because it looked perfect and now there’s a chunk missing. Yoongi just swallows and laughs before kissing him.

“So sweet,” he says and Jimin’s not sure if he’s talking about the cake or him, but his annoyance at Yoongi for ruining the cake is replaced by his fondness for him. Yoongi holds him at the neck and he kisses him again and again. Jimin can’t help the soft hum that escapes him. He’s sure Yoongi doesn’t mean anything by holding him by the front of his neck, he’s not applying pressure or anything, but he forgets how sensitive his neck is.

Yoongi doesn’t miss it though, he looks mischievous as he lowers his head and sucks at the skin just below his jawline.

“Hyung,” Jimin whines.

Yoongi just chuckles before he pulls at the hem of Jimin’s shirt. “Take this off, it has flour on it.”

Jimin complies even though he knows what Yoongi is doing and doesn’t think it’s smooth at all. Nope, not even a little bit as he arches his back into Yoongi’s touch and lets Yoongi pull him onto the counter. He’s thankful that it’s at least on the other side of the sink than the cake, and they’re not in danger of completely destroying his hard work. Yoongi noses at his skin and Jimin giggles at the ticklish sensation.

“I’m so fucking lucky,” Yoongi mumbles into his chest. Jimin just smiles widely at the warm bubbly feeling he gets in the pit of his stomach. He doesn’t think Yoongi is the lucky one here at all. He’s never been more grateful to his weird dream than he is now. Somehow, he thinks even without it, they still would’ve ended up here. Yoongi pulls back. “There’s nothing still in the oven, is there?”

Jimin just shakes his head before he’s being coaxed down and pulled over to the bed.

“I wanted to spread you out, that okay?” Yoongi asks and when Jimin nods he gets pressed into the bed so that he’s lying on his back. Yoongi pulls his shirt off before he climbs on top of him. “Look at you, gorgeous,” Yoongi says as he sits back. He lets the palms of his hands trail down Jimin’s body slowly, stopping just shy of the waistband of his pants. Jimin can’t help but flush, even after all this time Yoongi still makes him feel fuzzy and lightheaded with how freely he gives sweet words and loving touches.

“Hyung,” Jimin whines and Yoongi just trails kisses over his throat, clearly not in any rush. He raises his hand to fondle Jimin’s nipple with the pads of his fingers. Jimin giggles, brushing away Yoongi’s hand before finding Yoongi’s lips. He pulls at the back of Yoongi’s neck to bring him even closer as his tongue explores his mouth.

Yoongi’s hands find Jimin’s waist and the kiss gradually becomes more desperate as Jimin squirms beneath him, trying to get enough leverage to flip them over. Jimin uses his long legs to his advantage as he wraps them around Yoongi and twists so Yoongi is flat on his back beneath him. Jimin feels triumphant even if Yoongi wasn’t really fighting him. He sits back onto Yoongi’s lap, and Yoongi sits up to keep kissing him and squeezes the tops of Jimin’s thighs.

Jimin leans back, breaking the kiss, and grinds his ass into Yoongi’s crotch. Even through the layers of their pants he can feel Yoongi’s dick is partially hard. Yoongi pulls him closer with an arm around his bare waist as he kisses whatever he can reach, groaning hotly into his skin. Yoongi’s other hand is clutched tightly to the waistband of Jimin’s pants as he tries to yank them down one handedly.  Jimin tosses his head back and whines impatiently as his hips move in harder circles.

Yoongi starts to undo the button and fly on Jimin’s pants. “Come on, baby, get these off,” he says lowly and Jimin scrambles off of him and stands to comply, pulling his underwear off with his pants. Yoongi is taking his own off when he looks over. He pats the bed next to him in invitation. Jimin goes quickly, lying down on the bed, eager to feel more of Yoongi. He spreads his legs for his hyung.

Yoongi smiles at him before he just goes back to kissing him. He trails kisses softly down his neck to the curve of his shoulder and back. Jimin huffs impatiently which only serves to make Yoongi slow down. Jimin knows Yoongi is just as affected as he is, and he doesn’t know why he insists on drawing this out when they’re both buzzing and hot. “Hyung,” Jimin complains at what feels like the 80th press of Yoongi’s lips to his collarbone. Yoongi stops at last to look him in the eyes.

“What?” he asks, but his eyes crinkle up with the smile that appears on his face. “Don’t rush me, Jimin-ah, I know you can wait.”

“No, hyung, I can’t, and I have toys I can use--” Jimin doesn’t even get to finish the empty threat because Yoongi flips him over. Jimin yelps in surprise when Yoongi pinches his ass.

“So impatient. Now be good,” Yoongi says, moving lower until Jimin can feel his breath on his crack. He feels Yoongi’s warm, large palms spread him open. “Fucking gorgeous,” Yoongi says and Jimin buries his face in the sheets. He can’t help but feel warm and clench up at Yoongi’s close inspection.Yoongi rubs a dry pad of a thick finger over his hole, coaxing him to relax.

Yoongi licks a stripe down the middle of his crack before he laves circles around his entrance. His tongue prods into him, dipping warmth into him. Jimin whines and pushes his ass back into Yoongi’s face. It still isn’t enough, but Yoongi stops altogether at his motion. The cool air hits his entrance instead of Yoongi’s breath.

“Hyung, please, please, I’m really trying to be patient,” Jimin finds himself saying. Waiting has turned his brain to mush, and he can only think about getting off as soon as possible. Yoongi tuts before he reaches into the nightstand and pulls out a new large bottle of lube. Jimin bites his lip and presses his face into the sheets to prevent himself from rushing him further.

Yoongi finally pushes a lubed finger into him slowly, just holding it there for a long time before ever so slightly thrusting it in and out. Jimin shakily exhales when Yoongi adds another finger. He scissors them open, stretching Jimin open. Yoongi hums and lets the pads of his fingers gently explore until Jimin arches his back and moans. Yoongi massages him there and Jimin’s hands come up to hold onto the pillow when Yoongi doesn’t stop. Jimin wriggles around and pants, but Yoongi uses his weight to help hold him down. He only lets up to add yet another finger, pausing to let him adjust to the stretch before going back to tormenting him.

Jimin can feel his abdominals quivering and he knows this will be over soon if Yoongi doesn’t stop. “Hyung, I’m going to come if you don’t stop,” he manages to moan out, and Yoongi stops for a moment, stilling his fingers.

“Yeah?” Yoongi asks and Jimin can hear the challenge in his voice. He starts moving his fingers again, rougher now. Jimin grabs the headboard and his hips jump forward. It’s almost too much. He can feel his eyes get hot as he tries to hold back. “I want you to, Jiminie, come on my fingers,” Yoongi says roughly.

Jimin cries out as his orgasm is punched out of him. He makes a mess on the bed beneath him, and he doesn’t have the energy to move out of it as he recovers. Yoongi finally withdraws his fingers. He kisses down Jimin’s spine and Jimin relaxes finally.

“Can you go again?” Yoongi hums as he nuzzles the small of Jimin’s back. Jimin doesn’t really know that he can. “I think you can, baby,” Yoongi says and Jimin feels a little oversensitive, but not sore or anything so he nods. Yoongi flips him over and kisses his tummy, giving him more time to come down. Jimin doesn’t know how Yoongi has been this patient so far when he sees that Yoongi is still half hard.

Yoongi takes Jimin’s neglected and softened cock into his mouth, cleaning some of his cum off of him. It feels good in a different way and Jimin can feel himself warming up to the idea of going again. Yoongi’s mouth is warm and he suctions him just right as he bobs his head up and down. Jimin hums in pleasure as Yoongi fondles his balls in his hand. Yoongi’s tongue encircles the head of his cock before he drags it over the slit. Jimin moans at that and sits up to hold Yoongi’s hair. He’s hard by the time Yoongi pulls off with a pop.

“Ready to turn over for me, baby?” Yoongi asks and Jimin nods. He lets Yoongi put him on his hands and knees. He waits for a beat until Yoongi settles on his knees behind him and presses the head of his cock to his entrance. Yoongi holds his shoulders as he thrusts into him, pinning his hips down to the bed with his cock. Jimin whimpers at the oversensitivity and the stretch and waits to adjust before he pushes his hips back into Yoongi’s.

Yoongi’s hands move to his hips when he tightens around him. He groans when he drives into him in unforgiving thrusts, pulling Jimin’s hips back to meet his own. Yoongi’s hands are the only thing keeping him from collapsing as he spears into him. Jimin’s hands clutch the sheets, and he can’t help but release loud, hiccuping moans at each impact.

“That’s it, you’re doing so good for me,” Yoongi moans and presses their hips together, pistoning his hips so his dick fills him just right. Jimin feels like his arms are going to give out when Yoongi pulls him back into his lap as he sits back without pulling out. Yoongi fists and pumps Jimin’s cock while he grinds his length into him. He bites at his shoulder blade and twists his hand skillfully around his cock as he strokes him.

“Please, hyung, yes, don’t stop,” Jimin rambles without even realizing. Yoongi continues relentlessly until Jimin comes with a sound that’s somewhere between a sob and a moan. Yoongi lies Jimin’s pliant body forward and thrusts into him twice before he buries himself deep and releases with a deep moan. Jimin tries to get his breath back as Yoongi rocks into him gently until he softens, all the while pressing kisses into Jimin’s shoulder blade.

When Yoongi pulls out all the way, Jimin turns over to look up at him with a sated smile. Yoongi smiles back at him before he brushes Jimin’s sweaty pink bangs off his forehead. Jimin feels boneless and alittle bit like he’s floating when he closes his eyes and hums contently. He feels  Yoongi move on the bed as he repositions himself. Yoongi’s finger gently prods his hole and Jimin’s eyes flicker open.

“Hyung?” he asks because he really can’t go again anytime soon.

“Shh, I know, I’m just looking,” Yoongi says and Jimin feels Yoongi press down on his rim with his finger. He can feel Yoongi’s cum leaking out of him. Jimin sits up a little bit to see Yoongi watching fascinated.

Jimin kind of wants to close his legs because it’s sort of embarrassing, but also, he feels hot when he watches the way Yoongi is looking at him with his full attention, like he’s the sexiest thing to ever exist. Yoongi grabs a tissue from the nightstand before he puts a finger inside of him shallowly and tries to gently coax the rest of his mess out of him. Jimin hisses at how sensitive he is considering Yoongi hadn’t held back. Yoongi pulls his finger out at that, placing a kiss on his lower stomach before cleaning him up as best as he can.

Yoongi lies back and hums into his neck before he kisses him. “Want a shower?”  

“Can we take a bath, hyung?” Jimin kind of just wants to relax. Yoongi nods and gets up to go draw it. Jimin doesn’t follow until he hears the water go off, too content to lie boneless on the bed. When he goes to the bathroom there’s an intense amount of bubbles in the jacuzzi bathtub. He’s glad Yoongi’s opinion of bubble bath hasn’t changed between the dream and the present. Yoongi turns to look at him.

“There you are. I thought I might have to carry you,” Yoongi says smugly and Jimin rolls his eyes. He lets Yoongi get in first before he steps in the warm water, perching himself on Yoongi’s lap. He leans back against his chest, and he thinks this is pretty romantic and it was his idea, so he counts it as a win.

“Can we turn on the jets, hyung?” Jimin is actually kind of curious about what that’s like, maybe this apartment will redeem itself after all.

“No, not with the bubbles. I flooded the apartment downstairs when I tried actually,” Yoongi says sheepishly. Jimin is slightly disappointed before he really registers what he said.

“What? Hyung!” Jimin laughs.

“I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to. I had just moved in and there was bubbles coming out of all the drains. Luckily there was no one living right below me at the time,” Yoongi explains and Jimin can imagine Yoongi just wanting to relax in a bubble bath and having to deal with that mess. Jimin hides his face in Yoongi’s chest and laughs at the thought.

When they’re all pruny and flushed from where they’ve been scrubbed clean, they get out and Jimin goes to ice the cake. He makes Yoongi stay in the room so he can surprise him.

He trims the side on the layers to hide the fact that Yoongi took a chunk of cake, determined to make it as perfect as he possibly can. First, he ices the bottom layer before he carefully stacks the second one. Once the foundation is done and iced, he goes to replicate the youtube videos he watched in preparation for the decorations. He pipes different colored flowers on it and tries, somewhat successfully, to make it look pretty. When he finishes, he calls Yoongi in.

“Wow, Jiminie, it looks pretty. You look like you’re giving Jin-hyung a run for his money.” Yoongi hugs him from behind as he looks at the cake.

“You have to taste it before you say that, hyung.” Jimin cuts two slices and gives one to Yoongi. Yoongi makes over enthusiastic noises when he takes his first bite of the cake. Jimin tries it and doesn’t think it’s bad, but it’s not as moist as when Jin-hyung bakes cake. Yoongi still eats all of it proudly.

“You did good, baby,” Yoongi says when his plate is clean. “I might have to keep you around.”

Jimin beams and kisses Yoongi for saying so before he puts the plates in the sink for later. He puts the cake away before he lets Yoongi pull him back to the bedroom where he’s changed the sheets on the bed. He bounces on the bed and snuggles back up to Yoongi who wraps his arms around him.

“Jimin-ah,” he says and Jimin hums happily. “Jiminie, look at me for a second. I need to talk to you about something.”

Jimin doesn’t like the way it sounds, but he turns in Yoongi’s arms to look at him. “What is it, hyung?”

Yoongi sighs and after a few false starts, he purses his lips. “They’re giving me a month to finish the next album.” He looks at Jimin like he’s searching for a reaction, but Jimin isn’t sure what reaction he should give.

“Okay, is it going to be enough time?”

“Yeah, yes, I mean, I--they’re going to want to ship me off after promotions. I just wanted to let you know,” Yoongi says and Jimin can tell he’s looking for reassurance. It’s not a surprise, Jimin knew in the back of his mind that this would happen eventually. He just didn’t anticipate it so soon. He feels like he only just got him back. Can’t they give him more of a break? He understands, though, and he wouldn’t have agreed to get back together with Yoongi if he didn’t think they could survive long distance.

“Hyung, I’ll miss you. We’ll talk when you have time, right?” Jimin bites his lip and hopes they can find a way to communicate regularly with distance between them.

“I’ll call everyday,” Yoongi reassures him and he kisses him loudly on the cheek. “I’ll miss you, too. I love you.”

“I love you, too, hyung.” And yeah, Jimin can do this.  




On Tuesday Jimin runs into Jackson in between classes. Jimin just means to say hello before going over to his next class, but of course Jackson pulls him aside for a full conversation that he kind of tunes out.

“ does this mean you’re coming back to practice?” he asks and Jimin just blinks confusedly. “Didn’t you hear? They fired coach. He got hit with so many discrimination lawsuits that they didn’t really have a choice. I don’t know, don’t you read the school newspaper? There was a whole article-- Hey! Where are you going? Weren’t you headed in the opposite direction?” Jackson calls, but Jimin’s already headed toward the box of free school newspapers.

“I’m not coming back to practice, but I’ll catch you later!” Jimin calls out so he doesn’t seem like a jerk. He has no intention of rejoining the team, his heart isn’t in it and hasn’t been for a while, but he wants to see what this is about. He grabs the paper before he has to run to class in order to not be late.

He reads the paper in class and sees several former student athletes filed lawsuits against the coach. The article calls the coach out for being a bully and talks about the damning evidence of his misconduct in some of the recordings from private meetings that one of the students has. He skims over what was said because he has no interest in hearing about what vile things--he’s sure they’re vile--that man could come up with. What catches Jimin’s eye is the bolded quote from Jin-hyung and suddenly Jimin thinks the clandestine meeting between him and Yoongi makes a lot of sense.

Kim Seokjin, 25, owner of the cafe just off campus says he’s been to many meets and claims the coach’s “lack of professionalism is evident in the way he conducts his team meetings out in the open for the entire audience to hear.” Kim states that the coach has been known to “publicly embarrass team members for any mistakes that they make...

Jimin looks up from the paper when his professor calls on him and he apologizes for not paying attention and puts the paper away until later.


When Jimin gets to work and sees Jin-hyung behind the counter he walks right up to him and tosses the paper on the counter. “Hyung, what did you do?”

Tae, sitting at the counter, picks up the paper and starts to read the article aloud. He whoops when he gets to Jin-hyung’s quote. “Yeah, get ‘em!” he says excitedly and Jungkook just snorts a laugh and smiles fondly at him. Jimin looks to Jin-hyung for an explanation.

“Jimin-ah, he got a small dose of what was coming to him. This doesn’t even begin to make up for what he said to you,” Jin-hyung says and bristles at the topic. He doesn’t look like he’ll be moved on his stance, and Jimin isn’t trying to, but he just doesn’t understand.

“How, though?” It’s just too much of a coincidence for there not to be an explanation. He’s not mentioned in the article, but why would this happen now after all this time? Some of the students in the article have long since graduated.

“It was Yoongi-yah’s idea. He hired a private investigator to find all the people willing to file lawsuits against the coach. He was willing to pay legal fees for them to just start litigation and make the university think twice about keeping him as part of their staff, but then they struck gold with the recordings that one student had, so it might actually stick. All I did was offer a quote. I didn’t even have to lie.” Jin-hyung pauses and then smiles at him. “Jimin-ah, we weren’t going to let him get away with saying those things to you, okay? Especially Yoongi.”

“Yeah,” Jimin says, “thanks, hyung.” Jin just puts his hand on his head and musses Jimin’s hair. Jimin shirks away.

“I still say we should have egged his house,” Jungkook says before shrugging.

“There will be no egging of anyone’s house. That’s a waste of eggs,” Jin says and of course that’s what he’s concerned with. Jimin just sighs and goes to clock in while Jin goes into the back room.

“You aren’t mad, right Jiminie?” Tae asks, “because this is awesome. Like, can I have this?” He holds up the school’s newspaper like he can’t get his own easily.

“No, Taetae, I’m not mad.” Jimin doesn’t think the things his coach said to him should go unpunished even if it seemed uncomfortable to report him after it happened. He’s glad that he has people willing to go through such lengths for him, but he’s definitely bringing this up to Yoongi. It sounds like he threw money around in order for this to happen, and Jimin feels bad about that, even if Yoongi might have the money to do that.

“Good because I’m going to frame this,” Tae says grinning down at the newspaper. “Nobody messes with Jiminie.”

Jimin laughs and looks over at Jungkook and expects him to join in or make some kind of acknowledgment at Tae’s weird antics, but instead Jungkook is just staring at Tae with the most obvious hearts in his eyes.

“I love you,” Jungkook says and Jimin has to laugh again at how solemn he sounds when he says it. He stops when he sees the shocked look on Tae’s face.

“What?” Tae asks and Jimin feels like he’s intruding on a moment even though Tae and Jungkook have been sleeping together for at least a year. The fact that they love each other shouldn’t be news to either of them. It’s so obvious in the way they interact and yet, Jungkook is turning red as if Tae asking him to repeat it is new and uncomfortable.

“I love you?” Jungkook says hesitantly and with less confidence than before. Jimin is witnessing a trainwreck. This must really be the first time he’s saying it. Tae doesn’t seem to mind the less than romantic confession as a wide grin grows on his face.

“I love you, too, Kookie.”

They’re both smiling so wide, and Jimin can’t help but feel like he’s missing something. “Wait, you guys have been together for over a year and this is only just now happening?”

“You can’t rush love, Jiminie.”

“You’re staying with hyung again tonight, right?” Jungkook asks with a smirk that makes him look like a tool, in Jimin’s opinion. He sighs but nods eventually.


Jimin doesn’t bring up the article until after Yoongi picks him up at work and they go back to his apartment. He let Tae have the newspaper so he goes to Yoongi’s laptop to pull it up online so he can ask about it. As soon as he sits at the desk and opens the laptop though, there’s a page loaded with houses listed for sale. The houses are in a similar area to Yoongi’s current apartment. He’s about to click off and return to what he was doing when Yoongi pokes him with a drink he’d gone to get.

Jimin startles like he got caught snooping or something when he really wasn’t trying to. Yoongi always lets him use his computer, so he really didn’t think about asking first.

“Hyung, what’s this?” he asks and Yoongi bends down and rests his chin on Jimin’s shoulder to peek at the screen.

“Oh, houses I was looking at.” He seems nonchalant about it as if buying a house wasn’t a big deal, and Jimin wonders if that’s supposed to dissuade him from wanting to ask questions. It doesn’t.

“What? Are you planning on moving?” It’s the first he’s heard of it. Yoongi hums right in his ear and Jimin has to fight to not get distracted before Yoongi moves to stand up straight.

“I’m just looking for now, but someone told me they don’t like my apartment.” Yoongi gives him a pointed look, but Jimin doesn’t want him to go through all this just for him.

“Hyung, is this really about what I said? It doesn’t matter what I think. You’re the one who lives here.” Jimin really should have known Yoongi wasn’t going to let that slide.

“It does matter. It matters to me, especially if I expect you to want to live with me when I ask--”

“Wait, what, hyung!” Jimin didn’t think that moving in together was something they’d do anytime soon. They had only just gotten back together, and while it’s good, he doesn’t want to do anything too soon and risk screwing it up.

“Jimin-ah, you’ve been staying over here anyway. I’m not complaining. I want you here. But, I mean, Tae-yah is graduating this year, and you don’t have early practice anymore, so I figured you’d want to move in--obviously, we’d have to find a place we both like. It’d take a while, but I was just...looking,” Yoongi rambles and Jimin can’t help the stupid smile on his face. He’s glad to hear Yoongi is as invested in their future as he is and he can’t really fault him on his logic. It makes sense especially since Jimin knows Jungkook has been wanting to live with Tae, and he’d hardly want to live with them both.


“Okay?” Yoongi asks cautiously.

“Yeah, I’ll think about it for when you ask properly, hyung,” Jimin says cheekily.

“Brat.” Yoongi scowls and Jimin laughs.

“I’m just kidding! It sounds good. I like that plan,” he says, smiling so hard that his cheeks hurt and Yoongi just hums before he leans down to peck a kiss to his lips. Jimin’s about to turn around to look at houses, already really excited at the prospect of moving into a home with Yoongi, before he remembers why he got on the computer in the first place. “Hyung! Jin-hyung told me what you did about coach. I read it in the school paper.” Jimin narrows his eyes at Yoongi.

“Yeah, he texted me that he told you. I’m not apologizing for that, Jimin-ah.” Yoongi looks ready to go off on a tangent like just bringing up the coach pisses him off all over again.

“I know, I wasn’t going to make you. I just wanted to say thank you,” Jimin says and he watches as the fight drains out of Yoongi before he stands up to kiss him properly. Jimin guesses he can live with Yoongi spending money on him sometimes.

“Of course, baby.”



It’s a week later when Namjoon’s book finally comes out. All seven of them crowd Namjoon and Jin’s apartment on a evening to celebrate. It reminds Jimin so much of his dream, the only thing missing is Jinho and Jihyo. He feels a twinge of sadness in his chest when he remembers them. It’s maybe why he’s quiet throughout dinner, but even Jinho and Jihyo don’t seem far off anymore. He thinks of everything that’s different between here and the dream. His knee isn’t injured, and well he can’t call himself an olympic gymnast either, but he’s fine with that. In fact, as he’s sitting around the table with Yoongi and his friends, he can’t think of anything that he doesn’t have now that he wanted from his dream. It’s kind of a steadying thought. Even if he doesn’t know why or how he had the dream, and he might never know, but he’s thankful it guided his way to now.

Yoongi nudges him from his side and he tunes back into the conversation to see everyone laughing while Namjoon has a scowl on his face.

“You’re being quiet. You okay?” Yoongi asks with his brow furrowed in concern. Jimin just smiles and nods to reassure him.

“Hyung, you have to admit it wasn’t your best work. All you wrote was poems about fish for months, even Jin-hyung was having trouble finding something nice to say about them, and he’s biased to everything you write,” Tae says with a laugh. “I’m sure the book is better, I mean it must be to get published,” Tae says and Jimin gets the feeling he’s missed a large chunk of this conversation.

“Tae-yah, don’t even pretend you’re going to read it. I’ve never seen you even crack open a book ever,” Hoseok says with a laugh. Tae looks slightly offended, but Jimin’s really only seen him read manga and, on the rare occasion Jimin can coax him to, a textbook, so he probably doesn’t have any right to be.

“Kookie will read it to me, right?” Tae bats his eyelashes at Jungkook who just nods absentmindedly. Hoseok makes the sound of a whip cracking and Yoongi snorts a laugh. Jimin looks at Namjoon to see what he has to say about it all, but he and Jin seem to be in some wordless debate with only facial expressions. Jin finally sighs.

“Um, guys, we have something to tell you…” Jin says and he looks at Namjoon whose dimples are on full display as he nods at him encouragingly. “We got approved to adopt.” Jin sounds so proud as he says it and it feels like the last piece of the puzzle is put into place.

“You guys! Congratulations,” Jimin says first while everyone else still seems to be in shock. He turns to Yoongi who looks a little bit mind blown.

“Thank you, Jimin-ah, I know it’s soon, but with Joon’s advance from his book deal it was pretty quick. We went in to meet with some kids. I don’t think we expected to do much other than just see how things worked, but we met these baby twins that are only a couple of months old,” Jin explains and Jimin feels his mouth get dry at the turn of events. He can only think of Jinho and Jihyo, and he kind of feels like crying.

“Twins?” Hoseok squawks.

Jin glares at him, and Namjoon just laughs. “Jin-hyung almost didn’t want to give them back. They’re fraternal twins, a girl and a boy.”

“Don’t put it on me, you didn’t want to give them back either!” Jin says and Namjoon smiles brightly at him.

“Okay, I was equally enamoured with them. Of course. It felt right,” Namjoon acquiesces. Jimin can see how he looks like a proud abeoji already. He turns to grin at Yoongi who’s just looking at him curiously.

“You are both crazy. Isn’t one enough?” Hoseok asks and tuts, shaking his head in mock seriousness.

“No, and this is why you’re not going to be a godfather, Jung Hoseok. We already signed the papers. We get to take them home in a couple weeks after inspections,” Jin says and he’s almost glowing with happiness.

“Do they have names?” Tae asks, finally blinking out of his shock, while Jungkook still looks dumbfounded next to him.

“We get to name them. We’ve mostly agreed on Jihyo and Jinho,” Namjoon explains and Jimin smiles.

“Those are great names, hyung,” Jimin says and he squeezes Yoongi’s hand under the table.


Jimin is lying in bed with Yoongi later. He’s on the cusp of sleep with Yoongi petting his hair and all the lights turned off when Yoongi speaks up.

“Jimin-ah?” he asks and even Jimin’s sleepy brain registers that he sounds wide awake.

Jimin hums and presses his head into Yoongi’s hand so he doesn’t stop stroking his hair.

“Would you want that? I mean, a family with me, eventually?” Yoongi asks hesitantly. Jimin lifts his head to look at Yoongi even though it’s too dark to make out much.

“Yes, hyung, of course.”

Yoongi presses a kiss to his head, and Jimin’s heart is beating fast, but he forces himself to relax again and succumb to sleep.




In the month that Yoongi has to finish his album in the studio, Jimin and Yoongi start seriously looking at houses. He doesn’t know the first thing about buying a house, and the whole process makes him feel like a real adult.

They spend hours looking at houses listed online while laying in bed. At first he's excited about it. They get to plan part of their future so it's an exciting prospect for him, but Jimin knows he can't exactly afford a house. Every time he tries to bring up pricing Yoongi tells him not to worry about it. He knows a home isn't cheap and that they should invest a lot into it, but he wants to be able to contribute. Even his eomma says he needs to find a way to contribute to paying for it so he doesn't rely too much on Yoongi. Jimin is inclined to agree with her. His abeoji, on the other hand, claims Yoongi should pay for all of it after all the heartache he put him through all those months. Jimin doesn't think that's fair.

So whenever they come across a house they both like and contemplate going to see in person, Jimin finds himself looking at the listing price and nitpicking something he doesn't like about the house. He can tell Yoongi gets frustrated at his back and forth opinions so Jimin stops suggesting they look at houses when they have free time.

Every time Yoongi suggests that they look, Jimin finds a way to distract him. Normally he likes being treated by Yoongi, but this just feels like too much. He knows he should just be honest with Yoongi and tell him that he's not comfortable leeching off of him like that--that he feels like he would be taking advantage. He just doesn't really know how to bring it up without Yoongi just brushing him off.

He's surprised then when Yoongi picks him up after work one day and instead of going back to his apartment like usual, they take a different route.

"Hyung?" Jimin asks when Yoongi misses a turn.

"I have a surprise, you'll see," he says and he reaches one hand off the steering wheel and places it on Jimin's thigh to squeeze. Jimin just looks around and tries to figure out where they could be going. They're in a residential area that he doesn't recognize, at least not until Yoongi makes another turn. The area starts to look vaguely familiar, and it's then when Jimin realizes they're going to the house where they lived in the dream. It feels like a strange sense of deja vu because everything is just familiar enough, but not exactly the way he remembers it.

Yoongi pulls up to the house and there's a woman getting out of her car in the driveway. Yoongi looks over at him and tries to gauge his reaction as he examines the outside of the house. "You like it?"

Jimin doesn't think this house is any cheaper than the ones they were looking at. If anything it's probably more expensive, but Jimin would be lying to himself if he wasn't thinking about it the whole time they were looking at other houses. He nods.

"Want to see the inside?" Yoongi asks and he must sense the bit of hesitation Jimin still has that's only outshone by his curiosity. "Just to look. We don't have to decide on anything." The woman outside the house looks like she's waiting on them so Jimin agrees before he pulls the car door open and gets out.

The real estate agent introduces herself as Park Yejin before she shows them around. The house has the same floorplan, but the furnishings have a different style and layout to what Jimin saw in the space in his dream. He thinks that would be something they'd get to change together when they move in-- if they move in, he reminds himself.

"...the house has only just been listed, but I've already shown it to two interested parties, and I think it'll go fast considering the neighborhood," Park Yejin says and Jimin hasn't been paying much attention to anything but looking around, but he looks to Yoongi at that. He has a pensive look on his face.

"Do you like it, hyung?" Jimin asks because Yoongi seems attached to the space if the way he took him to see it and his facial expression are anything to go by.

"Not if you don't," Yoongi says and he wraps an arm around Jimin's waist.

"Hyung," Jimin huffs. He doesn't think he can let this place go, though, and it's not a decision he can sit on according to Yejin. "I like it," he says with a smile.

"We'd like to put in an offer."


Later when they're back in Yoongi's apartment, Yoongi asks him if he's excited that their time in this apartment is most likely coming to end. Jimin is, but he's having trouble expressing how much when he thinks about the price tag.

"Okay, Jimin-ah, what is it?" Yoongi finally asks. "Don't tell me it's the house because you told me you liked it, and I won't believe that excuse anymore. You've been weird since we started looking into houses together. Do you not want to move in? Is that it?"

"No! No, hyung, that's not it. I--" Jimin sighs. "I feel bad. It just costs a lot, and it doesn't feel right that you're paying for it all. I feel like I'm taking advantage."

"Taking advantage? Jimin, it's as much your money as it is mine," Yoongi says and Jimin knows that isn't true. Yoongi is so talented and hardworking. There isn't anything in his bank account that he didn't earn.

"No--" Jimin starts, but Yoongi cuts him off.

"Jimin-ah, come on, I'd still be teaching if it wasn't for you. Let me do this for you, for us, okay?" Yoongi says and he grabs Jimin's hand and squeezes it.

Jimin doesn't know if he really believes that, but it makes him feel a little better and a little less useless.

"Fine, hyung, but I'm helping with the bills." Jimin doesn't leave any room for argument and Yoongi sighs.

"Okay, if it makes you feel better you can help with the bills," he says reluctantly.




Things happen quickly after that, their offer on the house goes through, Yoongi finishes his album, and Jimin gets to meet Jihyo and Jinho.

They slowly move some of their stuff over to their new house, but moving in has been delayed by Yoongi’s schedule. Jimin knows, even though he’s really eager and excited to move in and personalize their home, that they won’t realistically be moved in until Yoongi gets more time off and the school year comes to a close.

When Jimin and Yoongi go over to Jin and Namjoon’s apartment to meet Jihyo and Jinho, Jimin’s goddaughter takes a liking to him immediately. She’s only a small, crying bundle in Namjoon’s arm when he first sees her. When he takes her from Namjoon, very careful to cradle her head, he rocks her back and forth and she stops crying. He shoots a smug look at Namjoon who had apparently been trying to get her to quiet down for some time.

In comparison, Jinho is the much quieter twin. He’s asleep on Jin’s bare chest on the couch when they walk into the living area of their apartment.

“That’s more my speed,” Yoongi jokes when he motions to the sleeping baby. Jimin rolls his eyes and can’t help but think of how fond of the twins Yoongi had been in his dream.

“Good because we’ll probably need you both to babysit at some point,” Jin says seriously. He and Namjoon both look a little bit worn out already even though they’ve only had the twins for a week now. Jimin can see how it’d be a large adjustment, but they look happy at least. Jimin smiles as he continues rocking Jihyo and watches as Jin’s large hand encompasses his son’s whole back.




Yoongi has a concert in Seoul right in the middle of exams. It doesn’t stop Jimin from wanting to go, especially after he missed out on the first one, but it means that Jungkook and Tae suddenly decide they need to focus on studying instead of attending. Hoseok wants to come along, but he’s working, and Jin and Namjoon both have their hands full with the twins. Jimin pouts at Yoongi when he finds out he’ll be attending alone.

“You can sit with Hyungwon-ah,” he says. Yoongi seems more understanding than Jimin would be about his friends being busy during his concert. “You don't have to come if you don't want to.”

“What, hyung, of course I'm coming. I'm still sad I didn't get to see you the first time.” Jimin feels like he missed out on a big moment for Yoongi and he's still kicking himself for it. And what kind of boyfriend would he be if he didn't go support Yoongi? The suggestion is offensive.

“Well I didn't exactly extend the invitation to you for my first concert like I should have. I wanted you there then just like I want you there tomorrow night.”

“I wouldn't miss it.”


The show is sold out and there's already a line by the time they get there. Yoongi had given him the option to come later so he didn't have to sit around during soundcheck, but Jimin was curious.

There's quite a few people already allowed in for soundcheck, so Jimin plans to just stay backstage for it, but when Yoongi gets ready to go out, he grabs Jimin’s hand to pull him on stage with him.

“Hyung! There's people out there!” Jimin says, but Yoongi doesn't seem to care.

“So, they know about us by now. Come on, I want to show you.” Yoongi pulls him until they’re center stage. There’s a group of people cheering as Yoongi takes his mic from one of the staff members. Jimin waves at the group of people, feeling a bit awkward while standing under all the bright lights.

He hears someone awwing at them and it only makes him feel more shy.  He tries to shield himself behind Yoongi, but after Yoongi checks his mic he pulls Jimin from behind him.

“Park Jimin!” Yoongi shouts into his mic like he’s trying to make Jimin more embarrassed. There’s an influx of screams from the small crowd and Jimin hears “he’s so fucking cute,” shouted. His face feels hotter than the lights are making it. Yoongi grins at him. Jimin hopes no one is filming this.

Hyungwon comes over to pull Jimin off the stage so Yoongi can actually complete soundcheck for the people who paid extra to see him perform and not to ‘show off his boyfriend.’

When the show actually starts Jimin sits with Hyungwon to watch. He thinks he knows what to expect considering he’s heard Yoongi rap the songs many times before, but there’s something that’s so commanding about Yoongi’s stage presence that Jimin is still blown away. There’s so many people filling the arena that Jimin can’t help but feel so damn proud.

The passion in Yoongi’s fast words is obvious, and his connection to his audience is almost palpable. When he growls into the mic before he yells to the audience, getting them even more riled up, Jimin finds himself swallowing roughly. He can tell this is what Yoongi is born to do. Jimin can feel his attraction to the man growing, something he didn’t even think was possible.

When Yoongi pulls his hood over backwards snapback and delivers his words to the beat, Jimin is entranced. He doesn’t even realize he was alone for a few minutes before Hyungwon is poking him with an ice cold water bottle and screaming at him.

“Take this. You looked parched,” Hyungwon yells over the bass and the loud crowd. “You might want to wipe your mouth--there’s a little bit of drool…” he jokes and Jimin rolls his eyes. He takes the water and thanks him before he turns his attention back towards Yoongi.

When the show is over, they go to meet Yoongi backstage. Hyungwon tells tales of how Jimin’s mouth was gaping open the whole time, but Jimin ignores him in favor of making out with a sweaty Yoongi. There’s staff all around, but Jimin doesn’t even care. He only cares that Yoongi knows how proud of him he is.




Jimin is the proudest best friend when he watches Tae get handed his degree at the graduation ceremony. Their whole group cheers at an obnoxiously high decibel, but they can see Tae's boxy grin from where they're sitting. He only feels a little bit sad that he’s not graduating alongside him, but he doesn’t regret changing his major for a minute.

Tae’s graduation celebration is somewhat dulled by the fact Yoongi is leaving for a month the day after, and also the fact that there's young children around. The lowkey celebration takes place after the ceremony at Jin and Namjoon's apartment because they have the babies, and Tae adores them even if they're still too young to do more than feebly attempt to crawl around, eat, sleep, and cry.

"Watch out, Tae-yah might steal your children," Hoseok tells Jin and Namjoon who are supervising Tae with their children closely. Jin and Namjoon are still overprotective of the twins and refuse to even let any of them alone with their children. Namjoon has stayed home with them while he writes from home and Jin goes to work. Jimin thinks they'll relax more when the twins get a little bit older and seem less fragile.

"Get your own," Namjoon says and picks up Jinho from the floor where Tae is lying down to play with him.

"Maybe I will," Tae says and Jimin laughs when he watches Jungkook blink, mildly perturbed.

"I think you can stand to wait a while Tae-yah, you've only just graduated and you'll have your hands full with med school.”

Tae just rolls his eyes. "I didn't mean now. I meant in the future. Besides, I know I have a ways to go, but I'm thinking of specializing in pediatrics."

"Oh God, we're not taking our kids to him, Jimin-ah," Yoongi says offhandedly and Jimin swats at him because that's mean, and also because Jimin hasn't told anyone about their conversation about kids. Tae has the biggest shit eating grin on his face, and Yoongi finally seems to realize his mistake. "I mean, not that we--"
But his words are drowned out by everyone but Jin's loud 'ohh.' Yoongi looks a little bit embarrassed actually, and Jimin thinks it serves him right for spilling the beans.

"Children, must we?" Jin says over it all, and he looks pointedly at Namjoon whose voice was one of the loudest. Jimin turns to Jihyo who somehow seems to have fallen asleep in her rocker. He's kind of envious of her when Jin turns on him and demands an explanation.




Jimin tries to keep busy after Yoongi leaves. He moves the rest of his stuff into the house and starts staying there. Jungkook and Tae stay with him while they look for a place of their own rather than going home immediately. Jimin's grateful because he wouldn't want to stay in their big house all alone, but also it's kind of like he's third wheeling in his own home.

Yoongi calls every day, but sometimes it's only for a few minutes before he goes to bed. Jimin misses him, but he understands that he's busy so he tries not to bother him about it. He still appreciates Yoongi's reminders that he misses him too and is thinking about him. He also  appreciates his friends for helping to keep him distracted.

He doesn't have class anymore. He chose not to take classes over the summer even though he could probably get his degree faster that way. He didn't want to have obligations keeping him in Seoul if he wanted to go visit home or maybe go on a trip with Yoongi. He still has work to help keep him busy as well as babysitting the twins when Namjoon and Jin finally crack and decide needing help to give them a break every once in awhile doesn't make them bad parents. They still don't trust Hoseok with the twins, even after Jimin tries to vouch for him.

One day Jimin takes the babies to the park along with Tae, Jungkook, and Hoseok after he assures both Jin and Namjoon multiple times that they are wearing hats and spf. Hoseok holds Jinho in a baby sling that's strapped to his chest, and Jinho seems happy to be there.

"Wait, let me take a picture," Jimin says, stopping the stroller he's pushing with a sleeping Jihyo in it and pulling out his phone. Hoseok lifts Jinho's small baby hand and makes him wave at Jimin.

"Look at the camera, Jinho-yah, show your appa and abeoji that you love your Uncle Hobi," he says and Jungkook laughs as Jinho's face sours and he starts crying. Luckily Jimin takes the picture while Jinho still looks happy. He sends it to Jin and Namjoon while Tae unstraps Jinho to take him from Hoseok. He sends it to Yoongi in a separate message as an afterthought.


Wish you were here.


He doesn't expect to hear back from him any time soon, but he gets immediate responses from both Jin and Namjoon who have to be glued to their phones.


Kim N.: Get him away from my son.

Kim J.:  Cute photo, Jimin-ah. Send me more if you take anymore.

Kim J.: Also, make sure you reapply spf!

Kim J.: Also, tell Hoseok-ah that if he hurts either one of my children, I'll kill him.


Hyungs, they are safe with us, I promise! Don't worry so much.


Jimin doesn't think Hoseok is that bad. If they need to worry about anyone, it's probably Jungkook, he thinks as he watches Jungkook hold Jinho an arms length away when his diaper needs to be changed.




Jimin wakes up to his phone buzzing a facetime call from Yoongi one morning. He doesn't even realize it's a video call when he picks up.

"Jimin-ah? Did I wake you? What time is it there?" Yoongi asks through the loud speaker and Jimin pulls the phone away from his ear to see Yoongi's face.

"It's early, hyung, like six." Jimin pouts and rubs at his eyes sleepily with one hand. He's still glad Yoongi called.

"I'm sorry, baby, I just had some time and I wanted to see you. I'm in LA right now."

"It's okay. I'm glad you called. Are you having fun?" Jimin yawns as he asks and turns so he can rest his arm while he's holding his phone.

"Yeah, it's been incredible, only better if you were here with me." Yoongi sounds half serious and Jimin just groans at his cheesiness, happy that he gets to see Yoongi's smile. "You're not there by yourself, right? Tae and Jungkook are still with you?"

"Yeah, hyung, they're probably still asleep in the guest room."

"Probably defiling it." Yoongi looks resigned as he says it and Jimin misses him. He scrunches his nose up at the thought. "I'm glad they're there, though. I hate the thought of you alone."

"Hyung," Jimin whines. He only just woke up and he can't take his sweetness at this hour.

Yoongi laughs. "I woke up to a picture Tae-yah took of you. I had to thank him for it."

Jimin can't think of any picture that Tae took of him recently and it kind of worries him. "What was it?"

"You were doing a back bend at the park. He asked me if I 'missed my bendy, hot piece of ass.'" Yoongi laughs and Jimin can only groan and cover his face with his hand.

"And what did you say, hyung?"

"Yes, and that I appreciated the picture," Yoongi smirks.

"Hyung!" Jimin shakes his head.

"What? I like pictures and you never send me any of yourself or post any on SNS. What if I forget what my pretty baby looks like?" Yoongi asks and then there's the sound of the door opening and then Hyungwon comes into frame.

"Hey, Jimin-ah! Sorry, I have to take hyung now," he says and Yoongi scowls at Hyungwon for interrupting.

"Okay, hyung, I'll talk to you later?" Jimin says and Yoongi nods.

"I'll call you before I go to sleep." Hyungwon must say something because Yoongi swats at him, but Jimin doesn't catch it. "I love you."

"I love you, too, hyung," Jimin says and he smiles or tries to before he yawns.

"Go back to sleep, Jiminie."

"Okay, bye, hyung, bye, Hyungwon-hyung." Jimin signs off and goes back to sleep.




It's two weeks before Yoongi is due back when Jimin decides to check his social media. He hasn't really been on it at all since he and Yoongi came out because it became kind of a toxic environment.

On twitter he has a bunch of people mentioning him with pictures from Yoongi's shows which he thinks is cute actually, but in between the photos there's people mentioning him with a link. He knows not to click on it, but they're asking if he's still with Yoongi. The preview of the link reads "Agust D spotted with idol Park Chanyeol. Is There Trouble in Paradise?" Jimin laughs and rolls his eyes at the vapid title, but his eyes catch on the picture that's below it.

Jimin knows better than to let something so stupid get to him. He trusts Yoongi and knows he would never cheat on him, knows he loves him, but it still irks him. Park Chanyeol is gorgeous and tall, rich and famous, and he can't overlook that. He huffs.

It's like 9pm and Jimin's already in bed, but he suddenly feels like he can't just sit here. He has to get up and do something. He's clearly spending too much energy on this gossip article if he's letting himself be affected by this. He just needs to let it all out somehow.

Tae and Jungkook are still up, but he's not sure what they're doing. He closes out of the app and goes to find them.They're taking over the couch and watching something on the television in the front room. Jimin stands in front of the tv.

"Jiminie, you're not see through," Tae says.

"Guys, come on, we should get pretty and go out," Jimin suggests and neither of their faces look excited at the prospect.

"Or," Jungkook says, "we could...not."

"Jiminie, we're all already pretty. Do we have to?" Tae asks.

"Yes, Tae, while we're young and still pretty. How many childless days do we have left?"

"Uh, a lot," Jungkook says. "Hyung, do you have something you need to tell us?" Tae looks at him curiously, too.

"No, I just feel like I need to do something other than just sit here."
"Okay, we'll go," Tae says, "just for a little bit." He directs the last part at Jungkook's facial expression.

Jimin goes to get dressed and do his makeup. When he's done he finds Tae and Jungkook still on the couch watching tv. The only difference is that they changed into real pants.

"Jiminie, you look so good! Why are you so dressed up? Hyung will be sorry he missed it." Tae wiggles his eyebrows at him.

"I'm not," Jimin says because he doesn't think he's anymore dressed up than usual.

"Hyung, your whole chest is out and your pants are pretty tight--are those new?" Jungkook asks and Jimin thinks it's a little weird that Jungkook keeps track of the pants he's wearing. And yeah, maybe his shirt is a little bit low cut, he might be wearing the choker Yoongi likes, and his pants are new, sue him. He just wants to go dance and have fun while looking good.
"Let me take a picture for hyung! He'll like it," Tae says and he eyes him up like he's already trying to find his angles. Jimin blushes under the scrutiny,

"Like you did with that other picture, Taetae? I don't think so," Jimin narrows his eyes at Tae who tries to look innocent.

"What picture?" Jungkook asks curiously, but Tae ignores him.

"Jiminie, it was a good picture! I thought hyung would appreciate it, and he did."

"I can take my own pictures," Jimin says as he pulls out his own phone to take a selca. He has no intentions of sending it to Yoongi, but he can post it to SNS. When he takes one he likes he posts it and then they head out.

They don't end up staying long, but they get a few drinks and dance for a bit which was what Jimin wanted. It's fun even if Tae and Jungkook spend most of the time grinding on each other.

Jimin checks his phone when he wakes up. He has a text from Yoongi.


Min Y.: You're probably sleeping, but I hope you had fun last night. I miss you and I love you.


Jimin smiles at the text and checks twitter to see that Yoongi quote retweeted his selca with  

'Mine.' Yoongi's very public possessiveness shouldn't make him feel warm and fuzzy inside, but it does. He briefly wonders what Hyungwon thinks of it; Jimin can't imagine he doesn't have anything to say about it. Then Jimin isn't thinking about Hyungwon at all because he's too busy thinking about how Yoongi liked his picture, how Yoongi said he likes pictures, and how they traded pictures in the dream when Yoongi was away.

His breath hitches as he thinks about maybe taking pictures like that for his hyung. Jimin's alone in the room, but he sinks further underneath the covers when he thinks about it. Jimin has never taken sexy pictures before, especially not for anyone else, but he wants to. The thought of it excites him. He wants to feel hot and have Yoongi praise him, but he's not sure how to go about taking photos like that.

He thinks he should start slow and see what Yoongi's response is first. Jimin gets up to lock the door and find the choker he was wearing last night. He puts it on even if it feels a little bit silly. Getting back into bed, Jimin lowers the covers till they pool around his waist so that it looks like he could be naked even if he is still wearing his underwear. He puts a hand on his lower stomach, his fingertips disappearing under the covers.

He grabs his phone and angles the front camera down so his face is cut out, but his neck and the choker are still in frame. He does it because it'd be difficult to fit everything in frame just holding the phone an arms length away, and also because he'd rather have weak plausible deniability than none if the photo was ever leaked. Even if it isn't X rated, it still isn't a photo he'd want just anyone to see.


The bed feels so large and lonely without you, hyung [photo attached]


Jimin feels embarrassed as soon as he sends it. He thinks about maybe Hyungwon seeing it over Yoongi's shoulder, and he starts to regret it immediately before he sees that Yoongi is typing.


Min Y.: Fuck, Jiminie, this is fighting dirty. I'm in a meeting right now


Jimin bites his lip. He's never been an exhibitionist, but the thought of Yoongi getting caught looking at his photos in the middle of a meeting is thrilling. He doesn't want Yoongi to actually get caught, but the possibility of it happening excites him further and does little to dissuade him from taking this further when Yoongi seems to like it. Jimin lowers the waistband of his underwear and readjust his hardened cock so the head peaks out. He doesn't give himself a chance to second guess before he snaps the picture and sends it.


Do I look good, hyung? [photo attached]


Jimin puts his phone down before Yoongi has a chance to reply, even if he's eager for it. He's more eager to pull his underwear down so he can touch himself properly. As he pumps himself his phone doesn't buzz and he's disappointed, but he continues on, if only to show Yoongi what he's missing.

He turns over on his side and places a small hand over his asscheek, grabbing a fistful, and struggles to take a photo at the weird angle with his other hand. It takes multiple tries but when he succeeds in taking a good one, Jimin feels sexy and like he might be good at this.


Hyung, you don't think I look good? :( [photo attached]


Jimin keeps his phone in his hand when he sees Yoongi typing, but it doesn't stop him from stroking himself.


Min Y.: Jimin-ah, you look so pretty, so ready for me, but baby I'm in a meeting, and I can't hide in the bathroom anymore, okay? Hyung loves you and wishes to be there with you.


Jimin pouts at the message. He wants more attention from Yoongi, but he's not going to continue when Yoongi clearly wants him to stop. His phone buzzes again.


Min Y.: look at what you did to hyung with your photos. So sexy, Jiminie. I'm going to turn off my phone 'cause I don't trust myself not to look, but I love you [photo attached]


In the picture Jimin can see Yoongi's large dick straining in his pants. Jimin wants to touch it so badly. It's so hot knowing that he has that effect on him. He still wishes Yoongi was here to help him, but he doesn't last long after that. He comes all over his own stomach and hand. Jimin snaps a photo of his mess. The bottom half of his face is in frame, including his bite swollen lips.


I love you, too, hyung. <3 [photo attached].




Jimin volunteers to babysit the twins so Jin and Namjoon can have a day to themselves. It helps keep him from being anxious about the fact that Yoongi is supposed to return tomorrow. Tae and Jungkook have since found an apartment to live in and moved out of their guest room, so it's just Jimin and the babies. He knows it'll be a challenge to look after them both at the same time without help, but it won't be the first time, so he's confident in his abilities.

They drop the twins off early in the morning along with more supplies than any two babies really need and don't leave until Jimin gives them multiple assurances that they'll be fine and he'll call if they need anything. They were just fed, so Jinho is very docile, willing to just sleep in the rocker for a while, but Jihyo starts crying immediately when her parents leave.

Jimin airplanes her around, makes sure she doesn't need to be changed, makes sure she doesn't have a fever or need to burp, and tries everything. Nothing seems to work and he doesn't want her waking up her brother so he just starts talking to her in hopes that she'll quiet down.

"Has your appa ever told you how he met your abeoji?" he asks though he knows she doesn't understand him. Her eyes go wide and she goes quiet for a while until he stops speaking when she starts crying again, more quietly, but still crying.

"Your appa met your abeoji at an open mic night. Your appa came to watch one of his friends perform," Jimin continues and she's quiet again. "Now your appa is usually very put together, but when he saw your abeoji on stage performing his spoken word poetry he was 'transfixed.'" Jinho blinks at him.

"Those are his words, not mine. Anyway, he tried to get closer to the stage, but he ended up tripping on his shoelace and he fell, bringing down tables with him. You don't know this yet, or well maybe you do, but your abeoji is usually the clumsy one in your parent's relationship, so this is not a regular occurrence for your appa who got very embarrassed." Jihyo starts babbling nonsensical baby noises at this which only makes Jimin want to continue because it's the most talkative he's ever seen her.

"Now I wasn’t there, and your appa says it was only one table, but your abeoji tells the story differently. He assured me it was like a trail of dominos and it was at least four tables that fell and broke his rhythm. Your abeoji stopped mid-poem to ask if he was alright. He says your appa was as red as a strawberry before he got up and ran off. Your abeoji couldn’t even remember his poem afterward so he ran after him, and the rest is history." Jihyo gets happier at that. She's smiling and Jimin loves her to bits. He blows raspberries into her cheek and she giggles happily.


Later, when he puts them down for another nap after he feeds them and changes them, it's Jinho who will not sleep. He keeps closing his eyes like he's tired, but it's like he can sense when Jimin walks away and tries to leave him to sleep in peace. Jimin doesn't want to have to stand over him the whole time he sleeps so he rubs the baby's stomach and tries to get him to relax.

After the fourth time of him thinking Jinho is in deep slumber and trying to slip away only to make him cry, Jimin decides to sing to them. He doesn't even really know what he's singing considering he's mostly just mumbling words, but it feels right and familiar like maybe it was a lullaby his parents sang to him or something. Jinho finally sleeps next to his sister.

Jimin turns only to see Yoongi in the doorway, leaning against the door frame with a soft smile on his face.

"Hyung!" Jimin says excitedly, a little too loudly after all the hard work he did to make sure the twins were asleep. He runs over to kiss Yoongi who wraps his arms around his waist immediately.

"Shh, baby, I missed you, but don't wake the babies. Joon is on his way to pick them up, by the way," Yoongi says and Jimin can feel the vibrations of his voice in their tight embrace. He pulls back part of the way.

"Wait, hyung you weren't supposed to be back until tomorrow I thought."

"Yeah, I got an earlier flight. I wanted to surprise you," Yoongi says, and Jimin can tell he's exhausted from traveling if the dark circles under his eyes are anything to go by.
Jin and Namjoon come to collect their kids and see Yoongi, but they don't stay long when they see he's tired. Jimin has to pry Yoongi off the couch and up to their bedroom after they leave.

Jimin leads him past where Yoongi just dropped his bags and pushes him down on the bed. Yoongi fights to keep his eyes open a little bit like Jinho earlier.

"Hyung, go to sleep." Jimin says.

"No, I came earlier to surprise you, not to sleep," Yoongi says stubbornly. "I missed you so much. Next time I'm going to fly you out to come see me."

"Okay, hyung, but now you need to sleep."

Yoongi hums. "I really liked those pictures you sent me, Jimin-ah."

Jimin blushes, thinking about the type of pictures that they’ve seemed to talk around. "Yeah, hyung, go to sleep."








When it comes time, Jin and Namjoon host a party in celebration of Jimin finishing his degree and having the twins for a year. Jimin's glad to spend the time surrounded by his friends. It's after they eat a nice, but kind of rowdy dinner that they're lounging in Namjoon and Jin's living room. Jimin is sitting in Yoongi's lap and watching as Hoseok and Jungkook try to get Jihyo and Jinho to crawl toward them.

"Come here, come to Uncle Hobi," Hoseok coos from where he's laying belly down on the floor about six feet away from them. "Show Uncle Kookie who you like more."

Jinho remains unbothered and unconcerned with Hoseok, but Jihyo at least looks at him.

"No, you like Uncle Kookie more," Jungkook says. "Jihyo-yah," he calls and claps his hands together to try and get her attention.

"My children aren't dogs, Jungkook!" Jin says from where he's sat watching on the armchair, trying to digest the massive amount of food that he somehow ate. Tae laughs from next to Jimin and Yoongi on the couch. Jimin even feels Yoongi's chest vibrate as he chuckles softly, too.

"Well, how else am I supposed to get her attention?" Jungkook huffs. "I know she likes me the most...Jihyo-yah!" he clucks and taps on the floor to get her attention, but Jihyo turns and starts crawling toward her abeoji on the sofa next to Tae.

"You're scaring her! And stop before you give her a complex," Namjoon says before he reaches over to pick up his daughter. She babbles happily in his arms.

Jinho on the other hand makes his way toward Hoseok who grabs and airplanes him off the floor before throwing a smug look at Jungkook. "See, I am the most favorite uncle," Hoseok boasts. "Right, little Jinho? Who's your favorite uncle?"

Jinho can only really speak a few words, still at the age where he mostly babbles, but Jimin's sure he can comprehend a lot more than they think.

He just blinks at Hoseok with wide eyes. "Chim," he says before babbling. Hoseok just furrows his brow as he tries to decipher what he's saying. It's answered quickly when Jinho looks around to find Jimin, outstretching his little baby hands toward him. "Chim."

Jimin feels his heart clench as he grins and stands from Yoongi's lap to take Jinho from Hoseok. Everyone else seems to be stunned. Jinho and Jihyo, while they seem to comprehend the other's names, they've only managed to name their appa and abeoji.

"Chim?" Tae squeaks, breaking the silence before he bursts into a fit of laughter. "Uncle Chim!"
Everyone joins in after that, including Jihyo and Jinho which Jimin is slightly bitter about, but he forgives them because they don't know any better.

"Yeah, that's right, Jinho-yah, you're so smart. I'm your Uncle Chim." Jimin squeezes his little baby wrist and waves it a little. Jinho smiles and Jimin turns to see a grin on Yoongi's face.

"Are you ready to head out in a little bit, Jimin-ah?" Yoongi asks, but it's not all that late. They usually stay well into the night when they hang around Jin and Namjoon's since the seven of them struggle to find times when they're all free. Something about Yoongi's facial expression makes him nod though.

"Yeah, okay," he says before he pouts at Jinho who pokes his protruding lower lip. "Uncle Chim is going to go with Uncle Yoongi, okay? Have fun with Uncle Hoseok, okay?" Jinho only babbles before Jimin hands him back over. He takes his goddaughter from Namjoon to say goodbye, whooshing her through the air the way he knows she likes. She giggles happily and Jimin gives her a big kiss on the cheek before he hands her back over. There's a reason he's the favorite uncle, after all.

He's staying bye to all of his friends when Jin stops him.

"Wait, Jimin-ah, I have some of your favorite scones for you to take home. Who knows when you'll get to have them again now that you'll be busy with professional school."

"Hyung, it's not like I'm leaving Seoul. It's only a 10 minute drive and I'll take shifts if you really need me to, but I--"

"Need to focus on school. I get it, Jimin-ah, I'll just miss seeing your smiling face at the cafe everyday," Jin says.

"You'll still have me, hyung!" Jungkook calls from the floor.

"And I can't wait to be rid of you." Jin scowls and Jimin laughs at Jungkook's noise of indignation. Jin goes to grab the scones and Jimin watches as Yoongi says goodbye to the twins. He smiles at Jinho's peels of laughter as Yoongi pretends to toss him in the air. When he says goodbye to Jihyo he holds her tight to his chest before he pulls her back to tickle her and make her squirm in his arms. Tae nudges him.

"Uncle Chim, you look mighty soft right now," Tae jokes with a laugh. "The baby fever is obvious in your eyes."

"Shut up, Taetae," Jimin says with a flush. He doesn't deny it.

Jin comes back with the scones, and with them in his hand Jimin can't help but feel grateful to them. Even if they don't possess magical abilities to allow him to see into the future, they'll always remind Jimin of the first time he met Yoongi.

When they get back to the house, Jimin goes to change out of his clothes before he plops down on the sofa in the tv room. It's only 8pm. He didn't spare any real thought as for why they left so early, only really agreed because Yoongi looked anxious to get home, but he does now. Maybe Yoongi isn't feeling well? He should have asked in the car. Jimin turns off the tv and goes to look for Yoongi. He doesn't have to look far. He finds him pacing in the kitchen and mumbling to himself.

"Hyung? Are you feeling okay?" Jimin asks and Yoongi startles.

"What? Yes! I'm fine," Yoongi says, but his voice is slightly frayed like he's nervous about something. Jimin approaches his boyfriend and Yoongi sighs, seemingly relaxing a little. Jimin kisses him before he pulls him back into the tv room with him.

"Come on, let's go watch tv." They curl up on the couch and Yoongi drapes an arm around his shoulders. Jimin goes to cuddle closer, but Yoongi turns his body so that he can put his feet in Jimin's lap. Jimin scowls at them, but Yoongi just smiles and laughs so Jimin doesn't push them off even if it isn't the most romantic position. They relax and manage to get through an entire movie.

Jimin yawns after it's over. He's thinking about calling it a night, and he readjusts himself on the couch, finally pushing Yoongi's feet off his lap. It seems to make Yoongi tense up again.

"Hyung, what is it?" Jimin asks, beginning to worry. "Is it another tour?" Yoongi had promised to take a break so they could go on a trip before Jimin started school again. Jimin can't help but feel a little disappointed if Yoongi's leaving again, but it wouldn't be the first time he sprung something like this on him. Jimin understands that Yoongi can't always control his schedule.

"No, um," Yoongi says and he moves again to grab Jimin's smaller hand. He squeezes it before he gets off the couch to kneel on the floor in front of him. "Jimin-ah."

Jimin will swear later when he's retelling the story that he thought Yoongi was going to give him a blowjob instead of what happens next.

"Jimin-ah," he repeats, stealing himself with a deep breath as he fumbles with the pocket of his sweatpants. Jimin is honest to God surprised when he sees it's a jewelry box, future telling dream or not, nothing really prepares him for the moment when it comes. The ring is more stunning than he remembers it, and Jimin is blinking back shock and tears when he looks at it.

"Jimin-ah, I love you so much. You're so perfect for me in so many ways and every day I feel so damn lucky to have you in my life. Sometimes I feel like it was magic that brought us together and I know how fucking cheesy that sounds. There's just so much of who I am that wouldn't be there if not for you, and I know you don't need an expensive ring to stick around, but I want to give you the world. Jimin-ah, I have to ask you, will you marry me?" Yoongi's eyes look wet, but Jimin can barely even register his words, let alone his face through his own crying, even if he wants to burn this moment into his memories forever.

"Yes, hyung, yes," Jimin is laughing as Yoongi slips the ring on his finger. He's only quieted when Yoongi kisses him chastely and pulls away to laugh at Jimin's wet face. "Stop crying, baby." He dries underneath Jimin's eyes with the pads of his thumbs. Jimin pounces, kissing his new fiance eagerly before they break apart for air. Jimin clings to Yoongi as he comes down and stops crying.

"Hyung, can you repeat what you said when you asked?" Jimin blinks his wet eyelashes up at him. He wants to hear it again. He barely even heard what Yoongi said because he was so busy crying.

"No, you already heard it once. Why should I have to repeat myself?" Yoongi's lips are pursed and Jimin pouts at him.

"Please, hyung! I was crying and you didn't wait for me to stop!" Jimin complains.

"I would've been waiting all day," Yoongi says, but Jimin just continues to pout until Yoongi huffs. "I said you love me, I love you, will you marry me?"

Jimin swats at Yoongi's chest. "Hyung," he whines. "No, it was way more romantic than that."

"Well, sorry, it was a one time thing," Yoongi says and Jimin begs to hear it again until Yoongi finally gives in and repeats himself.