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Jimin has loved doing gymnastics for as long as he can remember. His parents signed him up basically as soon as he could walk because he would tumble and roll around a lot as a child. At first it was just a class a couple times a week, but as he’s gotten older it’s become a more time consuming, daily activity. It’s not as fun as he remembers it being. Jimin figures that’s what happens to any hobby that you do often enough--it starts to feel like a job.

Still, there are worse things out there to complain about especially since he still enjoys doing it. Jimin’s pretty good from all the practice over the years and has won several championships with various club groups in South Korea. He still has fun at all the meets, especially when he can hear his best friend/roommate Taehyung cheering him on from the crowd, but he doesn’t have a desire for an olympic career or anything which is what most people expect from him. When he’d last done qualifiers and didn’t make the cut, his coach had been more disappointed than he was. It was a fun experience, but Jimin really wasn’t keen to do it all again. He doesn’t want to quit or anything, but he wishes he could be on the college team without devoting his every early morning to practice.

Jimin would love to just sleep in or not worry about whether he’s eating too little or too much in order to fuel him through his floor routines. Maybe as a nutrition major it shouldn’t exhaust him to think about it so much, but it does. And maybe if Friday nights weren’t reserved for gym meets, he and Tae wouldn’t be such shut-ins. Well okay, they’d probably just use that time to watch more anime, but it’s a thought that crosses his mind a lot.

Jimin’s time that isn’t devoted to practice or class is spent at work at the cafe Jin-hyung owns right off campus. Jin hired him back during freshman year when he first opened it. He likes working there even if it does get really busy sometimes. He likes Jin-hyung because he always gives him baked goods to ask his opinion on whether or not they should be on the menu and he lets him choose his own hours conveniently. Even though Jooheon, whom he’d shared shifts with for the previous two years had graduated and stopped working there, Jimin likes his new coworker, a second semester freshman named Jungkook, well enough.

“Jimin, your annoying friend is here,” Jungkook calls dryly and Jimin looks up from where he’s reading his textbook for class behind the counter. The cafe is basically empty right now anyway and Jin-hyung wouldn’t mind. They’d just finished off the lunch rush and were comfortably before the crowd that would come in for an afternoon pick me up.

“Hey Tae,” Jimin greets his best friend with a smile, ignoring the fact that Jungkook called him annoying since Tae didn’t pay him any mind. He’s used to Tae coming to visit him and just sitting there at the bar without ordering anything. Jin doesn’t comment because his long term boyfriend, Namjoon, who’s a senior at the university even though he completed all the credits required to graduate, can sometimes, like now, be found sitting next to Tae.

Jimin enjoys Namjoon’s company though. He’s always a great conversationalist when the cafe is slow and Jimin doesn’t have any work to catch up on. He helps him keep Jungkook in line, and plus Jin and Namjoon are adorable together so it’s cute to see them interact. They’re one of those couples that have been together for so long that they’re basically married. Jimin would never admit it out loud, but he hopes one day he’ll have a relationship like them.




Min Yoongi works at the university in the music department. When he’d graduated early two years ago with the highest distinction, they’d immediately asked him to design a course for the university. He’s really good at what he does and actually maybe a little antisocial because of his work ethic. He doesn’t really feel the need to show his face everywhere around the university. He occasionally does sound for the drama department when they put on a large production. They’re a bit of a mess over there, and they pay him well for his time, but that’s the most he ventures out of the music building most of the time. 

It has nothing to do with his age and the fact that people mistake him for a student sometimes, though it probably doesn’t help that his hair is mint colored. He’s just busy. Yes, he’s young, but he’s well respected in the production class he teaches that’s exclusive to music major seniors. His class is intensive with major assignments due every week. Yoongi spends a lot of time painstakingly going through them all and leaving comments, even if it is a relatively small group each semester. 

Occasionally he runs into a student that can’t read music and somehow has made it this far into their musical college career and he has to start from scratch. He genuinely cares for his students and wants them to get the most out of his course. This means he has a bit of a reputation for being a hardass, but most of his students like him well enough by the end of it. Some even come back after graduation to tell him how his class was the most rewarding of all of the classes offered at the university which is the reason Yoongi continues teaching.

Yoongi has to go over his student’s work and he could do it at his office in the music building, but he’s in the rare mood for a change of scenery and he could really go for a cup of coffee that’s not shit. That rules out the library, which has the shittiest coffee shop inside. Not to mention the one time he’d tried to do work in the library he shared a table with a group of girls who kept giggling--which was fine, he had noise cancelling headphones, but they kept banging on the table and the vibrations irritated him so much while he was listening to one of his student’s project. It just so happened it was one student who couldn’t read music, so really they needed all the help they could get and it was distracting. He also may not have had coffee that day so he snapped at them to remind them that it was a library, not a playground. They had all glared at him and one of them looked teary eyed. He’d immediately felt guilty. So he’d learned his lesson, no library.

Yoongi walks to the cafe that’s right off campus. He’s only been here a couple times before on his way to campus in the morning, but knows the coffee is far superior to anything else nearby. Not to mention Yoongi likes the atmosphere and the delicious smell of baked goods. He fully intends to order an iced americano--he hates when hot drinks go cold, and he plans to be here a while--but when he walks up to the counter he stops dead in his tracks because behind the counter is an angel smiling at him.

He has soft and fluffy looking orange hair, nice full lips, and the cutest fucking eye smile. Jimin, his nametag says. Yoongi hopes the double take he does and the way his heart spasms in his chest like a damn fool isn’t outwardly obvious. He swears he doesn’t usually act like the lead girl in a drama swooning at someone’s physical appearance, but he literally can’t stop it.

Yoongi looks around. The only people that are in the cafe besides Jimin and his coworker are the two guys that are sitting to the side and across the bar from Jimin. They were obviously having a conversation with him. Yoongi tries and fails to stifle the irrational, and frankly stupid, pang of jealousy. He doesn’t even know Jimin and he’s not the type to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Yoongi doesn’t socialize a lot actually, but he wouldn’t say he’s shy just...busy.

“What can I get you?” Jimin asks and the smile doesn’t leave his face, if anything his eyes crinkle up even more as it gets wider.

“A tall iced americano, please,” Yoongi says and he makes an effort to smile instead of leaving his face blank which he’s been told is intimidating. Something about Jimin makes him want to appear more personable. Also, kind of makes him wish he’d combed his mint hair today.

“Sure thing, can I get your name for your order?”

“Yoongi.” He doesn’t know why Jimin needs it considering it’s practically empty in here, but Jimin could probably ask for his bank account info and he might actually have to think about it.

Jimin smiles again, or well, really had he ever even stopped? “Can I get you something to eat, Yoongi-ssi?”

Yoongi isn’t particularly hungry, but the smells in the cafe tempt him. He looks in the display box to see if something catches his eye.

“What do you recommend?” 

“Oh, well, Jin-hyung, the owner just pulled chai pear scones out of the oven in the back. They’re my favorite so he has to hide them back there so I don’t eat them all.” Jimin pouts.

Honestly the kid is too fucking cute.

“Okay, well I’ll take two of those.” Yoongi pays and Jimin’s coworker makes his drink while Jimin goes to retrieve the scones. Jimin hands him both of them.

“Oh, no, one is for you, so your boss can’t get mad.” Yoongi smiles and only takes one of the offered scones.

“Er, uh-um, thank you, Yoongi-ssi,” Jimin blushes and stammers. His pink cheeks just add to his cuteness. Yoongi smiles and nods before taking his drink and scone and finding a table to sit and do work at.




Jimin wants to know who the mint haired cutie, Yoongi, is. When Yoongi sits down and puts on large headphones, Jimin feels safe turning to Jungkook, Tae, and Namjoon to ask.

“Do you guys know him? He’s super cute. I’ve never seen him around before.” Jimin stuffs the scone in his mouth and refuses to feel guilty about it. He still can’t believe Yoongi bought it for him.

“How could you ever? Maybe if you stopped rewatching Tokyo Ghoul for the 8,000th time and actually left your dorm for once…” Jungkook says and Jimin shoots him a look.

“That’s not true, Kook-ah, just the other day they were telling me about watching Sword Art Online,” Namjoon says matter of factly. Jimin gives him a look, too.

“Is that not worse?”

“Actually it’s quite entertaining to hate-watch. And anyway, we’re rewatching Fullmetal Alchemist now, not Tokyo Ghoul, thanks. Besides Kookie, we do things besides watching anime, like studying, you should try it sometime,” Tae says and Jimin almost laughs at how petty his best friend is. Jungkook has said many times how he hates that nickname, especially when Tae says it, but Tae continues to call him it. Also, it’s funny because Tae never studies, he’s one of those annoyingly smart biochemistry majors that never has to study and always convinces Jimin to take study breaks at inopportune times.

Jungkook just rolls his eyes and Jimin takes another bite of his heavenly scone and swallows.

“Well since you leave your dorm so much more than us, can you tell me who he is, oh wise freshie?” He still wants to know.

“I’m pretty sure that’s the legendary Mint Yoongi. I heard these upperclassmen talk about him once. Apparently he’s an asshole. He yelled at a group of girls for talking on the first floor of the library. Not the quiet floors, literally the first floor, it’s always loud. He made this one girl cry.”

Of course he did. Jimin feels the fluttering in his chest that started when Yoongi smiled at him die down. He can’t ever be attracted to a nice guy. His past relationship, his only serious relationship, was with an asshole. Seung-gi had been older than him and charming enough back when Jimin was a junior in high school. He’d somehow managed to convince Jimin that it was his own fault he’d cheated on him several times. He’d just overall treated him like shit, trying to control who he saw, what he wore, what he ate, and how much he practiced all under the guise of him caring for him. Jimin had been too blinded by what he thought was love, but was really fear and poor judgement to see it at first. It had been Tae who’d show him that it wasn’t right and who’d helped him out. Jimin’s not really eager to give assholes anymore chances.




Yoongi sits over at his table and tries to get work done, really. He’s distracted though, glancing over at Jimin and keeps catching him look over. Yoongi thinks he’s looking at him, but he could very well be looking out the window that’s behind his table.

Jimin’s entourage leaves a while into Yoongi’s visit. The tall one gives a kiss to the guy who came out from the back before they leave together, and Jimin just waves off the other one. Yoongi assumes, not a boyfriend then, and immediately feels dumb for even speculating when this stranger’s life is none of his business. He takes a bitter bite out of the scone. Yoongi is pleasantly surprised at the taste that assaults his tongue. It’s really fucking good.

Yoongi quits listening to a track and subtly moves a headphone off his ear. He listens to Jimin and his co-worker’s conversation.

“He’s just annoying, that’s all. I don’t hate him.” 

“Jungkook-ah, you’ve barely even given him a chance. You practically decided to dislike him before you even met him. I don’t get it. I mean it’s like you turn into a completely different person and it’s hard to stick up for you when I agree with Tae that you’re being an asshole. What’d Tae ever do to you? Besides I know for a fact that you love Tokyo Ghoul, we literally talked about it all last week.” 

“He’s just so condescending because I’m not a science major. You know just cause you two are on science track doesn’t mean other majors aren’t worthy. Being a history major doesn’t make my classes any less challenging. He talks down to me all the time. I just don’t like him. I’ve literally told him not to call me Kookie so many times I’ve lost count and yet he still does it.”

Jimin sighs. Yoongi thinks he sounds tired.

“Hey cover me for a second, I’m going pee,” Jungkook says after a quiet moment and Jimin nods. The cafe is basically empty besides him anyway. Yoongi decides he’s probably gotten as much work done here as he’s going to get done. He stretches and starts packing up his things.

He hears the phone rings and Jimin pick it up as he’s zipping up his bag.

“Jin's cafe, what can I do for you?”

Yoongi doesn’t ever give his number out to random strangers, just like he doesn’t start up conversations with them, but he doesn’t want this to be the last time he sees Jimin. He thinks Jimin kept looking over at him and he holds onto that as he takes out a pin and writes his name and number on a napkin.


You have good taste in baked goods, you should give me more recommendations.


It’s lame, but quickly while Jimin is distracted he leaves it on the counter and all but runs out. As soon as the door shuts behind him he curses himself. He tries to calm himself down.

What’s the worst thing that could happen? He doesn’t have anything to lose and it’s better to try then to wonder ‘what if’ all the time.




Jungkook comes back after Jimin hangs up.

“Hyung, what’s this?” He picks up a napkin on the counter.

Jimin’s eyes widen as he reads the message. He blushes, snatching it from Jungkook’s grip and shoving it into his pocket. He tells himself he’ll decide what to do with it later. People change anyway, and he’s not going to let his one shitty past relationship make him jaded and cynical about everyone. 

Jungkook stares at him with judgement on his face in full force.

Jimin leaves work later on with a positive outlook. He thinks he’s going to call Yoongi. He knows better now. He has enough experience to recognize the signs if he turns out to be anything like Seung-gi.

He’s walking home to his dorm and it’s like all his thinking about his ex brings him to him. Like speak of the devil and he shall appear. He doesn’t even go to the university anymore, Jimin hasn’t seen him since freshman year of college, and he doesn’t know why he’s hanging around. 

Seung-gi is walking in the opposite direction as him and Jimin contemplates crossing the street just so they don’t have to cross paths, but Seung-gi has already spotted him. His grip seems to tighten around the waist of the guy he’s dragging along. The guy is gorgeous, if a bit young looking, and he winces at Seung-gi’s grip. Jimin feels his blood boil, but he tries not to give Seung-gi the satisfaction. He hopes that the guy doesn’t get trapped like Jimin felt he was.

“Hey, Jimin-ah,” Seung-gi calls and Jimin tries to just walk past him without acknowledging him, but they block the sidewalk and Seung-gi grabs his arm. Jimin shakes out of his grip.

“Jimin-ah, this is my boyfriend Wonshik.” Seung-gi turns to his boyfriend. “Babe, Jimin-ah and I used to date. He was a really good gymnast back then you know? He let himself go a little bit,” he chuckles and pokes at Jimin’s relaxed middle.

Jimin internally rages. He can’t believe he ever dated this evil human. Wonshik smirks beside him and Jimin hopes he’s not blinded like he was.

“Fuck you,” Jimin says with feeling and pushes past them. Any good mood he was in before the encounter vanishing.

“Ew, been there, don’t want it anymore,” Seung-gi calls after him and Jimin doesn’t even turn around, but he can hear them laughing.

Jimin vents about it to Tae when he’s back at the dorm while he empties his pockets and changes into comfortable clothes. He puts the napkin with Yoongi’s number on his desk along with his wallet and phone.

Tae picks it up idly as he waits for Jimin to stop seething about his fuckface of an ex. Though Tae chips in occasionally since he can never pass up the opportunity to bad mouth Seung-gi after all that time of Jimin defending him.

“Don’t worry, he’ll get what’s coming to him. Is this from the guy at the cafe? You deserve better, Jiminie.” He gestures to the napkin and Jimin had kind of forgotten about it in the heat of things, but he’s inclined to agree with Tae.

“You’re right. I was gonna throw it away anyway. I don’t even know why I kept it.” Jimin lets Tae do the honors even though he could use the stress relief of ripping it to shreds. Tae just rips the napkin in half and throws it away.




When Jimin wakes up he’s warm and swaddled in blankets. He’s unusually comfortable for being in his lumpy twin dorm bed even despite the large amount of money he spent on his memory foam mattress pad. His eyes stay closed. His alarm for practice hasn’t gone off yet and he’s not going to do anything that’ll sacrifice however much sleep he still has time for.

His body seems to have other plans. He has to pee and when he wiggles a little in order to see if he can ignore it for a while longer, his knee feels stiff like he landed a stunt wrong. Jimin groans and hopes that doesn’t mean he can’t compete on Friday. His coach will probably kill him. The bed shifts next to him.

Jimin’s eyes pop open suddenly. Tae and him can’t fit on the same bed comfortably--not for lack of trying. Still, they’re not in the habit of trying to sleep on the same bed so it’s his first clue that something isn’t right.

Jimin doesn’t recognize his surroundings even though he distinctly remembers going to bed in his dorm. He vaguely recalls falling asleep watching an episode of Fullmetal with Tae, who probably continued watching more episodes without him after all the caffeine he pumped himself with. Jimin hates when he does that even if they’re just rewatching something and he knows what happens. He likes continuity which is the same reason that it’s so jarring to see he’s not in his dorm. He’s confused, but he doesn’t seem to be in danger or anything so he’s trying not to panic.

The shift in the bed seemed to come from whoever is buried in a mass of blankets beside him. Whoever it is, they’re still after a moment and Jimin thinks it’s safe to assume they went back to sleep. The bed is large and all the bedding is luxurious and white. It’s no wonder Jimin was so comfortable. There’s a giant flatscreen tv mounted on the wall across from the bed and artwork decorating the walls. The room itself is large enough that when he looks past the mass of blankets that is his bed company, there’s a couch and a coffee table nestled in the far right portion of the room.

To the left is  a long entryway table and three doors. One of them is cracked enough that Jimin can see it’s a walk in closet. He scans the room before turning directly to see the nightstand. There’s a phone plugged in and Jimin reaches for it. As he does he sees a ring on his ring finger.

It’s not uncommon for him to wear rings. He likes them and wears a certain combination when he’s not at practice or at a meet, but this is a single ring. It’s a platinum band with five rows of diamonds in it. Jimin doesn’t usually wear diamond rings. They’re just a bit too flashy for his taste, and this ring looks especially expensive. He makes a face at it, but unplugs the phone.

It’s not his phone, in fact, he’s not sure he’s ever even seen this model before, but when he puts his finger on the sensor, it unlocks. Before he looks at the wallpaper on the phone, he’s not sure what his theory for how he ended up here was, his brain is still half asleep, but as he looks at it, he’s pretty sure this has to be a dream. A really vivid, lucid dream.

Because the wallpaper is him--his hair is silver, which is a color it’s never been before, but there’s no doubt that it’s him. He’s kissing a guy. Jimin can’t tell who it is because his face is obscured by the fact that they’re kissing. It’s a self taken photo. This dream version of himself is definitely a little self absorbed because Jimin can’t ever imagine making a picture of himself his phone background.

The mass of blankets next to him moves again and Jimin tries to be still. He wonders if the guy in the photo is the one sleeping next to him. Jimin exhales softly and curses the fact that his bladder is making it so he has to get up right now or risk peeing himself. He tries to get out of bed without jostling the bed too much. When he goes to stand his knee twinges in pain. It’s not a sharp shooting pain, but a deep aching soreness that makes him wince. He uncovers himself from the blankets to see he’s just in tight black boxer briefs and his knee is....scarred. Heavily. It looks really bad, but it looks to be an old injury.

Jimin walks over to one of the closed doors and is relieved to see it’s a bathroom. He grimaces at the nagging pain as he puts weight on his knee just during the short walk from the bed to the bathroom. He locks the door and places his phone that’s still clutched in his hand on the counter so that he can relieve himself.

He washes his hands before he really takes in his reflection in the mirror. He almost doesn’t recognize himself. His hair is a blushy pink now and his face looks more slender, his cheeks just a tiny bit less chubby, and he looks aged almost. Jimin checks the date on his phone on a whim, just to make sure he hasn’t gone crazy. He blanches at the year. 2025.

Jimin sincerely hopes that this is a dream and he hasn’t lost all the time since last night until right now. That’s 8 years. He’s panicking now. He puts his phone down so he can scrub at his face with water from the sink. He shakily exhales and dries himself off on the towel that’s hanging. He grabs his phone and hopes that it will somehow tell him answers.

He opens the messenger app and is relieved a little to see his thread with TaeTae <3 still at the top. He’s about to start reading when there’s a knock on the door and the door knob wiggles against the lock.

“Babe, are you alright in there? I thought we agreed not to lock the door anymore.”

Jimin doesn’t recognize the voice, but it sounds maybe a little familiar. He also has no idea what to say because Babe? He has no clue who’s on the other side of the door and he has no clue how he got here, somehow 8 years into the future. He can’t remember anything. That’s patently not ‘alright.’ He’s about to open his mouth to say so when he catches sight of his reflection.

Jimin’s not moving, but his reflection is. The Jimin in the mirror puts a finger to his lips in shushing motion. It’s so unsettling to see so he yelps out loud and his reflection winks at him before it fades and he sees his own horrified expression staring back at him. He’s going fucking crazy.

“Damnit, Jimin-ah! Did you fall again? I told you to leave the door unlocked in case I need to help you,” the guy says in response to his yelp. It really bugs Jimin that he can’t place the vaguely familiar voice. 

“No, I’m fine!” Jimin finally calls. He doesn’t know why he doesn’t say anything, why his own crazy brain’s conjuring of his own reflection stops him from admitting that he’s really not alright and he can’t remember anything. Jimin’s still kind of in denial that this is anything but a dream.

“Open the door then, baby.”

Jimin takes a deep breath and really wishes he had stopped to put on clothes before coming into the bathroom. He shakes his head and finally pulls open the door.

It’s Yoongi, the guy from the coffee shop yesterday, or well Jimin’s yesterday. His hair is black with streaks of blue instead of the mint color, and he’s just as undressed as Jimin is in just his underwear and his hair is in disarray, but it’s undeniably him. Jimin looks away as soon as he realizes his state of undress like it’s only polite to, but Yoongi doesn’t act like this is anything out of the ordinary.

He nods toward Jimin’s knee. “Bad day?”

Jimin just nods. He’s not sure what a good day or a bad day feels like, but he knows he’s in pain. He can only hope that this is the worst of it. Yoongi makes a sympathetic noise and kisses him on the forehead. Jimin blushes at the gesture.

“Sorry for yelling. You know I just get so fucking worried. You said you wouldn’t lock the door anymore and I’m sorry I keep bringing it up. I don’t mean to baby you, but Jimin-ah when you fell in the shower and I couldn’t help...I don’t want to ever feel that helpless again.”

Jimin can sense that this is apparently a conversation they’ve had before. Yoongi looks uncomfortable saying it again and obviously worried. Wow, Jimin’s surprised at how much Yoongi obviously cares for him.

“Sorry, it’s just a habit…” Jimin says sheepishly. He feels bad even though this is obviously his first time hearing about it. He wonders if Yoongi’s Jimin, because he’s decided that this might be a future parallel universe, fights him on this. As someone who randomly woke up with an injured knee, he understands, but maybe he hasn’t had it long enough to become bitter over someone being concerned about him all the time. Jimin wonders how all of this even happened.

“Are you going to be alright babysitting the twins by yourself today? I still have to go into the studio, but Namjoon and Jin can stay home to watch them if you’re not feeling up to it. They can celebrate their anniversary some other time, I’m sure.”

Jimin doesn’t have the slightest idea what Yoongi is talking about. Namjoon and Jin have kids? He thinks of them back in his time and how adorable the couple is. If Jimin volunteered to watch their kids while they had a romantic day then Jimin would feel guilty for even thinking about cancelling. He’ll have some painkillers. He’ll be fine.

“No, no, it’s not that bad. I can still watch them.” Hopefully they won’t expect him to move much or God, go anywhere. His knee does really fucking hurt.

Yoongi looks skeptical, but just nods once like he’s not willing to have an argument about it. Jimin looks down at his hand and sees a matching ring on Yoongi’s finger. And oh. They must be married which is...certainly interesting. Jimin wonders how long they’ve been together. He twists his own ring around his finger, still leaning against the bathroom counter to help support him and take the burden off his knee.

“Something on your mind, Jimin-ah? It’s been awhile since you played with your ring like that.”

Jimin hopes he doesn’t look as panicked as he feels for being caught out. He hopes that he hasn’t somehow given himself up before even committing all the way to playing along. Jimin shakes his head in response.

“I’ll try to be home early so we can all get dinner. I’ll make a reservation.” Jimin doesn’t say anything. “What? No comment on how bad I am at keeping reservations when I’m in the studio?” Yoongi jokes.

Jimin huffs a laugh and hopes it’s convincing. Yoongi steps forward and Jimin almost yelps in surprise as Yoongi grabs his bare sides to hoist him up so that he’s sitting on the counter.

“Shower with me? Jin-hyung said he wasn’t dropping off the little hellions till 9.”

Jimin gulps. Oh, God. Naked showering? With Yoongi? It’s not an unappealing idea even if Yoongi doesn’t know who he’s suggesting it to is not his Jimin. Yoongi is attractive and Jimin feels weak, but his knee still hurts even without him putting weight on it so his excuse isn’t even a lie.

“I don’t think that I should stand and wear myself out before the twins get here.”

“Are you sure you’ll be okay?”

“Yes, I’ll be fine.” Jimin hopes, at least.

“Okay, I’ll run you a bath and shower down the hall.” Yoongi sighs and kisses him chastely on the lips before doing just that. He even adds bubbles to the bathtub. He helps him off the counter and leaves him to it with another kiss on the forehead.

Jimin wonders if Yoongi ever gets tired of taking care of him and if his knee always hurts this bad. Jimin goes through the medicine cabinet and finds several prescriptions in his name. There are painkillers in varying strengths, some that he’s never even heard of. Jimin doesn’t want to risk being out of it when there are children around so he settles for over the counter painkillers and hopes it does something to dull the pain.

He stares at his own reflection in the mirror for a second, willing it to do something or explain somehow, but all he can see is his own expression looking back at him and he just feels silly. He’s starting to wonder if he hadn’t just imagined the whole thing.

He strips and gets into the bath. He relaxes enough to feel sleepy. He wonders if he fell asleep in the bath if he’d wake up back in his dorm bed. He just soaks for a long time before he realizes he should probably get dressed and fed before the kids come over at 9. Jimin finds a towel in the cabinet and drains the tub. Finding clothes is a bit of a challenge since it appears that Yoongi and him share a closet and he doesn’t know what’s his and what’s Yoongi’s.

He pulls on a pair of track pants and a t-shirt and figures if they aren’t his then his apparent husband won’t mind. His nose leads him to find Yoongi making breakfast in the kitchen. Jimin gets the feeling he doesn’t do it often, like he maybe just took over because Jimin wasn’t feeling well. The warm water and the painkillers seemed to have helped to dull the pain a little. Yoongi appears to be overcooking eggs so Jimin just nudges him out of the way and takes over. Yoongi pulls a face at him, but takes a bowl of fruit out of the fridge and it’s surprisingly easy.

Jin-hyung comes by to drop off the kids. They’re not as young as Jimin expects them to be which is good because he doesn’t know how to change a diaper. Really though, Jimin bets he could have figured it out. They’re fraternal twins, a boy and a girl. Jimin doesn’t know their names and momentarily panics because that’s probably something he should know.

Jin seems flustered though and it reminds Jimin of the way he is when he comes into the cafe late. It’s nice to be greeted by something so familiar in this unfamiliar territory. The only difference really is that he’s carrying two small backpacks that belong to the two children that launch themselves at Jimin.

“Uncle Chim!” Jimin almost chokes. Chim? He let’s it go though because they’re adorable.

“Jinho-yah! Be careful! Remember Uncle Chim has a hurt leg, okay?” Jin scolds when Jinho is the one who grabs his injured leg tightly. Jinho, then, right. Now Jimin only has to worry about the girl’s name.

“They’ve already eaten so don’t let them trick you into thinking they haven’t. There’s snacks and stuff in the bags if they get hungry before lunch. There’s a few chai pear scones in there for you, too.” Jin-hyung says in a rush and Jimin’s glad that he hasn’t changed.

“Jin-hyung, thanks, but I’ve got it. Don’t worry so much, okay? Go have fun!”

Jin gives him a grateful smile before crouching down. “Okay, come give Appa a hug bye.”

Jinho releases his grip on Jimin to run at his father with a giggle, but the girl twin clings tightly to Jimin.

Jin-hyung just pouts. “Jihyo-yah, don’t you want to give Appa a hug bye? Appa will be gone a while and he’ll miss you. Don’t you love Appa?”

Jihyo runs over and pokes at Jin’s lower lip and kisses his cheek, giggling when he tickles her.

“Appa, stop it!”

Jin-hyung leaves when he untangles himself from them. Jimin puts on the movie that Jinho demands to watch that’s in his bag. He doesn’t want to be lured into a false sense of security, but Jinho and Jihyo seem content to quietly watch the movie from the floor while he lounges on the couch. Yoongi sits with him for a while before he announces that he has to leave to get to the studio. He gives Jimin an apologetic look like he didn’t already tell Jimin that he would have to leave.  Jimin just waves him off. He doesn’t even hesitate to give him a kiss goodbye when Yoongi leans in for one, already accustomed to the casual kisses they’ve traded all morning. He chuckles a little at the ‘ew’s’ it earns from the twins.

“Bye, Uncle Yoongi!” Jihyo says and of course they say his name perfectly. Jimin tries not to be bitter. She runs over to Yoongi to give him a hug and yells in delight when he picks her up and swings her around in a circle. Jimin feels his heart clench a little. It’s cute as hell.

Jinho doesn’t unglue his eyes from the tv and Yoongi just pats a hand on his head. “Bye, Jinho,” he says and disappears with one last glance at Jimin.

Jihyo sits back down and becomes entranced with the movie again. Jimin pulls out his phone again, determined to find some answers now that he’s not likely to be interrupted. He scrolls through the thread with TaeTae <3. From what he can see most of them are about confirming plans. The last message is from yesterday afternoon before they had all apparently had dinner at Tae’s place. Jungkook had been the one to cook which Jimin finds weird until he scrolls up and sees a selfie of Tae on a sleeping Jungkook’s shirtless chest and Jimin gathers enough context clues to tell him that they’re together and they live together. Jimin has to laugh when he thinks back to how he’s used to them interacting and all their bickering. And wow, he guesses they do flirt a bit like school children.

Tae also talks about the kids he has as patients which besides being a little alarming because of the breach in patient-doctor confidentiality, although he doesn’t use names,  is a little alarming because that means someone trusted Tae enough to allow him to become a pediatrician. All of his stories are cute though. Jimin can sense that Tae has baby-fever for his own from their conversations. He clearly wants a whole slew of kids, but for some reason won’t discuss it with Jungkook despite Jimin’s encouraging replies. Jungkook is apparently a history teacher who is also fond of kids, though maybe not to Tae’s degree from what he gathers. It’s a little shocking when he reads his own response about wanting kids himself.

He really shouldn’t be shocked. He’s always said he wanted kids, but he feels not nearly mature or responsible enough, and he’d always figured that’d come later. But, he guesses this is later. 8 years into the ‘future’ and he’s apparently married, happy, and he doesn’t know what kind of job he’s holding down with his knee, but the bills are apparently getting paid. It’s strange to think about.

Tae’s replies encourage him to talk it over with Yoongi because ‘at least they’re married’ which Jimin takes to mean that he and Jungkook are not. Also Tae mentions that he’s really good with his goddaughter, Jihyo, as a major point in his argument of why he should get serious about kids and talk it over with Yoongi. Which, wow, no wonder she had clinged to him in particular, he probably spoils her rotten. Jimin’s responses show him why he’s hesitant though. Yoongi apparently is away on tour and on schedule a lot and he has bad knee days that prevent him from doing a lot some days.

Tae’s text confirm that Yoongi is some sort of musician if the fact that he said he had to go to the studio didn’t already. And apparently a relatively famous one too considering the niceness of their house and appliances. He somehow doesn’t think any of that is due to his contribution.

Jimin leaves the thread with Tae to find his with Yoongi, curiosity getting the best of him. A lot of their messages are Yoongi apologizing for running late which Jimin guesses is where his joke from earlier came from. His own responses aren’t terse, but understanding, and really somewhere along the way he must have found his patience because there are a lot of messages like that.

None of their conversations through text are groundbreaking, but they must spend quite a bit of time on the phone because there’s a lot of ‘i’ll call you in 15 minutes’ and variants of the same. Jimin just keeps scrolling until he runs into pictures. They must be from when Yoongi was on tour because they’re racy pictures with a ‘miss you’ message written below them. Jimin blushes at his own daringness, despite not technically being the one to send the pictures. There are quite a few pictures of his ass, one of him pouting shirtless in the mirror, and a video which from the preview he can tell is not safe for work.

He scrolls up more and sees pictures of Yoongi and a video. Jimin can see Yoongi stroke his dick in the preview with a Rolex around his wrist. He has to bite his lip to keep from making a noise, but he can’t help the choking sound that comes out of him.

“Uncle Chim, what are you doing?” Jihyo says appearing out of nowhere. She climbs on the couch to look at the phone, but Jimin quickly hits the home button before she can see anything. God, the last thing Jin-hyung would want is him scarring his child with a video of Yoongi masturbating. Jimin looks over at Jinho to see that he’s still entranced by the movie.

“Nothing for little girls to see,” Jimin says playfully, locking his phone so there aren’t any mishaps.

“But Uncle Chim! I’m six years old! I’m a big girl!”

“Wow, you’re getting so old.” Jimin scrunches up his nose and pulls her into his lap to tickle her, careful of his knee. She squirms laughing and almost hits him in the leg so he stops.

“Did you talk to Uncle Yoongi about kids yet? You said I’d get to play with them when I came over!”

Jimin is momentarily stunned. He confided in a six year old about that? He can’t believe it, and it’s probably bad that his next thought is to see if she knows more that she can tell him.

“Er, not yet. Do you know how your Uncle Yoongi and I met?” Jimin’s not expecting much, but he’s curious. Like he has to check if he got dropped into some parallel universe where everything is different or if this really is the future.

“Course! Appa brings it up all the time! You met at his cafe and Uncle Yoongi got you a magic appa love scone and you fell in love like in the movies! Abeoji was there, too,” Jihyo says excitedly like it’s one of her favorite stories to tell. Jimin snorts at the ‘magic appa love scone’ tidbit. Honestly if it turns out those scones are a bit magic Jimin wouldn’t be surprised. They’re really good and really addicting. He’s certainly eaten enough of them to amass enough magical strength to transport him 8 years in the future.

Jimin really doubts a scone is to blame for his predicament though. Besides Jihyo, his six year old goddaughter, however precious, probably isn’t the most reliable source of information.

“Appa also says that you and Uncle Yoongi were meant to be together like him and Abeoji cause it worked out even though it didn’t seem like it would at first. I don’t think Abeoji likes when he says that though because he makes a face.” Jihyo mimics a face that Jimin has seen on Namjoon’s firsthand. It’s funny how much it makes her look like him even though they don’t look all that much alike and are probably not even blood related.

It’s the face Namjoon makes when Jungkook spouts some bullshit at work. It’s the ‘I don’t agree, but you can have your own dumb opinion’ look though Jimin imagines it translates differently when it’s directed at Jin-hyung. Which, ouch, apparently Namjoon-hyung doesn’t think he and Yoongi were meant to be. Jimin tries not to be offended though since Namjoon strikes him as someone who doesn’t subscribe to the belief that fate dictates whether or not a couple was meant to be.

“Wait, what do you mean it didn’t seem like it would work out at first?” Jimin asks curiously.

Jihyo shrugs. “I don’t know. I’m hungry.” And right, he’s not going to get answers this way.

When Jimin finally manages to unglue Jinho from the tv, he makes them sandwiches for lunch. He does his best to ignore the fact that the pain in his knee is flaring up again.

“Uncle Chim, can I have another strawberry milk?” Jinho grins mischievously when he asks like he knows he’s not supposed to have another strawberry milk, but Jimin can’t see the harm in giving him another one so he limps to the refrigerator to grab one.

“Jihyo-yah, do you want another one, too?”

“Yeah!” she calls so he grabs two and brings them back to the table. Jinho punctures his with a straw and sips at his greedily while Jihyo doesn’t even look twice at hers. It’s like she just wanted another one because her twin was getting another.

“Can we play hide and go seek again?” Jihyo asks excitedly when they’re all done with lunch and Jimin inwardly groans at the thought of trying to play when his knee is screaming at him.

“I don’t want to play hide and go seek! I want to watch another movie.” Jinho looks at Jimin with pleading eyes. Jimin doesn’t think watching that much tv is good for him, they probably need some physical activity to tire them out, but he isn’t feeling up to moving.

“How about a nap?” he suggests hopefully. They both turn to him with twin looks of distaste and horror.

“You’re acting weird, Uncle Chim. Are you okay?” Jinho asks. “Is it your leg? Appa says it’s like a boo-boo that won’t get better.”

“And Abeoji says that you had to get stitches like when Jinho put his foot under the rocking chair. He still has a scar! Do you have a scar? Can we see?”

“Jihyo, that’s not nice to ask!” Jinho scolds and Jihyo’s eyes get big and her lower lip quivers. Oh no, Jimin thinks.

“That’s okay. Your Uncle Chim is hurting a little bit so let’s go watch something. We can play hide and go seek another day when I’m feeling better, okay Jihyo?”


Jimin lets the twins argue over what to watch while he sits on the couch and tries to take deep breaths. He wonders if he should’ve taken something stronger. He swears to himself that if he ever wakes up or magically gets back to his time then he’ll never take his knee for granted again.

They eventually settle on some animated movie that Jimin doesn’t recognize, but it’s rated PG so he thinks they’re okay. The twins sit close to the television and it can’t be good for their eyes, but Jimin doesn’t try to fight it.

In the middle of the movie Jinho walks over to the couch where Jimin is laying. He’s rubbing at his belly. “Uncle Chim, my stomach hurts.”

Jimin finally understands why he had looked so shifty about asking for a second strawberry milk. Jimin pouts at him and pulls him onto the couch so he can rub his belly.

“Do you have to go to the bathroom?” Jimin asks after a while and pulls his hand off the younger boy’s stomach. Jinho shakes his head and pulls his hand back over his tummy.

They must have reached a point in the movie where it’s too slow to hold Jihyo’s attention because she comes over after a while. She looks like she wants to climb on the couch, but she hesitates with a glance at Jimin’s legs which are taking up a good portion of the large sectional.

“It’s okay,” Jimin says and he goes to help pull her onto the couch, but she ducks and runs out of the room. He’d get up to see what she’s doing but Jinho looks like he’s fallen asleep next to him and he doesn’t want to disturb him.

She comes back after a minute anyway with a ice pack in her hand. “Uncle Yoongi always says to make sure you ice your leg because you’re ‘forgetful and stubborn’.”

Jimin laughs at the way she mimics Yoongi, but takes the ice pack from Jihyo. “Thanks Jihyo, you take good care of me.” He pats her on the head.

She squawks and clambers into his lap to take the ice pack from him. She places it gently on his knee. “Is that okay?”

Jimin nods and closes his eyes. He feels Jihyo nestle into his chest and before he knows it, he’s asleep.




By the time Yoongi gets back from the studio, it’s a little late to be having dinner with children, and it’s also an hour past their seven o’clock reservation that he apparently made. He makes an apologetic face at Jimin. Luckily, they are well rested from the nap they all took earlier.

The rest and the ice seemed to help his knee a bit so he’s in a good mood when they’re led into a private room at a nice restaurant. Jimin had changed, but he still feels underdressed. Jimin thinks they’re all a bit underdressed, but no one at the restaurant gives them another look.

The food is good and Jimin lets the twins lead the conversation and detail their day to Yoongi who grabs Jimin’s thigh under the table occasionally and throws him fond looks.

“And then Uncle Chim said ‘if you’re not asleep when I get back, you’re going to get it!’ and we tried but Jihyo kept laughing whenever he came into the room! Then Uncle Chim turned into the tickle monster and Jihyo almost peed herself.”

“Did not!”

“Did too!”

Jimin laughs at Jinho’s description of one of the games Jimin spent the afternoon improvising post nap. It was fun. He thinks he could get used to their company. It had been so long since he had been in the presence of small children, but Jimin likes it and can see why this Jimin wants kids now.

“Tickle monster, eh? You’ll have to show me that one.” Yoongi winks at him and chuckles at Jimin’s flushed face.

When the bill comes after dessert, Jimin glances over at the cost and feels his heart lurch. He tries not to let it show because Yoongi just hands over his card like it’s no big deal. Jimin doesn’t know how a price tag that steep can be seen as a regular expense. Then again, he glances at the Rolex on Yoongi’s wrist and figures it’s probably nothing to him. It actually makes him a little uncomfortable thinking about it. Jimin didn’t grow up poor or anything, but his parents definitely made a lot of sacrifices to allow him to keep doing gymnastics.

Thinking of his parents make him wonder how they’re doing in this ‘future’ universe. He wonders how his hyung is doing. He must have zoned out a little bit because he shakes his head and sees Yoongi staring down at him concernedly.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, sorry, I just zoned out for a second.” He stands and takes Yoongi’s offered hand. Jihyo takes his other hand and he sees Jinho take Yoongi’s. As soon as they open the door to the restaurant they’re accosted by the flashes from cameras. Jimin’s surprised, but he lets Jihyo tuck her head down into his side as they try to walk quickly to the black SUV that the driver pulled around.

“Agust D!” people are shouting, and Jimin just assumes that must be Yoongi’s stage name because he has no idea what else it could be. He almost laughs at the girls crying, “Oppa, I love you!” He doesn’t know how Yoongi deals with this on a regular basis. He’s shocked when the girls seem to round on him. “Oppa, you deserve better than a cripple!”

He slams the car door behind them and helps Jihyo into a car seat while Yoongi does the same for Jinho in the back row. Jimin tries not to dwell on it, but wow, their words seem to get to him more than they really should. Jihyo must sense it because she squeezes his hand. Jimin offers her a small grateful smile. Cripple, they had called him. And well, they weren’t wrong. He probably does slow Yoongi down in more ways than one. Jimin curses himself for an injury that isn’t even his. The encounter also tells Jimin that apparently they’re out to the public which surprises him, but maybe Korea has come along in the way they treat members of the lgbtqa+ community in the past 8 years.

“Fucking ridiculous,” Yoongi snaps and Jimin tries to cover Jihyo’s ears all after the fact.

“Hey!” he says looking at Jihyo and Jinho.

“It’s okay, Appa and Abeoji say it sometimes, too,” Jinho says solemnly. Jimin covers his face with his hands and doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. These kids are something else.

“No, they don’t get to say that shit about you. We have children with us for God’s sake! How did they even know we were there?” Yoongi seethes and he pulls out his phone to make a phone call.

Jimin offers a smile to Jinho and Jihyo so they know Yoongi isn’t mad at them, but they don’t seem bothered. It’s like they’re used to Yoongi acting this way which is a little worrying.

Yoongi seems to listen to whoever is on the other end of the phone for a moment. “I don’t want an apology Young-min-hyung, I want him fired. He put my family at risk for harassment and I don’t take that lightly.”

Jimin listens to Yoongi speak gruffly over the phone and he wonders how they fell in love. Wonders how he got together with a guy who’s willing to argue over the phone for him and who calls him and their friends’ kids his ‘family.’ Jimin doesn’t know how long they’ve been together or if they got together before or after his injury, but his curiosity is growing by the second.

It’s late, almost 11 by the time they get home. Jinho and Jihyo are falling asleep by the time Namjoon-hyung and Jin-hyung are there to pick up the twins. Jimin would ask what they’ve been up to, but by the amount of hickies on both of their necks, it’s pretty obvious. Jimin laughs.

“Shut up, Jiminie, you don’t have the right to say anything. When you and hyung have kids then you’ll understand,” Namjoon says. He has purple hair now, but he really looks the same as ever, like 8 years has nothing on his dimples. He hoists a sleepy Jihyo in his arms and Jimin smiles brightly at him. Maybe it’s from practice, but it looks so right to see Jihyo in her dad’s arms. Jimin knows that if he goes to sleep tonight and wakes up back in his dorm he’ll miss seeing Jihyo and Jinho. It makes him sad to think about.

Yoongi and Jin appear to be having a hushed conversation with Jinho in Jin’s arms sleeping with his head pressed to Jin’s broad shoulder. It’s probably about what happened when they left the restaurant if the fierceness in Yoongi’s face is anything to go by. 

When they all leave Jimin feels a bit awkward now that it’s just him and Yoongi with no children to buffer the fact that he’s essentially a stranger to Jimin. He picks up the now warm ice pack from the floor in the tv room to put back in the freezer and he sets about to doing the dishes from earlier. He’s rinsing a pan before he puts it in the dishwasher when Yoongi grabs him by the waist from behind.

“Feeling better?” he mumbles into his neck before kissing it. Jimin drops the pan in surprise and makes water splash everywhere. “Sorry, did I scare you?” Yoongi laughs.

Jimin cuts off the water. “Yeah, my knee is fine,” he says and he isn’t lying. It feels a lot better, just a bit stiff. Jimin takes the pan and bends over so he can put it in the dishwasher. Yoongi whistles and grabs his ass. Jimin stumbles forward a bit and would’ve landed into the dishwasher if Yoongi didn’t catch him. He snorts and closes it before Jimin injures himself.

“What’s got you so jumpy today?”

Jimin blushes. He can’t believe that he’s married to a guy who whistles at his ass and grabs at it when he bends over. God. He can’t help the laugh that comes out of him. He turns around to face Yoongi. “Don’t do that!”

“What? You like it when hyung does that,” Yoongi says with a gummy smile that Jimin thinks is adorable, but he has to cover his face in his hands. “You also like it when hyung does this.” Yoongi’s hands slide under his shirt and rub at his sides.

Jimin eeps at the ticklish sensation. He takes a step back, trapping himself between the wet sink and Yoongi when he takes a step forward. Jimin tries to pull his shirt down, but Yoongi just laughs and continues his now full blown tickling.

“Hyung, stop!” Jimin laughs and Yoongi’s hands still, pulling him close so he can kiss him soundly. Yoongi really knows what he’s doing, Jimin discovers as he’s kissed into speechlessness.

“Bed now?” Yoongi asks and Jimin just nods without thinking of the implications. Yoongi shuts the light out behind him. They go into their ensuite bathroom to brush their teeth and wash their faces. Jimin lets Yoongi take his toothbrush first so he doesn’t get them mixed up.

Jimin pats his face dry and hurriedly strips to his underwear before he climbs under the covers. He would pretend to be asleep, but that feels like a cop out and if this is all just a dream and he wakes up in his dorm tomorrow he wants to savor this whole day of domestic bliss.

Yoongi comes in and snorts at the clothes Jimin left on the floor before he picks them up and throws them into the hamper in the closet. He strips and Jimin watches avidly. He’d be really stupid not to. His husband is hot as fuck. The more pale skin that’s exposed, the more Jimin can’t really believe his luck. He really hadn’t taken it all in this morning.

“Tired?” Yoongi asks and he must miss the way Jimin is literally eye fucking him from the bed. The nap Jimin took after lunch with the twins really messed up his sleeping schedule because no, he’s not tired at all. Jimin just hums because somehow doing anything with Yoongi wouldn’t seem right. It’s like he’s stepping on someone’s toes even if it is just future him’s toes…

Yoongi nods, crawls into bed, and kisses him once before shutting off the lamp. “Goodnight,” he says and Jimin takes it as a cue to reach to turn off the lamp on his nightstand and plug in his phone.

“Goodnight,” Jimin says and Yoongi spoons him and throws an arm over his waist. Jimin just lies there until he can hear Yoongi’s breathing even out and a little bit after to make sure he’s asleep.

If he should go to sleep and return to reality he wants to know how he got here so he can avoid somethings. The internet always has answers when you look hard enough. Jimin sneaks out of Yoongi’s grasp and down the hall where he had explored and found an office before. He opens the laptop and is disheartened for a second when he sees that it’s locked and he doesn’t know the password before he realizes that it’s 2025 and there are biometrics authentication on every piece of technology now. He scans his fingerprint and blesses modern technology when it lets him in.

He searches ‘Park Jimin knee injury’ and braces himself. He’s not sure what he expected but there are so many hits. There’s videos from the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea along with several articles that feature exclusives from him. Jimin clicks on the first article he sees, not sure if he can stomach a video.

It details his injury: a dislocated knee with a torn ACL and PCL. He’d required emergency vascular surgery for on his knee before they could think about repairing the ligaments. It had been so bad that there was talk of amputation. Apparently it taken several surgeries after that to attempt to repair the ligaments, each time Jimin responding to the anesthesia more poorly. He’d woken up during one of the surgeries and could feel everything, but hadn’t been able to move to tell anyone, Jimin reads horrified. When they’d realized he was awake they gave him more anesthesia which he had a scarily delayed emergence from. Jimin has to stop reading when they go on about how the South Korean men’s gymnastics team would have medalled if not for his injury. There had been talk about gold.

Jimin searches ‘Park Jimin and Min Yoongi.’ There appears to be even more hits than in his search for his injury. Jimin learns ‘Agust D’ is indeed his husbands stage name and they’ve been married for 6 years though they dated before Jimin’s injury. Yoongi had apparently been in the crowd with his family, jesus.

They happened to be South Korea’s gay power couple. Jimin has to laugh at that, but he can tell Yoongi is a fan favorite. “South Korea’s bad boy rapper” is the title Yoongi gets in a lot of the articles and Jimin doesn’t get it until he watches a music video with the volume on low. Then he finally understands why his husband is so popular. There’s fire, blonde hair, and a whole lot of ripped denim, but Yoongi is a talented rapper. He’s super famous if the views are anything to go by. Jimin wonders how the hell they ended up together, but even the internet can’t tell him that no matter what article he clicks on.

He closes out of the tab to see the window with the video of his injury still open. Jimin chews on his bottom lip before he hits play. The beginning of his routine is great. It’s cool to see himself land stunts that he’s never landed before perfectly. Jimin almost forgets what he’s supposed to be watching for until it happens. He doesn’t stick his landing and Jimin watches as his knee bends in an unnatural way before he falls to the ground and doesn’t get up. There’s trainers and the team doctor who run up to him before the video cuts out. Jimin just stares at it in horror and wonders if he should replay it. It happened so fast that he barely got to see how it happened.

“Why are you watching this, babe?” Yoongi asks from the doorway and Jimin startles. Holy shit, he came out of nowhere. “Is it about what those girls said outside the restaurant?”

Jimin turns to look at him. Yoongi didn’t bother to dress in more clothes. He looks a little scared like catching Jimin watching this is a really Bad Thing.

“No, I-...” but Jimin doesn’t really know what to say.

“Come back to bed please.”

Jimin doesn’t hesitate because he doesn’t want to worry Yoongi. He shuts the laptop and gets out of the chair to follow Yoongi. Yoongi presses him gently against the bed, careful of his knee and kisses him.

“Jimin-ah, you mean so much to me. I love you. You’re so much more than an old injury.” Yoongi kisses him reassuringly. Jimin’s eyes feel hot at hearing the words that aren’t meant for him. Yoongi looks into his eyes. “There’s nothing you can do to change that, so please don’t torture yourself anymore by watching that.”

Yoongi kisses down the column of his neck gently and slides around in his lap. Jimin feels the arousal pool in his lower stomach. He swallows and hopes ‘future’ him can forgive him for what he wants to happen. Jimin palms at Yoongi’s pert ass. Yoongi kisses him firmly before he’s carefully divesting him of his boxers and stroking him to full hardness.

Jimin makes grabby hands before Yoongi takes off his own underwear. Jimin bites his lip and tries to be quiet when Yoongi fondles his balls.

“You don’t have to be quiet, you know. The twins left, remember? I want to hear you.”

Jimin feels his body flush as Yoongi reaches for his nightstand to grab an industrial sized bottle of lube. It’s seriously the biggest bottle of lube Jimin has ever seen in real life and he wonders if this is what he has to look forward to in married life.

“Do you want--” Yoongi starts but Jimin just cuts him off by nodding before he finishes and spreading his legs so he can get between them. Yoongi grabs a pillow and puts it underneath his hips. He takes his time loosening him up with his fingers, something that Jimin’s not really accustomed to. The only prepping Jimin’s familiar with is when Seung-gi had been kind enough to coat his rim in lube before pressing into him roughly.

Jimin’s kind of surprised when Yoongi crooks his fingers inside of him and it sends a zapping of pleasure up his spine. He can’t help the yelp of surprise and the loud moan that escapes him. Jimin blushes when he realizes how loud he’s being, but Yoongi doesn’t seem to mind as he continually massages the spot before he goes back to scissoring him open with his fingers.

Jimin just bucks his hips up into the unfamiliar feeling. He knows from his time on the internet that Yoongi found his prostate, but either Seung-gi had never bothered to look or he didn’t know because he’s definitely never felt it like this before. Jimin’s never really gotten the chance to explore down there himself with having a roommate basically his whole life. The only times Jimin gets to get off is when he jerks off quickly in the shower.

“Ready?” Yoongi asks and it pulls him out of his thoughts before he nods. He withdraws his fingers and Jimin whines at the emptiness inside of him. Yoongi shushes him before he hurriedly uses another pump of lube to coat himself before he lines up at Jimin’s entrance and pushes in slowly. Jimin tries to stay relaxed, he knows it hurts less that way from experience, but he’s shocked when the fullness he feels doesn’t feel as painful as he remembers.

Jimin bucks his hips up again when Yoongi doesn’t move immediately and he hisses. Yoongi rolls his hips to gently thrust inside of him. Yoongi leans down on top of him to breathe hotly into his neck which should probably be disgusting, but it’s working for Jimin. Jimin grabs at Yoongi’s hips to try to encourage him to go a little harder, but he’s not having it. Yoongi is content to go slowly like he’s reassuring him.

“Hyung, I won’t break,” Jimin moans and only then does Yoongi speed up a little with his hips snapping a bit harder. Yoongi sits up and puts a hand between them around his dick and thumbs at the head. It doesn’t take much before Jimin can feel his abdominals tense and he shouts as he comes all over Yoongi’s hand. Yoongi keeps thrusting inside of him, and it’s almost too much, but it doesn’t take long before he buries himself to the hilt and comes inside of him.

Jimin shouldn’t be as surprised as he is by the rush of warm wetness he feels inside of him considering he watched Yoongi lube up without putting on a condom, but he can’t help but feel that it’s a little bit weird that his first time having unprotected sex is in this strange future universe that’s not his.

His last thought before he falls asleep is that he’s not even sorry to future him for sleeping with his husband because that was the best sex of probably his entire life. And even if he wakes up in sticky boxers with Tae standing over him ready to tease him then it was still worth it.