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Sangwoo could spend days like this, his face buried in a pair of Bum’s dirty underwear, drinking in Bum’s essence like it was his lifeline. Sangwoo groaned as he felt himself harden in his pants for the third time. It was amazing how something like an article of clothing could make him so lightheaded. Make him fall apart. He should have left. He should have left hours ago, but there was something about being in Bum’s home, surrounded by everything Bum, that made him want to stay forever.

Sangwoo inhaled deeply again, the musk filling him to the brim. He flinched and choked back a moan as he came in his pants, waves of pleasure washing over him. He didn't even need to touch himself that time. Basking in the afterglow of his orgasm, Sangwoo glanced at the clock on the bedside table.

‘4:00’, it read. Bum would be back soon and Sangwoo didn’t want to arouse suspicion. Reluctantly, Sangwoo rose from Bum’s bed, taking care to make sure nothing was out of place. Then, he stuffed Bum’s boxers into his coat pocket and walked out into the hallway, locking the door behind him. He didn't bother to look back into the dilapidated apartment. He'd be back again tomorrow.

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The sun was beginning to shine again as Bum made his way home from the small bookshop he worked at, a bag of books held to his chest to prevent any damage the rain might cause. Logically, Bum knew that a little rain wouldn’t completely ruin his books, but they were a gift from the owners of the bookshop, Hye and her grandmother Myung, and he considered them to be some of the most precious things that he’d ever received. Bum smiled to himself as the sky began to clear even more, almost like a metaphor for his life.

After leaving his uncle, Bum felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders. The apartment he rented wasn’t the best. The walls were moldy and sometimes the heater stopped working in the winter. Sometimes Bum found bugs, or worse, in the bathtub. But, it was something he could call his own.

He also decided, after one too many panic attacks, to see a therapist. Making the appointment was possibly one of the most difficult things he’d done in his life. After speaking to the office over the phone, Bum felt wound up like a spring and was probably hyperventilating, but he had done something for himself. For the first time ever, pride had made itself known among the ever present feeling of anxiety.

His first few appointments were the hardest. He never thought he'd be there, speaking about his laundry list of issues, but it felt good to be listened to. It felt good to know that he mattered.

Bum continued the last leg of his journey home, enjoying the pleasant heat of the sun on his skin. He knew that with his pale skin he must have looked like the undead. Yet, he couldn't bring himself to care very much at that moment.

“You shouldn't sit idle,” Dr. Kim told him. “A little fresh air might not rid you of your problems, but it can clear your head for a little while.”

So, Bum had taken her advice. At first, he only stayed in the area around his apartment, fearing that if he strayed too far, something awful would happen. Someone would mug him, or he'd be kidnapped by a serial killer.

But after a while, Bum figured that his luck couldn't be that bad. Maybe fate would be smiling down upon him, seeing that his life was pretty shitty up to this point. Didn't he deserve to be happy every once in a while? (No, the voice in his head said. But he tried his best to ignore it.) And, if Bum was being honest, he was getting kind of tired of seeing the same buildings over, and over.

A few weeks later, he found himself strolling down the street when a sign caught his eye. “Park’s Books”, it read in bold red letters. Bum hadn't had many opportunities to do something as simple as browse a bookshop, nor had he the money to buy any books. But, it couldn't hurt to stay for a while. Intrigued, he entered, and stayed for what must have been hours, surrounded by a sea of books.

It was Hye who came by, with her warm smile, to tell him that it was closing time. Bum smiled sheepishly, turning to place his books back in their respective spots.

“Have a nice day!” Myung called as he made his way outside, to which Bum timidly held up a hand.

About a week went by, and Bum found himself at the shop every day,sitting for hours in the same secluded spot in the back. And at the end of every day, he’d put his books back and shyly wave goodbye to Myung.

One day, as he sat enthralled with a book about magic creatures, Hye even came by with a cup of green tea, which he almost refused.

“I didn’t order any-”

“It’s on the house,” she insisted, and who was Bum to turn down something free?

“Thank you,” he said.

“You’ve been coming by quite often,” Hye said.

“Y-yes,” Bum said, beginning to sweat. Was this the part where he’d be kicked out for never buying anything?

“Well,” she continued. “We could always use some help around here. Would you like to work here?”

It seemed too good to be true. Bum always had a hard time holding down a job, due to his all consuming anxiety, but he couldn’t live unemployed forever. He was already a month late on his rent, and his landlord was only so patient. Shakily, Bum nodded his head.

“Good!” Hye said. “Can you start tomorrow?”

“Ah, y-yes.”


She left with a wide grin on her face, most likely to tell her grandmother that they had a new employee.

Dr. Kim would be so proud, he thought.

Bum smiled fondly at the memory as he finally reached his apartment complex. Across the street, Bum noticed, a silver car sat idle. It had been there for the past few days or so, making Bum slightly suspicious, though he just chalked that up to paranoia. Still, he quickened his strides until he was safely inside, unable to shake the hair-raising feeling of being watched.




Sangwoo’s eyes followed Bum’s form as he rushed into his apartment. Before Bum could disappear from his sight, he snapped a quick picture with his phone. It wasn't the best; he had really clear ones of Bum at work or asleep. Either way, they weren't enough. A picture wasn't the same as a real, breathing human, and Sangwoo was left impatiently yearning for someone who was so close yet so far.

That would change soon enough. He'd be able to speak to Bum for the first time in years, be able to touch him. And eventually, he'd bring Bum home, where he'd keep him safe and take care of him, whether he liked it or not. And he'd realize that they were meant to be together.

But, Sangwoo would need to wait until the perfect moment, when there were less witnesses.

He sighed and drove away from his lover's home.

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Sangwoo had a habit of dating girls who looked an awful lot like Bum, with black hair, large black eyes, and slender bodies. Usually, he’d find them around the university, or even in nightclubs, scantily clad, ready for a fuck. And no one really refused Sangwoo, with his looks and charm. It didn’t take much convincing to get the girls to stay for a night.

It was usually enough to sate his desires for Bum. Usually. However, some girls overstepped their boundaries. It was the case for Sangwoo’s current conquest.

They had met at some seedy bar. Sangwoo didn’t care to remember her name. All he remembered was how remarkably similar her features were to Bum’s. They had some drinks, talked, though Sangwoo couldn’t care less about anything she had to say. Sangwoo had invited her over, after the girl had begun to proposition him. She must have thought that he actually wanted her, though that couldn’t be further from the truth. No, no one could compare to Bum.

Dumb slut, he thought.

He wasted no time in getting the girl up to his bedroom and practically tearing off her turquoise minidress, which left little to the imagination, as well as freeing his straining erection from his pants.

“You’re not going to take off your clothes, babe?” she nearly whined. “I want to see you!”

“Don’t rush me,” he snapped back.

Sangwoo always preferred silence during sex. Too much talk ruined the fantasy and only served to remind him that this wasn’t actually his Bum, but merely an imposter. Still he liked to imagine that the girl’s moans belonged to Bum, that curves were replaced with hard angles.

As Sangwoo reached his climax, he’d always chant Bum’s name like a prayer. He’d never say, “I love you.” His feelings were too intimate to share with just anyone. One day, though, it would be Bum here, arms wrapped around Sangwoo’s neck, screaming Sangwoo’s name. It would be then that he would whisper that phrase into Bum’s ear and nothing else would exist except for the two of them.

“I love you, Sangwoo.”

A voice, definitely female aroused him from his stupor.

“What. Did. You. Say.”

The girl faltered, noticing Sangwoo’s change in countenance.

Sangwoo grabbed a handful of her chin length hair and yanked it, until he was sure that some would tear at the roots, and dragged her down the stairs into the basement.

“I’m sorry! Please let me go!” she cried as he threw her mercilessly down the basement steps.

“Shut up!” he said as he placed a his hands around her throat and squeezed. She kicked and scratched at his hands, her skin beginning to turn blue. He hated these imposters, those who thought that they could replace Bum. He would rid the world of each of them, one by one, like the pests that they were. Bum would be so grateful.

Finally, she ceased her struggling, and after checking her pulse, Sangwoo went dispose of her body.

Bum would be eternally grateful.


Bum silently trudged onto the stuffed train, his legs feeling like lead, his heart heavy. He quickly grabbed a pole near the door. Bum wished he didn’t have to leave his bed that morning. He probably got a measly few hours of sleep, thanks to his frequent nightmares, which felt all too real. Bum could still feel the pain across his body. Could still hear his uncle hurling insults, calling him his “little whore” or some other expletives. It left Bum shaking and sobbing in his bed, sometimes with the stench of urine invading his nose.

Usually, he’d just stay under the covers, too afraid to venture outside. But, that wasn’t the case now. He had responsibilities now, and he couldn’t afford to stay home. So, Bum left his apartment, every step weighed down by pure trepidation.

At each stop, the train became more crowded, so it wasn’t unusual when Bum felt someone brush up against him. As the minutes ticked by, Bum found himself lost in thought, thinking of things that would bring him solace. It was when he was four stops away from his destination that Bum felt a hand lightly stroke his thigh. He almost couldn’t believe it. He tried to ignore it, and when it became more persistent he tried to slap it away.

“Stop that!” he said, hoping he was loud enough to attract the attention of the other commuters, but they were too engrossed in their own business to take notice. The hand snaked between his legs and gently squeezed his soft penis through his pants, causing him to release a frightened whimper. At the same time Bum could hear his mysterious assailant’s ragged breathing in his ears, painfully loud, as the strokes became firmer.

“Help me-”

Another hand covered his mouth.

“Shh, I’m not going to hurt you,” the man said as he unzipped Bum’s pants, releasing his hard length. He sobbed behind the man’s hand as he tenderly stroked his cock.

There were three stops left when the pervert began to rut his hips against Bum’s behind and he began to renew his struggle.

“You’re so amazing,” the man moaned behind him as he picked up speed. He must have been close. Hopefully all of this would be over then.

There were two stops left when the man stopped grinding against Bum’s thigh and let out pleasure filled gasps.

Bum tried to get away again, trying and failing to elbow the mysterious assailant behind him, tears blurring his vision.

“Stop that,” he said. “Don’t you want to come too?”

“Leave me alone,” Bum sobbed, but was promptly ignored when the man continued to stroke, gently coaxing Bum to completion. The orgasm shook Bum’s body to the core, and he couldn’t help but bonelessly fall backwards, letting himself be supported by the man’s body. Bum noticed that the man had wiped off his release and had carefully tucked him back into his pants, almost like a lover would.

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful,” the man said. Bum’s skin crawled as he felt light kisses being pressed against his neck.

Finally, after what seemed like years, Bum’s stop came.

“I’ll see you later, Bum. I’m looking forward to fucking you senseless.” And he was freed from the man’s grasp.

As soon as he left the train, Bum found the nearest restroom, emptied the contents of his stomach, and curled up in the corner of the stall, silent sobs wracking his thin frame.

Why does this always happen to me?

There was no good answer to that question.

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He knew that what he did was risky and impulsive, but Sangwoo couldn't find it in himself to care. He couldn't let this opportunity go to waste. So, donned in dark glasses and a cap that would conceal his distinctive light brown hair, Sangwoo approached Bum. Initially, Sangwoo intended to only grope Bum over his clothes, but soon, he found himself forgetting his inhibitions as he was caught up in the ecstasy of being so close to the man he’d been in love with for years.

Yet, for some reason, Bum didn't to feel the same. Sangwoo felt sobs wrack Bum’s scrawny frame, and tried to keep his irritation at bay as he continued to pleasure his lover, tried to express how much he needed him. Soon, Sangwoo thought, they could be doing this and so much more in the privacy of his, no, their home. But for now, he'd take their relationship slowly; Bum obviously wasn't ready for something like that.

“I’ll see you later, Bum. I’m looking forward to fucking you senseless,” was his farewell as Bum rushed away, out his of his grasp.

Sangwoo sighed. Someday, Bum would understand.



“I-I think I want to try the medication after all.”

Dr. Kim lifted a fine brow.

“That’s good Bum. What’s changed?”

“Well-” He hesitated, before finding his voice again. “I never told you, b-but I’ve been having nightmares.”

“Nightmares?” Dr. Kim asked as she wrote something down on her clipboard. “About what?”

“My uncle.”

“You did say something before about the abuse,” she remarked.

“It wasn’t just beatings. My uncle would, he would-”

“Did your uncle rape you, Bum?” she asked as gently as she could.

Bum nodded.

“And,” he continued. “There was an incident on the train.”

“Go on.”

“Someone molested me. And he knew my name.”

Dr. Kim ceased her note taking.

“Do you know who he is?”

“No,” he replied in little more than a whisper. “And I would have called the police, but I didn’t see his face. And they wouldn’t help anyway. I tried once with my uncle.”

“I won’t make you do anything Bum, but I want you to stay safe,” she said. She handed him a note with the names of his medications and where to get them from, and then they parted ways.

Later, Bum found himself at a pharmacy near his apartment, listening to the very specific instructions of the pharmacist. Or trying to. He’d been unable to focus for the past few days after the incident on the train, hoping that he and his molester wouldn’t ever meet again.

In fact, he had been so stressed that he had bumped into a young man on his way out.

“Excuse me,” Bum said.

“It’s no problem!” the man said.

He looked familiar. He was about a head taller than Bum, with light brown hair, and seemed to be built like a wall. He could have been the star of a drama, with his striking looks. Bum probably knew him from university. He seemed like the popular type. He would try to piece together the puzzle later in the safety of his home.

He rushed out the door, missing the way the man’s eyes lingered on his form more than necessary.



The thought of killing Bum had passed through Sanwoo’s mind more than once. The earliest recollection of this was right after he had met Bum in university, when their eyes met for the first time. The connection he felt was something he’d never felt before and it awakened feelings so intense and primal that Sangwoo was almost terrified. It was similar to how he felt when he had the urge to kill, he noticed, but he didn’t want to hurt Bum. No, he’d probably smother him in his sleep or inject him with some kind of drug, which were so unlike his violent methods of killing. It would be comparable to lulling a child to sleep. Bum might struggle at first, but Sangwoo would be so gentle, would wipe the man’s tears from his eyes as Bum slowly slipped away, never to suffer ever again.

But then, Sangwoo’s infatuation became even deeper, to the point that it was all consuming, and he found that life without Bum would be totally unbearable. He’d probably kill himself if he ever lost him. So, he settled for the next best thing: getting rid of the source of Bum’s unhappiness.

That’s how he found himself sitting in a seedy bar, rejecting the attentions of various male admirers. He watched as the minutes ticked by, frustration slowly building within him. Where the fuck is he, Sangwoo thought. Bum’s uncle usually frequented this gay bar to, what Sangwoo assumed, have short flings after Bum had moved out. Sangwoo assumed he was sexually frustrated. After all, the man had taken out all of his filthy desires on his nephew. He’d found out after he followed Bum home one day and watched in complete horror as Bum was brutally assaulted by someone who was supposed to take care of him. Afterwards, he’d felt so ashamed of himself for not doing anything and vowed to himself that he’d rid Bum of the filthy leech that was his uncle. Sangwoo would take much pleasure in being the cause of his slow death.

Speak of the Devil, he thought as Bum’s uncle sauntered into the club, acting like he owned the place. He turned and took sips from his drink, ready to enact his plan.
Sangwoo watched from the corner of his eye as the man took a seat a few feet away from him, yelling for the bartender to get him a drink. A stench so overwhelming emanated from him that it felt almost like a punch in the face and suggested that the man was already drunk. Getting the man to his home would be so easy that Sangwoo nearly laughed. And, Sangwoo would have had to approach him, but Bum’s uncle did that for him too. It was like he had fallen right into Sangwoo’s trap even though he hadn’t done a thing. The man was just asking to be murdered.

“Hey baby, how about I show you a good time,” the man said, feeling Sangwoo’s muscles through his shirt.

“Sure,” he replied as seductively as possible, which was fairly difficult due to the bile that was rising in his throat. “Wanna go to my place?”

That’s how he found himself in his basement with a drunk man fondling him, blissfully unaware of the danger he was in.

“Sit there.” Sangwoo pointed to a chair next to the basement stairs, and the man complied as Sangwoo stripped him and fastened his arms and legs to it.

“Kinky one, aren’t you?” the man said as he gave a lecherous grin.


Sangwoo grabbed a freshly sharpened knife from a nearby table, brandishing it like a toy. Bum’s uncle seemed to sober up a little bit at the sight of it.

“H-hey, what’s with the knife?”

“Do you know why you’re here?” Sangwoo asked.

“We were going to fuck!”

Sangwoo laughed, full of malice.

“I’d never fuck a dirty pig like you.”

The man struggled against his bindings, like he wanted punch Sangwoo. Instead, he settled for spitting in his face instead. Sangwoo reciprocated with a hard smack on the side of the man’s head.

“It’s almost like you forgot that you’re the prisoner here,” Sangwoo said, bringing the knife up to his captive’s face and making a shallow cut.

“So,” he continued. “Maybe you should shut the fuck up.”

“Fuck you!”

Sangwoo sighed.

“Still being mouthy? Fine.”

Sangwoo slashed a slightly deeper cut across the man’s chest and reveled in his pained howl.

“Shut up or I’ll gag you,” he said.

“You psycho bastard! Let me go!”

“No,” Sangwoo replied, feeling giddy. “We’re going to have a lot of fun the next few days! You’ll see!”

“Well, I am, at least.”

Before Sangwoo went back upstairs, he made sure to gag the man’s mouth. He didn’t want him to be a nuisance.

“Goodnight,” he called, before leaving his captive in total darkness.

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It was a slow day at the bookshop, so Bum sat behind the counter, book in hand. This was probably the most relaxed he'd been since the incident in the train, even though he hadn't called the police. (Yet, it still lingered in the back of his mind like a parasite.) The fact that nothing had happened since then helped lots, as well as the medication. Bum had been skeptical the first time Dr. Kim suggested it, but the nightmares were getting to be so bad, the memories physically painful. So, he thought, why not? He had nothing to lose. And, after the awful side effects, he began to see changes, very minute changes, but they were there. It was easier to get out of bed now, and he ate a little more. He couldn't completely erase the searing pain of his uncle's abuse. That would take awhile, but it was a start.

Suddenly, the door opened. Slightly startled, Bum placed his book on the table and took his place in behind the register. In walked the guy Bum had seen at the pharmacy a few weeks ago, looking just as stunning as he did before.

“Good morning,” Bum said, to which the other man returned with a warm nod.

Seeing that he didn't need anything, Bum sat back down. It was about half an hour later that the man came back to pay for something, but Bum was too enthralled with the novel in his hands.

He was so enthralled, in fact, that the sound of someone clearing their throat caused him to nearly spring out of his seat. Bum wished for a moment that he wasn’t so easily startled. He quickly rose from his chair, berating himself for not paying more attention.

“AH! I-I’m sorry. Were you ready to pay?”

He twiddled his thumbs sheepishly, his face beginning to burn as he took the book from the man's hand. Luckily, the man seemed more amused by his shortcomings than anything; he let out a warm chuckle.

“It's no problem,” he said. “And besides, I get to talk to you a bit more, so it can't be that bad, right?”

Bum couldn't do much besides gape at the man like a fish out of water. Was he seriously flirting with him?

“E-eleven thousand won please,” Bum stuttered.

The man handed him the money, his fingers slightly brushing against Bum’s hands in the process.

“Have a nice day,” Bum mumbled as he looked anywhere but in front of him. It was amazing how he’d managed to embarrass himself with this one interaction. And he thought that he was doing so much better.

“Thanks,” the man replied. He paused, squinting at Bum’s nametag. “Yoon Bum.”

“That’s a nice name,” the man said, this time with a small, charming smile gracing his striking face, dark eyes gazing at Bum almost earnestly. “I’m Sangwoo. I’ll see you around Yoon Bum.”

Bum didn’t do anything else but nod, at a loss for words. He still couldn’t tell for sure if this ‘conversation’ could even be called flirting, or how to respond. But, he decided, Sangwoo seemed nice enough and didn’t mean any harm. So, he returned Sangwoo’s smile with one of his own as his customer left the store.

Later, Bum mentally kicked himself for not asking Sangwoo if they had known each other from somewhere, but decided to let it go. He’d remember eventually, he supposed.

Sangwoo frequented the shop more and more, flirting with Bum more and more. Though, Bum wouldn’t put it that way. He was just making friendly conversation.

“I wouldn’t call it ‘friendly conversation’,” Hye said. “Especially not since he gave you his phone number and told you to call him.”

Myung simply smiled at him, as if to tell him, “Go after that nice piece of man-meat.”

But Bum never called and Sangwoo never asked why he didn’t.

Why would someone like Sangwoo want to be with him anyway? He was hideous and scrawny, despite his slowly increasing appetite. He had a host of issues. He was sometimes still paralyzed by anxiety, was plagued by nightmares, and self-harmed because he wasn’t strong enough to deal with his problems. On top of that, his uncle had made him feel like he was no better than some filthy whore, and it had only been proven again in the military, when he’d failed at protecting himself against the higher ups who took advantage of him. He was so useless, even needing someone to rescue him.

Bum had been eternally grateful to whoever it was. It was someone by the name of Oh. Oh Sangwoo. Sangwoo!

This time, Bum physically facepalmed, gaining the worried stares of some nearby costumers. That’s where he knew Sangwoo from! And he’d gone to university with him. How could he have forgotten?

Feeling uncharacteristically bold, Bum found the slip of paper with Sangwoo’s number written on it and typed it into his phone.

“This is Yoon Bum. Do you want to get coffee some time?” the text read. Bum realized that they had only spoken to each other in the bookshop, and weren’t more than acquaintances, but he needed to thank Sangwoo in person.

Less than a minute later, Bum’s phone vibrated in his pocket.

“Finally decided to text me lol. I was hoping you’d ask sooner. Is tomorrow fine? I can pick you up after you finish working”

Bum typed ‘ok’ with slightly trembling fingers, hoping he didn’t come off as strange, and got back to work, ignoring Myung’s amused smirk.

“Going on a date, Bummie?”

Bum could feel the blood rushing to his face and for a moment he wished that he wasn’t so pale.

“It’s not a date.”



When he received Bum’s texts, Sangwoo felt total giddiness complete with the sensation of his stomach being tied into knots. He’d finally be alone with Bum, get lost in his deep brown eyes. Maybe he’d get to kiss him, or even do more, he thought with an inkling of hope.

What am I, he thought, some schoolgirl with a crush?

No, his feelings for Bum were so much deeper and permanent, which was why he put his all into beating the man in front of him.

Sangwoo had kept Bum’s uncle in his basement for a couple of weeks now, doing the bare minimum to keep him alive. He didn’t hurt him too badly, which was much more than he deserved, especially since he did much worse to his Bummie. That was all subject to change however, as Sangwoo grasped his makeshift whip in his hand and viciously swung, until the man’s back was covered in welts and the basement floor was stained red with his blood.

Sangwoo released the man, who had been hanging by some rope which was looped around a hook nailed into the ceiling. He rolled his eyes as the man continued to sob on the floor, covered in his own bodily fluids.

“Jesus, you’re disgusting. I think it’s about time you took a bath.”

Sangwoo wrinkled his nose as he grabbed a nearby bucket of ice cold water, flinging its contents onto his captive. He continued to sob and beg like the pathetic animal he was. Rolling his eyes, Sangwoo knelt and roughly grabbed the man’s face.

“Stop crying, for fuck’s sake! This isn’t that bad compared to the years of torture you put Bum through, so stop being a pussy and take it like a man.”

He got up and tossed the man a grimy towel.

“Clean yourself up.”

With that, Sangwoo left his basement for the comfort of his bedroom.

Strangely enough, his little torture sessions left him aching with arousal. Maybe it was the power. Maybe it was the fact that he was doing this as a testament of his devotion for his Bum. Nevertheless, it was exhilarating. He wasted no time in discarding his clothes, hissing as the cold air met the hotness of his cock. Sangwoo slowly began to pump himself as he pulled out a picture that he'd taken of Bum fresh out of the shower.

Sangwoo was unable to completely capture Bum’s face, but his ass was there, clear as day. Sometimes he liked to imagine himself fucking that sweet little ass so hard, that Bum would barely be able to move the next day. Other times, he imagined himself moving slowly, tenderly, making Bum fall apart piece by piece. This time, Sangwoo saw himself sucking Bum off, making him feel amazing in ways that he’d never felt before. And then, Bum would cum all over his face and Sangwoo would take it like the good slut he was. But, that certainly wouldn’t be the end of it. Afterwards, he would lay Bum down, and run his tongue across that tight little hole of his.

“Ah, Sangwoo,” he’d moan. “It’s too much!”

But he’d only hush him, and continue to worship Bum with everything he had until they fell apart together.

Finally, Sangwoo felt that familiar ecstasy fall over him, grimacing when he noticed that his hands were covered with his release.

As always, he felt that emptiness when he realized that the object of his affections so far away, almost like a figment of his imagination. Yet, Sangwoo allowed himself a bit of hope this time. Soon, he told himself, they’d be together.

Chapter Text

“Have fun on your date, Bum,” Hye called after him.

“It's not a date,” Bum said, for what felt like the thousandth time that day. He couldn't have been more exasperated. Though, if he was being honest with himself, Sangwoo was quite attractive, but any feelings that may have been there were brief and fleeting. At this point, Bum only wanted to thank him for bothering to help him out when no one else would.

About five minutes later, a silver car pulled up beside him.

Strange, Bum thought. It looks like that one car that's been sitting outside my apartment for the past month or so. But, it was probably a coincidence. Seoul was a big city. Of course, people would drive the same model of car. He felt better, however, when the window rolled down, revealing Sangwoo, who was sporting a pleasant smile.

“Hey, Bum,” he said. “Can I call you that?”

Bum nodded and wordlessly entered the car.

“You look nice today, Bum.”

“Thanks,” he replied, though he was wearing an old striped jumper that was too big, and worn shoes and pants. To complete the look, a dull green jacket that had seen better days. Bum was sure that he was just trying to be nice, but the truth was that he looked underdressed compared to Sangwoo, who was clad in a black turtle neck that only accentuated his muscles and made him look dark and imposing. He flinched when a large hand found its way to his bony shoulder.

“I’m serious,” Sangwoo said, trying to get Bum to meet his eyes and failing.

“Maybe we should get going.”


The rest of the ride was filled with an uncomfortable silence, at least in Bum’s point of view. Sangwoo kept stealing glances at him every so often, making him want curl up on himself. Bum hoped he wasn’t making a mistake, hoped that he didn’t make Sangwoo believe that all of this was a waste of time. After all, Sangwoo probably had better things to do than to be seen in public with a freak like him.

Finally, they stopped at an extravagant looking restaurant. Alarmed, Bum turned to Sangwoo.

“What’s the matter?” he asked, his voice laced with delight.

“I-I thought we were just getting coffee, Sangwoo.”

“I wanted to do something nice with you.”


If the outside of the place was expensive looking, the inside was even more so, complete with tables draped in white cloth and black couches and dark ambient lighting. Bum obviously didn’t belong in a place like this and wondered if Sangwoo felt ashamed to be here with someone like him. He would have looked much better with a beautiful girl on his arm. It was clear that everyone else thought so too; as they made their way to their seats, Bum could feel the stares of the other patrons burning holes through his body. This was such a bad idea, he thought. Why did Sangwoo bring them here?

His anxiety was only exacerbated when he saw the prices on the menu. It surely cost more than what he had with him now; he’d only brought enough to buy the two of them coffee. And now, he wouldn’t even be able to pay for his own meal.

“Bum,” Sangwoo’s voice interrupted his internal tirade. “Are you alright?”

“I can’t pay for any of this, Sangwoo.”

Sangwoo’s worried look melted off his face, only to be replaced by a fond smile.

“It’s okay,” he said. “I’ll pay for it. Honestly, you’re so pure, Bum.”

“I can pay you back,” he began to say before he was interrupted.

“That’s not necessary.”


“You can pay me back by letting me take you out on more dates.”

Sangwoo smirked, like it was the greatest idea on the planet. Bum felt guilty, but he’d have to let him down somehow.

“I never meant for this to be a date, Sangwoo,” he said, eyes trained on his glass of water. Sangwoo’s proud smirk fell, and he looked almost like a kicked puppy.

“I-I thought it was.”

“I’m sorry.” Bum fidgeted in his seat. “I wanted to thank you. Th-that’s why I invited you to get coffee. I would have paid and everything, even though it wouldn’t have been much. But I needed to show my gratitude somehow.”


“You’re probably really confused. We were in the military together, active duty. And, well, I was being assaulted, and,” he paused, willing himself not to break down at the memory. He took a deep breath and continued.

“And you saved me. And I only remembered who you were a week or two ago.”

He looked up, trying to keep his hands from trembling. Sangwoo’s face was filled with such emotion and Bum felt almost trapped by his intense gaze. Wasn’t he supposed to be the one getting emotional here?

“So, thank you.”

“Don’t thank me. You didn’t deserve to have gone through something like that.”

Bum nodded. The two of them sat in heavy silence for the rest of the meal.


Afterwards, the pair found themselves in a nearby park, wandering around with no real destination. Their conversation wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. In fact, Bum had been speaking about a book that he’d been reading during the past week. So, he was surprised when Sangwoo grabbed him by the hand and pulled him to a secluded area that was enclosed by a grove of willow trees.

“Sangwoo?” he asked. “What are you doing?”

“I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a while, but Bum, I love you.” His grip tightened, and he had that same intense stare. Bum tried in vain to get him to relinquish his hold on him.

“S-Sangwoo, what are you doing?”

“I love you so, so much. You honestly have no idea,” he continued. Sangwoo rolled down the sleeve of Bum’s captive arm, revealing the cuts that he’d tried so hard to conceal. Bum could feel tears begin to build in his eyes due to a mix of shame having something so private being so exposed to a near stranger, and mounting distress.

“Please, why are you doing this?” he asked as Sangwoo lips began to caress his exposed wrist. It was like he wasn’t entirely there, like he was so caught up in this moment that he’d forgotten that Bum was a living, breathing person.

“I’d give you everything you could ever need. You’d never have to work another day in your life.”

“But we barely know each other. Why are you doing this?” he asked again, his voice a near whisper.

“How about we get to know each other a little better?”

Sangwoo pulled Bum closer, craning his head so he could reach his neck. At first, his kisses were light and slow, but they quickly became more desperate. Bum whimpered as Sangwoo sucked delicately on his throat.

“You like that, baby?” Sangwoo panted. “I can do so much more. I’d do anything to please you, Bum. You’d just need to tell me what you want.”

Sangwoo brushed away the tears which were now freely falling down Bum’s face.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he cooed. “Please don’t cry.”

Bum went rigid with realization.

“Shh, I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Fuck!” Sangwoo cursed as a hard punch landed on his jaw.

“Bum!” he called, but the other man had already run off to God knows where. Crestfallen, he made his way back to his car, nursing his bruised face, and scolded himself for letting something so precious slip between his fingers. Next time, Sangwoo told himself, he wouldn’t make that same mistake.

Chapter Text

21:01 - Bum, please
21:01 - I’m sorry
21:01 - I didn’t want to scare you away
21:01 - I know I moved way too fast
21:02 - But I didn’t want to hurt you
21:02 - That’s the last thing I want
21:03 - I’d do anything to earn your forgiveness
21:04 - Please answer

Sangwoo frantically typed out several texts as he waited nearby Bum’s apartment, hidden from view. He wouldn’t enter that time; he only wanted to see if Bum was safe. Yet, he wouldn’t answer any of his texts. Silently, Sangwoo crept towards Bum’s window and felt instant relief when he saw that the lights were on.

He waited for a few more minutes, then sent another text.

21:09 - Bum, I meant everything that I said
21:09 - Why won’t you answer me

Sangwoo sighed, trying to calm his growing agitation, trying to understand why the love of his life wouldn’t answer him. He knew that he moved too fast, but he expected Bum to understand that he couldn’t hold back anymore. Maybe Bum didn’t think that he was worthy of Sangwoo’s attention. That couldn’t be. Didn’t he know that he was practically the most perfect being to ever exist?

He was settled into the driver’s seat of his car when he finally received a text.

21:15 - Please leave me alone.
21:15 - You’re so precious to me, Bum
21:15 - I’m going to prove to you just how important you are to me
21:16 - I think it’s just best that you find someone else. You can do so much better than me. Goodbye.

Goodbye. It sounded so final that it nearly shook Sangwoo to the core. When he got home that night, he struck his bathroom mirror so hard that the glass shattered, some stray shards nicking his hands. He was probably bleeding out, and he could vaguely feel some burning, but none of that compared to the panic he felt when Bum wrote that one word.



Bum had settled back into his usual routine from before the whole Sangwoo debacle. Hye and Myung tried to ask how their ‘date’ went, but Bum only answered in vague, one word sentences. After much prodding, the two finally left it alone, and for that he was appreciative.

Sangwoo didn’t show up at the bookshop anymore and didn’t even text him. Maybe he’d followed Bum’s advice and found someone a little more in his league. Bum really hoped so, but if Sangwoo was the guy who molested him on the train, he had a feeling that it wouldn’t be that easy. He was more afraid that this was only the calm before the storm.

There was about a week or two of normalcy. And then, Bum started receiving the ‘gifts’.

The first one he found in front of his door and was a picture of himself walking home from the train station, seemingly lost in his own thoughts. Bum’s skin crawled at the thought of someone following him everywhere, knowing where he went, where he lived. There wasn’t anything indicating where the picture came from, but Bum already had an inkling of an idea. Sangwoo. He hurried into his apartment, making sure his door was locked and the curtains were pulled shut.

After making sure he was safe, he sat crouched in a secluded corner of his room, terror overtaking him. Sangwoo knew where he lived. He could do whatever he wanted to him. Sangwoo was so much bigger than him. It wouldn’t take much for him to just strangle Bum to death or slit his throat or anything else. Before he could stop himself, Bum was releasing deep, shuddering sobs.

“Why me,” he croaked.

As if to answer, his phone vibrated, and he picked it up from its place on the floor.
You looked so beautiful today, it read.

Bum didn’t answer. Instead, he curled up under his covers like had when he used to live with his uncle.

The next morning, Bum trudged to work, the circles under his eyes more pronounced than usual. He’d had a nightmare again. Except, this time, it was one of Sangwoo breaking in and slicing him open as he lay helpless in his bed.

When he entered the train, he made sure to stay as close to the door as possible, so should anything happen, he’d have an easy escape. As Bum walked down the streets, he made sure to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. He swore that someone was following behind him, despite the multitudes of people also out on the street. Yet, he couldn’t be too careful, especially since it seemed that Sangwoo’s presence was in every possible nook and cranny within the city.

He finally made it to work. Safety. Myung greeted him from the front counter.

“Good morning, Bum,” she said. She paused to look at his face. “Are you alright? Are you feeling sick? You could’ve stayed home if you weren’t feeling well.”

“No!” Bum nearly barked. “No, I’m fine.”

Myung eyed him skeptically, then pointed to a cart of books.

“Those need to be shelved.”

“Y-yes, right away.”

Bum weaved between the aisles like he’d done so many times before. He felt much safer here than when he was at home; there were plenty of people here, and hopefully he’d be protected should Sangwoo decide to try anything. However, Bum dreaded that moment when he’d have to leave. He’d be alone on the streets, with no barrier between him and Sangwoo.

He gave Hye a shaky smile as he bid her farewell. And then, he practically ran to his train, keeping an eye out the whole way, and rushed home from the train.

When got to his door, he found another envelope. Shutting the door behind him, Bum quickly tore it open only to see that it was another photo. It was another one of him, in his apartment this time. Only, his back was to the camera and he was naked, bending over to retrieve something from the floor. He was completely exposed. There was something written on the back of the photo, Bum noticed with dread.

It read: “I can’t wait to fuck that pretty little ass of yours.”

He stared at it for what seemed like minutes before placing it on the kitchen counter. Afterwards, he made sure that he closed the all the curtains in the apartment.

That night, his phone blew up with texts and voice calls, but he ignored them, trying to block out everything.

The next few weeks or so, Bum only received pictures of himself in various places doing various things. At the convenience store picking out ingredients for a recipe, at work shelving books, on the street petting a stray cat. The note on each one was often sweet in a creepy way, generally expressing pure adoration. Thankfully, they often never went further, and Sangwoo never confronted him in person. Maybe this is all he’s going to do, he thought.

Irony always had a way of sneaking up on Bum, though. One day, he had felt much more confident about going outside, so he decided, why not go to the park? A cool breeze blew through his hair as he strolled along, daydreaming about a book that he’d started reading a day ago. He’d decided that he’d sit down for a bit, and found a nice, large willow tree to lounge under. For a while, he just people watched, content with being only a spectator, when suddenly, he spotted a familiar head of light brown hair. Alarmed, he quickly stood and sped off in the opposite direction, keeping his head low. Unfortunately, he wasn’t quick enough.


He tried to ignore him, but the younger man caught up in only a few moments.

“Yoon Bum!”

He flinched as Sangwoo grabbed his shoulder, preventing Bum from progressing anymore.

“What are you doing here, Sangwoo?”

“I just came from class. I like to come here sometimes.”

He smiled down at him, and Bum was suddenly aware of how much smaller he was.

“Why’re you here?”

“I wanted to get out of the house.”


Bum began to back away.

“I better get back now. Bye, Sangwoo.”

“Wait!” The hand on his shoulder tightened. “Let me buy you lunch!”

“N-no,” Bum replied. “You don’t have to do that.”


“I-I’m sorry, but I have to go now.”

Bum wrenched his shoulder free and walked away as fast as he could without running.

Strangely enough, he didn’t receive anything that day when he returned home. That night, Bum went to bed cautiously optimistic.


The next day, he was sitting in the back of the bookshop, eating his lunch when Hye burst into the room, a look of elation on her face.

“Bummie, you never told me you had a boyfriend!”

“Boyfriend? I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“But someone delivered some roses. The card said that they’re for you!”

Bum frowned.

“But Hye, why would someone give me roses? I don’t speak to anyone but you and Myung.”

“What about that Sangwoo guy?”

“We haven’t spoken in weeks. Why would he give me roses?”

She shrugged and left him to finish his break. Bum of course knew who the flowers were from, but he hadn’t told anyone, not even Dr. Kim. Sangwoo hadn’t done anything to physically hurt him, and no matter how scary the situation could be, he figured that if things went too far he could always call the police.

That evening, Bum browsed the aisles of the grocery store, looking for some milk, when he spotted Sangwoo again. Deciding that the milk could wait, he walked towards the door. He’d made it a short distance down the street when Sangwoo caught up to him. Looking around frantically, Bum noticed that there were very few people out, and the ones who were were probably drunk out of their minds.

“Bum,” Sangwoo said. “I hope you liked the flowers.”

“This needs to stop, Sangwoo.”

He lightly cupped Bum’s face and angled his head so they were looking into each other's eyes.

“You look so tired.”

“Sangwoo,” he began.

“You make me so fucking worried sometimes.”


“You never answer my goddamn calls or texts! You could be lying dead somewhere, and I wouldn’t know! For fuck’s sake, I should just take you home with me right now.”

It seemed that Sangwoo was slowly becoming more hysterical. Bum pushed his hand away, trying his hardest to be firm, but only feeling more afraid than before.  

“Sangwoo, why did you tell Hye that you were my boyfriend?”

Sangwoo tilted his head to one side, making him look more like a confused child than a stalker.

“I thought it was obvious.”

“W-what are you talking about?”

“That first time we met each other, it didn’t last for long, but our eyes met. And it’s like we had some sort of connection. I knew that we were meant to be together. I know  you felt it too. You just had to.”

Bum took a few steps back.

“Sangwoo, I have no idea what you’re talking about. I-if you don’t stop this, I’m calling the police,” he replied, his voice no louder than a whisper. 

“You’re just in denial,” he said with a slight smirk. "Or you're just teasing me."

Bum shook his head, suddenly exhausted, and even more frightened, and walked away. Sangwoo didn’t follow. But as he arrived home that night, he found another gift. This time, it was within a red box. Bum opened it and removed the tissue paper, revealing its contents: a set of black lace panties and a matching bra.

“Imagining you in this drives me insane,” the note said.

Bum threw it away, praying that this would be the last one, that Sangwoo would just get bored and just let him get on with his life.

And after about a week of inactivity, he thought that Sangwoo did just that. There was no more lingerie, no more flowers, no more photos. Bum was stupid enough to believe that he would get off easy, and that he wouldn’t need to call the police after all. Unfortunately, Bum never did have the best of luck.

It was on one of Bum’s days off that he received the next gift. It was in a plastic bag that was settled in front of the door. Bum gingerly moved aside the straps once he was inside his apartment.

“Is that what I think it is?” he said to himself. It was.

In Bum’s hand was a red, thick, veiny dildo. Disgusted and startled, he dropped it on the floor. For a while, he stared at it cautiously, as if it would attack him if he got any closer.

Again, his phone lit up with a new message.

I got that made so you’d always have a part of me.

Bum nearly screamed, something within him snapping.

Overcome with fury, Bum grabbed the nearest object, a book, and threw it across the room. Then reached for his phone with trembling fingers and responded.



He didn’t realize that he’d made a grave mistake.


Later that night, Bum lay on his bed, curled up with a book, when he heard a quiet clicking from outside his door. It was almost like someone was trying to… break in. Bum grabbed his phone and dashed towards the window. His shaking left him uncoordinated; opening the window was more difficult now than it had ever been. Had it always been so heavy? The clicking became even louder, and Bum realized with a sinking feeling that he wouldn’t get the window open before the assailant made his way inside. So, he hid in his closet, and attempted to turn on his phone to call the police.

“No, no, no, no, NO.”

He felt the telltale sign of tears on his face, when he realized that he had forgotten to charge his phone earlier that day and that he wouldn’t be able to call for help. All he could do at that moment was try to conceal himself in the darkness of the closet.

The front door slowly creaked open and then shut again. The soft thud of footsteps could be heard throughout the room, and Bum’s heartbeat felt painfully loud. Outside, he could make out the sounds of the invader rummaging through things, like they were looking for something. Or someone.

Finally, the footsteps ceased. Bum realized that the invader hadn’t checked the closet yet, like they were teasing him. Bum tried to keep his breaths shallow, and hoped that they would just think that Bum wasn’t home. Of course, that was just wishful thinking. The closet door opened suddenly, causing the dam behind his eyes to break.

“Why’re you hiding from me, baby?” Sangwoo purred. Bum tried to scoot further back into the closet, but yelped when Sangwoo grabbed his ankle and dragged him along the floor.

“Sangwoo, stop!”

The man pulled Bum towards his broad chest, gently rocking him like one would a baby.

“You know, it really hurt when you told me that you hate me. It hurt even more than when you threatened to call the police.”

Bum continued to cry as Sangwoo lifted him, bridal style, and lay him on the bed.

“But I know that you don’t really mean that,” he said as he brushed Bum’s dark hair out of his face.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it Sangwoo! Please let me go! I won’t call the police!” Bum sobbed as Sangwoo pulled out a pair of handcuffs from his bag. “W-what are you doing with those?”

Bum kicked and pounded fists against Sangwoo’s chest to prevent him from doing what he thought he was doing.


Sangwoo covered Bum’s mouth with one of his large hands and then pulled out a role of duct tape, tearing a strip with his teeth, and then placed it over his captive’s lips.

“Can’t have you waking up the neighbors, can I?” Sangwoo said as he gathered both of Bum’s hands and cuffed them. He tsked at Bum’s morose, terrified expression.

“Don’t give me that.”

Sangwoo kissed his forehead.

“You know it was only a matter of time before this happened.”

He pulled one last item out of his bag. A syringe filled with some sort of clear liquid. Bum renewed his struggles, though the fact that he was bound and gagged provided little hope for escape.

“Bummie,” he said in a sing-song voice. “You’re shaking. This stuff won’t hurt you. It'll just help you relax a bit.”

Sangwoo placed a hand in the center of Bum’s chest, preventing any further movement. Bum flinched as the needle pierced the skin of his shoulder, and the liquid began to start its journey through his bloodstream.

“See?” He could barely hear Sangwoo’s voice as his senses became increasingly dull. “Not so bad, right? I’ll even lay right here with you.” The last thing that Bum could remember before blacking out was Sangwoo’s voice absently humming a tune and fingers carding themselves through his unruly black hair.


Chapter Text

The first thing he noticed was the excruciating headache. His tongue seemed swollen in his mouth. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get rid of the dryness. It was like his body had lost all moisture. Bum opened his eyes, groaning when the intense light entered his eyes. As he adjusted to the light, he noticed, with growing unease, that he wasn’t in his dilapidated apartment, but somewhere he didn’t recognize. Slowly the feeling returned to his limbs, and he found that his hands, as well as his feet, were bound together with some sort of soft cord and that he was on something soft. A futon maybe?

“Hello?” he rasped, though it probably sounded unintelligible due to his dry throat.  

Bum could hear someone walking towards the room that he inhabited, the creaks in the floorboards unbearably loud.

“You awake yet?” Sangwoo asked. When did he even get there? Bum tried to feign sleep, but he could hear Sangwoo’s amused snickers.

“You’re bad at pretending, Bum.”

This time, his voice was much closer, like his captor was right in front of him. Bum slowly blinked open his eyes again, focusing on Sangwoo’s unbearably handsome face. In one hand, Sangwoo clutched a bottle of painkillers, and in the other one a glass of water.

Bum tried to say something, anything, but it only came out as gibberish. Sangwoo grinned slightly and quirked a dark brow.

“I can’t understand you. Want some water first?”

He held the glass to Bum’s lips expectantly. Bum reluctantly opened his mouth, a refreshing stream of water moistening his tongue and throat. He flinched when Sangwoo massaged his throat to help him swallow.

“Good boy,” he murmured.



“Where am I? Is this your house?”

Sangwoo ceased his ministrations.

“Yeah,” he said. “This is my house.”

“I want to go home.”

“No, Bum.”

He almost sounded like a parent reprimanding their child.

“This is your home now, alright?”

No,” he rasped.

“No? You don’t have a say in this.”

“But,” Bum began.

“How’s your head?” he asked. “They said that this drug might give you massive headaches. Makes sense, especially given how small you are.”

“It hurts.”

Sangwoo smiled and held up the painkillers.

“Good thing I came prepared.”

After helping him take the pills, Sangwoo picked him up, careful not to jostle him too much. Bum clutched Sangwoo’s wide shoulders as he felt waves of nausea slowly rise within him.

“Where are we going?”

“To the basement. I have a surprise for you, Bummie.”

Sangwoo’s countenance reminded Bum of an excited child about to open a present. What could be in the basement that made Sangwoo look like that? He’d rather not know, but it was becoming more apparent that he wouldn’t have a choice either way.

“Please don’t make me go down there, Sangwoo.”

“You’re trembling again, baby. I promise that you’ll like it.”

Bum looked down into the open trapdoor that served as the entrance to the basement. As they descended, the light from above seemed like a distant memory, and Bum was afraid that he’d never see it again.

Sangwoo placed him gingerly on the floor, then turned on the basement light. The basement seemed ordinary at first. In one corner, several boxes were organized in a few stacks. There was a table at the far end, a couple more boxes.

However, there was one thing that could be considered very unnatural, and that was the man who was tied to a pipe by some rough rope, only a few feet away.

Upon further inspection, he could make out who it was, despite the bruises and the pus-filled welts that covered every possible surface of the man’s body.


He tried to crawl away, frightened, but a pair of strong arms wrapped around his shoulders, and Sangwoo’s lips brushed against his ear.

“Do you like it?” he whispered.

“Sangwoo, this is insane.”

“What do you mean? I’m only giving him what he deserves.”

His arms tightened, and Bum noticed the way his muscles flexed under his shirt, making very obvious his strength. Any hope he had of getting away from the man was dashed.

“You’ve obviously done enough!”

“He’ll never suffer enough for what he’s done to you, Bum!”

He laughed, and Bum noticed that it sounded almost deranged.

“That’s why I’m going to kill him, and that’s why you’re going to watch.”

Sangwoo released him and moved to stand over his uncle, kicking him in the stomach. His demeanor seemed so cold, and Bum wondered where the easygoing man from earlier went. His uncle let out a bloodcurdling scream that shook Bum to the bone.

“Wake up, you filthy pig. You have a guest.”

The man opened his eyes as much as he could with them being nearly bruised shut. His gaze landed on Bum, and was overcome with rage.

“You little slut! Why didn’t you call for help? You must have been fucking other guys, huh? Just couldn’t get enough dick.”

His words cut through Bum like a knife, and he couldn’t help the torrent of tears that slid down his cheeks.  

“Now, look what you’ve done,” Sangwoo said. “I ought to break your legs for that.”

He looked back at Bum, who was starting to scoot away again.

“What do you think, Bummie?” He hooked an arm under Bum’s knees and pulled him closer. “You think I should break his legs?”

Bum frantically shook his head, and Sangwoo sighed.

“You’re no fun.”

“P-please, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Don’t break my legs!”

“Look at him, Bum! Isn’t he pathetic?”

Sangwoo chuckled again, and the already chill room felt ten degrees colder.

“And then he has the audacity to beg for his life, when he hurt you for years.”

He grabbed a sledgehammer that had been leaning against the wall, then knelt and patted Bum’s cheek. He advanced on Bum’s uncle, who was now crying hideously, distended belly heaving with every sob. Sangwoo held the sledgehammer high over his head, and swung, meeting with the bone of one of the man’s calves. There was a sickening crunch as the man’s bones shattered as the man howled in agony. Sangwoo did the same with his other leg. By then Bum had covered his ears and hid his face hoping to block out the violence.

“Look Bum! I’m doing all of this for you!”

He dropped the sledgehammer and tilted Bum’s face towards his.

“See how devoted I am to you?”

Sangwoo then began to strip out of his shirt and pants so that he was only in his boxers. Next, he put on an apron. He looked towards Bum, noting his confusion.

“It can be hard to get blood out of clothes,” he said, like he tortured people in his basement all the time.

The next thing he grabbed was a sharp blade, cutting off his uncle’s underwear.

“Please,” his uncle whimpered.

“Please what?” Sangwoo asked. “You don’t even know what I’m going to do yet.”

“Please don’t hurt me.”

Sangwoo tutted.

“I don’t know, maybe you shouldn’t have fucked your nephew with that disgusting dick of yours.”

He brought the knife down between the man’s legs, dangerously close to his penis.

“I was going to make you beg, make you try to convince me not to castrate you, but I think I might just skip to the fun part. I hope that’s fine with you.”

Then, Sangwoo grabbed the man’s genitals and sawed through, never slowing down until the whole organ was severed from his body. Blood sprayed from the wound and onto Sangwoo who seemed to bask in the man’s agonized screams. Bum shook violently from his place in the corner of the room, ready to vomit. He’d never seen so much blood in his life.

“Open your mouth,” he commanded, shaking the man’s severed penis in his face. Bum’s uncle refused for a few moments. Sangwoo gave him a brutal backhanded smack across the face.


Bum’s uncle finally complied, and Sangwoo forced the man’s own member into his mouth, far back enough that he began to gag.

The man whimpered, and Sangwoo spat on his face.

"So pathetic," he taunted. "I'm just making you feel the same way you made Bum feel."

Bum trembled as Sangwoo knelt beside him and pressed gentle kisses all over his face.

“Bummie,” he cooed. “Don’t you want to watch him die?”

He didn’t answer, just curled up even more. Sangwoo shrugged, went back to grab his knife, and got on his knees in front of the man, who had gone quiet moments before. Sangwoo quickly got to work, stabbing the man repeatedly, in every possible orifice, blood spraying everywhere. The man’s body was like a canvas, painted red by Sangwoo’s rage. Bum didn’t know how many times his uncle was pierced. All he knew was that he continued even after the man was dead. All he knew was that he had never been more terrified; Sangwoo looked like a monster that could only be imagined in one’s nightmares. However, Bum knew that he wouldn’t be waking up from this nightmare anytime soon.

Finally, Sangwoo ceased destroying what used to be his uncle, and with heavy breaths, stood and advanced toward the small, cowering man.

“Bum,” he gasped. “I love you so much.”

Sangwoo drew him into a heated kiss, trying to enter Bum’s mouth, but instead nibbled on his bottom lip when Bum refused him.

Bum felt a warm wetness trickle down his legs at the sight of Sangwoo’s blood covered figure, and he sobbed out of both fear and humiliation. Sangwoo pressed one last, chaste kiss onto Bum’s lips and carried him back up the basement steps. He hoped that he would never have to go back down there ever again.

Chapter Text

It was silent as Sangwoo removed his apron and cleaned off the dried blood from his arms. He was facing away from Bum, giving him an eyeful of the defined muscles in his back. If the situation were any different, Bum might think he was attractive. But, he thought, even if Sangwoo weren’t completely insane, I’d still say no. I’m not ready for a relationship.

Bum sat there on the cold bathroom floor, the brutal murder of his uncle and his fear of Sangwoo causing him to tremble. At this point, it was all he knew how to do, besides cry. Totally useless.

It disturbed Bum, thinking about how long his uncle had been imprisoned in Sangwoo’s basement and how Sangwoo knew about all the abuse he’d been subjected to. It had been going on for years, behind closed doors. How did he find out? Just how long had he been stalking him? The questions burned in his mind, but Bum was too afraid to break the silence. If he knew anything, it was that Sangwoo could switch between cruel and gentle in a heartbeat. Did he really want to risk it?

“You’ve been awfully quiet, Bum. What’s the matter?”

Sangwoo turned around, any traces of blood gone from his body.


“You sure?”

He opened a nearby drawer and pulled out a pair of large scissors. Bum gulped as Sangwoo knelt by him and took his bound wrists.


“You’re always so tense, like you’re expecting someone to hurt you.”

Sangwoo cut the thick cord binding his wrists and ankles, rubbing them to return circulation to his numbed extremities. 

“But nothing’s going to hurt you anymore, as long as you’re here with me,” Sangwoo said after a period of silence. Bum leaned his head back against the wall, traces of the unknown drug still coursing through his system. He almost didn’t notice when Sangwoo began to pull off his soiled pants.

“Wait,” he said.

Relax. I’m just going to give you a bath.”

Sangwoo began to fill the bathtub with warm water, eyes raking over Bum’s naked form as he did so, as if he were trying to commit every detail to memory. Face burning from mortification, he attempted to cover himself as much as he could.

“Don’t do that,” Sangwoo said, once the tub was filled. “You’re too beautiful to do that.”

“I-I’m not. I’m disgusting,” he replied, too quietly for Sangwoo to hear.

The warmth of the bathwater did little to calm Bum’s nerves, and when Sangwoo stripped out of his boxers and climbed in behind him, his muscles became even more taut with discomfort. Bum nearly jumped out of the tub when skin met skin, and Sangwoo needed grab his waist to keep him still.

“Stop that,” Sangwoo chided. “Don’t be so difficult.”

Bum was hoping that this wouldn’t take long and he could once again hide himself from view, but Sangwoo seemed to want to drag it on for as long as possible. After applying soap to a cloth, he began to wash his back, taking a while to kneed Bum’s shoulders. Then, he began to gently scrub Bum’s neck and chest, stalling a bit at his nipples, teasing them. A small whimper forced itself from his throat, and he prayed that it wasn’t too loud. He bit his lip as Sangwoo took one hardening nipple and began to twist and pull it between his fingers, eliciting more pleasured noises from Bum.

 “So sensitive,” Sangwoo purred.

Sangwoo stopped his abuse on Bum’s chest and moved down to his abdomen and thighs, taking the opportunity to caress his skin.

Bum stilled when he felt something large and rigid poke his backside. No. He tried to move away from Sangwoo’s erection, absolute dread coursing through him, but he didn’t make it very far before he was pulled back. Bum’s mouth quivered as the cloth reached his limp penis, Sangwoo’s other hand lifting it so he could wash his balls.

Finally, it seemed that Sangwoo finished. He washed the suds from Bum's body and Bum made to get away. Suddenly, he grabbed Bum’s thighs, spreading them, and he yelped. He could hear Sangwoo chuckle behind him, and he felt a mixture of indignation and fear. Bum tried in vain to close his legs, but he could do little against Sangwoo’s strength. His hole was briefly scrubbed with the cloth before it was ditched altogether, and was replaced by a finger.

“D-don’t! Don’t!” Bum cried as Sangwoo traced his hole with his finger.

“You have no idea how much I want to fuck you,” he said. “But I want that to be special, so that can wait. Right now, I’m just going to finger your tight little asshole, alright Bummie?”

“Please don’t!”

Sangwoo leaned forward and ran his fingers through Bum's hair. 

“I promise that you’ll love this, baby.”

Sangwoo shifted Bum so that he was on all fours and grabbed a bottle of oil that had been sitting on a shelf on the corner of the shower wall.

A hand began to stroke Bum’s dick, until it was hard and beads of precum slid down the shaft. Bum whined when the stroking ceased, and automatically felt ashamed of himself. He wasn’t supposed to be enjoying this, but here he was, nearly begging for the touch of his kidnapper. Maybe he was nothing more than a depraved whore. Maybe his uncle was right all along.

He hiccupped as he felt Sangwoo plant kisses on his asscheeks, not quite biting, but sucking hard enough to leave hickeys. It was so earnest that it almost seemed like he was worshiping them.

The familiar snick of the bottle’s top being opened made Bum’s heart race in apprehension, and he sat there awaiting the inevitable. The first finger slowly entered. The burning feeling caused Bum to gasp and buck his hips away from the intrusion. He tensed, and Sangwoo paused, kissing his lower back in an attempt at comfort. 

“T-take it out,” Bum croaked. “Please, j-just take it out.”

“Why would I do that when you’re already doing so well?” Sangwoo praised, a wide grin on his face.

Sangwoo continued to slowly and deliberately thrust his finger in and out of Bum, feeling his insides, looking for his sweet spot.

Bum’s back arched when Sangwoo’s finger finally hit his prostate, mind and body going hazy with pleasure. Seeing this, Sangwoo added a second finger, his thrusts becoming more erratic, Bum rocking his hips. Bum let out a loud moan when his neglected cock was stroked once again and Sangwoo began to scissor his fingers, making him oh so loose. 

“So beautiful, Bummie. And so tight too!”

He rubbed the head of Bum’s dick, smearing precum over his fingers. He held them up in front of Bum’s face. 

“Look,” Sangwoo said. “Look at how good I’m making you feel!”

Bum shook his head, his breaths becoming shallower. Sangwoo hit his prostate mercilessly. Bum shook from the exertion and the ecstasy, just wanting release so he could go and curl up and hide his shame. Finally, Bum felt a coiling in his lower abdomen and for some brief intense moments, he saw white as he came, releasing milky semen all over Sangwoo’s hand. He could vaguely hear Sangwoo showering him with praises in the background, though, Bum didn’t know why he deserved them. It wasn’t like he did anything.

Bum felt himself being lifted out of the then tepid water and wrapped into a fluffy towel. Once again, he was hugged from behind. This time, he didn’t fight it, exhaustion taking over.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve you, Yoon Bum.”

"Nothing," he wanted to say, but thought better of it. 

Sangwoo carried Bum back to his room, where he succumbed to sleep shortly after.




Chapter Text

Bum was still out like a light a few hours later, at five in the afternoon. It must have been the drugs. Sangwoo worried that he’d given him too much, but he was better safe than sorry. And, he couldn’t risk Bum running off to the police before he truly understood that Sangwoo wasn’t here to hurt him. Everything was alright now. Bum was here and he was safe, and Sangwoo had all the time in the world to convince him of the fact.

He took a moment to glance down at the man in his arms. Bum looked so young and peaceful in his sleep. Sangwoo was briefly amazed that Bum was a few years older than him. He lightly brushed Bum’s cheeks, feeling the soft skin under his fingers, and then moved to his closed eyelids, his lips, trying to commit every detail to memory. Sangwoo felt a sudden surge of emotion. He could not lose this man.

Sangwoo enclosed one of Bum’s wrists in his hand. He was still so thin and fragile compared to Sangwoo; it would be so easy to just break him beyond repair. But, he would never do that. Bum wasn’t like the girls that he tortured in his basement.

He ran his thumb over the lattice of fine scars; some of them were still fresh. There were some scattered around other areas of his body as well. He wasn’t oblivious. He’d noticed some on his thighs and stomach when he’d taken off Bum’s soiled clothes. It hurt to know that Bum had damaged himself like that. Even more so, it upset Sangwoo that Bum had tried to hide them from him. Why? Didn’t Bum know that Sangwoo wasn’t like everyone else?

Bum’s eyes fluttered under his eyelids before opening, looking around blearily. He seemed almost unaware of his surroundings, unconsciously burrowing into Sangwoo’s side for warmth. It was so endearing that Sangwoo wanted to take yet another picture to keep forever. The moment didn’t last as Bum woke more from his reverie and skittered away as fast and as far as possible. That would have to stop eventually, but for now Sangwoo had to deal with it.

“Bummie,” he said. “You’ve been asleep all day. Aren’t you hungry?”

The man stared at him, like a cornered animal would a potential predator, and slowly nodded. Sangwoo smiled, helped him to his feet, and guided him to the kitchen. He let Bum use him as support; he was still quite weak from not eating for almost a full day. After sitting him down at the table, Sangwoo pulled out a can of albacore porridge, going on to warm it in a bowl. He saw Bum make glances down the hallway in the direction of the front door, like he was gauging his chances at an escape. Finally, he finished preparing Bum’s meal and placed it in front of him.

“Sangwoo,” he mumbled, and he had to strain his ears to hear. “This is albacore porridge.”


“This is so expensive.”

“Only the best for you,” Sangwoo replied, nonchalant, yet with no room for arguement. He took a seat at the opposite end of the table. Bum took a few uneasy bites, and tried to hide his satisfaction from Sangwoo, who of course saw through his act. He sat there for a few minutes, watching the man eat his fill, then slump back in his chair. Most of it remained uneaten, Sangwoo noticed, disappointed. Bum wasn’t used to eating that much anyway.

“Are you full?” he asked.

“I’m sorry, I’ll finish it!” Bum replied, a look of apprehension crossing his face.

“It’s fine, Bum. I’ll just save it for later.”

Sangwoo placed the remaining porridge in a container.

“Sangwoo?” Bum asked again. “Was my uncle the only one that you—that you…”

“That I killed?”

“Yes,” he whispered.

Sangwoo placed the container in the refrigerator and sat back down.

“Nah. There were others. Mostly girls.”


“Yeah. They thought they could replace you, but they were nothing more than dumb bitches that were thirsty for my cock.”

“Oh,” Bum said, those large brown eyes focused on his shaking hands. Sangwoo, frustrated, wished he’d look at him instead.  

“So, I got rid of them.”

“You went through all of that trouble for me?”

“Why wouldn’t I? I love you.”

“Bu-but,” Bum said. “Why me?”

Sangwoo thought about it for a moment. There were so many reasons. There were the physical; he admired the way Bum’s silky hair framed his face and the way his eyes brimmed with curiosity at small things and the way he bit his lip when he was deep in thought. There was nothing he didn’t adore about the man’s body, from head to toe. But, Bum was so pure and so kind. Though Bum didn’t think so himself, he was so, so strong. Strong enough to keep living in such a shitty world.

“If I were to tell you why, we’d be here all day. But, if I’m being honest, you’re the only one who makes me feel like this. That must count for something, right?”

Bum timidly nodded, yet looked like he wanted to say something else. Probably something along the lines of, “But you killed all of those people.” He wouldn’t understand. Sangwoo got up, stood behind him, and rubbed his shoulders.

“Besides, I’d be honored to be with you. Hell, I’d be lucky just to kiss the soles of your feet.”

Bum remained silent. Sangwoo hoped that he was getting through to him; he never imagined that Bum would be so stubborn. But over time, he’d be able to wear him down. Sangwoo hoped so at least. He took them to the living room, Bum giving minimal resistance. He still made quick little glances toward the front door, and Sangwoo slightly tightened his hold on him.

“Why do you keep looking over at the door, Bum?” he asked after he’d settled them down on the couch, Bum curled up to his side.

“I don’t-”

“I saw you,” Sangwoo said, more amused than anything.

He nuzzled his face in Bum’s hair.

“And you know, if you were to leave, I’d just find you again.”

“I wasn’t trying to-”

“It’s alright. I’ll just have to tie you up again if you tried it, wouldn’t I?”


“I’m kidding, Bum.”

But was he really kidding? It wasn’t like he’d broken Bum’s legs. Sangwoo could watch him, stay with him always. If he was home, at least. The problem was that Sangwoo had class, and he was often gone for hours at a time. If he wanted to, Bum could just run away while Sangwoo was gone. He wouldn’t have many places to go if he were to try hiding, but he could go to the police, and they would take Bum away from him.

Bum squirmed in his arms, noticing his silence, like he must have known that Sangwoo was planning something. It’s ridiculous, he thought. He keeps telling me that we shouldn’t be together, but it’s almost like he knows what I’m thinking. Like we’re perfectly in sync.

“Shh,” Sangwoo said into his hair.

He felt Bum’s wiry frame begin to relax and his breathing begin to deepen.

“Already sleepy again?” he murmured. “You’ve been out all day.”

He didn’t move to wake him, however. Bum deserved at least some peace, didn’t he? Sangwoo could provide that much. They remained like that for a few more hours before Sangwoo brought them back to his bedroom.

Bum mumbled something in his sleep, something about albacore porridge, and Sangwoo bit back a laugh.


Chapter Text

“No way! I’m not wearing that!”

Bum backed away as Sangwoo held up the black skirt. He’d already made him wear a striped crop top and a pair of black panties. What else did he want from him? It was like Sangwoo wanted to strip away any semblance of masculinity that Bum had.

“Why not? You’d look good in it.”

“I’m not a girl, Sangwoo.”

“You might say that but,” Sangwoo said as he advanced towards Bum, who was trying quite hard to become one with the bedroom wall. “You have the body of one.”

He trailed his fingers up Bum’s thigh and lightly stroked his ass.

“And besides,” Sangwoo continued. “Your other clothes are still dirty.”

Bum had a feeling that he was lying, and that Sangwoo got some sick thrill from his humiliation. Still, Bum made no move to put on the skirt and kept his eyes trained on the ground in a fashion similar to that of a petulant child.

“Put on the skirt, Bum.”


“Put it on or I’ll do it myself.”



 Bum thought that he’d won this time, but suddenly, he was hoisted over Sangwoo’s shoulder and carried over to the bed. Sangwoo placed him there, straddling him so he couldn’t escape. Bum attempted to punch Sangwoo in the face again. After all, it had worked once before. This time, however, Sangwoo was prepared, deflecting his blows. Then, he lifted both of Bum’s legs, sliding the skirt over them.

“There,” Sangwoo said, as Bum lay there, exhausted from his struggles. “Isn’t that better?”

His voice seemed mocking at first, but it was also laced with a tenderness that only served to exhaust Bum even more.  

Sangwoo left the room for a moment, returning with a bowl of the remaining albacore porridge. Bum took it, even though he wasn’t very hungry, deciding that he’d rather not be force fed either. He wanted to keep what little independence he had.

Sangwoo sat across from him, silent, as Bum forced the food down his throat, trying not to let Sangwoo’s stare unnerve him. Strangely enough, Bum began to nod off. Didn’t he just sleep for nearly a day and a half? Yet, his body began to gradually relax and his vision began to slightly blur. Bum felt a pair of arms envelop his relaxed form and he was laid back onto the bed.

“I really didn’t want to drug you again, but I don’t you to try any shit while I’m gone.”

Bum tried to focus on the source of the voice, which was difficult, given that he felt like he was under water.

“Wha…,” Bum managed.

“I just gave you enough to keep you incapacitated while I’m in class,” Sangwoo said. “No hard feelings, right?”

He pecked Bum on the lips.

“See you later.”

Bum could hear the door close, the noise like a distant memory.




Sangwoo hurried out of the lecture hall, trying to avoid catching the attention of his ‘friends’ who, if he were to be brutally honest, weren’t really friends, but a group of pathetic wannabes. They were nothing more than pawns that would probably lick Sangwoo’s balls if he really wanted him to. Funny, he thought, aren’t I the same thing to Bum?

Well, he was obviously much more, though the similarities were quite striking.

He’d made it about halfway to his car when someone called his name.


Jieun rushed toward him, heels clacking loudly on the cement.

“I missed you last night.”

He gave her a charming smile.

“Sorry,” he replied, feigning sheepishness. “I had things to do.”

She pouted and flipped her raven black hair, exposing the ivory skin of her shoulder, seeminly tempting him. What a slut, he thought. Of course, she didn’t know that he was already taken but she was still a threat. Sooner or later, he’d need get rid of her.

“You’re going out tonight, right?” she asked him, snapping him from his thoughts.

Sangwoo swallowed his irritation, and gave her a coy smile.

“No,” he said. “Another time.”

With that, he walked away, not acknowledging Jieun’s farewell.





Sangwoo glanced around the room, disapprovingly. He’d been there dozens of times, but still couldn’t quite get used to the mildew covered walls. He commened Bum for trying to keep things neat. He adjusted the bag on his shoulders. Sangwoo had filled it with as many books as possible. Hopefully, they would be enough to keep Bum from becoming too bored, too restless. At least until he found a more permanent solution.

“You know where he ran off to?” the landlord had asked him when Sangwoo had asked for entry into Bum’s apartment. “The fucker hasn’t paid his rent for this month.”

“I don’t know,” Sangwoo said, jaw clenching. “I’ll be sure to tell him if I see him.”

“Lock the door behind you,” the landlord grumbled.

“Wait,” Sangwoo said. “I’ll pay it.”

The beginnings of a plan began to form in his mind: buy out Bum's apartment and it would be harder for him to really ever escape. 

Perhaps, he thought as he fished out his wallet, the solution (or a part of it) was right in front of him.




Bum struggled to sit in an upright position, vertigo overtaking him for a few dizzying moments. He sat, disoriented, trying to clear the pervasive fog that held him prisoner. What time was it? Was Sangwoo home yet? Maybe, if he could manage to stand, he’d be able to get through the front door, maybe even a little ways down the street. That would be fine, as long as he could find someone to help him.

Bum fought the feeling of nausea that rose in his throat, and tentatively stood, using the wall as support. He glanced out into the hallway. The door was only a few meters away. All he had to do was get there. It seemed so easy, but Bum’s legs didn’t want to move and sometimes, his stomach would lurch. More often than not, he was afraid that his face would meet the floor.

But, somehow, he’d made it to the front door and opened it, squinting in the sunlight. Stumbling down the front steps, he noticed that Sangwoo’s car was nowhere to be seen. Bum thanked every deity that he could think of. (It would’ve been a little better if he didn’t have to be seen in a skirt in public, though.)

He made slow progress, but the fresh air helped to clear his mind a little, although he could still feel the residual effects of whatever it was that Sangwoo gave him.

He’d made it a block when he heard a car turning the corner. Quickly he ducked into an alleyway, hiding behind some trashcans. Bum peeked from his hiding place, waiting for the car to pass.

Bum let out a deep breath when the car passed by. It turned out to be a glossy red. Definitely not Sangwoo’s car. He continued down the street, with much more caution this time, ducking whenever he heard a car. He also tried not to think about how unfamiliar the area was. Bum needed to keep a clear head if he wanted to find his way, but he was very quickly being overcome by anxiety. Sangwoo probably knew his way around this neighborhood and would, without a doubt, be able to find him eventually.

“Bum!” he heard someone call in the distance.


“Bum, you son of a bitch!”

No, no, no.

Distracted, he accidentally stepped on broken glass. He bit his lip, trying to hold back the pained groan that wanted to fall from his mouth as blood seeped from the sole of his injured foot. Heart pounding in his ears, Bum limped down the street, trying to take as many back roads as possible.

Sangwoo had stopped calling him, Bum noticed with a sense of foreboding.

The streets had become painfully silent, and he was left alone with a monster who could appear at any turn.   

Chapter Text

There wasn't anything out of place when Sangwoo get home. In fact, the door was locked and the lights were still off. So, he'd expected Bum to be just where he left him: lying still on his bed. Where else would he be? Yet, when Sangwoo turned on the lights, he was alarmed to find his bed devoid of Bum’s presence.


What the actual fuck? Sangwoo checked his closet, finding that, besides its contents, Bum wasn’t there. He checked upstairs, the bathroom, the kitchen. Every corner of the basement. Yet, his house was empty.


Did the fucker actually leave? No. Impossible. Sangwoo had given Bum enough sedative to last for a few hours. But if he did leave, he couldn’t have gotten far. Bum probably didn’t have an idea of where he was going, and there weren’t many people in the area. Yet, the thought of him being taken away from Sangwoo drove him wild, and his worry took over as he flung open his front door.


“Bum!” he called as he checked the alleyway next to his house.


“Bum, you son of a bitch!”


Sangwoo brought his hands to his temples when he received no answer, clutching his head in anguish. However, this was no time for self-pity. Collecting his thoughts, Sangwoo began to search.


He was definitely sure now that Bum couldn’t have gotten far. It was possible that the sedative was still in his system. On top of that, he was probably too terrified to even think straight.


Ungrateful bastard, he thought. Sangwoo was willing to give him everything, and how did Bum repay him? By running away. Bum should have been honored to be with him, should have been honored that he was so much different than everyone else.


But, it might have been the opposite as well. Bum had expressed the fact that he felt like he wasn’t enough for Sangwoo. So maybe, Bum didn’t know that he hurt him by running off. Sangwoo would just have to prove otherwise, after making sure that Bum wouldn’t pull another stunt like this.  


He continued on, going up more secluded roads. (Bum wasn’t stupid, of course.) He finally stopped after about an hour, his search yielding no results. It wasn’t until he’d nearly stepped on a broken beer bottle that Sangwoo finally had a bit of hope. On the ground in front of him was, of course, the glass, and what Sangwoo definitely knew was blood. Every so often, there would be a few drops staining the sidewalk. He smirked and followed the trail.




It was getting dark, Bum noticed with dismay. And chilly. He hugged himself as the breeze cut through him like he was paper. Maybe that’s all that I am, he thought. I’m pretty easy to rip to shreds.


He nearly cried as he came up to a street that he thought he left behind long ago. Why was this area so much like a maze? Was it because it was getting dark? Or was Bum’s panicked brain working against him? Probably both.


Still, he limped on, his foot sending shocks of pain up his spine. All he wanted was to sit down, curl up to keep himself warm, but Bum knew that wasn’t an option. He knew that Sangwoo would find him if he did that, and he knew that what would happen afterwards would most likely be very painful. All Bum could do was to keep going and hope that Sangwoo had gone in the opposite direction.


“Baby~” Sangwoo called again. This time, he was much closer, though Bum didn’t know exactly which was his voice came from. He didn’t know which way to run.


Bum felt vomit crawl up his throat. He felt exactly like he was in a horror movie, like he was the next victim about to be slaughtered.




Startled, he limped as quickly as he could into another alley, using the darkness to conceal him. Not a moment later, Sangwoo passed by his very hiding spot, looking equally angry and distressed. And then, he’d just left as quickly as he’d come. Bum stayed in his hiding place for a while after that, only leaving when he was sure that Sangwoo was far away. He heaved a sigh of relief. That was close, he thought as he walked in the other direction.


Now, all he had to deal with was the cold. After all, Sangwoo wouldn’t run around all night looking for him, right? Bum shivered again as the breeze blew through his skirt, and he never wished for pants more than he did at that moment. Still, the chill helped to calm his nerves, if just a little.


“Bummie?” There was that voice again, sickly sweet with delight, and right behind him. Ignoring the burning in his foot he broke into a sprint, taking several random turns, hoping to dissuade his pursuer.


“Bum, aren’t you cold?”


It was like Sangwoo was taunting him, like he knew where Bum was the whole time. He almost wished that he would just reveal himself, just kill him already, instead of playing this game of cat and mouse.


Bum’s breaths came out shallow and ragged as he reached a dead end, and cursed his lack of stamina.


“C’mon, I bet you’re exhausted. Let’s just go home, yeah?”


He was so close now, and Bum sunk to the ground, hoping to blend into the background. He’d managed to do it for years. Maybe it’d work now.


Sangwoo finally strolled into the alley, the streetlight casting him in shadow. The chase was over now. Bum buried his face in his hands, trying not to cry like a baby. He’d had a chance to get away, and now his chance was gone.


Sangwoo’s gently ran his fingers through Bum’s hair, lightly tugging. Soon, his arms encircled his frame.


“You know, you really fucking scared me.”


His grip on Bum’s hair tightened, and said man hissed in pain. Noticing this, Sangwoo eased his hold.


“Whatever,” he said when Bum didn’t reply. “You messed up your foot, didn’t you? So reckless, couldn’t even put on a pair of socks. Or a jacket. You’re fucking freezing.”


Sangwoo placed his jacket over Bum’s shivering form, and picked him up, bridal style.


“You little asshole,” he said, kissing Bum’s forehead. “What am I going to do with you?”


Sangwoo walked them to his house, which was much closer than Bum had originally thought. There was a sinking feeling in his gut. Was he even remotely close to escaping?


Bum stayed absolutely still, any energy that he had that day completely depleted.

Chapter Text

The wound on Bum’s foot looked worse than it actually was, but one wouldn’t know that with the way Sangwoo was fretting over him. Said man was lightly dabbing an alcohol soaked cotton ball on the cut; Bum tried not to hiss at the sting.

“This wouldn’t have happened if you had just stayed put,” Sangwoo said. He swiped the cut again, suddenly, causing Bum to flinch.


Bum leaned back on the couch as Sangwoo massaged his calf. They stayed like that for several more minutes, until Sangwoo finally bandaged his foot and sat next to Bum, holding him once more. It was painfully domestic, the way they sat there like a normal couple, even though they weren’t and never would be. He’d never tell Sangwoo that though; look at where that had gotten him.

Bum was startled when Sangwoo’s hand crept up beneath his skirt, feeling his inner thigh.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” Sangwoo said when Bum tried to scoot away. “You owe me for all I’ve done for you.”

He grabbed him, throwing him roughly to the floor. Before Bum could even move, a fist was flying towards his face; a moment later he felt the blow across his jaw.

“Sangwoo, please-”

“You look just like a country whore, you know that?”

Bum felt his face burn as tears began to slide down his bruising cheek. Sangwoo pulled down Bum’s skirt and underwear in one fell swoop, stopping to land quick, brutal smacks on Bum’s ass, each one seemingly more painful than the last.  

“I’m sorry, Sangwoo,” Bum croaked when he finally stopped.

“Hmm.” Sangwoo got up, a contemplative look on his face. “I don’t think you really mean that.”

“I-I do! I do!”

“I don’t believe you.”

Sangwoo unzipped his pants, freeing his erection. Then, he grabbed Bum by the hair and pulled him so that he was face to face with it.

“If you’re really sorry, you’d suck my cock.”

Bum let out pathetic sobs as Sangwoo pressed the tip of his dick against Bum’s mouth.

“Please don’t make me do this,” Bum whimpered.

“Shut up, we don’t have all night.”

Sangwoo forced Bum’s jaw open, his thick length causing him to gag. Suddenly, Sangwoo thrust his hips and Bum tried to move away. However, Sangwoo tightened his grip on his hair and held him in place. Tears fell freely down Bum’s face now, as he came closer and closer to vomiting, Sangwoo’s musky scent invading his nostrils.

“You like that? You like having your face get fucked by my dick? I bet you do, don’t you? I bet you did the same thing for your uncle, huh?”

Sangwoo let go of Bum’s head, and threw him to the floor. Please let this just end, Bum thought, as he crawled to the other end of the room.

“This isn’t over yet, you dumb fuck.”

Bum was dragged across the floor. He was smacked again, in the same spot. It was reminiscent of his days with his uncle, how he’d beat him into submission.

“Sangwoo, please don’t do this! I’m sorry, I’m sor-”

Bum screamed when Sangwoo entered him, not giving him time to get used to the intrusion. And even afterwards, Sangwoo never slowed down, his cock seeming to pierce his insides. It was something Bum never wanted to feel again. Yet, life always went against his wishes, seeming to tell him that he wasn’t worth enough to be happy.

It hurt just as much as the stabbing pain, the feeling that he was being ripped apart from the inside out.

It hurt so much.

Sangwoo gave one last, hard thrust before Bum felt something hot and sticky inside of him slowly trickle out of his ass. He briefly wondered if he was bleeding too.

Bum was left there on the cold floor, but he couldn’t find it in himself to care. All that mattered was that it was over.




A few hours had passed before Sangwoo came back, holding a warm, damp towel. He got onto his knees, gently stroking Bum’s bare leg, bringing the towel to his skin. It had roused Bum from his slumber, and for a moment, all he could remember was the awful dream he’d had. At first, it had been the usual, where Bum’s uncle violated him over and over. But then, his uncle’s face had morphed into Sangwoo’s, cruel and cold. It was then that he’d jerked awake to find the real thing knelt over him.

“Bum,” he said, as he cleaned off the dried semen. “I’m so sorry.”

Sangwoo paused for a moment to kiss the bruise on Bum’s face. His breath smelt like alcohol.

“I-I was just so mad! I lost control! Thought I was going to lose you forever.”

Bum flinched when Sangwoo parted his asscheeks.

“No, no, no! I’m not going to hurt you!”

Sangwoo held him down, cleaned off the rest of his release.

“I’m going to have to put my finger in. To get the rest of it.”

A lubed finger entered him, scooping out the mess left behind. Bum hissed. It still hurt, but Sangwoo was as gentle as possible, messaging Bum’s lower back and thighs, stopping when he noticed Bum tense up again. For that, Bum was thankful.

“Tell me if it hurts, baby.”

“Ok,” Bum whispered.

“Are you cold?”

A lie.

“No,” he replied.

Finally finished, Sangwoo removed his finger. Bum sighed, glad that he didn’t go any further than that. Sangwoo gingerly scooped Bum up and placed him on the couch. Then, he sat on the floor and laid his head in Bum’s lap.

“I love you.”

Bum made eye contact with Sangwoo for the first time during their exchange. Sangwoo’s eyes were bloodshot, his hair disheveled. He looked genuinely regretful.

“Finally paying attention to me, huh?” Sangwoo said, staring up at him.

“I wanna make it up to you,” he continued, and kissed his knee. When Bum moved away, Sangwoo didn’t stop him, and when he began to cry Sangwoo did nothing but watch. Later, when Bum calmed down a bit, he covered Bum with a blanket. He must have noticed his shivering.

“You were cold, weren’t you?”

Bum nodded. Sangwoo wordlessly wrapped him in his arms, like everything was okay, like this wasn’t completely messed up. But he was scared. Nothing was going to be okay. Never again.

Chapter Text

Sangwoo had never felt even a shred of self-pity before. He hadn’t when he killed his father, and he’d almost felt something when he’d killed his mother, but the feeling was fleeting, much like a small flame. Yet, as he watched Bum sleep, the feeling hit him like a head-on collision, knocking him breathless. It was frustrating. Sangwoo was quite proud of his ability to control his emotions. Yet, Yoon Bum had come along, ruined everything, and Sangwoo didn’t care.

He felt his chest tighten when he noticed the way that Bum winced as he was set down one the couch. And he noticed the way that Bum looked at him, his eyes empty, devoid of life. It was a look that he’d noticed before, that told of years of abuse. Sangwoo was the only one who’d noticed, of course, and he’d told himself that he wouldn’t be like the others, and still, he went and fucked up.

Bum had fallen asleep a while ago, into what seemed like a deep, dreamless sleep. It was then that Sangwoo carried him to the bed; Bum wouldn’t let him close when he was awake.

Sangwoo watched as the other’s chest rose and fell. Like waves on a peaceful night. Slivers of moonlight made their way into the room, illuminating Bum’s pale, white skin, as well as the purple of the bruise that Sangwoo left behind. He brushed his thumb across Bum’s cheek, feather soft, so he wouldn’t wake him. It was a shame that he’d marked him like this, instead of in other, more pleasurable ways.

“I have my own sleeping beauty,” he whispered. “Right here, just for me.”

He ran a covetous hand down Bum’s legs, stopping himself from going further. Not tonight. He’d have to keep his dick in his pants until Bum healed more.

Sighing, Sangwoo gently parted Bum’s legs again, assessing the aftermath of what he’d done. Bruises littered Bum’s delicate thighs, some of them already a sickly purple-green color. There was still blood, but thankfully, there wasn’t as much as before. It didn’t do much to reassure him, however; Bum’s hole was still a swollen, angry, red. The inside was probably even worse. He stared, horrified, and he realized that he would have to do something about that soon. It could easily get infected, and he didn’t want to risk a hospital visit. Sangwoo had heard from someone that aloe vera helped with stuff like this, or at least with the stinging. Surprisingly enough, he actually had some tucked away in a drawer.

Before he did anything else, Sangwoo made sure to tie up his lover’s hands, worried that he’d struggle, not comprehending Sangwoo’s good intentions. And, Sangwoo decided, it was way too late to deal with bullshit like that.  

Sangwoo squirted some of the aloe onto his finger, first spreading some on the reddened skin around Bum’s asshole.

Bum groaned in his sleep.

“Don’t give me that. I’m trying to help you.”

He continued, becoming engrossed in his task. Regardless of the situation, Sangwoo reveled in the closeness, the intimacy, of being inside his lover. And the fact that Bum was tied up provided even more opportunity for Sangwoo’s fantasies to manifest. It was so easy for him to imagine what it would be like, to tie Bum down and make him feel good.

Shit. Now was not the time. Especially not, since Bum was showing signs of waking. He let out confused, pained gasps.

“W-what,” Bum slurred.

“I’m almost done, don’t move.”

“Please don’t hurt me.”

Bum, for fuck’s sake-”

“Leave me alone!”

Sangwoo pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation, glad that he’d tied Bum’s hands together. He held the bottle of aloe in front of Bum’s face, as if trying to prove that he wasn’t, in fact, harming him.

“See? I’m trying to make it better.”

Thankfully, Bum seemed to relax, if only a small bit. Still, he kept wide, cautious eyes on Sangwoo, waiting for him to go back on his promise.

“I swear, I’ll make everything better,” Sangwoo said.

He wasn’t expecting an answer, so he was slightly startled when Bum decided to grace him with a response.

“You’re just like him.”

Sangwoo stilled.


“You’re no different from everyone else!”

It stung. Sangwoo knew it was true. Yet, the hand that had been resting on Bum’s thigh suddenly tightened, and Bum immediately shut his mouth.

“Fuck you,” Sangwoo said, dangerously quiet, previous irritation turning into anger. He removed his fingers from Bum’s ass, and then straddled him leaning in close. Bum curled up as much as he could with his injuries, and looked up at Sangwoo with those large eyes of his, even though Sangwoo told him plenty of times that he wouldn’t hurt him.

“I bet they wouldn’t take care of you like I have, wouldn’t cut off dicks for you. Would they, Bum?”

He frantically shook his head.

“Would they kill for you, Bum?”

“N-no, Sangwoo,” he croaked.

“You have no idea what I’d do for you, what I’ve done for you, so don’t compare me to him.”

Bum nodded.

“Good boy,” Sangwoo praised. “I love you.”

He pulled up Bum’s underwear. Then, he laid down beside him, pulling him closer and drawing the covers over them both. He ignored the fact that Bum didn’t say, ‘I love you too, Sangwoo.’ Laying here was just enough for the moment, though Bum’s lack of a response bothered him much more than he cared to admit.




The day after that seemed to drag on. It didn’t help that Sangwoo kept his eyes on him at all times, which proved to be a problem when Bum needed to go to the bathroom, or when he needed to shower. All he wanted was to be alone, and yet he couldn’t even have that. He couldn’t even be free from the sight of his kidnapper and rapist for a few minutes. He hated it. He hated the way that Sangwoo’s touch would linger, the way that he’d look at him like he was pure gold. He hated everything, and Bum began to feel the familiar feeling of stress building up, as well as the need for relief, even if it was just temporary. Maybe, he could make it permanent. That was how he found himself in the kitchen, a knife lined up vertically against his wrist. Maybe, he could just end everything. He’d been putting it off for too long.

The blade had barely bitten into his skin when Sangwoo came rushing into the kitchen.

“Bum, what the fuck?” he said, before snatching the knife from his hand.

“Give it back!”

Bum tried to grab it, but Sangwoo held it out of his reach.

“What the actual fuck were you thinking?”

Sangwoo slid the knife out of reach, then pulled Bum towards him, holding him tightly.

“I just want to die, Sangwoo. I’m so tired,” he sobbed. “Please just let me end it. I hate being alive.”

“You know I can’t let you do that.”

“Please just kill me.”


“You’ve killed other people. I’m not different than them.”

Sangwoo’s arms stiffened.

“Nothing’s going to take you from me. Not even you.”

He buried his face in Bum’s hair, a favorite pastime of his.

“Not even me.”

















Chapter Text

If Bum hated when Sangwoo was home, he hated his absence even more. Not because he actually wanted him around, but at least when Sangwoo was there, Bum could freely move about the house without worrying about the inevitable jerk of a rope. Well, not the kitchen. He wasn’t allowed into the kitchen by himself even when Sangwoo was home.

“I’ll know,” Sangwoo said, “if you were there.”

How? Bum didn’t know, and he wasn’t given a chance. Before Sangwoo left every day, he would tie one of Bum’s ankles to a hook in the basement, the cord long enough so he could reach the bathroom, but no farther. And then, Sangwoo would leave Bum alone. It was painfully boring, seeing the same room, the same hallway, for hours at a time. Being drugged was preferable to this; at least the time would seem like it passed by quicker. Instead, he was left alone with his thoughts. What did Myung and Hye do, when they realized that Bum went missing. Were they worried? He thought about the many shelves of books that stood within the store, the smell of paper and coffee. Other times he’d think about the walks he’d take on warmer days, back when he’d felt just a little more free. Sometimes, when the weight of his situation became too much, he’d imagine what it would be like to just fall into a deep, eternal sleep, to feel nothing anymore. And then, he’d sob into the sheets, lay there motionless until Sangwoo came home and showered him with unwanted affection.

“I love you,” he’d say, after untying Bum from the bed.

In the evening, Sangwoo would be practically glued to Bum’s side. Bum wondered, internally, didn’t Sangwoo have homework? Friends? A life? From what he remembered, Sangwoo seemed to have all of those things. Yet, he was here, kneading Bum’s shoulders as he made a pathetic attempt to swallow his food.

“You stopped eating.”

Sangwoo’s voice caressed his ears.

“What’re you thinking about, hm?”

The hands on his shoulders ceased their movement.

“N-nothing,” Bum stuttered, eyes trained on his skirt-clad legs. “It’s not important.”


Sangwoo sunk to his knees, moving so that he was eye level with Bum’s waist.

“I’m sure that whatever it was, it was important.”

Bum’s face reddened when Sangwoo felt his thighs under his skirt, his dark eyes playful.

“You know, I’ve been so hungry for your cock lately. I bet you’d taste so good, I’d suck you off every day. Become your cock warmer.”

Bum shifted uncomfortably in his chair. Sangwoo had a way of making words sound extra dirty. The fact that they were directed at Bum made it worse; he hated all the attention. Bum thought, for probably the hundredth time that week, what he’d done to receive that attention in the first place.

He always dreaded these moments the most, when Sangwoo would become extra affectionate. Bum would rather not be touched at all, and especially not by a serial killer. Yet, Sangwoo’s hand trailed closer and closer to his crotch. Images of his uncle came to mind, as well as the night he attempted escape. Bum didn’t want Sangwoo to touch him at all, but he’d take the massage over this, if it meant that he wouldn’t get any sex. Either way, it wouldn’t be in his best interests to upset Sangwoo again, so Bum sat, as still as a statue. If Sangwoo noticed his slight change in demeanor, he didn’t show it. Instead, he lifted Bum’s skirt and began to stroke him through his panties.

God, you’ve made me into such a fag, and I don’t even care.”

His strokes became faster, yet, Bum remained unaroused. Bum thought that that would be the end of it, and he’d be safe for another day, but Sangwoo remained persistent, even going as far as to gently nip the insides of Bum’s scrawny thighs, his protruding hip bones.

“Playing hard to get today, aren’t you?” Sangwoo asked, his breath ghosting over Bum’s skin.

“I-I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. That just means I’ll have to try a little harder.”

Bum tried to fight back his growing panic.

“You don’t have to do that for me.”

He gulped, his throat suddenly dry. Sangwoo paused, and looked up at him.

“Think of it as an apology for the other day.”


Bum,” Sangwoo said. “Let me just do this for you.”

That was the end of it. Sangwoo began to kiss Bum’s small length through his underwear, all the while fondling his balls. It was surreal in a way, seeing Sangwoo’s broad form between his legs, the man practically drooling over him. It was often the other way around, with larger, stronger men forcing him to pleasure them. Bum never thought that anyone like Sangwoo would want to do something like this for someone like him. Either way, it was still mortifying, and he was terrified of how fixated the younger man was on him.

Bum sat, watching in morbid fascination as the gentle kisses became firm sucks. He bucked his hips, slowly losing the battle to remain as unaffected by this as possible. Sangwoo chuckled as he licked his way up the shaft, taking the head of Bum’s dick into his mouth, bobbing his head. By now Bum’s panties were soaked with saliva or precum, maybe both. Bum couldn’t tell. He trembled, and he felt like all of his nerves had been lit on fire. It felt too good, but wrong, and he tried to push Sangwoo’s head away, trying to stop the endless stimulation.

“I bet no one’s ever made you feel this good before-”

Sangwoo sat up, so that he was looking Bum right in the eyes. He continued to stroke, pulling down the soiled panties. Bum jerked when Sangwoo’s hand increased the pace, biting his lip to prevent embarrassing noises from leaking out.

“Have you even gotten a blow job before?”

“N-no,” Bum gasped, his face burning from shame.

“Look at me.”

When Bum didn’t, Sangwoo grabbed his face, forcing him to stare into his eyes.

“I want to see your face when I do this.”

Then, he let go, and knelt down, hands trailing Bum’s torso. He let out a strangled groan as Sangwoo lightly sucked the head of his cock, licking off the precum leaking from the slit. Then, he took his balls into his mouth, sucking hard, causing Bum’s toes to curl. He let out an embarrassingly high whine when Sangwoo licked a stripe from base to head.

“Sangwoo, please-”

“What do you want, baby?”

“I don’t- I can’t-”

Sangwoo looked up, a tender, playful smirk gracing his now red lips.

“What? I can’t understand you.”

Bum nearly sobbed. Why couldn’t he just get this over with, instead of teasing? Fortunately, Sangwoo seemed to understand. Finally, he took all of Bum into his mouth, the heat making Bum nearly jump out of his skin. Immediately, Sangwoo began to bob his head with vigor, like Bum’s cock was a piece of candy. His dark eyes were trained on him, as if to gauge his approval.

He was close. So, so close, and he was prepared for it to be over. But, Sangwoo continued, like a loyal soldier, grabbing Bum’s leg’s and placing them over his shoulders, his sucking becoming more intense.

Bum nearly shrieked as he came, Sangwoo eagerly swallowing it all, not stopping until every last drop had run down his throat. And, Sangwoo never looked away, something like reverence shining from his eyes.

Shit,” he said, after letting Bum’s soft dick fall out of his mouth. “You made me come in my pants again.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Stop saying sorry. It’s fucking annoying,” Sangwoo murmured as he fondly stroked Bum’s lower back.

He paused.   

“Did you like it?” Sangwoo asked, face eager like a child who was trying to please his parents.

“Yes,” Bum lied.

“I'm glad,” Sangwoo said, like Bum’s approval was the best thing he could ever receive.

Sangwoo buried his face in Bum’s belly and whispered something incomprehensible. Bum thought it sounded like, ‘mama’. But, that didn’t make much sense to him, given what they’d just done. So, he just didn’t think about it, not when Sangwoo came home that night, carrying an unconscious girl down to the basement. And not when Sangwoo pulled him into his arms that night in bed, and lulled him to sleep. Bum had bigger things to worry about.

Chapter Text

The dark house was silent, save for the faint tick of the grandfather clock in the other room and Bum’s soft breathing. That wasn’t what kept Sangwoo awake, however. No, it was the dream again. The dream where Bum had killed himself and Sangwoo didn’t make it on time. And all Sangwoo could do was watch and cradle Bum in his arms as the life drained from his lover’s body. Oddly enough, each drop of blood that flowed from Bum’s frail wrists turned to rose petals as they hit the floor, reminding Sangwoo of the bouquet he’d gifted Bum a few weeks ago.
Death had never phased Sangwoo, yet even the thought of Bum’s had made him jerk awake, his heart pounding in his chest. He was worried that he’d woken Bum in his panic, but the man remained unmoving, body relaxed with sleep.

He pushed Bum’s hair from his face, which he could barely make out in the dimly lit room. Sangwoo’s face remained impassive as he placed his fingers against Bum’s neck, checking for his pulse. It was silly. Logically, Sangwoo knew that Bum was alright, there was no blood, no new wounds on his wrists. Yet, he couldn’t help the possessiveness that flared inside of him. He couldn’t let Bum leave, whether it be through his escape or through death. Bum was everything. He made him feel safe, though he was loath to admit it. He thought it was the other way around. That’s what real men did.

Yet, Bum reminded him so much of his mother, he couldn’t help how he felt. It was a little messed up, the way he pined after someone who looked so much like the woman who’d birthed him. Bum also was gentle and kind like his mother, and that certainly was an added bonus, but that was where the similarities ended. Where his mother couldn't find it in herself to leave her shit husband, Bum had enough of a spine to get away from his uncle.

Bum mumbled something in his sleep and shifted himself so that he was facing away from him.

It was so endearing and Sangwoo wondered, not for the first time, how he got so fucking lucky. Mama would have loved him too.

It was funny, how a few years ago, he would have brushed Bum off without a second thought. Now, he would do anything just for a few minutes of Bum’s attention. Sangwoo had to laugh. He'd just sucked the guy's dick yesterday. And he'd enjoyed it very much. Sangwoo could still taste Bum on his tongue, remembered how pretty he looked as Bum came down his throat.

He was so eager, that he almost wanted to compare it to an infant receiving milk from his mother's breast.

Sangwoo slid his hand under Bum’s shirt, suddenly feeling needy, a strange feeling that had only been reawakened the day before. It was a need for his mother, and it was only something that Bum could provide.

His hand stopped at Bum’s chest, over one of his nipples, and while he knew there would be no milk, he squeezed anyway. It was comforting, and he needed more, to feel safe.

As gently as possible, he moved Bum so that he lay flat on his back. Then Sangwoo straddled him, lifting Bum’s shirt so that his chest was exposed.

“You're so beautiful, Mama.”

He bent forward, taking one of Bum’s nipples into his mouth, and began to suck. Sangwoo reveled in the closeness, the comfort. It was something he hadn't felt for years, since he was a child.

Bringing Bum here was the best decision of his life. Said man groaned and opened his eyes.

“S-Sangwoo?” Bum asked, shuddering from the sensation of Sangwoo’s mouth.

He yelped as teeth slightly sunk into sensitive skin.

“Sangwoo stop!”

Sangwoo finally acknowledged his companion, who was staring at him with wide, frightened eyes.

“It's alright, Mama.”

“W-what? I-I'm not your mama-"

“Why’re you shaking? Don't you want to be close to me?” Sangwoo whined. The burning pain of rejection filled him. Why didn't his new Mama want to be with him? Why was Bum shaking so much?

Now that he looked back, Bum was always afraid, was always looking behind his shoulder. It was only natural, given Bum’s previous life. But Sangwoo was going to be the perfect lover, the perfect son.

“I love you, Mama,” he said, nuzzling his head under Bum’s chin. “So you don't have to be scared of me.”



Bum let out a shaky breath. Sangwoo could feel his heart under his fingers, racing. Bum almost reminded him of a rabbit. He was as skittish as one, at least. And Sangwoo was the wolf in sheep's clothing.

Bum had gone quiet again, and Sangwoo wished that he could know what he was thinking.

Suddenly, his phone vibrated on the floor next to him, interrupting the peaceful silence, and breaking Sangwoo out of his childlike stupor. Bum moved away immediately after Sangwoo got up, though, he wasn't too worried.

He'd made it a habit to tie Bum to the hook he'd nailed into the floor every night, just so he wouldn't get any ideas. It gave Sangwoo more control over his… prisoner? No, that wasn't right. His guest, maybe? Either way, Bum wouldn't be able to leave without his permission. It was the only way that Sangwoo could keep an eye on him. Despite his quiet demeanor, Sangwoo was pleasantly surprised to find that Bum was craftier than he looked. After all, he'd been able to evade Sangwoo for hours. It was a nuisance, but it also made things more interesting.

He grabbed his phone, seeing that he had three new messages from Jieun.

6:07 AM- good morning Sangwoo <3

Sangwoo rolled his eyes. Why was she texting him so early?

6:08 AM- can we meet today?
6:08 AM- to talk about the duet?

Sangwoo typed back a quick ‘Sure’, all the while running his fingers through Bum’s hair. It was getting long. He'd have to wash and cut it. The thought of the intimate act thrilled him enough to crack the impassive mask that Sangwoo usually wore.

His phone vibrated again, but Sangwoo lay back down. Jieun could wait.

Chapter Text

The next time Bum woke up, the house was lit in the late morning sunlight. Sangwoo was shuffling around in the kitchen, presumably making breakfast. Bum didn't understand why he continued to waste his time. He hadn't reciprocated Sangwoo’s feelings. Ever. So what was he expecting? More sex? He didn't want to think about that, especially since his injuries from the last time were almost healed. Sangwoo had even made sure to check every day, visibly relieved to see that he hadn't completely broken him.  Bum was afraid, however, for the day they healed completely. There would be nothing holding him back from fucking Bum again.


Speak of the devil , he thought as the younger man entered with a plate of something . Bum didn't care much at this point. He only ate to survive. Dutifully, he ate under Sangwoo’s intense gaze.


He could hear the sweet chirping of birds outside, and he was briefly reminded of what Sangwoo had taken away from him.


Bum finally finished his meal, or what he could actually stomach, and Sangwoo took the plate away with a sigh.


“Why aren't you eating? Is my food that bad?” Sangwoo asked, leaning in.


“No,” Bum stuttered. “It's good. I just don't eat a lot."


“You need to eat more. You're a fucking skeleton."


“I just… I don't want to be a burden."


Sangwoo looked disappointed, and Bum almost felt guilty, before remembering that this could have been prevented if Sangwoo had just left him alone. However, he was slightly relieved. A disappointed Sangwoo was better than whatever happened last night, when the man had mistaken Bum for his mother.


He fought back the urge to cross his arms over his chest, where he'd been attacked by Sangwoo’s mouth.


If Sangwoo had thought he was his “Mama”, then was he trying to… breastfeed ? And, what had he thought was going to happen? There was nothing there. Sangwoo would have been better off kidnapping some random woman off the street than poor, scrawny Yoon Bum. At least, then, Bum could have had a modicum of happiness. However, the thought made him feel selfish. No one deserved to be held captive by a psycho like Sangwoo.


The sad part was, no one knew what Sangwoo was capable of. No one would even suspect him of all of the awful things he'd done to Bum’s uncle, the women he'd tortured and killed. The beautiful, charming people could get away with anything. They could get away with literal murder.


Oh, God.


That meant the police, if they were even looking for him, might not even have the slightest clue as to where he could be. And if he pissed off Sangwoo, he might end up in his basement too, where he would die, alone. No one would ever find his body.


Bum felt the weight of the situation, heavy on his shoulders, and he felt the breath leave his lungs.


He hadn't realized that he was sobbing until he felt hands on his face. Those same hands moved down to his shoulders and pulled him into an embrace. Bum could barely register a voice in his ears, whispering reassurances.


“It's alright, Baby."


The voice and light touches were both so grounding, and Bum slowly calmed down, slight tremors still wracking his form.


“That's it. Just breathe.”


Sangwoo’s face slowly came back into focus, and he was staring at him, like Bum was a specimen under a microscope.


“Damn,” he said. “You okay?”


Bum silently nodded. Sangwoo, like usual, didn't look convinced, but he dropped it, and got up grabbing a jacket from the closet. Then, he bent over, kissing Bum on the forehead.


“I wish you would tell me what the hell is wrong. Couples shouldn't hide things from each other, you know.”


Sangwoo got up again.


“And, I wouldn't go into the basement, okay?”


He smiled sweetly, and was gone again. Bum didn't care enough to ask where he was going, and he didn't ask about what was happening in the basement. He figured he'd keep some of his sanity that way.





Sangwoo sipped at his coffee, checking the time. He'd agreed to meet Jieun here, and she'd promised to be on time. Yet, she was already ten minutes late. Sangwoo, ever the impatient man, was agitated. He could have been at home with Bum, curled up on the futon, making love, or anything else, but he was here, wasting his time.


He'd agreed to sing a duet with Jieun for the festival, take time out of his day to practice, and he had high expectations. She was already failing to meet them.




Jieun finally showed up, in a short, strapless black dress that hugged her curves.


“Sorry I'm late!” she said, as she sat next to him.


She seemed a bit more reserved than she usually was. Every so often, she would glance in his direction, like a schoolgirl with a crush. He almost expected her to proclaim her undying love for him. It was almost cute. It almost reminded him of the looks that Bum gave him sometimes, when he thought Sangwoo wasn't looking. Both certainly boosted his ego.


Yet, it would take Jieun a while, if not forever, to gain Sangwoo’s attention. Bum already had it.


“It's no problem,” he replied. He must have hid his agitation well; Jieun gave him a soft smile.


“Have you chosen a song you want to sing?” she asked.


“What about this?” She leaned in to get a look, her cleavage making an unwelcome appearance. If Bum were a girl, Sangwoo thought, he wouldn't be such a slut.




“We can choose a different one if you want,” he said, playing the part of a sweet, innocent boy.


“No, it's fine.”


A manicured hand landed on his forearm, and it took everything he had to not wrench it away.


“Sangwoo, I…”


He looked on, expectantly. When she didn't continue he smiled, mockingly, though it went unnoticed.


“Hey, you don't have to tell me. Although, I thought friends told each other their secrets?”


Jieun visibly deflated at ‘friends', and Sangwoo felt cruel pleasure bubble up like acid beneath his skin.


The feeling lasted until he reached his car, where it was replaced with cold, irrational hatred. He hated her. He hated her body, her clothes, that stupid-ass heart ‘birthmark’ on her cheek. The way she tried to seduce him. The way others thought she was perfect, when she was really just a dirty whore. He hated the fact that she tried to replace someone who was already so perfect.


He hated her.









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Sangwoo was angry. At what, Bum wasn’t sure, but he knew that he didn’t want to be on the wrong side of it. What he did notice, was that Sangwoo’s anger was subtle most of the time. Instead of abusing the walls or the doors, he was silent, only the telltale clench of his jaw giving him away. Because of this, Bum had no idea what to expect. Would he be spared, or would he be caught up in the sudden explosion? It was tiring. At least with Uncle, he would know when to hide, when to stay out of his way.

When Sangwoo came home that afternoon, Bum even volunteered to cook, if only to stay on Sangwoo’s good side. The suggestion gained Bum a tender look, a gentle pat on the cheek. Bum let out a soft breath in relief as he noticed Sangwoo visibly relax. For good measure, he even volunteered to clean up afterwards.

It’s sad, he thought, as he prepared supper. Everything I do is for survival.

He could feel Sangwoo’s gaze burning into him, with what he hoped was just cold curiosity instead of lust.

Unfortunately for him, it was lust. It was always lust.

Bum had almost pushed Sangwoo into the background of his senses, but then a hand was wandering under his skirt and cupping his behind.

“What made you decide to cook today?” Sangwoo asked, awfully close to Bum’s ear.

“Uh, y-you seemed upset and I didn’t want you to have to do something like cook for me-”

“I like cooking for you though,” Sangwoo replied.

Bum ceased his stirring for a moment as Sangwoo rested his chin on his head, and willed himself to relax.


Sangwoo’s hand slipped into Bum’s underwear, and Bum could feel him trace the rim of his asshole. Just relax, he thought. Just relax. Yet, his heart began to race, and he tensed in anticipation. Sangwoo wouldn’t put his finger in dry, would he? Would he force it in?

He was glad when he didn’t. Instead, Sangwoo’s finger continued to trace, barely applying pressure. Praying that he’d be safe for a little longer, Bum continued to stir, trying to calm his pounding heart.

“Does it still hurt?”


“Your ass.”

“No,” Bum mumbled as he scooped some rice and curry into two bowls.

“Good.” Sangwoo let him go, and after washing his hands, joined Bum at the table, never taking his eyes off him. Bum hated how naked he always felt under Sangwoo’s gaze, and it was no better now that he was probably being mentally undressed by the other man. He should have lied, should have told Sangwoo that he was still in pain, but he was afraid of what might have happened had he not told the truth.

Sangwoo’s voice cut into his thoughts.

“This is really good, Bum.”

His foot caressed Bum’s bare calve under the table.

“You make such a good little housewife.”

He looked up, only to see Sangwoo watching him with the purest adoration, and a smidge of possessiveness, like Bum was crafted from pure gold.

“Thanks,” he replied, face burning. Though, he wasn’t very keen on the idea.

“Well, you would be,” Sangwoo continued, with a stern, pointed look. “But since I always have to keep you tied up, you’re probably more like my doll.”

“Right,” Bum whispered. He’d rather be a housewife. At least there’d be some freedom. But he didn’t say anything, letting Sangwoo spout more nonsense.

“All you have to do is stay put, so I can take care of you. Make sure you don’t break.”

Sangwoo rose, and took the bowls, sighing at the sight of Bum’s untouched food, and placed them in the sink. Then, he returned, and got down on his knees in front of Bum again, lifting up his skirt.

“My pretty little doll,” he purred as he kissed Bum’s thighs.


Sangwoo rolled his eyes, as if to say, “Why are you ruining the mood?”

What, Bum?”

“Y-you’re going to do it again?”

Sangwoo grinned up at him.

“You said so yourself. I was pretty upset. So why don’t you help me let off some steam?”

His face disappeared between Bum’s legs.




Bum sat, chest heaving, as another orgasm was ripped from him. He wondered, was there something about him that just attracted rapists? Was there something about him that told people that he was a slut that wanted all of this?

Yet, it didn’t feel like rape, even though it was. And that was the problem. Bum believed, sometimes, that maybe this was the best he was going to get. Sangwoo was always gentle (except for that one time), always giving pleasure back when he took it. No one else had ever treated him that way. But then, Sangwoo had come along, willing to give him everything, even though he could have had someone so much better, someone not ugly and broken like him. But then, he snapped out of it, and remembered that he was stuck in this godforsaken house against his will. Surely, there must have been something better than this, because this was the bottom of the barrel. Right?

Sangwoo lifted Bum’s shirt over his head, after cleaning off the cum he couldn’t swallow, and went to drop it, along with his skirt, in the dirty laundry. Afterwards, he was covered in a thick blanket. Bum sometimes hated how considerate Sangwoo was. It was behavior unbefitting of a serial killer, and only made his moral dilemma even worse. By the end of the afternoon, Bum was about ready to pull his hair out, mostly because of his anxiety and because of his restlessness.

Sangwoo must have felt Bum’s frustration, but remained silent, in thought. Instead, he lay Bum down on the futon, and massaged the knots in his back.  The intimate ministrations did little to calm him, however. Because, Sangwoo was thinking, and that was never a good thing.

“Come with me,” Sangwoo said after a period. Bum didn’t need to ask where they were going; Sangwoo opened his closet door. They were going into the basement again.


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“Please don’t make me go down there again!” Bum pleaded.

Sangwoo rolled his eyes, releasing one of his usual long-suffering sighs, like he was the victim. However, Bum knew very well that if he went down there, he’d be the victim instead. He knew it would happen eventually, but not so soon.

“Don’t you trust me, Bummie?” Sangwoo asked, cold and calculating. What would he do if Bum gave him the wrong answer?

Bum tried his best to reel in the cold terror that had overtaken him, as well as his irritation at the nickname he’d come to hate. The man he’d come to hate.

“O-of course! It’s just that…”

He paused, hoping that his words wouldn’t be taken the wrong way.

“It’s just what?”

“I’m scared,” he muttered, and Sangwoo leaned in to hear him better.

“Hm? What was that?”

“I’m scared, Sangwoo.”

Sangwoo softened at that, and for a moment, he almost looked like the charming young man Bum had met over a month ago. Had it really been that long? It seemed almost like years had passed him by, each day bleeding into the other. Except, there were no seasons but an endless, oppressive winter. Bum suddenly felt older than he really was. He hadn’t felt this hopeless even when he was living with his uncle. At least there, he’d escaped. He’d had some freedom.  

Bum nearly squeaked when he was hoisted over Sangwoo’s shoulder, and Sangwoo, ever the opportunist, squeezed the bare flesh of Bum’s upper thigh, awfully close to his ass. Bum briefly wondered why Sangwoo couldn’t have given him more clothes, though the answer was obvious. He hadn’t missed the way Sangwoo’s hands lingered on his bare back. Still, it would have been nice. The basement was absolutely frigid. Suddenly, Bum felt himself lurch and he fisted the other man’s shirt, afraid to be dropped on the hard, wooden steps. Sangwoo chuckled.

They were descending deeper, and Bum feared that the darkness would engulf him. Terrified, Bum shook so hard, he thought he should have deformed into a puddle of goo.

“I try to bond with you, and you act like a scared little rabbit.”

Bond? Bum had a feeling that they wouldn’t be having a nice, romantic meal or playing a card game.

“What do you mean by that? Bond?”

When he reached the bottom of the stairs, Sangwoo sat Bum on a wooden chair, and Bum was hit by a strong odor.

“You’ll know soon.” Bum could tell he was grinning, even in the darkness.


Bum felt a pair of lips brush his cheek.

“You have to trust me, Bum. You know it upsets me when you don’t trust me,” Sangwoo said, his sweetness doing nothing to conceal the threat in his voice.

Sangwoo moved to turn on the light, and the inky blackness gave way. Bum wished they had stayed in the dark. The darkness concealed any monsters that might hurt you. Often enough, whenever you couldn’t see the monster, be probably couldn’t see you either. And, if you were quiet enough, the monster might not even know you were there. Bum always told himself these things, to deal with his fear of the dark, and of the dangers that lurked outside of his room. However, Sangwoo was a different monster, one worse than the others. Probably one of the worst.

Right in front of him lie another of Sangwoo’s victims, as pretty as the girls Bum would sometimes see him with at their university. Her skin was a sickly pallor, littered with bruises and bite marks and deep gashes. Her blonde hair had been shorn haphazardly, tufts of it sticking up from her scalp. And then, there was the area between her legs, which looked more like a warzone. Bum felt bile rise in his throat at the sight of blood and semen, as well as the jagged inscription engraved into the flesh of her barely moving belly:


It seemed impossible to breathe, the odor seeming even stronger now. Bum hadn’t realized he was crying until Sangwoo, now clad only in boxers and an apron, wrapped his arms around Bum’s wiry frame.

“It’s alright,” Sangwoo said. “She didn’t mean anything to me. Not like you do.”

What,” Bum sobbed.

“I understand if you’re angry.”


“I cheated on you.”

Sangwoo’s voice cracked, like it was the worst thing he’d ever done, and buried his face in Bum’s neck, blonde hair tickling his chin.

“You can kill her, get rid of her, and then I’ll make it up to you.”

“Sangwoo, please, this is awful!”

Noticing his distress, Sangwoo lifted his head, and wiped the tears from Bum’s cheeks.

“Don’t cry. Please, don’t cry. She deserves this for being a slut. For being weak.”

Sangwoo got up again, this time, coming back with a long knife.

“Take it,” he said as he knelt at Bum’s feet.

“I-I can’t do this!”

“It’s alright,” Sangwoo replied. “No one’s here but us. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, baby.”

“Please don’t make me do this,” Bum sobbed.

“Fine,” Sangwoo said. “I’ll do it for you this time, but next time, you’re helping.”

He stood, then made his way to the prone girl, who seemed to have regained some consciousness.

“Sangwoo, please don’t kill her!”

“Would you rather leave her like this? Wouldn’t you rather just have me get it over with? You’re not cruel enough to leave her alive, are you?”


“I thought so. Besides, we wouldn’t get anymore use out of her anyway. Her pussy is too lose now.”

Sangwoo sat crouched over her, and Bum could have sworn that he heard the girl say something.


But it was so quiet that Bum wasn’t sure if it was just a figment of his imagination. Either way, it did nothing to stop how distraught he felt. This girl, he doubted that she’d done anything that warranted such a brutal death.

Sangwoo sliced the girl’s slender throat, blood spraying out, staining his apron. And then, it was over.

Bum sat, watching as Sangwoo left the girl’s body there, like it was trash, like it wasn’t a human being that he’d just killed. Sangwoo had pulled off his apron, revealing the erection straining through his underwear.

“On your hands and knees,” Sangwoo commanded, and seeing the carnage the other man had caused, Bum decided to obey.

At least he’s being gentle, Bum thought, as Sangwoo slowly entered him, whispering words of praise and love in his ear.

The worst part wasn’t the fucking, or Sangwoo’s promise that he’d “do this properly next time”. No, it was the dead girl, whose unseeing eyes seemed to peer into him. I’ll cry for you, Bum thought, if no one else will.

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Hye paced across the polished floors of the police station, frustrated. When Bum hadn’t shown up for work, for the first time, she’d been worried of course, but figured that the man was just sick, or something. He’ll be back tomorrow. But then, he didn’t show up. Days turned into a week. The police had been little help since then.  A week turned into two, and then to three. No leads whatsoever. Hye slumped back down into her chair, her foot tapping with endless energy.  

An officer finally entered the vicinity, sitting down at his computer and sipping coffee nonchalantly from a mug. Hye sprung from seat.

“Excuse me, officer.”

The man in question glanced up at her, uninterested.

“How may I help you, ma’am?”

“I filed a missing persons report a few weeks ago, and I wanted to see if you had any leads?”

He glanced up from his computer.

“And what’s the name of the person you reported missing?”

“Yoon Bum.”

“Give me a moment please.”

It took the officer a few moments to find what he was looking for in the computer, but Hye couldn’t keep still, drumming her fingers on the counter. She could feel sweat collecting on her palms, her heart palpitating, a wild, uneven beat. What’s taking him so long? Was it normal for the police to take their time like this?

Finally, he seemed to have found what he was looking for.

“Ah, here it is. Unfortunately, we don’t have any leads right now. Very sorry,” he said, though the phrase seemed empty and unsympathetic.

“You don’t have any leads yet?” Hye asked, fighting to keep her temper at bay.

“Look, ma’am. We have lots of cases to deal with. We’ll let you know if we find anything. Okay?”

It was clearly a dismissal. The officer left before she could get another word in. Hye wondered if the police were even looking. She left the station, unaware of the extra pair of eyes that had been watching the exchange.





Sangwoo never told Bum what he did with the girl’s body, and he was glad. He only hoped that she was disposed of humanely. Well, as humanely as someone could be after being murdered.

Bum’s fear of Sangwoo was renewed after that night, not like it had ever went away, but Bum was becoming accustomed to the monotony of domestic life. He was better at hiding his fear whenever Sangwoo touched him, had grown used to curling up in a corner of Sangwoo’s room with a book in his hands. After a while, the blind terror had been hidden under the surface. Now, it had been brought to life again. Bum kept a sizable distance from Sangwoo, or tried to anyways. He never let the other man touch him, no matter how gentle he was.

The following days, Bum was so tense, so stressed, it was a wonder he hadn’t gone completely gray.

He’d taken up cooking and cleaning the areas of the house that he could reach, yet the activity did nothing to calm him, especially since Sangwoo never took his eyes off him.

“We should go on a date,” Sangwoo said one day.

Bum ceased chopping the vegetables that would be going into their dinner.

“A date?”

“Yeah. I take you to eat somewhere, then…”

Sangwoo paused, taking the opportunity to wrap Bum in his arms, hugging him from behind.

“Then we come home and I, what do they call it? Ah, I’ll make love to you.”

Bum felt heat rise to his cheeks.

“You want to do all that with me? I’m practically middle aged compared to you!” he tried to joke.

“I wish you would stop saying things like that.”

“But, but…”

Bum suddenly felt a new sense of urgency that he thought was quenched a while ago.

“You don’t really want me, Sangwoo.” Bum wasn’t sure if this would work, but it was his only option now, seeing that he was literally trapped.

“I-I’m scrawny and ugly and I’m dirt poor-”

The kitchen knife shook in his hands. Of course! If he could just cut himself free, he could make a beeline towards the exit. Would he be fast enough? Bum tried to wrench himself from Sangwoo’s grip, hoping he could land a slice somewhere on the other man’s body, maybe even stab him. But, Sangwoo was faster, like he was expecting this to happen, and twisted the knife out of his grip. Then, he pulled Bum away from the counter.

“I’m just a used slut, Sangwoo!” he screamed as he was carried back to the table. “I’m dirty! I’m better off on the streets-”

He ignored Sangwoo’s angry, stricken face, as he was placed on a chair.

“You deserve b-”

Bum was interrupted by a strong smack on his face, the force of it knocking his head to the other side.

“What do I need to do to make you understand?” Sangwoo asked, his voice on the edge of calmness and complete rage. “Hm?”

When Bum remained silent, he roughly grabbed his face, forcing Bum to look into his stormy, dark eyes.

Answer me.

“I d-don’t know!” Bum sobbed. “I just want to go home!”

“You’re not leaving me. I won’t let you!”

Sangwoo moved his hands away from Bum’s face and down to his neck, right on top of his jugular.

“You seriously don’t believe that I love you, after all this time? After I killed for you?” Sangwoo said, quiet and hysterical, as silent tears fell down Bum’s face.

“And you still want to leave me. After all this time.”

The hand around Bum’s neck began to slightly tighten, a thinly veiled promise.

“I just don’t know what to do anymore. Maybe I should tie you up, then make you cum until you love me too. Wouldn’t you like that?”

Bum suddenly couldn’t breathe, Sangwoo’s other hand coming up to help its twin to strangle him.

“Sang-” he tried to say, but oxygen was becoming harder to come by.

“It’s alright. It’s going to be alright, baby. It’s just, I don’t want to lose you.”

Right as black spots began to crowd his vision, the hands left Bum’s neck. Air rushed into his lungs, and hard coughs wracked his body as he fell forward, into the arms that had nearly killed him. He was being carried somewhere, and he was laid down on something soft. Then, his hands were being tied above his head, and a gag shoved into his mouth.


“I only did this so that pretty mouth of yours wouldn’t say anymore bullshit. I hope you forgive me.”

Sangwoo was above him, taking off Bum’s skirt and panties. Bum cried, screamed, begged, but every sound was muffled behind the gag. The other man’s lips met Bum’s neck, paying extra attention to the areas where his hands had been strangling him before.

“Forget the fucking date,” he said. “I’ll just make love to you now.”

Bum whimpered when Sangwoo’s fingers stroked and pinched his hardening nipples under his crop top. Soon, the fingers were replaced with the man’s tongue Bum had to keep himself from screaming.

Shit, you don’t have to be so quiet. You know we’re the only ones around for blocks.”

Bum shook from the unwanted pleasure, as Sangwoo’s warm mouth continued its path down his body leaving trails of saliva as it went.

Finally, Sangwoo reached Bum’s half hard dick, and began by lavishing the head with his tongue, leaving reverent kisses down its length. Yet, as soon as he started, he stopped. Bum nearly cried at the loss of Sangwoo’s mouth on his cock. They’d barely started this, yet Bum already needed release.

Instead, Sangwoo ventured further, gently nibbling on the area beneath his balls.

Bum let out a loud sob behind his gag.

“Shh, I’m going to take care of you. Don’t worry.”

Bum mewled, in pleasure and fear, as Sangwoo pushed Bum’s legs back towards his head, exposing Bum’s pink hole. Sangwoo gently blew on it, watching as it furled and tightened in what he must have believed was anticipation.

Fuck,” he groaned. “I finally get to eat you out.”

Bum jerked against his restraints as Sangwoo’s tongue began to gently trace the rim, leaving abundant trails of saliva. Sangwoo was nearly panting like a dog at this point, earnestly sucking and licking, making Bum wetter and wetter. Suddenly, Sangwoo’s tongue was inside of him, thrusting in and out. Bum’s back arched off the futon, his body unwittingly trying to get more.

Then, Sangwoo stopped, and shifted them so that Bum was straddling his face. Confused, he tried to get off, but was stopped by a pair of hands holding his hips.


Sangwoo’s voice was slightly muffled.

“I want you to use me.”

Sangwoo’s tongue entered him again, probing in the right spots, making him feel good. Unknowingly, Bum began to thrust his hips, spurred on by the other man’s hand stroking his dick.

“Please,” he sobbed behind his gag, as Sangwoo continued his relentless pace, making Bum finally fall apart. He barely registered Sangwoo’s cum spraying his back, as he fell off, completely spent. Exhausted and growing more and more ashamed, he held out his bound hands for Sangwoo to untie.

Sangwoo laughed.

“We’re not finished yet.”






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Hey guys! I'm not dead! I'm sorry for taking so long to update. I'll probably have a chapter up the week after New Years. Happy holidays everyone!

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The soft jingle of a bell signaled the Officer Seungbae’s arrival to the coffee shop. He wasn’t on duty, yet he held his signature solemn expression on his face. Hye was a tad intimidated. Did the guy ever smile? Still, when he approached her table, she did her best to be welcoming. He nodded to her.

It was interesting, how they’d gotten to this point. After Hye had left the police station, empty handed yet again, she had been confronted by the bespectacled officer, who she supposed had been listening in on the entire conversation.

“I can help you with your case,” he said, “but it’s probably the best if you didn’t let anyone in the station know.”

“Why not?”

“I’m not in the best standing with the chief.”

“Alright, my lips are sealed.”

The rest was history. Hye wasn’t sure what the officer’s intentions were, but she would take any help she could get.

“Officer Seungbae, I’m glad you could make it!”

“It’s no problem,” he said. “So, your friend went missing?”

Nice, right to business.

“Kidnapped,” Hye corrected him. “Or at least, I believe he was.”

“Are there any other reasons he would go missing that would possibly rule out a kidnapping? Was he depressed?”


Hye thought about it. While Bum wasn’t too explicit, he had mentioned that sometimes he would feel very sad, that he always lost sleep from nightmares. She sensed that, under the surface, there was much more to it all. Could Bum have just run away from it all? Hye tried not to think of the implications of such a thing, tried not to think that he was laying dead somewhere from a death of his own doing.

“Yeah, he was—is.”

“We shouldn’t rule out that option,” the officer said. “It’s fairly common.”

“I understand. It’s just… I thought he was doing better. He even made a friend.”

Seungbae appeared interested in that.

“A friend?”

“Yeah, he would come in regularly. A lot of the time he would come to speak to Bum. I think he may have wanted more than a friendship; the guy seemed awfully flirtatious. Poor Bum didn’t notice. They exchanged numbers at one point.”

Before either one of them could say any more, the waitress came by and took their orders, unaware of the heaviness of the conversation.

“What did he look like? Did you get his name?” Seungbae asked once the waitress had left.

“Um… from what I remember, he had light brown hair. Was tall. I think he was pretty muscular.”

Seungbae’s eyes widened slightly at the new information.

“How old was he?”

“I—um, I don’t know. College aged, maybe?”

“Hold on,” Seungbae said, a new urgency in his voice. He pulled out his phone, starting to scroll through it.

At that moment, the waitress came back with their orders, a green tea for Hye and a black coffee for Seungbae. Hye thanked her with a small nod and a smile.

“If I were to show you a picture of him, would you recognize him?” he asked, eyes fixed intently on the screen.

“I think so?”

“Ah,” he said, finally finding what he was looking for. He handed her his phone.

“Does he look familiar?”

On the screen was the social media profile of a young man who she’d forgotten until now. Oh Sanwoo’s smiling face looked like it held no secrets. He didn’t look like a kidnapper. He didn’t even look like he’d get into a bar fight.

“Yeah, this looks like him. You think he has a connection to Bum’s disappearance?”


“Why this guy?” Hye asked, handing Seungbae the phone. “He doesn’t seem like to type.”

“I’m not sure, and we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. However, he is the only viable suspect at the moment.”

“And, well--, ” Seungbae leaned closer.

“I have reason to believe that Oh Sangwoo isn’t as innocent as he looks.”

Hye took a sip of her tea, wincing when it burned her tongue.

“Really? How come?”

“A few years ago, I worked on a murder case involving Oh’s parents. The report said that they were killed by a burglar. But… things weren’t adding up. The evidence looked carefully planned, rather than that of a random break-in. I’m not saying Oh killed his parents, but we can’t rule out the possibility, as well as the possibility that he’s killed more than once.”

Hye’s blood ran cold.

“So if he did kidnap Bum, do you think he’d kill him too?”

Seungbae’s eyes softened in an uncharacteristic display of sympathy. However, his face said it all. Hye tried her hardest to fight the tears springing to her eyes. Seungbae watched; dealing with the grieving friends and family of a victim would never be easy.

“Of, course,” he said, “we’re not sure if Oh is our culprit just yet. I apologize if I made you worry so early into the investigation.”

Hye sniffled.

“It’s okay.”

“You also said they exchanged numbers, correct?”

“Yeah,” Hye replied.

“If we found Yoon’s phone, maybe their text conversations can shed some light on the situation.”

Hye perked up.


“Yes. The only problem is—”

“—you need a warrant.”

“And there’s also the issue of figuring out where the phone is. Considering how long it’s been, tracking his phone might be next to impossible.”

Hye slumped back into her chair, rubbing the bridge of her nose.

“Why’s that?”

“You can’t track a phone that’s turned off.”

Hye groaned, glad that she wasn’t a detective; it seemed difficult beyond comprehension.

“So, what do we do then?”

“We could start by going by Yoon’s apartment, assuming he was last seen right before he left from work. And then we can take it from there.”

“I’m looking forward to working with you, Officer Seungbae.”

“Likewise, Miss Park.”

Hye held out her hand; Seungbae met hers halfway, giving it a firm shake. An alliance was formed at that moment, between two people who wanted different things. However, it was an alliance nonetheless.


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