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Hye paced across the polished floors of the police station, frustrated. When Bum hadn’t shown up for work, for the first time, she’d been worried of course, but figured that the man was just sick, or something. He’ll be back tomorrow. But then, he didn’t show up. Days turned into a week. The police had been little help since then.  A week turned into two, and then to three. No leads whatsoever. Hye slumped back down into her chair, her foot tapping with endless energy.  

An officer finally entered the vicinity, sitting down at his computer and sipping coffee nonchalantly from a mug. Hye sprung from seat.

“Excuse me, officer.”

The man in question glanced up at her, uninterested.

“How may I help you, ma’am?”

“I filed a missing persons report a few weeks ago, and I wanted to see if you had any leads?”

He glanced up from his computer.

“And what’s the name of the person you reported missing?”

“Yoon Bum.”

“Give me a moment please.”

It took the officer a few moments to find what he was looking for in the computer, but Hye couldn’t keep still, drumming her fingers on the counter. She could feel sweat collecting on her palms, her heart palpitating, a wild, uneven beat. What’s taking him so long? Was it normal for the police to take their time like this?

Finally, he seemed to have found what he was looking for.

“Ah, here it is. Unfortunately, we don’t have any leads right now. Very sorry,” he said, though the phrase seemed empty and unsympathetic.

“You don’t have any leads yet?” Hye asked, fighting to keep her temper at bay.

“Look, ma’am. We have lots of cases to deal with. We’ll let you know if we find anything. Okay?”

It was clearly a dismissal. The officer left before she could get another word in. Hye wondered if the police were even looking. She left the station, unaware of the extra pair of eyes that had been watching the exchange.





Sangwoo never told Bum what he did with the girl’s body, and he was glad. He only hoped that she was disposed of humanely. Well, as humanely as someone could be after being murdered.

Bum’s fear of Sangwoo was renewed after that night, not like it had ever went away, but Bum was becoming accustomed to the monotony of domestic life. He was better at hiding his fear whenever Sangwoo touched him, had grown used to curling up in a corner of Sangwoo’s room with a book in his hands. After a while, the blind terror had been hidden under the surface. Now, it had been brought to life again. Bum kept a sizable distance from Sangwoo, or tried to anyways. He never let the other man touch him, no matter how gentle he was.

The following days, Bum was so tense, so stressed, it was a wonder he hadn’t gone completely gray.

He’d taken up cooking and cleaning the areas of the house that he could reach, yet the activity did nothing to calm him, especially since Sangwoo never took his eyes off him.

“We should go on a date,” Sangwoo said one day.

Bum ceased chopping the vegetables that would be going into their dinner.

“A date?”

“Yeah. I take you to eat somewhere, then…”

Sangwoo paused, taking the opportunity to wrap Bum in his arms, hugging him from behind.

“Then we come home and I, what do they call it? Ah, I’ll make love to you.”

Bum felt heat rise to his cheeks.

“You want to do all that with me? I’m practically middle aged compared to you!” he tried to joke.

“I wish you would stop saying things like that.”

“But, but…”

Bum suddenly felt a new sense of urgency that he thought was quenched a while ago.

“You don’t really want me, Sangwoo.” Bum wasn’t sure if this would work, but it was his only option now, seeing that he was literally trapped.

“I-I’m scrawny and ugly and I’m dirt poor-”

The kitchen knife shook in his hands. Of course! If he could just cut himself free, he could make a beeline towards the exit. Would he be fast enough? Bum tried to wrench himself from Sangwoo’s grip, hoping he could land a slice somewhere on the other man’s body, maybe even stab him. But, Sangwoo was faster, like he was expecting this to happen, and twisted the knife out of his grip. Then, he pulled Bum away from the counter.

“I’m just a used slut, Sangwoo!” he screamed as he was carried back to the table. “I’m dirty! I’m better off on the streets-”

He ignored Sangwoo’s angry, stricken face, as he was placed on a chair.

“You deserve b-”

Bum was interrupted by a strong smack on his face, the force of it knocking his head to the other side.

“What do I need to do to make you understand?” Sangwoo asked, his voice on the edge of calmness and complete rage. “Hm?”

When Bum remained silent, he roughly grabbed his face, forcing Bum to look into his stormy, dark eyes.

Answer me.

“I d-don’t know!” Bum sobbed. “I just want to go home!”

“You’re not leaving me. I won’t let you!”

Sangwoo moved his hands away from Bum’s face and down to his neck, right on top of his jugular.

“You seriously don’t believe that I love you, after all this time? After I killed for you?” Sangwoo said, quiet and hysterical, as silent tears fell down Bum’s face.

“And you still want to leave me. After all this time.”

The hand around Bum’s neck began to slightly tighten, a thinly veiled promise.

“I just don’t know what to do anymore. Maybe I should tie you up, then make you cum until you love me too. Wouldn’t you like that?”

Bum suddenly couldn’t breathe, Sangwoo’s other hand coming up to help its twin to strangle him.

“Sang-” he tried to say, but oxygen was becoming harder to come by.

“It’s alright. It’s going to be alright, baby. It’s just, I don’t want to lose you.”

Right as black spots began to crowd his vision, the hands left Bum’s neck. Air rushed into his lungs, and hard coughs wracked his body as he fell forward, into the arms that had nearly killed him. He was being carried somewhere, and he was laid down on something soft. Then, his hands were being tied above his head, and a gag shoved into his mouth.


“I only did this so that pretty mouth of yours wouldn’t say anymore bullshit. I hope you forgive me.”

Sangwoo was above him, taking off Bum’s skirt and panties. Bum cried, screamed, begged, but every sound was muffled behind the gag. The other man’s lips met Bum’s neck, paying extra attention to the areas where his hands had been strangling him before.

“Forget the fucking date,” he said. “I’ll just make love to you now.”

Bum whimpered when Sangwoo’s fingers stroked and pinched his hardening nipples under his crop top. Soon, the fingers were replaced with the man’s tongue Bum had to keep himself from screaming.

Shit, you don’t have to be so quiet. You know we’re the only ones around for blocks.”

Bum shook from the unwanted pleasure, as Sangwoo’s warm mouth continued its path down his body leaving trails of saliva as it went.

Finally, Sangwoo reached Bum’s half hard dick, and began by lavishing the head with his tongue, leaving reverent kisses down its length. Yet, as soon as he started, he stopped. Bum nearly cried at the loss of Sangwoo’s mouth on his cock. They’d barely started this, yet Bum already needed release.

Instead, Sangwoo ventured further, gently nibbling on the area beneath his balls.

Bum let out a loud sob behind his gag.

“Shh, I’m going to take care of you. Don’t worry.”

Bum mewled, in pleasure and fear, as Sangwoo pushed Bum’s legs back towards his head, exposing Bum’s pink hole. Sangwoo gently blew on it, watching as it furled and tightened in what he must have believed was anticipation.

Fuck,” he groaned. “I finally get to eat you out.”

Bum jerked against his restraints as Sangwoo’s tongue began to gently trace the rim, leaving abundant trails of saliva. Sangwoo was nearly panting like a dog at this point, earnestly sucking and licking, making Bum wetter and wetter. Suddenly, Sangwoo’s tongue was inside of him, thrusting in and out. Bum’s back arched off the futon, his body unwittingly trying to get more.

Then, Sangwoo stopped, and shifted them so that Bum was straddling his face. Confused, he tried to get off, but was stopped by a pair of hands holding his hips.


Sangwoo’s voice was slightly muffled.

“I want you to use me.”

Sangwoo’s tongue entered him again, probing in the right spots, making him feel good. Unknowingly, Bum began to thrust his hips, spurred on by the other man’s hand stroking his dick.

“Please,” he sobbed behind his gag, as Sangwoo continued his relentless pace, making Bum finally fall apart. He barely registered Sangwoo’s cum spraying his back, as he fell off, completely spent. Exhausted and growing more and more ashamed, he held out his bound hands for Sangwoo to untie.

Sangwoo laughed.

“We’re not finished yet.”