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There wasn't anything out of place when Sangwoo get home. In fact, the door was locked and the lights were still off. So, he'd expected Bum to be just where he left him: lying still on his bed. Where else would he be? Yet, when Sangwoo turned on the lights, he was alarmed to find his bed devoid of Bum’s presence.


What the actual fuck? Sangwoo checked his closet, finding that, besides its contents, Bum wasn’t there. He checked upstairs, the bathroom, the kitchen. Every corner of the basement. Yet, his house was empty.


Did the fucker actually leave? No. Impossible. Sangwoo had given Bum enough sedative to last for a few hours. But if he did leave, he couldn’t have gotten far. Bum probably didn’t have an idea of where he was going, and there weren’t many people in the area. Yet, the thought of him being taken away from Sangwoo drove him wild, and his worry took over as he flung open his front door.


“Bum!” he called as he checked the alleyway next to his house.


“Bum, you son of a bitch!”


Sangwoo brought his hands to his temples when he received no answer, clutching his head in anguish. However, this was no time for self-pity. Collecting his thoughts, Sangwoo began to search.


He was definitely sure now that Bum couldn’t have gotten far. It was possible that the sedative was still in his system. On top of that, he was probably too terrified to even think straight.


Ungrateful bastard, he thought. Sangwoo was willing to give him everything, and how did Bum repay him? By running away. Bum should have been honored to be with him, should have been honored that he was so much different than everyone else.


But, it might have been the opposite as well. Bum had expressed the fact that he felt like he wasn’t enough for Sangwoo. So maybe, Bum didn’t know that he hurt him by running off. Sangwoo would just have to prove otherwise, after making sure that Bum wouldn’t pull another stunt like this.  


He continued on, going up more secluded roads. (Bum wasn’t stupid, of course.) He finally stopped after about an hour, his search yielding no results. It wasn’t until he’d nearly stepped on a broken beer bottle that Sangwoo finally had a bit of hope. On the ground in front of him was, of course, the glass, and what Sangwoo definitely knew was blood. Every so often, there would be a few drops staining the sidewalk. He smirked and followed the trail.




It was getting dark, Bum noticed with dismay. And chilly. He hugged himself as the breeze cut through him like he was paper. Maybe that’s all that I am, he thought. I’m pretty easy to rip to shreds.


He nearly cried as he came up to a street that he thought he left behind long ago. Why was this area so much like a maze? Was it because it was getting dark? Or was Bum’s panicked brain working against him? Probably both.


Still, he limped on, his foot sending shocks of pain up his spine. All he wanted was to sit down, curl up to keep himself warm, but Bum knew that wasn’t an option. He knew that Sangwoo would find him if he did that, and he knew that what would happen afterwards would most likely be very painful. All Bum could do was to keep going and hope that Sangwoo had gone in the opposite direction.


“Baby~” Sangwoo called again. This time, he was much closer, though Bum didn’t know exactly which was his voice came from. He didn’t know which way to run.


Bum felt vomit crawl up his throat. He felt exactly like he was in a horror movie, like he was the next victim about to be slaughtered.




Startled, he limped as quickly as he could into another alley, using the darkness to conceal him. Not a moment later, Sangwoo passed by his very hiding spot, looking equally angry and distressed. And then, he’d just left as quickly as he’d come. Bum stayed in his hiding place for a while after that, only leaving when he was sure that Sangwoo was far away. He heaved a sigh of relief. That was close, he thought as he walked in the other direction.


Now, all he had to deal with was the cold. After all, Sangwoo wouldn’t run around all night looking for him, right? Bum shivered again as the breeze blew through his skirt, and he never wished for pants more than he did at that moment. Still, the chill helped to calm his nerves, if just a little.


“Bummie?” There was that voice again, sickly sweet with delight, and right behind him. Ignoring the burning in his foot he broke into a sprint, taking several random turns, hoping to dissuade his pursuer.


“Bum, aren’t you cold?”


It was like Sangwoo was taunting him, like he knew where Bum was the whole time. He almost wished that he would just reveal himself, just kill him already, instead of playing this game of cat and mouse.


Bum’s breaths came out shallow and ragged as he reached a dead end, and cursed his lack of stamina.


“C’mon, I bet you’re exhausted. Let’s just go home, yeah?”


He was so close now, and Bum sunk to the ground, hoping to blend into the background. He’d managed to do it for years. Maybe it’d work now.


Sangwoo finally strolled into the alley, the streetlight casting him in shadow. The chase was over now. Bum buried his face in his hands, trying not to cry like a baby. He’d had a chance to get away, and now his chance was gone.


Sangwoo’s gently ran his fingers through Bum’s hair, lightly tugging. Soon, his arms encircled his frame.


“You know, you really fucking scared me.”


His grip on Bum’s hair tightened, and said man hissed in pain. Noticing this, Sangwoo eased his hold.


“Whatever,” he said when Bum didn’t reply. “You messed up your foot, didn’t you? So reckless, couldn’t even put on a pair of socks. Or a jacket. You’re fucking freezing.”


Sangwoo placed his jacket over Bum’s shivering form, and picked him up, bridal style.


“You little asshole,” he said, kissing Bum’s forehead. “What am I going to do with you?”


Sangwoo walked them to his house, which was much closer than Bum had originally thought. There was a sinking feeling in his gut. Was he even remotely close to escaping?


Bum stayed absolutely still, any energy that he had that day completely depleted.