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his halo my home

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Kirara has a vision one day. It’s not paranormal, but first appears like hallucinations at his periphery. A glittering from the edges of his eyes, coming into focus in his field of vision. Was he sick? He could really see Shinoda sparkle.

After he confesses, Shinoda is excited. But not about Kirara’s love, oh no. It’s all about the shrine. Kirara’s seen straw figures, what else could he have seen...? Shinoda’s heart is beating fast, he’s never felt so excited before. What luck, that of everyone Kirara could have picked, he’s picked Shinoda to have a crush on!

Shinoda gazes into the lazy cumulus clouds above and sends a silent prayer into the exosphere. He thought it was a joke at first, but maybe whoever or whatever was out there had brought Kirara to him. Maybe soon the aliens would speak to him directly.

Still, it’s troubling that this freshman confessed to him all of a sudden. No one else at school wanted to talk to him, let alone go out with him. He can’t help feeling suspicious. The snacks, the praise, the constant following of Shinoda from class to class. Why Shinoda? There are plenty of others. Others who didn’t think like Shinoda, didn’t want to understand Shinoda. Behind their hands, they whispered that he was a bit strange. They called him a conspiracy theorist and a tin hatter. Besides the gossip, they are perfectly nice, perfectly normal students. Perfectly happy to date Kirara with his shiny hair and cute blushing face. And his cupcakes were good, too. Especially with those baking skills, Kirara could have anyone he wanted.

Shinoda has always felt like he was born in the wrong planet, perhaps in the wrong time or body but certainly in the wrong space. Passing under the torii gates as he looks for Kirara, he wonders whether to share his feelings. Kirara lived by the shrine, but didn’t seem to show the same interest in paranormal activity as Shinoda did. Simply put, Kirara was to Shinoda what Shinoda was to UFOs. Strange as Shinoda found his lack of interest in the shrine’s fascinating phenomena, he had to admire his passion for something. Even if it was Shinoda.

Shinoda has a brief glimpse of something in the periphery of his vision. Perhaps a shooting star? Detritus from a spaceship falling to earth? He whips around to look, but the sparkle is gone. But when he looks back, there’s Kirara in his shrine uniform, looking every part the exorcist. He is sparkling with power! Sparkles converge around him, haloing him. Kirara is like a chosen one. Shinoda, looking at him, feels at once empowered and faint.

Seeing Kirara’s halo, Shinoda thinks maybe this could be his home planet after all. Right here.