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  • Betty Deserves Better (BettyDeservesBetter) by JustCallMeGirlFriday

    12 Mar 2017


    Betty deserves better than Archie Andrews. A place for Beronica and Bughead.

    I am a proud fan of Beronica and Bughead. I will always up hold my Betty Deserves Better banner. I love Archie ... but I never could stand that he never fully realized how Betty felt for him. Even in the golden ages (1940's) when Archie first met Betty ... and he was truly trying to impress her. (Also by the way did you know that in the very first Archie comic Archie didn't like his name and wanted to be called 'Chick'? I know off topic ... but I found that a very cute fact). Any other girl (besides Veronica) turned Archie's head way to easily away from Betty. I loved loved the chemistry between Betty and Veronica ... and always wished that the times would have been different back in the golden age and allowed them to be the cannon couple.

    Now we have Riverdale:

    and my Beronica heart and soul is simply in an a place that I never want to leave ever again.

    Bughead is all due to Cole Sprouse. He is the best person to portray Jughead Jones.

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