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Feeling a bit naughty

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Bubble baths-After


Diane watched her fingers idly twirling the empty wineglass on the side table, half wishing it weren't so empty. And wishing more than just a little bit that her husband would come back and pull her up out of the water again, only this time to finish what he had started.....because he is so very good at finishing what he has started. Between the wine, the hot water and the orgasm he had coaxed from her body earlier she was finally starting to feel better. It had been several long stressful weeks and she had just needed... God he works magic. And she wants more.... She let her eyes drift closed on another soft sigh.

Down the hall in the master bedroom Kurt was pulling on a pair of pajama pants after having taken a quick shower. Searching thru her lingerie in the closet he found what he was looking for: a calf length silver grey nightgown. It was one more thing he had as a surprise for her and he had hidden it among the many nightgowns she had hanging in their shared closet.....hoping she would not accidentally find it. (He had discovered the hard way early on that she had a tendency to tear the house apart if she thought he was hiding a present from her. He had learned to "hide" things in plain sight...)

Tossing it over his shoulder he went back to her office. The water she was soaking in should be cooling off a little and as he had purposely not left any of the towels within her reach she would need his help. And he really likes it when she needs his help.

Stopping in the doorway to the bathroom he watched her as she fiddled with her empty wineglass, her eyes closed as she contentedly relaxed....

"Honey? Do you want a few more minutes or are you ready to get out?" he asked, walking over to the tub and running his fingers slowly along her arm. Smiling as she lifted her hand and ran her fingers softly down the inside of his forearm. He knows that she knows he's ticklish there.

"Hmmm....yeah, I could be talked into that. Did you have something in mind?" looking up at him, her voice soft and seductive as she ran the tip of her tongue over her lower lip. She knows that gets to him. Every. Time.

She ran her fingernails over his wrist, lightly drawing tiny little circles, teasing him. Watching as his eyes darkened, she was definitely getting to him. As he stepped closer to the tub she laid her hand on his thigh, sliding it slowly higher, her tongue again tracing her lower lip. He could feel himself getting hard, **Minx** he thought to himself, **two can play that game...** Just before she was able to fully touch him he stepped away, smirking at her look of disbelief.

After laying the nightgown down on the vanity he grabbed a towel and turned back to the tub, flipping the lever to drain the water. He dipped his fingers in the water briefly and then snuffed out the candles. Reaching out he took her hands and helped her up, watching with undisguised longing (and lust) as she stood, the water running off her body. Leaning forward he ran the tip of his tongue around one of her nipples causing her to gasp and clutch at his shoulders. Closing his mouth fully over her he wrapped an arm around her waist to steady her as her knees buckled a bit.

"Kurt....oh god..." her words barely formed as he teased her, his lips and tongue soft on her skin.

Pulling back he wrapped the towel around her and lifted her from the tub, letting her slide down the front of his body, holding her close. Once she was on her feet he stepped behind her and plucked the pins from her hair, tossing them aside and ran his fingers thru her hair. Brushing it aside he ran his lips over her neck below her ear, "God you are so beautiful" his voice low, gravelly with arousal.

Placing his left hand on her belly to steady her, he slowly ran the towel over her shoulders and back, scattering soft kisses as he dried the bath water from her skin. Pulling her back against himself he ran the towel over her arms, dodging her hands as she tried to take the towel from his grasp. "Uh uh, patience..." his words followed by a soft bite on her neck.

Flipping the towel up over his shoulder he cupped both hands around her breasts, smoothing the water away with his touch. She let her head fall back on his shoulder, turning to meet his kiss. A soft whimpering moan escaping as she felt him lightly pinch and then roll her nipples between his fingers. She can feel him pressed against her ass, hard and hot as he slowly rocks himself against her. She reaches down and digs her fingers into the backs of his thighs, trying to keep him in place.

Sliding his hands down her sides he knelt behind her and softly ran the towel over her ass and down the backs of her legs. Grasping her hips he slowly turned her until she was facing him, running the towel up her legs and across her belly before finally dropping it on the floor. Before she could react he wrapped his hand around her left thigh and settled her leg over his shoulder, his left hand on her ass, fingers gripping to hold her steady. Just a tad off balance she grabbed at the edge of the tub, gasping as he placed a soft bite on her inner thigh before he slowly ran his tongue over her.

She could feel the muscles in her belly twitching as he ran his tongue slowly over her clit several times before lightly sucking. He knows exactly how to use his tongue and she is still sensitive from his earlier attentions, quite certain it would not take much to push her over the edge again. He caught her hand as she tried to touch him, lacing his fingers with hers and holding her hand behind her hips. She gave up then, letting her head fall back on her shoulders as she let him have his way with her. It was always worth it when she gave in to him.

Kurt smirked to himself as he felt her giving in to him. **God, she's just so easy sometimes** leaving another soft bite on her inner thigh, sucking hard enough to leave a mark. Standing up he reached for the nightgown he'd set aside earlier. As he turned back to her she caught him by surprise, her hands tangling in his hair, pulling him to her and crushing her lips to his, her kiss warm and intoxicating. He smiled down at her as she slowly pulled away. "Honey? Put this on please." helping her as she allowed him to slip the gown over her arms and head, smoothing it down her body, his hands caressing as he did so.

As he stepped behind her to adjust the straps on the nightgown she took in a deep breath, if she didn't have her way with him *soon* she was liable to......his hands sliding up her sides and over her breasts again drew her attention back to him. "Kurt..." her voice a soft sigh as he pulled her close again, she could feel the hard length of him pressing against her ass.

Leaning back against him she slips her hands inside the waistband of his pants and slid her hands down the front of his thighs. She can hear the catch in his breath as she runs her nails across his skin. She is not the only one that likes to be teased, and she knows how to get to him. Her fingers are warm and soft as she slowly runs her hand over him. Her grip just tight enough that he groans against her shoulder before biting down softly. Not releasing him, she turns in his arms and slides a hand up across his belly and chest, digging her fingernails in slightly before biting down *just hard enough* on his shoulder. His hands tighten on her ass, pulling her up against himself and trapping her hand between them. God, he loves it when she touches him, teases him, makes love with him. And he knows he can't take much more of her teasing, she's fire and he likes getting burned.

He's right on the edge and if she keeps touching him like that it won't take much to push him over the edge. Gritting his teeth, he pulls her hand away, lacing their fingers together behind her back. "Honey, if you keep doing that you're going to find yourself pinned against the wall...." his words spoken against her neck between kisses.

" I've ever had a problem with that...go ahead, I won't stop you..." her words followed by a quick bite on his shoulder.

"Dammit woman" his voice is hoarse with desire and not just a small amount of lust as he backs her up against the wall, his hands tight on her hips pinning her in place, "you shouldn't tease me like that."

Sliding her hands up his chest, she smiled up at him "Oh honey, you love it when I tease you like this!" She pushed him away, running her fingernails across his chest and down his arm. "Come on, let's go to bed." Tugging at his hand as she walked by.

While Kurt followed her across her new office Diane decided that she was in no way done teasing him. As they approached the door leading out to the hallway she reached out and pushed it closed, bracing her hands against it as he collided with her, pressing her fully against the door.

He should have expected it, all things considered, he really should have. But he was too busy staring at her ass and it wasn't until he noticed the door to her office swinging closed that he realized she was up to something, by then the door was closed and he collided with her, trapping her between himself and the door.

She felt his hands land on her hips and then slide around to her belly, pulling her back against himself. He growled against her neck before biting down and sucking, she was sure there'd be a mark later. She let her head fall back on his shoulder, smiling as she turned to look at him. "Woops! Sorry about that...." her laughter trailing off as his left hand traced a path up her ribcage, her breath catching at the sensations of his fingers and the silk sliding across her nipple. He pressed her harder against the door as the fingers of his right hand gathered up the skirt of her nightgown, a soft moan escaping her lips as he slipped his fingers between her legs, teasing lightly before slipping deeper, brushing over her clit before sliding inside.

"Are you sure you want to do this here?" his lips and teeth still teasing across her neck and shoulders. As he rubbed himself against her ass, he flexed his fingers inside her again, his thumb lightly circling her clit. Smiling at her sharp gasp. "I thought you wanted to go to bed...."

"Oh god...umm...yes...." she bit her lower lip and shook her head. "No, not here. Bed......mmm......bedroom." If he kept touching her like that she was positive they wouldn't make it to the bedroom.

"Ok, honey. Bedroom." he ran his fingers over her again with just enough pressure to cause her knees to buckle a little. Holding her against himself as he stepped away from the door, watching as she reached out to open it, her fingers trembling. Once the door was open he escorted her through it and down the hallway, kicking the bedroom door shut behind them.

Stopping next to the bed he slipped the straps of her nightgown off her shoulders, watching as it slid over her curves and pooled on the floor around her feet. Offering her a steadying hand as she stepped free of it before slipping between the bedsheets and he is quick to join her after removing the last of his own clothing.

Diane wrapped her arms around his neck, her breath catching as he settled himself between her legs, sliding into her until he could go no further, "Damn, you just feel so good" his words a satisfied groan muffled against her neck. His lips claim hers in a scorching kiss, their tongues melded together. As she wrapped her legs around his hips he started to move, his thrusts are deep and urgent and she knows it wouldn't take much before he pushed her over the edge again. And she is so wound up from his teasing that all it takes is his hand on her breast, her nipple hardening in response to his caress. She bites down against his shoulder as she comes, her cries muffled against his skin, her fingernails leaving small marks as she digs her fingers into his back.

He is still thrusting deep inside her and it takes all of his willpower to hold himself back as the orgasm rocks through her body but her hips pushing against his and her muscles convulsing around him finally push him over the edge and he muffles his own hoarse cry against her neck as the orgasm washes over him.

It is several more minutes before their breathing slows and their bodies start to relax. He's still buried deep inside her and any small movement on his part causes her to clench around him, sending small waves of pleasure through both of them.

As Diane lays there underneath him she runs her fingers through his hair, leaving soft nipping kisses on his neck and shoulder, "oh god. Honey, I just....." she met his kiss, nipping at his lower lip, "god, I love you." Her words a soft sigh against his lips.

He's unable to contain another groan as he slowly untangles himself from her, a self satisfied smirk crossing his face at her gasp as he slips out of her and settles next to her on the bed. As he pulls her close she stretches against him, more than a little satisfied herself. Brushing an errant lock of hair from her eyes he tips her chin up, placing a soft warm kiss on her lips. "I love you too sweetheart." His thumb caressing along her cheek as she smiles up at him.

As she pulls the bedcovers over them he adjusts his position, wrapping an arm around her and tangling his legs with hers. Enjoying her soft sigh as she settled her head on his chest over his heart, her hand tucked under her cheek. She fell asleep listening to his steady heartbeat.