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Oh Little Girl...

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Once upon a time
There was a little girl
With blonde hair and blue eyes
Who’d give anything a whirl

She was frightened of nothing
And laughed at danger
She rode rollacoasters
And made friends with a stranger

Nothing bothered her
The brave little child
Her mother once fretted
She was a little wild

But she was so happy
And that was all that should matter
But that soon blew up
And came down with a clatter

Suddenly something changed
But no one knew what
That flame inside her died
When it once was so hot

Her eyes never dried
Though she ran out of tears
She was frightened and withdrawn
And could no longer face her fears

She ran and hid
And refused to tell
So no one was there
When she finally fell

It was’t enough
Even with all she gave
She crashed and burned
And took her secrets to the grave…