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Supergirl In Training

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Waking up that morning is like a dream.

Lena wakes up to morning sunlight curled around her, soft cadences of a beautiful voice coming from the door accompanied by smells of fresh pancakes. She smiles to herself and wills her body to get out of bed, sweeping her hair out of her face.

She pads down the steps to a vision—Kara, with a black apron on over Lena’s pajamas, is singing softly as she skillfully minds four pans on the stove (two for pancakes, one for bacon, and one for eggs). Her hair is pulled up into a quick ponytail, lighting up gold in the morning, and there’s not a hint of clumsiness in the way she maneuvers around Lena’s kitchen.

Lori’s slumped over on the island counter, almost falling off her stool, evidently exhausted by the task of needing to wait for food. She’s curled up in one of Lena’s MIT shirts, dark hair falling over her shoulder as she looks up at Lena’s footsteps.

Her pout blooms into a grin.


Kara turns to smile at her as well, and that—there’s something about that scene, the way it all comes together, that warms Lena to her very bones: Kara, without her glasses but without her uniform as well, as Lena’s never seen her, in just her own skin as she cooks breakfast without either façade, grinning at her brightly enough to light up the world, and Lori, with a twin smile on the face that she shares with Lena, perched on the stool in a way that’s just so young and quirky and—and something that inspires so much affection in Lena’s heart.

It’s all so domestic, in the most ideal way. Everything about it is the future that she so desperately wants, the future she’s told herself she’ll never have.

“Morning, Lena,” Kara says as she goes back to her cooking. “Did you sleep well?”

Lena nods as she takes a seat beside Lori, scratching the girl behind the ear when she leans her head on her shoulder.

“Did you?”

Kara nods, throwing another smile over her shoulder. “Yup. You have the comfiest couch I’ve ever slept on, honestly.”

Lena and Lori had offered their own beds, of course, but Kara had insisted—and after being asked if she could stay because she didn’t feel safe enough in her own home at the moment, Lena didn’t feel that it was appropriate to push her any further out of her comfort zone.

“Thank you for making breakfast—you really didn’t have to.”

“It was the least I could do for you when you’ve let me crash here on like, zero notice.”

Lena shakes her head. “You’re always welcome here, Kara.”

Lori makes an odd noise at that—Lena looks at her pointedly, but the girl feigns sleepy cuteness by hiding her face in Lena’s shoulder (honestly, it’s working) and avoids speaking up.

The girl eavesdropped on everything, of course—Lena doesn’t know which side she gets the nosiness from. She dropped back into the apartment after their conversation, pouting up a storm, obviously unhappy with Lena’s decision.

“I get that it’s the best thing to do right now,” she whined after Kara fell asleep, “but it’s like torture watching you two dance around each other like this. You two are literally soulmates, there’s nothing to wait for.”

And Lena won’t admit how insufferably happy she felt at the idea of her and Kara being soulmates. It’s insane. Crazy. She’s known Kara, for what, a few months?

(something in the back of her head whispers that she’s never felt this in love before without feeling out of control or panicky. Kara makes her feel head over heels and still undeniably herself.)

“Want some coffee?” Kara offers, and with a flurry of hair Lori’s by her side, swatting her hands away from the coffee machine.

“No,” she reprimands with an authoritative pout, and both of her parents laugh. “Coffee duty is mine.”

And there it is, the blooming of joy in her heart. Lena laughs as she runs a hand through her hair, sharing a look with Kara that tingles in her chest.

“Alright, alright, no need for violence, bethgr kir,” Kara laughs, returning to the stove. Lori sticks her tongue out at her mother before reaching for the coffee jar.

(curiosity burns at her. Lori said, she’ll learn how to speak their language one day. Share in their culture, be part of the family.)

“So what’re we doing today?” Lori asks, much bouncier than when she was just sleepily cuddled up to Lena.

“I have to go to work, unfortunately,” Lena says apologetically. “My day’s chock full of meetings.”

“Can I come with you?” And Lori’s smile is just so bright.

Lena purses her lips. “I’m sure you’ll be bored out of your mind.”

Lori pouts, and Kara chuckles as she nudges the girl lightly.

“That’s ok. She can spend the day with me. I have to bring her into headquarters anyway.”

The girl perks up at that all over again. “I get to work with you?”

“No working,” Kara waves her spatula with mock sternness. “We’re just going in so you can meet Alex and J’onn, and walk us through what you know so we can catch Lillian.”

“Aww.” Lori grumbles almost in tune with the gurgling of the coffeemaker. Kara laughs as she ruffles the girl’s hair and tugs her in for a quick kiss to the top of the head, and Lena gets that dreamy feeling of being in a fantasy again.

This is it. This is what she could have.

And when Kara looks over her shoulder with a shy smile, some bashful remnant of her confession from the night prior, something in her chest squeezes. She could get used to this, she could. The way Kara just so instantly loves Lori looks so much like home and Lena would wait forever for Kara if she could—

But she doesn’t have forever. Just a little more until Lori has to return to her own time, and they’ll all forget.

A cup of coffee slides over on the countertop and she looks up to Lori’s smile and lets herself relax. She lets the unbridled happiness of this domestic scene drown out her worries. For now, she knows, no matter what happens inbetween—if this is what’s in her future, things are going to be alright.