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Please, dont leave me.

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As Bilbo lay on the cold snowy ground knocked out, he heard distance grunts and groans in the distance as his mind finally came too.

He opened his eyes quickly and groaned from the ache he had in his head, he tried to stand up but fell down in pain as he noticed he was bleeding from his thigh. He must of injured himself when he got himself knocked out.

Blood slowly pooled out of his thigh and Bilbo winced out in pain, he ripped a piece of fabric off his coat and quickly wrapped his thigh the best he could.

That when he heard groaning, that wasn't coming from him. it was in the distance, and that's when Bilbo remembered.


The whole reason Bilbo was coming down here was to find Thorin, and he just might of found him. He just hoped it wasn't too late.

Bilbo pulled himself off the cold ground and started limping towards the sounds of groaning.

As he walked onto the ice platform he saw nothing but mists of ice blowing in the air clouding his vision, as he walked further and further the mist started to fade and the whole ice platform was clear. He gasped as he saw one bloody body and recognising him as azog the defiler at once. Bilbo took one look at the lifeless body of their enemy and spat at him.

Bilbo then began scanning the area looking for his dwarf and gasped seeing another bloody and lifeless body laying beside the end of the cliff drop off.

"Thorin!" he yelled, limping as fast he could over to him.

As he sat down, more like fell down beside Thorin. He clutched his arm at once, relived to feel Thorin squeezing his hand back opening his eyes slowly and widening them for a second..

Thorin was pale, he had blood and bruises covering his face and his hair was wet with sweat. He had a very deep wound coming from his abdomen, Bilbo gasped and let go of his hand to press down at the wound. earning a groan from Thorin.

"you came back" Thorin said weakly a tear slipping down his face.

Bilbo brought his hand to Thorin face whipping his tears as his own tears threaten to fall "of course I came back, I couldn't let azog get to you before I got to tell you the truth." he said honestly.

"The truth about what?" He said huskily, coughing roughly.

Bilbo bit his lip "About how I feel about you, but that doesn't matter because now you're hurt. Oh this is all my fault. If only I gotten here sooner" he said blaming himself.

Thorin titled his head towards Bilbo as another tear fell "Maybe" Thorin coughed roughly "Maybe its better this way"

Bilbo shook his head " Don't talk like that, you'll be alright Thorin." he said crying softly caressing his face "we're together now, everything is going to be fine. You'll see" he said playing with Thorin's hair.

Thorin gave him a sad smile and lifted his hand slowly to bilbo's face "At least I got to see you one last time" he said smiling softly, his hand dropping from Bilbo's face onto the floor, his eyes slowly closing. His breathing started to become rapid until it started to slow down and then stop completely.

Bilbo's eyes widened "No! No. Please! please don't leave me" he cried and begged loudly falling into Thorin's chest shuttering.

"I love you" he said whispering, leaning in and kissing Thorin's cold lips before passing out from his own blood loss.

But the last thing he felt before completely slipping was an arm squeezing him tightly.

And with that, he was out.

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When Bilbo awoke, it felt like he was passed out for months. He awoke with a stinging in his head and winced as he opened his eyes. Once his eyes got used to the light he looked around and it seemed as though he was in a tent, he heard voices around him whispering. he turned his head and his voice squeaked out "Hello?" the whispering turn to silence as one of the men left the tent, leaving Bilbo alone with the stranger but then a warm hand touched his head "Bilbo! my lad youre alright! "the familiar voice said, Bilbo turned his head towards it and eyes widened "Balin! my friend! thank the heavens its you, I thought I was taken hostage." Bilbo said relived.

Balin smiled softly chuckling "No lad you're quite safe here, we are at the elven camp base getting everyone who was wounded patched up. it was very generous of thandruil to offer his help" Balin said greatful smiling big at the thoughts in his head. "good thing thorin is passed out because he would never let an elf touch him, he would rather let himself die, i thank the heavens for the humor our stubborn dwarf king brings" Balin laughed to himself sitting down on the small chair beside Bilbos cot.

Bilbo sat up quickly with a hiss but still sat up and faced Balin with a shocked face, did he just say Thorin was here? and he was alive? that is not possible.

soon balin noticed bilbos strange behavior "Bilbo whats the matter?" Balin asked concerned.

Bilbo shook his head "Thorin is alive? because the last time I saw him he died in my arms? he can't be alive" Bilbo said thinking how impossible this all could be.

His old dwarf friend sat up and sat close to Bilbo "That's what we thought too, but as we all went to find where you and thorin were . We found thorin carrying you slowly, until he finally spotted us and he passed out from his blood loss, we were lost for time and we had to get you both back quickly. Thorin started to slip a couple times but the elves finally got him stable. he was calling out for you a bunch through it all until he finally passed out from the pain, he'll sure be glad to know you made it." Balin smirked.

Bilbos heart thumped in his chest hard "Can I- I have to go see him Balin" Bilbo said tears starting to pool in his eyes.

Balin grabbed onto bilbos hand and squeezed tightly" I know lad and you will. Thorin is on strict orders of bedrest until he wakes, give it time." balin said squeezing his hand once again.

He nodded and wiped his tears "i understand, did everyone make it? Is kili and fili alright?" he asked concerned, the last time he saw his friends they were fighting and orcs.

Balin smiled "They must all have some dumb sheer luck, because they all made it. But Kili is the one we are most worried for." Balin said with a sad expression.

"What happened?" Bilbo said concerned.

The dwarf sighed looking off in the distance "it seems that kili's elf lass was lost in the battle, he hasn't left his tent. he pretty upset." he breathed heavily.

"oh lord" Bilbo said resting his hand on his head "i need to see Kili"

Balin sighed "maybe you can get through to him, be careful your leg is still in rough shape."

Bilbo nodded and stood up slowly grasping the walking stick beside his cot "i shall hope I can"

As he limped to the opening of the tent Balin stood beside him and guided him towards the outside.

Bilbo took in all the injured people he saw getting tended too by some of the healing elves, he saw some of his friends and smiled softy at them as Balin led him outside another tent.

He assumed it was Kilis, Balin waved to tell Bilbo to stay for a minute before disappearing into the tent.

Balin soon reappeared in matter of seconds Fili following close behind smiling big at Bilbo with wide eyes "Bilbo!" he said grabbing Bilbo into a tight hug.

Bilbo let out a small groan but took the hug graciously. "Fili I am so glad you're alright, I am very upset to hear about what happened to tauriel" he said sadly.

frowned "Ive never seen Kili so upset, he wont even talk to me and I don't know what to do" Fili said upset.

Bilbo grabbed Fili's shoulder and squeezed it "just go take a walk, go see thorin and in the meantime ill try and talk to Kili" Fili nodded and wiped his tears.

Fili walked past them and headed to another tent further down from where they were, Bilbo reminded himself to try and sneak away later to go visit Thorin without anyone pestering him.

his thoughts were quickly interrupted by Baling clearing his throat "you better go in alone laddie, if you need me ill be right outside." Balin spoke softly and Bilbo nodded.

He breathed out heavily once before limping into the tent seeing a broken and small kili laying on the cot, letting out heavy breaths.

Bilbo bit his lip but then he finally spoke "Kili?"

The sounds of heavy breathing suddenly came to a stop and Kili lifted his tear soaked face and spoke so quiet that if Bilbo wasn't expecting a reply he would of missed it.

"Bilbo?" he said with such a broken voice Bilbo's heart like it was going to leap out of his chest.

Bilbo limped towards Kili's cot and sat down, Kili sat up instantly and grabbed Bilbo holding on to him for dear life.

He held Kili back just as tight and rubbed kili's back letting him cry into Bilbo's shoulder.

they sat their in silence, with the only noise being kili's crying until he finally spoke "I can't believe she's gone" he cried harder.

Bilbo held Kili even closer rubbing his back trying to sooth the sobs. "I know my boy, i understand when i thought thori- never mind" he stopped himself feeling a bit awkward sharing thoughts about Thorin to his nephew.

Kili pulled away wiping his eyes "Bilbo its okay, we all knew about your feelings for my uncle and his feelings for you" he said smiling a bit squeezing Bilbos hand. "tell me i need a distraction from my own heart break."

Bilbo sighed and nodded "when i found thorin on the battlefield and i saw him laying there in his own pool of blood, i-i didn't know how to feel. but then i saw that he was awake and i felt relived but he was injured badly and i didn't want to believe that it was that bad he could die but th-" he stopped himself to breathe and covered his mouth to stop a sob from coming out before continued.

"But then just about when i was going to tell him my feelings, he just slipped away right out of my arms, it was like all the air in my chest was stolen out of my body and as he died it felt that all the beautiful and merry things in all the world would die and be buried with him, heart soul and all" Bilbo let his own tears fall and he rapidly tried to wipe them away.

Kili grabbed his hand. "But thorin survived and you will be able to tell him how you feel now think of lucky you are for that. If Tauriel was still alive, i would get down on both my knee's and express all love and affection i had in my body for her, but alas we all aren't as lucky to be with our one" Kili said shuttering from his own words.

"Kili i am so sorry, i don't know what to do or say." Bilbo said honestly gripping Kili's hand tightly, "I'm fine really" Kili lied.

Bilbo shook his head "not you're not" Kili let out a sad laugh "No I'm not okay, but i think, i just need to be alone" he said wiping his eyes again.

"Kili i can't just leave yo-" his words were suddenly cut off by Fili, with Balin trailing behind him.

"HE"S AWAKE!" He yelled, and Bilbo's eyes widened.

Balin rolled his eyes "Sorry that we are interrupting, but Thorin has awoken and has been asking for you nonstop and he refuses medicine until you come." Balin said shaking his head at the idiocy of his king.

Bilbo swallowed hard nodding, and tensed when kili touched his shoulder "just be honest, and everything will be fine Bilbo" he said sincerely.

He turned to kili and smiled "ill be back okay? we still have so much more to talk about. Fili stay with your brother while i go see thorin" he said grabbing his walking stick and wincing sitting up.

Bilbo walked past Fili slowly and walked outside and stopped to feel the cold breeze on his face closing his eyes for a moment.

"You need help getting to his tent laddie?" he opened his eyes and turned to see Balin standing outside Kili's tent.

Bilbo shook his head "No i can do this" he said lastly before walking towards his dwarfs tent.

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Bilbo stood outside Thorin's tent silently preparing himself for what he was about to see. The last time he saw Thorin he quite literally died in his arms or so he thought.

Also if Thorin really didn't die in his arms then that means he most likely knows that he kissed him and basically that he confessed his love for him.

He was such an idiot he thought to himself, but that wasn't his fault. He thought Thorin died, He didn't think Thorin would ever would ever know about it.

And that's why Thorin was demanding Bilbo to his tent, he thought to himself.

Thorin probably didn't feel the same for him and he was probably was going to banish him from the erebor, the thought sent chills down Bilbo's spine.

Bilbo was suddenly filled with so much guilt and doubt, he was about to back away when someone suddenly burst out of the tent.

It was one of the elf healers and he burst out with such anger it scared him for a moment.

"I am very much done with the stubbornness of dwarves today thank you very much" The nameless elf said out furiously " Ive been practicing medicine longer than he has been alive! But no don't get treated because you need to talk to some hobbit!" The nameless elf spouted out not yet noticing Bilbo's presence.

The elf than began speaking rapidly in elvish before noticing Bilbo standing there finally.

He stepped up fast to Bilbo grabbing his face "Please Dilthen er tell me that you're the halfing that stubborn dwarf is howling for" he asked desperate.

Bilbo thought of lying but went against those thoughts "eh yep, that would be me" he said trying to pry the elfs fingers off his face.

The elf healer smiled from ear to ear madly "Thank ainu" he grabbed onto Bilbo "You need to get in there now, he needs our medicine to heal and he won't listen to us! You need to convince that dwarf!" he said angrily leading Bilbo into the tent.

Bilbo's eyes widened at the sight before him.

The tent was much bigger than Bilbos, and their was various medicines and herbs and bloody rags around the room and it was all lit up with candles, but what really caught his eye were the two elf healers draped over Thorin trying to hold him down and feed him the medicine.

But they were basically losing because even weak Thorin was stronger then both elves combined.

Bilbo sighed looking at Thorins appearance, He was pale and he could see the sweat shining off his skin and hair. The cuts on his face were all cleaned up and his hair was all pulled back away from his face, he could tell Thorin was shirtless by the way thorin was thrashing on the bed and he winced seeing the bruises trailing down his chest.

He shook his head, he has seen enough. He pulled out of the elves grip "What in heavens name is going on here!" Bilbo practically yelled out.

Both healing elves and Thorin stopped at once looking towards the voice.

Thorin did a double take and his mouth dropped as he spoke softly "Bilbo" He said in a broken voice.

Bilbo's heart broke in his chest as he heard Thorin's voice again, he shook his head free from those thoughts for a minute and he crossed his arms and gave him a stern look when all he wanted was to run into Thorin's arms.

"Thank you all for your help, he will now take the medicine" he said ignoring Thorin gaze for a moment.

But Thorin huffed and shook his head crossing his own arms saying nothing.

"Thorin" He said angrily.

Thorin shook his head "No, I will not have their kind touch me, I would rather perish" he said stubbornly.

Anger quickly bubbled in his chest and he stepped forward letting the words rip out of his mouth "Thorin Oakenshield! Stop being such a stubborn dwarf and take that damn medicine! take it now or I will leave because I refuse to watch you die again" he said broken, covering his mouth to hide the shuttering. A single tear slipped down his face.

Thorin looked at him and titled his head and went to reach one hand forward towards him but stopped himself and sighed waving towards the healers to give him the medicine.

Bilbo turned around for a moment and wiped his face and leant his cane by a near by chair.

A few moments later one of the elves spoke up "We will leave you two alone, we shall be back soon to give him more medicine " was the last thing was said until they were all left alone in their silence.

until Thorin spoke up again "Bilbo" he said as quiet as Kili spoke to him.

Bilbo turned around on his feet and charged towards Thorin.

"Bilbo.. I-I don't know what to sa-" Thorin was cut off by Bilbo slapping him across the face.

Thorin winced "Okay I probably deserved that" he said and Bilbo started to cry "How could you do that to me!" Bilbo cried out.

"How could you die on me Thorin!!!" he sobbed out and Thorin reached out for him grabbing his hands "And then you do this, I can't go through that again" he sobbed falling into Thorin's arms.

Thorin winced a little at the pressure but he hugged Bilbo even tighter letting him cry into his arms.

Bilbo cried into Thorins chest let letting go for a second, he didn't want to lose him again.

As much as Thorin enjoyed having Bilbo in his arms, he really did want to talk and usually he didn't want to talk about his feelings but he had to be honest that he wasn't completely passed out when Bilbo thought he died, he was too weak to speak or open his eyes but he was alive. And he had heard Bilbo's confessions to him and him kissing him. Thorin was glad that Bilbo felt the same way but he didn't think this way the right time to bring this all up.

He was perfectly fine holding Bilbo in his arms until he was ready to talk.

A few moments later Bilbo slowly pulled away from Thorin and looked away embarrassed, Thorin smiled reaching a hand to Bilbo's face wiping away the last tear from Bilbo's face before he pushed his hand away and stood up turning around.

Thorin looked up at him confused "What's wrong Bilbo" he said sitting up carefully.

Bilbo stayed turned around for a couple seconds before turning back with a nervous look on his face "Thorin I have to ask" he said pacing the tent slowly.

Thorin made a weird face "okay?"

Bilbo cleared his throat once and stopped and turned to Thorin "Do you remember anything before you passed out?" Bilbo said out flatly.

He avoided eye contact for a moment but then looked to Thorin who was looking at him intently before he sighed and nodded.

Bilbo shuttered a little bit and nodded himself and sat back down on the bed. "I am so sorry, I will never do that again and if you want me to leave I will. I understand" he said nervously.

They were silent for a second before Thorin grabbed one of his hands "please be calm amralime" Thorin said soothingly caressing his hands.

Bilbo looked into Thorin's eyes and relaxed instantly. "I do not wish for you to apologize for how you feel, for I feel the same for you master baggins" Thorin admitted truthfully, blushing a little bit.

He said nothing his eyes widened "That is if you actually still feel the same way for me, and that it wasn't just the heat of the moment" he said looking towards their conjoined hands.

Bilbo's heart fluttered in his chest and he reached his hand to Thorin's face, Thorin looked up to him with sad eyes "Of course I still feel the same way, ive felt this way for a long time Thorin and even when you were acting like a stubborn spoiled dwarf king." Bilbo said smiling and Thorin blushed chuckling.

He caressed Thorin's cheek one more time before pulling it away and speaking again "Thorin?" he said softly.

Thorin hummed back and Bilbo sighed nervously "I love you" he said looking away.

Bilbo suddenly felt two hands on his face and he was pulled closer to Thorin "do you really mean that?" he said caressing his face softly.

He looked into Thorin's eyes and he smiled and nodded "I really do" he said truthfully.

Thorin smiled brightly and brought Bilbo's face close to his until their foreheads were touching, they sat their for minutes in silence.

Bilbo sighed happily he hadn't felt more at peace like in this moment in such a very long time, Thorin brought his face closer and rubbed his nose against Bilbo's before finally speaking "Bilbo, I lo-" Thorin's words were cut off instantly by two of the healing elves arriving back in the tent.

Thorin pulled away and gave Bilbo an apologetic look before he started to cough violently and Bilbo widened his eyes and rubbed his back and tried to soothe him as he coughed.

"i think it's best that you leave while we set him up for the next round of treatments" One of the elves said and Bilbo grabbed Thorin's hand. "No, I am fine here"

Thorin sighed but smiled at Bilbo "Its probably going to be boring just sitting here watching me get treated, you don't have to stay" Thorin said breathing out slowly.

Bilbo rolled his eyes and moved to the small chair beside Thorin's cot, grabbing Thorin's hand again "I am not going anywhere" he said seriously and Thorin smiled.

"You heard the hobbit, he stays" Thorin said giving the elves a smirk.

Both healers gave each other a knowing look at got to work on preparing the medicine.

Thorin looked to Bilbo again and squeezed his hand "we will talk about this all later, I promise" he said warmly.

Bilbo smirked "You bet we will"

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As Kili watched Bilbo leave he sighed slumping back down on his cot, Fili looked at him worriedly. "Kili please talk to me." Fili said sitting down beside him.

Kili sighed playing with a loose thread on his blanket "I don't have anything to say brother." he said not making eye contact with Fili.

Fili massaged his wrist sighing, maybe he wasn't ready to talk to him but that doesn't mean he was going to quit "i know that you really cared for that elf, and I don't want to tell you how to feel. but you really didn't know her all that well and just maybe it wasn't your time for you both to find happiness and be together." He said sighing

"I would of supported you either way brother, I love you and hope you know that." Fili said giving kilis hand a squeeze.

Kili stayed silent and Fili sighed again "Okay brother I tried, when you do have something to say to me and are ready to talk I will be here." he said giving his brothers arm a squeeze.

He stood up and stretched "I'll go find you some food that isn't all this elvish crap." He said smirking.

Kili let out a small smile "Thanks brother." He said and Fili rolled his eyes leaving the tent.

He let out a huge sigh and tears began to drip down his face, and began to sob quietly under his covers.

Kili's sobs didn't stay private for long, as a another someone entered the tent unbeknownst of Kili, His cries went on for some time until a voice spoke.

"Kili?." he heard not recognizing the voice completely. He sat up in bed and his eyes widened seeing Thandruil's Son Legolas.

Their was silence for a moment and Kili didn't know what to say exactly until he blurted out "Hello." he said regretted it the moment he spoke.

Legolas gave Kili a sad smile and hesitantly stepped closer into the light "i know I am probably the last person you thought you'd see again or would want to see." he said sheepishly. "But I just wanted to see how you're doing".

Kili smirked for a moment wanting to agree, Being Thandruil's son gave him the reputation as being just as petty and rude, and he had his moments when he did prove the reputation right. But he was attractive for an elf and seem to be trying, so Kili decided to be nice since Legolas was friends with Tauriel longer.

he sat up and gave him a small smile "No its okay, it was nice of you to come." Kili said waving him over to sit down. Legolas eyed the spot on the bed hesitantly but then accepted. "How have you been doing? I know you had real feelings for tauriel and now that she's gone...I- I know how hard it must be for you." He looked down to his hands.

"I know from my own heart ache I feel for my friend." Legolas said sighing.

Kili felt his heart ache a bit in his chest, without any restraint or second thoughts he reached one of his hands out and covered legolas's long thin hand with thicker callused hand. Legolas's looked up to him quickly and gave him a surprised look. "i know how close you were with her, and it probably makes my feelings for her seem like no big deal. But if I'm being honestly? I don't know what I felt for her half the time. throughout this whole quest I was battling with my feelings for her, whether it be anger or a fools crush or whatever, i was also trying too accept them all and come to terms with them at the same time." Kili said honestly.

Legloas gripped Kili's hand and listened intently "I thought I loved her, I really did. but some of the words my brother has said to me has made me feel that maybe I loved the idea of her and that she was this perfect scarlet warrior angel that my kin would never accept in my life, it felt thrilling and it sort of felt like a way of rebelling I guess. but as I got to know her I knew she was special and I knew we could of had something if it was meant to last but it didn't and I genuinely did like her but I think my crush for her was a dream that I grew tired of over time." he admitted loudly.

Legloas still stayed silent "Dwarves only has one, soulmate their whole lifetime and when you find them I guess you feel different? but I didn't feel anything and that's how I knew she wasn't mine. and I just saw the way Thorin looks at Bilbo and I just wanted the same thing but you just can't force something to happen just because you want it to work." Kili said looking away from the elf.

He felt legloas squeeze his hand again and then he spoke "i know how you feel, I thought for a very long time that I was in love with Tauriel but then I saw how she looked at you and I knew it was all a fantasy and I looked at her more like a sister, a sister I will dearly miss." he admitted letting a stray tear fall down his face, Kili gave him sad look.

Legolas then let out a small laugh "and if we are being honest here, I find myself fancying a more gentleman companion" he said blushing instantly regretting it at once playing with Kili's fingers "oh god, I shouldn't of said that, that weird! im sorry." He said embarrassed.

Kili's eyes widened "no no, that's fine." he said squeezing his hand tightly "that actually sounds nice" he admitted out loud blushing avoiding Legolas's gaze.

The air suddenly felt hot around them, and Kili's hand felt like it was burning beneath Legolas's grip.

Legolas looked up from their conjoined hand and just stared deeply into Kili's eyes, and again without another moment of thought again Kili lunged forward an attached his lips to the woodland elf.

An for the moment his lips touched the elf's, it felt like he was in another world. His lips felt warm and soft and for a moment he forgot where he was until he did and he pulled away instantly with wide eyes.

Kili looked to the elf who was wearing his own surprised expression "Legolas I am so sor-"his words were suddenly cut off by the elf putting a finger to his lips. "Be quite Lirimaer." he said in a hushed tone before he attached his lips onto the dwarves own lips. The woodland elf placed both hands on his face and deepened the kiss sitting even closer to Kili.

Kili reciprocated the kiss and let his hands travel down Legolas's lower back pushing him closer to his own body. Legolas let out a small groan and pulled his lips away to attach them to Kili's neck which made the dwarf moan loudly.

If kili was being completely honest, he has never done anything like this before and he was just going with what felt right. He was scared but this did feel right, he has heard lots of stories from the company and he knew he could do this.

he hoped.

The dwarf pulled away silently to pull off the night gown he was wearing, just leaving him wearing his undergarments that he removed with one movement. He leaned in again giving Legalos a warm kiss pulling away only a little to speak "You're wearing too many layers." he said seductively. Legolas smirked getting off the bed to stand "Well I guess I better do something about that." he said smirking unbuttoning some of his own many layers until he was left with nothing but his porcelain skin and his golden hair draped down his shoulder.

Kili's mouth gaped open and his eyes widened "Get over here, Ghivashel." he said waving the Sindarin elf over.

Legolas smirked and slowly made his way over to his desire, he sat in the dwarves lap and began to kiss the smaller man deeply. Kili wrapped his hands in the golden locks and pulled for the elf to sit closer in his lap. Legolas reached over to the medical basket near Kili's cot and grabbed the lotion passing it over to kili.

Kili breathed out nervously and opened the bottle, I guess this was really happening. he would be losing his virtue for the first time. Kili thought to himself as he poured the lotion onto his three fingers.

Kili reached underneath the elf to his hole, he slipped one finger in that caused a sound to escape the elf's lips that sounded like the most beautiful noise Kili has ever heard.

"More, more." Legolas moaned as Kili sissored his fingers in and out, he added a second finger stretching his hole even more as Legolas let out the most exquisite noises.

"You sound so lovely as you thrust yourself on my fingers." he said in a deep voice as he added one more finger completely letting himself go.

Legolas let his head drop backwards as the pleasure surged through him, he let out a loud groan as kili's fingers hit the desired spot inside of him. He placed both hands on Kili's face and kissed him deeply as he said "Get in me dwarf." he ordered.

Something inside Kili burned so sweet and he flipped as he pulled his fingers out dropping the elf on his back on the bed, Legolas winced.

Kili grabbed the lotion he set down by the bed and spreading the lotion all over his leaking cock. He threw the bottle aside and positioned himself between the elf's legs.

As the elf lay their wrapped up in Kili's blankets, kili looked down to him in pure bliss and attraction and he leaned down and gave him a passionate kiss. he pulled away and began to kiss down the elf's porcelain skin as he slowly started to enter legolas.

The woodland elf let out a wince placing his hands on Kili's chest to slow him down a bit before Kili was fully inside of him.

He was in someone, and he was inside a beautiful woodland elf. Kili thought to himself.

An elf which both the elf's father and his uncle would both kill him for doing this, Kili shuttered at the thought.

Kili let those thought leave his mind, as he began to thrust slowly in and out of the elf. Legalos let out a moan pulling Kili forward an attaching their lips as both their hips thrust together.

The elf pulled their lips are apart and spoke "You're so big, lord". Legolas said running his hands through Kili's hair.

Kili groaned at the elf's words "And you're so tight." he responded.

Their movements started to go faster as heat surged between both of them. Legolas quickly flipped their postion and sat in Kili's lap.

They both clasped their hands together, As Legolas start to thrust on top of him. Kili began to let out heavy breaths of air letting out small moans as Legolas rode him faster and harder.

"oh nin aen, I am so close." Legolas said speeding up his thrusting.

Kili moaned in agreement and he held on to the elf's hips until they both finished and were a sweaty sticky mess, Legolas fell on top of him and Kili wrapped him in his arms.

They both lay their heavy breathing for what seemed forever while they both stayed silent until Legolas spoke up pulling away slightly to wipe them both up with a near by rag, he looked up at Kili "well Tauriel was right, you're pretty tall for a dwarf." he said suggestively smiling leaning forward to kiss him softly.

Kili smiled laughing to himself "well thank you, you know I'm actually starting to feel much better." he said honestly, kissing the elf again.

Legolas pulled away slightly and frowned sitting up "Well this has been extremely fun." he said awkwardly grabbing some of his clothes and putting them on "I'm glad you're feeling better and I could help but I'm afraid I have to take my leave." he said buttoning his shirt.

Kili sat up quickly with a pained expression "Where are you going? I thought you could stay longer.. since we just laid together." Kili said spluttering a bit.

The elf sighed tying up his shoes, he stood up "i'm sorry but I have to be going, I'm leaving to go find a lone ranger and train with him." he said guilty.

Kili crossed his arms letting anger bubble inside of him "So this is what you do, get men in bed with you and just leave?!." he said with pain in his expression. "Do you even care about my well being?" he said looking away.

Legolas's eyes widened at once stepping towards Kili quickly sitting down trying to take Kili's hands "Lirimaer, listen to me when I tell you this! when I came here I had no intentions of this happening at all. I thought you were going to tell me off and turn me away." the elf said genuinely, Kili turned his head away.

The elf then grabbed the dwarfs face with both hands "Listen to me you stubborn dwarf, what we did was amazing and unforgettable. and I'm not leaving you because I'm done with this or I don't care for you, I'm leaving because we both need time to process this all. I need to get away from my father and the decades of lies and prejudice that my people have filled me with I need this fresh start to become the elf I want to be. And you need to be with your family and rebuild your kingdom, and you're still recovering your heart from all this heart break. This is a good thing. " Legolas said rubbing his thumb across Kili's face back and forth.

Kili let himself cry "so you're just going to leave me?" he said feeling very desperate and clingy.

"Hush my little one, this was not my plan to wine and dine you and leave. I made the plan to leave awhile ago and I was just building up the courage to come and say I'm sorry for how everything turned out." he said honestly.

Another single tear fell down kili's face and he nodded. "Once time is on our side angel, I shall return for you." Legolas said smiling softly.

"You promise you'll be back.?" kili said crying softly.

"I promise, will you wait for me?."

"Of course." he said letting himself fall all over again.

Legolas then leant his forehead against Kili and they both sat their breathing in both of their emotions and energies until the elf kissed the dwarfs forehead "I must away." he said finally holding one of Kili's hands leaving a discarded unused handkerchief in his possession, and that was the last thing that was said before Legolas left the tent.

Again he was left alone, He wrapped himself up his blankets bringing the handkerchief to his face crying softly.

He felt empty.

Chapter Text

Balin tried to ignore the grunts and moans he was hearing from the young princeling's tent, He found it very strange that the elf prince asked him if he could see kili. But he thought with everything that they've have all been through, giving the elf the benefit of the doubt would be the best decision this time. But now he was severally regretting that decision with hearing the sounds come out of the tent. He was flabbergasted and shook his head.

The old dwarf scratched his head and sighed guarding the tent, if this was the prince's decision and he needed to do this to feel better. the least he could do was guard him from any embarrassment that could come from this. Balin just hoped that the elf wasn't taking advantage of Kili or their will be hell to pay.

His fears were met when he saw Fili walking over to him to the tent with a smile on his face holding a plate of food. "Hey Balin! I got some food for Kili, hopefully that will make him smile and maybe he'll talk to me this time." he said a little saddened.

Fili walked to step towards the tent and Balin stopped him with a hand on his chest "Kili is having a private moment and he's asked not to be disturbed." the old dwarf lied.

The older prince made a weird face "But I have food, Kili never turns down food." he said trying to step forward again but getting stopped again. "he's asked for a private moment." He said sternly, as a loud moan escaped from the tent behind him." Balin face palmed and Fili's eye's widened.

"Is he-."

"Close your mouth and turn away and don't breath a word of this to anyone." Balin said in a hushed tone moving Fili away from the tent.

The older prince gripped the plate in his hands as he still wore the widened expression on his face, too uncomfortable to speak.

"forget what you thought you heard and go rest, I will make sure kili gets this food." Balin said taking the plate. Fili nodded turning away to walk somewhere far far far away from here.

Balin sighed in relief, he needs a vacation.

He walked back in the direction of where Kili's tent was, and he stopped a few feet from the tent when he saw the elfing exiting. He looked entirely debouched and the woodland elf looked more sad then usual. Balin sighed, and the elf noticed the old dwarf looking at him.

Legolas looked at him with wide eyes, and Balin just gave him a half smile and a nod before the elf ran off in the other direction.

He was too old for all of this.

The old dwarf sighed and ducked his head inside of the tent. He walked in carefully and slowly hearing the soft crying. "Kili, my boy?." he said placing the plate on the side table, moving the opened lotion out of the way. Cringing a bit for he did not want to know what was done with it.

The crying seem to not stop and Balin let a stray hand rest on the sad Prince's shoulder "Your brother has brought you some food, and I think its time to get some food into you." he said softly.

The crying seem to have die down after a few moments, but all that did was turn the tent into complete silence "Do you want too tell me what happened between that elf and you?." Balin sighed sitting down on the end of the bed.

"What do you mean?." Kili said deadpanned.

Balin shook his head "You know what I mean, I was standing outside the tent the whole time laddie talk to me."

Kili stayed silent "Their is nothing to be ashamed of, as much as you may believe my boy no one is going to judge you for this." Balin said honestly.

The silence from kili stayed "You never liked that elf maid like that did you? you liked that elf prince instead." Balin asked.

Kili sat up immediately at Balin's words grabbing onto the old dwarf "Balin you must not tell a soul!." he begged "I don't know what to make of it either, please I beg you." he said desperate.

Balin tried to hush the young prince "I wont be saying a word of things that are none of my business, its up to you to make that decision." Balin said wisely. "Now hush and calm yourself and eat some food to get your strength back." he said sitting up and handing him the food.

The younger dwarf smiled a little on the food and Balin smirked a little. "He'll he back soon enough, for now take care of yourself and if you're good I'll take you to see Thorin."

Kili smiled softly "Thank you balin."

"Any time laddie."



Fili's foot steps got quicker and quicker as he tried to get away from Balin, he started to get a bit lightheaded and stopped to lean against a barrel trying to get his breathing back.

He couldn't really wrap his mind around what he heard in his brother tent. He didn't hear a whole a lot, but what he did hear was enough to get him running for the hills. Fili really didn't need to know what his younger brother was doing in his tent.

Fili really tried to get the thoughts out of his head but the older princeling thoughts got the best of him, and he was just dying to know what the heck was going on in that tent!

He knew that their was some touching and loving going on in there, but his brother wouldn't be doing that to himself after losing Tauriel.. would he?

The only explanation would be tha- No that was not possible.. could it? he thought to himself, nodding away to passing dwarves as he thought some more.

His younger brother couldn't of had someone in there with him causing him to make those noises? No way! how could his brother do that when he just lost Tauriel? Fili knew everyone deals with grief in different ways but this was out of character for his brother.

But was the only theory that made sense at this moment. He really couldn't wrap his mind around any of this, he thought sighing.

But Fili did know of one dwarf who would know the truth about what happened in his brothers tent.


Fili made a mental note to find Balin later and force him to spill the truth. For now he was hungry and the more he thought about his younger brothers sexual escapades the less hungry he got. He needed to forget about this for awhile and drown himself in ale.

He turned and walked in the direction of the canteen tent.

Chapter Text

After Thorins's second round of treatments were done the dwarf king fell asleep instantly with exhaustion. Bilbo smiled lovingly at the dwarf and sighed at how content he felt with everything.

Bilbo was sitting beside him on the cot, an Thorin rested his head so adorably against his chest. He ran his fingers slowly through his thick mane of hair. truthfully he never really understood the whole notion of romance and to being glued to someone like this but for once in his life Bilbo finally felt like he understood it all, he couldn't really find himself to mind having this broody, dark, attractive dwarf laying against him. Thorin felt like a furnace beside him, the warmth of him spread all over him like fever. A fever he never wanted to be rid of. Also it smelled as though the dwarf hasn't bathed for a couple days, so the smell of sweat and dried blood still stayed deep in the air and but Bilbo's noise grew accustomed to it so he could live with it for now, but Bilbo reminded himself to ask Thorin to bathe later. Besides all that Thorin had his own smell mixed in, it was a scent Bilbo could not describe with any given word but he knew that scent anywhere and he knew it came from his Thorin.

Also if he was being completely honest he really didn't know if he was even allowed to call Thorin his, Bilbo did confess his feelings this time to a very awake Thorin that he knew about this time. Also Thorin did say he shared the same feeling's even if he didn't actually say I love you like Bilbo did. He knew at least the dwarf felt something for him and for right now Bilbo was willing to accept that until Thorin woke up and was lucid. For right now he felt completely at peace and in love and those two things rarely happen to him, so he was taking it all in while he had it.

A few moments went by and Bilbo found himself drifting asleep but he was suddenly stunned awake when his friend Balin entered the tent. Balin gave him a soft smile as Bilbo gave him a look of embarrassment . Balin laughed shaking his head "I think it quite sweet seeing our king so vulnerable resting against his soon to be consort" Balin said smirking at the wide eyed hobbit.

"Consort? What no? I can't be his consort! Don't I have to be a dwarf for that?." Bilbo said in a hushed tone, Balin smirked again walking closer to the pair of love birds on the bed "Remind me to get a book on dwarf courting, because no you don't have to be a dwarf to be Thorin's consort, So a consort you will be Bilbo, Once Erebor is rebuilt and Thorin is healed you two shall both be married." Balin said no longer teasing.

Bilbo gulped nervously "I am not trying to scare you my boy, but you must have known expressing your feelings for the king under the mountain that all of this would one day be happening." he said slowly.

The hobbit looked down to his hands"I won't be going back to the shire anytime soon will I Balin?." Bilbo said saddened at the thought of not seeing bagend again and being in his garden and reading one of his books in his favourite armchair.

Balin sighed and nodded "If you want to be with Thorin, I'm afraid not laddie." he said sad "I'm sorry, Bilbo"

Bilbo closed his eyes and breathed out softly, he then opened his eyes and titled his head down to see his stubborn dwarf. moving a stray hair away from his face and exposing the kings olive skin, that Bilbo was dying to touch. "As long as I have him, I don't care where I am" he said at once, touching Thorin soft olive skin.

His heart mushed at the sight of the dwarf he loved and he sighed "I will always miss everything that I had in Bagend, but a life without the love I feel for this stubborn king would be an unbearable life to live. And if I have to give up a few things to keep that love, then yes I will leave bagend behind" He said sternly. " I will cross many lands and distance's to be with him" he said letting the truth out finally.

Balin smiled up at him with proud eyes and let one of his hands rest on his heart "Thorin Oakenshield is one lucky dwarf to have you" he said honestly.

"Thank you my friend" Bilbo said sighing happily.

Balin then stood up and clapped his hands "Now on to business at hand, Kill and the rest of the company wants to visit Thorin and I was wondering if you could wake our king and hopefully get him cleaned up, no one really cares if the king looks less than kingly but knowing Thorin he wouldn't want to be around a crowd of his kin without looking decent." Balin said rubbing his hands together as he spoke "He will need some help and mala knows that he won't let any of those elves help." he said chuckling. "and since he's most comfortable with you, you'll do with the task at hand better" he said smirking a bit placing some clothes he received down on the chair.

Bilbo was speechless with no protest, he knew Thorin would have to be cleaned sometime soon but Bilbo doing it would be new territory and he didn't know if he could do that.

"good luck laddie." was the last thing was said before Balin left Bilbo alone with his thoughts again.

What was he going to do?


While that was happening in the kings tent, a whole other debacle was going on in the canteen tent.

Bofur and a few others of the company were celebrating that their king survived and that the rest of the company was safe as well with less than a scratch.

They were all drinking some ale when the older princeling walked into the tent and when Bofur called him over he avoided the invitation and went straight over to grab some ale himself, he thought that was weird. The prince looked flushed and it confused Bofur, when the other dwarves were distracted Bofur slipped away to where Fili decided to sit.

Fili didn't notice the other dwarfs presence "what's going on lad" bofur said.

fili gave him a look of surprised but shook his head "nothin is goin on" he said avoiding the other dwarfs gaze.

"Somethin must of happened, you looked like you've seen your uncle getting it on with our burglar" he said jokingly.

Fili looked at him deadpanned "wait you saw our king and Bilbo doin-" Fili stopped him and hushed his words. "No I didn't see that, if I tell you will you leave me to drink alone?." he said stressed.

Bofur nodded adorably smiling. "you must promise to not say anything."

"Cross my heart"

The prince sighed as he took one last drink of his ale "Well I went to go deliver some food to kili and I heard something I didn't need to hear from my brother."

Bofur had confusion in his face but said nothing and let fili continue "i heard Kili getting it on with someone in his tent."

The other dwarfs eyes widened "what?."

"I am not kidding." he said traumatized taking another sip of ale. "how could he do that after just losing that elf maid?." Bofur said completely confused.

Fili shrugged letting the cold ale rest against his head. "Fuck, well at least one of is getting some ass." bofur smirking.

The prince's eyes widened putting his fingers in his ears "okay you can leave now, I need to drown myself in ale." Fili said flushed.

Bofur slapped his hand against the table and let out a huge laugh "the look on your face" he said wiping his face smiling.

Fili shook his head and chugged the rest of his ale, he gave Bofur one last look of frustration and walked away.

Chapter Text

Bilbo aimlessly looked down to the angelic sleeping dwarf who now has moved his head to lay soundlessly into Bilbo's lap. He sighed nervously Bilbo really didn't know how to go about waking the sleeping king up but what was worst is that he didn't know how to tell Thorin he needed to bathe and that Bilbo would have to be the one to do that. If Bilbo was being honest he wouldn't really mind bathing Thorin, it was just if Thorin was apposed to the idea he didn't really want to feel the rejection of that.

Bilbo sat their a couple moments before he reached down and carded his fingers through the dwarfs thick hair and felt the dried blood on his fingers, yeah he defiantly needed to wash his hair. he thought to himself. Thorin started to make quiet moans under his breath and Bilbo rested one of his hands on Thorin face and started to stroke it slowly "wakey, wakey silly dwarf" he said smiling.

The dwarfs eyes started to slowly open with a wince, but he smiled as he listened to Bilbo's voice. "What a beautiful sight to wake up too" Bilbo blushed and hushed the dwarf "The only beautiful one is you" he said blushing even more. Their was silence for a moment before Thorin spoke "Yo- you think I'm beautiful" he said quietly.

Bilbo's eyes widened "i think you're very beautiful" he said shy.

The dwarf smiled and sat up slowly wincing leaning against his pillows, "No one has ever called me beautiful before" he said looking down to his hands. Bilbo looked at him sadly and lifted a hand to the dwarfs face "If you let me, I will continue to tell you how beautiful you are for the rest of our lives" Bilbo said bravely.

Thorin face suddenly went blank and said nothing and Bilbo panicked. "Thorin? did I say something wrong? I am sorry I do'" he was cut off by Thorins's shaky finger on his lips "No sorry, that medicine the elves gave me just made me a little cloudy in my head" he said closing his eyes for a moment.

Bilbo used his free hand to hold the dwarfs shaky hand. They sat in silence for a moment for Thorin to regain some strength, Bilbo thought to himself that maybe he shouldn't be this forward with Thorin and maybe it was making the king uncomfortable? and it wasn't the medicine doing this. Maybe he was having some regrets.

"Stop thinking so hard master Baggins, you look like you're going to explode" Thorin said starring at Bilbo intently.

Bilbo shook his head and let go of Thorin's hand "i was just thinking about something Balin said" he said awkwardly. "and that was?" he questioned.

Bilbo sighed "The company wants to visit you, and Balin thought you would like to bathe before they visit" he said slowly. Thorin nodded "And?" he asked.

Bilbo swallowed hard " And because you're incapable to do it by yourself and you sure as hell wont let one of the elf healers do it. Balin suggested I do it." he said awkwardly. "But if you're uncomfortable, we can find someone else to do it" he said panicked.

Thorin grabbed Bilbo's hand and squeezed "Bilbo calm yourself, why would I be uncomfortable?" he asked a bit confused. The hobbit sighed " that I confessed my affections to you, and I would understand if you didn't want me to bathe you" Bilbo said still feeling insecure looking.

The dwarf looked concerned and reached towards Bilbo's face turning him to look at Thorin " I don't know how many times I will have to say this Bilbo, but I share the same affections my halfling." Thorin sighed " I love you Amralime, And I am not always the best with sharing my affections but I am going to remind you for everyday of our existence that I love you, and once I am healed and erebor is rebuilt you will be my consort"

A single tear fell down Bilbo's face "Are you sure?" he said crying softly. Thorin smiled and kissed Bilbo's hands "i am completely sure Amralime"

Bilbo smiled and wiped his tears " Does this mean I can bathe you? are you comfortable" he said in a teasing matter. The dwarf laughed "yes master Baggins, you may bathe me" he said with a smile. "I am very okay with you bathing me and seeing me nude, you'd eventually see it anyway" he said teasing back.

Bilbo's face was beat red as he buried his face in his hands, Thorin laughed and tried to pull away Bilbo's hands from his face smiling "Come on don't hide from me, their is nothing to be embarrassed about"

"I do not know what is coming over me" Bilbo said letting Thorin take his hands " I am not some blushing virgin! you just make me feel very nervous sometimes" he admitted still red in the face.

Thorin smirked. "A good nervous I hope?" Bilbo sighed happily "Very good" he said blushing as Thorin lifted his hands to his lips.

Bilbo smiled "Now come on, lets get you out of bed and get you cleaned you stinky dwarf" he said pulling his hands away and slipping out of the bed.

Thorin rolled his eyes playfully, as he watched the hobbit fill the small tub with warm water that was placed in his tent.

Thorin could get used to the feeling of all this bliss, he knew their would be so many more hurdles to get through for both of them. But as long as they had each other he knew they could get through it all.

Bilbo sighed letting the warm pool onto his small hands, Thorin watched him and smiled watching his hobbit sighing at the warmth of the water that touched his fingers. When the water was too his liking he wiped his hands on a near by towel.

Bilbo then heard his lovers voice "are you going to help me undress master Baggins, or are you going to leave me to fend for myself" Thorin said smirking a little. Bilbo blushed and nodded walking towards Thorin "you can't get your bandages wet, so their is a stool for you to sit on." He said nervously.

Thorin nodded, he hesitantly stood in front of him hands shaking slightly "you don't have to be scared to touch me" Thorin said reaching out to grab Bilbo's hand and placed them on his bare chest.

Bilbo sighed "i just don't want to hurt you" he admitted, loving the feelings of Thorin's bare chest on his hands.

Thorin smiled softly "you won't, I trust you" he said smiling.

Bilbo let his hands rest there before slowly caressing his chest until he looked down to his wounds and Bilbo sighed letting out a shaky sigh as he kissed the spot above it, he looked up and grabbed Thorin's face "you're not allowed to leave me okay? never" he said emotional again.

Thorin brought his hand out to the back of Bilbo's neck to push their foreheads together "I can't promise that it won’t happen one day that I'll leave you, but I can promise you two things."

"I will always look this good" Bilbo gave a small chuckle as he looked into Thorin's "i will fight like hell to stay with you for as long as I can"

Bilbo smiled "i love you so much" he said bringing his hands to Thorin's face and finally breaking the tension and bringing their lips together. The hand on the back of his neck started to caresses him softly as their lips touched so passionately and softly.

They both pulled away with a smile and Bilbo chuckled to himself "lets get you cleaned"

Thorin nodded and removed his hand, Bilbo reached towards Thorins pants grateful that he was wearing something loose. he pulled down the fabric and was surprised to see that Thorin wasn't wearing any undergarments. He tried not to gawk at Thorins bare cock but it was hard not too after they just shared such a passionate kiss, It was incredibly thick and dare he say beautiful.

He helped Thorin to the bath and said him on the small stool, still gawking at Thorin's beautiful body.

But Bilbo's thoughts were burst hearing Thorins voice "in any other situation i would love to have you look at me like that, but I think the whole point of me getting in this bath is to get clean" he smirked, and Bilbo blushed instantly adverting his gaze.

"Sorry" Bilbo said innocently, reaching to grab a sponge dipping it into warm soapy water.

Thorin shook his head "don't be sorry Amralime, you can look all you want but maybe right now isn't the best time for that" he smiled kissing his soapy hand

He smiled pulling his hand away, and began to wash the dwarfs long luscious hair rinsing the blood out. Thorin sighed in content feeling Bilbo's careful fingers in his hair, After rinsing his hair clean he wrapped all the long locks of hair together in his hands and tied them up to get to the dwarfs back. He took the sponge and softly washed the dirt and blood that he found. Bilbo cleaned all the obvious signs of mess on Thorin and then moved on to his beard. Thorin moaned at the feeling of Bilbo's hands softly washing his beard. But Bilbo decided to let Thorin clean his private area's knowing he was ready for that.

"Thorin would you mind cleaning your private area's while I get your clothes." Bilbo said trying not to make things awkward.

But Thorin simply nodded and took the sponge and Bilbo turned around and sighed happy, he went over and grabbed the clean clothes that Balin had left.

Bilbo turned around to look at Thorin looking at him with a teaseful look on his face "what?: Bilbo said with a weird face.

Thorin laughed "Nothing, just thinking about the day I can bathe you and see you nude" Thorin said casually dropping the sponge in the tub.

The hobbit went bright red for a moment, but then gained back his confidence "Well if you behave for the remainder for the time we are here, that may come sooner than you think" He said and Thorin smirked reaching towards him taking his hands "I will behave I promise" bringing him in for a small kiss.

Bilbo smiled "Now lets get you dressed"

Chapter Text

Bilbo got Thorin out of the bath, and dried him with the fluffy towel. Thorin and began to shiver.

“Let’s get you dressed all nice and warm” bilbo said grabbing Thorin some new clothes and carefully getting the dwarf dressed.

The Hobbit then tucked his dwarf back into bed, Thorin kissed his hands and Bilbo blushed.

Just then Balin entered the tent “ I hope I’m not interrupting but would now be a good time to invite everyone in?” Thorin smiled and nodded.

Soon the whole company entered, Both of the dwarf princes instantly burst into tears giving their uncle an embrace. The conversations switched between asking about how Thorin was feeling, the battle, and plans for Erebor when Thorinwas all healed.

Thorin soon became tired and Bilbo began to Shoo them all out and letting them all know they could visit again tomorrow.

The dwarf let out another yawn while one of the elf medics replaced his bandages “looks to be healing very well, you will still need to take the medicine for a few weeks but you can be up and moving in a few days. Just no more battles for a while” the elf joked.

Thorin gave a small smile “thank you”

Bilbo watched from where he was drinking his tea thinking about the day he’s had from waking up thinking he was dead and thinking thorin was dead and that finding out that none of it to be true. And now he is the consort of the king under the mountain, funny how things turn out.

What also was on Bilbo’s mind was did Thorin want him to stay with him tonight? Was that appropriate? Bilbo felt himself feel really sad at the thought of having to be away from thorin tonight, he pouted.

As the elf left the tent bilbo began to put his cup away and he picked up his coat and began to put it on. “And where do you think you’re going?”joked with a smirk on his face.

Bilbo avoided his eye contact “back to my tent for bed”. Thorin made a concern face “is there a problem with sleeping in my tent or is it me?” he asked sadly.

Bilbo shook his head “oh no there’s nothing wrong with you or sleeping in here, I just didn’t know if it was appropriate for a hobbit to be sleeping in the same bed as you know the king under the mountain”. he said scared.

The dwarf smiled softly “come here my love”.

Bilbo smiled at the pet name sitting beside Thorin taking ahold of his hands.

“I’ve never been much for following the rules and I’m sure in some old dusty dingy dwarf courting book, it says to refrain from any intimate acts until marriage...But no rules are going to tell me that I can’t sleep and hold my consort, and no rules are going to tell me if and when I get to touch and lay with him. Rules can always be changed especially if the king decides and lucky for you I happen to be pretty lenient King”. Bilbo blushed, The thought of Thorin touching him like that.

Thorin smirked “and besides after what we’ve been through I don’t ever want to part from you again and the sooner I get you in my bed the better”. Bilbo smiled accepting a cheek kiss from the door “don’t get any big ideas Mr. king under the mountain, we aren’t doing anything until you’re fully healed”. Thorin chuckled “you’re no fun”.

“Let’s go to bed” Bilbo said and Thorin nodded, he began to takeoff his sweater and snuggled himself into the dwarfs side.

“I love you, Thorin”.

“I love you too Bilbo”.


The days seemed to fly by and in a few days Thorin was up and walking, he spent the day holding Bilbo’s hand for support as he thanked everyone around the camp for everything that they did for his people.

Later into the afternoon Thorin and Bilbo had to part, because Thorin and some of the other dwarf leaders could discuss the rebuilding of erebor.

Thorin gave him a sweet kiss to his head and Bilbo decided to go visit Kili.

Kili was sat down on his bed with his ink pen and some parchment writing a letter to his fare elf.

My dearest legalos,
I do hope this letter finds you well,
I spend my days thinking of you,
and my night dreaming of you,
I wish for you here with me again,
I wish for your touch, your voice, your smell,
I hope one day soon I will see you again,
Until then I will continue to dream of you
I hope you are safe and are happy
all my best Kili.

He sighed reading over the letter and closed his eyes “hey Kili, how are you feeling?” Bilbo asked with a smile.

Kili jumped scrambling to hide the letter “I’m good… Good”.

Bilbo made a confused face “what’s got you so tense?”. The young Dwarf sighed, looking down to the letter then eventually handing it over to Bilbo.

The hobbit looked confused at first but then took the letter and read it, Bilbo’s mouth gaped open “oh Kili” he said handing back the letter.

“I know it’s messed up but it happened and I can’t stop thinking about him bilbo and it’s killing me”. kili rambled.

Bilbo sighed putting his hand on the shoulder trying to calm the dwarf “you don’t have to explain any further Kili, out of everyone you know I can honestly tell you that I know you can’t choose who we fall for, it will be okay” Kili smiled.

“Where does this need to go?” Bilbo asked and Kili wrote onto the envelope slipping the letter inside giving it back to Bilbo.

Bilbo took the letter and nodded he stepped outside handing it to an elf messanger nearby. “Please can you make sure this gets to where it needs to go thanks” he said with a smile.

The hobbit entered the tent again “let’s go for a walk?”. he asked.

Kili smiled “maybe next time bilbo, I think I need to get some rest”. Bilbo nodded “rest well” he said.

Soon he left the tent to and started his walk away from the camp. There was a cold breeze and Bilbo bundled his jacket higher.

Bilbo looked around his surroundings and besides all the debris and death he saw, the sunset was absolutely beautiful. He took a few more steps crushing a few twigs along the way he enjoyed the sound the snow made as he walked upon it. He then found some rocks and Bilbo took a seat and begin to breathe in the cold crisp air, enjoying the alone time.

The time seem to pass so quickly and he let out a yawn and wondered if Thorin was out of his meeting yet. The hobbit rubbed his hands together and decided to make his way back to the camp, he needed some tea and some warm company.

It was a quick walk back to camp and he yawned again as he returned, looking around to see that everyone looked very stressed it was like they’re all running around looking for something or someone.

That is when bofour ran up to him “where have you been laddie?, we’ve all been worried that you’ve been taken! Thorin went ballistic after Kili told him you went for a walk”. Bofour explained.

Bilbo gulped “but I was barely gone an hour why is everyone so worried?”

Bofour shook his head “Some orcs are suckling around still and it’s not safe to be out alone and now that you’re the kings consort you can’t go out alone you know that don’t you?” Bilbo froze. Bofour sighed with sympathy “Anyways so Thorin is out right now looking for you so let’s get you back to his tent until he gets back” he said grabbing Bilbo gently taking him back towards the tent.

Bilbo bit his lip worried about how mad thorin was going to be when he returned .

Chapter Text

Bilbo paced Thorin’s tent back in forth and his anxiety grew at every minute that passed.

He didn’t want Thorin to be angry with him when finally they got everything to be so good between them. But then again Bilbo didn’t believe he had done anything wrong. He was allowed to go on a walk if he felt like it, and it was just an innocent walk. Nothing bad happened. But he wasn’t sure Thorin wasn’t going to see it that way, bilbo was sure of that.

Bilbo decided to sit and wait crossing his legs, if he was going to be yelled at he rather be comfortable for it.

Soon he heard rushed voices meet the tent and soon Dwalin entered the tent frantically.

“What the hell were you thinking Bilbo?” Dwalin said angrily. “Do you have any idea the uproar you’ve caused by disappearing like that?”

“Disappearing?? I just went for a short walk Dwalin” Bilbo said extremely confused to why this was such a big deal.

The dwarf rolled his eyes “Without even telling anyone where you were going??”

Bilbo rolled his eyes “I did tell Kili I was going for a walk”

Dwalin huffed “you told one of the least reliable dwarves that you were leaving camp for a walk, sounds like a good idea Bilbo!”

The hobbit shivered at the intensity of the dwarves voice. “You know this is all new to me right? I really didn’t think it was going to be a big deal.”

The dwarf walked up to him and grabbed him by the shoulders “well Bilbo it’s about time you start thinking about it! Do you know what could of happened if their was anymore Orcs hanging around??? Their would of been nothing we could of done about it and you would be gone” Dwalin said letting a small tear run down his face.

Bilbo sighed “I just went on a walk”

Dwalin groaned walking away “bilbo you are now the consort to the king, and you have to think about these things whether you want to or not. For now on tell me or Thorin where you are going so this doesn’t have to happen next time”

“I’m sorry I didn’t know!” Bilbo whispered looking in the opposite direction of Dwalin.

Dwalin sighed “save your apologies for Thorin” Dwalin didn’t save another word and he started to pace the tent.

Bilbo was so upset he was blinking rapidly to stop the tears from falling. When Dwalin heard the first heavy breath, he started to walk over.

“Oh fuck, I didn’t mean to make you cry, please don’t cry fuck” Dwalin said panicked “The king is going to fucking kill me” he dwarf said pacing again.

Soon Bilbo heard the familiar sounds of Thorins voice outside the tent and the next moment he was entering the space quickly. “What the hell happened? Where was he?” Thorin said rushing his way to Bilbo pulling him into his arms.

Bilbo melted into Thorins strong and protective arms, they felt like home to him even during moments like these.

“He went for a walk of all things” Dwalin spoke fast.

Thorin sighed in some relief “we will be in the tent for the rest if tonight, make sure no one disturbs us”. He said pulling away from Bilbo so he could usher Dwalin out of the tent.

Dwalin nodded “of course Thorin.”

Thorin didn’t say a word as Dwalin left the tent, he ran his hands through his hair and then rubbed his hand across him mouth. Bilbo looked up watching Thorin and noticed how red his face had become and the harshness he had in his eyes that he had only seen directed at him once before with the arkenstone.

Finally Thorin spoke again “would you care to tell me why taking a walk was so important that you couldn’t wait until I was out of my meeting, or I don’t know ask someone else to go with you?”

Bilbo pouted “Thorin I-“

“Change out of those clothes” thorin ordered seeing the stains of mud of his clothes.

“I don’t take orders, your royal highness! And I was just going on a walk and didn’t think it was such a big deal.” Bilbo said crossing his arms.

Thorin huffed “don’t take that tone with me Bilbo Baggins” he yelled.

“That tone with you Thorin?! I’m not your servant! I am your future consort! And if you think I’m going to get down on my knees and bow and scrape to your every whim, then we have a big problem.” Bilbo yelled back.

The dwarf made a displeasing face “don’t you yell at me, I am not the one that decided to do something so foolish like this”

Bilbo walked towards Thorin “it was a walk Thorin, how the hell was I supposed to know that it was going to cause everyone to freak out like this. It is not like anyone ever clued me in on anything that goes on with being your consort.”

“Well maybe you should of asked and think instead of acting on impulse”. Thorin spat back.

Bilbo rolled his eyes “like when I agreed to be your consort?”. The hobbit snarled.

Thorin took a step back reacting is though he was slapped in the face with his words.

Bilbo covered his mouth realizing the hurt in his words. “Thorin i am so sorry”

The dwarf shook his head “leave me alone, I’m tired and sore. I want to go to bed”. He said with pain in his voice, as he sat on the bed.

Bilbo sighed sitting beside Thorin taking his hands “ please Thorin I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that and I never should of yelled at you when you were only trying too protect me. I should of told someone else where I was going and I’m sorry” a tear slipped down Bilbos face.

Thorin looked to his hobbit and let a tear fall down his face “I’m sorry I got so angry and upset, I just came back to our tent and you were gone and no one knew where you were and it terrified me. I love you so much Bilbo and I don’t want anything to happen to you, I couldn’t live without you.”

The hobbit started to cry and Thorin pulled him into a hug “I love you so much Thorin” he sobbed.

“So you don’t regret agreeing to being my Consort?” Thorin said with pain in his voice.

Bilbo lifted his head so quickly and held Thorins face. “I would never regret falling in love with you and agreeing to be your consort Thorin. You’re my everything.”

Thorin smiled closing the distance between them, their lips moved passionately against each other. And Bilbo let out a small moan, pulling away slightly. “Don’t get any ideas Thorin, you still need resting.”

The dwarf groaned ” you have no idea how much I want you mr.baggins”.

Bilbo blushed grabbing Thorins hand “Soon”

Thorin sighed dramatically “not soon enough”.

Chapter Text

A week has passed since the king and hobbits lovers quarrel, and things have been going quite good between them ever since.

Thorin was healing very quickly, and was barely in any pain. He was very happy because he was starting to feel like himself again. Thorin found himself smiling more, since Erebors overtaking by Smaug many years ago. Thorin rarely found himself smiling, but ever since they were able to defeat that nasty snake, smiling seem to be a normal thing for the dwarf now, he would also be lying if he said that now having Bilbo Baggins as his consort wasn’t another reason why he was so happy these days.

The dwarf was just waking up and letting his thoughts wander as he let his hand run through his consorts hair. Bilbo was still soundly asleep, and Thorin smiled.

He was so beautiful, Thorin thought placing a gentle kiss to his forehead.

Thorin then gently slipped away and pulled away from Bilbo to sit up and stretch and let out a yawn. Today was the day, they were to pack up and take their leave to Erebor. In the few weeks everyone was healing and recouping, dwarves, men, elves and many others have come far and wide to help rebuild Erebor. Their was still so much to do, but with the help of Gandalf’s magic the reconstruction of Erebor was coming along and they were able to rebuild the kings quarters, most every bedroom, the kitchens, the great hall, the eating hall and the ball room.

Thorin was surprised and confused about how so much got done in so little time but Gandalf assured him that it was not dumb luck and a lot of magic was put into it. Thorin knew he would be thanking the old wizard for a long time.

With all of that done, Their was still a lot more work to be done. Erebor remained to be a very huge kingdom and even with all the magic in the world, it would take sometime before everything was completed. Which was alright with Thorin because now he was able to stay in his kingdom and watch the rest of the reconstruction of his precious Erebor come to life once again.

Thorin smiled, he would finally be home soon.

The dwarf let out another yawn and grabbed his coat and slipped it on, he was going to give his consort more time to sleep while he figure out the plans on when they would take their leave today. He tried to quietly sneak away but then he heard a quiet voice speak up.

“Darling, where are you going?” Bilbo asked so soft, Thorin smiled walking towards him.

He sat beside his hobbit and Bilbo sat up to hug Thorin. “I’m just going to go see Balin and Dain, to find out the plan for today.”

Bilbo hummed “are we going home today?” He asked still snuggled into Thorin.

The dwarf smiled “I think so my love” Bilbo yawned “yay” he said tiredly.

Thorin laughed, pulling away from Bilbo to lay him back down “now get some rest, if we are leaving today I want you to get as much rest as you can.”

Bilbo smiled “okay, but promise you’ll wake me once you know?” Thorin smiled “of course, you’ll be the first to know” the hobbit smiled.

“Sleep well amrâlimê” he said kissing Bilbos lips gently.

Bilbo was fast asleep as Thorin left the tent.

The sun was beginning to rise as Thorin made it over to the councils tent. Balin and Dáin and Dwalin all were sitting around the table and they all smiled seeing the king.

“Thorin, you came just at the right moment” Balin spoke with a smile.

The king smiled back “what news do you have for me”

The older dwarf smiled “well Dwalin has gone around the past couple days, to check on everyone’s healing process and seems that everyone who is deciding to stay in Erebor have all checked out with clean bill of health”

Thorin grinned big “are you saying what I think you are?”

Dáin laughed and the kings excitement “congratulations, today is the day we’ve all been waiting for”

The king shot up shaking everyone’s hands “thank you for all of your hard work, we should leave as soon as possible so please inform all our people and make sure they are all ready to leave in the next couple hours” Thorin spoke sitting himself up.

Dwalin nodded “Of course, now go tell that consort of yours”

Thorin smiled nodding, he quickly left the tent smiling big to himself, he waved hello to passing dwarves. He finally made it over to his and Bilbos tent and the king was excited to wake up his consort.

The dwarf walked in swiftly and was surprised to see that Bilbo was not asleep but very much awake. The king’s mouth gaped open seeing his consort wriggling underneath the covers.

Thorin twerked his eyebrow up, intrigued to what his Hobbit may be doing. As he walked closer is when he first started to hear the small moans that escaped the hobbits lips.

His cock twitched in his trousers as he heard the delicious sound of his hobbit touching himself. Thorin also couldn’t believe his innocent Hobbit could be so naughty. He began to walk closer to get a better look of Bilbo wriggling and moving his hand beneath the sheets. Thorin knew he should of said something but he was very much enjoying watching, but that thought became short lived when bilbos eyes were staring at him with wide eyes.

Bilbo jumped “Thorin! I’m sorry I didn’t hear you” he said embarrassed, hiding his face.

Thorin began to walk closer to Bilbo “you don’t need to be sorry Bilbo”

The hobbit shook his head “yes it was inappropriate.”

“Bilbo nothing about that was inappropriate” thorin said truthfully looking into Bilbos eyes.

He was silent, thorin grabbed his lovers face “stop this, you did nothing wrong. I quite liked walking in and seeing you like that. I should be the one Apologizing, I just stood there watching and I should’ve asked if it was okay”

Bilbo smile “I liked it when you watched me”

Thorin smiled back “I’m glad, did you want to continue?”

“I think I’m becoming a little shy maybe next time, tell me why you’re back so soon?” Bilbo spoke covering himself.

The king smiled “I will you too that” he smirked “because it also looks like the next time you’ll be doing that will be back home”

Bilbos face lit up jumping into Thorins arms “we are going home?” He yelled excitingly.

Thorin smiled big “we are going home”