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Mobile Suit Gundam Rebirth

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The year is After Second Era 7-42. After the Battle of La Gramis of the three yearlong Earth and Vagan conflict was won thanks to the Asuno brothers, the Earth Federation was soon to make peace with the Vagans. However on November, ASE 7-42 is when they came. Out from the cold darkness of deep space, a humanoid extraterrestrial empire calling themselves Xen-Dominion came out of nowhere through a warpgate and began their descent toward the Earth Sphere. Their initial approach was consider friendly at first, but between them and the Earth Federation something horrible happened to both factions known as The First Contact.


((This is a four part intro to episode 1))


Frame 00a: The Third Contact


December, ASE 7-42  

            “These bastards. Fire the anti-air canons!” ordered Admiral Frederick Algreus. 

            “Firing,” assured the artillery officer. The Amadeus’ cannons adjusted their angle to better target the enemy. Each cannon began firing pink beams toward the enemy line, especially at two ships larger than their own. The enemy’s battleship called Scorpiro was stationed next to a warship that was dark purple with a massive wingspan. The back half was wide for deep space propulsion while the front half stretched to the length of two football fields. Unbeknown to the Amadeus-fleet, the warship was called the Angeline and aboard it, sitting in the captain’s chair was Commander Rossario Solen.

            She had wild strawberry hair with green eyes. Half of an iron mask went from the right side of her head and curved downward to her right jaw line. She was wearing a pink normal suit with a yellow chest/shoulder pad and yellow vertical stripes that went from the center of her arms and neck on down.

            “Evade!” said Commander Solen as the Angeline side thrusters maneuvered the warship a few degrees to miss the incoming fire.

            “Damn, they’re everywhere,’ said an Earth Federation pilot. While in his Genoace O-Custom, which had an upgraded new visor, high-precision sensor, and antenna blade. The pilot cranked its expanded backpack thrusters to dodge the green energy beams that were coming from enemy units called the Gigaks.

            “Admiral, if this keeps up our mainline of defense will be breach,” informed the assistant operator.

            “How long till the Asuno brothers arrive?” Algreus asked.

            “An estimated twenty minutes,” she answered.

            “Then we must continue to hold this line till they get here. Send back out damage units once they are repaired quickly,” he ordered, trying to by some time.


{Aboard the Angeline}

            “Commander, enemy units have dropped 23%. Estimated breach in about ten minutes,” informed the lead operator.

            “Excellent, contact the Scorpiro and inform Captain Sigato that our Gigak units will hold their position,” said Rossario.


{Out in space on the battlefield}

            “Oh no you don’t!” said another Earth Federation pilot. His high-speed combat Clanche equipped with a DODS rifle fired three pink beam shots that took out a Gigak mobile suit from the side. Green beams came at him from the rear as the Clanche quickly turned into a fighter-like form, which flew at a greater speed, missing being hit by the beams just in time. It then flew in, transforming back into its MS mode while taking out from the Clanche’s wrist a sword-like beam saber and used it to slice off both arms belonging to this particular Gigak.

            “HAA!” shouted the Clanche pilot about to do a finishing blow to the cockpit. The pilot inside the Gigak closed his eyes, but soon notice that he was still breathing, still alive. When he opened them back up, he saw the Clanche lowering its beam saber. “Wha…what’s going on?” The Clanche pilot questioned as his scanners and sensors were going wild.


{Aboard the Amadeus}

            Alarms were sound off,

            “Admiral! Sensors are indicating an object entering the battlefield and sir…it’s massive,” informed the assistant operator. Admiral Algreus stood up, staring at the magnified viewing screen.


 {Out in space on the battlefield}

            Before them all a warpgate began transpiring. A mobile asteroid base with large fitted thermonuclear hyper-deutesion thrusters warped through space. As it exited, glowing blue tails of light subsided from the thrusters’ backend after five seconds when the warpgate closed. Called Xyan, this mobile base and headquarters belonging to the leader of the extraterrestrial empire Xen-Dominion, Lady Xenith.

            “Warp status, we are clear. Navigation confirmed. Xyan has caught up with both the Angeline and Scorpiro vessels,” informed the chief navigator.

            “Ma’am, both vessels are engaged in battle. Targets have been confirmed to be Earth Federation Forces-types,” said Provisional Lieutenant Junior Grade Mason Hart, reading the report given to him by the lead operator as he stood next to Lady Xenith as if a guard. This particular bridge, the crew’s equipment were positioned in rows of a 2x6 in a V formation while centered to the side of them was the commanding post. Lady Xenith had her chin planted on her right fist; her upper back-length white hair and soulless emerald eyes easily spot her. She wore a see-through gown with a black front and a silver/gold belt that elongated her figure. Silver and black long shoulder pads with black angled heeled shoe boots and a rainbow iridescent moissanite-like silicon crystal pierced to both ears.

            “Ma’am, incoming transmission from Captain Sigato Starr,” said the chief operator.

            “Patch him through,” she said in a stern tone. A video image of Sigato appeared on the main screen and before he spoke, he maneuvered his fist to his heart and then moved it to his side in the air, holding up the fist as a means of saluting.

            “My Lady, we are pleased that both you and the Xyan made to the Motherland.”

            “Captain Sigato, I want you to start pulling back your units while I contact the Angeline.”

“I received reports of the XEN00X next testing phase. May I suggest releasing it into combat now?” he asked.

“So soon?” she responded curiously.

“I don’t think that’s wise my Lady. It’s still not at completion,” Mason added.

“This is true, which is why testing it out on the battlefield now would be a win situation. Not only will we have completion of combat data, it would also inform us necessary notion needed for it to go into its final phase of being 100% ready,” Sigato inquired.

“Done,” said Lady Xenith in agreement.

“Then by all means, allow me to contact the Angeline instead?” Sigato asked. This caused Mason to narrow his gaze, picking up a questionable vibe from this captain. 

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Frame 00b: The MARK Project


{Aboard the Angeline}

            “This is Commander Solen. Congratulation captain for a job well done so far,” said Rossario after saluting.

            “I’m surprised you kept up this far. Nonetheless, I am to pull my units back while you are to enter the battlefield using the prototype XEN00X model. Operation Purge of AGE is a go.” Once the comm-line blacked out, Rossario exited from the bridge, looking over the model’s classified testing reports that she manage to get a hold of.

            “Oh Sigato, what a disappointing fool you are,” she said to herself, disregarding his orders. And then it came to her when she suddenly stopped by the quarters belonging to a test pilot named Regina Frost.

            “Ma’am!” she said eagerly, standing at attention.

            “Regina Frost…these are tough times. What’s your stance on the battle so far?’ Rossario asked.

            “Me? Umm, well I don’t think my view would matter,” she said quietly. Rossario leaned in and said,

            “Try me. You want this conflict to end do you not?”

            “Yes! I mean…” Regina used her fingers to push back the short cut frosted purple hair that was in her face when she looked down. She picked her head up when her lilac eyes went back to Rossario as she spoke, “I think that new battles will come forth through the old ones gained. We should possibly look forward not back.” Rossario placed her arm around Regina’s neck and dragged her out into the hall so that they could continue their chat while heading to the docking bay.

            “Tell me Regina, do you want to end this conflict? I believe you could be the savior of Xen-Dominion, the one to be the strongest, to go the farthest, to climb the highest.” Both Regina and Ressario some engineers before reaching the XEN00X Miragrah. “Let me ask you this. Why torment yourself with looking forward when you can make that happen yourself.”

            Regina questioned her own ability, “Me? A…savior?” A mechanic floated by and handed Rossario a head brace for the machine.

            “I want you to take the Miragrah into combat,” said Rossario, handing her the head brace. Regina hesitated for a moment. As a Newtype test pilot, she had tested the Miragrah before helping the Human Requiem League collect data to build the MARK Neutralizer within the MS, but didn’t expect to actually test it in real combat.

            “I…dunno,” Regina paused, placing her fingers onto the head brace. Rossario went around behind her and placed her hands on her shoulders. She leaned in to whisper,

            “If you hold the power o make a difference, you should then put that power into good use.” Her words. It was Rossario’s words that Regina found herself becoming more and more tangled. She came to her and now voicing such a promise that she would reprimand herself for it later. Later she would guiltily remind herself what came from her actions. Later she would probably fear this power Rossario speaks of, her normal life of being a guinea pig would prove complicated. Everything that Rossario represented, Regina couldn’t find it within herself to resist it. As her fingers clenched onto the head brace, she let out a sigh,

            “I…I want to help. I want to help end this conflict.”

            The XEN00X Miragrah was built specifically to handle the Manipulation Automatic Reformed Kills Neutralizer. It was design to be an interface between the pilot and Mobile Suit. The Miragrah is armed with a single beam rifle, anti-beam shield, and frou weapon pods on the backpack that is controlled through the MARK Neutralizer. The unit was painted black, purple, and green with a centered antenna and a bent u-shape antenna around the head.

{Out in space on the battlefield}

            By the Amadeus, the Baronche dropped its invisible umbrella.

            “Deploy Gundams to catapult chute 1 and 2. Gundam AGE-1 will launch first followed by Gundam AGE-2 and then Gundam AGE-FX,” ordered Roddock Horn.

            “Flit Asuno, Gundam AGE-1 Glansa, here I go!”

            “AGE-2 will now prepare for launch,” said the operator over the PA. “AGE-2 is inside patrol area. Maintain relative distance. Chute 2, launch preparation completed!”

            “Asemu Asuno, Dark Hound, launching!”

            “AGE-FX will now prepare for launch!”

            “Kio Asuno, Gundam AGE-FX, here I go!” The pilots experienced increased G-force as the catapult launched them into space toward the battlefield.

            “Kio, stay close to me, Asem go on ahead,” said Flit.

            “Roger,” they said as Asemu’s Dark Hound transformed into Flight mode, a fighter-like form which flies at three times the speed of its MS mode.

            “Why? Why is this happening? We don’t need to fight one another!” shouted Kio, releasing the AGE-FX’s remote controlled weaponry, the C-Funnels. The lime green blade bits detached from the suit and began circling around close by Gigak units. Flit began pressing the side button to his controllers, as the AGE-1 Glansa fired shots from its DODS rifles which are mounted on the unit’s shields. Multiple shots shot down two Gigaks while the C-Funnels sliced off the arms and legs of a Gigak.

            “Kio! What are you doing,” said Flit.

            “They’re human too,” Kio responded as he rotated the C-Funnels around.

            “They started with us! And if need be then I’ll be the one to finish it,” lashed Flit in anger to his younger brother’s pacifistic ways.

            “You don’t know that,” Kio said as the AGE-1 Glansa destroyed another mobile suit. All of a sudden their face lit up with green X-Rounder rays,

{Aboard the Xyan}

            Lady Xenith started to feel dizzy at first. In the immediate instant she felt a piercing burning pain in her chest, as if her skin was on fire. She gasped, clutched her chest, and upon getting up to move she stumbled, causing PLTJG Mason to assist. Xenith lifted up her head, casting her  spatial senses out through space, receiving glimpses of space, lights from stars, and then blurred images of the soldiers on both sides until she saw a clear picture of the pilots radiating strong X-Rounder powers from one another.

            “I—I’m sensing the resonance of a X-Rounder. No, two of them,” she told Mason.

            “Ma’am, we received word that the Miragrah has launched,” reported the lead operator.

            “This won’t go in my favor. The resonance between X-Rounders together in sync enhances their powers. They must be crushed. Now that I know my opponent I feel much better now Mason, get in contact with Sigato for Operation Purge of AGE while I prepare to launch,” Lady Xenith ordered. 

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Frame 00c: MARK, Target, & Chosen


{Out in space on the battlefield}


            “I know. Whatever it is, Asemu is heading in that direction,” communicated Flit to his little brother Kio who was worried from the immerse pressure he just felt. Though Kio wanted to act, he felt the need to believe in his Super Pilot brother, at least until him and Flit is able to clear a path.

            The Gundam AGE-2 Dark Hound reverted back to MS mode as Asemu began picking up some abnormal readings from his scanners.

            “I’ll…I’ll stop this. I’ll stop everything and anyone else,” Regina told herself, feeding off of Commander Rossario Solen’s impression while wearing a dark blue piloting suit with a yellow chest/shoulder pad and yellow vertical stripes that went from the center of her arms and neck on down. Further inside the cockpit Regina had to wear two wrist braces and a head brace in order to maintain the MARK Neutralizer as it began to feed her brainwaves data upon encountering a unit. Though the Dark Hound had never seen a mobile suit quite like it, that didn’t stop Asemu from firing multiple shots, but the Miragrah swooped in, circling around the beams.

            “What? How? Could the pilot be an X-Rounder?” Asemu thought. Asemu started to wonder if the Extraterrestrials had pilots who were X-Rounders also. The Miragrah was approaching so Asemu had the Dark Hound release its anchor shot. A wired anchor shot out between binders, as he wanted to restrain the mobile suit. From the Miragrah’s cockpit the braces on the pilot pulsated, generating an astral projection of Regina’s image when it entered Asemu’s cockpit, sitting next to him.

            “Stop!” the projection emulated through an echo to him before vanishing.

            “Wha?” he questioned. This was the second time he encountered a phenomenon like this. The first happen when he wore a helmet belonging to his former enemy the Vagan, sending signals to his X-Region. This however was different, he wasn’t wearing the helmet do to brain damaging affects and no X-Rounder encountered in the past projected themselves like that toward him. If that was the pilot and she isn’t an X-Rounder, just what is she and why say stop? His eyes darted from the screen from his loss of focus the Miragrah maneuvered to the side and flew passed him.

            “Ah!” screamed Flit, as his X-Rounder power was slammed with friction. Suddenly Kio X-Rounder rays predicted beam shots locked onto the AGE-1 Glansa.

            “Flit look out!” Kio shouted. Beam fire from the Miragrah came at him as Kio used the C-Funnels to swoop in to provide cover for the AGE-1 Glansa by creating a 2x4 physical shield. Flit maneuvered his shield rifles around, predicting a point that the unit would cross. Dark Hound came right back, firing multiple shots to direct the attention back on him in which the Miragrah blocked using its anti-beam shield just as Flit fired, missing. Attach to the beam rifle under the barrel was a second barrel thick enough to discharge a beam saber as the Miragrah swung at the Dark Hound, but missed. Kio pushed his X-Rounder power to connect with the pilot in the Miragrah as Regina heard the voice of a boy,

            “Why would you hurt us? Why keep fighting?”

            “Why would I? I could ask you the same. I want to stop this conflict,” said Regina, developing a mental communication with him.

            “I want to stop it too. I don’t want anyone else to die. We are all human beings,” Kio continued to use his X-Rounder power to push his feelings.

            “I…I…” Regina stumbled. “Who are you? I feel a sense of calm…from you, is this us?”

            “Let us try to understand each other. You and I can end this together if we just only try,” Kio pleased, trying to stop the fighting between the Dark Hound and the Miragrah.

            “Kio stop this now!” shouted Flit, releasing his X-Rounder rays. By overwhelming Kio with his will power, disconnected his and Regina’s psyche-link, sending overwhelming serge of negative energies straight into the MARK Neutralizer, corrupting the data.

            “AAH!” Regina screamed, unable to get a hold over the neutralizer.  

            “MARK targeted—chosen,” said the central terminal as the letters M.A.R.K. appeared in red.

            “Co, Commander Solen. Can you hear me? Something is wrong with the neutralizer. Calling dock bay I repeat, something’s wrong with the MARK Neutralizer. Requesting serious aid,” Regina broadcasted to the Angeline.

{Aboard the Angeline}

            From the bridge, Rossario had dismissed everyone in preparation for Operation AGE. While alone she approached the comm-link, hearing Regina plea for help. She maneuvered her hand and pressed a yellow button, silencing the broadcast.

            “Sigato, eat your heart out,” she said with a smile. She opened the classified report file again seeing last testing results from the XEN00X Miragrah. Her green eyes glanced over at how the MARK Neutralizer was extremely sensitive. Any distortion would cause it to see what it wanted you to see and believe in what it wanted you to believe, making the pilot deem everyone around it is an enemy. It was as if giving your soul to the devil.

{Out in space on the battlefield}

            “Commander…anyone? AAH!” cried Regina as the MARK Neutralizer began overloading her brainwaves with raw statistic of possible future outcomes to counter the X-Rounder’s power of acute precognition ability. Her mental stability was being crushed, collapsing her Newtype awareness into running wild. The duration of her transitioning wild Newtype presence expelled exerted pressures, bolting directly at Flit and Kio, blocking their X-Rounder power.

            “Flit, Kio, what’s happening?” Asemu asked with concern in his voice, seeing their suits contorting. He however received no response back from them. Regina’s head lifted up, revealing her lilac eyes glowing a hazed orange color, becoming more influenced by the neutralizer. She began to have vivid hallucinations as it continued to send corrupted data to her brain rapidly and had chosen the path for her to take by deeming the three Gundams are her enemy.

            “Please, make it stop. Make it—make the Gundams stop…Gundams are our enemy. Intercepting chosen targets.” Regina at first whimpered, but then spoke out in a confession slowly in a collared manner. The Miragrah’s head picked up as its eyes flashed bright red and the weapon pods on the Miragrah’s back that formed an X suddenly ejected all four of them with heat wires attached. The claws at the end of them opened, revealing built in beam cannons as green beams rapidly fired on Flit, Asemu, and Kio.

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Frame 00d: Operation Purge of AGE


            “Damn,” cussed Asemu who quickly switched to Flight mode to dodge. The lower left and right pods went after the Gundam AGE-1 Glansa and Gundam AGE-FX while the upper left and right targeted the Dark Hound. While the left one continued firing beam shots, the right one ceased when a large beam saber sprout from it and took its place. The Dark Hound went from Flight mode to MS mode and used its beam saber that was stored on the rear skirt armor and the two sabers clashed, releasing flare of lights that sparked from impact. The left pod looped, damaging the Dark Hound’s rear binder.

            The Gundam AGE-FX had no choice, but to use its Stungle rifle. Since Kio’s X-Rounder power was blocked, it prevented him from using the C-Funnels. A beam wen through the Gundam AGE-FX’s left shoulder and took out the foot. Both shoulder armors from Gundam AGE-1 Glansa issued two missiles each in addition to two more missiles each from the front leg armor for a total of eight. The slider tri-eye camera on the Miragrah’s face flashed red as it retracted the pods back and crisscrossed the heat wires, cutting the missiles in half as all eight exploded before ever reaching the mobile suit.

            Asemu used the opportunity and in Flight mode traveled toward the Miragrah at 3-times the speed. Both Gundam AGE-1 Glansa and Gundam AGE-FX fired beam shots to distract it. Quickly the Dark Hound transformed back to MS mode and from its chest emitted a blinding flash of light.

            “Uumahh!” screamed Regina, becoming disoriented. At first everything in front of her was a blur, but when her sight returned the Dark Hound was gone. The wired anchor shot from behind it, wrapping around the Miragrah waist. When it hooked the anchor jolted an electrical current, shocking Regina and electrifying the MARK Neutralizer. “AAHHH!” Regina cried out in horrible pain, releasing the pressure hold over Kio and Flit. The heat wires sliced through the wired anchor, as Regina stayed immobilized. Her very existence manifested itself in an icy blue glow radiating from her body as the head brace shattered when her Newtype spatial awareness uncontrollably transferred over into the MARK Neutralizer. Like a ghost, her body simply started to phase out until the wrist brace fell to the floor, the sound they made when they hit echoed throughout the empty cockpit.

            In an instant both Kio and Flit felt weight being applied around them.

            “The pilot’s back,” Kio thought to himself. 

            “No, this one is different,” Flit murmured, trying use his green rays to push through it. What was weight told him someone else was near, someone had been watching them. “There!” he shouted, pointing to the silhouette of a mobile suit that loomed in the back and upon eye contact, Kio’s X-Rounder power picked up the empty emerald eyes staring at them.

            “Get everyone back, I’ll deal with this one,” said Asemu.

            “Hmm, I don’t think so,” spoke Sigato in an unrecognized blue and red mobile suit for Asemu’s damage scanner didn’t pick it up.

            “AHHH!” shouted Asemu as a beam from a saber entered from the back instantly tore through the Dark Hound’s cockpit, incinerating Asemu. The mobile suit then grabbed the Miragrah and headed back to the Scorpiro.

            “All remaining mobile suits, head back toward the Xyan now!” Sigato ordered.

            “ASEMU!” shouted Flit in anger.

            “NO!” cried out Kio in misery. “You killed him. Why? WHY!” Kio lashed out, charging the Gundam AGE-FX as the C-Funnels formed a completed spherical defense form toward the MS unit. The silhouette mobile suit folded it arms as the pilot inside of it pushed back her white hair revealing her earrings.

            “Let Operation Purge of AGE be completed. The catalyst has taken the bait,” Lady Xenith said.

            Immediately, Kio started to hear bells ringing. The particular sound wave traveled from his inner ear directly affecting his brain, which caused the Gundam AGE-FX to stop, dropping the defense form. Lady Xenith presence reached out to touch Kio’s mind. Kio was confronted with a glowing astral projection of Lady Xenith’s upper torso.

            “You, why? Why did you have to kill Asemu?!” He didn’t do anything to you,” Kio said with tears running down his face. The projection of Lady Xenith smiled, moving her hands to teach out to Kio, caressing his cheeks. Without warning her hands grabbed at his neck, and initiated psychic pressures so powerful he started to become ill. Kio started to feel himself slipping from reality into a hallucinated state when he grabbed his at his neck as if chocking, gasping for air to breathe. The bells increased in sound forcing his hands to slowly be brought back down when his motor skills began shutting down.

            “Kio!” shouted Flit, getting ready to get him when the Gundam AGE-2 Dark Hound exploded. The Gundam AGE-1 Glansa was too close to the explosion as the sudden G-Force knocked Flit out unconscious, spiraling him into a Clanche. He was soon picked up and taken away to retreat. Lady Xenith’s senses forced into Kio’s mind recoiled, but gradually she felt his defenses weaken, his mind opened enough to let her plant her influence. The injection overpowered Kio’s X-Rounder power so much it activated the Gundam AGE-FX Burst Mode. New golden-yellow-colored beam blades were emitted from all twenty-eight C-Funnels docks spread around the frame. Instead of releasing energy, it was gathering huge amounts resulting in the estrange color.

            “AHHH!” Kio released a deafening scream when the Gundam AGE-FX Burst mode formed a yellow spherical glow deriving from his out of control X-Rounder power. Like a bomb, the Gundam AGE-FX discharged an immense X-Rounder ray-bang.

            “My God…” expressed Admiral Algreus and Roddock Horn’s crew. All of Federation mobile suits commenced retreating from the area upon the golden-yellow explosion expanding its radius, engulfing anything in its path. Some Gigaks got caught in the bang, mobile suits that were engulfed into its energy were torn a part and the Amadeus unable to escape fast enough was ripped to shreds. After the dust cleared, a gore-ish scene emerged as nothing but damage parts of what were working mobile suits and scraps of metal belonging to the flagships drifted. People will talk of this travesty as The Third Contact.

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February, ASE 7-44 


Frame 01: Space

            Space…the twinkling of stars danced wondrously from a far. Two years passed since The Third Contact and the Xen-Dominion advancement toward the Earth and population over the solar system ensued. The Earth Federation relied on their subdivisions to keep them from reaching the Earth Sphere. However, The Third Contact forced the Earth Federation to look at the situation differently and reconstitute a new faction to handle the threat specifically. Between the years, while this was happening, Lady Xenith spread out her forces to secure a hold over certain sectors of space.

            A small Xen-Dominion space station was positioned close to Helios II colony in Neptune’s sphere. Close to the station around drifting space debris, the view screen inside a cockpit lit up. A key location was magnified in a particular region via the station. This particular space station was red with a magnetic field around it making attacking it from the outside difficult.

            “Sir, something is heading our way fast,” said the Petty officer inside the red station.

Zax Vandrād opened up his sapphire eyes, remembering the words of his people long ago. An asteroid passed through the green zone of the field and into the trash hatch. When the doors opened to deposit trash, thrusters propelled the asteroid through. Once inside, Zax stepped out of the dummy asteroid, wearing a Xen-Dominion military uniform of black and gold. Zax proceeded to head to the transport deck, viewing their current mobile suit production of the Zankou [Zan-Koo]. Zax scanned around and saw that the XEN103N Zankou had grey feet, desert brown leg armor with grey thrusters. Along with a thick desert brown and grey cover for the leg joints that resembled a skirt. He also noticed a thick chest plate with thick shoulder pad armor, two holes on the side of its head, and an upside down yellow triangle in the middle of its forehead.


Zax then decided to quickly make his way to the operation deck for more information regarding the Xen-Dominion placement. He saluted the guard that was standing by the door he needed to get into. When the soldier began lowering his arm, Zax kneed him in the gut so hard the soldier passed out. In an instant, Zax de-armed the soldier, placing two crisscrossing gun holders, buckling them on his chest. He dug through the soldier’s pockets, taking his key card. When he waved the key in front of the reader the door slid open from the side.

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Frame 02: The Calling

            The room was pitch black until he stepped forward. The door closed behind him and the lights automatically came on like lightning in a darken sky. The lighting exposed computer equipment along with holographic monitors. Zax approached one and placed a disc in it and than began typing. A verity of coded information appeared on screen.

            “Hmm…so they allied themselves with Lokist,” he said to himself in a low voice.


~Outside the Station/Station Command Center~


            “Sir, readings indicating its some type of Mobile Armor,” reported the petty officer, screening the alerts. “Confirmation from central. It isn’t one of ours.”

            “Turn all guns 23 degrees south and shoot that armor down now,” said the commander.

            The side guns on the red station rotated and began blasting in the direction of this mobile armor.


~Inside the Station~

            Shortly after reviewing such valuable information, Zax copied what he could and ejected the disc, placing it in a side pocket. What he could make out form the cryptic intel was that there seem to be a secured door somewhere within the room. Alarms went off from outside as he pressed a few key combinations into the system. He then took out the keycard from the guard before and swiped as it was approved. The wall by the last computer by his left slid upward revealing the entrance to an extended room as fog escaped. 


            He progressed inside with his guard up, feeling something was calling him near. Curiosity filled him when the go subsided, illuminating a computerized alter and on top of it was a armored black and yellow box incased in glass. When he approached the container, the glass split opened down the middle, laying flat on the sides. This granted him access as he reached and removed the box as the alarms from the outside began to get louder.

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Frame 03: Zankous

~Outside the Station/Station Command Center~

            Flashing controls with lights lit up the inside the mobile armor’s cockpit. The pilot sat up in an all black normal suit with a black helmet that hid his face from view. His screen lit up as the ray of beams headed his way.

            “They spotted me too soon,” the pilot replied as the mobile armor evaded the fire when he noticed the magnetic field suddenly went offline. His mobile armor was in the shape of a waverider. He took the two main control gears and cranked them forward, activating the thrusters. The waverider blazed through the fire and he fired back four missile at the red station before flying pass it.

            When the missiles hit, through panic, the commander ordered the release of the Zankous to intersect the enemy. Three soldiers wearing a black with yellow outlining normal suits entered into the transport deck and boarded their mobile suits. When the hatch opened, all three launched one after the other. Alert sensors went off as the pilot scanned the scene for possible mobile suits.

            “Alirght fellas, capture that there mobile armor…Carter…Uday.”


            “Roger that Terr.”

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Frame 04: Electrical

~Inside the Station~

            Zax proceeded to head out of the computer room, stepping over the unconscious solder.

            “You there!” shouted a soldier down the hall behind him. Zax froze with his back facing the officer. He went into a stasis shock, mentally calculating the best way through the situation.

            “Turn around slowly.”

            Zax formed a cocky grin on his face as he reached down and took out the RK-7 electric handgun, pointing it directly at the soldier. His eyes widen as Zax pulled the trigger, sending an electrical bullet size current. Unknowingly to Zax the charge was set too high and once the electrical bullet hit, it caused the soldier to stumble back, slamming his head against the wall. The soldier slid down to the floor, smearing blood down the wall.


~Outside the Station/Station Command Center~

            “Roger,” said Uday. Two Zankous separated, enabling the third mobile suit piloted by Terr to start firing his thick square flat faced Ingram mac gun as the other tow countered in from the sides.


~Inside the Station~


            Zax turned the electro charge down a bit and made a sharp left turn, continually walking down another hallway. He quickly took out a scout and adjusted his wristwatch, clicking a button that caused the inside of the dummy asteroid to light up. While coming up on another turn, he heard something and quickly darted his back against the right side of the cream colored wall.

Chapter Text


Frame 05: The Box

~Outside the Station~

            The pilot managed to dodge the magazine rounds, but the distraction left him blind to Uday coming from the left of him. Uday’s Zankou whipped out its beam-hawk and slashed the left side of the mobile armor. This caused the pilot to swirl around on its side for a few seconds as he thrust under the Zankou, regaining stability.


~Inside the Station~

            Zax looked up, seeing that the hall was elongated with four soldiers posted. He held the electro gun firmly, setting the charge to stun. He inhaled slowly, putting one of the guns down and picked up the box. With force he slid it across the floor to the other end. Zax performed a cartwheel, using his free hand to propel him forward, in-between the gap of the T-shaped hall. Thought it felt like time slowed down, it happened so fast. While performing the one-handed cartwheel to the other end, Zax pulled the trigger repeatedly, firing. One of Zax’s electric bullets stunned an officer in his arm, an electric bullet stunned a second officer in the thigh, causing him to crash to the floor as his thigh went numb. The electric bullets they fired back went passed him. When his foot touched the floor, he motioned his back against the wall at the other end. His foot touched the box as his heart started to pound with excitement.


            “Now Opening…” said a female computerized voice, coming from the box.

Chapter Text


Frame 06: Disconnection

~Inside the Station~

            Zax turned and looked down, seeing the box lock flip up as steam gushed out of it. When the box opened, inside in a triangular placement was three Blueprint Data Cards.


~Outside the Station/Station Command Center~

            “You’re mine!” shouted Carter, firing his F-L02-14 clay-bazooka from the right. The round shot out then conventional immobilizing shells. This made it more difficult to evade in the mobile armor’s current condition. With damage done and the armor not fully responding, the pilot had no choice, but to head on up ahead.

            “Whoohoo!” We got ‘um,” said Terr.

            “Wait…what’s that loony doin’?” asked Uday. The pilot wasn’t going down that easily as he flipped a switch and fired a few Vulcan rounds, creating a sizable crack enabling the armor to fly into a neighboring colony cluster Helios II. 

            “Goddammit…Commander, he entered the colony,” informed Terr.

            “He what? Alright, follow him, but don’t pursue it recklessly,” ordered the Commander.

            “Sir, incoming transmission from Provisional Lieutenant Junior Grade [PLJG] Mason Hart,” said a Petty Officer.

            “Patch it through.” The Petty Officer patched the transmission through, displaying PLJG Hart’s image on screen for them to view.

            “SIR!” said the Commander as everyone in the room saluted.

            “Is everything going as plan regarding the prototypes?” he asked.

            “Yes umm well about that. A minor setback has occurred,” he said, while floating to his chair.


            “We encountered a mobile armor that wasn’t in our database,” he admitted.

            “Sir! An unknown assailant has infiltrated the station,” said the Petty Officer.

            “What? When? How?” questioned the Commander, confusedly. The Commander looked back at the viewing screen only to see Lady Xenith disconnect their transmission. His eyes widen, “Oh…this isn’t good.” 

Chapter Text


Frame 07: Images of AGES

~Inside the Station~

            The first card contained an image of the Gundam AGE-1 while the left one was of the Gundam AGE-2 and the right one of the Gundam AGE-3.

            “Please state your name,” said the box. Zax squatted and closed the lid, sealing back up. His focus went back on getting out of the red station intact. With his exited heart pounding, he took out an admitter and pressed it, setting off six charges to explode. The station shook violently from the multiple explosions. He instantly dashed forward down the hallway and as he approached them, he pushed himself off the floor and onto the rightside of the wall. When his foot touched the wall, he pushed off of it and upon coming down, his fist pummeled directly into the fourth officer’s face that had a gun on him. This knocked him out cold upon him landing, Zax’s body curled into a automatic tumble and rolled forward once. He sprung up and shot the officer with the stunned arm and the officer on the floor.

            “Sir, bay 1, 2, & 4 have taken damage from the inside,” said the Petty officer. “This is considered a means of abounding the station.”

            “We cannot do that. Check the—” before the Commander could confirm, behind him, the double doors slid open as Zax stood in the center. He released his hands, setting loose four Ex-bulbs. While in slow motion the Ex-bulbs flew in different directions. Still in midair, these sphere-shape projectiles north and south points opened revealing a glowing blue tube. Zax grabbed an anti-gravity puller, which from the hallway that sent him zooming just as the command room exploded, followed by metal doors sliding down from the room. 

Chapter Text


Frame 08: The Pilot In Black

~Inside the Station~

            Zax took stairs back down to the transport deck and when he stepped out, he posed as a regular soldier again. He headed back inside the dummy asteroid, checked his Comm-link, seeing that the mobile armor headed for Helios II.


~Inside Helios II~

            “Dammit, c’mon!” yelled the pilot in black, trying to regain control of his mobile armor. Wasn’t long of him entering the colony when his sensors went off again, alerting him of incoming mobile suits. The builds seem tiny as the craft flew high above the city of Rohah. He tried switching controls again, but it was too late as a Zankou plowed itself directly on top. 

            “You didn’t think this was over did ya?” said Carter.

            “Time to see what the best aerialist can bring to the table then,” said the pilot in black as he jerked the controls, making the mobile armor spin.

            “Attention citizens of Helios II, Rohah District. We have an emergence announcement of what appear to be two mobile units at war with each other. We will continue to keep you posted, everyone please remain calm.”

            “You have to be kidding me. Way to go dad, I wanted to go to Side 6, but nooo. ‘Helios II would be much suited for you,’ you said,” expressed a girl with dark blue hair, listening to the television set as the announcer reported back.

            “We just received word of another mobile unit entering the colony. We seriously ask for everyone cooperation and proceed to the evacuation bunker south west of Lavard Parkway.”  The girl jumped when the front door swung opened.

            “Rikka! C’mon, everyone is evacuating and trust me, this ain’t no drill. Rumor is those are some of Xen-Dominion units,” said her friend Veara.

            “Baka! I just got settled and now this? I mean…what about my stuff?” she asked in a drooping tone. Veara rolled her eyes and quickly grabbed some things and headed out with Rikka behind her.


            “You know what, the fastest way is through the forest,” suggested Veara. Rikka grabbed her bag from her and agreed.

Chapter Text


Frame 09: Undergoing Innovation

~Somewhere via Helios II~

            “Captain, come in captain…”

            “This is Zax, what is it Falyn.”

            “Where are you and better yet, where is Hawl? You’re late and I haven’t been able to reach him at all,” Falyn expressed concernedly via is communicator.

            “We got separated. I made it to Helios II, but I fear this is just the beginning. Continue toward the rendezvous point, Zax out.”

~The Forest of Cerabas~

            Both Rikka and Veara drove into the forest of Cerabas, stumbling down a steep hill that let to a field.

            “Whoa!” shouted Rikka as they looked up.

            “Whoaahhh!” screamed Carter as his Zankou spun off of the mobile armor and fell straight down into a forest type environment.

            “Damn!” shouted the pilot, seeing the stress on the mobile armor reaching its limit. With the controls in hand firmly, he braced for an emergency landing. He pulled down on the gears as the mobile armor jerked down roughly into the forest.

            “…Uhh, my head,” said Rikka, finding herself on the ground. At first she struggled to get up. “Veara you okay…Veara…” When she stood, she saw the dead body belonging to her friend confined in a crushed up vehicle. “VEARA!”

            Instantly Rikka felt a pulse coming from within the forest. This pulse called to her, pulling onto her senses as if to move her away from the accident. Without realizing it, she was moving toward that direction. She saw what were once tall trees now broken into pieces. She hopped over a log and saw a guy in a black normal-suit, limping over to a tree that was still intact. Rikka saw he was hurt from the trail of blood leaving behind him until he collapsed.

            “Bosha moy, hey are you alright?!” she shouted running over to him. When he heard the voice he picked himself up and placed his back against the tree. When she reached him he whipped out his electro-gun and pointed it at her. She froze, hearing her heart beat louder then ever before. Her red eyes widen from the sound of the electro gun going off. The electric bullet flew passed the girl and directly into Carter’s chest who came from behind. The girl turned around seeing a Xen-Dominion soldier drop to the ground.

            “Ahh!” cried out the pilot as he dropped his arm do to the recoil. The gun felt so heavy afterward. She looked back at the pilot,

            “Did…did this person save my life?” she asked herself.

            “Yes…yes I did,” he said to her in a muffled voice do to his helmet still being on.

            “Wait whoa, how did you—” She was cut off when the pilot reached out with his left hand toward her, gesturing for her to reach out to him. She hesitated for a moment, not sure if she could trust him. His eyes connected with the girl, looking emotionally through beyond her red eyes. She soon felt at ease and reached out to him, touching his hand. On contact, the two shared a quantum effect. Rikka found the forest background now altered into a celestial void. Temporarily she could detect the Hawl’s thoughts, feelings, and beyond. Her red eyes altered into glowing digital rainbow-hue as she was undergoing innovation.   

Chapter Text


Frame 10: Last Wish

~The Forest of Cerabas~

            Within this evolution, she sensed the thoughts and feelings of the pilot, wanting her to take the mobile armor to a specific location. When the quantum reaction subsided, the pilot handed her his brace watch called a Xel’tool.

            “Can you read it?” he asked her. She placed the black bottom, red top brace on her left wrist. When she tapped it, the red top flipped up, revealing a holographic monitor with cryptic numbers going vertical on the screen. Beneath the red flap was white buttons mixed with numbers and letters.

            “Ye—yeah, I can actually read this crypt,” she told him. Though they read as numbers, to her, she saw formation of lettering and when placed together began to form words.

            “Good.” Swallow breaths came from the pilot’s mouth as more blood continued to seep out. “Leave me here then. Follow the coordinates and then head to Porter Town. You’ll…you will…encounter someone you know you are meant to meet. Tell him…Hal Forester will see them from the stars.” The quantum link that she shared with him was immediately severed; the silence soon became a realization for her of the corpse that rested in front of her. She looked up at the mobile armor as his voice echoed within the confines of her head. The mobile armor B23 hatch opened suddenly as she found herself lost with a choice. While she was scared in wanting to follow her original objective of heading for the bunkers, she also felt compelled to follow the path that’s now presented in front of her. A dead man’s last wish, “To find the Beacon of Hope…”


Chapter Text

Frame 11: Chosen Path

~Porter Town~

            Zax pushed his way passed people who where heading for shelter, his phantom blue boots pound the pavement. He switched up into his uniform, wearing black pants that was tucked into his boots, a phantom blue jacket that was tucked inside his pants, while halfway zipped down it exposed a black undershirt. When he reached Sky Park in Porter Town, he noticed his teammate by the parking sign to the entrance. Falyn Haw was taller than Zax in addition to having long blond hair that was tied into a ponytail via the lower end. His attire was the same, but wore phantom green instead in addition to having hazel eyes.

            “We were all suppose to meet here,” Falyn said while crossing his arms.

            “Something went wrong. Can you sense his presence?” Zax asked. Falyn exhaled with a sigh before closing his eyes. He opened up his Newtype spatial awareness as his surroundings vanished. Falyn was enclosed with stars while standing in a consciousness of space. He focused, tuning everyone out…everyone, but the one he’s trying to reach.


            “I don’t sense him at all,” Falyn said at first. “Wait, his presence feels…faint.” Abruptly, he started to see a silhouette of Hal heading in his direction. When reality returned, the silhouette took the form of Hal’s normal suit, running in slow motion toward them. Just as Hal passed them, his presence disconnected from this plane of existence. In that moment the colony jerked, resulting in a thunderous sound, causing people to stumble and lose their balance. Just as the girl continued passing Falyn, she stumbled to the side and fell, only to be caught by Zax.

Chapter Text

Frame 12: Can You Be Trusted?

~Porter Town~

            “I am so sorry,” said the girl as Zax helped placed her back on her feet. The girl had on a pink top that exposed her bellybutton, watermelon green shorts, and pink sneakers.

            “Hey you! Stop!” yelled approaching Xen-Dominion soldiers.

            “They’re after me,” said both the girl and Zax at the same time. “After you? They’re after me.”

            “Great, this is just fantastic. We still need a mechanic and Hall is still MIA,” said Falyn.

            “Hal? As in Hal Forester?” she asked them.

            “You know him?” Zax asked.

            “No…maybe, kind of. It’s messy. I came across him right before he died.” Falyn eyes narrowed, realizing why he couldn’t sense Hal via this existence anymore. However, what was it about this girl for Hal’s essence to latch onto her. In his eyes, this girl couldn’t be trusted.

            “Captain, we need to go. If what she said is true, for all we know she could have killed him,” Falyn said.

            “Baka! That’s all you have to say? Your friend died in front of me, wanting me to show up to this location and the only thing you can say is that I was the one that killed him? How dare you!” Rikka expressed which sent Falyn to step forward toward her,

            “He wasn’t my friend.” Zax went in and placed his hand on Falyn’s shoulder, silently expressing for him to stand down. He felt a knot in his throat that he had to force down for this wasn’t the time or place to morn the loss of his teammate.

            “You said that he sent you to us?” Zax decided to ask. “Who are you?”

            “My name is Rikka Fleak. Though his message was a bit cryptic, but he wanted me to wear this Xel’tool and—”

            “The Xel’tool? So that means you know of B23?” Zax cut her off.

            “Noy Jitat,” cursed Falyn as the Xen-Dominion soldiers reached them. The immediate danger struck a cord within Rikka when she unconsciously pulled out a gun that belonged to Hal. She edged up the gun with both hands directly at the soldiers.

            “Whoa…what just happened? Why am I holding a gun?” she asked herself out loud. One minute she was hand free and with one blink she found herself in possession of a gun.

            “Ha! Don’t make me laugh, do you even know how to use that thing little girl?” a soldier asked. Both Falyn and Zax eyed each other when two more soldiers came at them from the rear.

            “Come..come any closer and I’ll shoot,” Rikka stuttered. Her hand wouldn’t stop shaking as the soldier called out her bluff and took a step forward. “Stop…I’ll do it, I really will.”

            “Cut the bullshit kid, these two are coming with us, and you can join them,” said a soldier. Noticeable fear in her eyes took over her body as the gun continued shaking unsteadily in her hands. “Put it down and hand it to me before you make me angry.” It wasn’t till then that she began lowering the gun and blacked out before saying,

            “Catch.” The gun was tossed at the soldier that caught him by surprise. So much so, Rikka kicked the gun out of his hand, which flew overhead, allowing Zax to catch it. As Zax started firing in the opposite direction, Rikka spun around and elbowed the soldier in the gut and then upper jabbed him with the same elbow in his face. Just as Zax fired his last shot, he tossed the gun in the air, allowing Falyn to catch it in synchronization. Falyn pointed the gun at the last remaining soldier and sent an electric bullet into him, knocking him out completely. When Rikka regained her composure, she found herself standing over the soldier she just knocked out,

            “What the hell just happened? What did I just do?”

            “You don’t remember?” Zax asked.

            “No! One minute I was lowering the gun, next this dude is knocked out,” said Rikka.

            “We need to leave now,” said Falyn.

            “I’m coming with too then,” Rikka said.

            “Captain, she is not coming with us,” Falyn intervened. Rika literally shoved Falyn into some shrubberies, making Zax focus his attention on her instead.

            “Listen, last time I checked, I’m a mechanical engineer, plus I have this Xel’tool thingy. I’m coming with,” she said, pleading her case. Falyn pulled himself out of the shrubs only to find himself completely covered with greenery and twigs, Rikka hid behind Zax.


            “She comes. Rikka, we’re the United-Federation Extraterrestrial Attestation also known as U-FEA (U-Feh-Ah). If you’re truly in, then we roll out now,” Zax commanded.

Chapter Text

Frame 13: Estrial


~Helios II’s Mobile Docking Bay~

            Moments later, they arrived at the craft docking bay within the colony and boarded a mobile defense cruiser called the Estrial✭[es-tree-uhl-star]. The body was a stunning phantom blue and blacks while the configuration was definitely different. The bridge remained in the center of the vessel. The prow was divided into two separate units for catapult decks that curved in structure. The stern contained the main power source that not only fueled the ship, but also a very important component for deep space travel. On the left and right sides spaced from the bridge, heat-dissipating slanted tube-like panels contained built-in high-fusion batteries.

            Rikka’s B23 mobile armor was brought aboard the ship and placed in the carrier container next to the B22, and B21. She stared in ah though at first glance the mobile armors together seemed identical minus the paint schemes. The B22 body was black with certain parts painted green. The B21 was white also, but with certain parts painted blue via the shoulder armor, arms, and lower feet, while the chest and knees comprised of yellow. 

            “Huh?” she blurted out. While in her ah moment, she slightly heard the faint call of her name in the foreground.

            “Rikka, I need you to inspect the current conditions of the Gundam B-Units. Use your Xel’tool for now and if you need some help, ask DUKE,” said Zax over a speaker.

            “Duke?” she said to herself. Instantly, the Xel’tool on her wrist flipped opened with the lettering DUKE on the screen.

            “DUKE, this is Rikka. Set her up,” Zax spoke again. The letters blinked twice as if it heard and understood what Zax had said as began loading the schematics regarding the mobile units.

            “Whoa…so DUKE is a—.”

            Zax exited the Vid Comm chamber for the bridge that was hexagonal in shape, eight huge windows traveled along the room to view their surroundings and a slender computer screen hung above the center window. His chair faced the center focal point while the control to steer the ship was further up via the left corner and a communication server to the right. Falyn stood by the helm, waiting for orders.

            “Status report?” Zax asked while floating to his chair.

            “As suspected, the remainder of the red station forces are pulling together for an assault on Helios II.”

            “Consisting of?” Zax asked curiously.

            “Approximately six Efas,” confirmed Falyn.

            “Only six? I wouldn’t call that an assault, but I guess,” Zax replied.

            “Bosha Moy…” complained Rikka upon walking into the bridge.

            “Are the Gundams in condition for combat?” Zax asked her, turning the chair in her direction.

            “Baka! Are you kidding me? From what I could tell briefly, both the B23 and B22 are a no go. The B23 can’t even turn back into a normal mobile unit. For God sake, the B22 doesn’t even have a right arm attach. The B21 on the other hand is able to go out,” she explained to the both of them.

            “Well…it’s settled then. Rikka, take the communication server while Falyn control the helm. I’ll intercept the enemy,” Zax concluded.

            “You’re going into combat—by yourself?” she asked puzzled.

            “Trust me, he won’t be alone,” Falyn assured.

            Rikka took a seat at the communication server, Zax boarded the B21, and Falyn prepared for take off. Zax pulled out the mobile unit’s keyboard and started punching the required sequences until the unit’s security requested identification confirmation. Zax moved his hand over to a disc-like pad and pressed his thumb on it.


            “You ready Haro Number 1?” A dark blue haro was positioned above the keyboard.

            “Roger. Roger.”

            “Yo cap, all areas on the ship are confirmed ready to leave port,” informed Rikka via the unit’s Comm-link. An image of her appeared on a small screen via the upper right corner inside the cockpit.

            “Gundam! Gundam!” replied the haro.

            “Your Gundam will launch first, followed by the Estrial✭leaving port,” Rikka confirmed.

~Catapult Sequence~


            “Zax Vandrād in Rebirth Gundam. Now launching!”