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Mobile Suit Gundam Rebirth

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Frame 13: Estrial


~Helios II’s Mobile Docking Bay~

            Moments later, they arrived at the craft docking bay within the colony and boarded a mobile defense cruiser called the Estrial✭[es-tree-uhl-star]. The body was a stunning phantom blue and blacks while the configuration was definitely different. The bridge remained in the center of the vessel. The prow was divided into two separate units for catapult decks that curved in structure. The stern contained the main power source that not only fueled the ship, but also a very important component for deep space travel. On the left and right sides spaced from the bridge, heat-dissipating slanted tube-like panels contained built-in high-fusion batteries.

            Rikka’s B23 mobile armor was brought aboard the ship and placed in the carrier container next to the B22, and B21. She stared in ah though at first glance the mobile armors together seemed identical minus the paint schemes. The B22 body was black with certain parts painted green. The B21 was white also, but with certain parts painted blue via the shoulder armor, arms, and lower feet, while the chest and knees comprised of yellow. 

            “Huh?” she blurted out. While in her ah moment, she slightly heard the faint call of her name in the foreground.

            “Rikka, I need you to inspect the current conditions of the Gundam B-Units. Use your Xel’tool for now and if you need some help, ask DUKE,” said Zax over a speaker.

            “Duke?” she said to herself. Instantly, the Xel’tool on her wrist flipped opened with the lettering DUKE on the screen.

            “DUKE, this is Rikka. Set her up,” Zax spoke again. The letters blinked twice as if it heard and understood what Zax had said as began loading the schematics regarding the mobile units.

            “Whoa…so DUKE is a—.”

            Zax exited the Vid Comm chamber for the bridge that was hexagonal in shape, eight huge windows traveled along the room to view their surroundings and a slender computer screen hung above the center window. His chair faced the center focal point while the control to steer the ship was further up via the left corner and a communication server to the right. Falyn stood by the helm, waiting for orders.

            “Status report?” Zax asked while floating to his chair.

            “As suspected, the remainder of the red station forces are pulling together for an assault on Helios II.”

            “Consisting of?” Zax asked curiously.

            “Approximately six Efas,” confirmed Falyn.

            “Only six? I wouldn’t call that an assault, but I guess,” Zax replied.

            “Bosha Moy…” complained Rikka upon walking into the bridge.

            “Are the Gundams in condition for combat?” Zax asked her, turning the chair in her direction.

            “Baka! Are you kidding me? From what I could tell briefly, both the B23 and B22 are a no go. The B23 can’t even turn back into a normal mobile unit. For God sake, the B22 doesn’t even have a right arm attach. The B21 on the other hand is able to go out,” she explained to the both of them.

            “Well…it’s settled then. Rikka, take the communication server while Falyn control the helm. I’ll intercept the enemy,” Zax concluded.

            “You’re going into combat—by yourself?” she asked puzzled.

            “Trust me, he won’t be alone,” Falyn assured.

            Rikka took a seat at the communication server, Zax boarded the B21, and Falyn prepared for take off. Zax pulled out the mobile unit’s keyboard and started punching the required sequences until the unit’s security requested identification confirmation. Zax moved his hand over to a disc-like pad and pressed his thumb on it.


            “You ready Haro Number 1?” A dark blue haro was positioned above the keyboard.

            “Roger. Roger.”

            “Yo cap, all areas on the ship are confirmed ready to leave port,” informed Rikka via the unit’s Comm-link. An image of her appeared on a small screen via the upper right corner inside the cockpit.

            “Gundam! Gundam!” replied the haro.

            “Your Gundam will launch first, followed by the Estrial✭leaving port,” Rikka confirmed.

~Catapult Sequence~


            “Zax Vandrād in Rebirth Gundam. Now launching!”