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Mobile Suit Gundam Rebirth

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The year is After Second Era 7-42. After the Battle of La Gramis of the three yearlong Earth and Vagan conflict was won thanks to the Asuno brothers, the Earth Federation was soon to make peace with the Vagans. However on November, ASE 7-42 is when they came. Out from the cold darkness of deep space, a humanoid extraterrestrial empire calling themselves Xen-Dominion came out of nowhere through a warpgate and began their descent toward the Earth Sphere. Their initial approach was consider friendly at first, but between them and the Earth Federation something horrible happened to both factions known as The First Contact.


((This is a four part intro to episode 1))


Frame 00a: The Third Contact


December, ASE 7-42  

            “These bastards. Fire the anti-air canons!” ordered Admiral Frederick Algreus. 

            “Firing,” assured the artillery officer. The Amadeus’ cannons adjusted their angle to better target the enemy. Each cannon began firing pink beams toward the enemy line, especially at two ships larger than their own. The enemy’s battleship called Scorpiro was stationed next to a warship that was dark purple with a massive wingspan. The back half was wide for deep space propulsion while the front half stretched to the length of two football fields. Unbeknown to the Amadeus-fleet, the warship was called the Angeline and aboard it, sitting in the captain’s chair was Commander Rossario Solen.

            She had wild strawberry hair with green eyes. Half of an iron mask went from the right side of her head and curved downward to her right jaw line. She was wearing a pink normal suit with a yellow chest/shoulder pad and yellow vertical stripes that went from the center of her arms and neck on down.

            “Evade!” said Commander Solen as the Angeline side thrusters maneuvered the warship a few degrees to miss the incoming fire.

            “Damn, they’re everywhere,’ said an Earth Federation pilot. While in his Genoace O-Custom, which had an upgraded new visor, high-precision sensor, and antenna blade. The pilot cranked its expanded backpack thrusters to dodge the green energy beams that were coming from enemy units called the Gigaks.

            “Admiral, if this keeps up our mainline of defense will be breach,” informed the assistant operator.

            “How long till the Asuno brothers arrive?” Algreus asked.

            “An estimated twenty minutes,” she answered.

            “Then we must continue to hold this line till they get here. Send back out damage units once they are repaired quickly,” he ordered, trying to by some time.


{Aboard the Angeline}

            “Commander, enemy units have dropped 23%. Estimated breach in about ten minutes,” informed the lead operator.

            “Excellent, contact the Scorpiro and inform Captain Sigato that our Gigak units will hold their position,” said Rossario.


{Out in space on the battlefield}

            “Oh no you don’t!” said another Earth Federation pilot. His high-speed combat Clanche equipped with a DODS rifle fired three pink beam shots that took out a Gigak mobile suit from the side. Green beams came at him from the rear as the Clanche quickly turned into a fighter-like form, which flew at a greater speed, missing being hit by the beams just in time. It then flew in, transforming back into its MS mode while taking out from the Clanche’s wrist a sword-like beam saber and used it to slice off both arms belonging to this particular Gigak.

            “HAA!” shouted the Clanche pilot about to do a finishing blow to the cockpit. The pilot inside the Gigak closed his eyes, but soon notice that he was still breathing, still alive. When he opened them back up, he saw the Clanche lowering its beam saber. “Wha…what’s going on?” The Clanche pilot questioned as his scanners and sensors were going wild.


{Aboard the Amadeus}

            Alarms were sound off,

            “Admiral! Sensors are indicating an object entering the battlefield and sir…it’s massive,” informed the assistant operator. Admiral Algreus stood up, staring at the magnified viewing screen.


 {Out in space on the battlefield}

            Before them all a warpgate began transpiring. A mobile asteroid base with large fitted thermonuclear hyper-deutesion thrusters warped through space. As it exited, glowing blue tails of light subsided from the thrusters’ backend after five seconds when the warpgate closed. Called Xyan, this mobile base and headquarters belonging to the leader of the extraterrestrial empire Xen-Dominion, Lady Xenith.

            “Warp status, we are clear. Navigation confirmed. Xyan has caught up with both the Angeline and Scorpiro vessels,” informed the chief navigator.

            “Ma’am, both vessels are engaged in battle. Targets have been confirmed to be Earth Federation Forces-types,” said Provisional Lieutenant Junior Grade Mason Hart, reading the report given to him by the lead operator as he stood next to Lady Xenith as if a guard. This particular bridge, the crew’s equipment were positioned in rows of a 2x6 in a V formation while centered to the side of them was the commanding post. Lady Xenith had her chin planted on her right fist; her upper back-length white hair and soulless emerald eyes easily spot her. She wore a see-through gown with a black front and a silver/gold belt that elongated her figure. Silver and black long shoulder pads with black angled heeled shoe boots and a rainbow iridescent moissanite-like silicon crystal pierced to both ears.

            “Ma’am, incoming transmission from Captain Sigato Starr,” said the chief operator.

            “Patch him through,” she said in a stern tone. A video image of Sigato appeared on the main screen and before he spoke, he maneuvered his fist to his heart and then moved it to his side in the air, holding up the fist as a means of saluting.

            “My Lady, we are pleased that both you and the Xyan made to the Motherland.”

            “Captain Sigato, I want you to start pulling back your units while I contact the Angeline.”

“I received reports of the XEN00X next testing phase. May I suggest releasing it into combat now?” he asked.

“So soon?” she responded curiously.

“I don’t think that’s wise my Lady. It’s still not at completion,” Mason added.

“This is true, which is why testing it out on the battlefield now would be a win situation. Not only will we have completion of combat data, it would also inform us necessary notion needed for it to go into its final phase of being 100% ready,” Sigato inquired.

“Done,” said Lady Xenith in agreement.

“Then by all means, allow me to contact the Angeline instead?” Sigato asked. This caused Mason to narrow his gaze, picking up a questionable vibe from this captain.