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roses are red, violets are blue

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February 14th, 20XX


From down the hall comes a gleeful shriek of laughter. "Chocolates! I knew it! Doori has a girlfriend."

The resulting chorus of ooh's is utterly gratuitous.

A thump, a laughing yelp, and Doori's voice. "I do not have a girlfriend, and you don't know shit."

"Language, kiddo."

"I'm older than half of you!" is Doori's idea of a parting shot as he ducks into the dressing room. The door slams on the sound of laughter, fading.

Ruito flips a page in his script. "Old enough to be dating already?"

"Shut up." Doori tosses the box of chocolates at him. "You so owe me. So much."

Ruito tucks the box into his bag, along with his script. "Let me know when you get a boyfriend and I'll be sure to return the favor."

"So are you like, actually dating him? Like. Actually?"

"No, I just get homemade presents from hot guys all the time. Like, just walking down the street. It's a real problem, being this cute."

"Oh, come on! Tell me!"

"You'll understand when you're older." Ruito ignores the pout that gets him; it might work on, like, Kei-chan, but Ruito is immune. He shoulders his bag. "Thanks for letting me stash the chocolates in your locker. Later."

"Don't get cooties," Doori calls after him. Because he's a child.

Ruito checks his phone. One new message, from Saitou Takumi:

It's a date. See you at 9.