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Pursuit of Power

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“You know Guude isn't going to just let you play with the server. People have things to do, and he's not going to just cave because you give him puppy dog eyes,” Pause said with a grumble. Zisteau had let him down some time ago, complaining about how heavy he was. The two of them had bickered back and forth before Vechs had smacked them both with a tentacle. The rest of the journey had been mostly quiet, other then Vechs smacking them each once in awhile for terrible thoughts.

Vechs shrugged, unconcerned. “I don't think he's going to have much say. Anyway, y'all need to relax and have a day or two off every once in awhile. Yes, tentacles are relaxing, don't backtalk,” Vechs said as he lightly smacked Pause on the cheek with a tentacle.

“I didn't say anything! That's not fair!” Pause said, grumbling yet again about god damned mindreaders. Well, if you're going to just read my mind, you might has well have fun. Pause thought, thinking of the most lurid things he could think of doing to Vechs. Vechs smirked slightly, shaking his head. “Oh Pause. I already knew those things. You were mentally loud when you came,” Vechs said, which just caused Pause to grumble more.

Zisteau smirked, looking away from the two of them. A thin tentacle caressed him, turning his chin to face Vechs while they walked. “Oh, I know what you want to do to Pause too...and now he's all intrigued. Hehe,” Vechs said, giggling. Pause blushed, looking down at the ground while they walked.

The three of them found themselves in front of Guude's house. Sneaking up silently, Vechs peeked inside the window. Guude and BDoubleO were both there, talking to Etho, who seemed unsure of what was occuring. Searching their minds, he pulled back with a hiss. His eyes went black as he tried to think of what to do next. Zisteau and Pause watched him, unsure what was happening.

Someone had seen what he had done to Pause. He couldn't read their minds clearly enough to see who it was, but someone had seen, and had warned the rest of the server. Apparently they were going to do something drastic if they caught him. Apparently someone else was upset he had made a deal first, and had decided to spoil his fun. His eyes went wide as he felt them turning, looking...

Stumbling away from the window, he threw Pause and Zisteau in front of him as he started running through his different abilities, trying to figure out something to do. He was better at long term planning then on sudden occurrences. One of the thoughts turned towards opening a portal to the other dimension. Without proper anchoring, he had no idea what would happen. The entity didn't know either, so it hadn't told him what was going to occur.

Guude and BDoubleO charged out of the house in what seemed like slow motion. Vechs looked over slightly to see BTC smirking at him, following behind the two. Fuck, I should have known it would be BTC. Upset I took the evil crown away from him, I guess

Grasping at straws, he took the only option. He opened a portal. Without looking in, he jumped through hoping it would give him enough time to think. BTC glared, charging after him, as did Guude.

Guude held his head as he stared around spawn. Part of him was telling him that this wasn't right...didn't they start a new map? Maybe not...maybe he should just log out.

Frowning, he realized he couldn't leave. Glaring, he yanked hard at the server. Maybe he shouldn't have. Maybe he should have let them fight outside time and space, rather then give one of them room to throw the other out and start this whole mess. Everything was so fuzzy...he wasn't sure how long he had been here, lying on the ground, waiting. He wasn't sure what was happening. He felt his mind grasping at straws, making up stories. He instinctively knew everyone else was doing the same. Looking around, he saw his friends scattered around the map, watching.

Vechs threw BTC out of the portal, before walking out. BTC rallied those around him, forcing Vechs back into the portal, before everything jolted. Vechs walked out of the portal, tossing BTC aside...