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Pursuit of Power

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Vechs should have known better then to read old books found abandoned in forsaken underground dwellings that were reminiscent of centuries past. And yet he had. The allure of knowledge was ever tempting, after all. Knowledge and power...what was it someone else had said to him once, such lofty goals that would surely be his eventual downfall? If they had only known...

The small greying book had given tantalizing hints of some sort of ritual that would lead to some kind of cosmic power, but had remained frustratingly vague on exactly how, or at what cost. Through some serious dedication and research, he had managed to find references to other tomes that would be more thorough in their information.

Which is why he was deep underground in an abandoned stronghold, surrounded by ancient tomes and candles and incense. The tomes mentioned summoning (or being summoned by, perhaps) some sort of ineffable evil with sacred rituals, but even they skirted around what this price that must be paid unto it actually was. But it didn't concern him. As long as he was alive and able to use his powers, well then, that's all he needed.

Carefully laying out the tome, he carefully poured the molten lava into the heavy channels he had dug into the floor. Laying bits of parchment within the flaming pentagram, he carefully stepped into the middle. Intoning the sacred prayers, he dropped the grimoire to the floor as the earth quaked and everything shifted.

Darkness surrounded him, and not even the still molten lava of the pentagram could pierce it. Grinning, he touched his goggles briefly, illuminating the area. He jerked his head back in surprise. Before him appeared to be a mass of writhing tentacles. Smaller tentacles surrounded the pentagram, poking up through the darkness, coiling away from the heat and light. He appeared to be floating in the void. The realization made his stomach drop as he felt the weightlessness take over.

“Who calls upon me?” an incredibly deep voice resounded, vibrating Vechs to his core. He groaned slightly before gritting his teeth.

“I am Vechs and I have called upon you to give me ultimate power,” he said coldly, voice strong and smooth. The tentacles fell still, all turning to face him. Or at least, that's what it appeared they were doing.

“And do you agree to pay the price for this power?” the voice said, amused. Vechs swallowed. The tome had been clear that questions came after agreement which seemed...unusual. But if that is what was called for, he would.

“Yes. I agree to your price,” he said, voice only shaking slightly. The lava in the pentagram flickered and faded as his goggles suddenly went dark. Vechs shook slightly as he felt several small tentacles start to wind around his ankles.

“You don't even know what you are agreeing to, and yet you acquiesce. How amusing. So desperate for power, aren't you? So needy, so wanting,” the voice said, reverberations growing louder.

Vechs felt himself groaning again, unable to help himself as he shook slightly from the strength of the voice. He felt tentacles writhe over him, pulling at his arms and legs, coiling around him. “What is the price? Now that I've agreed, I'd really like to know...” Vechs trailed off as he felt two small tentacles tugging at the corners of his mouth.

The voice laughed, amused, not answering the question. More tentacles curled across his body, pulling at his clothes and goggles. Ideas skittered around in his mind before he pieced it together mentally, although he had known for far longer what was occurring.

“” he said whimpering softly as one of the tentacles tugging at the side of his mouth slipped in, coiling around his tongue before pulling out again. His closed his eyes, trying to remain calm and focused and breathing. Something in the air was nearly intoxicating, the scent making him hard, forcing another groan from him.

He felt the tentacles caressing him as they undressed him, supporting him in the infinite void around him. He leaned his head back with a moan as two of the the appendages began caressing his cock slowly, teasingly.

The two tentacles pulling at the side of his mouth pulled his mouth open wide as a thick tentacle slowly pushed into his mouth and down his throat, forcing him to breath through his nose. His eyes rolled back into his head as he whimpered around it, the smoothness gliding over his tongue and down his throat with each slow thrust. He tried to pull his arms down to caress the tentacles wrapped around his cock, but suddenly his arms were being pulled above his head, pulled out of the way, restrained.

He gasped as he felt tentacles wrap around his nipples, twisting them, caressing them, pinching them slightly. Small coils wrapped around his neck and through his hair, supporting his head as he moaned. A soft chuckle from the void around him made him groan, the sound shaking him deeply.

A single smooth tentacle caressed his ass as more pulled his legs apart. He shook slightly, knowing what was coming next. The silky smooth appendage slowly entered him, making him gasp and groan. It slowly pushed in and out, rubbing against him. He tried to rub against it, desperate, rolling his hips to meet it, unable to do anything more being so bound.

The tentacle slowly pulled out, as well as the one in his throat. He whined, leaning his head back. “P..please don't stop. Please don't stop,” he said, voice soft and whimpery, so incredibly needy. The voice chuckled again before the tentacles slipped back into him, slowly building speed.

The tentacle in his ass pulled out slightly before it was joined by a second, making him quake and groan, rubbing and pulling against his constraints. He felt the tentacle in his mouth flex and shake before bulging slightly. Suddenly silky warm liquid was trickling down his throat, filling his stomach. He moaned loudly as several of the smaller tentacles bulged and covered him in the warm, smooth liquid. These spent tentacles curled away, only to be replaced by more that wrapped around him and forced their way back into his mouth, making him groan.

He could feel himself about to cum as the tentacles fucking him in the ass pushed faster, deeper, pulling him wide open with each push. He felt the tentacles pulse and fill him, sending him over the edge as he shook hard, cumming into the tentacles wrapped around his cock. He moaned loudly as he felt more liquid trickle down his throat. He wasn't sure how much he could take before he was full, but for the moment he didn't care.

He shook slightly, gasping for air as the tentacles in his mouth and ass pulled away. The rest kept him bound and spread as the entity watched him. “T..that...” Vechs tried to say, before gasping for air. He gasped as he felt a tentacle wrap around his cock again, pulling. “I...I don't think I c..can cum again,” he said with a whine, voice thick, accent slowly creeping in.

“I think you'll find that you'll cum as often as I want you to cum. And that will be quite a bit. Until I've used you to my hearts content. And I don't even have a heart,” the voice said, amused. Vechs' eyes rolled back in his head as he shook, already hard again.

More tentacles wound around his limbs, slippery from the warm liquid, coating him in it. Each tiny flick from a tentacle made him moan and whine, thoughts and ideas getting more and more distant as all he wanted was to stay here and be fucked forever. The entity seemed more then willing to allow that happen, watching him groan and whine, blissfully needy.

The tentacles teased and taunted him, cumming several times to the few times they allowed him to cum, coating him and filling him. Each time they came made him more and more whimpery and begging, pleading. Each time he pleaded for more, they granted it to him, making him cum in hard jerks and moans, gasping and groaning.

Vechs came several more times, dripping in liquid, full to the point of bursting as liquid trickled out of his ass, coating his legs while more liquid coated his arms and body where the smaller tentacles had cum. Vechs could barely swallow any more he felt so full, but it felt so good, being used, being so filled, he didn't want it to stop, he never wanted it to stop.

Slowly he breathed, so kind, allowed to breath but not have to think. He slowly remembered how to breath, how to stop shaking from the pleasure. The entity waited, watching until he was still, eyes shut, slowly breathing in and out, making no other sounds.

“Go then, with your powers. You know how to use them,” the voice said, calmly, slowly. Vechs whined as he felt his head fill with information, words and thoughts worming their way back in. All he wanted to do was float here in peace. The tentacles wavered slightly, uncurling from around his arms and legs, leaving him floating by himself. He gave a short curse before stifling himself. It seemed to amuse the creature.

“So needy. Others have been broken, and yet you, you want more,” the voice said, almost quiet, the normal quake to it barely making Vechs shake. Or perhaps he was so spent the voice could be shouting, and he wouldn't notice, Vechs thought lazily. “If when you go back to your dimension you aren't immediately repulsed by the memory of what happened, you do know how to get back here. I somehow doubt you will though. You'd be the first in a very long time to not break down sobbing...assuming you don't do that,” the entity said laughing slightly, the voice almost sounding like it was...sad? Vechs shook his head confused as he suddenly felt weight and reality appear around him.

Vechs shook his head, trying to focus on making things make sense. His head was pounding, and he felt incredibly spent. He was lying naked in the middle of the lava pentagram, although the lava had all turned to obsidian some time ago it seemed. His clothes and goggles were neatly folded next to him. As he attempted to stand upright, he nearly slipped, before catching himself.

He was still covered in a thin layer of liquid. It glinted in the light from the nearby torches. He moaned as he fell backwards, stretching out on the hard stone floor. He could move later. Much later. He didn't feel like doing anything right now except feel warm and filled. It had been nicer in the other dimension...but here was nice. Here would be nice for awhile. He let out a contented sigh as part of his brain came back on, starting to plot exactly how to use his new found powers. He thought he heard a distant voice chuckle, although he knew it was more likely his imagination.