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Coffee Meeting

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Khoschek poured three cups of coffee and one of rotted vegetable matter. "The court of Four is now called to order."

"Don't you mean to disorder?" The Void of Voidsville asked, pouring extra sugar and cream into its coffee before topping it off with the rotted vegetables. "Aren't we the ones who raise chaos and ferment insanity?"

"I thought this was the weekly knitting circle," Cthulu grumbled, sinking into the floor leaving nothing but an oily spot behind. His voice echoed after he was gone. "Catch you later."

"Not if I catch you first," Khoschek glared. "This leaves us two members short."

"We could recruit two new members," The Void offered. "Maybe one of the űnnæcessåry diácrîtiçal mârks would like to join. Or perhaps we could recruit one of the Yuletide bears?"

"Or perhaps..." Khoschek started only to be interrupted by a sudden blinding light. "Oh, no! The hippowranglers! This meeting is adjourned."

With a hiss and a flash of darkness the two of them vanished, leaving only three half-full cups of coffee, an oily spot and some eerie shadows behind for the brave and fearless hippowranglers to find.