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The Sequel to In The Act

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Sooho went back in thinking about what Hansung had said. He lay in bed thinking about it in Hansung's point of view until he fell asleep.
He woke up next morning with Sunwoo shaking him awake. Sunwoo's eyes were filled with tears. Sooho couldnt even regain consciousness when he felt Sunwoo drag him out of bed and leading him to the forest.
"Sunwoo, where are you taking me?" Sooho asked, confused which made Sunwoo cry harder. They reached the river and moved out of Sooho's view.


Reading the note made Sooho feel the rage in him.
There was only one reason behind this



He ran all the way back to the dorm and climbed up to YeoWool's bunk with a sword.
YeoWool was in bed with another man, both sleeping peacefully.

"You fucking whore" Sooho said, pushing him out of bed which had him land on the floor from quite a high place.
He woke up screaming as pain shot up right shoulder and hip. Sooho got down and pulled him up by his hair.
"Leave my hair Sooho. You're hurting me."
That made Sooho even more angry. He dragged him by the hair all the way to the river


Only to see Hansung's body laying in the shallow river, his body slightly bloated from the water. His lips blue, pulled up in a small smile. There was a flower between his hands, which lay on his chest.
he turned around to see Dansae still sitting by the lake, leaning on a tree, staring in disbelief. His eyes landed above him.
There was a note stuck on the tree with a knife.

I'm sorry
I love you
I need you
I hate myself for loving you
I hate that I'm the only one in love
I hate that I'm the only one hurting
I just wanted to feel those warm lips against mine
Those arms around me
I should've seen this coming
I should've known you all see me as a kid.
Now you see me as a coward; a weakling with unrequited feelings
But I'm a kid,the coward,who has seen the painful part of this world.
Nobody needs to know
Nobody needs to see
The secrets underneath these sleeves.
Nobody should suffer
the fate i did
I may not be a warrior
But i fought this battle for too long.
And I've surrendered myself to my enemy.
The only one who can take me to my destination
And it's time I leave
To go back home

Thank you Sooho for being with me last night, for comforting me, for being with me when I needed a shoulder to cry, to make me feel better through the last times of my lives. Please be a good brother and lover and strong man you are
Thank you Danse for being a good older brother and friend. You always pressurized me but I know you did this for my own good.
Thank you Jidwi and Sunwoo and BanRyu for being with me and protecting me.
Thank you grandfather for taking care of me and providing all the luxuries. Please make Danse the heir of our family. He is strong, smart and skilled unlike me.
Thank you Yeowool for being a good friend and gossip buddy. You're beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, elegant, pretty as ever. Find yourself a man who will love, worship you and treasure the way I did. I love you and I always will.

You all called me an angel on earth.
It's time this angel goes back home.
Hope you will remember me
With Love