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Remember Us to Life

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Alex Fierro was born as Xavier Alexandro Fernandez the Fifth in a Spanish colony in what would someday become Paraguay.

Alex fought a lot with his father and stepmother for despite being raised in their home with them as his parents but his stepmother only saw him as an illegitimate child.

When Alex was sixteen he decided to sneak out for a night on his own for once. Unfortunately he ran into some trouble with some soldiers.

Alex died alone on a hot and dry night and woke up a day later in a grand room. The bed he was laying on was so soft and comfortable. It was like nothing like anything he slept in before.

'Is this heaven?' he asked himself.

"Good morning, lad." A man's voice came from the other side of the room. Alex looked over and saw a white man and woman. The man had mix matched eyes like Alex's and looked at Alex in a way that made Alex feel like a creature he woman looked at Alex with pity.

"Who are you? Are you an angel?" Alex asked.

The man laughed, "I'm Loki, king of the Silver tongued Vampires. This is my wife, she doesn't talk. She quite annoying and stubborn."

"Vampires?" Alex moved towards the headboard.

"Yes, vampires. Don't de scared, you're one now. Sigyn bring the boy his first meal."

The woman, Sigyn, bent down and picked a bowl off the floor.

She walked to the end of the bed and Alex smelled something metallic... and so good.

He crawled towards the bucket. God, he was thristy. Alex didn't even realize for a second that he was already drinking from the bucket.

Drinking the blood.


Alex Fierro looked at the human girl. Her curly red hair was tied up in a bun and she was wearing a sun dress that had paint splatters. A perfect target.

"Excuse me! Miss!" Alex called after the human.

The girl turned around, "Yes?"

"My professor assigned me a project to draw a stranger, would you mind being my subject?" Alex asked.

"Uh sure, I'm Rachel. And you are?"



An hour later Alex put the last line of Rachel into her notebook.

"You're quite beautiful, maybe you would like to join me for dinner. It's nearly six." Alex smiled.

"You know for a vampire you're not that good at trickery." Rachel said. Alex dropped her pencil.


"I've seen you before, in a nightclub. I was with a fairy, she pointed at the vampires only section. And there you were. You're not someone people forget." Rachel smirked and stood up from the museum bench.

Alex watched as she walked away. Looks like she was going to have to find an easier target.

She left the museum to look around on the streets for a bite to eat.

Soon she spotted a new target, a middle aged man wearing an army strong t-shirt. This one should be interesting.

She grabbed him by his shirt and before he could even scream she slammed him face first into the wall of a nearby alley. Any mortal would just see a mugging, luckily in New York City no one cared if people got mugged.

Alex pulled him out of eyesight. She couldn't feed in front of mortals, someone would be bound to notice. Or Rachel would see and who knows if that strange girl would keep her pretty little mouth shut.


Alex knocked on the door of her apartment. Her roommate, Drew Tanaka, opened it, "You have blood on your mouth." Drew glared at her.

"Well sorry if I can't use my tits to get blood like you, princess." Alex bared her fangs at Drew.

"Get inside, idiot." Drew rolled her eyes.


Drew Tanaka was born in Brazil to two Japanese immigrates in 1910. Her name had been Misako Tanaka.

She grew up in a happy but poor home. Her parents were kind and loved her dearly.

When she was eighteen, a boat she was on with friends tripped over. She drowned because she never learned to swim.

She woke up a day later in a warm cot. Two women were sitting on a cot next to her. One wore a headscarf and the other was dressed as a flapper.

"Hello darlin'," The flapper said, "I'm Queen Aphrodite of Venus Vampires. I am also the Queen above all vampires."

"I'm Silena. I am Aphrodite's second hand. Welcome to the family." The other woman said.

"Will I ever see my parents again?" Drew asked.

Aphrodite and Silena looked at each. Then Aphrodite spoke, "Yes but for now they cannot see you. When they are elderly and on their death bed then you can actually talk to them. But it is important for your safety that they know you are dead and do not think you are alive."

"...okay as all as I see that they're okay." Drew frowned.

"Hey," Silena reached over and took Drew's hand, "it'll be okay. I didn't get to see my parents. They died along with me but couldn't be turned into vampires. And someday you will be able to tell them everything you ever wanted to."

Drew nodded. "Can my parents be turned?"

Aphrodite shook her head,"No they would have to die before the age of twenty-five when the human brain is fully developed."


Drew wrapped her arm around a human girl's waist,"Reyna darling. How are you?"

"Hello Drew. I'm fine. Get your arm off of me before I break it." Reyna snarled at her. Drew moved her arm off of her friend even if she knew Reyna could never break her arm. No matter how strong of a human she was.

"So mean. And I wanted to know is how you're doing," Drew rolled her eyes.

"No what you wanted was to bug me." Reyna said as she play slapped Drew's arm.

"You know me so well. Anyway are you still single?"

"Yes Drew I am. No Drew I'm not going to sleep with you." Reyna said.

Drew laughed,"Oh daring I would never ask you that...on a Monday."


Drew hugged Reyna goodbye. Her blood smelled delicious. But Drew held back her thirst. She wanted this friendship to last for as long as possible.

"Bye." Drew gave Reyna a quick peck on her cheek before she walked away.

It was feeding time. Drew walked up to an old white woman.

"Hello there, can you help me? I am lost. English is so hard and I can't understand the signs." Drew said.

The woman raised an eyebrow, "Maybe try learning English."

"I am trying. It is hard."

"Listen I don't have time- Drew pulled the woman into a nearby alley.

Drew held the woman's mouth shut as she drank the blood out of the woman's arm.


Drew sat on her couch. Alex had left her dirty clothes on the living room floor again. How annoying and gross.

Goodness why did she decide to room with Alex of all vampires. She could have lived with Piper, Mitchell, Lacy, Michael, Clarisse, Frank, Mark, Sherman or Ellis.

Okay maybe now that she thought about it Alex was the best choice. Alex doesn't bitch about parties or about Drew breaking a window when she forgets her keys in the middle of the night. Also Alex made some pots just for smashing and honestly that was pretty helpful.

A knock came at the door. Alex must have grabbed the wrong key when she left this morning. The two of them changed their locks every month because of some slayers ten years ago who tried to kill them. They of course wouldn't leave their home easily.

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Alex rolled her eyes as Drew attempted to pick up a fairy. They were at a paranormal club called "Dionysus's". It was ran by a powerful fairy named Dionysus. Drew loved the place since there were so many who would happily be her lover for a night here and there. Alex on the other hand like it because they had good food.

"Hey Alex. How's it going?" A voice came behind Alex. She turned to see Halfborn Gunderson, her annoying friend. Beside him was his girlfriend Mallory Keen, a slayer but she was alright, and a dorky looking person with long ass blonde hair.

"Fine, and you have a stain on your shirt. Keen, kill any innocent monsters recently?" Alex sneered.

"Someone paid me to hunt down a werewolf who was killing their chickens, turned out it was just their cat. So no I haven't." Mallory smiled.

"You must not get hired much since people thought out you fuck a smelly half giant."

"Alex." Halfborn glared at her.

Alex bared her fangs at him. The blonde person who had been with them took a step back.

Halfborn also saw them step back. Alex and him laughed.

"Don't worry Blondie. Halfy here is like my annoying shithead brother." Alex said to them.

"Alex this is Magnus. Magnus this is Alex. Talk, me and Halfborn have somethings to do." Mallory said before pulling Halfborn towards the exit.

Alex knew exactly what their game was. The couple was always trying to sat Alex up.

"So you're a vampire?" Magnus asked her.

"No shit. What are you? A fairy?"

"Yeah, how'd you guess."

"You literally are wearing a flower crown." Alex poked one of the sunflowers that laid on Magnus's head.

Magnus smiled, "Oh right, I forget about that all the time. I'm required to wear it, I'm on the Fairy Council."

Alex raised both her eyebrows at him. He looked about sixteen, which in fairy years would be one thousand six hundred, most Fairy Council members were way older than that.

"I look too young I know but somethings happened and well as long as there is one healer fairy there has to be a healer fairy on the Fairy Council." Magnus shrugged.

"You're a healer fairy?"

"Yup. Uh you know I only came here because Halfborn, Mallory, and my cousin dragged me here and-

"Senor you are not ditching." A voice came from Magnus's chest. A pendent hung on the fairy's neck.

"Jack..." Magnus grumbled.

"Nice pendent, looks a little too eighty's for this club though." Alex teased. The pendent started to float up and in a blink of an eye it had turned into a sword.

"I am not too eighty's for here. I am Jack, also known as the sword of summer aka a name that I should never be called." The sword said.

"Okay. Nice sword," Alex pauses as she spotted someone she knew across the club. "I have to go but I'll see ya later Maggie." Alex got up off her stool and speed walked across the club. She shouldn't be here. Alex had to get her out of here. If someone were to see her, Loki would get her and would punish Alex for turning her and keeping her away from him.


Drew smiled as her friend Cecil sat down next to her. "Hey blood sucker."

"Hey doggie style." Drew stuck her tongue out at him.

"I think Luke knows about Ellis." Cecil whispered to her. Drew frowned. Luke was Cecil's older brother and had been the alpha of their werewolf pack ever since their dad went missing a few years back. Luke was extremely against vampires and werewolves dating. Ellis, Cecil's boyfriend, was a vampire and one of Drew's closest friends.

"Why? Has he done anything?" Drew asked in a hushed tone. If Luke hurt Ellis like he hurt Silena...

"He called a pack meeting and talked about Charles. He wanted to remind everyone that having relations with a vampire is against the rules. He showed us the photos of Charles and Silena again. You know the ones from the explosion."

"She was killed by a rod that finally hit her heart. He was dead long before that. Her face had been burnt so badly. And the pictures that showed how they looked." Drew whispered, shaking slightly.

"Yeah those ones. Harley started crying after Luke dismissed us. Poor kid barely remembers Charles but the pictures still upset him so-"

"Cecil stop. Just stop." Drew put a finger against his lips. The memories were creeping up into her mind. Silena's body. How Silena had been like a sister to her. But now she was gone. Killed because of love. Drew felt tears forming in her eyes.

"Drew? Do you need to go home? Should I find Piper or uh what's your roommate's name... Alex?" Cecil grabbed ahold of Drew's hands.

"I just need a drink." Drew hissed as she tried to refocus herself.

"Okay...yo bartender!" Cecil called to a girl who was serving a fairy just three seats away from them. The girl looked at them and frowned but she made her way to them.

"How may I help you?" The girl asked.

"My friend is about to pass out. I think she didn't feed enough, could you please bring her a cup of blood?" Cecil asked her.

"...of course!" The girl's voice went up a pitch. No one wanted a hungry vampire in a club. She made her way to a mini fridge and pulled out a jar of blood. The girl eyed Drew as she poured the red liquid into a glass.

"Here ya go." The girl step the glass in front of Drew. Drew wasn't really that thristy but she did feel faint so she still took a slip of the blood. Plus Cecil was buying it so it didn't hurt her in anyway.

"Thank you so much, miss..." Cecil said to the girl.

"Lou Ellen. I hope you two have a good night, slayers have been on edge these last few weeks." She said before leaving to wait on another parton of Dionysus's.

"Well she was nice. Maybe you can get her number." Cecil winked at Drew.

Drew was glad for the change in subject, " I'm pretty sure that fairy down there is her girlfriend based on the fact they're looking at each other with goo goo eyes."

Cecil nodded in agreement.

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Frank looked down at the pack of Mythomagic cards. Should he really buy them? Well it's not like buying them would put a dent in his fortune so he just do it, but then again he had enough of these cards. But this was a new series, a pack with Roman gods instead of Greek.

"Are you going to buy those or what?" A boy's voice came from behind him.

He turned around to see a sort of familiar face, Nico di Angelo aka the Ghost King, one of the most powerful witches in the world. Frank happened to be friends with his sister, Hazel Levesque.

"Uh...oh yeah I am buying them, I just zoned out." Frank said.

Nico rolled his eyes as Frank picked the pack up and went to pay for it. The poor cashier was staring at Nico in fear. She was human. But even she could feel the dark powers that oozed out of the small witch. Most monsters were terrified by Nico. Oddly Frank never found him scary, maybe because Hazel has photos of Nico smiling and looking like a dork.

"Did that boy threaten you or something? He seems off." The cashier asked him.

"No, I just know his sister. Don't worry he's really just a big dork. He won't steal anything or shoot up the place." Frank smiled at her.

She shrugged as if she didn't really believe Frank. Of course why would she believe a complete stranger? Of course if he had been a true vampire than she probably wouldn't even doubt him.

The monster blood that was in him before kept him from truly turning. His great grandfather had been a mermaid and then his grandmother had been a shape shifter; their blood kept him from becoming a true vampire when he died in an accident involving a slayer named Hera. It didn't matter that he was half human, in her eyes he still was a monster.

Thankfully Ares saved him. Turned him.

"Well, have a nice day." The cashier said, handing him his change. He looked at her name tag. Rachel.

"You too, Rachel." He smiled widely at her.

He walked out of the Mythomagic store with the same old questions buzzing in his head. He had no idea what he was to be honest. A vampire who ages? A hybrid? A freak?


He didn't like to think about stuff like this much. It always gave him a headache. And unfortunately either caffeine nor medicine work on vampires not even him.

"Hey Frank!" A voice yelled.

He looked over and saw his friends Jason and Reyna. Two humans. Being around them made him feel normal. He waved to them and smiled.

"Hey guys, how are things? It's been awhile since I've seen you." Frank hugged them both at the same time.


"Ow. Zhang, I hurt my shoulder yesterday. Please let go." Reyna groaned.

"Oh sorry!" Frank let go. Reyna rubbed her shoulder.

"It's alright. Jason hit me on the shoulder with a book today and that hurt a lot more plus it was on purpose," Reyna said, jabbing Jason in the stomach,"and now I have gotten him back thanks to you Zhang."

"So mean Ra-Ra." Jason grumbled. Reyna smirked.

"I know. Anyway it's great seeing you Frank. But me and Jason need to go, we have to get something for his stepmother. And he needed my help because now what did you say again.." Reyna said.

"That I have a hard time talking to the cute guy who works at the pharmacy." Jason said. His cheeks were dusted a bit red. Frank felt a little jealous; he might have a slight crush on the blonde human. Only a slight one.

"Well bye then, maybe we can meet up sometime soon." Frank said.

"Bye." "See ya, Frank." The duo waved goodbye as they disappeared among the crowds of the mall.

"You're kinda dense aren't you?" A familiar voice said behind him. Once again Nico di Angelo was standing behind him.

"I'm not at least I think I'm not. What are you even talking about?" Frank asked him.

"First, they're slayers. Second, the blonde idiot likes you." Nico rolled his eyes.

"Slayers!?" Frank's eyes were probably as wide as plates.

"Yeah, Jason is the son of the famous slayer Jupiter Zeus. Reyna is the daughter of Bellona and the sister of Hylla Twice-Kill." Nico said.

Frank wanted to hurl a bit. Jason's stepmother is the one who killed him, Hera Zeus. And both Jason and Reyna were trained to kill people like Frank. This was not good.

"And they're hunting down a vampire who kills about two people a day. I don't see why considering the only people who have ended up dead aren't decent people. Rapist, child beaters, murderers, and wife beaters." Nico smiled slightly.

"Uh...okay I didn't really want to know who they're hunting."

"You should care. Hazel went to the Oracle. The Oracle told her a prophecy and now she's worried about you getting slayed. I don't know what the Oracle said but Hazel asked me to keep an eye on you." Nico said.

Frank knew very little about the Oracle.Very few people actually knew where to find them and even less knew who they are.

"No offense, but why?"

"Hazel is trying to get more information out of the Oracle. It takes days. Weeks even. Witchcraft is a delicate art." Nico said.

"So I'm suck with you? And you're probably it gonna tell me anything about the prophecy. So do you like Mythomagic?" Frank raised an eyebrow. As worried as he was he wanted to see if he could get Nico to open up some, maybe even tell him the whole story.

" Maybe. Yes."

"How about we play some rounds for a while? Since you have to stalk me."

"Fine." Nico shrugged.

"Okay, let's go to the food court and set the game up there. Maybe get you some food, if my grandmother was here she would say you're as thin as a toothpick." Frank said.

Nico gave him a slight smile. "You're paying, Zhang."

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Alex looked at the body of the man at his feet. Why couldn't he had stopped? His hungry was uncontrollable these last few weeks. It was as if he was always starving.

"Alex?" A voice came from behind him. He turned to see the fairy from the other night; Magnus.

"Oh shit. Listen this looks bad but listen I followed him around for a while. He got a hooker even through he has a wife and daughters. And I saw him hit his daughters." Alex held his hands up in defense.

"Don't worry I don't care about that. I was just on my way to a meeting, and I kinda need to get through this alley." Magnus said.

"Go right ahead, Magpie. I got to hide a body so I won't stop you." Alex pointed at the man. Julian Ramírez-Arellano, what a waste of a man.


"A slayer! He was a fucking slayer Alex!" Loki screamed at him. Alex remained still in his seat. Loki had called him to scream at him because he killed a slayer. Big deal, slayers kill vampires everyday.

"So?" Alex said.

"He was Bellona's husband. The father to her children." Loki said.

Now Alex realized why Loki was pissed. No one wanted Bellona hunting down vampires for revenge. But maybe she wouldn't. Not with how he treated her and her daughters. Not with how he cheated. Maybe she'll be happy that bastard is dead.

"He hit his daughters. They're adults, you know but they can't move out. I don't know why but I saw him hit them. So I'm not sorry now I'm going to my home." Alex snapped at him.

Alex stood up and stormed out of the throne room.


Alex knocked on the door of the dorm room of a girl he barley knew. A jar of a fake blood made by a witch was heavy in his purse. The girl was a vampire but she refused to feed on blood because to her it was haraam.
Of course this meant she had to feed over twice as much as other vampires.

Samirah opened the door and frowned.

"You're a little late. Have you talked to that witch yet? The one who said she might have a cure if it hasn't been a year? It's been three months already." Sam asked as Alex pulled the jar of his purse.

She wanted to be cured. She wanted a life. She wanted to be human again.

"Hazel is working on it. Now here's your organic skin cream. Hazel wanted me to deliver it since you know is she is." Alex said as a group of humans passed.

"Thanks. See you later." Samirah took the jar and closed the door. They never talked long. It was too dangerous especially with Alex waiting for the cure to be ready for Sam.

Alex walked away, thoughts of Loki, Julian Ramírez-Arellano, Hazel, and Samirah buzzed inside of his head. Too much to do. Too much to save. To much to handle. He needed to relax.


Alex smiled to himself as he put the clay on the potter's wheel. He liked how the clay felt under his fingers. It could be anything he wanted it to be. Anything. Alex shook his head. Then he looked around his apartment. There was no else there and what was the change someone would see him?

Taking a deep breath he began to do something he hadn't done since the overall Queen of Vampires, Aphrodite, banned it.

He turned himself into a cat. Just for a minute he was something else. He had control over himself for once. No Loki. No Aphrodite. No Samirah. No Hazel. No Drew. No Halfborn. No Mallory. No Julian Ramírez-Arellano. Nobody but himself.

He didn't even notice the door opening. "Alex if that cat is you, I'm going to pretend I don't see you." His roommate's voice said. Drew glared down at him.

She grabbed something off the coffee table and left. He turned back to his normal form as soon as the door closed. He should have locked it before.

He thought about why vampiric shape-shifting was banned. What that boy did. Hundreds died because of Loki's old favorite. Alex would not be like him.

Maybe one day Alex could change how Aphrodite viewed Silver Tongue Vampires. He wasn't like Loki and many of his other followers. Alex wanted to change from being the most savage vampires to be anything else.

All Alex wanted was change. Reform. An awakening. He didn't want Loki to be in charge anymore. But he himself didn't want to be in charge. There was no way he could lead. Sam was the only other Silver Tongue Vampire he would think could rule but she could be cured. Samirah could be saved from a forever of being a monster. Alex had to admit he was a bit jealous of her. She could live a happy and normal life. She could have kids and get married and grow old with someone. Not like Alex who will live until the end of time or until a slayer comes after him.


Alex banged on Hazel Levesque's door. The small witch opened it, behind her was her brother Nico and some guy. Based on his orange-brown eyes, a werewolf.

"How long until Samirah's cure is ready?" Alex asked as he eyed the werewolf.

"Two weeks. Just two weeks. Listen Alex if it doesn't work, she will die. Is she willing to risk that?" Hazel asked.

"Sam wants to fly planes. Sam wants to marry some boy named Amir. Sam wants to have a family. Sam wants to grow old. Sam doesn't want to be a vampire." Alex said.

"Okay. It'll be two weeks." Hazel said.

"Is Sam the reason why deaths caused by vampires has risen in the last few weeks?" Nico asked. The werewolf looked at him with a 'what the fuck' face.

"No. May I come in? I need to talk to you two about something. Something is wrong. Some people's blood isn't filling me up like it should. It's like there's less." Alex said.

"Come on in. Nico will give you a check up." Hazel said.

"But Hazel me and Leo-" Hazel put a finger against his lips. "You and Leo can go on a date later. Right now we need to help Alex and if there isn't something wrong with Alex then there's something wrong with the blood Alex has been drinking. Something wrong with the blood all the vampires in town have been drinking." Hazel said.

"And Nico, you have a job that more important than being fucked by me." The werewolf, Leo, kissed Nico on the cheek before clearing the doorway into the mansion for Alex.

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Drew opened her door to see a smiling Reyna. The human girl laughed and then said something that made Drew surprised she was smiling. Drew let her in and lead her to the couch and sat her down.

Drew took a hold of Reyna's hand. "I can't believe it. He's dead. He's finally fucking dead. I get to have a real life. My momma is so happy and Hylla is too. I'm so fucking happy." Reyna said. Happy tears started to form in her eyes.

She had just told Drew that her dad was dead. Drew had thought she would be upset but Reyna was happy. Then again Reyna never talked about her parents at all. She mentioned her sister at all but never her parents.

"Do you know what this means?" Reyna asked as she wrapped her arms around Drew.

"What?" Drew asked, pushing Reyna away from her.

"My dad, even though I'm nineteen never let me date. He threw a chair at me after I went on my first date." Reyna said.

"Oh. Yikes." Drew said. She felt bad for Reyna, the poor girl was only human.

"I want to date. I want to I've known you for two years. I want to date you. I want to kiss you. I want to be held by you. I love you." Reyna said. She leaned closely to Drew's face. Drew smell the wine on her breath.

"'re drunk. You should go home and rest. We'll talk about dating when you're sober. wouldn't be right of me to kiss you or anything while you’re drunk." Drew pushed her away. She couldn't say the truth. That as much as she wanted to love the cute and tough girl; she couldn't because Reyna was only human. And Drew highly doubt Reyna would willingly be killed and than reborn as an immortal thing. Well actually...she might but Reyna wouldn't believe Drew anyway. Vampires were fiction

"Shush not drunk. Just celebrating. Freedom. Safety...." Reyna drifted off, falling asleep in Drew's arms. Drew was glad Alex had told her he would be out all night. Alex wasn't the best at self control when it came to an easy target; and Reyna passed out on the couch might as well be a large container of blood with a 'please drink me' sign on it.

Drew locked the door and threw a fuzzy blanket over Reyna. She was so sweet and peaceful looking in her sleep. A thought crossed her mind. What if she were to drink a little bit of Reyna's blood. Drew knew it would be wrong to feed off of her but a taste wouldn't be that bad.

She bit down on Reyna's finger with only one fang; drawing as little blood as possible. Drew wiped the blood off and tasted it.

It was awful. Drew had never tasted blood like that before. It was sour and tasted like rust. At least she wasn't hungry anymore.

Could Reyna have a blood disease? Was it even safe to drink her blood? Was Reyna dying? How could her blood taste like that? Drew frowned and moved away from Reyna. She'll have to ask Aphrodite about bad tasting blood when Reyna was gone.


As Frank jumped into the water, his legs turned to a tail that mimics a koi. His neck grew gills and his hands became webbed.

His great-uncles were waiting for him a few dozen feet down. His great-grandfather was an immortal mermaid, one out of only five. His uncles, Percy and Tyson weren't immortal, Tyson wasn't even a mermaid. He was a cyclops, a monster that was normally a mix between a mermaid and a nymph or fairy.

"Hey guys." Frank smiled.

"Frank!" Tyson yelled and hugged Frank tightly. "Hey dude." Percy waved.

"Percy, I need your advice." Frank said as soon as Tyson let him out of the bone crushing hug.

"What kind of advice?" Percy asked.

"Love advice. Kinda." Frank said, blushing. Percy smirked.

"Oh. Who is it? Wait why are you asking me?" Percy pointed to himself.

"Because, I'm friends with a slayer and I have a crush on him." Frank mumbled. Percy's eyes widened.

"'s getting late. Daddy doesn't like us being out late." Tyson said.

Percy looked at him, "Tyson you head on home. Me and Frank need to have a very private conversation." Tyson nodded and swam away.

"Does the slayer know what you are?" Percy asked Frank.


"If you ever confess your feelings, tell him what you are."

"Why do you sound so calm about this? No warning me about how I was killed by a slayer or anything like that?" Frank looked at Percy.

"....there is this werewolf, he's name is Ethan Nakamura. He and I are together." Percy blushed. Frank blinked. He would never guess that Percy would ever befriend a werewolf; let alone date a werewolf. Mermaids and werewolves got along as good as werewolves and vampires; which is to say that they didn't get along at all. Mermaids and vampires were close and when there was ever a war between werewolves and vampires, mermaids always helped out the vampires.

"So anything advice on keeping him from killing me?" Frank asked.

"Ha! Nope. Maybe wear armor, Ethan only tried to kill me once but that is probably a whole different situation than yours." Percy said.

" I'll see you tomorrow. Maybe you can sneak me into the city? It's been awhile since I've seen Sally, Paul and the little one." Frank said as he started back up to the surface.

"Maybe..." Percy called after him. Frank frowned. Maybe. It was always maybe. No non mermaid was allowed in the city of Atlantis. Last time Frank went there he got arrested despite being the great grandson of the King of mermaids, Poseidon. He got bailed out quickly but was told to never come back to the city even if it were to see his family. Tyson and Percy would meet him most nights but only for a certain amount of time. Frank couldn't be seen with them so close to the city and they couldn't be out far past dark for that was when sea monsters would come out.

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Drew sat in Aphrodite's throne room. Her black dress flowed around her, her black hair blended in with it. Silena was dead. Silena was dead. Dead. Dead, dead, dead. She had loved a werewolf named Charles and that was why she was dead. If the two hadn't been at that place three nights ago Silena would still be around. Drew threw down the crown that sat on top of her head; it shattered against the floor. Aphrodite had named her the new heir after they had finished burning Silena's body. She didn't want this. She wanted Silena who taught her how to feed, how to fight and how to dance. She wanted the girl she now consider a sister.

A click of heels made her look up. Piper stood in front of her, her own black dress identical to Drew. "You don't want this do you?" Piper asked.

"No. I don't." Drew grumbled.

"I can help. If Aphrodite starts to see me as a better pick, you won't have to bear the responsibility." Piper said.

Drew frowned then nodded. She didn't want to be Aphrodite's second hand and heir. Even if she never got to take over, she didn't want the responsibility that Silena had. She didn't want it.

The scene shifted. Drew was on a boat. Four other girls were laughing and taking. Drew stood on the outside of them. One of the girls were her. She was living. She was normal. Her faded, borrowed dress didn't fit her at all but she didn't care. Drew stared at herself. Her rosey cheeks. Her bright eyes. Her lack of fangs. Drew felt the boat jerk. Something was wrong with the ship. Drew, the one wearing the funeral dress, knew what was going to happen. The engine was going explode; causing the ship to sink. Her friends would live because they could swim. Because they were meant to live. Two of them lived on to become wives of rich men; one of her old friends had a mistress. The other one became a dancer for a traveling show. Drew became a vampire princess.

Drew stood still as the boat sank. Her old self and her friends tried to find a lifeboat but they couldn't. All but her old self jumped off the ship. Her old self just started crying. Then she jumped. It wasn't high. But she couldn't swim. She couldn't swim. She thought one of her friends would help her. They tried but they didn't reach her in time. Drew was now watching herself drown.

Drew woke up shaking and covered in sweat. Vampires couldn't sleep so how did she just dream? How did she just sleep? How? It was impossible. Maybe she just had a hallucination or something. She couldn't have been sleeping; she couldn't have been dreaming.

She wrapped her blankets around herself and tried to think of a possible solution to what just happened. But then she remembered Reyna. Alex might be back by now.

Drew got out of bed and ran out of her room. Sure enough, there was Alex looking at Reyna with a horrified expression on his or her face.

"Alex, please tell me you didn't feed on her." Drew said.

"No. I fed on her father. I killed him. He was a slayer." Alex said.



Frank opened his door to see a sleep deprived Jason.

"I can't find Reyna and she isn't answering her phone." Jason said.

"Jason, calm down. Is there anyone else she could be with?" Frank placed his hands on Jason's shoulders.

"I don't know...wait she has this friend, she lives in an apartment building downtown but I'm not sure Reyna would go there and not answer any of my calls." Jason frowned.

"How about I go with you to check there. What's her friend's name?" Frank asked.

"Drew Tanaka."

Frank's eyes widened. "Jason I need to tell you something."

"Do you know Drew? Is she dangerous?"

"She's a vampire."


"Drew Tanaka is a vampire. Queen Aphrodite turned her. I'm....sorta a vampire, like half vampire." Frank said.

"Frank. Come with me to check for Reyna there. Please." Jason said, fear was in his eyes.

"Okay. Let me grab my shoes." Frank said. Why was Jason not saying anything? Was it because he was worried about Reyna? Would he kill Drew or Alex? Would he kill him?


Frank parked near the apartment building. "Jason...listen Drew is a good person, she wouldn't hurt anyone she's hang around with for awhile. Reyna is probably fine. Drew wouldn't hurt someone who she didn't think deserved it. And even if Reyna is a slayer-

"How did you know that?" Jason asked him.

"Nico di Angelo."

"You know Nico?"

"Yeah. His sister is a friend of mine."

"Oh. Let's go see if Reyna is here." Jason got out of Frank's car.

As Frank got out he looked up at the building Drew and Alex lived in. He feared what could happen up there if Reyna was there. Especially if Reyna was hurt or dead. Or when Alex and Drew see that he brought a slayer to their home. Or find out Reyna is a slayer. So many things could go wrong.

And if things went wrong someone could end up dead. He cared about everyone who is probably going to get involved. He didn't want any of them to die.

Frank lead Jason to the building's door and pressed the buzzer.

"Who the fuck is it?" Alex's voice was pissed off and bitter.

"Frank Zhang. Strange question, but is there a human named Reyna in your apartment? She's a friend of mine." Frank said.

"Frank. Get your ass up here and explain to me why Drew and you care so much about this slayer who is the daughter of Bellona and a dick head I killed yesterday." Alex snarled. Frank glanced over at Jason. His blue eyes were wide.

The door buzzed and Frank opened it.

"Drew killed Reyna's dad?" Jason asked.

"No. Drew's roommate, Alex did. I didn't know Alex would be home." Frank said.

"Well I guess I have to thank Alex for that. And Reyna is probably fine, let's go up." Jason smiled, slightly.

Frank shrugged and lead Jason to the stairs. There was no elevator in the building.

Chapter Text

Drew sat on the couch next to Reyna. Reyna was wide awake now and unfortunately aware of the fact that Drew is a vampire. She unfortunately had overheard Alex and Drew’s conversation. Alex had gone to see who was buzzing their apartment button thing.
Reyna finally spoke after a few moments of silence, “So how old are you really?"

"I’m not fully sure, it’s been awhile since I thought about my age, but I know I’m less than a hundred. Or maybe a little more. " Drew twiddled with her fingers.

"Okay. Did I really kiss you last night?" Reyna asked.

"You tried. I stopped you." Drew looked away.

"Why?" Reyna sounded a bit hurt.

"You were drunk."

"Is that all?"

"I don't want to fall for a human." Drew looked at Reyna, the human she was falling for.

"You think you would fall for me?" Reyna raised an eyebrow.

"I already have." It felt like a large weight had been lifted from Drew’s shoulder. She knew it was wrong to fall for a human but that didn’t stop her.


Drew looked at Reyna, she was blushing. Her normally braided hair was loose and messy. How could Drew not fall for anyone so pretty. And her personality was amazing. Reyna was complex and interesting and for some reason became Drew's friend.

"Reyna?" Drew whispered.

"Yes Drew?"

"Can I kiss you?"

"Please." Reyna smiled. Drew kissed her. Then pulled away for a second and kissed her again. They parted again, Reyna had pulled away this time.

“Is everything okay?” Drew asked.

"Do you mind if I'm human?" Reyna asked.

"No. You mind I'm a vampire who lives with your father's killer?"

"Hell no." Reyna laughed.

Reyna kissed her roughly. Her lips tasted like the coffee Drew had given her a few minutes ago.

"Hey! No fucking on the couch!" Alex yelled. Drew pulled away from Reyna. Reyna’s face was extremely red.

"Hey Alex, who was at the door?" Drew smiled sheepishly.

"Frank Zhang. He's coming up."

"Is Frank a vampire?" Reyna asked.

"Kinda. He's an odd thing. Part mermaid, part shape-shifter, use to be part human but a slayer killed him and Lord Ares turned him. Ares was banging Frank's mom at the time. Still is." Drew explained.

"Do you know what slayer?"

"Hera Zeus- "Oh no! Are you kidding me?" Reyna groaned.

"You know her?" Alex raised an eyebrow.

"My friend, and Frank's friend is her stepson. She's a bitch." Reyna said.

"Oh. Well then. Next time all of you are hanging out together you might want to not tell him so there's no chance of him killing Zhang." Alex said. Drew nodded, Frank was oddly extremely sweet for a vampire.

Reyna laughed, "Jason is too head over heels for Frank to ever kill him."

"Is falling or monsters a new thing among kids these days?" Drew chuckled.

"Yes. Ever seen Twilight?" Reyna laughed.

"You two belong together." Alex sighed, rolling her eyes.

Drew smiled. It was strange how right this felt. Reyna being with her as her girlfriend and knowing that Drew was a vampire and Drew herself knowing Reyna was a slayer.

Someone knocked on the door. Alex walked out of the living room to open it.

"Who's the blonde?" Drew heard Alex asked.

Drew looked up to see Alex with Frank Zhang and a blonde guy.

"Jason?" Reyna said.

“Hey Rey. Good to see you’re alive. Would you like to know what’s going on?” Jason said.

“Yes. Is everything alright? You don’t normally come after me when I disappear at night,” Reyna looked at Drew, “I like to go to the country side at night.”

"Your mom and Hera have been fighting. Hera wants to start a war. She said killing a slayer was the final straw. Your mom, well with how your dad was she doesn’t want to martyr him.” Jason frowned.

Drew looked at Reyna. Her eyes seemed darker.

“Well we have a bigger problem. There was something wrong with his blood- it wasn’t filling. Not until I got to the very last drop.” Alex licked her lips.

“That’s concerning. Maybe one of you should check my blood?” Reyna said. Drew frowned.

“Drew, already did, didn’t you?” Alex raised an eyebrow at Drew. Drew rolled her eyes and nodded.

“I bit her finger last night.” Drew mumbled. Reyna looked at her. “Sorry, on the bright side your blood taste so awful I would never drink it again.”

“That’s not a bright side. It means something is wrong with your family's blood.” Alex hissed at Drew.

“Or something is wrong with the blood of slayers. But there’s no way to really know.” Jason said.

Drew and Alex both looked at him with a smile. “Actually there is,” Drew started. “But you won’t like it.” Alex finished.

Jason’s face paled. “You want to try my blood don’t you?” Alex nodded. “Fine but only a few drops. Just to see.” Jason sighed holding out his hand to Alex. A twinkle was in Alex’s eye.

“Oh no I was thinking Frank should do the honors, since you don’t know me or Drew very well.”

Drew saw Reyna smile. She knew what Alex was doing, making Frank and Jason touch each other. Which will hopefully cause both of the dorks to blush. Drew watched as Frank raised Jason’s hand to his mouth and bite down. Sure enough they were both blushing. Drew was glad she was incapable of blushing but she also felt a little bad for Frank, the only vampire who could blush. Frank pulled away Jason’s hand.

“It’s too filling. Like those few drops felt like at least a quart.” Frank said.

“So there is something wrong with slayer blood. And a dangerous slayer wants to start a war. Looks like I should cancel any plans this week.” Alex laughed.

Drew sighed, she had a bad feeling that shit was about to go down.

“So I suggest we go to Hazel Levesque's house. She will run some non dangerous test on Blondie and Amazon.” Alex said.

Chapter Text

Frank smiled to himself as the others piled into his car. He had heard what Reyna had said about Jason. Vampiric hearing was a great blessing sometimes. Even with all that was going on it was nice to know that Jason had feelings for him.

“Why can’t we take your car?” Frank overheard Alex ask Drew.

“Because I don’t feel like driving.” Drew said, Frank looked in the rearview mirror to see her arm wrapped around Reyna.

Frank looked over to Jason in the passenger side, he was making a grossed out face and pointing towards the back. Frank laughed.

“What’s so funny boys?” Reyna asked.

“Nothing.” Jason and Frank said in unison.

“Let’s get a move on! I want to get there and be back before noon.” Alex said.

“Alright, I’m going, I’m going.” Frank said, starting the car.


The di Angelo Manor was a lava stone mansion about an hour out of the city. So Frank had to suffer Reyna and Drew making out a total of three times, several pop song singalongs, many, many inappropriate jokes from Alex and Drew.

“Holy shit.” Drew said as he pulled into the long driveway.

“I guess you’re the only one who hasn’t been here?” Frank said.

“Yeah, I mean I’m friends with Neeks but we only hang out at bars or clubs.” Drew shrugged.

“Bars!? Nico is eighteen! And we are in America!” Jason said.

“He didn’t drink, he scared anyway creeps.” Drew said.

“Oh good.” Jason sighed. Frank smiled at him. Goodness he was cute when he acted like that.

Frank parked the car in front of a bush of black and golden roses.


Jason was the first one to the door so he was the one to knock. A girl with long black hair and black eyes opened it. She frowned at them. “Nico and Hazel are in the living room with our father. Go to the parlor until our family meeting is done. And please -especially you Alex- don’t break anything.” She said. She looked a lot like Nico and Hazel never had before mentioned they had a sister. Frank stared at her, why would they not say anything about her? And Frank’s been here many times so why hasn’t he ran into her yet?

Frank and the others followed Jason and the girl inside and to the parlor. The five of them sat down as the girl left.

“Any of you know who she is?” Frank asked.

“A ghost.” Reyna said. Everyone looked at her. Ghosts were rare, and they almost never appeared in front of ‘living’ people.

“Huh? You sure?” Alex raised her eyebrow.

“Yes, I’m sure. I was here for a night and Nico told me about her. Bianca was his sister, she’s been dead for about eight years.” Reyna said, frowning. Frank looked at the open door Bianca just left out of. A ghost.


Alex shifted uncomfortably on the parlor couch. She hated rich people furniture, it always felt so hard and it was a hideous shade of yellow. The whole room looked like an old lady had decorated it. And with the ghost girl somewhere about Alex felt like she was being watched.

“Why are you all here?” A familiar voice said. Alex looked at the door to see not Nico or Hazel but Leo Valdez.

“It could be the end of the world but who knows, since slayers and vampires are banging.” Alex sneered.

“We’re here for an orgy.” Drew chuckled.

Reyna sighed. “We’re because of the problem with blood.” She said, as she lightly hit Drew on the arm.

“Oh yeah that. You know I’ve heard rumors that last night Hera tried to declare war on vamps. Any truth to that?” Leo asked.

“Yeah. Anyway we’re hoping Hazel knows anything about the blood thing?” Jason said.

“Alex didn’t tell you?” Leo pointed at her. Fuck.

“No she didn’t. Tell us what?” Drew asked. Shit. Fuck.

“Someone changed the chemical makeup of Reyna’s dad’s blood. It made me dream. And I’m guessing it was before Reyna was born because of what Drew said about Reyna’s blood tasting gross.” Alex said.

“You dreamed? I did too.” Drew said. Alex stared at her. The two of them have experienced something that should have been impossible. They dreamed. Vampires don’t dream.

“Hey Nicky. All your buddies are in here. I think Bianca let them in.” Leo said. Nico was standing next to him, staring at all of them.

“This is really bad.” Nico groaned.

“How so?” Alex asked.

“A war is coming. No slayer can be seen here. Especially not Reyna and Jason, you two are too high up in slayer society.” Nico said. Alex frowned. A war was very bad. She wondered who would side with who. She wondered if the fairies would side with the vampires, especially Magnus, he was kind of cute and Alex wanted to understand him better.

“Well shit. You two should go. Before the crazy bitch we all know and hate named Hera says a vampire kidnapped the both of you.” Alex said, the words slipping gracefully off her silver tongue. At least that will be less people up her ass for not telling them about the blood.

“Yeah, You’re right. Okay. Jason let’s go.” Reyna said. Jason nodded. Alex saw Reyna dropped a card and key into Drew’s hand before walking out of the room with Jason in tow.

“Take the truck. Don’t worry about returning it.” Nico yelled after them.

“So you knew what was wrong?” Drew raised her eyebrow at her.

“Only a bit. I did want to see if Hazel found out anything more.” Alex said, and she had wanted to ask about the cure for Sam.
Sam needed it, and she needed it soon before she was a vampire for much longer. The longer she was a vampire; the more she’ll want real blood. Blood that wasn’t made from beans and cooked meat juice. And magic. Sam wanted and deserved a life and Alex was going to get her that life. After all Sam’s death was Alex’s fault. After all if Alex hadn’t crashed into Sam’s car…

Chapter Text

Frank was unsure of what to do. Drew and Alex had dreamed after drinking Reyna and her father’s blood. Vampires don’t dream. He didn’t even dream. Who would change the makeup of someone’s blood? Was it in case of a vampire attack? If so, why couldn’t Alex stop drinking Reyna’s father’s blood. He smiled when Hazel entered the room. She might shed some light on this confusing situation.

“Alex. Get Sam. Come come back here, please? I’m gonna try the cure on her. I don’t know if it will be safe for her to stay a vampire with what’s going on.” Hazel as soon as she saw Alex.

“What is going?” Frank asked.

Hazel frowned, “Percy went missing last night. Three slayers were found dead, Michael Yew, Lee Fletcher, and Bryce Lawrence. A satyr was found dead, Castor Dódeka.” Hazel said.

The room was dead silent.

“So Hera declared war on the vampires for the slayers who were killed?” Drew broke the silence.

“And on the witches for them too. The mermaids blame the werewolves or the fairies for Percy’s disappearance. Tensions are growing fast. And the satyr is blamed on the slayers but no one really cares about satyrs so they're getting madder and madder.” Nico answered.

“This is really bad. Percy is dating a werewolf if they see him around the beach, things will be really bad.” Frank groaned.

“What’s his name?” Leo asked with concern.


“His family is away on business. He’s safe for now. No chance of the fish drowning a werewolf.” Leo said. Frank sighed with a little relief. There won’t be any bloodshed they knew about. Or could prevent.

Frank noticed Alex had already left. When did she leave?


Hazel had told them that it would be safer if they stayed here. So now, Frank sat alone in a guest room. He had to call his mom.

She picked up after a couple of rings. “Frank?”

“Hey mom. I’m at Hazel’s.”

“So you’re safe. I heard about Percy.” Her voice was trembling.

“Are you okay?”

“Be safe. Okay? Tell your grandmother not to be angry. I love you, Frankie.” The call cut off.

Frank started shaking. What just happened to his mom? Was she.. She couldn’t be. Maybe she was still alive. But why was she so scared? What was wrong with her?

Frank wiped a tear off his cheek. He could cry later. Not right now, not until he knew if she was dead or alive. He couldn’t cry right now, not with the slightest chance of her being alive. Not okay, but alive. He knew she was in danger but she was his mom, Emily Zhang, she was as tough as nails. She was as tough as a vampire without even being one or partly being one.

She had to be alive.

Someone knocked on the door. “Frank, Reyna just called us. Her and Jason were attacked. She was knocked out before she knew who attacked them. She’s in the hospital but Jason is gone, he’s missing.” Leo’s voice came, it was cracking. Jason had been Leo’s best friend.

Something bad was going on. Really, really bad.


Alex was almost to Sam’s dorm room when she saw Magnus Chase and Sam talking to each other in the hall. How did they know each other?

“Hey, Maggie! Sam!” Alex called out to them. They both turned and looked at her. Sam’s face was one of horror and Magnus looked surprised.

“Alex? It's nice to see you.” Magnus said. Sam looked at her two of them and made a suggestive face.

“Good to see you too, fairy prince. Sam we need to go to Hazel's for the cure.” Alex said.

“Wait fairy prince?”

“Magnus is in the fairy council. I'll explain later. Right now, we need to go. The slayers have already declared war on vampire and my friend just texted me that the prince of the sea is missing.”

“What?!” Magnus said.

Alex looked at him. “You heard me, yes?”

“Percy Jackson is my cousin's best friend. She must be torn up right now.” Magnus said.

“Oh. Well bye now. Sam come on.” Alex grabbed Sam's hand.

“I'm coming with.” Magnus said.

“Magnus maybe you shouldn't.” Sam said.

“You're my friend so I should. What do you need cured anyway?”

“I'm a vampire. The witch, Hazel Levesque said she could make me a cure.” Sam said.

“I'm a healer. And a fairy. I might be able to help.” Magnus said.

“Let's just go, Magnus can come.” Alex said.


Alex frowned when Magnus got into the front seat. She would rather have Sam there, it would be less awkward.

“So Hazel Levesque has a cure for vampirism?” Magnus said.

“Yea.” That was a lie. Alex didn't know if Hazel really had a cure. She had said two weeks. How could it be ready now?

“Have you taken it?”

“I've been dead too long. Far too long.” Alex frowned. If he asked how Alex or Sam died, Alex was gonna push him out of the car.

“Oh. So Sam, does Amir know..?” Magnus asked.

“No. I hate not telling him but it's too dangerous for him to know.” Sam said. Her voice cracked a bit.

“And now he won't ever know.” Alex snapped at Magnus.

“Got it. My lips are sealed. No mentioning Sam being a vampire to Amir.” Magnus said.

“I won't be one much longer, no offense to you Alex.” Sam said.

“None taken. Vampires are awful.” Alex laughed.

Magnus glanced at her.

“What? I'm allowed to say that. And it's true. How old are you?” Alex asked.

“Sixteen hundred. Why?”

“So you know about that vampire who almost killed every single slayer about fifty years ago.” Alex said.

“Yeah but not every vampire is bad? Sam is good. You're good.” Magnus said.

“I killed people. Not really good. Sam is…”

“I'm an outliner. I refuse to drink any real blood so yeah.” Sam said.

“What do you drink?”

“Hazel makes me a synthetic blood drink. It's like a part way cure. I have to drink a lot of it...speaking of which do you have any on you? It's nearly ten a.m.” Sam said.

“A bottle somewhere on the floor.” Alex said.

“Good. Thanks.” Sam said.

Chapter Text

Drew sat down in the waiting room. She had to see Reyna. She had to make sure she was okay. Reyna had called her an hour ago, and Drew was growing worried.

“Drew?” Drew looked up. The familiar face of Rachel Dare smiled at her.

“Hi Rachel.”

“Watch out for swords held by wicked stepmothers. Anyway have a nice day.” Rachel said.


“Just be careful Tanaka.” Rachel said as she walked away, disappearing amongst other visitors.

Drew rolled her eyes. Rachel was a crazy mortal who was one of the few who could sense monsters. Drew knew to never really pay attention to what she says. It was only rubbish.

“Ms. Tanaka?” A nurse at the desk called.

Drew stood up and walked over to her. “Can I go see my girlfriend now?” Drew asked.

“Yes, here’s her room number. You know she asked us to call you and that if you came to send you right in. I’m always happy to help out the Slayers Union. I hate monsters, such horrible things. My was a slayer but I never could be one, not strong enough. Now you have a good day.” She said.

If Drew had blood it would be boiling right now.


Drew opened the hospital door. Reyna was inside, reading a book and an older woman was asleep on a chair.

“Reyna?” Drew whispered.

Reyna set down her book and smiled. “Drew, it’s great to see you.” She said.

Drew half ran the small distance between them. She kissed Reyna’s forehead as soon as she reached her.

“Thank goodness you’re alright.” Drew said.

“Shh… don’t wake my sister.” Reyna pointed at the woman.

“Oh. Okay.” Drew whispered before kissing Reyna again; this time on her lips. “I love you.” Reyna muttered.

“Love you too.” Drew cupped Reyna’s face in her hands. There was a cut across Reyna’s cheek.

“Your hands are cold.” Reyna said, pulling away a bit. Drew almost said a twilight joke.

“Yeah, I haven’t fed in a while so without blood I feel like a corpse.” Drew said. She still had a few hours before she had to fed. Before she became a real monster.

“I know it tastes gross but you can drink some of mine.” Reyna said.

“Yeah no, I’m fine.”

“Drew… no offense but I don’t think a vampire with a growing hungry in a hospital is safe.” Reyna said.

Reyna was right but still Drew couldn’t….

Drew took a deep breath but then she lowered her lips top Reyna’s neck. “Don’t scream...I would rather not wake up your slayer sister.” Drew whispered.

“Got it.” Reyna said. Drew bit down. Reyna’s blood tasted different from before. It tasted really good. Drew bit her harder to draw more blood. She didn’t notice Reyna crying out in pain right away. But she did notice Hylla punching her. Drew fell back onto the floor, fangs bared.

“Reyna are you okay?” Hylla asked as she started to pull something from behind her chair.

“Yes. Drew is my girlfriend. Put the sword back. She didn’t mean to hurt me.” Reyna said.

“What? Girlfriend?” Hylla looked over the bed at Drew. “Hi, I’m Drew Tanaka. I like to make out with your little sister.” Drew smiled, her fangs still out.


Alex was glad. Magnus had fallen asleep during the car ride and Sam didn’t feel like talking. So it was nice and quiet the whole half hour it took to get to The di Angelo Manor.

“Maggie wake the fuck up!” Alex yelled into his ear. Magnus jumped and hit his head on the roof of Hazel’s car. Alex snorted.

“Alex that wasn’t nice.” Sam said.

“But it was funny.” Alex pointed out.

“It was not.” Magnus said.

“Was too.” Alex sneered.

“Was not.”

“Was too.”

“Was not.”

“Was too.”

“Was not.”

“Was too.”

“Alex! Magnus! Come on.” Sam shouted at them. It wasn’t an angry shout, it was just a shout.

“Okay.” Alex and Magnus said at the same time.


Alex opened the door of the manor and called for Hazel. Unfortunately the first person she ran into was Nico. Not that she had a problem with him it’s just that he’s creepy. And gives off a I will fight anything vibe. So a lot like Alex.

“Hazel is in the lab. The fairy can go wait in the living room or parlor.” Nico said.

Magnus muttered something Alex couldn’t hear. Probably something rude and snarky. Witches and Fairies don’t get along very well. The two groups were too similar and yet at the same time too different from each other.

Nico glared at him for a second. “The living room is down the hall, there’s a werewolf practicing fire magic and the parlor is the room three doors down.” Nico said.

Magnus nodded and headed that way. Nico led Alex and Sam in the opposite direction. Nico left them at the top of the stairs so the pair had to make the long walk down about fifty stairs.

A witch’s lab is suppose a dark and strange place. But not Hazel and Nico’s lab. Hazel had a knack for pulling jewels and precious metals out of the ground so she had those laying all over everywhere. Mythomagic card decks were here and there. McDonald’s toys were stack in a pile in the back of the room. Alex liked it. It was messy and organized, and always changing.

Hazel sat at her desk, stirring a liquid that changed colors.

“Sam take a seat.” Hazel said without looking up.

“Wow rude.” Alex said.

“Alex don’t take a seat go get that healer fairy. I think he can help me with this.” Hazel said.


“Now, please.”’

“Okay, I’m going.” Alex sighed and made her way back up the stairs.

She walked by the living room where Leo was indeed practicing fire magic. And Nico was kinda helping.

“Relax. Feel the flames inside of you. The element of fire chose you for it.” Nico said.

“I am, just give me a second.” Leo said. He closed his eyes and smiled. A tiny flame appeared on his hand and then it was gone.

“Leo! You did it!” Nico smiled. Wow, Alex wasn’t sure if she had seen Nico smile so genuine and happily before.

Alex smirked and carried on to the parlor. Magnus was sitting on a chair, playing with his long hair.

“Hazel wants you in the lab. Come on.” Alex said.

Chapter Text

Drew shook Hylla’s hand. “It’s lovely to meet you. Through me and Reyna have been dating for about a day but we've been friends for a long time.”

“And you're a vampire?”


“A vampire?”

“Yes, a vampire princess technically. Queen Aphrodite is my creator.”

“Are you joking?” Hylla looked at Reyna.

“No, Hylla I love Drew and she wouldn't hurt me.” Reyna said.

“Really? Then what was she doing just a minute ago?”

“I wasn't going to drink her dry.”

“Hylla please don't tell Mom. Or anyone.” Reyna begged.

“I won't. Is she the one who killed him?”

“No. Don't worry about that.”

“Hmm… Hera and Mom will be here soon. You two should go. I doubt that bite will go over well.” Hylla said.

“And me not being here will?” Reyna raised an eye.

“Don't worry about it. I'll cover you but you and princess is illegal and Hera will kill her and you.” Hylla said as she started to carefully pull out Reyna's IV. Drew went over and opened the window.

“We can leave out this way so no one see us.” Drew said.

“Vampires can't fly, can they?” Hylla looked at her. Drew smirked.

“No but it takes blessed silver to cut through our skin and I happen to have been an acrobat once upon a time.” Drew said before doing a quick backflip.

Hylla nodded as she help Reyna out of the bed.

“Here, take my jacket.” Hylla place a letterman jacket on Reyna's shoulders.

“Ready?” Drew looked at Reyna's bruised face.

“Yeah.” Reyna smiled.

Hylla looked at her phone. “They're in the hospital. Go now.” She said.

Drew nodded and picked Reyna up.


After Drew had gotten Reyna to her car d started driving she didn't stop. Not for hours. She knew the perfect place to go.

There was a small house from the 50s out in the countryside. Drew owned it and kept it well preserved and updated. Even the kitchen, which she didn't use except for the fridge was well kept and usable. She would call Cecil to bring some food there for Reyna.

“So can I ask where we are?” Reyna asked. She had been quiet almost the whole ride.

“Just a place I own. We can stay there for the night before going back to Hazel's.” Drew said.

“You wanted me to yourself? Romantic.” Reyna said.

“Oh hush. I also thought you would like to rest more before being around a bunch of people plus I have some clothes you can use.

“Aw Drew. Who knew you thought about others.” Reyna smiled.

“I only think of me, myself and you.” Drew leaned over and kiss Reyna's cheek.

“That’s so cheesy.” Reyna sighed.

“Good. Cheesy means cute.” Drew smiled as she pulled into the driveway.

The driveway of her human parents’ home. Her mother had been dead since 1986 and her father had been dead since 1967. They had moved to America just before WW2. They moved to this house afterwards. After they had been in an internment camp in California.

Drew bought the house the second she could, under the name Lily Smith. She had decades before she would have to change the owner to 'Lily’s’ 'daughter’ Kate Smith.

The house was the last connection to her old life. There were pictures of her in there from before. There was old toys and her mother's jewelry. There was old letters from her parents’ friends.

It was her safe place.


Alex watched as Hazel stabbed Magnus with a needle. “Your healing magic will keep Sam alive and might just work to finish the cure.” Hazel smiled as the syringe filled with blood. Alex could smell it.

“Okay.” Magnus said.

“Injecting Sam with your blood after taking the cure will bring her back to life. It’s the only part of the cure that I couldn’t figure out.” Hazel said.

“How did you figure that out?” Sam asked.

“A uh, well not really friend more of a contact called and told me what I needed to do and that I needed to do it today.” Hazel said.

“How did they know?” Magnus asked.

“Ra- She’s an Oracle. I can’t talk much about it, okay?” Hazel frowned as she grabbed a bottle of blue liquid. Alex raised an eyebrow, Ra? Probably not the girl’s full name but it’s a start. An Oracle is a dangerous ally after all and with all the events of the day, an Oracle would help a lot.

“So I drink that?” Sam asked. Hazel nodded.

“Let’s get a move on, I want her cured and I know she wants to be cured, yesterday.” Alex said.

“Calm down, I need one more thing. Alex let me see your hand.” Hazel said. Alex held out her hand to Hazel, the witch placed her own hand on top of it.

“di veteris dice mihi
quod est vinculum ab Alex Sam
i videre
Familia a sanguine
et si qua morsu.” Hazel’s golden eyes glowed.

“So we done?” Alex asked. Alex didn’t understand Latin but she could guess what familia meant since it was the same word as family in Spanish. Hazel knew.

“Uh yes. Sam you can drink it now. I will inject Magnus’s blood into you afterwards.” Hazel smiled, handing Sam the bottle.

Sam looked at it and pulled off the lid. She drank it. Every last drop of it.

Alex stared as Sam shook and sweated bullets. “Is she okay?” Alex asked Hazel.


Then Sam puked. It was blood red. “You sure?”

“Yup. The potion is cleaning the vampiric toxin out of her body. She should puke a few more times.” Hazel said. As if on cue, Sam puked again.

“Oh. Gross. How long will this take?” Alex asked.

“A while, about half an hour to an hour. How about you and Magnus head upstairs? Get François Vatel to make y’all something nice to eat since it’s about dinner time.” Hazel smiled at them.

“Sounds fine by me.” Magnus said.

“Alright,” Alex sighed. She didn’t want to leave Sam but the puke smelled really, really bad, “let’s go Maggie.”

Alex looked at Sam before taking the first step up. Sam was her, many greats honestly, great grandniece. If Alex hadn’t been looking for her, the car crash would have never happened. If the car crash never happened, Sam would still be human. Would still be alive. Hopefully the cure worked.

Chapter Text

Frank tapped his fingers while he waited for his grandmother to pick up the phone. He had to tell her about his phone call with his mom.

“Fai? Have you seen your mother? She was supposed to pick up groceries two hours ago.” She said.

“We talked on the phone. She said to tell you not to be angry. And to be safe.” Frank said.

“...Fai don’t come home. Stay right where you are. Where are you right now?”

“I am at Nico and Hazel's house.”

“I will be there in a while. There's something you need to know. Something I can’t say over the phone.” She hung up. Frank stared at the phone. What did he need to know? Why couldn’t she say it over the phone? Was it something really bad?


A large vulture tapped Frank's window. He let her in and soon the bird of prey turned into an old Chinese woman.

“Listen up you stupid ox, your mother is probably dead, I should have known that she shouldn't leave the house. Not with tensions so high. Our family is a valuable asset to anyone. And some other creatures believe that eating us would allow them to get our extra special powers. Normally shapeshifters can't turn into mermaids. And mermaids can't walk on land. And you. Your father is Ares. Don't look at me like that, Emily and that blockhead got a witch named Hecate to do a spell that made it so they could create you. Another witch put a spell on you. Here,” she stopped and pulled a piece of wood out of her pocket.

“Wood? What's it for?”

“If it burns up you die. If you die it burns up.” She frowned. Not that she was smiling before.


“Keep it with you. And keep it safe.”

Frank was going to ask her another question but an alarm went off. The door bursted open and a zombie held a sign that said, “Fire.”

“Frank, out the window now.” His grandmother said.

“No, I’m going to make sure everyone gets out okay. You go.” He said.

“Stupid but brave ox. Don’t get yourself killed.” She shook her head.


Frank could barely breath in the smoke but he could hear someone yelling. He followed the sound to the living room.

“Anyone in there?” He yelled.

“Me and Nico!” The voice of Leo called out.

“Are you two okay?”

“Besides Nico being passed out yeah sure.” Leo snarled.

“Okay, wolfie. I’ll get you guys out in a second.” Frank said.


Frank had to turn into an elephant and a horse to get the two knocked out petite guys out of the living room and mansion. Hazel, Alex and two strangers were standing outside.

Hazel ran up to the trio, “ Thank the gods you’re all okay!” she yelled, examining Nico and Leo and smiling at Frank.

Frank smiled and touched the piece of firewood in his pocket. It was still fine. Still not burnt.

“Well there goes that sick manor.” Alex said.

“You guys need a safe place… I can’t believe I’m saying this but how about you guys come and stay with me. No one ever attacks my er… home, I live around too many humans.” The boy stranger said.

“Sounds fine.” Frank said. The others, except for the passed out Leo and Nico, agreed.


Magnus, the stranger boy, lived in an apartment with a runaway elf and a dwarf who was a fashion designer. Frank found this to be interesting and odd, but he kept his mouth shut. He was not the one to tell people they were strange. He was the biological son of a vampire afterall.

“This is Hearthstone. He’s deaf. So if you think he’s ignoring you, he’s not. And that’s Blitzen, he might insult certain people’s fashion choices and he’s my cousin.” Magnus said, smiling.

No one else said anything. Elves and dwarfs were basically a type of fairy. Elves thrived in the sun and once upon a time did magic, that changed long ago, while on the other hand dwarfs turned to stone in the sun and built amazing things, but never had magic. Through the Blitzen guy being Magnus’s cousin meant one of them was either part dwarf or part fairy so maybe he did have magic. Or the fairy prince wasn’t fully a fairy, which sounds unlikely.

“Well, thanks for letting us come here.” Frank said.

“It’s no problem, no problem at all. Strays are always welcomed here.” Blitzen said.


Frank stood out on the fire escape of the Brooklyn apartment.

“The world is pretty at night, no?” Hazel said from behind him.

“Yeah. Does your dad know about the fire?”

“Yes. He called to make sure me and Nico were alright. It’s sweet when he cares and is worried. Reminds me that he isn’t as cold as he looks. You know, Persephone was worried too.”

“Pfft. I didn’t realize she saw you and Nico as people.” Frank laughed.

“She does. Then she remembers how we are the children of her husband’s affairs and she hates us again.” Hazel smiled.

“Huh. Do you think the world is going to hell?”

“No, it’s been there for a long time. The dominos are just falling. War was the unstoppable objective that didn’t hit into an immovable object.” Hazel said.

“Oh. I think you said it wrong but it doesn’t matter. Weird to think how one little mistake could cause a war.”

“That’s the world for you.”

“When did you sleep last?”


“You seem grumpy.”


“It’s been since the night before last. Sometimes I get caught up with stuff.”

“Go to bed, Hazel.”

“Okay, night Frankie. And don’t worry everything will turn out alright.”

Chapter Text

Drew opened the door of when house. Reyna smiled at her.

“It's an old place but it's nice.” Drew said.

“It looks nice. Is where you grew up, I know you were born in Brazil but you had to have moved here at some point?” Reyna asked.

“Nah, that place is gone. My parents moved here after they got out of a Japanese internment camp. I bought it after my mom died.” Drew answered.

Reyna touched her arm, “I'm sorry.”

“It's alright. It's been many years since then.” Drew frowned.

Reyna took a step into the house. Drew watch as she disappeared into the kitchen. Drew walked inside. A picture of her and her parents hung on the wall. Yuri, Asami, and Misako Tanaka. She had once been that human but the name Misako Tanaka belonged to a girl who died a long time ago. Ew, was that a zit!? The only picture she had of her human self was one where she had a zit.

“Drew!” Reyna yelled. Drew ran towards the kitchen.

Reyna had a knife in her hand and blood on her arm. Her blood. Across the room stood Eros. Aphrodite's biological son but not her heir. He was too dangerous to lead.

Yeah so he and Drew didn't really get along.

“What the fuck do you want?” Drew hissed at him.

“Your queen wishes to speak to you. Alone. Head to her apartment but the slayer is to stay here and I am to keep an eye on it.” Eros licked a drop of blood off his fingers. His face twisted in disgust.

“I guess you don't keep it around for a snack.” He snarled. Reyna looked at Drew. There wasn't even a drop of fear in her expression.

“Fine. But if you hurt even a single hair on her head; you're dead.” Drew bared her fangs at him.

“Yeah, yeah. I got it. Her blood taste like shit so it wouldn't be worth killing her.” Eros rolled his eyes.


Drew was greeted by Hymenaios and Ganymede in the throne room.

“Where is she?” Drew asked.

“She'll be here in a second. Trust me, I don't want to be here as much as you. Me and Gany had plans. And many Eros too.” Hymenaios chuckled to himself.

“Gross. I don't see how you guys stand him.” Drew rolled her eyes.

“He can be a sweetie sometimes, plus you know rough in all the right ways.” Ganymede smiled.

“Kinky.” Drew said.

“You know it, sista!” Hymenaios laughed.

“It's nice seeing you guys again. Even if you have an asshole of a play mate.” Drew hugged the two men. They were good friends of hers and she enjoyed seeing them.

“I see you you are already here. Hymenaios, Ganymede please leave me and my heir alone.” Drew jumped at the sound of Aphrodite's voice.

Ganymede and Hymenaios bowed to her and then left.

“My queen, why do you ask for me to come?” Drew asked as she turned to face Aphrodite.

“Cut the bullcrap. You know why. A slayer? Really? A slayer steals your heart? And a Ramírez-Arellano at that. Are you even planning to turn her?” Aphrodite asked.

“Aphrodite, I've only dated her for about a day. It's not my fault Hera Zeus is a crazy bitch who declared war.” Drew said.

“She what?” Aphrodite's eyes went wide.

“Declared war. Did you not know?” Drew asked.

“No.. I didn't. Gods. Please tell me this is a joke.”

“It's not.”

“You are dismissed. Keep your little slayer toy safe. She is a powerful ally.” Aphrodite waved Drew away.

“I will. Good bye.” Drew said.


Alex looked up from the book she found in Blitzen’s bedroom. The others were getting ready for bed. Samirah was already passed out in the guest bedroom.

“Shouldn't you go feed soon?” Magnus asked her.

“Probably. I just don't want to leave Sam.” Alex said.

“What's going on between the two of you? Are you in love with her or something?” He asked.

Alex laughed, “Ew, no she's like a sister to me. I knew her a few months before the vampire stuff happened.” Alex said.

“Okay, okay good because you know Amir.”

“Oh yes Amir. You just say his name in front of Sam and she turns in a blushing mess.” Alex snorted.

“Well I'm going to sleep now and you should probably go feed.” Magnus said.

“Yeah, I better go unless someone wants to be drank.” Alex smirked.

“Uh yeah no. Have fun uh feeding.” Magnus walked away.

Alex set the book down and headed towards the door. She did need to feed. Especially with Sam being a human now.

“Alex!” Hazel stopped her before she could leave.

“Yes?” Alex frowned. She needed to go.

“After you're done can you stop by Mallory Keen’s place? She is your friend and she might have information on what Hera Zeus is doing right now.” Hazel asked.

“Yeah sure.” Alex said.


Alex wiped the blood off her mouth as she waited for Mallory to answer her damn door.

The door opened and Alex was meet with Halfborn in his underwear.


“What do you want?”

“Mallory. Only for like a minute. I need to also her a question.”

“Mal! The green goblin wants to talk to you!” Halfborn shouted into the apartment.

A few seconds later Mallory appeared in front of the door wearing only a blanket.

“What are the slayers up to?” Alex asked.

“They kidnapped the mermaid prince and are looking for that Ramírez-Arellano girl. Rain or Lena. I don't know. They say some vamp kidnapped her and threatened Hylla Twice-Kill to cover for it. Based on your face you know what I'm talking about. Listen there a huge reward for anyone who brings Reyna back so if she was really kidnapped…”

“She ran away with Drew. They're girlfriends.” Alex said.

Mallory and Halfborn laughed.

“A vampire and a slayer? Pfft.”

“I know so funny. Anyway is that all?”

“Yeah, I mean Hera wants to find the Oracle but that's been going on for years.”

“Alright. Bye bitches, have fun fucking like rabbits.” Alex spun on her heel and started down the hall.

“Bye arsehole!” Mallory yelled after her.