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Finding Love Among the Stars

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When he entered Mordin's lab, the salarian looked up and came out from behind the table he had been standing behind.

"Vashlani, how can I help you?" The rapid speech took a second for his brain to decipher then Vashlani reached into the satchel and took out both the potions.

"Vashlani has had some friends doing research into paralyzation to try and help against these... bugs?" He placed the yellow potion on the table, "This one is a resist potion. If the creatures are using some spell or poison, this will help us to resist its effects if we are stung. Shepard thought you could use it to help in your research."

He placed the other potion on the table, its contents swirling green then blue, "This one is a cure potion. If they are using some sort of poison against the humans, this will counter it and remove the effects. I only have the one potion of each for you to test with your research. Once we know which one is needed or if either of them even works, Vashlani can make more. He also has something else to use in case of emergency, but will need to test it somehow."

Mordin blinked at him then reached for the phials. "Hmm, maybe... possibly. Not sure. Will test." He hurried around to the other side and made notes into his terminal before carefully unstoppering the first of the bottles and adding a few drops to a slide before putting it into a machine.

Vashlani looked around and moved the stool to a small cleared off section of another table and set up his scroll writing items and began to transcribe more scrolls.



"Commander, The Illusive Man wishes to speak to you in the debriefing room." Kelly's voice came over the comms as Shepard finished going through her email.

"On my way." She turned off the terminal and headed for the lift.



Shepard hurried out the door of the debriefing room and ran down the hallway toward the lab. When she entered, she saw Vashlani sitting there writing something with his tail swinging in rhythm to the tune that Mordin was humming. Mordin seemed to be spraying something into the container the lone Collector bug they had been able to find on Freedom's Progress held.

"Mordin, we have an emergency, please tell me that you have those countermeasures worked out. Our colony on Horizon just went dark."

He gave a brief nod before saying, "Yes, countermeasure seems to be working. Need to run another test with Vashlani's backup plan."

"What do you need?" Shepard's voice held a bit of relief to it.

"I need a human volunteer, can't be you or one of the ground team. Vashlani needs one that will let me test these scrolls on them and be in a sealed room with that bug without Mordin's countermeasure."

"That's asking a lot as the risks involved are high. How sure are you about those scrolls?" Shepard asked him as she crossed her arm and started chewing her lip.

"The scrolls are the equivalent of those potions Vashlani gave to Mordin, but these scrolls can be used to cure or help protect others, unlike the potions that are for our use. So if you see one of the ground crew go down the scroll can be used on touch. Whereas, if you feel yourself get stung and the countermeasure failed, then the potion can be used if no one is nearby. The scrolls can also be used on the survivors if necessary, and there is no risk of overdosing from using too many. We need to know if they will work as intended, and without trying them out first...," he shrugged.

"The formula he brought to provide protection added an extra layer to the countermeasure. The one bottle was enough to use for four suit mods. Not enough left to give to others. The formula for the cure can be used in a battle situation instead of in a lab. If those... scrolls work the same, it may give us more of an edge in battle." Mordin's fast as lightning speech came from the other side of the room where he was entering information into the terminal. "The mods are refillable. I can make more, one for each team member. Will take time. Gave EDI the intel, added it to the programming for monitoring vital signs. If affected, the program will autoinject a small amount into the bloodstream. Dextro and levo are safe. Will expand the mods to include the cure if it works from the scrolls. Can have that ready in a few days, but not hours."

She sighed before rubbing her temple, "Alright, looks like we don't have much choice. We'll be arriving on Horizon in five hours. Come on Vashlani, let's go see if we can find you a guinea pig."

"Guinea pig? No, Shepard. I need a human, not an animal." Vashlani gathered up his things and stuffed them in his bag as he followed her out the door. Mordin heard a snort from her before she started a full out belly laugh. His mouth turned up into a grin for a moment before his attention went back to the terminal.



"Attention all crew, this is Commander Shepard with an important announcement and request. We are on our way to Horizon where we just received notice that the colony has gone dark and Collector involvement is likely. I need a volunteer, a person willing to be a test subject for a backup measure. I will not lie, what I am asking will be dangerous for the person. You will need to be in a room with Vashlani, without the protection that Mordin will be providing, and the creature will be released inside. Vashlani needs to test something for giving resistance to the paralyzing effect of the sting and also for the cure should it fail. Normally it would be me that would undertake this, but since we are coming up on a battle we need someone that is not a ground crew member. It is why I am asking for a volunteer and not ordering someone to do this. I know it will be a difficult decision and not volunteering will in no way count against you. If you would like to participate please come to the quarantine lab on deck four within the hour. Commander Shepard out."

Shepard and Vashlani stood outside the room pacing while Mordin continued to type something into his omni tool. The bug inside the container hovered and smashed against the side once in a while. "Vashlani, something I didn't tell you earlier. The Illusive Man somehow found out that Kaidan was down on the planet, don't ask me how he knew because Councilor Anderson wouldn't even tell me. Anyway, I thought you should know."

Vashlani let out a small grunt and nodded as he continued to pace. Shepard sighed as the time was growing close to the hour and no one had shown up; she really couldn't blame them. Vashlani was still pretty much an unknown to them; he was unlike any other race of beings they knew of. Plus they all had watched the footage and knew of the dangers of the Collectors and could hardly be faulted for being afraid.

They heard a slight clearing of a throat and turned to see a young woman approaching them, she was plainly nervous, her fingers twisting on themselves and her eyes darting everywhere.

"Commander Shepard, ma'am, I'm here to help." The young woman couldn't have been more than twenty years old.

"Are you sure about this? It is dangerous," Shepard asked her as she stopped in front of them.

"Yes, ma'am, I know that. But seeing as how I am only a dock worker and operate one of the loaders for the cargo bay, I won't be much loss if something goes wrong. Plus my mum and dad were in one of the colonies that they took before you came back. I don't think I'll be seeing them again, but if this works at least I know, I helped to stop these bastards in some meaningful way."

Vashlani's tail flicked as he stared at the woman. "Vashlani would like to know the name of the brave woman that stands before him."

"Oh, it's Yasmine. Yasmine Lee." Her voice came out in a light squeak as she answered.

"A pleasure to meet you, Miss Lee." He gave a deep, rumbling purr and her eyes jumped to him. When he had her undivided attention, Vashlani explained the scrolls and what would happen inside the room, once again asking her if she wanted to do it. Her firm nod had him smiling, and he let out another purr.



On the shuttle ride to the surface of the planet, Vashlani handed each of the ground crew four scrolls of each type, reminding them all again that any that didn't get used were to be returned. Garrus and Shepard already knew how to use them, so they tucked them into their armor's compartments as Vashlani explained them to Jack. She was skeptical and smart mouthed about how could reading a few words off a piece of paper do anything but quieted down when she noticed the other two glaring at her.

Vashlani scratched his head as he tried to figure out where to put the scrolls in Jack's "armor." Finally giving up and removing a pouch from his backpack and attaching it to the belt at her waist.

"Approaching landing area. The area is swarming with those little bastards ma'am," the shuttle pilot said over his shoulder. Vashlani put his helmet on and raised the hood before taking out his staff.

"Where the fuck did that come from?" Jack asked as the staff seemed to appear out of nowhere. Garrus snorted as he readied his rifle.

"You're in for a hell of a ride, Jack. Enjoy the show but don't go stopping in front of him." Garrus moved to be in front of the door to provide cover fire as the others dropped from the shuttle.

"Mordin? You keeping an eye on the readouts for the countermeasures?" Shepard asked as they made their way through the area, so far the bugs seemed to ignore them, only coming close then to move away again.

"Yes, Shepard. So far the swarm has not determined you are a threat or human target. Cannot guarantee it will remain so."

The comm gave some static feedback and Joker came on letting them know they were losing comms with them, more than likely the swarm was doing it.

The team rounded the corner and saw several shipping containers scattered in the area, at the same time they got their first real look at the Collectors. Resembling giant bugs and quite fast, their weapons peppering their shields and whittling them down rather quickly. The Collectors seemed to have a strong layer of armoring, the team's weapons not doing as much damage.

Vashlani sent out his wolf familiar, and it was killed within seconds. He ducked behind one of the containers, and they all heard him muttering something that the translators couldn't pick up, they assumed he was no longer speaking in the common language of Tamriel but his own dialect. After a second of firing on them, the group saw more landing; the bastards could fly.

Vashlani popped up and activated his staff, the crackle of lightning ranged across the area. Everyone heard a "holy fucking shit" coming from where Jack was crouched near a crate and using a combination of biotic shockwave and shotgun blasts.

Garrus started firing at several, his own weapon modded with an armor piercing round that was punching through the Collectors armor and dropping them quickly. "Fire, Vashlani, use fire to get rid of their armor modifications." Garrus' yell got the khajiit's attention, and he slid his staff into the holder on his back and stood up. Bolts of fire flashed from both hands.

His summoned atronach hunched over then bent slightly backward and Vashlani yelled, "Duck!"

Garrus must have been the only known turian in the galaxy that knew how to duck and cover. His time with Vashlani had taught him that. The thunderous explosion from the destroyed atronach sent crates flying; it also had the effect of sending the Collectors flying, most of them didn't get back up, the few that did were heavily damaged and easy to kill.

When the last one was down, they moved toward the lower area, and Jack stared at Vashlani as the khajiit grumbled, "Fire is not my strongest element. I have not learned the higher level spells. All I have is my atronach, fire bolts, and flames."

Shepard hacked a datapad and found an account with a hefty amount of credits. "What about that one thing you used on Ilos? It used fire. Whatever the hell it was."

Vashlani shook his head as they moved to a different area, his hands still on fire and Jack staring at them and edging away. "That one will not always come. Sometimes it is one that uses magic, at times one that uses a bow--"

"Yeah and one that uses some weird weapon and tries to pound you into the dirt with it," Garrus' grumpy voice came from behind them as he covered their rear.

"Vashlani can send to Faralda when we get back. She will probably have a more powerful flame spell tome I can buy, though it will not be as strong as my electrical attacks. We will see."

The rest of the way across the small colony was the same; the Collectors would come down and attack. At times one seemed to be different, it hovered in the air, and its appearance changed. It also called Shepard by name.

They stopped to look at a downed husk, Garrus telling Jack about Shepard encountering them on Eden Prime before and how they fought them on several other planets as well as the Citadel.

Vashlani let out a humming sound, "This one smells different, Garrus. Not quite the same as the one from Virmire. They look different too."

"Could this be what happened to the colonists? Poor fuckers," Jack asked, her voice held a bit of a shake, but she was holding firm. Shepard shook her head no.

"There are no spikes, no dragons teeth. That was what they used to impale the humans on and turn them into these things. They brought them with them; it's the only explanation. This is proof they are working with the Reapers." Shepard gripped her pistol tighter, and they moved.

Something grotesque moved along the right side of the battlefield, something, unlike anything they had ever seen, something that looked like it came from someone's worst nightmare. The creature used a powerful biotic wave attack that immediately stripped their shields.

Vashlani stood and opened his palm, bolts of pure white light flew from it and embedded themselves into the creature, at the same time his other hand balled into a tight fist of glowing purplish black. When he opened it, a matching swirling patch of light shone near the abomination, and a creature of flame appeared. Fireballs flew at any enemy near it; the female creature glided across the field until one too many hits caused it to burst into a fiery explosion, taking out several enemies in the conflagration.

Vashlani quickly hurried over to where Jack laid on the ground, he held out a hand and let the healing warmth of his spell surround her. Her eyes fluttered open, and she stared at him and at the rapidly closing wound on her side. "There, feels better, yes? Almost done and you will be back on your feet in a few minutes. No scars and no damage to your tattoos." He leaned a bit closer to her, "Your system is also being cleansed of the poison that you used, the drug. You are already powerful, you do not need it, this drug keeps you from the precise control of your powers that you are capable of achieving. Control and accuracy are what is important, what makes the difference between true power and chaos. You have the potential inside of you, if you but seek the control of body and mind. It is your choice which path you take." The swirling light diminished and he stood up and moved away.

"Hey, Jack you coming or do you want to lay there and nap some more?" Shepard yelled out as they moved toward the buildings.

"Shut the fuck up, Shepard. And you better not go killing things without me." Jack stood up and ran her hand over her side then looked at Vashlani's retreating back as he caught up to Shepard. Her choice...

After checking the buildings, they ran across a dead Collector, and Vashlani stopped to examine it. "Machine, this is mostly machine but not all. No individual smell, a clone. Just the smell of corruption, ancient decay like those of the Draugr. But overall, nothing but a machine."

Shepard ran a quick scan and saw there was a way to copy the heavy muscle weave that the creature had before they moved on. They searched several more buildings and stopped to look at a huge pod shaped item that was propped against the wall.

The Collectors attacked again, and when the fight was over, the team searched around for anything that could be useful. They found two people frozen on the stairway with several of those swarm bugs near them; it looked like one was helping the other one up when they were both stung and paralyzed.

"Should we use the fucking paper that he gave us now?" Jack asked as she poked one of the people.

"No, not until we can get rid of the swarm. They'll just get stung again, and it would be a waste. Let's move on. When we're done we'll come back and gather up any other survivors and take care of it," Shepard told her as she jogged up the stairs to one of the living units at the top of a building. A few things were left behind, and they picked them up. Shepard hacked a terminal and diverted some of the funds.

Shepard found one of the Collector's weapons laying on the ground; it looked undamaged; almost as if it was placed there and forgotten. She picked it up and attached it to the magnets on the back of her suit, she would have Mordin go over it later, and maybe Jacob could get the weapon replicator to make another copy. If not... well at least they had one to examine and try to find its weakness.

They had just exited a building when more of the Collectors came down, and again one of them hovered in the air glowing then attacked them with more powerful attacks and tried to demoralize them, it directed everything at Shepard. Vashlani's spells flew across the battlefield. F The heat of his fire and crackle from bolts of lightning, the popping of Garrus' rifle and Jack's boasting as her biotics flared knocking several of them into the air, were heard as well. Shepard didn't say anything just kept up the constant stream of weapons fire taking out anything that flew, as soon as the glowing one was killed a different one would react, glow and start its repetitive banter all over again.

"Vashlani, take out the other Collectors before this one is killed, whatever it is only swapped out to another once it's down, remove the extras and it's trapped."

Vashlani heard and directed his flames and fireballs toward the other creatures. Jack's shockwave sent them flying only to be turned to ash by either Vashlani or the flame atronach he summoned.

When the fight was over, they searched the area and recovered any usable heatsinks or items. Garrus pointed to what looked like a giant garage door where the Collectors had come from, and they made their way to it. He started to hack the door as Shepard stood ready to shoot anything on the other side. Vashlani stood to one side of her with a huge ball of fire held between his hands. When the door opened, they moved into the building, not seeing or hearing anyone until a boot kicked something a few feet in front of them.

There was a lone person inside of the building. When the trouble started, he apparently ran into the building and locked the doors. Garrus let out several clicks, and Vashlani's ears twitched inside his helmet. How many people were killed or taken because he locked the door in his cowardice?

Shepard's lip curled up in a slight snarl, and the mechanic started to blame it all on the Alliance, everything was someone else's fault. He conveniently forgot that the Alliance issued warnings about building out in the Terminus, he forgot the Alliance told them that they would be on their own if they went. He reluctantly told them that there had been mention of attacks happening, but they all put it off to propaganda, just lies to get them to go back to Alliance space and have to follow their rules. He finally told them that the Alliance had sent them GARDIAN lasers to help protect the colony, but they couldn't get them to work. And of course that was the Alliance's fault also, and the person they had sent to set it all up was some military person called Alenko. It was all his fault too.

Shepard had heard enough; she told the guy to unlock the door that led to where they had built the laser then hide in the corner, he was good at that. She gathered up everything she could find useful, and they moved to the door. As soon as Vashlani has passed through, the door swished shut and locked. Vashlani growled and moved his cloak aside to make sure his armor covered tail was still there before following the rest of the group.

The fighting was as fierce on this side of the colony as it had been on the other, with more of those monstrous things that Shepard had come to call Scions. They finally made it to where they encountered another locked gate-like door, and after making sure that everyone was healed and they had heatsinks and medigels, she nodded to Garrus who began to hack the door code.

When the door opened, they saw the laser control system in the middle of what seemed to be a courtyard, surrounded by yet more storage containers and small portable buildings. From the one side, they saw movement and scattered as husks came running for them. Garrus was thrown back as one of the Scion's shockwaves hit him and Vashlani ran for him casting a summons just as he skidded to a halt beside the turian.

The summoned creature drew the Scion's attention long enough for Vashlani to cast a quick heal and Garrus to get into position to start shooting the husks that were bearing down on Shepard and Jack. When the area was clear, Jack and Vashlani gathered up any useful items while Garrus and Shepard took a look at the laser system.

"This shouldn't take long for EDI to fix, as long as the comms are working, Shepard. The control panel is unlocked, try contacting the Normandy." Garrus kept his eyes on the area as the other two joined them.

Once Shepard was connected, EDI fixed the calculation error within seconds, and the system started to power up, she warned that it would take several minutes to reach full power and become active, they needed to protect the system during that time.

"You have incoming, Shepard," EDI's warning came just seconds before the first husk appeared.

There was a slight lull between attacks, just long enough to reposition themselves after a quick scramble to heal and grab whatever heat sinks they could use. Garrus stood up, his visor flashing out a warning. "Shepard there is something big and fast heading our way that just came out of the Collector Ship."

"GARDIAN lasers at 70 percent, Shepard. You need to hold them for a while longer." EDI told them, and Shepard hung her head, knowing full well she had to do so without having to be told about it.

The creature that came at them was horrific. A giant bug with multiple husk heads growing from it. The beam it shot out was devastating and seemed to be directed at Shepard while practically ignoring the other crew. Vashlani summoned a storm atronach then raced to Shepard's side, stuffing the medigel packs he had... found, into the slot on her suit.

"Where did you find all those packs, Vashlani?" Shepard called out as she moved to the other side of the barrier she was hiding behind, waiting for the moment the creature landed, to stand and send out several missiles from the launcher she had brought along.

"That man in the one room, the coward? He had all these red boxes stacked up behind a container. Vashlani noticed Shepard would take out the packs when she saw the containers in other buildings and that the same symbol on the box for medigel on the Normandy was on those red boxes. So Vashlani helped himself to the stash when no one was looking."

Shepard started to laugh. "This is one time I won't yell at you for swiping things from a planet while I'm not looking, good job, Vashlani." They all heard his purr over the comm.

With one last missile, the creature seemed to disintegrate, not even a minute later they heard the hum of the laser system then saw the cannons start to fire at the Collector ship. They heard someone running up behind them to see the mechanic running toward the courtyard. He turned yelling at her to do something, to stop the ship leaving with most of the colony.

"What the hell do you want me to do? Whistle and tell 'em to hold up a minute they forgot to drop off their stolen passengers? We did what we could do. We saved the people that were left, including your cowardly ass, and we got rid of the Collectors. We also have a means to remove the paralysis from the ones left behind," Shepard growled at the man, she was pissed. She risked everything while this bastard hid and he had the balls to tell her to do something?

"We did what we could, Shepard. Which was more than that guy did," Garrus said as he moved to stand beside her.

"Shepard? That name sounds familiar."

A few seconds later Kaidan came up to them and told the mechanic just who Shepard was. Of course, that sent the surly bastard off again on his anti-Alliance remarks.

Vashlani couldn't believe his ears at what he was hearing. Kaidan just called Shepard a traitor to the Alliance, to her people. Then accused her of working for the people they had thought was behind the missing people. The Alliance wouldn't do anything to help, yet he stood there condemning her? Then to turn on Garrus for being there for her and included him in this traitor business. His growls started low in his chest, and he could hear Garrus' subharmonics telling him to calm. When Kaidan turned his attention to the khajiit, the human did a double take. "Should have known you would find a way to bring this alien back, maybe he's in on this whole mess. They didn't start taking people until after he disappeared, maybe he's part of the Collectors."

Shepard stepped up to Kaidan and almost slapped him. "You know us better, I don't know where you got this bullshit you're spewing, but you're way out of line."

"Yeah, well, we'll just have to see what the Council and Alliance say about all this, Shepard." Kaidan took several steps back before turning and starting to walk away.

"That's Spectre Shepard to you. The Council already knows about what we are doing out here. As does Anderson."

Kaidan stumbled and paused just slightly before he continued to walk away from them when he heard that the Council reinstated her status already. He had no idea what was causing the maniacal laughter coming from behind him. He couldn't see the two mage lights that had stuck to the butt of his armor or Jack rolling around on the ground holding her sides from the laughter.

"Joker, we need the cleanup crew down here. Mordin, we need you and Doc ground side, we have survivors to find and cure."

They took all of the remaining colonists to the large garage, and after tossing the mechanic out of the way, they set up a portable barrier.

"Alright, Jack. Remember what this khajiit told you about reading from the scroll?" Vashlani watched the human shrug then give a brief nod. "Say it nice and slow, then touch the person, no one or nothing else."

She gave a slight snort then read off the scroll before she poked the man that was lying on the gurney on the nose with one black nail-polished finger. She let out a gasp as the man started to move and let out a yell before someone told him what happened. A marine wheeled him out while another one needing a cure was wheeled in.

"Vashlani was glad when the tests he ran showed the paralysis was not caused by a poison but by some other means. Vashlani can do this quickly."

Jack stood off to the side and watched an orange glow appear on Vashlani's hand then flick toward the woman now in the room, she started to move, and they quickly wheeled her out and another one in. The process kept going and only stopping when Vashlani told them he needed a few minutes to recover. He pulled out a blue phial and tipped it into intake slot, the light swirled around him, and Jack asked him what drug that was.

"No drug, Jack. Just an herbal mixture that helps Vashlani to recover his magic faster, naturally. There are no side effects, no euphoric highs; this khajiit doesn't need them. Vashlani knows his potential, knows that to become a Master, as his Master was before him, that it takes a clear head, a focused mind, steady hand, and willpower. Drugs, such as the one you took or the one that many from the land that Vashlani comes from uses, clouds the mind. We think it gives us power; we think we control it. We do not. It will rob us of our strength, our willpower, our very souls. In the end, it leaves us weak." Vashlani stood and signaled to the Marines to bring in another victim.



Vashlani let out a sigh after showering and changing into a comfortable set of hide pants and one of his silk shirts. He made his way to the kitchen and packed a meal, and a basket full of his home brewed mead then headed back to the Normandy. He was currently sitting in the navigator's chair, eating and sending out probes, when he finished they would be heading toward the Citadel again. Shepard wanted to have a face to face talk with Anderson about what happened on Horizon.

Joker and Vashlani had been discussing what was said on Horizon when Garrus walked up to the bridge. He rooted around in the basket looking for one he could drink. "The one with the blue flower on it, Garrus." Vashlani held out his hand giving the bottle a quick chill before hitting the probe launch button.

"When we hit the Citadel are we going to take another trip?" Garrus asked the khajiit and saw him shrug.

"Vashlani is unsure. Shepard was rather angry at this khajiit the last time. We shall see once we get the containers moved and Vashlani gets the latest news. With the war and dragons, we need to be more careful. Vashlani didn't think of that when he took you to the tower." Vashlani took another bite of his sandwich before hitting the button again.

"You are going to that College place, right? It's pretty safe there... relatively speaking, I'm coming along too, I want to see it for myself. I think Doc said she wanted to talk to some of the mages that heal people. Maybe one of them could figure out how to help with my condition." Joker shifted then moved them to the next planet when EDI told them that one was below the threshold.

"Maybe it is so, Joker, but we need to be careful. There is one... person with whom we need to watch out for. The Thalmor that is currently at the school may not be there just to advise or whatever he said he was doing. Too many questions, too many times he has pulled students away and questioned them about happenings around the school, and now with the new discovery that was made and his seemingly intent interest in the artifact does not add up to only being an advisor. You see, Thalmor believes they are superior to everyone, including ones of their own race. They have caused many wars, many deaths and use their position to make people disappear, including other altmer. There are rumors of ethnic cleansings when the non-Thalmor altmer and bosmer elves try to uprise."

He opened a bottle of mead for himself before he continued, "Because we enter the College through special means we need to be extra careful. Should he find the way into Vashlani's home, it could be destroyed. They could locate the key to coming to this dimension and cause chaos. Vashlani does not wish for that. The Arch-Mage will clear his quarters, we bring in the containers and get the news. From there we shall see. It may be possible for Colette to come to see you, she is the restoration master and trainer. As far as wandering around the College, Vashlani does not think that would be advisable right now."

The bridge became rather crowded when Shepard joined them, picking out a bottle of mead with a symbol of a bee on it. She snatched the rest of Vashlani's sandwich when he held out his hand for the bottle. "What are you guys up to now?"

"Talking about what to do during shore leave," Garrus said as he leaned against the wall divider behind Joker's chair. "We were asking him if he thinks we could have another trip. He also gave a warning about one of the people to watch for while we are there."

"Well, we will be on the Citadel for a few days for repair and restock. Then we head out, there are some small shit things that Cerberus wants us to do." Shepard said around the mouthful of sandwich she was chewing on. "The orders are already placed and will be waiting at the docks. We can go after I get back from seeing the Councilor and we get the ok from Vashlani. Maybe we should gear up just in case before we go there? Or at least bring our stuff in a crate."

"Sounds like a plan." Garrus dropped his empty bottle into the basket before he turned and headed back down to the Main Battery. Shepard thanked Vashlani for the snack then went up to her cabin. Vashlani just flicked his ears at her.

"At least Vashlani planned for just such a happening." He reached into his bag and brought out a small meat pie wrapped in paper. He grinned before taking a large bite out of it. Joker just snickered.