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hard candy

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"Oh, my god, Taehyung, look at this shit, it's fucking pigmented!"

Jimin zooms out on his camera as his dark-haired roommate joins him in his makeshift studio, sticking a forearm out. The blond boy swipes his finger across Crushed Pearl, glimmers of pink and silver transferring easily and smoothly onto his skin. He wipes his finger across Taehyung's tanned skin, the two colours a beautiful contrast.

Taehyung all but shrieks. He fixes the camera with a hungry stare. "Jimin was not fucking around. This is incredible, it's gorgeous, look at how it has such a pretty metallic finish, my dick is hard," he states, flashing his forearm.

Jimin holds in his giggles. "You haven't even seen Hard Candy, I have to say, that is my favourite, look, Tae, just look." 

They spend the next 20 minutes swatching the rest of Anastasia Beverly Hills' Gleam Glow Kit, offering their feedback and what they would love to pair it with. Jimin gushes about how his daisy-coloured silken shirt would match Hard Cardy's pink pearls as Taehyung nods his support enthusiastically.  

They finally wrap up the video, Jimin slightly out of breath as he packs his makeup and filming equipment. He'll have a quick shower before settling down at his desk to edit the video; his subscribers would be off their rocket once they saw he'd updated twice this week.

Jimin prides himself on being able to juggle his college life, dance club activities, his yoga elective and duty as a makeup guru on YouTube. He was majoring in dance at the Korea National University of Arts, with Taehyung majoring in theatre. He'd pushed himself this week to complete his dance critique review on Hakyeon's contemporary piece, because he knew that his glow kit was arriving this week. He had already posted a Top 15 Go-To Products on Monday night but he was itching to rip open ABH's highlight palette and when he did, he just knew he had to film it ASAP. 

He has yet to watch one of the La Sylphide pieces that his lecturer had uploaded but he thinks it can wait another day, as he plows through the night editing cuts from his video. Taehyung's awake too, recording his voice over and over as he practices his lines. It's around 1 am that he is finally satisfied with the quality of his video. Jimin queues it to post at 11 am the coming morning and sets about to do his nightly skin care routine. 

As he pats his green tea night cream into his cheeks, he ponders his life choices. 

It all started out five years ago, when he had watched Desi Perkins fill in her brows and clean them up with concealer for 20 minutes. With click after click, Jimin found himself subscribing to Karen O, Estheris, Jeffree Star, Shani Grimmond and Kathleen Lights, just to name a few. The next day, he had dragged Taehyung to their nearest drugstore to buy eyeliners and foundations. 

He didn't really know much about makeup at first and it was all disastrous in the beginning. Taehyung had laughed for 40 minutes straight after seeing his feeble attempt at eyeliner and even has the pictures till this day. But Jimin's come far in years of practice and now, Taehyung tails behind him with a vanity just as large as his. Hoseok was not too far behind, sometimes tagging along on their trips to Sephora and Ulta.  

Jimin had started posting videos at 18 years old, starting off with a couple hundred views. As months passed and he worked extra hard part-time (some of his grades [read: math] had been compromised on), he had gotten himself a better camera, some studio equipment and a few more makeup items (his parents had chipped in some too, upon seeing how much their son enjoyed the art of makeup). Now, he's built a loyal fanbase of over 200,000 subscribers.   

He, alongside Taehyung and Hoseok, had faced jeers from homophobic classmates and judgmental stares from the conservative elderly. But as Jimin falls in love with the art of makeup, he finds that he doesn't really care much. Nikkietutorials had taught him that it was not wrong to love makeup, that it was okay to be barefaced at times and that it was okay he couldn't always depend on concealer to make him seem like a better person. As Jimin doused himself in colours every day, he often thought of what it was like if his life had no colour- if it was all black and white.

 He meets black and white on a Friday night.

Their mid-terms had just ended and Taehyung declared the night to be one of celebration. Jimin spends almost an hour and a half getting ready, Snapchatting his blending and contouring. Namjoon chuckles at how he focused he is, but then commends him when he sees Jimin line his smoky eyes perfectly with one single stroke.  

"Guys, it's almost 11.30, we should head out soon. I was thinking about dropping by Jaehyun's for a round of shots first," Namjoon says, glancing at the clock. 

Jimin lets out a squeal. "I'm almost done, I swear, just let me-" 

He reaches for Gleam and his favourite Morphe M310 fan brush. He had donned his daisy silk shirt and with no hesitation, he dipped the brush into Hard Candy. As he dusted the shimmer over his cheekbones, he couldn't help but think that he looked absolutely. bomb. in that moment.  

"Ugh, guys, it's fucking pretty," he sighs. Namjoon chortles as he gets up and dusts his clothes. 

"Yes, you're fucking pretty. Now, can we please leave?"

(They leave after Jimin drowns himself in 57 spritzes of Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting Spray.)

Jimin's mouth is stinging lightly with the vodka from earlier, but that was all he had. He refused to take more, simply because he knew how shit-faced he'd get if he didn't pace himself that night. He did not want to end up like how he did in junior high, eyeliner running like a tap and his brows gone.  

Their favourite club, Triptych, is filled with strobing lights and he barely makes out the figure of Taehyung in front of him, as they push their way through the crowd. They finally reach the bar and Taehyung screams for margaritas over the pounding music. 

"Tae, we have to PACE OURSELVES!" Jimin yells. His veins are thrumming with excitement and he can't wait to get into the crowd and lose himself. He loved weaving around bodies, he loved rolling his hips and running his hands over his thighs, as people watched on in hunger. It was one thing to be studying dance but another to do it in his leisure time. He loved the attention- after all, that was one of the reasons he wore makeup for.  

In minutes, he and Taehyung find themselves on the podium. Jimin is shameless and he has no fear in showing off his moves. Taehyung cheers him on as Rainism blares out of the speakers. 

Jimin's dancing hard when he catches dark eyes. He stumbles for a moment, shocked by the intensity, before Taehyung catches him. "Are you okay?" The other boy yells. "Do you need a break? I'm thirsty!"

The blond nods and they hop off the podium, winding around bodies before seating themselves at a corner in the bar. Jimin spots Namjoon doing his signature robot soldier dance and almost chokes on his water, laughter escaping from him.  

"That's pretty." 

Jimin's eyes are wide and his mouth drops open. He slowly turns to meet dark eyes.  

The boy is much taller than him, his broad chest clad in a simple black shirt with a Mandarin collar. He's the complete opposite of Jimin, who sports pale blond hair and is wearing his off-white v-neck shirt that dips low. His bright red silk choker wraps around the base of his neck, settling just above his collarbones. He's bright and striking while this boy is black and white. The boy's dark hair barely brushes his eyebrows, under which is intensity like Jimin has never seen before. Except... Except earlier. When he had spun on the podium. 

The boy leans forward, his finger gently brushing against Jimin's cheekbone. When he pulls back, he stares at the golden peach highlight on his finger. 

Jimin sits there, shell-shocked, as Taehyung shakes with giggles. In any other circumstance, he would've strangled anyone who dared to touch his face and even so much as remove one gram of highlight. 

But this boy- This boy was gorgeous and he had called Jimin- or the highlight, WHICHEVER IT WAS- he had called either or pretty and he looked like he meant it as he fixes Jimin with a stare that Jimin could only describe as starving. 

And he had absolutely no makeup on. Jimin was astounded (and mildly offended) someone could look this good without makeup. 

"Wh-wha?" Jimin garbles out, his cheeks flushing even redder under NARS' Orgasm.  

The boy perches himself to sit beside the stunned boy, bringing his stool nearer until his thighs press against Jimin's. He leans until his lips brush the shell of Jimin's ear. "I said, that's very pretty. Whatever it is that sparkles on your cheek. You're pretty," he all but whispers. 

A shiver runs down Jimin's spine. His throat is dry but his water sits forgotten and he turns to look at Taehyung, who winks. "I'll see you later, Jiminnie! Call me when you're ready to go!" 

Taehyung slinks out of sight and Jimin splutters. How dare Taehyung betray him, how dare Taehyung leave him alone with this crazy stranger who had just rocked his entire world.  

He turns to face the stranger again, who's sipping on his whiskey silently. "Are you crazy?" Jimin asks in a high-pitched voice. 

The deep laughter that rumbles from his chest makes the hairs on the back of Jimin's neck stand- but in a weirdly good way. 

"Have you seen yourself?" The boy asks. Jimin's transfixed by his lips, they're perfect. "Anyone who looks at you will have been driven crazy. And-"

For the first time that night, the boy swallows and he seems shaken. "And with the way you move," he whispers, his voice hoarse, his eyes seemingly turning darker than they already are. "You're the crazy one. Crazy gorgeous."

He scans Jimin's shocked expression. "Nobody ever told you that?" 

Jimin breaks out of his reverie and bristles. "Everyone tells me I'm gorgeous, all the time, please." But his voice drops to a whisper and his gaze lowers. His cheeks feel warm and he fidgets under the scrutiny from the stranger. "Just nobody says it like you. Nobody like you has said it to me."

A smug expression takes over his ethereal features. His lips curve into a languid smirk. Once again, he leans forward, his muscled thighs pressing even harder against Jimin's. His eyes trace every line and feature on Jimin's face. They linger on his cheekbones a little longer than they do for the rest.

"It's Hard Candy," Jimin finds himself saying. He can barely breathe, not when this boy is millimetres away from, his sweet breath fanning over Jimin's face. 

"Hard Candy?"

Jimin mentally reprimands himself for finding his curious tone endearing. 

"It's called a highlighter. It makes your face glow in all the right places. Like here-" He points to his cheekbone- "Here-" Above his brow- "Here-" His nose bridge- "And... here." His Cupid's bow. 

The boy follows Jimin's movement and brushes the dip above his lips. His thumb stays and Jimin's heart thrums so fast he swears his chest is going to burst.

"Who are you?" He whispers, frozen in his seat. It doesn't feel like they're at the club- it feels like they've gone onto some distant land, surrounded by nothing but their hazy desires and wanton feelings. 

"Jeon Jeongguk," he answers softly, before pushing his thumb to slip past Jimin's lips, the rest of his cold fingers framing Jimin's jaw.

Jimin allows him to push his thumb into his mouth and he's bewildered by what he's doing. His mouth closes around Jeongguk's cold thumb and his tongue just lightly flicks against it. 

A deep groan erupts from Jeongguk's chest, his body stiffening and pupils dilating. "You're insane," he murmurs but Jimin thinks otherwise. He's the one who came over and touched his face and stuck his thumb in his mouth.

Jeongguk suddenly shakes his head and pulls away, his hand falling away from Jimin's face. "Too fast," he mumbles. "Slow down, you're driving me crazy. Slow down."

Jimin feels like everything's on fire; he's burning up in his cheeks to the depth of his stomach to his very toes. There's something growing in the pit of his stomach and the longer he sits next to Jeongguk, the more he feels like he's about to implode.

"So. Jiminnie." Jeongguk states, a playful smile on his face. His dark demeanour has disappeared and he shifts away from the blond, who draws himself up.

"That's Jimin to you," he says indignantly. His heart totally does not quiver at the playful manner Jeongguk is adopting.

"Or..." He looks at the other boy suspiciously. "How old are you?" He demands. "Are you older than me?"

"I'm 20."

Jimin feels superior, but it only lasts seconds. "I'm your hyung. So that will be Jimin-hyung to you."

"Alright..." Jeongguk leans in again. Every time he does this, Jimin loses all sense of coherent thinking. "Hyung. I'll see you sometime soon, I'm sure," he purrs, before standing up and walking away.  

Jimin's left facing an empty stool, feeling like his entire world just got flipped. He touches his lips again, still in a stupor. Jeon Jeongguk.

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"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU LET HIM WALK AWAY!" Taehyung wails for the fifth time that day. 

After Jimin had broken out of his stupor that Friday night, he had spam-called Taehyung till his bastard of a roommate picked up. Jimin had proceeded to scream at Taehyung for 10 minutes for leaving him alone before promptly breaking down, jabbering hysterically about the stranger named Jeon Jeongguk. Taehyung immediately searched for Jimin and dragged his ass out of the club and into a cab back to their dorm. They left Namjoon and Hoseok a text, saying they had to go. 

Once Jimin had sobered up, he proceeded to tell Taehyung everything that had occurred, not leaving a single detail out. As he removed his coloured lenses and makeup, Taehyung rattled on about Jeongguk's shoulders and how Jimin should've fucked him in the bathroom.  

Jimin had taken a long bath that night, a bath filled with his favourite body bomb, The Comforter. Its sweet scent only reminded him of Jeongguk, and he forced his brain to shut down. Soon enough, the exhaustion caught up to him and he stumbled out of the tub and into bed, after drying himself. 

 When he and Taehyung woke that noon, they spent it on their sofa eating ddeokbokki with moisturising masks on their faces while speculating the great mystery that was Jeon Jeongguk.

 And yes, Taehyung sincerely regrets letting him walk away on Jimin's behalf.

 "What was I supposed to do!" Jimin whines. "I couldn't even THINK, let alone walk." 

 "You better hope that's the effect he gives after he fucks you," Taehyung chortles.

 Jimin spends approximately 27 seconds visualising this before slapping himself. He WILL NOT let Jeon Jeongguk shake him. Nobody ever shakes him. 

 "I'm never going clubbing again," Jimin declares. The two of the promptly collapse into snorts and giggles, knowing Jimin's resolution to never club again lasted exactly four days. 

 Jimin sighs. "Honestly, why am I getting so worked up? I'll never see him again, right?" 

 Taehyung smirks. "You know how Murphy's law works, don't ya?"


Jimin doesn't even touch Hard Candy for the next few days. He uses his Becca and Colourpop highlighters instead, thinking that the dismissal of Hard Candy will banish Jeongguk from his thoughts. On some days he doesn't even wear highlighter at all. He does have to let his skin breathe after all.

It works, for a while. He slowly forgets about the boy whose thumb he sucked on as life gets hectic again what with his dance competition nearing.  

He's doing practices four times a week, spending every minute, that isn't spent studying for his quiz on Korean tradition and the arts and writing his essay on one of the most influential periods in Korean Dance History, in the dance studios. He hasn't uploaded a video for two weeks and his followers are flooding his Twitter mentions with pleas for a new video, and neither has he gone for yoga in those two weeks. He had been excused from his elective to prepare for the competition but he missed relaxing in class. His joints were crying with each passing dance practice. 

But he doesn't have the time. He, Taemin and Soonyoung practiced from 7pm till 11pm every night, from Tuesday to Friday, and from 11pm to 1.30am, Jimin spends it poring over his books and watching choreographies before he carries out his nightly skin care routine. After which he tucks himself into bed before 2am because he needs his Beauty Sleep and he refuses to face the risk of eyebags for ANYTHING (finals is the only time you will ever see Jimin not sleep... and clubbing). He studies between his breaks and reads over chapters during lunch, anyways. 

 Jimin wants to pride himself on being able to balance, but as of late he has kicked yoga and YouTube duties out of the picture. Still, he refuses to let himself be shaken because if anything, Jimin is a focused individual who wants nothing more than success for himself. He envisions an extremely bright future ahead of him, based on his talent, intelligence and good looks (and flexibility).

He's just that confident.

6.15 pm taeMEAN (#`Д´) 

 minnie practice is cancelled today!!! soonyoung has a really bad tummy ache and he called off todays session. he wants everyone to rest too :((( but YAY

 6.17pm Jiminnie (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) 


6.23pm Jiminnie (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

 SOONYOUNG HYUNG I HEARD ABT UR TUMMY ACHE PLS TAKE CARE :((( drink lots of ginger tea and lay off the milk!

6.30pm Soonyoungie hyung ٩(◕‿◕)۶

 thank u dear pls get rest while u can i wont be as nice when i come back c: D-13 and counting!

"TAEHYUNG, PRACTICE WAS CANCELLED TODAY!" Jimin hollers as he bursts into their dorm. 

Taehyung pokes his head out of a pile of textbooks. "Cancelled? Were you struck by Lightning Luck?" He yawns, shoving his papers and books aside. 

Jimin chuckles as he bustles about and makes himself a chamomile tea. He would let himself take a breather for five minutes and remove his makeup (except the brows. Brows had to stay) before heading out for yoga, which he sorely missed.

"Soonyoung hyung got a really bad tummy ache, and as much as I feel bad, I'm mildly thankful. I'm gonna head onto yoga later, do you feel on for it tonight?"

Taehyung's eyes light with excitement. Although it was not his elective, he still liked to tag along to the classes. The first time he had turned up, the yoga instructor had shoujo sparkles coming out of her eyes. She never complained when he sidled into the class, although she had kicked others out before. 

"Hell yes! God knows I'm stiff as a board now," Tae complains, a shower of papers and textbooks falling off of him as he gets up.

The two of them change quickly into their yoga attire; Jimin pulls on a pair of loose black shorts and a thin white t-shirt, while Taehyung tugs on his leggings and a dark blue fitted tee. They make their way to the yoga studio, yoga mats rolled up and slung over their backs. The yoga studio is a few blocks down, right next to the Music building. Students are still lingering outside the building, melodic voices floating through the air. 

The yoga instructor is more than happy to welcome Jimin and Taehyung back. Jimin suspects her cheeks aren't red from her warm up.

 "Oh, boys, just take this spot right here! It's been so long," she gushes. She's not the only one ogling at Taehyung; the rest of the girls (and some boys) are checking Tae out from head to toe.  

They spend the next 10 minutes warming up, breathing deeply through their noses as they count to 10. Jimin works up a sweat over a grueling 50 minutes, as he stretches into familiar poses. His body takes some time to settle into Sleeping Yogi, but when it finally does, he feels tension flow out of himself and breathes a deep sigh of relief.

They end the class in the standard Savasana pose, relaxing for 10 minutes. Jimin, for the first time in days, feels at complete and utter ease. He removes all thoughts of dance, his work load, his videos... Jeon Jeongguk...

He suddenly jerks, all peace and tranquility lost. Thankfully, their instructor finally broke everyone out of their reveries and called the class to an end. Jimin tries not to allow himself to get agitated, he refuses to let this precious hour of yoga go to waste. He rolls over and grabs his water bottle, chugging down ice cold water. The water doesn't cool him down as much as he wishes it would.

"Yah, what shall we eat for dinner tonight?" Taehyung questions, as they roll up their mats and pack up. 

"Uh... I don't know... Maybe like jjajjangmyeon or..."

Jimin stops cold in his tracks the moment he leaves the yoga studio. A familiar burn starts to make itself known in his body.

"Jiminnie," Jeon Jeongguk states playfully. "Hyung," he adds as an afterthought.

He's leaning against the wall, his black t-shirt stretching across his broad shoulders and chest. Jimin isn't staring. He totally isn't. His smirk is unbearable and Jimin wants to punch?? kiss?? punch?? kiss?? him. He hears Taehyung inhale sharply on his right.  

"I'm feeling like nakji bokkeum, what say you?" Jeongguk says cheerfully, pushing himself off the wall and walking over to the two boys.

Jimin doesn't miss the way his eyes scan him slowly from head to toe, drinking in his sight hungrily. He's suddenly aware of how sweaty he is, how his thin shirt clings to him, and he feels his face turning red.

"I'm feeling like I need to go home!" Taehyung replies, barely containing his grin. "Just give us a moment, Jeonggukkie, while we change!" 

Taehyung snatches Jimin's wrist and drags him to the locker room. The moment they're out of sight, Jimin explodes.


Taehyung's cackling as he changes out of his yoga wear. He's got an evil glint in his eye and Jimin does not feel good about this at all. 

 "Just change, will you?" Taehyung says calmly. 

 The shorter boy glowers at him as he strips off his clothes. He swaps his shorts for a clean pair and t-shirt for another. His heart is hammering strangely fast and he doesn't know why. It's totally not because of Jeongguk.

 "Taehyung, I swear to god, you better fucking come for dinner because I-" 

Taehyung slaps a hand over his mouth and shoves him out of the rest room. The knowing grin on Jeongguk's face makes Jimin think he's heard everything. 

"Well, I have three scripts to memorise and a play to watch, I'll see you when you get back home! Bye, Jiminnie! Take care of him, Jeonggukkie, he's fragile. Bye!" Taehyung squeezes Jimin's arm and hightails it out of there. Jimin is going to murder him tonight. 

"So, dinner?" Jeongguk asks. Jimin does not recall standing so close to him. He doesn't meet Jeongguk's eyes and chooses to stare at their feet (Jeongguk is wearing Timberlands). 

A finger finds its way under Jimin's chin, gently lifting his head to look up at Jeongguk. "Dinner?" Jeongguk repeats, his hopeful dark brown eyes searching for an answer.

It's like being captured in a trance. Jimin finds himself nodding. He hears himself saying "yeah, okay" and he finds himself walking alongside Jeongguk. They're walking along a path when Jimin realises he doesn't know where he's going. He's just following the other boy. His mind won't shut up and his heart wouldn't stop fluttering.

With questions racing through his mind, one pops up. 

"Wait... How did you know I was at yoga just now?" Jimi asks, frowning. 

A tinge of red stains the other boy's cheeks. "I was from Music... I walked past and I guess I- ah, I noticed you," he replies rather sheepishly. He glances at Jimin, who wears a skeptical expression. 

But he doesn't question it. The truth is Jeongguk had long spotted Jimin walking into the yoga class with his friend. He'd lingered around, pacing around the building and walking past the door more than once. He'd seen the boy bend over backwards and forward and goddamn if it didn't excite Jeongguk.

"I didn't know you were studying here too. What are you majoring in?" Jimin asks. Jeongguk likes how there's a slight quiver in his voice.

They reach the noodle shop just outside school and settle into a corner. "Vocal music," Jeongguk replies, his eyes scanning the menu quickly. "And you?" 

He leans forward, over the table, his fingers skimming Jimin's wrist.  

"Dance performance," Jimin mumbles out. His eyes are fixated on Jeongguk's dancing fingers and he prays the other boy can't feel his racing heartbeat through his pulse point.

They order their food (nakji bokkeum for Jeongguk and seoleongtang for Jimin) and Jimin's back to staring down, at his lap now.

"And yoga?" Jeongguk teases, leaning forward.

Jimin looks up and huffs. "It's my elective. Taehyung just tags along. What's wrong with yoga? It's relaxing. Keeps me flexible."

Jeongguk makes a noise. "Flexible, huh? You can bend over for me, if you'd like." He's grinning, his fingers now stroking the palm of Jimin's hand.

Jimin all but chokes on his saliva, his face turning a bright tomato red. "Are you always like this?" Jimin asks, his voice high. 

"Like what?"

"This!" Jimin exclaims. "Crude and forward and bold and- and- and... I don't know, you just make me feel so w-weird and different and nobody's ever made me feel like this, I'm used to the attention and all but it's so different from you, it's terrifying."  

Jeongguk's hiding a smile. That smug bastard, Jimin thinks to himself. I'm going to wipe that smile off his face. Just he wait.

"Put it this way... My life is..." Jeongguk pauses. He's trying to get the right words to come out, because he wants them to make Jimin stay. He wants Jimin to stay. 

"My life is just black and white. And god damn if you weren't the brightest myriad of colours I've seen."

Jimin looks up in surprise. "Black and white," he repeats. Jeongguk nods. "Black and white. Huh."

A small smile plays around Jimin's lips as he looks back down at his lap, his fingers fidgeting. Jeongguk doesn't question it.  

Their food arrives and the silence stays as they slurp up their noodles. It's a pleasant kind of silence and Jimin's glad they're not forcing any conversation. He quite enjoys this. 

The silence doesn't break till they fight over the bill and Jimin ends up relenting, but only because Jeongguk said he could pay the next time. Jimin tries to stop himself from grinning. There's going to be a next time, he thinks.

It turns out they stay just two blocks away from one another. Jeongguk's roomming with a senior named Min Yoongi, a musical prodigy, Jeongguk claims, and Jimin can see the respect and admiration shining in his eyes. Jeongguk insists on walking Jimin back to his dorm and Jimin won't stop blushing.  

Jeongguk grabs Jimin's hand before he goes into his room. "Thanks for tonight," he says sincerely. Then his eyes darken and he drops a fleeting kiss on Jimin's knuckles. "See you, Jiminnie."

Jimin's knuckles don't stop tingling the whole night.

Chapter Text

"Fuck, fuck, shit, fuck," Jeongguk curses. He kicks his Timberlands and falls onto his bed.  

Yoongi snorts. He's seated at his desk, his laptop blaring Mura Masa as he scribbles away on lined paper. "What now?"

"Hyung," Jeongguk says, deflated. "I didn't even ask for his number... Oh, god, hyunggggg." 

Yoongi tolerates Jeongguk's dejected mumblings for five minutes before it turns unbearable and proceeds to chuck a pillow at him. "Jesus, shut up, will you? Just search him on Instagram, what's so hard about that?"

Jeongguk suddenly bolts upright. "Instagram! Yes, god yes, I'm such a genius, of course! God, Yoongi, I'm unstoppable." Yoongi rolls his eyes. 

He reaches for his phone and unlocks it. He thanks the heavens Jimin had told him his full name earlier on and proceeds to key in 'Park Jimin' into the search bar.

princepark is the first name to turn up (Jeongguk thinks it's so goddamn fitting and god yes he wouldn't mind if Jimin was his prince) and Jeongguk all but chokes when he clicks on the profile. 


"He's got 90,000 followers!" he says in disbelief. Even Yoongi turns to look at him in shock. 

"90,000? What does he do?" 

Jeongguk scrolls through Jimin's profile, his heart stuttering as he takes in each photo of the gorgeous boy. It's in his bio, he's a goddamn beauty guru on YouTube and oh- god, he termed himself as a yoga freak. Yoga freak. Jeongguk feels a stirring in the pits of his stomach. 

"He's a makeup guru on YouTube, hyung, gosh, what the fuck, he's fucking beautiful, I'm not even fucking around," Jeongguk breathes, eyes sucking in the sights of dark eyeshadows, bare faces and an angelic smile. 

He notices that Jimin's hair colour changes frequently and he finds that he's fucking beautiful with any colour but he really likes the blond he's currently sporting. He clearly loved makeup, plus he and that kid from earlier on were really tight, like attached-to-the-dick-tight. God, and he seemed to like wearing coloured-contacts and Jeongguk can't help but think that he is so ethereal. There's this one photo of Jimin posing with apples and Jeongguk has never wanted to be an apple more desperately in his entire 20 years of existence. He's a frequent poster, of all things present and throwbacks, with hashtags littering his captions.

"I'll be the judge of that," Yoongi declares, holding a hand out. "Let me see the boy for myself." 

Jeongguk passes him his phone grudgingly. "Trust me, Yoongi-hyung... He's a real beaut." 

Yoongi looks at Jimin's profile with a contemplating look on his face. Then he starts scrolling and double-tapping for the next 23 consecutive photos, before Jeongguk reacts. 

"HYUNG, WHAT THE FUCK, I CAN'T BELIEVE, NOOOO, JESUS, FUCK-YOONGI!!!!" Jeongguk all but yells, leaping on to Yoongi and wrestling the phone away from him. "FUCK ME IN THE FUCKING FACE, HE'S GONNA THINK I'M A TOTAL FREAK NOW, WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK YOONGI!!!"

Yoongi's cackling as he shoves the younger off of him. "You'll thank me one day," he says simply, before turning back to his desk to continue with his work. "Oh, and don't forget to follow him." 

Jeongguk begs for the ground to swallow him whole.

Jimin's phone lights up as a stream of Instagram notifications come in. His eyebrows crease in confusion. He hadn't posted a photo in a few days, and although it was common to have the occasional spam of likes... 

His eyes widen as he takes in the name of the user that had just spam-liked his photos.

jeonism. It rings a bell in his head and he immediately unlocks his phone. His fingers are trembling as he clicks on the user. 

The profile is private but he recognises the name and the shadowy face in the profile picture. 


"tAEHYUNG," Jimin shrieks, after it finally dawns on him. His eyes are glued to the tiny circle, tracing blurred lines and shadowed features. 

In seconds, his roommate appears by his side. "WHAT." 

Jimin shoves his phone in Taehyung's face. "WhaT THE FuCk doES thIS MEAAAN?” 

Taehyung takes a few seconds to comprehend the situation. "Oh, god, it's him. Oh, god, he's private." He sounds extremely horrified. “Who’s even private anymore?" 

Jimin lets out a wail, throwing their pillows at the wall. "What do I do? Do I send a follow request? Should I ignore this? Is this even him? Maybe it's pure coincidence. How many Jeon Jeongguks exist? How many of them are this good-looking? Should I follow him back? Should I like all his photos too?" 

Taehyung slaps Jimin across the face, hard. The shorter boy shuts up, momentarily dazed. He looks back at his roommate, who fixes him with a determined stare. "You can't follow him back now," Taehyung declares. "That's too desperate. Jimin, you gotta make him wait." 

Jimin gawps at his friend. "Wait?! Taehyungggggg!" he whines. A part of him doesn’t want to care about desperation, a part of him wants to follow Jeongguk back immediately. But there’s another part that listens to Taehyung. Another part that’s holding him back. Maybe it’s fear.

Taehyung nods vigorously. “It’s 10pm. I say we make him wait three hours.” 

Jimin has never been more fixated on the clock. Except that one time Jeffree Star released King Tut at midnight (2pm KST). Every second ticks by way too slowly and if it were the time before his exams where he’s cramming in the last chapter of contemporary influences, he would love this. But it’s not. His finger had never clicked faster to get that damn highlighter. And now his finger has never clicked faster to request a follow on Jeon Jeongguk’s Instagram.

“That’s my baby. Now we wait,” Taehyung coos, patting Jimin’s hair softly. Jimin’s all curled up in his lap, mumbling about how he isn’t desperate for Jeongguk’s dick and maybe he shouldn’t even care. Jimin is so soft and fragile. 

“He makes me feel so weird… Like I should let my walls down… But I really shouldn’t. I don’t even know him. But he said I could pay next time. Why does a next time make me feel so happy, Taehyung?”

“It’s because he’s so forward about liking you,” Taehyung answers. 

"So was Jonghyun ,” Jimin mumbles.

Taehyung sighs. "Not everyone is Jonghyun. Maybe Jeongguk genuinely likes you and wants to get to know you," he reasons.

"He really makes me want to let down my walls." Jimin's mumblings continue through the night and eventually fade when they drag themselves to bed.

Warm sunlight sneaks into their dorm room through the slits of their curtains. Jimin wakes up when his alarm becomes too unbearable. He reaches for his phone, squinting at the dimly lit screen and finds that Jeongguk has accepted his follow request.

"TAEHYUNG!" he hollers, scrambling out of bed and rubbing his sleep-crusted eyes. "TAEHYUNG, HE ACCEPTED IT!" 

He scrolls through the Instagram and is mildly disappointed to find that Jeongguk barely posts photos of his face. Taehyung peers over his shoulder.


“Jesus, he’s so fucking good-looking but he’s got literally like three photos of his face… Everything else is… Skies and lights… And skies. God, Jiminnie, he’s a hipster. Look at that bio. I'm mostly rain. How deep."

And he really is good-looking. There’s this one photo of him, angled from below, zero signs of a double chin. Jimin is Amazed. Only gods, he thinks to himself. Jeongguk’s captions are all vague and mildly depressing, things like “I only want to live once; twice or more would be a chore” and “Is the sadness everlasting?”. His photos are mainly of the sky in its different phases, dawn to noon to dusk. Jimin’s never seen an Instagram like this, he’s only seen it on aesthetic tweets retweeted onto his timeline.

“You know… He really doesn’t look like someone who’d go to Triptych,” Taehyung comments. He starts bustling around and combing his hair, eating spoonfuls of cereal as he blends in his concealer 

“You can’t judge a book by its cover, Tae.” But still, Jimin can’t stop flicking through each photo, pondering at what goes on in Jeongguk’s mind. It’s all too fascinating. Taehyung calls him when it’s nearing 9 am and he begins his morning routine before heading out to class. Jimin can’t shake Jeongguk away from his thoughts 

It’s 3 am when Jeongguk finally finishes watching all of Jimin’s makeup videos. From the sweet young age of 18 to 22, Jimin has… What’s that term? Ah, yes… Glo’ed up. He glo’ed the fuck up alright. He’s always been good-looking, Jeongguk thinks, but his makeup skills got seriously better and he just… He just.

Jeongguk’s at a loss of words. From the moment he laid eyes on Jimin in Triptych, that stupid club that Mingyu insisted they all went to after midterms, he's been hooked. It really wasn't his scene and he'd woven through the dance floor, escaping through bodies when he had spotted him.

He was dancing hard and smoothly, his heavily ringed hands tracing his own body as he lost himself in the music. Jeongguk had been enraptured. His face was surreal. And then his head tilted and the harsh spotlight caught his features in just the right way. Something golden and pink had sparkled on his cheekbone and something in Jeongguk broke. The boy had turned at that moment, and that's when Jeongguk met Jimin's eyes for the first time.

He's always prided himself on being a smooth talker and a shameless flirt (of course when not in the face of his victim he's a mess). But for some reason, he could be ridiculously charming as and when he wanted to. Still, he hadn't expected to go as far as touching Jimin's lips and putting his thumb in Jimin's mouth. The action had gotten him hard and all sirens went off in his head. 

Now after watching Jimin's videos, Jeongguk finds that his favourite part is towards the end, when Jimin tilts his face to the side and dusts whichever highlighter he was using for the day. He'd say stuff like "Fucking glow, bitch" (which Jeongguk chuckled to) and "Oo, daddy!" (which Jeongguk definitely did not grow hard to. Nope). The colours and glitters ranged from golden to pink to bronze to peach, and all of which looks fucking fantabulous on Jimin's clear as fuck skin. Jeongguk's starstruck, honestly.

He's giddy with these weird emotions and all the colours of eyeshadows and lipsticks are drifting around in his brain. Jimin's something Jeongguk wants to keep in his pocket and call him "mine". princepark. Sweet prince. What a sweet prince, Jeongguk thinks to himself. Or maybe he doesn’t, because Yoongi throws a pillow at him in his sleep, grumbling for him to “Shut the FUcK UP Jeon Jeongguk or I’ll beat your sorry ass.” Shit, that was out loud. Yoongi’s just jealous. His cheeks flush with delight when he sees Jimin has requested to follow his Instagram and a weird sense of accomplishment spreads in his chest. 

And of course he accepts.

Chapter Text

Jeongguk finds himself hovering outside the yoga studio the following Thursday again. Upon peering into the room, he can't seem to find a particular blond boy. His dark-haired roommate is nowhere to be found either. Jeongguk frowns in confusion. Where were they? 

"He's not here," a deep voice says behind him. 

Jeongguk spins around in shock. He's faced with the dark-haired roommate/Jimin's attached-to-the-dick BFF. What was his name... Ah, yes. Taehyung. He isn't dressed in yoga attire. Rather, he's wearing thick-framed glasses and a hoodie, looking like he had just come from the library.

Jeongguk clears his throat, hoping to god his face isn't flushed red. He's pretty sure he looks like a deer caught in the headlights. "Hi... Taehyung, right?"

The ATTD BFF smiles (his smile's pretty cute too, all boxy and white teeth, but Jeongguk's more interested in Jimin's smile. That dreamy eye-smile... Sigh). "That is me. Kim Taehyung, best friend of Park Jimin for 13 years, resident sweetheart and all-time matchmaker!" he announces grandly.

Jeongguk's mildly taken aback. This kid was definitely majoring in theatre. For sure. 130%. "Are you in theatre?" he asks, amusement tinging his voice. 

The kid narrows his eyes and draws himself up proudly. "I was sent here by God himself. Not just to deliver theatric masterpieces, but to guide you, Jeon Jeongguk, jeonism, who is mostly rain, to the path of sunshine... Jiminlogy!" 

This guy's really off his rocket. But did he just say...

"So, where is Jimin?" Jeongguk asks, crossing his arms. He sees Taehyung look at his arms with an almost approving look on his face. 

"Dance practice," Taehyung answers, dark brown eyes finding its way to meet Jeongguk's. "He's got competition in a week's time, you know, Wings? So he's been excused from yoga. Say, are you free next Friday night at 8pm?"

Jeongguk's got a rather funny feeling to this but he also feels like a) he's got nothing to lose, b) and yes, he does know Wings aka the school's in-house competition held yearly and c) Taehyung was harmless, right?

"Yeah, I am."

Taehyung quirks his thin lips into a devilish smile and Jeongguk takes back what he thought. Definitely not harmless. "Great," he sings with a dangerously saccharine sweet tone. "Fancy coming to auditorium 3 at dance then? Dress nicely!" 


Jeongguk finishes the last few lines of The Nightingale and looks up at his tutor, who’s looking at him with an odd expression. "Are you having a sore throat?" he enquires. Jeongguk shakes his head in response. "Hmm... Sounds like one's about to swing by soon. Drink lots of water and lay off the spice." He moves onto the next student, who begins singing their piece.

Jeongguk sighs, grabbing his bottle and taking a long swig. He couldn't really feel anything other than a slight dry itch, but that was because they had been practicing non-stop for the past 45 minutes. He stares blankly at his notes while taking small sips of water.

Learning vocal music in university and being in choir were two very different things. His parents had signed him up for choir ever since he was 8 and his vocal coach would come over every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5pm to 7pm. This routine lasted 10 years until he finally graduated from high school and entered university, where he finally broke free from the tight reigns of his parents.

Practicing so often almost made him sick of it. But he often envisions himself singing to a cheering crowd and somehow, it had barrelled him through those 10 years. Well… partially, anyway. Mr. and Mrs. Jeon were strictly no-nonsense parents, who would have their sons' heads on the chopping boards if they did against their parents' wishes. Jeongguk still remembers the sting of the cane when he had resisted vocal training when he was 13 and he had enough. 

"You've had enough, Jeongguk? You are only 13, far from it! With this attitude, you will never be enough!"

They wanted their children to be such all-rounders, top students with talent and good looks. Jeongguk only knew of a black and white world, had only lived this type of life until... Well, until university. 

He'd met his first small burst of colour when he first walked into his room one and a half years ago. A smallish, pastel blue-haired boy was hunched over his desk, scribbling furiously in his notebook as he played a certain tune over and over on his laptop. He had an impressive collection of CDs and mixtapes, his desk a mess of one laptop, a desktop, a small synthesiser and tons of paper. The wall on his side was plastered in posters.

His roommate had finally noted a presence and turned to look at him. He had an elfin face and pointy teeth. He was small and skinny, but when he looked at Jeongguk with dark, slanted eyes, Jeongguk remembers feeling a tiny bit scared.

"Min Yoongi. Your side, mine. Don't touch what is mine and I won't touch what is yours. Don't ever bring over girls or I will have your head. Major?" 

For someone so small, Min Yoongi sure packed quite a punch. Jeongguk remembers being in awe as Yoongi told him his stories and dreams while he unpacked. He spoke in a drowsy manner but as the topics approached those of his favour, his tone changed and his features lit up. His satoori would slip in (Daegu? Jeongguk pondered) and it was cute. Jeongguk sorely regretted letting those words leave his mouth. Yoongi had scowled at him and promptly stopped talking. 

Still, over the months they lived together, Yoongi had grown warmer and more open to Jeongguk. Although he was majoring in Music Technology, his knowledge was admirable and he often saw and heard things in a way Jeongguk could not. He had been a great help, more than once saving Jeongguk's ass from failing an assignment or test. He would listen to Jeongguk sing and give him his own input. He never said anything when he saw the letters from Jeongguk's parents crumpled and thrown across the desk. He'd leave a kimbap and a strawberry milk on the desk the next morning, with a post-it stuck to it. :) was Yoongi's favourite way of consoling Jeongguk. 

Living with Yoongi had been a lot better than when he still lived in the Jeon's residence, but Yoongi had his moments too. He wasn’t particularly a patient person and when his patience ran out, whether with school work or his own parents, Jeongguk would hightail it out of the room. 

He’d find Seokmin and Mingyu in their room and hang around till he deemed it safe to return. On certain nights, they’d drag him out to clubs like Triptych and Killer. Of course… Now he’d have to thank the two of them for bringing him to Triptych, for bringing him to a real burst of shades and hues, of periwinkle, porcelain, lemonade and crimson. Park Jimin was quite the spectrum of colours and Jeongguk wanted to dive straight in. 

And his roommate!! Had!! Invited!! Him!! To!! Hisdancecompetitionohmygod, whatamigoingtowear???

He's still got three more days to think about it but already, he's going through outfits in his mind. What does one even wear to a dance competition? Taehyung had said 'dress nicely', what does nicely refer to? 

"What's got you so wrapped up in your own thoughts?" Seokmin asks, breaking the other boy out of his reverie as he leans against Jeongguk's table, his bag slung over his shoulder. Jeongguk just about realises that class has already ended and everyone's packed up. 

He starts shoving his belongings into his bag. "What does one wear to Wings?" 

Seokmin lets out a low whistle. "Who invited you? I've literally never seen you talk to a dance kid besides Mingyu. And that's only because he's my roommate." 

The two of them make their way to the cafeteria, across the courtyard. There's a slight drizzle and Jeongguk pulls his hood over his head. "Just this guy," he mutters. God, he was not going to hear the end of this.

"What guy?" Mingyu chirps in. He falls into step alongside the other two boys. 

"Literally, where the fuck did you even pop out from?" 

Mingyu flashes a cheeky grin. "I'm always around. So, who's got your dick in a tangle, Jeon?" 

Jeongguk groans. "It's no one. I mean, it is, but it's not.” 

With the two boys pestering him and a hot bowl of dakjjim, he finds himself relenting. “Remember that time you guys dragged me along to Triptych? Well-"

“We did not drag you along!” 


Jeongguk glares at his friends. “Do you or do you not want to hear this?” The two quieten with sheepish grins on their faces. “I saw this blond boy dancing on the podium and he’s really pretty, Jesus, and he was wearing this shiny glitter thing, oh yeah, highlight. I went over and talked and okay, basically, he’s hot as fuck-" Seokmin snorts at this- "and I’m gay as fuck,” Jeongguk finishes.

“Blond boy, highlight? Oh, god, it’s Park Jimin, isn’t it?” Mingyu immediately asks. Jeongguk chokes on his chicken. 

“H-how the fuck do you know?” He coughs out, eyes watering. He reaches for his water bottle while Seokmin pats his back gingerly. 

“Oh, come on! He’s Park Jimin! Just about one of the best dancers ever?! And he’s part of the god damn Unholy Trinity with Soonyoung and Taemin, the three of them are like Charlie’s Angels, I swear to god, and not to mention he’s a fucking beauty YouTuber?” Mingyu exclaims. “For real, are you hopping on his dick? I want to be his friend. Please.” 

Seokmin intervenes with a scoff. “Who is Park Jimin and why have I not heard of him?” He demands. “Why am I the only one out of the loop?”

Mingyu pats his head in consolation. “Everyone adores him in dance,” he supplies unhelpfully.

Jeongguk groans. “Trust me, dude, two months ago, I didn’t know who he was either but god, it feels like my entire life’s been flipped because of him, I’m a fucking mess, honestly.” He stares at his noodles and thinks back to his dinner date (Wait, it was a date, right?) at the noodle shop with Jimin. He’ll never think of noodles the same way.

“Okay, and now you’ve been invited to Wings?” With Jeongguk’s affirmation (“His crazyass theatre roommate invited me but same thing, right?”), Seokmin nods encouragingly. “Mission Get-Jimin’s-Dick is fucking a-go!” He declares.

With the combined efforts of Seokmin, Mingyu and Yoongi (well, Yoongi just sat there and threw in five comments) and two hours, Jeongguk’s finally dressed and ready for Wings. He’s decked out in a pair of black pants that’s folded, showcasing his ankles (“Ankles are so important, Jeongguk, great body part!!! Show them off!!!”, and a simple loose white shirt (“Oh, god, this is Boyfriend-material.”). He honestly can’t believe this outfit took them two hours. They had gone through every item in his monochrome wardrobe, only to come up with… this. 

Well… Actually, he did look good. It was simple… But classy. It was definitely the Ankles. And maybe the hair too. Mingyu had given him this deliberately messy parted look, after fiddling with some wax. 

“Wear the boat shoes, we can’t be blocking your ankles after all the effort we’ve put in!” Seokmin chirps. He throws the shoes at Jeongguk’s head. 

“HIS HAIR!” Mingyu screeches, diving to protect Jeongguk’s head. He lands with a thud. The shoes hit the window. 

Yoongi just sighs. 

Thankfully, Jeongguk makes it out of the room alive. He starts brisk-walking when he realises it’s 10 minutes to 8. Shit, he curses internally. His heart is pounding (although it could be because of the speed he’s going at) and his grip on the small bouquet of flowers feels slimy and gross. He breathes a sigh of relief when he sees a crowd outside the auditorium. 

“JEONISM!” A deep voice bellows. Startled, Jeongguk looks to his right. Taehyung is waving enthusiastically, accompanied by a tall, sleepy-looking individual. The two of them look at the bouquet but say nothing. They’re both dressed in shirts and pants too, not too far off from Jeongguk. He doesn’t feel so out of place after all.

“Jeon Jeongguk, meet the tempter, the link to the second, the evil world with which I no longer wanted to have anything to do, Kiiiiiiim Naaaamjooooon!” 

Kim Namjoon cocks his head and looks at Jeongguk through his dopey eyes. “I’m so sorry about him. Trust me, we’ve been trying to get rid of him for ages, but he’s like a parasite.”

Jeongguk lets out a laugh while Taehyung lets out a scandalised gasp. “Hyung! You literally came up with that!” he says. 

“Oh, hush up, will ya? The show’s starting, let’s get in.”

The trio make their way into the dimly-lit auditorium. It’s filled with supporting family members and friends, and many of them are carrying signs and posters. Darn it. He totally should’ve drawn one for Jimin. He feels something weird when he sees Taehyung whip out a pink poster decorated with sparkles and a picture of Jimin’s face. THAT’S MY SON is written in block letters across it. Fuck. It’s totally not jealousy. 

He stares at the bouquet. At least he had that. 

“Hey, it’s about two minutes before they shut the doors,” Namjoon whispers. “You might wanna check your phone for last minute shit cos the moment the doors shut, you won’t get signal.”

Jeongguk thanks Namjoon and pulls out his phone. Nothing but a bunch of “GOOD LUCK” and “GET THAT DICK” texts from his lovely friends. He opens up Instagram and-


Oh… Oh, God, he can’t wait. 

Chapter Text

Founded in 2007, Wings was an in-house competition held by the dance student organisation. It was to maintain a competitive streak in the students and to keep them on their toes. Only sophomores, juniors and seniors were eligible and they were to form their own teams. The dance student organisation extended to over a thousand students, all in different styles and categories; however, this year, only 200 students had participated.  

Soonyoung, Taemin and Jimin had teamed up with several other girls (Jung Yerin, Kim Namjoo and Oh Hayoung), to perform a contemporary piece. Soonyoung was an excellent choreographer, as well as one of the vice-presidents of the dance organisation. He was majoring in choreography and naturally, he taught their team. Combined with Jimin's contemporary experience, they were more than confident and ready to take the trophy home.  

Honestly, Wings was nothing compared to their other competitions, that were held against other schools and even overseas, but the three of them were never the ones to back down in a fight. Not to mention that it was also Soonyoung's final year and he wanted to accomplish yet another succession in his four years at the university.

"God, I can't wait for tomorrow," Taemin sighs. He's sprawled across the wooden floor, water. bottle clutched in hand and a towel on his forehead. Their dance practice for the day has finally ended. The girls have already left and Soonyoung has gone to meet the director of dance for a final meeting.

Jimin starts his cool-down stretches, flicking through his Instagram as he spreads his legs into a split and starts bending both ways. "Me too," he replies as he double-taps over the next few posts. "Partially excited, partially relieved."

His fingers hovers over the search button and after a moment's hesitation, he types in Jeongguk's name. The boy has posted a new photo of a pink sky. 

Jimin reads the caption over and over, feeling some type of way. He feels like he wants to lie under a pink sky with Jeongguk.

"Taemin. Do you think this guy is cute?" he asks, on a whim. He tosses his phone to the boy and it lands on his chest with a painful thud.

“Fuck, Jim, that hurt… Ooooh, baby Jimz, found a new boy toy?" Taemin teases. He flicks through Jeongguk's profile with raised eyebrows. "Uhm, where the fuck is his face?"

Jimin laughs. "It's in there! I swear. In like... Three photos."

Taemin squints. "Jeon Jeongguk. Hmm. Hmmm. Hmmmm. He's got great angles and a killer jawline," he declares. "I say fuck him."

Jimin splutters, turning red, as he leans out of his split. "No, oh, god, it's not like that, Taemin, please, it’s-"

“Like Jonghyun?” Taemin supplies bluntly. 

It’s almost as though the temperature drops and the tension is palpable in the air. Jimin looks down at his lap, unsure of what to say or do. His face feels hot and his throat is tight. His chest feels tight and suddenly, it’s hard to breathe. 

He hears Taemin sigh and crawl over to him. Taemin passes back his phone and strokes his fingertips through Jimin’s bangs. “I’m sorry,” he says quietly. “You know how I am. I didn’t think it’d still affect you.”

Jimin blinks and shakes his head, forcing a smile. “Oh, it’s alright. It’s nothing. It’s been months. Almost a year. It’s cool,” he says confidently and reassuringly. 

But he doesn’t know if he’s reassuring Taemin or himself.

When Jimin reaches his dorm that night, he finds a box of donuts on the table. 

“Tae? Who are the donuts for?” he calls. He drops his bag onto the floor and kicks it aside. Their room is slowly becoming a mess and only the section of their room dedicated to Jimin’s makeshift studio remains neat and tidy. 

Taehyung pops his head out from the upper bunk. His headphones are hanging round his neck, glasses perched on his nose and a thick stack of scripts in his hand. “Oh! You, of course. Who else?” 

He beams but Jimin spots something nervous and suspicious under the smile. He immediately narrows his eyes. “Tae… What have you done?”

Taehyung’s eyes widen and he scrambles to sit up straight. “Nothing! Come on, can’t I do something nice for my incredibly lovely and talented dancer of a roommate?” He pouts and Jimin stares at him for a few seconds before giving in.

“Alright, alright. You’re incredibly kind. What would I do without you?” Jimin flips the box open and grabs a matcha white chocolate donut. “Fanks!” he shouts, mouth full of donut. It feels so satisfying after an exhausting day.

Taehyung smiles again, and there’s something in his eyes yet again. Then he sinks back into his bed, burying himself in his scripts. “You’d die without me. And no problem. Better get some rest, you’ve got a big day tomorrow, Jim.” 

“You and Namjoon are coming, right?”Jimin questions, as he undresses and changes into his pyjamas, getting ready for bed. His comforter feels so delicious and warm and he’s so glad he decided to shower at the dance hall earlier on. He’d probably fall asleep without bathing if he hadn’t done that. 

There’s a pause and then Taehyung answers. “Yeah, of course! Gotta support you and Hobi, don’t we? I still can’t believe you guys didn’t team up.”

Jimin yawns, rolling under his covers, and he stares at the top of his bunk, imagining Taehyung lying above him. The fatigue is really catching up to him. “Well, he did want to do a solo. I don’t blame him for wanting that title. It is his final year. And then Soonyoung and the rest of us can bring home the team trophy! It all works out perfectly. Have you seen his dance, by the way? It’s sick. Namjoon helped him produce the song, I swear, if he doesn’t win gold for individuals, I’ll be so mad.” 

Boy Meets Evil, that’s what they named it, right?” Taehyung questions. There’s the soft shuffling of his scripts and the scratching of his pencil on paper, the quiet hum from his headphones almost soothing to Jimin’s ears, slowly lulling him to sleep.

“That’s the one. Gosh, Tae, I’m so nervous but I’m excited at the same time,” Jimin mumbles sleepily. His eyes start to drift shut and for some reason, he’s thinking about the sky, dark eyes and sunsets. “Kinda… Kinda wish Jeongguk would be there.”

His breathing slows down as he starts drifting off. He doesn’t really hear when Taehyung whispers, “Oh, he will be.”

It is absolute chaos backstage. The students from theatre who are helping with makeup and outfits are running all over the place, screaming for their dancers with dresses and brushes clutched in their hands. Soonyoung has had about eight cups of tea to calm down and he won’t stop pacing up and down as he recalls their choreography over and over. Taemin’s throwing a fit as Choi Minho from the drama department tries to get him to change into his outfit for their performance.

Jimin sits calmly in front of the mirror as he does his own makeup. It was a great way to distract him from the nervousness of performance - his focus on smoking out his eyeshadow and dabbing on a resistant, sweat-proof base was enough to calm his nerves. 

He’s following the grey colour palette given to them, to match their ebony outfits. He almost wishes he had his camera with him, so he could film a short video. It’s been a month since he updated and he really needs to update soon. After the competition, he decides. There’ll be day for him to rest and film.


Jimin hears Soonyoung let out a shriek, calling for his teammates. The girls huddle around him, as well as Taemin, who has finally changed into their given outfit. (Somewhere, Choi Minho is sporting a cut lip and an angry scowl). He puts down his brush and joins the rest of them.

“Guys,” Soonyoung starts off, shakily. His blond fringe hangs in his eyes but doesn’t hide the nervousness in them. “Please. Don’t. Fuck. Up. We fucking got this. But I will crush your asses if anyone messes up.” 

Taemin snorts. “Real motivational, you ass!" 

Namjoo scoffs and rolls her eyes. She and the girls are dressed in flowy black skirts with their hairs swept into elegant buns. “None of us will mess up, Soonyoung. We’ll ace this,” she promises. 

Their leader looks at each and every one of them in the eye. When he looks into Jimin’s eyes, Jimin gives him his most assuring smile. “Hyung, don’t worry. We’ll bring the gold back for you.”

Sooyoung’s face breaks into his normal toothy grin, eyes disappearing into crescents. “Fuck, yeah, we do!”


Jeongguk’s been on edge for the past hour. No doubt the dancers were all talented and some had really impressed him. He’d thoroughly enjoyed the sass and friction of a hip-hop performance delivered by an all-girl group and the jarring, pop and lock performance by one of Taehyung, Namjoon and Jimin’s friend, Hoseok. 

“I helped to produce this song!!!” Namjoon whispers excitedly to him. Jeongguk’s pretty impressed and he reminds himself to ask what Namjoon was majoring in after the show ends. Probably music composition.

He’s almost chewed his fingernails off when finally, finally, the host announces a group of six to do contemporary. The lights dim after a round of polite applause and an intense, mellow tune of piano fills the air. 

“It’s Jimin!” He hears Taehyung hiss to them and he sits up straighter, widening his eyes because he doesn’t want to miss a single second of this. 

When the plum and garnet spotlights finally bathe the dancers in light, Jeongguk inhales sharply. He spots Jimin, dressed in a simple black shirt and sinfully-tight pants (wow his thighs), at the left side of the stage. Slowly, one by one, the dancers begin to move, a series of leaps, kicks and spinning ensuing one another. Jeongguk can’t take his eyes off of Jimin, whose face expresses immense sorrow and feeling, as he dances fiercely across the stage. 

Jeongguk fumbles for his phone, switching to the camera function and he snaps a shot, just in time as Jimin jumps and performs an aerial. 

“Damn!” He hears Namjoon say while Taehyung lets out a wolf whistle. He takes a couple more pictures (it’s pretty hard cos Jimin’s dancing all over the stage and he’s pretty sure a good majority of the photos are blurry but blurry’s always been his aesthetic, so). 

He’s so fucking captivated by the way Jimin moves; the way his body seems to bend back and forth like water, so pliable, the way he stretches out during his graceful leaps and the way he points his toes (Jeongguk didn’t know he could be so attracted to arches of the feet but now he does). Jimin's shirt is loose and it keeps lifting up, showing flashes of his toned stomach. Jeongguk grits his teeth and blinks several times. He was going to attend every single dance performance of Jimin’s from this day on, he swears. 

The dance finally ends with the performers standing in a circle, hands raised. The lights dim and the applause is one of the loudest they’ve heard that night. Both Namjoon and Taehyung are on their feet, cheering for their friend, and Jeongguk rises too, clapping with the bouquet in his hands. 

They finally quieten down when the host comes back out. There’s about three performances left before they end the night with the award ceremony. Jeongguk sincerely hopes Jimin wins.

Which he does. The individual gold goes to their friend, that Hoseok kid, who’s beaming so hard it hurts to look at him (like looking directly at the sun, you know?) and he’s waving at his friends, eyes glistening with tears. They award the hip-hop girl group silver, and Jimin’s team gold. The other blond kid in their group, whom Jeongguk supposes is the leader, is sobbing when he accepts the trophy. Jimin’s smiling so hard, his eyes are crescents. His eyes sweep the crowd for his friends and when he spots Namjoon and Taehyung, he waves enthusiastically. 

Then, he sees Jeongguk. 

Jimin’s eyes widen and he visibly gulps. Clearly, Taehyung had not told him that he’d invited Jeongguk. Jeongguk smiles and waves at him, giving him a thumbs-up. The blond dancer is still in shock and he waves back dumbly, eyes impossibly wide and surprise still etched in his features. His teammates have to nudge him and push him along when they finally have to leave the stage. 

“Yeah, so, like, obviously, I didn’t tell Jim you were coming,” Taehyung chuckles. “Surprise, Jim!!! I am the best roommate!!!” 

Namjoon laughs together with him and Jeongguk isn’t sure if he’s missing a joke. He smiles uncertainly. “Thanks, though, for asking me.”

The three of them get up and leave with the crowd exiting the auditorium. It’s a bustle in the foyer, where everyone awaits the performers. Jeongguk spies one of Yoongi’s models. He spots the tall girl, unmistakeable in the crowd.

"Noona! Hey, Seokjin-noona!" Jeongguk calls. 

The girl turns around and when she sees Jeongguk, her face breaks into a gentle grin and she waves back. She makes her way over, her hands smoothing the over her salmon-coloured chiffon pants.

"Jeonggukkie, I didn't know you were here!" She says, reaching over for a hug. He hugs briefly and lets go, stepping back and gesturing to the boys. 

“Ah, Jin, meet my friends, Taehyung and Namjoon,” he introduces. She tucks her hair behind her ear and smiles sweetly at the other two boys. Taehyung almost folds his body in half bowing to her. 

“Seokjin-noona!” he says breathlessly, eyes shining with respect. “Only the greatest!”

She laughs, eyes shining. “I’m- what?” 

“I’m in theatre, too,” Taehyung says imploringly and Jin ‘ahh’s in understanding. He beams and is rocking back and forth on his feet. “Who were you here to see?”

“Oh, just some of the girls! You must’ve seen them, they did the hip hop!” 

Jeongguk looks round at Namjoon, who has yet to say anything. The sleepy-looking boy is looking anything but sleepy. His eyes are rather wide and they seem to be glued to Seokjin. Jeongguk stifles a laugh. 

“Namjoon-hyung?” he says, nudging the other guy, who fumbles and starts chattering away.

“Shit, hi, I’m Namjoon, god, wow, I’m- Hello, Seokjin, nice pants,” he rambles. Seokjin looks down at her pants and frowns. 

“Was that sarcastic?” 

Both Jeongguk and Taehyung are guffawing.

“Oh, fuck, no, no, I’m- I’m serious!” Namjoon insists, red staining his cheeks. Seokjin’s expression is rather affronted and she looks at him through suspicious, narrowed eyes. 


Out of the blue, there’s a shout and a commotion. Everyone starts calling out excitedly and it’s come to their realisation that the dancers have finally been released. 

“JIMINNIE!” Taehyung squeals. He dives for his roommate, who has changed out of his dance attire and is dressed in a sweater and jeans, and shoves the poster in his face. “I’M SO PROUD OF YOU, YOU FUCKING KILLED IT!!!”

Seokjin smiles fondly at the screaming pair and she turns to Jeongguk. “I’d better go find my girls! Tell Yoongi I said hi! And say bye to that little duck for me, Taehyung, he’s adorable!” She gives him a brief hug before turning to look at Namjoon with a mildly distasteful expression. “Nice meeting you, Namjoon.”

She strides away to find her friends and Namjoon is left with a dumbfounded expression. Jeongguk snickers and nudges the guy, indicating towards Jimin and Taehyung. “Shall we…?”

They join the hugging pair; Jimin is on the brink of tears as Taehyung shows him the video he’s recorded of their performance. “You did so well, Minnie!!! So great, I loved it, your aerial was killer!” 

“Jimin-ah, you did great!!!” Namjoon exclaims, pulling the small boy in for a tight hug. “Sick moves!” 

Jimin beams at him and then he shyly turns to face Jeongguk. “I didn’t know you were coming,” he says, blushing. Up close, he is so much more breathtaking. Jeongguk loves the grey shadows that smoke out his eyelids. 

He holds out the small bouquet, forcing himself not to tremble. “Taehyung invited me. This is for you, doll. You danced beautifully,” he says, seriously and sincerely. Jimin’s eyes are shining with gratitude as he accepts the flowers.

“They’re so pretty! Oh, gosh, thank you so much, you really didn’t have to! I’m so embarrassed, this is- Ugh, Jeongguk, thank you so much.”

Jeongguk glances at the other two boys, who have tactfully turned their backs to them. “Hobi! HERE! YOU DID GREAT!”

Quickly, he steps nearer to Jimin, pulling him in to whisper in his ear. “You’re prettier. And you really danced so well. God, I’d kill for you to dance for me,” he murmurs. His hand is resting on the small of Jimin’s back and he tightens his grip momentarily. He reluctantly lets go of Jimin and steps away, surveying the dancer. 

Jimin’s biting on his lip, a stunned expression on his face. “You’re doing it again,” he mumbles, shifting from foot to foot nervously. “Fuck.”

Jeongguk fights a grin. He loves how flustered Jimin can get (so could he, but he wasn’t about to show it, for fuck’s sake). 

“Hey, guys, shall we head out for dinner?” 

The two of them jump apart, looking round at their friends, who are waiting for them, smug expressions on their faces. 

Jeongguk nods while Jimin says yes over five times, hand clutching the bouquet trembling slightly.

Someone’s jittery, he thinks to himself.

The night finds the five of them seated in a booth, scarfing down bulgogi and fried rice. Jeongguk forces himself not to eat the spicy beef, vaguely remembering his tutor’s instructions. He fits in quite comfortably with the rest of them, settling into an easy conversation with Namjoon about their majors and interests. 

He’s impressed to find that Namjoon’s got several songs produced and they share Namjoon’s earpiece to listen to them. Some are rough tracks but some really sound like they’d be a hit. 

“Damn. Do you know Min Yoongi, by the way?” he asks. Namjoon ponders the question while stuffing lettuce in his mouth.

“He’s in music tech, right? Yeah, I know who he is! We’ve never really talked though.”

“I think you guys would hit it off. He’d love that tune you got for First Love, it’s totally his style! Oh… And he’s close friends with Seokjin,” Jeongguk adds, smirking. “So am I, but yanno."

Namjoon chokes on his lettuce, and the rest of the table dissolves in laughter. 

“Yeah, yeah, she models for him, he’s into photography and does it in his free time. We’ve known her for quite a while, she’s so great, she loves to cook for us,” Jeongguk informs him. 

Namjoon goes off into a tirade about how he’s never seen a woman like Seokjin before (“And wow, she models?!”) and the entire table can’t stop laughing at his antics. His eyes drift over to Jimin, who is watching him with a curious expression. When their eyes meet, Jimin’s face turns red and Jeongguk grins. He glances at the clock and realises it’s getting late, and he’s got an appointment with the school doctor tomorrow morning. He wanted to be extra safe.

“Anyway, I should definitely get going,” he says. “I’ve got something on early tomorrow morning.”

He stands up, and passes them a $20 bill, to which they almost reject but he insists. “Thanks for having me tonight! Thanks for the invite, too. I’ll see you guys around, yeah?”

Jeongguk’s about to turn away from the table when a small voice speaks up. “I’ll go back with you,” Jimin says. His cheeks are red as he gathers his belongings and makes to stand up too. “I’m- uh. I’m tired, I think I’ll have an early night.”

The three other boys don’t look like they believe him, shit-eating grins on their faces as he joins Jeongguk. 

“Well… bye, guys!”

The walk back to school is quiet but it’s not as comfortable as the first time. Jeongguk has so many things he wants to say, but he can’t quite figure out how to say them without sounding like a total freak. Jimin hasn’t mentioned the sporadic burst of likes from him nor the fact that he actually found him on Instagram first… As well as turning up to his dance performance? Jeongguk mildly feels like a stalker. 

“I watched all your videos,” he blurts out. Wow, that just about intensified his stalker vibes, didn’t it?  

Jimin stops in his tracks to stare at him. “My what?” 

“Uh, your YouTube videos.” Jeongguk clears his throat. “All the makeup stuff.”

Jimin gasps. “No way! Oh, gosh, are you for real?” His face is even redder and he pouts. Jeongguk wants to die.

“Yeah. I… I spent the whole night watching them. I love the parts where you highlight your cheekbones.” He glances at the other boy, who’s laughing embarrassedly. 

“It’s my favourite part, too,” Jimin admits, a sheepish smile on his face. 

“Yeah… Daddy,” Jeongguk teases and Jimin’s eyes widen. He squeals and hits Jeongguk’s arm playfully. “It’s just a way of expressing myself!” he protests. 

“It’s hot,” Jeongguk says honestly and Jimin quietens down again. 

“Am I doing it again?” he asks the dancer, who nods meekly. “I’m sorry.”

“No, don’t be,” Jimin says quickly. They’re reaching Jimin’s dorm but their steps slow down. Jeongguk doesn’t want to leave and he senses that Jimin doesn’t either. 

“Soo… What do you have on tomorrow morning?” 

They stop a block away from Jimin’s dorm, a corner hidden from the public eye. It’s dark out and the dim lights aren’t particularly helping. Jeongguk leans against the wall and Jimin stands before him, expression earnest as he awaits the answer.

“I’ve gotta go see the school doc. My tutor reckons I’m about to have a sore throat and I can’t really risk that. Better to be safe than sorry, right?" 

“Your throat?" Jimin leans forward (he's perching himself on his toes, god, how fucking cute) and presses his fingers to Jeongguk's neck.

You know how when you knock over a glass of water and everything seems to be in slow motion? You see the glass tipping, you scream and lunge for it, and it misses the very tips of your fingers. Then, it spills all over the floor and makes a huge mess.

Jeongguk sees Jimin reach for his neck in slow-mo and his brain takes too long, too damn long, to catch up. Before he knows it, Jimin's short, stubby, heavily-ringed fingers are gently pressing against Jeongguk's skin. His breath hitches and this is it, he thinks, this is where he dies.

In short, Jeongguk's neck is the second most sensitive body part of his entire anatomy. No guesses to which was the first, of course. He had discovered this at the oh so youthful age of 15, when he was forced to play Seven Minutes in Heaven at a party. He hadn't quite entirely figured out his sexual orientation yet, although he's always found something alluring about boys. Honestly, it was to this game he owed his thanks to, for figuring out that indeed he was Gay as Fuck. The moment Lee Sungjong had attached his lips to Jeongguk's neck, he had lost all sense of coherence. And straightness. 

Back to reality, Jeongguk's mouth opens and closes stupidly. He swallows, body stiffening, and eyes fixed on Jimin's as the older boy cocks his head and looks at him inquisitively. Blood's rushing down south and Jeongguk suddenly wants to shove Jimin against the wall.

"Everything okay? You're feeling warm." Jimin's thumb softly strokes the side of Jeongguk's neck; and Jeongguk gets that it's supposed to be comforting- But it's really not. It's more arousing than anything and Jeongguk can barely fight the groan that escapes his lips. He doesn't and he knows Jimin's heard him. 

Jimin's eyes widen with comprehension and he retracts his hand. "Oh, god, I'm so sorry, I didn't-" he babbles, face flushing red as he steps away from Jeongguk, who catches his hand.

“It’s okay, chill out,” he says, his voice low and rough. He exhales and smiles at Jimin. “It’s alright. Just… A little sensitive."

Jimin looks down, the tips of his ears turning red. This time, Jeongguk’s really flustered and he can’t hide it. His heart is actually beating so hard he wonders if Jimin can hear it, can hear his shaking ribs. They’re still holding hands and Jeongguk tightens his hold on Jimin’s fingers momentarily, pulling him in close.

“We should probably get back…” Jimin whispers. He looks up at Jeongguk, who’s watching him with dark eyes and nodding at his words.

It’s all too familiar, when they end up outside Jimin’s room. Jeongguk steels himself. “Can I get your number?” he asks, holding out his phone. 

Jimin hides a small smile as he keys in his digits. He hands the phone back to Jeongguk, who pockets it and beams at him. 

“Thank you for everything- for coming… For the flowers. See you soon?” Jimin asks hopefully. He is so so cute and Jeongguk is so so fucking soft for him.

Jeongguk nods, leaning in to kiss him on the forehead gently. He feels like he can see the barriers around Jimin slowly crumble down. “I’ll definitely see you soon, doll.”

When Jeongguk reaches his dorm and opens his Instagram, he sees that Jimin's posted a photo. He double-taps the fuck out of it. 




Chapter Text

11.25 pm jeon jungs

night doll. sweet dreams. 

“TAEHYUNG!” Jimin screeches. There’s no response and Jimin remembers Taehyung is still out with the rest of the boys. He falls onto his bed, burying his face in his pillow. What the fuck does he reply?

Doll. Jeongguk had whispered and called him that. It makes him feel kind of odd, having a (pet???) name like that. The connotation behind it is not missed by Jimin. Jeongguk's words are all dripping with suggestion. He rolls over and stares at the small bouquet. They’re a mixture of blue delphiniums and white tuberoses, a stunning contrast of cerulean against pearl. It’s slightly rumpled having been carried around the whole night, but they’re still really pretty. 

On a random impulse, he grabs the bouquet and flips out his phone. He takes a quick selfie together with it and posts it on his Instagram story, with a simple 'thank you’ as his caption.

11.34 pm Jiminnie (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

thank u so much for tonight and everything!!! i love the flowers (⌒‿⌒)

He hesitates and then says fuck it to himself. He sends the selfie of him and the flowers to Jeongguk. He knows he looks good, lying in bed with the flowers, the dim lights giving the photo a provocative feel. Jeongguk isn’t the only one who can be a flirt. Jimin’s proud of and confident in his angles and photo-taking abilities, but still, he can’t help but to chew on his nails as he waits for Jeongguk’s reply. 

20 minutes later finds him unpacking his bag, bathing and changing into his pyjamas. He curls under his comforter, checking his notifications. Fuck. Maybe he shouldn’t have sent that. Fuck fuck fuck. He flails around in bed, trying so hard not to look at his phone every ten seconds or so but it’s impossible. And where on earth was Taehyung? He needs to scream his anxieties out. 


12.03 am jeon jungs

fuck. stop making me feel like this. i’m trying to sleep but now i can’t. god damn it park jimin. 

Jimin concludes three things from this text. First of all, Jeongguk does not type with emoticons, or any emotions for that case. Secondly, Jeongguk uses periods. How is Jimin supposed to decipher the meaning of each period accurately? Thirdly, it’s 12am and Jeongguk has an appointment with the doctor early in the morning and he should be sleeping but Jimin wants him to stay awake. God, he was selfish. 

12.04 am Jiminnie (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

maybe u can delete it.?/…,..???? then u can go to sleep peacefully

12.06 am jeon jungs

how do i go to sleep peacefully knowing you’re awake on the other side of my phone? tell me more about yourself park jimin.

12.06 am Jiminnie (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

what do u want to know?:o

Their door creaks open slowly and Jimin hears Taehyung tip-toe in. He smiles to himself, mildly touched by the fact that Taehyung’s trying his best not to wake him up.

“I’m awake,” Jimin calls, sitting up in his bunk. Taehyung breathes a sigh of relief and slams the door shut.

“Sooo, I thought someone was tired and wanted to have an early night?” Taehyung inquires with a cocky grin and raised eyebrows. He kicks off his shoes and pants and heads into their bathroom. The shower turns on briefly and he can hear Taehyung brushing his teeth. 

Jimin's face flushes. "I-I'm- Okay, fine," he admits. "Fine, yeah, I wanted to walk back with him. Alone."

He glances at his phone. Jeongguk's replied but then Taehyung walks out of the bathroom, towel wrapped around his waist.

"Did you even shower?" Jimin asks, wrinkling his nose in disgust. 

"Duh." The other boy slides on his sweatpants and a t-shirt, flicking the light off before climbing up into his bunk. The room is engulfed in darkness and Jimin snuggles further deeper under his covers.

"So, what did the two of you talk about? Kiss yet? Suck his dick?" Taehyung teases.

Jimin aims a kick at the upper bunk, gaining a whine from the other boy. “Nothing much,” Jimin mumbles. “Now I know why you were acting so suspiciously, you dick. You invited him.” 

“And you love me for it!~~” Taehyung sing-songs. 

Jimin kicks the upper bunk once more before hiding under the blanket and shouting a muffled goodnight at his roommate. His phone is glaring at him in the darkness and he squints at his phone while attempting to lower it down. 


12.08 am jeon jungs

how long have you been dancing? i’m surprised you didn’t study fashion/makeup?

12.26 am Jiminnie (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

omg sry tae just came back. uhm… since i was 8 or smth?? tbh i cant rly rmbr lol. i only got into makeup at 18 but if u watched all my makeup videos im sure u kno that …. (: bu t anyway ya i ve always wanted to study here!!!! (〃^▽^〃) and wbu?? singing since u were a baby?

12.28 am jeon jungs 

i definitely watched it all. you don’t upload yourself dancing?

12.29 am Jiminnie (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) 

OGmgmgm i have a separate channel actually u can find me on yt at dancemins lol. what abt u and singing?

12.31 am jeon jungs

half of me wants to watch the videos now but the other half really wants to talk to you. well… i’ve been in choir since i was 8? had vocal training almost every other day and my parents wanted me to come here. 

12.32 am Jiminnie (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

… talk to me u can watch me sometime later. o wow vocal training since 8?? that’s craZy how’d u cope

Although Jimin should be tired out of his mind, he’s oddly awake. Maybe it’s because it’s Jeongguk he’s texting. He doesn’t find out much, Jeongguk skirts around questions but he knows Jeongguk really looks up to his roommate, Min Yoongi, and that he loves banana milk. Jimin screams back  in all caps about how banana milk is quite possibly the best flavoured milk to ever exist. They stay up till 3 am, talking about otters floating in rivers while holding paws and Jimin vaguely remembers typing the words “goondiGH t jeonjeongugkkkiieeee” with eyes that are fluttering shut. 

It’s the seventh yawn from Jeongguk that morning coupled with some coughs and the girl waiting opposite him shoots him a glare. 

He’d tried to stifle it the first three times but the yawns clearly weren't going anywhere. The coughs, he was certain, was a result of his itchy throat. And then again, he did sleep somewhere around 3 or 4 am, talking to little Park Jimin. He recalls how Jimin’s typing got progressively incoherent as it got later and finally, ending the conversation with a "goondiGH t jeonjeongugkkkiieeee”. He’d replied with a simple yet fond "night jimin-hyung”. Sometimes he forgets that he’s actually younger.  

“Jeon Jeongguk!” The school doctor calls when the glaring girl leaves after her turn. She’s sporting a pretty bad limb and Jeongguk considers tripping her, but he isn’t an asshole. He lets it slide and walks into Kyungsoo-nim’s office.  

“What can I help you with?” he enquires, peering at Jeongguk over the rims of his spectacles. 

“Uh, tutor thinks I’m bout to get a sore throat? It’s been itchy lately, although I swear it’s just cos we’re practicing non-stop. I’m in vocal music,” he adds. He fiddles with the hem of his sweater, waiting as the doctor takes notes. 

“Open your mouth, please.”

After being poked around at and having his throat peered into, Kyungsoo-nim concludes he is indeed about to have one. He packs lozenges and some tablets for Jeongguk, advising him to drink more water and writes a note to his tutor. 

Jeongguk grabs a bottle of water on the way out, sighing. A sore throat is really the last thing he needs.

A week passes from that fateful Friday. Jimin had woken up to a text from Jeongguk, who had sent a photo of a polar bear in a field of flowers. “Reminds me of you” he had said and Jimin honestly could not stop smiling for the rest of that day. He’d been worried though, because it appears that Jeongguk was indeed having a sore throat. He doesn’t complain though and keeps it out of their conversations. 

They continue to text over the week, even adding each other on Snapchat. Jeongguk’s snap story is honestly no different from his Instagram feed; he likes to snap the sky in its’ different phases and blurry photos of trees with the timestamp branding them. Strangely enough, Jimin likes to see these pictures. Jimin doesn’t particularly dare to snap Jeongguk directly, but he feels a weird sense of happiness when he sees Jeongguk’s name in the list of his snap-viewers. 

It’s a Saturday and this week, Jimin finally has enough time to film a video. He sets up his studio, which hasn’t been touched in so long and he feels like he’s going to cry as he prepares all his makeup products and brushes. Taehyung’s gone out for lunch with his course mates, leaving him to film in peace. 

“Hey, guys! I’m baaaack! I know it’s been so long since I’ve filmed a video and I miss it so much!!! I’ve been so fucking busy, it’s ridiculous.”

He begins his tutorial, blending in his concealer and chatting casually about Wings (without mentioning Jeongguk, of course…), pausing every once in a while to adjust the focus, Jessica’s Wonderland playing softly in the background. The sunlight streams in just right and he’s never felt more pleased and happy doing makeup.

"Now, I'm taking both Mauve and Lt. Pink and focusing these colours into my crease. Light, circular motions, because we don’t want any harsh lines. Blend it the fuck out, okay. I’m taking Plume from Mac just to add a bit of spark, just a burst of red- YES, look at that, baby."

Jimin continues his commentary as he moves on with the rest of his eyes. He’s halfway through packing Gold and Lt. Bronze on his lids when the door slams open, causing him to shriek and tumble backwards, dropping his brush in the process.

“JIMINNIEEE, I’M HOME AND GUESS WHO I BROUGHT WITH ME- Oh, Minnie, I didn’t realise you were filming, shit, I’m so sorry!!!” Taehyung bounds into the room and leaps into the camera’s view. “Heyyyyy, guys! I just gave Jimin the shock of his life!”

Jimin looks up and sees- Fuck, please tell him he’s dreaming- but he fucking sees Jeongguk standing in the doorway. He’s watching them with an amused expression, but his eyes are rather dark and intense when they focus on Jimin. 

“Hey,” he says casually. “Didn’t mean to interrupt. Bumped into Tae and he dragged me over.”

“Oh, my fucking god,” Jimin says in disbelief, still on the floor. 


Jeongguk turns, and almost falls over when an overly-excited Kim Taehyung bumps into him. Taehyung appears to have come from outside of school while Jeongguk’s just left the doctor yet again. His sore throat had worsened slightly and he’s kind of dying on the inside, sucking on lozenges every 10 minutes or so. 

“Hey, watch yourself, man. You alright?” Jeongguk steadies the other boy, who grins at him. 

“I’m just dandy. What about you, rain? Clouds all up in your face?” Taehyung rambles on about how he wishes it’d rain meatballs and all the while, he’s tugging on Jeongguk’s sleeve, urging him to follow his steps.

“Where are we going?” 

Taehyung pauses. “Are you doing anything right now? I mean, if you are, then don’t let me hold you back, but if you aren’t… I thought you could come over and chill!” he says excitedly. He’s still walking, fingers curled into Jeongguk’s sleeve. 

Jeongguk realises what he’s talking about. He meant come over… To their dorm. Where Jimin stayed. “Yeah, I’m free,” he answers immediately. Seokmin’s face flashes in his mind and he feels mildly guilty. “Well, actually, not really, I kinda promised my roommate I’d hang tonight, he wants to go drinking at Triptych, but like- Hey… Why don’t you come along?” 

A fucking light bulb has gone off over his head and oh- Yes. He sees it unfolding in his head, he sees himself in Triptych, watching a dancing Jimin and yeah, you know what, maybe Triptych isn’t such a shitty place, after all. If it made angels like Jimin dance like the devil, then who was he to say no?

Taehyung’s eyes widen. “Triptych? I’m fucking in!!!” He squeals. “Oh, gosh, it’s Saturday, anyways, I doubt Jimin will be doing anything tonight, he’s probably just reading through some dance history as we speak, god, Guk, you’re a genius!”

They finally continue their walk back to the dorm, as Jeongguk pulls out his phone and texts their group chat about tonight. 


4.35 pm jeon jungs

guys so like is it cool if jimin and his friends come along tonight

4.36 pm suckmin

HELL fuCKING YeaH DUDE!!!! fuk yeah get rektd bitch see ya tonight with yo thirsty ass for jimin’s dick bitch

4.36 pm kim mingyu^_^ 

omg yaaAAaAAAaaAaAAsssssSSS!!!! jeongguk is growing up so fast im gna shed a tear

4.37 pm jeon jungs

shut the fuck up i hate you assholes

“Yeah, Seokmin’s totally down for you guys to join us. You can ask Hoseok and Namjoon, too?” Jeongguk suggests. 

Taehyung nods enthusiastically. “Yes, that’s a great idea, we haven’t been to Triptych in like… forever. Jiminnie and Hoseok have been so busy with dance prep but now that they’ve got a little more time to breathe… Oh, well. We’re here!” Taehyung unlocks the door and swings it open. "JIMINNIEEE, I’M HOME AND GUESS WHO I BROUGHT WITH ME!” 

There’s a squeal and a thud. Jimin’s fallen off his chair, in the midst of filming, from what it seems. His makeup brush rolls out of his hand and he lies in a messy sprawl, his stool toppled over. 

"Oh, Minnie, I didn’t realise you were filming, shit, I’m so sorry!!!” Taehyung runs to the camera and starts waving at the lens. “Heyyyyy, guys! I just gave Jimin the shock of his life!”

Jimin’s face is bright red as he looks over at Jeongguk. “Hey,” he says casually. “Didn’t mean to interrupt. Bumped into Tae and he dragged me over.”

“Oh, my fucking god.” Jimin’s voice is high-pitched. Jeongguk strides over, shutting the door behind him, before grabbing Jimin by the arm and pulling him to his feet. Taehyung is still talking to the camera, oblivious to the pair. Jeongguk stares down at him. His eyes are half made-up, a mixture of muted pink, red and bronze shimmers. It brings out the hazel in his eyes.  He is honestly so gorgeous it hurts Jeongguk. 

“Pretty,” Jeongguk says softly, before letting him go. “You should get back to filming…?” 

Jimin snaps out of his daze and straightens up. “Yes, yes, I should. God, Taeyhung, get the fuck out of the way.” Jimin pulls the stool back up and retrieves his brush, glaring at his roommate. 

Taehyung whines but moves away from the camera. “Anyway, Jeonggukie, welcome to our dorm!” 

Jeongguk surveys their room. They had opted for a double-decker bed, leaving them with ample space. They had two desks shoved against the wall, a sofa and a small coffee table. Posters of dancers and polaroids are plastered on the wall over one desk, while the other desk has posters of Naruto and One-Piece. Jimin’s makeshift studio is set up in the corner nearest to the window, where a small table displays his array of makeup products.  

“Wow, good choice with the bunk bed. It really leaves a lot of room, doesn’t it?” He joins Taehyung on the sofa, where the other boy is clicking away at his laptop. Jimin clears his throat and settles down behind the camera. 

“You guys are gonna stay here?” he asks, and it’s clear he seems nervous to be continuing in front of Jeongguk, who gives him a small smile. “If you want us to go, we can…?”

“It’s okay!” Jimin says quickly. He looks back to his camera, thinking for a while and then his aura changes, slipping back into his filming mode. 

“Sorry about that, guys! Well, as I was saying, before my dick of a roommate interrupted-“ “HEY, I CAN HEAR YOU”- “We’re trying to create a sort of halo effect? Because Lt. Bronze and Gold are super bright and glittery and the contrast against the matte shades is incredible. Don’t forget to blend it with the other colours.”

Jeongguk watches Jimin, who easily forgets that the other two are in the room. Then again, Taehyung isn’t even watching. But Jeongguk’s got his eyes glued to other boy. Jimin has a habit of running his hand through his hair, flicking his fringe aside every time it gets in his eyes. His concentration and focus is admirable (and just the tiniest bit hot). Jeongguk can’t remember ever being so enraptured by something. He continues the rest of the tutorial unfazed, as though they aren’t even there... That is, until he reaches the highlighter bit. He grabs a silver square and flips it open. 

“Well, I was thinking what highlighter would go best with this pinky look and of course, Gleam came to mind. I was really stumped among all the colours, but I think… I think Hard Candy will be best.” 

Jimin glances over at Jeongguk, who suddenly has flashbacks of the very first time he saw Jimin. His face feels hot and his pants just slightly tighter, as he recalls the thumb-sucking. Jimin smirks, as though he can hear Jeongguk’s dirty, dirty thoughts. He tilts his face to the side and picks up a brush, dusting the pink highlighter over his cheekbones. 

“Oo, yes, daddy!” he all but moans (he’s joking, Jeongguk knows he is from the way he’s holding back his smile but fuck), and Jeongguk bites his lip, suppressing all urges to go over and start ravishing the dancer with kisses. He glances over at Taehyung, who is not even paying them the slightest bit of attention, and looks back at Jimin, who is laughing as he finishes his makeup. “I absolutely adore this highlighter, y’all.” He dabbles on some lip tint before posing for the camera (although Jeongguk likes to think it’s for him).

“And that guys, completes the look! Don’t forget to thumbs up and leave a comment down below, subscribe if you haven’t already! Catch you guys soon!” Jimin winks at the camera before leaning over to stop filming. 

“So, what brings you here?” he asks. He pulls out his phone and takes several photos of himself. Jeongguk kind of forgets how to talk with the way Jimin’s staring sultrily into the camera lens but thankfully, Taehyung answers.

“WELL, I bumped into Jeongguk and dragged him over cos he has nothing better to do. Not only that but he’s going to Triptych with his roommates tonight and invited us to come along. Are you in? Oh, my god, great, Jimin!” Taehyung exclaims. 

Jimin lets out an excited laugh. “Triptych? Hell fucking yes!” 

“We’ll meet you guys at 10?” Jeongguk suggests. His voice is slightly hoarse and he clears his throat, taking a swig of water from his water bottle. Jimin tidies up his studio, bringing his camera over to his desk where a Macbook sits atop of it. 

“Sounds like a plan. Anybody up for a movie in the mean time?” 

Jimin settles himself between Jeongguk and Taehyung on the couch, a pack of makeup wipes in his hand. 

“You’re removing your makeup?” Jeongguk asks, surprised. He tries to ignore the way Jimin’s thigh is pressed against his. 

“Yep! I don’t really want to sit around and get crusty, I’ll just do a quick one later before Triptych.” He flashes a smile and now that he’s finally in Jeongguk’s close proximity, his confidence seems to have dissolved. He doesn’t quite meet Jeongguk’s eyes and is quiet as he removes his makeup. Taehyung puts Nerve on and the three of them settle down.

All throughout the movie, Jimin’s body leans into Jeongguk’s. They don’t quite say or do anything else, but Jeongguk enjoys the warmth Jimin’s body emits. It’s a homely feeling.

Jeongguk finally leaves their dorm room around 8. He heads back to Seokmin's room, where the two boys are throwing clothes around as they belt out the lyrics to Big Bang’s album. 

“ARE YOU READY TO GET JIMIN’S DICK OR NAH!” Seokmin screeches. Jeongguk suspects they’ve already had some beer. 

Jeongguk chucks a book at his head. “Aren’t we meeting at 10? Why are you guys getting ready so early?” 

The two roommates share a look and sigh. “Literally the last time we dressed you up for Jimin… We took two hours.” 

They drag Jeongguk to his room across the hall, where Yoongi lies in his bed with a book in hand. 

“What the fuck are you idiots up to now?” he drawls lazily. 

“Mission Get-Jimin’s-Dick Phase 2 is AGO!!!” Mingyu yells excitedly. Yoongi watches on with a bored expression. 

The same process repeats, although the Jeongguk that emerges from the depths of his clothes is dressed entirely differently from the previous time. Seokmin had dug up his tight leather pants that were buried in the bottom of his drawer. Jeongguk struggles to pull them on but when they finally slide over his legs, he has to admit they hugged his thighs perfectly (and a little obscenely, to be honest). He dons a white t-shirt with a neckline so wide his collarbones are exposed and a loose pink shirt over. Mingyu runs a hand through Jeongguk’s hair, messing it up in waves. 

“Choker choker choker!” Seokmin chants, tossing a thin black strip over. Jeongguk fixes it across his neck and straightens up. 

“Holy shit.” “God, damn, Jeon, I’d totally hit that if I didn’t know who you were.” “Suck my dick, please, you fuckboy.” 

Even Yoongi looks impressed. 

It’s quite an odd group; Jeongguk, together with Mingyu, Seokmin and miraculously, Yoongi (who claimed he wanted to see Jimin), Jimin and Taehyung, with their two other friends, Namjoon and Hoseok. 

“Is this all?” Namjoon asks. They’ve gathered in the school parking lot, lolling about as they wait.

“Oh! I invited Seokjin-noona, too,” Jeongguk replies, a rather evil glint in his eye. He drops a fleeting smile and Namjoon flushes. “She’s driving, by the way! She’s got a truck, I’m pretty sure it can fit all of us… If we squeeze.” 

Mingyu wastes no time in making friends with Jimin. The pair are chatting animatedly, and Jeongguk watches on. Jimin’s dressed in a simple silk black shirt and ripped black jeans, his eyes smoked out with red and orange. His dressing is a lot more toned down from the previous time he was at Triptych but Jeongguk thinks he still looks just as ethereal. 

Seokjin pulls up by the curb, winding the windows down. “Hey, you assholes. Get in.” 

There’s only room for eight in Seokjin’s car, Jeongguk realises. Everyone piles in, Namjoon not-so-discreetly seating himself shotgun with a self-satisfied smile, while Yoongi, Seokmin and Mingyu slide into the back. 

“There’s not enough space,” Jeongguk speaks up. He glances at Seokmin, who has the evilest look in his eye. 

“Easy- Hoseok, Taehyung and you can sit like normal. Jimin can sit on your di- I mean, lap,” he finishes, clearly trying to hold back his laughter. Everyone’s fucking grinning like it’s the funniest joke and Jeongguk wants to punch them all.

Then again, there really isn’t anyway around it. Jimin’s lips are pressed together and Jeongguk is having a hard time deciphering if he’s pleased or not. Hoseok and Taehyung hop in, and he slides in after. Jimin climbs in, settling himself on his lap. 

“TRIPTYCH, LET’S FUCKING GO!” Seokmin and Mingyu holler.

Jimin’s back is stiff at first, and he’s barely sitting on Jeongguk, perched precariously and uncomfortably on his knees. Jeongguk carefully slides his fingers over to Jimin’s waist, tugging gently and easing him back until he’s seated properly. Seokjin is blaring Cazzette, while everyone chatters on. Nobody seems to be paying them any mind, so Jeongguk leans up to whisper in Jimin’s ear. 

“Comfortable?” Jimin jolts and Jeongguk fucking regrets having done that. Because now Jimin’s sitting directly on top of his dick and he’s twisting around to look at him, shifting till he attempts to find a comfortable position. 

“I guess I- Oh.” He stops moving, eyes wide. 

Jimin stops shifting when he feels Jeongguk growing hard under his ass. Jeongguk’s eyes are so so dark, it’s almost scary. He grits his teeth and swallows. Jimin’s eyes dart from his gaze to his ear, where three hoops hang from his lobe. 

“You okay?” Jimin asks softly. Jeongguk nods, fingers digging deeper into Jimin’s waist. 

Jimin looks back in front, trying his damned hardest not to lean back. Fuck he can’t believe Jeongguk’s having a fucking hard-on shit what the fuck. What the fuck, he wants to fucking kiss Jeongguk. His thighs are solid and they looked killer in those leather pants, and it takes all of Jimin’s willpower not to grind down, honestly. Before he can do or say anything though, Seokjin pulls up at a carpark a block away from Triptych. Jeongguk swiftly opens the door and lifts Jimin out (Jimin is totally not impressed by his strength, nope) and steps out. He doesn’t meet Jimin’s eyes and flits over to his friends’ side when they exit the car. Jimin’s neck feels hot and he’s partially annoyed at the younger boy’s antics.  

“Okay, we’ll leave by 4 am,” Seokjin announces. “I’m not drinking, obviously. You assholes better take care of each other.” 

They enter the club and everyone disperses to the bar and to the dance floor. Jimin follows Taehyung to the bar, where they get tequila shots. 

“Are you ready to dance?” Taehyung says excitedly. The club is packed that night and while Jimin would usually enjoy this, he can’t get what just happened out of his head. 

“I’m. Ugh- I’m not up for it. Tae, do you know what happened?” 

He recounts the entire incident and Taehyung scoffs. “Hard-on, big fucking deal! Let’s danceeeee!!!” But Jimin remains stubborn. “I don’t want to do anything,” he insists, arms folded tightly across his chest and a petulant expression on his face. 

"Minnie, come on, let's dance!!!" Taehyung begs, shaking his friend's arms.

Jimin huffs, his eyes flickering to where Jeongguk is standing in a corner with Mingyu, deep in conversation and whiskeys in hand. God, he feels so sulky. "I'm- Ugh, I can't do it, Tae! He's here and I'm embarrassed," he mumbles. 

Taehyung shoves a shot glass at him. "Come on, loosen up, Jimin. You've got nothing to lose. You're hot and you dance like you’re gonna set dicks on fire. Fuck Jeon, show him what he's missing, okay?”

Jimin glances over once more at Jeongguk, whose back is facing him. He sees Mingyu look at him and say something to Jeongguk, but the latter does not respond nor does he turn.

Heat rushes down his neck and he narrows his eyes. He snatches the shot from Taehyung, who smirks triumphantly, and downs it in one go. The tequila is thick and viscous, and it burns down his throat, the corner of his eyes watering just ever so slightly. Taehyung’s right. He needs to loosen up. Screw Jeon Jeongguk.

“Let’s go!” he shouts and Taehyung shrieks with excitement as they plunge into the crowd. 

They warm up in the crowd, Mobb’s Fullhouse thrumming through the stereos; its sly chorus brings Jimin to slowly roll his hips, laughing carelessly alongside Taehyung. Slowly, they make their way to the podium, and once they do, the crowd cheers. Well, if it weren’t Triptych’s regular podium dancers.

Jimin catches Jeongguk finally watching him, his eyes dark and apprehensive, arms folded across his chest as he leans against a wall. That bastard, Jimin thinks and without hesitation, he grabs Taehyung and pulls him against himself, grinding against him. He hears the crowd cheer, blood pounding in his ears, the heat almost unbearable but he doesn’t care- He’s here to make a show. I’ll show him, his fuzzy mind thinks. Taehyung giggles and he plays along, allowing his shirt to slip off his shoulder. Jimin tilts his head back, closing his eyes as he immerses himself in the music.

It carries on for three more songs, shrill laughter and reckless dancing, before Taehyung shouts for a break. “I’m thirstier than usual,” he says hoarsely into Jimin’s ear. One by one, they hop off the podium. 

Before Jimin can take a step towards the bar, a hand curls around his bicep. “W-what the fuck,” he hisses. He turns around, ready to give whoever it is a piece of his mind but he’s met with the dark stare of Jeon Jeongguk and the words die on his lips. 

He swallows, eyes shifting away and travelling down Jeongguk’s body. He ends up staring at his thighs, those muscled thighs he had sat on just an hour ago. He was so fucking attractive but if he was going to treat Jimin hot and cold…

Jimin attempts to pull away but Jeongguk’s iron grip on him doesn’t budge. Jimin huffs, exasperated. “What do you want?” he asks sulkily. Jeongguk licks his lips and steps nearer to him. The bodies around them jostle and causes them to shift nearer and nearer to one another. He’s looking up now, into Jeongguk’s eyes, and vaguely remembers the first time they met, in this exact club. He remembers how Jeongguk had made him feel, and now- Now he feels it tenthfold.

“You are so sinful.” Jeongguk’s head dips low so that he can whisper those words into Jimin’s ear. The shorter boy shivers and attempts to steel himself, god, how dare Jeongguk-

“I’m sorry,” he murmurs and Jimin freezes. “Shouldn’t have done that, shouldn’t have ignored you even if it was for a while- it’s just, you’re crazy, you’re too much and it scares the living shit out of me. God, you make me feel like a little boy. But I want it all, I want every bit of you.”

Jimin’s mildly aware of the song that’s playing - it’s Mino’s Body, one of his favourite tracks, and it’s such a dirty song, and he feels it. He knows Jeongguk feels it too, because he’s slowly pulling Jimin back into the crowd, allowing the two of them to be swallowed in the masses of people. It’s a magnetic pull, a force that doesn’t let Jimin walk away from Jeongguk. Instead, he lets himself fall into Jeongguk’s arms, his back to Jeongguk’s chest, ass against Jeongguk’s crotch. It’s oh so familiar.

Jeongguk settles to rest his chin on Jimin’s shoulder, his hands gripping Jimin’s waist tightly. “This song,” he mumbles. “This fucking song, it’s written for you.”

Jimin flushes at the dirty implications behind his words. God, this song- I’m talking about your body, I’m talking about your legs, I’m talking about your lips-

“Meoributeo bakkeutkkaji*,” Jeongguk whispers, his body moving against Jimin, who has yet to react. But after he hears those words, something sets fire within him. He gulps and can’t seem to control himself as he moves against Jeongguk as well. He can feel his muscled thighs, feel him grind against his back, feels his hands grip his waist, his ass, god, Jeongguk's hands are everywhere

Jimin tilts his head back and lets Jeongguk pepper small kisses down the side of his neck. He can’t help the small gasps that escape, blood rushing down south as the two of them dance dirtily. Jeongguk turns him around, and Jimin’s breath catches in his throat when Jeongguk slides a thigh between his. His thighs are heavenly solid and thick, and Jimin’s loving the way it feels when he grinds down on his toned thighs. 

“Jesus, fuck,” Jeongguk groans in his ear. Jimin’s hands are splayed across the hard panes of his chest, drifting down to rest on his stomach, drifting around to touch him everywhere. Jimin feels so so giddy, so drunk on this high. He looks up at Jeongguk, who’s watching him, breathing hard and lips being gnawed between his teeth. 

“Don’t- don’t ignore me again,” Jimin whispers, feeling all sorts of vulnerable. He feels naked with the way Jeongguk’s staring at him so hungrily. 

They’ve stopped dancing, sort of just pressed into each other against the wall. He’s caged in the taller boy’s arms, feeling delirious to be so close to him.

Jeongguk swallows. “I won’t."

Everyone stumbles back to the car by 4.15 am, Seokjin leaning against the door as she surveys the state of the boys. Taehyung is leaning against Hoseok, giggling with Seokmin and Mingyu about god knows what, and Namjoon’s red-eyed but definitely sober. Yoongi is smoking by the curb. 

“Everyone puked out and good to go?” she asks. “Anybody who pukes will be banned from riding this truck and will be cleaning it for the entire month.” 

The drive back is slightly quieter; Seokjin’s swapped Cazzette for the lazy, drowsy tunes of Lana Del Rey, the murmurs of hers and Namjoon’s conversation washing over them and Taehyung’s snores a rather pleasant buzz. Soon enough, Jimin falls asleep in Jeongguk’s lap, curled up against his chest. 

“Fucking score, bro,” Seokmin whispers in his ear. “Pray this isn’t the last."

Jeongguk flips him off lazily. But he does kinda hope this isn’t the last Jimin ever falls asleep on him. 

*Meoributeo bakkeutkkaji = From your head to your toes. it sounded sexier in korean.


(Of course Jeon deletes this it's not aesthetic enough.)




Chapter Text

Seokjin invites them all over for dinner. She stays in the apartment building, with two other girls, a 10-minute walk away from the university, fully equipped with a kitchen and ample living space. Jeongguk and Yoongi have been over several times and they love her cooking more than anything. It was always a pleasant change from the same old canteen food, to finally have home-cooked food. Neither Jeongguk nor Yoongi has had home-cooked food from home before; it was always the Jeons’ personal chef’s extravagant spread for Jeongguk and take-out from the stall two blocks away for Yoongi. Seokjin takes care of them and treats them like her own. 

“What time is everyone coming over?” Yoongi asks, as he helps to set the table.  Seokjin’s stationed in front of the stove, her chestnut brown hair pulled into a bun, as she cooks up a storm. The peppery scents waft through the cool spring air.

Jeongguk jumps off the couch and joins them. “Jimin said they’ll be reaching in about 10 minutes,” he replies, reaching over to snag a piece of beef. 

“Guk!” Seokjin reprimands, swatting his hand away. He giggles and skirts away. “So, Jimin, huh,” she muses, looking over at him with a lilt in her voice. 

Yoongi sniggers and Jeongguk glares at him. “What,” he states. 

Seokjin starts bringing the dishes to the dining table, covering them with lids so they won’t get cold. She smiles endearingly at the younger boy. “Well…” She glances over at Yoongi, who is seemingly extremely amused by the situation. “If no one’s going to bring it up, I will. Let’s just say as dark as a club may be, some dirty grinding by the wall doesn’t exactly go unnoticed, Jeonggukie.”

Jeongguk sputters, his cheeks turning red. Well, this was embarrassing. “What the fuck! What t-the fuck, guys! That’s messed up, why are you even watching us?” he demands. Seokjin rolls her eyes and sashays out of the kitchen.

“I’m gonna wash up a bit, wait for me if they arrive first! And watch out for the soup, it’s still on the stove!” she calls before disappearing into her room. 

“Gee, thanks, noona!” The door slams shut in response and Jeongguk rounds onto Yoongi. “Hyung, did you watch us too, then?” he asks impatiently. His roommate rolls his eyes. 

“I’ve better things to do,” he says loftily, but then his lips quirk up into a smirk. “Although I have to say… It was quite a show.”

Jeongguk groans and falls onto the sofa. “This is fucking humiliating,” he mumbles, and attempts to suffocate himself with the pillow. 

“Don’t die, your lovely doll is reaching soon,” Yoongi sings, settling next to him on the sofa and tugging the pillow out of his arms. 

“Fuck off.”

The bell does chime at this point of time and Jeongguk shoots straight up. Yoongi bursts into laughter and he chucks a pillow in his roommate’s face. “Get the soup!” he reminds him before jogging to the door. He swings it open and is greeted by beaming faces and a box of chocolates. 

“Hi,” Taehyung says cheekily. “Chocolates for Seokjin-noona, it’s the least we could do!" Namjoon is peering over Jeongguk’s shoulder and he doesn’t have to guess who he’s searching for.

“She's washing up, but come on in! She should be done soon.”

He steps aside and the four boys trail in, Jimin bringing up the rear. He glances up at Jeongguk and offers a sweet smile. 

“Hey,” Jeongguk says softly. His eyes take in Jimin’s appearance; the older boy is decked out in a pine green knitted sweater, the tips of his fingers just peeking out from the sleeves. Sweater paws, Jeongguk thinks and can’t help himself. He reaches out and grabs Jimin’s hand, squeezing it momentarily. 

“Hi,” Jimin breathes back, his fingers grazing Jeongguk’s palm. 

They look at each other for a while and Jeongguk appreciates his bare-faced beauty. There was something so vulnerable about him when he was bare-faced. Jeongguk shuts the door behind them and they let go of each other as they turn to face the rest. Seokjin comes out of her room in a simple dress that emphasises her figure nicely. Her hair is brushed down, ending midway down her back in soft waves. Jeongguk sees hearts shoot out of Namjoon’s eyes. 

“Aw, guys, you didn’t have to! You’re too sweet,” she cooes when Taehyung passes her the chocolates. She beckons for everyone to sit at the dining table. 

“Where’s Seokmin and Mingyu?” Taehyung asks, as he settles down next to Jimin. Jeongguk takes it upon himself to sit at the empty seat on Jimin’s other side, ignoring Yoongi’s snide smile. 

“They couldn’t make it, sadly. Seokmin’s been struggling with this one piece… And Mingyu’s probably out with Wonwoo.”

“Haven’t you been struggling with singing, too?” Yoongi asks, in a matter-of-fact way. 

Jeongguk waves his hand lazily. "We'll talk about that later, let's eat, I'm starving."

Jimin shoots him a concerned look and he squeezes Jimin's thigh in assurance. "Later, okay?" he says, quietly. 

They pass the dishes around the table, helping themselves to the spread of samgyetang, pajeon and bulgogi. They slurp down hearty bowls of tteokguk, laughing around the table at Taehyung and Hoseok’s antics. Jeongguk feels so warm and at home.

“This soup is so good, it reminds me of my mum,” Jimin sighs. “Noona, do you want to move in with me? I can kick Taehyung out, he can live in the streets for all I care.”

To which Taehyung squawks and pinches Jimin’s arm and the two end up squabbling childishly, causing the table to break out in raucous laughter. 

After they’ve eaten to their heart’s content, they laze for a bit. Jeongguk’s hand drifts down and finds Jimin’s thigh yet again, resting there. Jimin tenses under his touch, but as the minutes pass by, he relaxes. Seokjin gets up and starts to clear their plates. Namjoon jumps right up and joins her in bringing the dishes to the kitchen. Three seconds later, they hear a crash as the pot hits the ground. 

“HE’S EXTREMELY LIABLE TO ACCIDENTS, YOU PROBABLY SHOULD MAKE HIM LEAVE YOUR KITCHEN ASAP!” Hoseok shouts in warning and proceeds to join them. The rest of them are laughing while the older ones bustle in the kitchen, clearing the mess.

“Anybody up for some wine?” Seokjin calls from the kitchen. She brings a bottle out with her and several wine glasses. The other two trail behind her and sit down, Namjoon’s cheeks tinged bright red with embarrassment. 

“This woman sure does love her wine,” Yoongi murmurs. “I’m up for it. What do you have for us?”

“2003 Quinta Do Noval Port,” she replies with a wink. She sets the glasses down on the coffee table before proceeding to uncork the bottle. She pours a small amount in each glass, considerably larger for herself. “It’ll go well with the chocolates!” 

“Taste it first, tell me if it’s up to your liking,” she encourages the rest. They watch her as she swirls the wine in the glass before tipping it into her mouth slowly. She pops a chocolate into her mouth after, chewing delicately, and Jeongguk can see how enraptured Namjoon is by her actions. 

“Go ahead and drink! It’s sweet, mmm, it’s so lovely,” she says dreamily. Jeongguk’s had wine several times, all from Seokjin, and he definitely knows that he prefers the smokiness of whiskey (although he does love the richness of Dalmore whiskeys). Still, he accepts the proffered glass and sips cautiously. 

“I think it’s safe to say that Jimin and I are tequila lovers and nothing more,” Taehyung declares. Jimin giggles in agreement (Jeongguk’s heart kind of clenches at the sound). 

Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon and Seokjin are the only ones that continue drinking the wine. Yoongi is softer when he’s tipsy and he leans toward Hoseok with a sleepy smile as they talk about music. Seokjin is brash and even louder, and she demands for the boys to wash the dishes in the sink. Taehyung, who has retired to the couch, whines in protest and Jimin and Jeongguk finds themselves scrubbing the pots and pans. 

“Soo… Yoongi said you were having trouble singing?” Jimin asks hesitantly. He looks over at the younger boy, who’s wiping the plates dry and stacking them in the cupboard. Jeongguk’s face is impassive and Jimim wonders if he's treading uncharted waters.

“Yeah…” He’s quiet for a while and all they hear is the clinking of glasses and the steady stream of water against plates. “It’s the sore throat thing? My throat feels tight on some days and it affects my vocal range… I don’t know how long it’ll last. But I’ll get through it. I always do.” 

Jimin’s eyebrows are furrowed in concern and he chews on his lip as he passes the clean pots to Jeongguk. “You have medication? You’ve been drinking a lot of water too, right? Maybe you should lay off the alcohol, I don’t think it would do any good for you. And try honey lemon, I guess?” he rambles off. 

Jeongguk grins. “Are you concerned about me?” he teases.

Jimin huffs and rolls his eyes, flicking soap suds towards him. Jeongguk steps nearer to Jimin, shifting behind him and resting his chin on the shorter boy’s shoulder. His arms snake around Jimin’s waist. Jimin is so small against him and he’s honestly loving the feel of it. 

“Do you intend on doing this each time you seek my forgiveness?” Jimin asks, his voice wavering ever so slightly. 

"Is it working?" Jeongguk's voice is low and smooth, sending chills down Jimin's spine. 


After they clear the pile of dishes (after Jeongguk begrudgingly lets go of Jimin), they join the rest in the living room. Yoongi is smoking out on the balcony, accompanied by Hoseok and Namjoon. 

“Oh!” Jimin pipes up. “Do you wanna see that video I did last week? The one that Taehyung oh so rudely interrupted? You’re in it, for like two seconds.”

Taehyung tosses a pillow from where he’s lying on the floor. “Rude! Your followers love me.”  

Jimin loads the video on his iPhone and curls nearer to Jeongguk. At first, he hesitates, head tilting towards him. After a few seconds, he makes up his mind, and rests his head on the younger boy’s shoulder. (Ohmygod ohmygod stay there forever Jeongguk thinks.) He holds his phone up for them to watch. 

It starts off with him posing for the camera and Jeongguk glances over to find Jimin blushing. “Doll,” he murmurs into his ear, making sure neither Seokjin nor Taehyung are looking at them. Jimin nudges him in the ribs and he falls silent, watching the rest of the video. The Jimin on-screen is miles different from the one tucked into his side and he recalls what Jimin had said that first time at Triptych. 

"Everyone tells me I'm gorgeous, all the time, please. Just nobody says it like you. Nobody like you has said it to me.”

He can tell Jimin’s always a lot quieter and toned down around him, and he wonders what is it within him that causes this change in Jimin’s persona. 

Back on screen, Jimin’s doing his eyeshadow when the door slams open. He’s edited the video so that it replays him falling off of the chair and shrieking several times, making Jeongguk laugh. When Taehyung’s face comes into view, Jimin has plastered stickers that says “I hate u go away” all over. Then, he sees himself in the background, helping Jimin up and staring down at him. 

“My watchers were all freaking out and asking me who is that who is that,” Jimin chuckles. His hair tickles Jeongguk’s neck but he doesn’t move at all. He’ll be damned if he does. 

“And what did you tell them?” Jeongguk asks. 

“I said it was a very handsome friend of mine,” Jimin mumbles, a pink blush spreading across his cheeks. 

Jeongguk smirks. “So you think I’m handsome?”

“Can you two stop flirting? You guys aren’t the only ones in this room.”

10.05 am Jiminnie (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

have u bought the bleach and stuff???

10.10 am MONSTERNAM ٩(ఠ益ఠ)۶

UHM…. yA IT’S THIS RIGHT… <picture>

10.12 am Jiminnie (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

thats the one!!! dont forget ok 3 BOTTLES OF PASTEL PINK FOR ME

10.13 am MONSTERNAM ٩(ఠ益ఠ)۶

okok i got it IM COMING OVER!! btw i got myself violet, u think its gna be ok?? tbh i was looking at mulberry, it looks more like wine u know, but it’s too dark for my liking

10.12 am Jiminnie (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

LMfaos we’ll see later then wont we


Jimin adjusts his camera to ensure both he and Namjoon are in the frame. 

“Bro, I’m not ready for this. This was truly a Thing of Impulse™. Doesn’t bleaching hurt?” Namjoon asks, looking severely concerned. He stares at the ten bottles of bleach, dye and toner lined before them, a small towel draped over his shoulders. 

“Relax… It just… itches. Unbearingly. Ha. Ha.”

There’s a knock on the door and Jimin leaps up to pull it open, revealing Jeongguk and Taehyung. They've got plastic bags full of kimbap, choco pies and banana milk and they trope into the room excitedly. 

“NAMJOON-HYUNG, you’re going purple?! I can’t wait for Grapejoon,” Taehyung blabbers, flopping onto the sofa as he munches on a kimbap. 

“Should you be drinking banana milk?” Jimin frowns at him. “We’ve got honey lemon.” 

Jeongguk waves his hand and says later. He settles behind the camera (a carton of banana milk in hand, much to Jimin’s disapproval). “So… I press this whenever it gets blurry?”

Jimin nods encouragingly. “If the lighting gets darker, then you press this! And feel free to zoom in whenever, especially if hyung makes a funny face.”

They begin filming after that, Jimin introducing himself and Namjoon, who looks queasy (“It’s just hair dyeing, you make it seem like we’re doing the spicy noodle challenge???”). Jimin helps Namjoon at first, combing the bleach through his thick hair with gloved hands. Namjoon’s impassive face slowly turns into one of discomfort. 

“I feel it… I feel it, guys,” he announces. “It’s fucking itching, do I have a headful of bugs biting me or? Shit, Minnie, it’s fucking itchy.”

Jimin catches Jeongguk’s eye and the both of them laugh. “Just 20 minutes, hyung, and it’ll be over!” he reassures the older, who’s twitching uncomfortably. 

After washing the bleach out of his hair, Namjoon rubs the toner in his hair and Jimin gets started on his blond mop. They talk about why they’ve chosen to dye their hair (“So Namjoon-hyung’s got a crush on this girl, and she really likes wine and apparently, purple-coloured hair is going to make her fall in love with him or something. Even though wine’s more RED than anything…. I’ve just been meaning to get a new burst of colour and I was listening to Jessica’s Wonderland right, and the whole thing about cotton candy made me think about pastel pink!!!”) and commentary on the dyeing process runs throughout. Jeongguk assumes Jimin dyed his own hair previously, because he’s a lot more neater and efficient than Namjoon, parting his hair in sections and spreading the pink dye thoroughly. 

Jimin bends his head forward while tending to the back parts of his hair and a tuft of dyed hair flops forward onto his forehead. Without thinking, Jeongguk immediately reaches over the camera to gently flick the hair back, wiping away the remnants of pink dye that tint Jimin’s skin. Jimin looks up at him with wide eyes and Jeongguk swallows, shifting back. Then, Jimin breaks out into a grin. 

“Thanks! Feed me some kimbap!” he demands playfully and Jeongguk is more than compelled. He grabs a roll and unwraps it, holding it out for Jimin to munch on while he continues dyeing his hair. Namjoon grumbles that no one’s feeding him and Taehyung throws a chocopie in his face. 


They turn on some music while waiting for the dye to set in and Jeongguk finds himself lazily singing along to the tunes. He catches Jimin watches him but doesn’t stop singing quietly. 

“You sing so well,” Jimin says earnestly and Jeongguk thinks that he never wants to stop singing for Jimin.

Half an hour passes and they finally wash out their hair. They dry it with the boys’ hairdryers and Jeongguk squints at the sudden brightness of hair colour. Taehyung’s already snapped 5000 photos of Namjoon’s shocked face.

“HOLY fuck, I did not expect it to be this purple???” 

Jimin giggles. “I love it!” he squeals. “Hyung, I think you look adorable!!!"

Jeongguk thinks he looks even softer with pink hair. His kimbap lies forgotten as he stares dazedly at Jimin, who won’t stop beaming. 

“For Seokjin-noona,” Namjoon says weakly. 

“For Seokjin-noona!” they repeat cheerfully after him.

Jeongguk insists that he gets to watch Jimin dance. Live. They’re both doing theory work; dance reviews for Jimin and history of Western music for Jeongguk. Soon enough, Jeongguk grows restless and he can’t focus on the words before him anymore.

“You can watch me dance on my channel,” Jimin says, pouting. 

“You got to hear me sing live,” Jeongguk reminds him. He’s already shutting Jimin’s MacBook close and the older boy doesn’t resist. 

“But you sang willingly. And it wasn’t even that much, you sang like three lines!” Jimin tries to argue. 


Jimin sighs, but he has to admit that he’s tired of theory and he’s itching to let loose. He gives into Jeongguk, who grins so brightly, and Jimin doesn’t know how he’s ever going to say no to the younger. They make their way to the dance studios and Jeongguk immediately flops onto the floor. 

“Hit me with it!” he commands, pretending to take a picture. Jimin throws his jacket at him. 

“I have to warm up, you fool.” 

Jimin plugs in his phone to the speakers, scrolling through his dance playlist till he finds one of his favourite tracks. Disclosure’s beats were always great to let loose and enjoy. He knows he’s putting on a show for Jeongguk, as he stretches. He can see the brunette’s eyes trace his figure, particularly when he bends over to touch his toes. A weird sense of thrill runs through his veins to be under such scrutiny. 

“Ready?” Jimin asks. 

“Whenever you are.”

And again, Jeongguk is taken back to all the times he’s ever watched Jimin dance, whether in a club, on stage or in his videos. He is always so captivating, moving so sinfully with the music and moulding his body to fit the rhythm. Jeongguk feels so light-headed, watching Jimin dance to a Flume remix. He’s come to notice that Jimin is easily absorbed and focused by whatever task he’s doing, particularly those he enjoys. Similar to how he was during his makeup tutorial, he is the same now, ignoring Jeongguk’s existence, as he dances away in his own little world. 

When the music stops and he comes back to reality, Jeongguk finds himself standing up from his spot. His mind is hazy and he can’t think straight, with Jimin’s harsh breathing filling the air.  

Jeongguk slow-claps as he walks to where Jimin is leaning against the mirror, panting as he takes small sips of water (It’s a Rilakkuma water bottle, how fucking adorable). He stops just inches away from the shorter boy, his small frame pressed against the mirror now that Jeongguk’s come closer. 

“Are you sure you wanna stand so close? I’m all sweaty,” Jimin laughs nervously, holding a hand in front of him. “Well, that was just one of my choreos… Nothing much…” 

Jeongguk gives him a small smile, both hands coming to rest against the mirror, caging Jimin in between his arms. “I love the way you dance,” he says, the honesty apparent in his low voice. The pink-haired boy quietens as his hand meets Jeongguk's hard chest, the tips of his ears turning red. The silence is deafening, with only their breathing punctuating the silence. 

“I’m… I…” Jimin stutters. His hand doesn't seem to be sure if it should pull away or curl into Jeongguk's shirt.

Jeongguk stares until Jimin finally looks up and meets his eyes. His eyes are wide, a little bit of fear and a little bit of hope reflecting in his brown irises. Jeongguk can't take this anymore. Jimin's warm hand against his chest, their close proximity, the dim lights and the lazy tune of another track dancing through the air, dancing through Jeongguk's veins. He feels a little rush. 

"I think I've got a little crush on you," Jeongguk whispers. He swallows, eyes darting from Jimin’s eyes down to his lips. “Tell me that you feel it too.”

Jimin’s fingers that are splayed out across his chest suddenly curl into the material, gathering a fistful, as he pulls the younger boy down, down to meet his lips. Suddenly, there’s tidal waves and electric pulses charging through Jeongguk’s veins. His hands drop from the mirror; one goes to cup Jimin’s face and the other seeks purchase on his waist, fingers digging hard into his skin. Jimin lets out a small noise, melting against Jeongguk as he tip toes and tries to press himself even closer. His small hands scrabble up Jeongguk’s chest, to clutch his shoulders, and one finally sneaks around to cup against Jeongguk’s neck.

At this, Jeongguk lets out a gasp and Jimin takes this opportunity to lick into his mouth, hot and wet, and Jeongguk lets out a groan. He pulls away momentarily, to whisper a shaky “S-sneaky” against Jimin’s lips and the latter laughs, god, what a sweet sound, and Jeongguk finally knows the two things Jimin’s mouth was made to do: Laugh and kiss (and maybe suck his cock, but that was too ineloquent for the moment). 

So he pulls him even closer and tighter, sugar-candy kisses so fucking delicious and he thinks he could never get sick of this, of this cotton-candy wonderland. Jimin's a glass of pink lemonade on a hot summer day and he is one thirsty boy. They stay wrapped around each other for the next few minutes and Jeongguk is addicted to the way Jimin tip toes and presses his small frame into Jeongguk’s slightly larger frame. 

“Tell me that you feel it too,” he repeats, pulling away to look Jimin in the eye. His lips feel swollen and he sees that Jimin’s are too. The older boy whines at the sudden removal of contact but when he looks back at Jeongguk, his eyes are so so sincere and his words even more so. 

“I like you so much,” Jimin tells him. He hesitates, small hands drifting down to clutch Jeongguk’s. “But slowly. Slowly, okay? I need to go through this slowly.”

His voice is so small and Jeongguk’s heart is aching. 

“Of course,” he promises. Jimin’s smile is honestly so painful to look at it, because it is just so bright, and Jeongguk prays he never breaks a promise to Jimin. He couldn’t quite imagine what would ensue… And he didn’t want to.



Chapter Text

Jeongguk borrows Seokjin’s car (“Noona, I swear I won’t crash it… NO, I’M NOT GOING TO FUCK JIMIN IN THE BACKSEAT.”) and brings Jimin out for a ride to the waterfall park Friday night, after a particularly gruelling school week. Finals are slightly more than a month away and everyone is beyond stressed. Taehyung won't stop bursting into his lines halfway through lunch, Jimin and Taemin have been booking the dance practice rooms for overnight use and Jeongguk and Seokmin are constantly humming German songs under their breath. 

It's even worse for the fourth-years, it being the final year, their final project. Yoongi is permanently attached to his synthesiser, Namjoon looks like he hasn't slept in weeks and Hoseok is barely smiling through the days. Seokjin has been a high-strung mess and she’s constantly running over the place. 

Jeongguk figures they could do with a break and he convinces Jimin to take Friday night off, instead of watching more Serenade performances. He himself can barely tear himself away from his sheet music but with his throat feeling awfully tight on some days, he knows he best take a rest. He had been mildly concerned when his tutor noted he couldn’t reach certain high notes but he keeps playing it off as stress. 

“Where are we going?” Jimin asks, looking so small in his oversized red sweater. He curls up in the front seat, chin propped up by his hand as he peers out the window. 

"The waterfall park. I figured we could do with some peace. And grab a bite from a stall first," he replies. "Do you wanna play your music?"

Jimin perks up and pulls out his phone. "Sure!" Jeongguk passes him the aux cord and he fiddles with the buttons, as Jimin scrolls through his playlist.

A soft, mellow tune fills the air and Jeongguk glances at the song that's playing. It's titled Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit and he smiles to himself. It's very apt, because the evening sky is turning purple and deep orange as the sun lowers herself to let the moon out.

"Petit Biscuit, huh? That's cute. You're pretty petit too," he teases and Jimin hits his arm lightly. 

"That just means you think I'm cute," Jimin points out shamelessly and Jeongguk shrugs (in his mind he's think yesyesyeshellyes). "I really like their music. I think you'd like it too." 

Jeongguk does like it and over the next half hour, they alternate over the choice of songs, talking about their favourite artists and songs. Jimin's favourite song is Plans by Birds of Tokyo and he tells Jeongguk about how he loves the bridge and it makes him feel like he's going to explode into stars. Asides from Petit Biscuit, Jimin's music mainly consisted of dance beats like Flume remixes and Ne-Yo. Jeongguk is a sucker for Lany's music and they listen to some of their tracks. 

"Pink Skies," he declares. "Such a good one."

When the song plays, Jimin lets out a noise of recognition. "You used their lyrics for your photo," he says and Jeongguk grins.

"Been stalking me?"

"I'm not the one who liked 23 photos in a row," Jimin shoots back, a smirk playing on his lips. Jeongguk turns red and shuts up. The waterfall park is pretty far from campus and they’re both getting hungry. Jeongguk drops by the street stall and buys some fishcakes and black bean noodles (also red bean and strawberry mochis) for them to eat at the park. When he returns to the car, he finds that Jimin has dozed off, his breath fogging the glass with each gentle breath he takes. It’s a pretty sight and Jeongguk can’t resist - he dumps the food in the backseat and pulls out his phone, and takes a perfect shot of Jimin curled up and asleep. 

By the time they reach the waterfall park, Jimin still hasn’t woken up. It absolutely kills Jeongguk on the inside to disrupt Jimin's peaceful slumber, especially with the way he looks so unguarded, his chest rising and falling ever so gently. But Jeongguk is also aware of how creepy it is for him to just watch Jimin sleep. Any passerby would've been alarmed. 

He lightly shakes Jimin awake. When the latter blinks sleepily and peers up at Jeongguk with glassy eyes, Jeongguk's heart clenches so tightly. God, he's such a sucker.

"We're here," he says, voice low. Jimin nods, a soft smile breaking out when he sees the waterfall park just behind them. 

They find a bench and seat themselves there, spreading their array of food between them. Jimin pulls his legs up and crosses them, choosing to face Jeongguk instead of the waterfall. Jeongguk himself turns to face him as well and they tuck into the food. The park isn't too crowded and the constant rush of the waterfall is soothing. Jeongguk thinks the sight of Jimin on this cold night is too good to be true and he can't help but to discreetly take a snapchat of this moment. 

It's too dark to distinguish Jimin's features but his hair is pink enough to stand out from the dark of the night. Jeongguk sends it to his story anyway, hoping it'll pass off as just one of his ambiguous snaps his friends knew him for. 

"I can't wait for the semester to end," Jimin sighs, scooping noodles into his mouth. "Honestly, if you hadn't dragged me out today, I probably wouldn't have gotten dinner and I'd be dancing my feet off in the studio."

"I know. We all need a break. I've been struggling hitting some notes, actually," Jeongguk admits, pushing his noodles about. "I shouldn't even be eating fried fishcake.”

Jimin gasps and frowns. “I’ll eat the rest of your fishcake,” he says, leaning forward to snag the remaining pieces of fishcake. “It’s for your own good. Mm, so delicious.”

Jeongguk would’ve protested otherwise because he loves fried fishcake. But he doesn’t, because really, it makes him happy to see Jimin stuff his cheeks with fishcake. His eyes curve into crescents and fuck, what the fuck was this fluttery feeling in Jeongguk's throat? They finally finish their food and walk around the park while nibbling on the mochis. The park is quiet and there’s no one around. Jeongguk can’t resist, pushing Jimin against a tree and tilting his head upwards. 

“Really, Jeongguk, here? In the park?” Jimin asks, but his tone is light, playful and teasing, and he's tiptoeing to meet Jeongguk’s lips. God damn, there’s something so hot about the way Jimin has to fucking tiptoe. Jimin’s lips are cold and they vaguely taste like sweet, sweet strawberries. Jeongguk loves it and he thinks he could easily get addicted to it. 

They share more cold kisses and mochis as they make their way back to the car and by the time they’re finally in the car, Jeongguk’s jeans are feeling tight and his neck feels hot. 

“One last,” he says, before leaning over to kiss Jimin. He’d intended it to be short but Jimin surges forward with enthusiasm and wraps his arms around Jeongguk’s neck. A noise escapes Jimin’s mouth and it goes straight to Jeongguk’s dick. 

"Fuck, Jimin, if you don't stop-" Jeongguk groans. 

Jimin starts kissing his way down his neck, teeth nipping and lips sucking. “Wanna make you mine,” he murmurs. “Wanna show you’re mine.”

“Are you- Fuck, Jimin-“ Jeongguk gently nudges him away. He pulls the rearview mirror down and gasps when he sees a dark red bruise blossoming over his skin. 

Jimin giggles, finally settling back in his seat. “Sorry,” he sings. 

“You’re not.”

“Yeah, you’re right, I’m not." 



Jimin lies on the floor, basking in the ever so light and floral scent of lavender, from the essential oil their instructor had just rubbed on their pulse points. Yoga always manages to make him feel like he's on track, like he will succeed, and he plans the rest of his day in his mind, with this feeling spurring him on. 

He's thinking about what he should eat for lunch (he's leaning toward poke but he isn't sure Taehyung's in the mood for raw fish. Taehyung's moods when it came to food could be rather sporadic, or anything, for that matter), when a deep voice breaks him out of his tranquil state.

"Earth to Jimin," Taehyung calls. Jimin cracks his eyes open, and realises that almost the entire class has traipsed out of the studio, leaving just the two of them.

Speak of the devil. 

"I was just thinking about you," Jimin says brightly, as he bounces to his feet and rolls his mat up. They leave their mats in the cubby holes meant for the regulars. 


"Poke," Jimin suggests, the same time Taehyung says "I'm surprised you haven't said a word about Jeongguk." 

Jimin shrieks and throws himself at the other boy. "Tae!" he whines, neck flushed. And not from their workout. 

Taehyung smirks, as they head into the washrooms and change out of their sticky clothes. 

"Yeah, I'm cool with poke, but only if you tell me exactly how long his dick is. I just know he has a big dick, I just know," Taehyung says passionately, ignoring the pointed looks from others.

The tips of Jimin's ears turn red. "I don't know the length of Jeongguk's dick!" he hisses. "And even if I did, I wouldn't tell you! But you're right. It's probably big."

More pointed looks. 



"All we did was make out!" Jimin insists. 

They've finally made their way to Jimin's all-time favourite poke place, not too far from the noodle shop Jimin and Jeongguk had their first date (it still gives him tingles to think of it as that).  

"Mmhm, and I'm a heterosexual who loves economics and Birkenstocks," Taehyung snorts. 

He makes Jimin recount the waterfall park date, dissecting it bit by bit and speculating over the smallest details. Apparently, Jeongguk's gesture of buying strawberry mochis, rather than matcha or red bean, signified that he was already more than halfway in love with Jimin and was ready to take care of his entire soul. Something about strawberries being a symbol for Venus, the Goddess of Love. Taehyung spends too much time on the DailyHoroscope app, honestly. 

Jimin rolls his eyes. "You're thinking too much," he says, pushing around his tuna cubes. A weird feeling tugs at his heart and he sighs. "But so am I. What if... What if what he wants and what I want are on opposite ends of the spectrum?"

Taehyung stabs a piece of avocado. "If you're thinking about Jonghyun, don't. You can't keep locking people out just because of that. It's not fair to the people who really want to stick around, for you. And if not, well, at least try to get some good dick out of it!"

His deep laughter is so sudden, but it sends Jimin into a fit of giggles anyways. The conversation topic moves back to what they had been arguing over in the washroom. 

"I am NOT telling you the length of his dick!"

Jimin steps out of the shower, steam fogging up the mirrors. He towels his hair dry and checks his phone. 

12.04 am jeon jungs

still awake? what are you up to

Jimin starts to type out a response, when he catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror. His skin is dewy, albeit a little red from the hot shower. But his boxer briefs sit nicely on his hips and the lines on his body are a little more defined from today's session. His damp hair hangs in his eyes, droplets of water slowly making their way down his collarbones. Maybe... Maybe a photo would make a better reply. 

Before he chickens out, he snaps a quick shot of himself in the mirror. He sends it without really looking at the photo properly, knowing he'd changed his mind if he did. 


12.07 am Jiminnie (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


j ust had a quikkk shower lol hehe ekkk


12.08 am jeon jungs



12.09 am jeon jungs


fuck jimin. you. are you. how dare you not invite me to this shower. first, poke, now this.


12.10 am Jiminnie (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


kekeke you are more than welcome to join me the next time. for both!!


12.11 am Jiminnie (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


wna see u too


Jimin starts to worry when Jeongguk doesn't reply after 10 minutes. Had that last text been too risque? Too forward? Too much? 

He's midway through some kind of nervous breakdown when his phone buzzes. Immediately, he unlocks it and almost drops his phone. 

Jeongguk has sent  him a. 



No fucking way. Jimin closes his eyes and opens them again, expecting it to be a dream or a mirage. But it's not. The picture is dim and blurry, but there's no denying he's got his boxers shoved down mid-thigh and his hand wrapped around his hard and already leaking dick. Taehyung's right. It is big. Jimin's skin is burning and his hands are shaking as he tries to type his reply.


12.24 am Jiminnie (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

oh.,?? my god 


12.25 am jeon jungs


sorr ryy baby i coulbt resist 


Jeongguk's response is full of typos and Jimin can only imagine why. He gulps, not entirely sure as to what he should say or do. All he can do now is stare at the online status under Jeongguk's name and marvel at the fact that they were both staring at their phone screens, at this conversation, right now. 


12.27 am jeon jungs


feel s rly ygood. so goo d


Jimin bites his lip as he wracks his brain for a good response but he's drawing a blank. 

Then his phone starts buzzing and he sees Jeongguk's name flashing on his screen. Fuck. Jeongguk is calling him.

He immediately answers the call and answers with a shaky "Jeongguk?"

He receives a long, drawn-out moan in return. "Sounds good when you c-call my name." Jeongguk's voice is hoarse and Jimin can hear the obscene sounds of Jeongguk stroking himself.

"Say it again."

Jimim swallows, undeniably and slowly growing hard himself. "Jeongguk..." he all but whispers. 

"Fuck, I'm- I'm gonna cum. Fuck, Jimin, god, I'm cumming," Jeongguk breathes out, dirty moans spilling out of the speaker. 

Jimin’s neck feels so fucking hot and he’s biting his lip real hard. “Jeongguk, oh, my god,” he mumbles. 

The younger boy lets out a chuckle. “You’re so fucking cute." His breathing is harsh at first, and then it finally starts to slow down. Jimin can hear him moving about, grabbing tissues and whatnot.

"And you are fucking insane," Jimin tells him. "But I think it's high time I changed my wallpaper, yeah?"

Jeongguk's husky chuckle makes the hairs on Jimin's arm stand. It's been... A while, to say the least. "If you dare. But I think it'd only be fair if I had a matching wallpaper, no?"

A sudden boldness strikes Jimin again, just as it did earlier when he had sent the first picture. "Ask and you shall receive," he says silkily, before ending the call with Jeongguk and proceeding to tug his boxer briefs back down.

Ah, he'd have to take a second shower tonight.







12.51 am Jiminnie (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)



12.51 am jeon jungs

oh my fuckin g god. you fucking sexy prince


12.52 am Jiminnie (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)