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Chapter 5 ~ Dear Home...

10 August 1951

Dear Mother,

It is the 10th of August, 1951 here in Korea as I write to you. According to the nearest watch, almost 9PM... I just finished a Post-Op shift watch just a few minutes ago. I also (finally) changed out of my Class A's...

Today was my first day and I worked it all in my Class A's... I had no time to change because just moments after I arrived, I went straight to work helping out at Triage and the OR.

I already made an impression on the Commanding Officer, Colonel Potter; and on Major Houlihan, the Head Nurse. (I guess it's not every day a new arrival gets to work dilligently in their Class A's at the first start of things!) And I also have found a new spiritual friend and mentor in the unit Chaplain, Father Francis Mulcahy. He's a brilliant human being and already we have started a Bible study on the Gospel of John. (We got that started during my Post-Op watch. Some of the recovering wounded were intrigued by our study. That's a good thing, I think.)

I am exhausted and am ready to rest up for the night. You can't imagine how relieved I am to be out of those Class A's (inasmuch as I love wearing it)!!

You, Papa, Audrey and Mary are on my mind... I love and miss you all very much. Pray that this war ends... soon. I'm already ready to go home.

Until the next letter, with love,

• • • • • • •

5 September 1951

Dear Mother,

Thank you so much for the handmade card!! I'm surprised it got to me as quickly as it did, but maybe I'm just surprised it's here. Nevertheless the card is adorable and it is very special to me.

I sent a letter to James, but I have not heard from him yet. Perhaps he himself is busy... well with the war going on, I guess I don't blame him. But... it'd be nice to hear from him. I guess I'm just worried about him and... ah well.

How is Father Timothy doing? I got a letter from his wife Helen, they both have been ill and I have been praying for them. I'll be sending a letter their way after I finish writing this one.

How are Father and the sisters? How are you doing? Please tell me you are hiding those unholy bruises... I worry too much about you, Mama.

Give Audrey and Mary my love.
~ Rory-Lynn

• • • • • • •

17 November 1951

Dear Mother,

Thank you so much for sending me my Book of Common Prayer, I missed that terribly and forgot to pack that with me before leaving for Korea! I am going to show this to Father Francis after I finish writing this.

The shifts lately have been long and exhausting with the incoming wounded. There are days when it seems like there would be no end to the intake of wounded. Triage gets hectic. The OR can get quite insane. 16 hours turns into 24 or more sometimes. Sometimes I'm half-asleep during roll call. And sometimes I fall asleep in the middle of Bible study with Father Francis.

I hate this bloody war.

Father Francis has become my best friend here at the unit. Hawkeye, BJ and Charles are like older brothers to me, and Margaret--Major Houlihan, reminds me of you. Colonel Potter is like a Grandpa, and Klinger--Mother, you should meet him, he is a laugh and a half! Always trying for a Section 8, yet still does his job!

I still have not heard from James and I almost wonder if I will. Have you heard from him? If so, how is he doing? Let him know that I love and miss him dearly. Please.

Well, I must go for now. I'm going to try to get a nap in before the next shift, or before we get more incoming wounded. Whichever happens first.

I wish I was home for Thanksgiving... I love and miss you all so much.
~ Rory-Lynn

• • • • • • •

4 December 1951

Dearest James,

I hope this finds you well. You are all I want for Christmas (besides coming back home).

I miss you. I love you.
~ Rory-Lynn

• • • • • • •

4 December 1951

Dear Mother,

I'll be home for Christmas,
You can count on me...

I pray we all are home for Christmas. I miss you all so much.
~ Rory-Lynn