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Oh Brother

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            “I need to learn this dance for sure, maybe next week when I’m done with my other choreo.” Hoseok hummed, restarting the video on the laptop sat on his chest, adjusting his head where he rested in the crook of Namjoon’s shoulder. It was late in the evening and they were relaxing with their bellies full of dinner, basking in each other’s presence.

            “Hey,” A quiet voice greeted and they both jumped, looking towards their bedroom door. Yoongi was leaning against the door frame, Seokjin lingering in the hallway behind him. “I’m going to perform at a club downtown… want to come with?” Yoongi was biting his lips and rolling his ankles nervously as he spoke. He wasn’t exactly one to show himself off like this, but he wanted them there – Seokjin wouldn’t ask for him.

            “Absolutely!” Namjoon spoke before Hoseok could even get a word out, the both of them jumping off the bed clumsily – Hoseok caught Namjoon before he fell head first into the bedside table. Seokjin’s squeaky laughter met their ears as they scrambled to find fresh, club-appropriate clothes in their closet.

            “You have time, don’t worry.” Yoongi chuckled, entering their room and sitting on their bed, taking Seokjin’s hand fondly as he strolled in after him. They talked to each other in quiet voices as Hoseok and Namjoon held up mesh shirts and tight jeans and flashing jewelry to each other, comparing outfit after outfit. They barely noticed the other two conspiring with each other until their outfits were decided and they needed to change. They stood awkwardly until Yoongi raised a brow. “Do you want us to leave?” He wondered, but neither made a move.

            Namjoon and Hoseok gulped in unison, but they peeked at each other and both shook their heads, starting to peel their clothes off. They’d had many talks late into the night about what all this meant to them and to their future, but the bottom line was they liked sex, these boys were attractive and willing, and it was all in good fun. They could afford to indulge.

            Hoseok made a show of removing his clothes as Namjoon stumbled out of his own, making everyone else laugh softly. They took their time, letting their audience soak up their bare bodies as they slowly dressed each other, handsy as ever. They weren’t quite sure if they actually heard it or if they were imagining things, but it was very likely that they earned a pair of soft gasps as they bent to pull up their pants, fastening them with blossoming blushes on their cheeks. “Here.” Hoseok stepped towards Namjoon, buttoning his shirt for him with lingering fingers that touched his chest for just a little bit too long. “God, you look hot.” Hoseok purred and Namjoon pulled him in for a kiss, unable to fight the blush spreading to his chest as they hopped up to the other waiting pair. “Ready.”

            The elders stood up, but again didn’t move to leave, instead stepping forward to the pair. “Can we kiss you?” Yoongi wondered, looking between them. They were so casually affectionate with their other brothers, they wanted to have that with Namjoon and Hoseok too – baby steps.

            The other pair barely even nodded before Seokjin grabbed Namjoon by the waist and Yoongi took Hoseok’s cheeks in his hands, two pairs of mouths catching each other softly and eagerly. They didn’t push it much further than that – Seokjin would never admit to grabbing Namjoon’s ass if anyone dared to ask him – before they finally headed out.

            Yoongi talked about this club and all the others that he’d performed at over the years as they drove, Seokjin jumping in to tell stories of all the times he’d tagged along.  They pulled into a dark parking garage much sooner than expected, Yoongi bouncing on his toes as they started towards the venue. There wasn’t much opportunity for talking once they entered the club, the crowd and the music melding into a deafening cacophony. The energy was buzzing and Hoseok grinned, thinking back to the few underground dance competitions he’d done in places just like this. Only the rowdiest people found these clubs and it made for a great audience.

            They didn’t have to wait very long – just long enough for Seokjin to deliver a few painfully strong cocktails to their standing table up front – before the lights dimmed and the crowd hushed, waiting in wild anticipation.

            “We’ve got a treat for you guys tonight!” The announcer started and the crowd screamed bloody-murder. “A legend is in the house with us today, finally returning from a well-deserved hiatus to bring his energy back to the masses, to bless us once again with that infamous tongue technology. Make some noise for our one and only… Agust D!” Someone screamed directly in Namjoon’s ear and he caught the way Hoseok gripped Seokjin’s sleeve nervously as they watched Yoongi’s small frame slink up on stage, a microphone held loosely in his hand. He didn’t bother with an introduction, didn’t ask the crowd how they were or hype them up – there was simply an echo of militant drums and Yoongi took a deep breath.

            Hoseok and Namjoon’s jaws dropped as Yoongi began to spit into the mic, tongue fast and sharp as he rapped with a confidence they had yet to see from the boy. Yoongi bounced with the beat, thriving on the screams of the crowd, drawing out the rhythm in the air with his thin fingers. He was powerful and aggressive and angry… and so goddamn mesmerizing. Seokjin had seen him perform many times before, so for the first time ever, he didn’t watch Yoongi destroy the crowd. He watched Namjoon and Hoseok succumb. All their brothers could relate to the feeling – Yoongi was like an irresistible siren with his tongue. Hoseok felt the beat in his ribs and the pit of his stomach, squirming as Yoongi picked him out of the crowd and winked, flashing his pink tongue before he stepped back. As he moved to the music, a few strong beats hit the speakers and Yoongi grabbed his dick in his sweatpants, thrusting into the air and making the crowd go wild. Hoseok felt his whole body heat up, but he wouldn’t dare take his eyes off the elder. Namjoon hung on Yoongi’s lyrics and his flow and leaned forward in his seat, choking on his spit when Yoongi pushed back his hair and bit his lip, a confident smirk directed at the younger. Yoongi knew how to play the stage.

            Yoongi – no, Agust D – moved from one song to the next quickly and smoothly and before they could even really wrap their minds around his performance, he was gone. He snuck off stage to a volume akin to thousands of fans – even though there were only a few hundred stuffed into the club – and Seokjin was immediately on his feet, dragging the star-struck pair in his wake. He elbowed his way through the wild audience until they broke through to a small door tucked away in a back hallway. He didn’t knock on the door before he pushed through it, tugging Yoongi into a hot, desperate kiss the second they collided. “Fuck you.” Seokjin chuckled against his lips and Yoongi broke away with a wide, gummy smile.

            “Good?” He asked and Seokjin rolled his eyes, pushing Yoongi towards the pair hovering by the door who were still unsure of how they were supposed to react. “Did you guys like it?”

            “I… I want to fuck you so bad.” Hoseok choked and Yoongi grinned, stepping up to him and crashing their lips together. He was always handsy after a performance, so he couldn’t really blame himself when he managed to get Hoseok’s shirt off in 2 seconds flat.

            “Yah, you know the other performers need this room too.” Seokjin scolded, breaking them apart. “Come on.” He shoved the group further down the hall and into a small bathroom that was surprisingly clean for a club like this – a private one for the performers. The second the door was closed and locked, Hoseok bent Yoongi over the sink with a hand twisted in his hair. Namjoon stepped up behind Hoseok and pressed comforting kisses down his neck to remind him to keep himself under control, teasing his hands around his waistband as Yoongi’s pants hit the tile floor.

            “Now the real show begins.” Seokjin laughed, closing the toilet seat and sitting down.

            “H-hyung?” Namjoon squeaked, looking over his shoulder at the elder. “Do you want to come and join-“

            “Ah, don’t worry about it. I’m perfectly happy over here.” Seokjin grinned, sitting back to enjoy their private performance. He loved fucking just as much as the next guy, but watching Yoongi work his magic from the outside? An irresistible opportunity.

            “Yoongi hyung,” Hoseok whined like a petulant child as he found a matte black butt plug filling Yoongi up, all of his blood rushing to his dick and making him wickedly lightheaded.

            “Yes?” Yoongi asked innocently and Hoseok pulled him up by the neck to kiss him angrily, biting his lips until he tasted blood. Yoongi sighed happily against him and pressed his hips back – he was admittedly delighted to discover this side of Hoseok. “I’m glad you liked seeing me on stage.”

            “Fuck, you’re so sexy, such a tease-” Hoseok spat, tightening his hand on Yoongi’s throat and pressing against the plug in his ass, finally seeing a bit of the rap persona falter. “You think you’re hot shit, don’t you? You think you’re above everyone else, like you’re special?” Hoseok wasn’t sure where all this was coming from, but Yoongi’s performance had done something to him and he couldn’t think of anything else to release his tension. Lucky for him, Yoongi’s cheeks were turning pink as he watched Hoseok in the mirror, mouth hanging open as he panted.

            “Let’s show him who’s boss.” Namjoon purred in Hoseok’s ear and Yoongi whined, wetting his lips in anticipation. Hoseok didn’t need to wait any longer as he stepped back and flipped Yoongi around, lifting him onto the sink and spreading his legs. “Ah, hyung… Did you want us to fuck your brains out after you performed?” Namjoon raised a brow, finally seeing the plug too. “I think you’re way too confident in yourself… Hosikie, should we leave him high and dry until we get home, instead? The little brat probably deserves it.” Namjoon cooed. Hoseok knew he was just teasing – he could feel that Namjoon was rock hard against his lower back, rolling his hips idly – but Yoongi’s eyes grew wide and he choked.

            “No, no, nonononono, please god, fuck me, I need you, please, please, fuck me, right here, right now-” Yoongi was rambling and begging and Hoseok smirked, turning to kiss Namjoon over his shoulder as he yanked the plug out of Yoongi, making the elder squeal. Much to his liking, though, Hoseok was quick to replace it with his own cock, sinking in as far as he could go, the lube held in by the plug making everything so much easier. Yoongi really did have a plan. “Ah, fuck, Seok.” Yoongi felt the pleasure all the way in his throat and he groaned, pulling Hoseok in by the shoulders and burying his face in his neck. “You feel so good, I’m- fuck, so full, so big, Seok-”

            Seokjin grinned up at the trio, watching as Hoseok and Namjoon learned their way around this side of Yoongi. Yoongi was a rambler when he got fucked, desperate and dirty and whiny like the little baby boy that he was… Seokjin wondered if one of them would shut him up or if they’d let him whine the whole time. It was a beautiful noise, if he was being honest.

            Seokjin slipped his hand past his waistband and pumped his swollen dick slowly as he watched Hoseok fuck Yoongi fast and desperate against the sink with Namjoon wrapped around his back. He was pressing his dick against Hoseok ass, matching his rhythm. They looked like desperate little school boys and Seokjin loved every bit of it.

            “N-Namjoon-” Yoongi choked, reaching past Hoseok to kiss him hot and heavy, more tongue than anything else. “You too- I want- want- fuck, you too, fuck me too.”


            “No, now.” Yoongi whined, squirming against Hoseok as the younger hit his prostate. “I can take it, I’ve done it before, please- you too – you too.” Yoongi panted and Hoseok pulled back to look Yoongi in the eyes, brows raised.

            “You’re sure?” He confirmed and Yoongi gulped, nodding excitedly. “H-hyung has lube, please.” They looked at Seokjin – the sight of him with his cock in his hand made the three of them gasp fondly – and the elder grabbed the tube from his bag and tossed it to them easily. “Hyung…” Hoseok huffed as Seokjin went back to pumping himself slowly. Hoseok was gonna need to have the cock in his mouth sometime soon.

            “Hold me.” Yoongi asked and Hoseok got a good grip on him as Namjoon moved to lean against the counter. Yoongi was basically feather light – perks of being tiny – so Hoseok had no trouble holding him up as he fucked him slowly, feeling Namjoon slick fingers begin to slide inside Yoongi, tight against his own cock. Yoongi was quick to stretch out – as much he enjoyed topping, he was equally eager to be stuffed full of whoever wanted him. “More, Joon, I can take it. More.” Namjoon listened to his desperate pleas and was soon to have three fingers flush against Hoseok inside of him. “So… s-so good.” Yoongi closed his lips around Hoseok’s neck and bit down as Namjoon finally pressed his cock inside of him, the stretch pulling a low groan from the pits of his stomach. Yoongi felt his legs shaking and his head was swimming, but Hoseok had a good grip on him and Namjoon pressed against his back to support him more as they began to move in tandem. It was harder to pound into him like this, but they found a rhythm fairly quickly and he mewled as one of them – he couldn’t really decipher any of their bodies from each other – hit his prostate over and over and over.

            Yoongi didn’t even realize how loud he was moaning and whimpering and crying until - “Shut the fuck up.” Namjoon spat, sticking the three fingers he’d fingered Yoongi open with past the elder’s lips. Yoongi immediately sucked, leaning his head back on Namjoon’s shoulder and breathing deeply to quiet his moans. “Such a little fucking slut, greedy for cock and moaning like a bad pornstar. You’re just that desperate, huh?” Yoongi sighed and sucked harder on Namjoon’s fingers as his pleasure built and built and built-

            “Don’t you dare come yet.” Hoseok spat and Yoongi choked, tensing his stomach and holding his breath. He was fairly good at following directions. “You’re gonna let your dongsaengs come first, right? Because you’re a good hyung, right?”

            Namjoon loved when Hoseok talked dirty – he wasn’t always into it, so it was rare – and the words went straight his dick. He knew he was thrusting erratically now, unable to match Hoseok’s rhythm, but he was so close and Yoongi was biting down on his fingers and squirming, clenching around his and Hoseok’s lengths, pressed together so tight and hot and good – “Oh my fucking god.” Namjoon gasped as he came deep inside Yoongi, the elder sucking in a breath as he felt even hotter with the added sensation. Namjoon sucked on Yoongi’s neck as Hoseok sped up, digging his fingers into Yoongi hips and throwing his head back as he followed suit.

            “Ah!” Yoongi called out, voice wrecked and hoarse as he came all over Hoseok’s chest, his entire body shaking and twitching and his vision fading in and out. He whimpered and closed his eyes, soaking up every chilling ounce of pleasure flooding his body, from head to toe. He felt something on his face and his neck and it took him a few long seconds to realize that Namjoon and Hoseok were covering him in soft kisses as he swam in the pleasure, panting for breath and clenching around them, still stuffed side by side inside of him. He came down slow and steady, catching a kiss here and there when he could focus enough.

            “Okay?” Hoseok asked between panting breaths and kisses and Yoongi nodded, holding onto Hoseok tighter, bracing himself before they pulled out of him one at a time. He whined at how empty he felt, but his legs gave out when Hoseok tried to set him down and he buried his face in the younger’s neck bashfully. “Aw, so cute, hyung. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.”

            “We should get him home.” Seokjin cooed, cleaning his own cum off his stomach and dressing himself quickly. “He’s always a bit sleepy after a show, aren’t you baby?” Seokjin took Yoongi’s chin in his fingers and kissed him sweetly. Namjoon put Yoongi’s clothes back on for him slowly while Hoseok held him and Seokjin kissed praises into his skin, Yoongi basking in the care they blessed him with.

            When they were all dressed and fairly decent – there wasn’t much they could do about the bruises on their necks – Hoseok picked Yoongi up on his back and they snuck out of the back door of the club. They all gasped in the fresh air and giggled at the thought of what they’d just done, reaching out keep each other close, soaking up the affection. The car ride was quiet as Yoongi dozed off in the front seat, but they couldn’t expect the same silence when they entered the house.

            “Hyungs!” a voice cooed from the top of the stairs and Jimin bolted down to greet them, rocking on his tip toes to give them all a fond kiss on the lips. “How was the show?”

            “Fantastic.” Seokjin purred and they all began to sport sweet blushes on their cheeks.

            “I bet.” Jimin winked, noting Yoongi still sleeping in Hoseok’s arms. “We’re having a sleepover, come on!” Jimin scurried to the large living room and held out his arms, presenting a beautiful cave of colorful blankets and soft lights, the floor carpeted in thick, plush pillows and mats. It looked like a magical little hideaway and Seokjin dove in to kiss the other two maknae’s, who were waiting patiently in the fort.

            They all piled in together, limbs overlapping and lips finding exposed skin and whispers filling the air. It was so perfectly and intensely comfortable and it hit Hoseok like a semi-truck just how good this had all become in such a short time. As weary as he’d been at first, he was a thousand times happier now. “Love you.” Namjoon purred sleepily against Hoseok’s ear as he dozed off, the sound of five other people breathing around them not yet familiar, but so very welcome.

            “Love you.”