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His Lamata

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"Prince Jiart" A blue skinned servant said bowing his head, kneeling on one knee to show respect to the royalty he served.

"What do you want, you lowly servant." He lifted his head from where he was seated on his throne to gaze at the creature infront of him, face stoic but anyone with brain could see the annoyance clear in his eyes, along with a certain servant.

"Your Majesty, wishes to see you" The servant spoke with a tremble in his voice, hands clenched tight in order to stop them for shaking. Fear clear in his stance.

A cruel glint twinkled in his eye sensing the fear radiating from the poor servant bowed infront of him. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Inhaling deeply, he exhaled slowly savoring the intoxicating fear filling the air. Such a thrill it gave him, his blood pumping excitingly.

"Go and inform my father, I will join him soon." Jiart responded, flicking his hand and dismissing the creature, soon getting bored of the same old usual fear he ignites in the lower beings.

"Yes, my prince." The servant stood up and bowed deeply before scurrying away quickly to escape from his heavy aura.

The prince tipped his head back and smirked, soon he would visit his lamata again and when he does, he will capture him and his little lamata will never escape again. Ever. For now, he would just visit his father and see what he want from him.

He sighed. So much work to do, wonder if will ever catch a break.