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Celestial Beauty

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Celestial Beauty

She was half human, half universe
you lose yourself in the galaxies of her eyes
find yourself gravitating toward her,
in any room, crowded or deserted.

Just the sound of her voice, draws you into orbit
your fingertips trace the scattered freckles
across her body, mapping mini constellations.

The sheer magnitude
of your feelings for her are overwhelming.
She radiates warmth and
safety and acceptance,
and you can’t help your heart rate
from sky-rocketing.

She’s like her very own planet
you revolve around.
She’s the shooting star
you wish upon.
She’s the scintillations of twinkling light
during a meteor shower.

On your bad days, she’s the total eclipse
helping you forget the dark matter.
On your good days, she’s the entire cosmos
her smile flaring brightly.

When you’re together, it’s like a Supernova.
You’re shooting stars
at the speed of light.

Together you are stellar.
Together you are astronomical.