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Let's get drunk and tell each other everything we're too afraid to say sober. 


Three shots. It was just three simple shots. Who knew that it would have prompted your deepest desires to come out and play. Three young men of the night experience some things that are foreign yet not totally unpleasant. Succumbing to the alcohol, allowing things to unfold causes utter chaos. But maybe that's not such a bad thing? 

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Ban Ryu's POV:

"Three drinks in a row!"

I looked apprehensively at the three shots in front of me, pobably containing the strongest alcohol in Silla. I don't know what kind of test this is and what will it prove but it's not like I have a say in this. 

The sound of the gong echoed around us signifying for us to begin. I picked up the first shot holding it steadily in my hand.


I rose the shot to my lips and downed it in one go. The familiar burn of the alcohol slithered down my throat was pleasant but stronger than anything I've ever drank before. The gags and groans were deafening around me as the other hwarang's took their shots. I downed the next two shots quickly trying to get it over with. My hands gripped the counter tightly, trying to steady myself. I could feel myself start to become dizzy as the alcohol worked it's way into my system. I blinked trying to clear my mind of the haze. 


We barely had time to breathe before the second ring of the gong echoed around us. We took our second round of shots, this time with great difficulty. I heard bodies stumble behind me and the loud thuds of the China wear slamming against the counters. I shakingly took my shot and downed it again, followed by the other two. I felt my head spin as the world moved around me. I wasn't used to drinking this quickly. 


I groaned loudly as the gong ringed a final time. I blindly reached for the shots, nearly tumbling over my own feet. Another wave of groans was heard throughout the courtyard followed by slurs and loud thuds. I wasn't completely drunk but I was slowly getting there. I grasped the shot in my hand, spilling some not that I cared. The less the merrier. 

I took a deep breath and took the final shots. My hands quickly grabbed the counter as my vision swam around me. My legs were growing weaker as the alcohol took full control over my body. I barely managed to stand upright, trying hard to regain my composure. I was part of one of the most respected families meaning that I have a reputation to uphold. I can't let a little thing such as alcohol bring me down and taint my image. 

"These are your doorplates". The two of you who will choose the same colour shall share a room" said Master We Hwa in his authoritive voice. I blinked at him, what did he just say? 

"Come out and take one". I watched as Su Ho stumbled to the table and dove his hand inside the box. After he pulled out his doorplate, I walked over. I tried to walk calmly but it didn't help as the ground moved around me. I managed to make it to the table without falling which was an achievement. I thrust my hand into the box and pulled out a grey doorplate. Gazing at it intently, I stumbled back to my table. 

"Today there are no rules or regulations. If you do not like your room, take someone else's. Also, you may take the roomate as well. You have until sunrise tomorrow. The strong will claim the nice room and the roommate that you want." 

I tried to register what he was saying but only bits and pieces filtered through. I could feel myself get worse as the alcohol took full control, all my thoughts, feelings and movements. Thankfully the other hwarangs were all much or less the same state as I am so they wouldn't remember all this. Unbeknowngst to me, a dark pair of eyes were resting on me. He could hold his liquor very well and therefore was not as fazed as the rest of us. 

We were dismissed after Master We Hwa made his announcement. I shakingly tried to walk straight down the path, away from everyone. Away from this mess and to a place where I can sober up. A place where I won't make a fool of myself. I followed a random path, my hands occassionally shooting out to steady myself. Trying my hardest not to fall over. I seemingly walked for a couple minutes, tripping over a couple cobblestones. I found myself towards the end of the property where it was quiet and tranquil. Spotting a gazebo close to me, I slowly trudged towards it. 

It was secluded and peaceful. Perfect. I can sober up here. I shuffled over to the seat and plopped down. Resting my head betwenn my hands, I took deep measured breaths. 

"Looks like someone's a light weight" a voice chuckled. My head whipped towards the direction of the voice only to make me wince. I groaned at the sudden movement, my head aching. I was met with more chuckles. I felt someone sit down next to me on the seat. I slowly looked at the person, finding it to be the nameless Hwarang from the West. Ji Dwi.

I scowled deeply at him, looking away. "What do you want?" I bit out bitterly. 

"Well obviously I want to see you suffer in this vulnerable state. What would people think when they find out a respected man from a Bone family can't take a few meesely shots?". 

"You wouldn't dare" I hissed venemously. "Oh but I would, if it proves to be amusing to me". 

"What do you want?". "What makes you think that I want something?" he answered amusedly. I tried to keep my focus on the horizon to stop my head from spinning. "Well obviously you want something or you wouldn't be here right now". 

He leaned in closer to me and whispered into my ear "I just want to see you make a fool of yourself." I shuddered as his warm breath washed over my cheek. I could smell the alcohol on his breath. 

I hastily stood up but instantly regretted it as the ground moved around my vision. Hands shot out, steadying me. "Woah, be careful there. We wouldn't want you falling down now would we?" he tsked. 

I felt my face flush from embarrasment. I swatted his hands away and took a step away from him. I tripped over my own feet this time almost falling, when an arm snaked around my waist. "Careful there" he laughed. I grumbled in distaste at his close proximity. 

I turned around to tell him to leave only to have it die on my tongue as his face was centimetres away from mine. My eyes widened in shock as I tried to step away. I was tugged forecefully towards him, his grip on my waist tightening. What is going on right now? 

My mind couldn't comprehend the situation. He took a step forward for every step that I took back. My back came in contact with the wall of the gazebo as his hands placed themselves next to my head. I felt myself swallowing deeply as he came closer. He leaned towards my ear, making my heart beat wildly against my ribcage. 

"Let's try something out, shall we?"

Confused, I was about to ask him what he meant by that only instead, I tensed up. His teeth grazed the shell of my ear, which made me stop breathing. His teeth tugged on my earlobe which made my head spin. He started to place butterly kisses along my jaw which made me moan quietly. I felt him grin against my jaw as he continued placing kisses. 

Why aren't I stopping this?

'Because you like it' my mind growled out. This must be the alcohol talking right because there's no way in hell that I would let him touch me this intimately, a man at that. 

I felt my breath hitch in my throat when he placed a kiss on the corner of my lips. He pulled away and stared into my eyes. He had a smirk on his face which led me to think that he wasn't entirely sober since I've never seen him smirk before. He always has an expressionless expression on his face which doesn't suit his handsome face. I don't deny that he looks very attractive at the moment. Wait, what? 

Did I just think that he is attractice? Screw this, I'm never going to drink again. 

I watched him as he leaned in teasingly. Is he going to kiss me or not? I thought bitterly to myself. My eyes widened. That's it, I'm never laying another eye on alcohol. If it makes me this delusional, definitely not. 

I didn't notice him staring at me with mirth dancing in his eyes at the look of confliction on my face. I was pulled out of my thoughts as I heard him whisper. 

"Do you want me to continue?"

His warm breath caressing my face as he waited for my response. Sober me would have told him 'no', scratch that, I would've beat the crap out of him for suggesting such a thing. But the thing is, I wasn't sober at the moment which probably shocked both us when I responded. 

My hand rose towards his silk shirt, fisting it. I roughly tugged him towards me, our lips crashing together. I felt him freeze against me in surprise, he probably wasn't expecting that. Smirking to myself, I felt him respond to the kiss as he kissed back fiercely. His hands dropped, grabbing my hips and pulling me flush against him. My other hand went to his hair, tugging and pulling. 

My lips felt as if they were burning from the intensity. He tilted his head, deepening the kiss. We pulled away from each other, breathing deeply. His eyes were lidded, his lips a darker shade of red and bruised. 

Instantly our lips collided again, with teeth this time. He growled against my mouth, biting on my lip, hard. I opened my mouth, giving him entrance as he took the opportunity to explore. I moaned against his mouth as his tongue massaged mine. My arm wound it's way around his neck; pulling him closer. He moaned as my nails scratched his neck and tugged on his hair, disheveling it. 

Every little touch was amplified. His tongue battled with mine in a match for dominance. I gasped as he lifted my left leg and held it in his hand. He moved closer until there was no distance between us. His hand caressed my thigh making me growl at him. He smirked against my lips which only made me growl louder. 

I grinned victoriously when I heard him gasp and moan loudly. I rolled my hips once more. He pulled away from me and roughly revealed my neck. He viciously attacked my neck. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as he kissed and nibbled on my neck. My back arched off the wall when he bit my collarbone harshly. He probbed and sucked, leaving marks in his wake. I wanted to stop him but  I was too far gone to prevent him from bruising my neck further. 

He pulled away and examined his work. My mind was on cloud nine, That damn tongue of his leaves me wanting more. Both of us were panting , trying to regain our breathing. 

I smirked as a devious idea formed in my head. No doubt that I will have marks on my neck from his abuse, I thought that I would repay the favour. If I'm going down, he's going down with me. 

I hooked my foot behind his and tugged. He lost his balance as I quickly spun around, reversing our positions. My head grew dizzy from the sudden movement. He gasped in surprise but moaned throatily a second later as I placed my hips flush against his. I steadily rolled my hips as I watched him bite his lip. I leant forward and took his lip between my teeth. I tugged on it, smirking in satisfaction from hearing him moan. 

My hand rose to his neck and moved the fabric of his shirt aside, exposing his delectable neck. I licked my lips sensually, watching him. I saw his eyes follow my movement, his arms wound around my neck bringing our faces closer. I pulled away as he groaned in frustration. I leant down towards his neck and latched onto his skin. I chose a spot where it would be difficult to cover, grinning to myself I proceeded to suck greedily. His moans urged me on as I continued decorating his supple neck. 

I hungrily lapped at his collarbones, teeth grazing. I bit down and nibbled on it. My alcohol induced state did not comprehend what would happen tomorrow. But in this moment I found myself not caring. The only clear goal that was firmly planted in my mind was, that I have to make him powerless beneath me. Make him squirm. 

He was gasping and groaning beneath me, leaving me proud of my work. I pulled away and analysed my artwork. The hickeys were slowly starting to develop. His eyes were closed as his chest heaved. 

I swooped down and captured his lips again. After a few seconds, I pulled away. I took a step back, drinking in his appearance with my eyes. His hair was disheveled, his robe was crumpled. His lips were red and swollen. It took a lot of my willpower to stay put and not shove him further against the wall. 

I turned on my heel and walked down the steps of the gazebo. I missed the last step and stumbled forward. I managed to catch myself before face planting on the ground. This ordeal did nothing to help me sober up, though I didn't entirely mind the disruptance. 

The sky has considerably darkened as the torch flames were being alighted. I pulled the doorplate out of my pocket, examining it. Grey.

My mind blurred as my stomach lurched. I pushed myself to keep going. Shuffling down the path, the sounds of my fellow Hwarang in the distance becoming more prominent with each step I took. I took a deep breath, my mind flashed back to what happened only moments ago. The feeling of his hands gripping my waist was still fresh in my mind. The way his lips kissed mine with such ferocity that left my mind reeling. 

I will never tell him this, he's a damn good kisser.