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Snitches get Stitches

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February 4th, 2017 (two days after the letters arrived)


I sat in the smooth leather seats of the 2012 Honda odyssey I was given last summer, the seats feeling less and less comfortable as my impatience set in. I tapped my fingers anxiously on the steering wheel, wishing the heavy traffic would disappear. I just needed to get to the next exit 5 kilometers away, but the traffic was so heavy it felt like I hadn’t moved from this spot for an hour! All I wanted was to pick up my boyfriend from his shitty part-time job and go meet our friends at our favorite little park, was that two much to ask for?


After what felt like days, I reached the exit and sped off the highway. I was probably going 30 kilometers over the speed limit, but I didn’t care, because I was getting closer to Namjoon and I hadn’t seen him in months! I had been deprived of his kisses for too long and I couldn’t take it! To be completely honest I was missing a bit more than just his kisses, but even seeing his face is good enough for me!


I traveled through the streets I had driven on so many times before, the route committed to my memory. I passed the old Chinese food restaurant that I had eaten at so many times, and the kind elderly lady's home we had stayed in when Namjoon's old car broke down that one night last winter. My excitement grew as passed the places that held so many memories, getting closer to my destination. The dimly lit building came into my sight as I made the final right turn. I pulled into the gas station, parking next to one of the gas pumps. I looked out the window at the old convenience store as the door opened and tall young man exited to come and fill up my gas tank. He wore all black except for a grey sweatshirt under his unzipped jacket. He was sucking on a lollipop to likely distract himself from his desperation for a cigarette. He obviously didn't recognize my car at night time, as he would have been much more excited. I opened the window slowly before sticking my head out.


"You better fill up my car correctly this time!" I yelled at him as he approached. He looked up from the ground and smirked when he saw me.


"You scratched the paint last time too!" I continued as he got closer. He bit off the last of the candy and threw the stick on the ground as he quickly closed the space between us. I opened the door and stepped out of the car to properly greet him.


"Shut up!" He said as he finally reached me, lightly pushing me against the van and wrapping his arms around my waist. I put my hands on the back of his neck and pulled him closer, pressing his lips against mine. Our mouths worked in harmony, moving at the same pace. The kiss was full of passion, making up for months of withdrawal. The only reason the moment ended, was the need for oxygen. We pulled away, keeping out foreheads pressed together, slowly breathing in and out. The scent of cotton candy lollipops permeating his breath.


"I missed you Kim Seokjin." He whispered, gripping me tighter in his arms and moving his head to rest in the crook of my neck, nuzzling against me. I kissed the top of his ear before resting my chin on his head.


"I missed you more." I whispered in reply, gaining a chuckle. He pulled away and kissed my cheek before turning to head back to the convenience store.


"That's impossible!" He said teasingly. "I'm gonna grab my stuff and then we can head over to the park!" He continued, jogging into the old, worn down building. I smiled as I reopened the car door and sat down, buckling up my seat belt and checking the time. 8:47. We were already 45 minutes late, which meant Yoongi was alone with three children disguised as seniors in high school. I guess he had Hoseok... What am I saying? Hoseok is worse than all three of the others combined and multiplied by six! Namjoon and I had to hurry, before they get too out of hand!




I sat on the top of a huge snow bank... don't even try asking me how I got here (it hurts my pride). My ass was already soaked, so there wasn't any need in getting up, other than to beat the living shit out of the people that thought it was a good idea to put me up here. I stood up, only to have boots sink into the snow, causing the little ass wipes below me to laugh.


"When I get down from here I'm gonna choke you with the snow in my FUCKING BOOTS!" I screamed as I slowly made my way down the hill, the boys continued laughing at my struggle. They started backing away as I neared the bottom, but my boots got stuck when I was only a step away, and I was quickly face first in the snow. My mood immediately got three times worse. I didn't move (all hope was lost). The snow stung my face (I deserve it). I could hear the laughing demons a couple feet away (encouraging my failure). I heard a distant crunching of snow under shoes getting closer, but I didn't look up (luring them into my trap). They slowly came closer, their (small) shadow being cast across me from the nearby street light. I stayed completely still as they crouched beside me.


"Want some help up grandpa?" Jimin. Perfect. I used my lighting quick reflexes (I'm amazing) to grab his ankle and pull him closer. He screamed out in fright, as he fell onto his back and clawed at the ground to try and get away (He had no chance against my awesome skills). I pulled him close enough to straddle his chest and pin one of his arms to the ground. I used my free hand to pull large amounts of snow from my boots and smear it across his face. I got four good handfuls of snow before he got the proper leverage to push me off.


"Damn grandpa! What did I do to get such kind treatment?" He mumbled as he stood up and brushed as much snow off as he could. I chuckled at his failed attempt as I stood up myself. I walked over to the circle of fold-able chairs we had set up in the small parking lot and took my original spot. The boys had already found a new pass time, which involved wrestling in the snow and the loser getting a good ass-slapping. I must say it was quite amusing to watch. After a couple of random competitions it turned into 'who could slap Jungkook's fine ass the most' as Taehyung put it. After a good 15 minutes of Tae slapping Jungkook's ass and the others just watching, Jin's van finally arrived with Namjoon.


"URG! THANK GOD!" I yelled as I stood up and walked towards the van only to see them making out through the windshield.


"Fuck..." I whispered, before going up to Jin's window and preparing myself for his princess wrath. I banged my fist of the window, bringing them back to their senses. Jin whipped around glaring at me. I rolled my eyes and walked back to the chairs as the four younger boys bolted past me to greet Jin with a hug. (Even though they hadn't seen either of us for the same amount of time, Jin got a hug and I got thrown in the snow... it's not like I wanted a hug... nope... I don't care... who needs friends anyways.)


"I hate you." I whispered before returning to my seat, soon followed by everyone else.


"We were in the middle of something, Yoongi!" Jin said angrily as he sat down next to Namjoon who smirked at the comment.


"Do I look like I give two fucking shits about your unfulfilled sex life? Because trust me... I don't." I said pulling out my half empty pack of cigarettes.


"Besides, you owe me! I was alone with these complete fuck ups for over an hour!" I said, gesturing to the four piles of (ungrateful) shit next to me.


"Wanna cigarette?" I asked Namjoon, who reached over only to have his hand slapped away by Jin. He was then passed a package of the shittiest looking gum I have ever laid my eyes on. He shook his head and sighed, leaning back in his chair and shoving the gum in his mouth.


"More for me!" I said happily, lighting the cigarette and taking a long drag.


"I can almost taste the cancer." I mumbled calmly as I leaned back in my chair, the smoke filling my lungs and heating my body. We all sat there in an awkward silence for a while before Hoseok leaned forward, drawing everyone's attention.


"Alright... who's ready to open some letters?" Hoseok said smiling.




I'm not sure if I'm excited or scared, but I do know that I feel nauseous. Last year, while Hoseok and Namjoon took an extra year of high school to save up, Jin and Yoongi hyung were accepted into The International University for the Arts in Seoul (along with many other students at our high school, including Tae's girlfriend Irene). This meant the rest of us had to go there too! Now, for Jin, Jimin, and I, money isn't a problem. Jin's family is very well off, and when something happened between Jimin and his dad, he was basically adopted by Jin's family, who paid for anything he ever wanted. My family is not as well off as Jin hyung's but we are still able to afford the best schools for my older brother and I. Hoseok had a bit of help from his parents on the money front, but most of his money came from his successful underground dancing gig and a part time job as a McDonalds delivery boy. Namjoon had less help than Hoseok from his parents, but his part time job at the gas station paid better than either of his jobs. Yoongi had a much different situation.


He got in a fight with his dad a couple years back about his career choice (composer/producer), which ended with him getting kicked out of the house. His mother couldn't change his dads mind, but she did try to convince him to pay for school. His dad's only rule was that it couldn't be an arts school. Yoongi obviously declined, and hasn't spoken to either of them since. The boarder high school we all attended was already prepaid for, which included residence, but he still had to work two part time jobs throughout the week, and three on weekends. His stress levels were out of control. But, University was totally different. He was able to quit the third job and get a couple more hours with the other two on weekends and keep up with his four courses. Jin said that both his bosses are very kind, and when they heard about Yoongi's situation they both gave him a larger salary for the same amount of hours, saying he deserved more anyways. His professors also heard about his situation and give him less homework. Yoongi is quite stubborn, so he always tries to insist on doing the same as everyone else, but I know he doesn't mean it. He is very thankful to all of the people that help him out, he is just scared of relying on people. He always relied on his parents, both physically and emotionally, so he doesn't want to go through that again. He doesn't want to be hurt and helpless. Then there was Taehyung. His parents would never be able to afford IUA, since they could barely afford our current school, but after an entire summer break of not texting or calling any of us, he came back to school and suddenly had enough money to afford all four years of tuition and more! Whenever we asked him what happened, he would get really quiet before saying that it was a need-to-know bases, and we didn't need to know. We were all worried, but the others slowly started accepting the fact that he wouldn't tell us, except for myself and Jin hyung. I was Tae's best friend, so it hurt that he wouldn't tell me the truth.


"Kookie?" I snapped out of my train of thought at the sound of my name and I looked over at the person who spoke. Tae.


"You good there kookie?" Jimin asked as he leaned back in his chair, smirking at me.


"Yeah, I'm fine!" I said, my voice cracking, revealing my nerves. The other boys laughed, Tae reaching over and patting my back while I put my head in my hands.


"Well, ready or not, I want to know whats in those letters!" Jin said excitedly, inching forward in his seat. The rest of us slowly pulled our letters out of our bags, while Yoongi pulled out his phone to likely text his girlfriend Sana that he started dating at the beginning of the year when he met her and her friends in one of his classes.


"So... I guess I'll open mine first!" Hoseok said cheerfully, ripping open the brown paper and pulling out his letter.


"Dear Jung Hoseok," He read aloud. "We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to The International University of the Arts!" He said, standing up and jumping in circles. The rest of us smiled at him but, the nerves only got worse. We all turned to Namjoon, who took a deep breath and delicately opened the packaging.


"Dear Kim Namjoon," He also read aloud. "We are pleased to..." Seokjin stood up squealing like a little girl who just got a puppy for Christmas. We all stared at him, causing him the clear his throat awkwardly and sit back down.


"Let's just get this over with." Jimin mumbled, before practically ripping the envelope in half and yanking the papers out.


"Dear Park Jimin, we are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to The International University of the Arts... Cool." He said, leaning back in his chair and desperately trying to hold in his emotions... and failing. I glanced over at Tae, his leg bouncing up and down as he looked at his letter nervously. His face went pale as he realized it was either his turn or mine. I have been tutoring him for the past year or so to help improve his grades, and we became even closer friends because of it, but I knew he doubted himself a lot. The others looked at the two of us excitedly, wondering who was going to go first. I took a deep breath and ripped open the paper. I was coated in a layer of sweat even though it was -5 degrees Celsius. They all turned to look at me, including Tae, who I knew was hoping I wouldn't get in so that he wouldn't be alone. I pulled out the sheets of paper and glanced over the words before reading aloud.


"Dear Jeon Jungkook, we are pleased..." I didn't have to read anymore, because I already knew I got in. I was accepted as a Visual Arts major and a Vocal minor. All of us looked around the circle nervously before turning all of our attention to Tae, who looked like he was going to cry. I knew that he had convinced himself that he wasn't going to get in, and while the rest of us tried to cheer him up, we all had the same thoughts when we saw his final grades for the first semester. They were above the minimum requirement, but not by much. He auditioned for Vocal and Drama, meaning if he does get in he will have whichever one he did better in as a major and the other as a minor. His singing voice is amazing, and he is the best actor I've ever seen (especially when he is lying about something). We all sat there for about a minute, no one moving or speaking except for Tae, who's leg was still bouncing. Finally Yoongi stood up and marched over to Tae, snatching the papers out of his hand.


"Fine, if you won't read it, I'll read it for you!" He exclaimed, before seating himself back in his seat and dropping the butt of his cigarette in the snow. Tae tried to grab it from him but failed, tears were now freely falling down his face, and I grabbed his hand to try and comfort him. He squeezed my hand tighter as Yoongi ripped open the envelope, the others obviously against the idea of someone other than Tae opening his letter. Yoongi pulled out the sheets of paper and scanned over the words before looking directly at Tae, a look of sadness in his eyes.


"I'm sorry Tae..." He said quietly causing all of us to fall silent and Tae to bury his head in his hands, his body shaking as he sobbed. Jin grabbed the papers from Yoongi, reading them once himself before quickly standing up and smacking Yoongi on the back of the head.


"YOU BASTARD!" He screamed at him making Yoongi laugh, causing Tae to look up, while sniffling. "Read the letter for yourself Tae!" Jin continued, passing the letter across the circle to Tae. He took the papers and sniffled a bit more before reading aloud, all of us listening intently.


"Dear Kim Taehyung, we are pleased to inform you... I... I got in." He said, all of sitting in silence for 0.0001 seconds, before springing up in our seats and screaming at the top of our lungs and having a huge group hug.


We did it... we are actually staying together...

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March 12th (Two days after the beginning of March Break)


I stood near the end of the queen sized bed Kyungsoo and I were sharing for the week, digging through my suitcase that lay open on the silky purple covers. The white bear fur skin rug was soft under my feet. I could hear the others laughing and jumping into the lake from outside the large open window to my left, thin curtains that matched the covers moved in the slight breeze. I heard the handles on the tap in the attached bathroom twist on as Kyungsoo began brushing his teeth. I continued pulling random pieces of clothing out of my bag as I searched for the white tank top that I packed specifically for swimming. The tap turned off and Kyungsoo exited the bathroom in his pajamas that consisted of a loose black t-shirt and white boxers. His hair was a tousled mess from sleeping.


"You still haven't brushed your hair I see." I said as I turned back to my suitcase.


"Why would I? I don't feel like swimming today." He mumbled, as he opened one of the drawers in the dresser that he had already neatly filled with his clothes.


"Come on Kyungie, it'll be fun! Minseok hyung even said he will teach us how to back flip off of the dock!" I replied as I finally found the shirt and slipped it over my head. He chuckled.


"While breaking my back does sound like fun, I'd rather just eat some breakfast and sit in the sun room." He said, slipping on a pair of grey sweatpants. I walked up behind him, slinking my arms over his shoulders and embracing him, nuzzling my nose on the base of his neck.


"Please Kyungie?" I whispered, leaving a trail of kisses from his collarbone to his jaw. He let out a quiet moan before grabbing my hair and lightly pulling me in front of him.


"Fine! I'll go outside with you but I'm not going in the water!" He said, poking my chest sternly and looking up at my eyes. I laughed at how adorable he is when he tries to be authoritative.

"Sure, Kyungie!" I replied sarcastically.


"Yah! I'm not joking!" He said, pushing me back lightly. I laughed again and grabbed his hand, pulling him closer while my other hand went to the back of his neck. I pressed my lips against his, my tongue immediately aloud entrance to his mouth that I knew like the back of my hand. He slipped the hand that I wasn't holding around my waist. A sudden voice from the window sent us flying apart.


"OOOOOOOOO! KYUNGSOO AND JONGIN STANDING IN THEIR ROOM! K I S S I N G!" Jongdae screamed as he ran back to the dock to tell the others. Kyungsoo laughed, his lips forming his beautiful heart shaped smile, before grabbing a pair of sunglasses and walking out of the room. I quickly grabbed a bottle of spray on sun screen before running out to join the others, Kyungsoo already sitting on a beach chair on the dock. I sprinted past him, tossing the sunscreen at him, and cannon balling into the water as I reached the end of the dock. This was going to be an awesome March Break!




I sat on one of the two fold able beach chairs, watching all of the boys jumping into the water and splashing each other. A huge pile of soft multi-colored towels lay next to me, along with a row of flip flops. My personal towel that was embroidered with my name, Oh Sehun, lay on my lap. Jongdae pulled himself onto the cleanly sanded wooden dock before saying something to the Junmyeon, Minseok, and Yixing that I couldn't hear from this distance. I saw him point back to the cottage, and I looked over to see one of the main floor windows wide open. Jongdae got up and ran over to the row of sandals, slipping on his pair as he quietly jogged over to the window. If I was correct, that was the window to Kyungsoo and Jongin's room. The other three boys got out of the water and walked over to my chair.


"What is he up to now?" I asked, as the other wrapped their towels around their bare shoulders.


"He wants to see whats taking them so long." Minseok replied, raising his eyebrows suggestively. Junmyeon snickered at his comment, but as always Yixing didn't understand what was funny.


"He's checking on them." Yixing added, not an inappropriate thought in his brain. Last year was his first year at IUA and his first year outside of China. All of the foreign students are put in a room with a Korean student so that they can learn the language easier through immersion. He was put in a room with Minseok, while Junmyeon was in a solo room. Everything was cool until he saw Minseok making out with a visiting Jongdae from high school in the kitchen, even though the two of them each slept with a different girl the night before. They needed an excuse. So, instead of trying to explain the term playboy to him, they said it was part of the Korean culture to kiss your friends good morning. After a couple of strange incidents, they decided to clarify, that you only do that with very close friends. Ever since then, the others have been blaming all their playboy actions on the Korean culture, and have specified that he doesn't have to take part since he is a foreigner. Yixing, being the adorably gullible and slightly stoned unicorn that he is, has believed every word.


"OOOOOOOOO! KYUNGSOO AND JONGIN STANDING IN THEIR ROOM! K I S S I N G!" Jongdae screamed, as he sprinted back towards us laughing. Minseok joined in, but Junmyeon seemed a little off today.


"They were probably just saying good morning." Yixing added, making all of us crack up. They all jumped back into the water, Kyungsoo coming outside and taking the other chair, while Jongin just sprinted off the dock. I was going to join them, but I wasn't in the best of moods. To be honest, I didn't want to go on this trip. I only agreed because the others were getting suspicious of me. Kyungsoo, Junmyeon and I were never playboys like the others, but at least Kyungsoo and Jongin were sleeping together regularly and Junmyeon had a long-distance boyfriend named Wu Yifan. As far as they knew, I wasn't in any relationships, and yet I would almost never hangout on weekends. The truth was, I was in a relationship. But none of them could ever know, because our friendship would be at stake.


You see, I met all of the boys within our first week at IUA and we all became really close after an awesome party. But one thing that all of the older boys warned me of, was one person. Luhan. None of us had ever met him, and we didn't even know what he looked like, but they said he was the worst person at IUA. He would purposely throw parties on the same night as them to steal all of their guests and he got everything he wanted just because his dad owned the school. They said he cheated in all of his classes to get straight A's and won the best vocalist for two years now. Minseok was friends with him in high school and they got really close, but when Luhan rejected Minseok after confessing his feelings for him, they got really distant and eventually became enemies.

I think that was the only reason the others didn't like him, but I agreed with them without even meeting him. Then one day in my beginner Mandarin class, my teacher (Prof. Sandara) held me behind after class and recommended a tutor because I was failing. She said he was from China, but had been living in Korea since high school. I agreed because I knew I couldn't afford to fail any of my classes. She said I could meet him in her classroom after school on Wednesday's and Friday's.

So that Wednesday I arrived at the classroom, but my tutor was already there and damn was he attractive. I knocked and he looked over at the door, smiling when he saw me. His light brown hair looked soft to the touch, and his eyes were dark brown. His smile just sealed the deal. I walked over and shook his hand. "Hey. I'm Oh Sehun." and his response could not have turned me off more. "Hello! I'm your tutor Luhan." My eyes went wide. Its not like I could just leave right then and there after only hearing his name! So, I stayed and tried not to enjoy myself, but it was impossible. He made my least favorite class exciting!

I decided not to tell the boys that he was my tutor, and tried to keep it as secret as possible. But then we started getting closer. I couldn't help myself! Every time he spoke it was music to my ears. My grades went from 40s to 50s to 60s, and we started meeting on weekends too. We became friends and I told him about how I was best friends with the boys and that they hated him so I kept everything a secret. He laughed at all the lies and exaggerations they told. I had seen after hanging out with him for about three months that he worked really hard for his grades, and his father went harder on him than anyone else. He did throw a lot of parties, but was just trying to make friends. He didn't know that the boys were also throwing parties on those days, since he was never invited. He's kind and smart and nothing like how they described. It was the week before Christmas break when he asked me if I wanted to go on a date with him. I said yes. What can I say? He was perfect. We spent Christmas together that year, and I spent most weekends after that with him as well, if you know what I mean ;). But that's when the boys started getting suspicious. I had to spend March Break with them to make them a bit less skeptical, but it had only been a couple days and I was already deprived. I guess I should try to enjoy myself, but that was extremely difficult.


"Sehun! Are you coming in the water or not?" Jongin yelled from the lake, as Minseok showed off his back flip into the water.


"Not right now. Maybe later!" I yelled back.


"Why is it so quiet?" Junmyeon yelled as he pulled himself up to sit on the edge of the dock. "Where are the other two beagles?" He continued.


"I don't know. I think they're still asleep." Kyungsoo responded, causing everyone but Yixing to smirk. We all knew, that there was no such thing as sleep for them.




He threw everything off of the counter in the bathroom, picking me up by the thighs and sitting me down on the edge of the cold sink. Both of us still dripping with water from the shower. He pressed his lips against mine, his warm tongue exploring my mouth as it had done so many times before. His hands rested on my lower back, pulling me impossibly closer, our bodies pressed against one another. I ran my fingers through his chestnut brown hair, my other hand making it's way down his chest until the tips of my fingers reached his shaft. I wrapped my fingers lazily around him, drawing a moan from his lips. I started stroking up and down his cock, as he bit my bottom lip, gasping for more. I gripped his hair harder with my other hand, pulling his head back. I kissed the base of his neck, biting down and adding to his vast collection of hickeys.

He moaned louder, before grabbing the bottoms of my thighs and picking me up again. I wrapped my arms around his neck, moving my kisses to his jaw before nipping at his earlobe. We moaning in unison as our erections were pressed together. He carried me through the bathroom door frame and into our bedroom for the week. He moved quickly to the bed as I continued nipping his ear. He tossed me on the freshly made bed, my head landing on the pillows. The white duvet soaking up the last bit of water on my back. I glanced down at him as he spread my legs, putting one of my knees on his shoulder. I clutched his curly locks as he slowly sucked on the skin where my thigh met my hips. His hands warm as they glided up and down my body.

"Mmm... Chanyeol..." I moaned, throwing my head back as pleasure flowed through my body while he dragged his tongue along the bottom of my hardened dick. My hips bucked as he teasingly pressed his tongue on the slit. He quickly turned me on my side and moved to lay next to me. He pulled my top leg to wrap around his waist as he reached back to grab the bottle of lube on the bedside table.

My fingers glided over his toned stomach and looked at his sharp jawline as he glanced back to find the bottle. I bite my bottom lip, desire flooding my brain. God, he looked perfect. He is perfect. From the beautiful crescent shapes his eyes make when he laughs, to the way he looks so dangerous when he's on top of me. He turns back with the lube, my eyes immediately darting away from his face. He pours the thick liquid over his fingers and tosses the bottle onto the bed behind me. I nuzzle closer, wrapping my arms around his waist as his fingers circled my entrance. I moaned into his neck as pressed a finger into me. He slowly went in and out, a perfect mix of pleasure and pain flowing through my spine. I dug my nails into his back as he picked up the pace.

"Oh god... Fuck..." I moaned out more curses as he added a second finger, stretching me like he had done so many times before. He used his other hand to tilt my chin up. He smashed his lips against mine, pulling on my lower lip. I moaned into his mouth, knowing he loves it when I'm loud. He added a third, pressing my prostate every time. He pulled away from the kiss, gasping for breath, and pushed me up higher on the bed, pulling his fingers out. I whined at the loss while he kissed and bit the base of my neck, moving his lube covered hand to my cock, pumping up and down.

"Ahh... Oh fuck Chanyeol!" I practically screamed as he sat up and used his other hand to move one of my legs onto either side of him. My breath hitched, as heat pooled in my stomach, my thighs shaking.

"Chan... I'm close..." I said as he released my throbbing cock, his hand covered in a mix of lube and precum.

"Not yet baby." He smirked and pushed my legs up, leaning over me and pressing his cold nose against my warm neck. "You can cum when I say so." I moaned loudly, digging my nails deeper into his back as he pressed the head of his cock on my entrance, teasing me. He pushed in slow, his breaths fanning my neck. Each time I moaned he'd stop and wait, smirking as he pressed kisses all over my neck. He hummed against my neck as he pushed all the way in, the vibrations going straight to my dick.

"Fuck, Chan, just move!" I muttered, threading my hands in his hair.

"God," he sighed. "You're always so impatient." With that, he began thrusting into me, pushing my knees closer to my chest as he pulled out till only the head remained, before slamming back in. I swear I could see stars as he pulled moan after moan from my throat. I was a mess, scratching my nails down his back in some attempt to compose myself. Park Chanyeol was my Kriptonite, not that he'd ever know it.

I knew he was getting close as his rhythm became erratic. Desperate for release. My fingers found purchase in his hair, like they always seem to, as he thrust into me. Both of our breaths heavy as we chased after bliss. He grasped my shaft tightly, pumping quickly.

"Cum for me Baek." He purred, pounding into me harder. I released with the painful pleasure of his cock filling me perfectly. He relished in the feeling of me tightening around him while I came; sweat dripped down the side of his face as he sped up. His quick pace leaving me a moaning mess as I grew over sensitive. He groaned as his climax grew nearer. I tightened my grip in his damp brown hair, pulling him down and kissing him. He moaned louder and bite down on my bottom lip again, drawing blood. I didn't care. All I wanted was him.

"Baek!" He moaned loudly as he came, filling me even more. He leaned on his elbows, which rested on either side of my head. Our foreheads pressed together as we came down from our high. His eyes remained closed while he breathed, but mine remained open, taking in every detail of his face like I had done so many times before. After a few moments, he slowly pulled out, collapsing next to me and breathing heavily. My legs sore as they straightened out on the bed.

"Fuck..." He said between breathes. "That was great..." I nodded, glancing over at him. His eyes were still closed as he caught his breath. The love bites covering his neck, only a couple from me. I looked away, jealousy running through my head. I don't know why I got mad. I had just as many bruises from random girls and boys I can't remember the names of, but seeing them on him made me green with envy.

He sat up on the side of the bed, quickly running his hands through his hair before standing and walking to the bathroom. I watched the muscles of his body contract and stretch as he moved; something I had done many times before. His back was covered in scratches. I heard running water, as he likely wet a cloth. He re-entered the room with a towel, cleaning himself off. He tossed it over to me as he picked up his swim shorts from the ground. I didn't bother cleaning myself, knowing I would have to shower again before I went outside to meet the others. He grabbed a couple more things from the dresser before heading to the door. I looked at the ceiling, waiting for the sound of the door opening and closing.

"Baek?" He said softly, drawing my attention. I hoped he would say he was staying, or that he loved me. "You might want to take a look at that lip. It might be a little more difficult to cover than a hickey." And then he was gone. Just like that. Like always. I never knew I could hate something so much, and love it at the same time. The deal was that we were two straight rich playboys that screwed around a couple times when we were horny. But then every once and a while turned into every weekend, and after a close encounter with my dad, we stopped completely. But then we became roommates in University and it turned into most nights. My dad would beat me to death if he found out I had feelings for a boy (being the extremely homophobic man that he is), and I could never tell Chanyeol. Even though he came out as bi, I still tell everyone I'm straight. I need everyone to think I'm straight. Sometimes I wish I had never met Chanyeol, because every time we get together, it ends with him leaving, and me sitting here with these same thoughts.

Why did I have to fall in love with my bestfriend?


Finally everyone was outside and in the lake, even Kyungsoo. I watched them from the beach chair I was seated in. The girls from across the lake had arrived as well. We had never met them, but Chanyeol already had the attention of two of them, and Kai a third. They all looked to be enjoying themselves, including Sehun, who I thought would be a party pooper the whole trip. I leaned my head back, looking up at the leaf covered branches overhead. I took a deep breath, trying to take my mind off of the call I had with my father earlier, but that was easier said than done.

He called at 3 in the morning, and I had to sneak out of me and Minseok's room to answer it. I was groggy from being awakened, but my fathers tone sobered me up pretty quickly. He started yelling at me right away, saying I had spent $2,456,831 over my $1,000,000 monthly budget and was in huge trouble. At first I had no idea what he was talking about, but then he started listing off the things I had bought and it all came flooding back.

"What the fuck do you even need 200 pink yard flamingos for?" And I guess my response of, "Well, what else were the lawn gnomes supposed to ride into battle on?" Was not an acceptable answer. Then he spoke the words no young man should ever hear.

"Junmyeon! Are you coming back in?" My train of thought was maliciously broken by the voice of one of the girls. She had short brown hair, and was sitting on a large inflatable shark. She smiled at me, holding two cans of beer, implying one was for me. I never intended to cheat on Yifan, but why not at least lead girls on? It's funny when I tell them after weeks of flirting that I'm gay.

"Sorry beautiful! I'm done for today!" I yelled back, gaining an adorable pout in response. I sighed. "Well... If you insist!" I said to make her smile. She was much prettier when she smiled. I ran and canon-balled into the lake. I swam over to the shark and pulled myself on so I was sitting behind the girl.

I still couldn't get my fathers words out of my head. He said he had enough. If I couldn't learn to be responsible with my money, then how could I run one of the biggest companies in the world once he is unable to? He said he was going to teach me a lesson, and that I wouldn't know what hit me, or something like that. Then he hung up. What does that even mean?

"Junmyeon!" I looked over to see Minseok on the dock with his phone in hand. "I'm ordering pizza! Come put your card number in!" I sighed before jumping off the shark and swimming back to the dock, pulling myself up. I shook the water off and took his phone, typing the card number I had memorized into the keypad. I was about to hand it back to him when I little red message appeared on the screen.

This card number is invalid.

I stared at the screen before retyping the number more carefully.

This card number is invalid.

I started to panic. This had never happened before. What the hell is going on? I shoved the phone back to Minseok.

"You pay this time." I said as I hurried to the end of the dock and slipped on my flip flops.

"What? Why?" Minseok replied, sounding irritated.

"You have plenty of money, so you pay this time!" I yelled back as I grabbed my towel and rushed into the house.

I dried off my body the best I could, still leaving a trail of wet footprints behind. I jogged past the maids and into the business room, a computer in the center and other electronics around the room. I sat at the desk and turned on the computer. I went to the bank website to figure out what was going on with my card, hoping my worst fear hadn't occurred. I clicked on the 'speak to a consultant' option and was immediately put into a chat with a worker.

Hello, how may I help you?

I tried to make a purchase and it says my credit card number is invalid.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience, and we are sure it was just a system error. What is your card number?


One moment please while we process your request.

I sat waiting in agony for about two minutes before they finally responded.

We are sorry, but your card has been cancelled.


The person who originally set up the account has cancelled it. We apologize but there isn't anything we can do.

I stared at the screen for about five minutes before the chat was ended. So that's what he meant...

Does that mean... I have to get... a job?

Chapter Text

March 18th, 2017

I don't know how I got into this situation. I was walking down the street in suburban Seoul, Namjoon dragging me behind him by the hand. The streets were almost empty at this time of night, but the cafes and restaurants were sit bright. I had my black jacket on over my sweatshirt, but the cold air still seeped in. I watched his purple hair blow around in the wind, remembering the trip to the hairdresser all seven of us made a week prior. He wore a thin jacket and old sneakers he refused to let me replace. He was obviously cold, but insisted that the walk from the parking lot was short. We had been walking for about 15 minutes know. Namjoon looked behind him, smiling at my apparently hilarious expression. He turned to face me completely, taking my other hand and continuing to walk backwards.

"Relax! The place we are going to is completely professional! Especially the artist I booked! I'm really close friends with the owner. He even offered me a job if the whole producer thing doesn't work out." He informed me for probably the 50th time. I scoffed at his repetition that wasn't the slightest bit comforting. He laughed and slowed down even more, releasing my hands and wrapping his arms around my shoulders. It was his touch that comforted me, not his words. He made me feel safe, but right now, it wasn't helping much.

"You're as pale as a ghost. Don't you trust me?" He questioned, as he pressed his forehead against mine. I closed my eyes and sighed in response, this whole situation being much less then ideal.

"You know, if you don't want to do it, you don't have to. I just thought it would be a fun... trust exercise." He said quietly, rubbing the back of my neck with his thumb. That simple action was enough to make me melt, the cold seeming to slowly fade away.

"I'm only nervous because it's my first tattoo. I didn't think I would ever even get a tattoo! I mean, you have a bunch, but you make it look amazing... I don't think I'm the tattoo type." I explained, slipping my hands into his sweatshirt pockets. He laughed kissing me on the cheek and pulling away to continue walking at a faster pace.

"Everyone is the tattoo type, it just matters what tattoo you get! Trust me, you'll like it! I have it all planned out!" He told me, making me slightly more nervous. So far, all of Namjoon's tattoos were of things such as skulls, English metaphors, and philosophical things. All of them very meaningful for him, but not for me. My taste was very different. I liked things that brought back important memories, or gave you strength when you're feeling like everything's falling apart. I'm not sure Namjoon would think of a tattoo idea that fits those standards.

Finally we reached the tattoo parlor. Bright neon signs covering the front window. Namjoon opened the door, a bell ringing as we entered. The strong smell of cigarettes filled the air. Quiet jazz music along with a quiet buzzing of tattoo needles from down the hall invaded my ears, a calm feeling coming over me. The walls were covered in rustic old wallpaper and pictures of tattoos. I ran my fingers over the smooth wood of the coat rack next to to my right. I turned my head to the reception desk to my left and the hallway in front of me with several doors on either side of it. The desk was covered in graffiti and several books full of tattoo options. A young man sat behind the reception desk, his black hair spiked up with a large amount of gel, and multiple piercings covered his face. I could see several tattoos on his neck and hands, and a cross on his cheekbone. His clothes were mostly dark blue and black, with several golden cross necklaces. He smiled at me, but got much more excited when he saw Namjoon following behind me.

"Is that Rap Monster? My main man!" He yelled as he came around the desk, grabbing his hand and pulling him into a hug.

"Rap Monster?" I questioned, drawing the mans attention. Namjoon smiled at me, stepping closer to my side.

"Yeah, that's what we call him here. And you must be Jin, huh?" He replied, looking me up and down before nudging a happy looking Namjoon. "You've got yourself a nice one Monie!" He continued, making me blush. I looked down at the floor and put my hands in my pockets.

"Shut up hyung! You're making it weird!" Namjoon said as he gently pushed the man. "Seokjin, this is Minsoo. Minsoo hyung, this is Seokjin." He said while gesturing between the two of us. I reached out and shook his hand.

"Well, as Rap Mon just told you, I'm Minsoo. I'm the owner of this fine establishment. We do tattoos, piercings, and other body modifications. Please, take off your coat and stay a while!" He introduced himself, and gestured at the coat rack that was over flowing with coats. I thanked him quietly and took off my jacket, Namjoon taking it from me and hanging up his sweater with it.

"So, your boyfriend here called me earlier to book a room, which is fine, but all of our artists are booked. So Namjoon will have to do it himself." I froze. I felt like my heart dropped to my stomach. Not only did he refer to Namjoon as my boyfriend, which no one did because we weren't public yet, but he also just said Namjoon would be drawing a permanent mark on my body. This was not happening. I didn't even know Namjoon could draw! This was becoming the worst night of my life.

"That was the plan Minsoo." I whipped around, looking directly at Namjoon. Trying to portray my worry through my eyes. Heat spread through my body as I grew more and more anxious.

"What?" I practically yelled. This was NOT the plan! "I refuse to get a permanent mark anywhere on my body, that isn't made by a professional!" I continued, causing both of them to crack up. "Namjoon, this is not a joke!" I said as I punched him shoulder, causing Minsoo to laugh more. What was wrong with these people? A tattoo is something that you're supposed to think about for years before you get it, and I agreed this morning to get it done, thinking it was a joke. But no, it was completely real, and now my 'oh so amazing' partner was laughing at my worry. How could this day get any worse?

"Wow! I finally know your real name!" Minsoo said between giggles. Namjoon, tried to take my hand, likely to try and convince me, but this was too far! "Trust me Seokjin, I would trust Namjoon to do my tattoos more than most of my other artistes! I trained him myself! Look, he did this one here on my arm." He pulled up his sleeve to reveal a quite beautifully drawn picture of the moon and nearby stars, but I still wasn't sure. This was insane! I felt like I had no control over the situation, and that was the scariest part.

"No... I don't like this plan!" I said, turning and sitting is a small armchair that sat across from the desk, trying to take back whatever little bit of control I had. Namjoon sighed and started talking quietly to Minsoo. I ignored it, running my hands through my bleach blonde hair. Another moment where I lost control and did something rash. At least I liked being blonde, and it wasn't permanent. I felt nerves spreading through my body, my fingers and feet twitching. A range of emotions flooded through my head, from anger to anxiety to full blown fear of what I was doing with my life. The conversation didn't last very long, and ended with Namjoon handing several bills to Minsoo. They both turned to me, my mind still going crazy.

"Namjoon has somehow convinced me to stay late today and do your tattoo, but on one condition." I looked between Namjoon and Minsoo, my brain flipping through thoughts and feelings so quickly I could barely focus. "Namjoon will be making the stencil, and you won't be able to look until Namjoon is done his as well." Minsoo said, Namjoon looking at me with pleading eyes. While it did comfort me that a professional would be drawing the tattoo, having Namjoon making the stencil made me worried. Why was he so keen on me not seeing the tattoo? I want to know what I'm getting put onto my body!

"I don't know..." I said, trying to show that I truly wasn't comfortable with the plan at all. Namjoon walked over, crouching in front of me and holding my hands. He rubbed the back of my hands with his thumbs.

"Please baby. I know you'll love it. You just need to trust me." He spoke quietly. I stared into his warm brown eyes for at least a minute, trying not to fall into his ploy. He looked at me desperately, like his life depended on me trusting his judgement. His presence was like a rock, the mess in my head clearing and my thoughts only on him. It always happened like this, my hands in his, a safe feeling spreading through me. He could convince me to do anything like this. I swear, falling in love is a trap. I sighed, caving in to his plans. I must say, I hate my brain sometimes.

"Okay, fine." I mumbled, Namjoon immediately smiling ear-to-ear. He jumped up, pecking me on the lips and saying thank you before turning back to Minsoo, my face turning red at the rare public display of affection. What have I gotten myself into?

Namjoon started talking to Minsoo, drawing out the stencils. My legs shaking as Minsoo lead me to the farthest room, finding a small space with a couple stools and a table. A locked cabinet in the corner. He sat me down and pulled a set of keys out of his pocket, flicking through them until he found the right one. He unlocked the padlock on the door and started rummaging through it, pulling out several medical items as well as the needle gun and the ink. He set up the wires and attached all of the parts of the needle. He poured some ink into a palette and set everything down on the table. He explained to me the process of getting a tattoo and how to care for it afterwards. He reassured me that the process is completely safe, and Namjoon's idea shouldn't take long to complete, so it will hurt for a shorter amount of time. As if on cue, Namjoon entered with the finished stencils, handing them to Minsoo who made me look away. I looked up at Namjoon, who smiled back at me, a comforting warmth spread through me. The more I thought about it, the more I started to think that it wouldn't be so bad. Namjoon loves me. He wouldn't do something to hurt me on purpose.

"Alright! Let's get to it! You can look for a quick second so I can show you wear the tattoo is gonna go." Minsoo informed me. I turned my head and watched as he applied rubbing alcohol and a cool cream to the area on the side of my hand at the bottom of my thumb. "This is where it's gonna be! What do you think?" He asked, gesturing for me to look away while he put on the stencil. I felt him press the paper against the cream, leaving an outline of the design on my hand. He puts more of the cream over top of the picture, a chill spreading through my body as the nerves rose. "I-It s-sounds good." I stuttered out, Namjoon chuckling a little at my nerves. I kicked his foot gently, causing him to laugh more and grab my hand, kissing the top of my head. I could feel beads of sweat forming on my forehead, and all I could do was look at Namjoon and wait for the pain to start. "Alright, I'm gonna start now, it's gonna hurt." Minsoo said quickly, my grip on Namjoons hand tightening. I heard the tattoo gun start up with a buzz. Namjoon had described the feeling to me before, but I knew he was sugar coating it.

Minsoo hand finished my tattoo quickly, and I was just waiting for Namjoon to finish his own. Both of the tattoos were small, mine at the base of my left thumb, Namjoon's at the base of his right thumb. I squeezed Namjoon's hand the whole time, likely inflicting more pain on him than me. The feeling was more of an irritating pain than an agonizing one. It was like getting several mild bee-stings, but a numb feeling at the same time. It's difficult to describe. Minsoo made me look away the entire time and covered it while Namjoon was doing his. I was getting impatient, and the more time I had to think, the more I thought about how my parents would react. Would they disown me? My mom has never been mad at me for as long as I can remember, and my dad normally stays quiet. But this might send them over the edge. Wait, was this a couple tattoo? I knew that both of us were getting tattoos, but what if they were each others names? Oh, god! What if we break up? I mean, I hope we don't, but it has been almost two years and he still hasn't told his parents!

"Done!" Namjoon said, pulling me out of my train of thought.

"Can I look now?" I asked quietly, my voice cracking from nerves. He laughed at my uneasiness. It was almost annoying how he always did that.

"Yeah, but I want to show both at the same time." He said, furthering my couple tattoo theory.

"Namjoon, did you give us couple tattoos?" I asked, a smirk creeping on his face.

"Kind of... just look!" He said, gently taking the cloth off of the layer of plastic wrap, that was keeping the tattoo from getting infected. I looked at my hand to find a simple heart-shaped key, pointing towards my palm. It was simple, and I must say I liked it, but I didn't understand the meaning. Until I looked at Namjoon's. His was a small heart-shaped lock. My eyes widened.

"Oh my god... You didn't!" He laughed at my response. I couldn't help but giggle at the memories of the awful pick-up line he used, when he confessed his feelings for me.

"Kim Seokjin, I think you're the key to my heart." He whispered, as he leaned in and kissed me. It was moments like these that make me realize why I love this clumsy idiot.