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tell me a secret (but say it with your lips)

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"You should have told me." 


Clary looked up from her sketchbook, and sighed tiredly as she saw Isabelle leaning against her doorway, "To be fair, I've only done it a few times." 


Isabelle pushed off the doorway, and closed the door behind her, her eyebrow raising, "Just how many times have you done this, Clary?" 


Clary pushed her sketchbook (dark eyes, a ghost of a smile, a family portrait ripped in two) off to the side, and tilted her head, tired and confused, "Are we talking about the same thing?"


Isabelle bit her lip, "Was there something other than you meeting up with a highly dangerous, slightly deranged warlock to resurrect your mother and your inability to let your best friend in on your plan till she had to come rescue you from a potential nasty ass demon impregnation? Which, by the angels, I would like to have wiped from my brain."


Clary rubbed her palm where the mystery sunshine rune had faded from hours ago, and shook her head, "No, nothing else."


She raised her eyes, and held her hand out, letting Izzy intertwine their fingers and pulled the brunette towards the bed. "I'm sorry about that, by the way. I just-I just wanted her back, and I was afraid you'd stop me if you knew."


Isabelle sighed, "You should have told me, Clary. I would have-I would have been there for you. You should have never ended up in that warlock's hands. We should have-I should have known from Simon's death that you'd never give up on your mom until you knew you did everything possible to save her."


Clary squeezed Isabelle's hand gently, her eyes clouding over with tears, "I shouldn't have-I just couldn't breathe, Iz; knowing she was gone and I couldn't save her. I made that deal because it was a chance to see her, hold her, tell her I loved her and I was sorry just one more time. And I know I shouldn't have brought Alec into it like that; he just felt so guilty, I think he would have done anything to make it right, and I let him. I pulled him into some crazy scheme and now I owe some warlock and I'm shooting sun beams out of my hands and I don't know what to do anymore, Iz. I don't know how to do this without her."  


Isabelle pulled Clary close, letting her bury her face in her neck. She kissed her forehead and whispered over and over, "I've got you. I'm here, Clary. It's gonna be okay. I've got you." as the redhead cried for all she had lost in a matter of days. Her mother, and now Luke was missing as well. She had lost her the only parents she'd ever known in less than a week.


And so, Isabelle did what she did best, and snuggled them under the covers till it was just them and that peaceful feeling they only found in each other. She brushed kisses across Clary's face, trying to bring a smile to her lips. One on her forehead, "I've got you."  Two across her tear stained cheeks, "I'm here, Clary." And the final three, punctuated with soft, brushes against the redhead's trembling lips, "I love you."


Clary brushed her hands across her lips, the surprise clear across her face, "I-I-Iz?"


Isabelle shushed her gently, and pulled her back down to lay against her chest, "You're my best friend. Before you... I don't even remember what my life was like, but I know it's better now; fuller now, with you in it. And so, I wanted you to know that, Clary Fray. You've made a difference here, in this place, with us, and your mother would be so proud of the woman you are."


Easing her hand under Isabelle's top till her hand curled against the warm, soft skin, she brushed her lips across Izzy's neck, a barely there kiss that spoke more of promise than passion, and settled against her. "You've all made a difference with me, too, you know? My life has been forever changed, and while I've-" she swallowed and gripped Isabelle closer to her, her voice wavering slightly under the onslaught of her pain, "I've lost a lot, but..."


She looked up, and shining hazel eyes locked with dark, swirling brown, and she smiled softly for the first time that day, "I've gained so much, too."


She leaned up, her hand gripping Isabelle's waist gently, and connected their lips. She let the way her mouth moved against Isabelle's to speak of how much she cared for the brunette under her, and before they fell too far into it, she pulled back, struggling to put into words how-, "I've had a pretty weird time of it, feelings wise, and while most of my own still confuse me to no end..."


She poked at Izzy when the brunette smirked at the thought of Clary's incredibly complicated love life, "The way you make me feel? It grounds me and that--that has been the clearest thing in my life since I was dropped into this world. I've been in love with you since the day you put that inedible--I think it was supposed to be chicken--and I ate it with a smile on my face because you looked so happy that I was actually eating it. I threw up for days afterward, but the way you smiled at me... made it totally worth it."


Isabelle snorted, and shoved at Clary, "My cooking is not that bad." 


Clary arched her eyebrow, and grinned, feeling lighter than she had in days. "You gave Alec food poisoning."


Izzy scoffed, "That was-" She blinked, "Wait--he said that was some bad Thai."


Clary laughed, and snuggled back against Isabelle. "We love you so much, Iz, but your cooking is a literal hazard. Many have fallen victim to it, but we promised never to tell you."


Isabelle growled, and rolled them over, tickling at Clary's sides, "I'm a good cook."


Clary tried in vain to scramble out from under her evil fingers, "Izzzzz--"


Isabelle cocked her head, smirking, "I'm a good cook. Say it, Fray."


Clary shook her head, and reached for Isabelle's face, "You're really not." And she kissed her before she could protest it again. 


By the time they separated, Isabelle had only one question.


"Wait--did you say you were shooting sun beams out of your hands earlier??"


Clary groaned.