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A Basket of Crossovers

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Ichigo Kurosaki cracked his knuckles over the punks cowering before him. "So, what did you mean to say?"
"We're very sorry!"

"And what are you going to do next?"

"Bring some new flowers here."

"All right. Now..."

Suddenly, a brunette blur gave Ichigo a tremendous uppercut. "Kyo, you bastard!"

The punks sat agog as Ichigo received a brutal beating. "How dare you stand me up on our date!"

"Who... the hell... are you?" Ichigo gasped out in the middle of being strangled.

Kagura stopped mid-throttle and looked closely at her victim. "Oops, thought you were someone else," she giggled cutely.

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Kyo glared at Tohru coldly. "What, are you some kind of Angel of Mercy? Do you think you're going to 'save' me? You're going to solve all of my problems? You're going to fix what's broken inside of me?"


"You stupid little girl! Leave me alone! Stay the hell away from me!" Kyo stomped furiously away.

Tohru was stunned for a little bit. "So that was his max anger..."

Then, with purpose, Tohru reached into her school bag and pulled out a brightly colored electronic device. She pressed on a button.

"Oh, Tohru's sweet mood goes up and down!"

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Mitsuru knocked on the door of one of her more troublesome animators. "Kyo-san, are you there?"

"No. Go away."

"Kyo-san, the key animation cels are due today! I need to ship them overseas for in-betweening!"

"The courier doesn't pick them up until 4 p.m., right? I'll have them done by then."

"All right, I'll send the assistant producer here this afternoon to pick them up."


"Kagura-san. You know her, right?"

"Did I say this afternoon? I can have the keys finished in 30 minutes!"

Mitsuru smiled. Compared to Shigure, handling all the other animators was a piece of cake.

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300. 300 years Shigure had been looking for Yagyu Jubei the second.

He constantly despaired at ever finding his beloved master's successor. Would he ever find the 'bonny, bum-bum, boom'?

Then, one day, he saw her. A statuesque beauty with long, black, wavy hair. He knew it. This was the second Jubei.

"Miss! Miss!" She turned around and looked at him with penetrating eyes.

"You," he gasped, "you are Yagyu Jubei."

"I am Saki Hanajima."

"You are heir to Yagyu Jubei! You must put on..." he whipped out a lacy garment, "...the lovely wonderbra!"


300 years... going on 301.

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The fight was short but decisive. Yuki kicked Kyo, sending him flying through the doors, across the yard, before finally splashing down in the pond.

Tohru could hardly believe what she had just seen. “Sohma-kun sent Kyo-san... flying !”

“That’s how it usually ends. But don’t worry. I’m sure that Kyo-kun is much less damaged than my poor house is.”


Tohru was surprised to see a red-haired, pigtailed girl wearing Kyo’s clothes sitting in the pond. “Whatcha do that for?”

Tohru was vibrating with shock. “What… Kyo-san… a girl?”

Shigure sighed. “Ah yes, I forgot to mention Kyo-kun’s other curse.”