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A Basket of Crossovers

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300. 300 years Shigure had been looking for Yagyu Jubei the second.

He constantly despaired at ever finding his beloved master's successor. Would he ever find the 'bonny, bum-bum, boom'?

Then, one day, he saw her. A statuesque beauty with long, black, wavy hair. He knew it. This was the second Jubei.

"Miss! Miss!" She turned around and looked at him with penetrating eyes.

"You," he gasped, "you are Yagyu Jubei."

"I am Saki Hanajima."

"You are heir to Yagyu Jubei! You must put on..." he whipped out a lacy garment, "...the lovely wonderbra!"


300 years... going on 301.