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“Morning” Derek said kissing the back of Stiles neck. Their room was already bright. Thank god for Sundays!

“Mornin’… ‘re they awake?” he yawns turning on the bed and lying on Derek’s chest, he looks up and kisses his chin. His beard has a few grey hairs but even that he finds hot on his husband.

“Is faint but I think I hear them… you always ask the same when you know the rooms are sound proof”

“I like to ask. Do we have to get up?” Stiles whines

“We do. If you want the house still standing. Claudia might tear it down if she throws a tantrum”

“Derek!” stiles slaps Derek’s chest playfully

“And I love her, but she is driving me crazy and she is driving you crazy too, is like a different person. Did you check if there was anything weird? This is not like her”

“Nothing is wrong with her, jeez is not like she’s a changeling. I’ll do it today to give you peace of mind. She reminds me of you when we just met. You were just like that”

“A jerk?”

“Derek, did you called my baby a Jerk?”

“Not babies anymore Stiles” Derek replies while he stands and goes into their bathroom

“They’re always gonna be my babies. Yours too, don’t deny it! I saw how you were looking at that boy Laura introduced in last week’s game”

“It was a vandal I tell you. I swear I saw him under a bridge. Shady dude”

“Do you hear yourself babe? Do you really hear yourself?”

Derek comes to the bed and kisses Stiles “See you down stairs. Wish me luck”

“Ugh, why do you have clothes on?”

“Because we decided we wanted children” He leaves the room. After a few minutes Stiles washes, dresses and goes down.

Laura and Claudia are sitting on the island while Derek serves them eggs

“And then she said I was being rude” Claudia recounts “I know what you’re going to say, but I wasn’t… I know… I’ve been…” She looks at Laura for help and she nods “I know I’ve been showing a bit of temper and giving you cheek” Ha! She was actually downright rude! “And I wanted to say I’m sorry and I will behave accordingly from now on” Derek’s eyebrows are to his hairline and shares an amazed look with Stiles who swoops in and kisses his girls, because this was all Laura and Claudia had to bite her tongue to accept she was in the wrong. Derek just nods and makes more scramble. Stiles cheers internally because there’s nothing supernaturally wrong with his baby girl! Stiles sits down to eat his eggs and looks at his girls and he sees it, Laura has nothing but in the corner of his eye…there’s a thing on Claudia’s forearm like a leech. No bigger than a hand if he turns his head and looks straight at it he can’t see it but he saw it was there.

“Papa, are you ok?” Claudia asks concerned “Your heart is beating really fast”

“I’m ok” he says

“And now you’re lying! Dad! Something’s wrong!”

“Claudia, calm down. Stiles breathe.” Derek comes to his side and he calms down

“Wow, my heart just rabbited there for a minute. Weird, ha?”

“That’s not funny Papa!” Laura complain

“Sorry hon”

“Your heart sounds fine now Stiles, do you feel light headed? Should I call Melissa?” Derek asks holding Stiles by the arms

“No, just… that was weird and I would like to lie down”

“I’ll help him” Laura pipes jumping out of the chair

“That’s my pup!”

And they go up to the main room. Laura enters with him and closes the door.

“You saw it too?” she asks

“Laura… since when? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I wasn’t sure and I’m not supposed to be able to see that!”

“You are my daughter you’re not supposed to do many things but you do any way! So, when?”

“I noticed last week. Do I have it too? I can’t see”

“No pup, you don’t have it”

“What is it?” she asks climbing into bed

“I think I have a clue”


After Stiles speaks to Derek “Yeah, you were right! There was something magically affecting our child! Happy?!” they call Lydia and get all the info they can on this Shadows.




They’re on the phone with Lydia and the girls went into town to visit Stiles’ Dad.


“Stiles, there’s something else… Deaton called.”

“What’s up with the old man?”

“Some hunters spotted Allison”

“How long do we have?”

“I don’t know. Deaton said the hunters are trying to contain her. Since they killed Kate they are pretty sure they can take down Allison”

“I thought the hunters got rid of that thing! That’s what Argent said didn’t he?!”

“Stiles, that thing, looks like his daughter. What would you do?” Derek interjects “We should’ve taken care of it ourselves…”

“Lydia, Do you think she’s connected to the Sceadu?” Stiles asks while he massages his temples looking pained.

“I don’t think so, I don’t think anyone can actually control them but, It’s best if we assume these events are related. The one that Claudia has on her is small, but it indicates the barrier is thinning. What are we going to do?”

Is Derek who answers “Inform everybody about the current situation and hope Argent gets her before she gets here”

“Lydia could you deal with everyone else? I’ll drive to Scott’s and tell him in person” Lydia says yes and hangs up.

“I’ll go for the girls and talk to your dad. Do you have the charm for Claudia?” Asks Derek looking tired

“Yeah, I finished it. Should freeze the leech” He gives Derek a leather string with a pouch “Care to share your thoughts?”

“We have to fight” Derek states

“Derek, that’s something we haven’t done in a long time” Stiles adds “The wards around the town stand and no one will get to the Nemeton. To be truthful I’m more concern about the Shadows than Allison”

“That thing is not Allison!”


Derek goes to Stiles and holds him kissing his forehead “She wasn’t my pack but, she should’ve been”

“I know”

“She wanted to save you”

“I know”


Everyone is brought up to speed but Stiles comes back late at night, his family is waiting in the living room.


“Hi Papa” Says Laura as soon as he walks in and then joins them in the living room

“How’re Scott and Kira?” Asks Derek taking in the tiredness in Stiles’ face

“Kira’s on a plane to New York with the kids. Scott is fine, little shaken but fine. I put up some wards on his house and also Dad’s. Lydia did hers and Melissa’s tomorrow I’ll do it here and the rest of the pack”

“Something is really coming?” Asks Claudia who has a very angry expression

“Yes, pup. Something is coming”

“Did I do it?”

In a second Derek and Stiles are flanking them on the big couch.

“Oh, baby girl… no” Stiles strokes her hair

“Then why did you give me this? Why do I have this? Do you think something’s wrong with me?!” She demands

“Claudia, don’t scream! Jeez…”

“Oh, shut up!”

“Stop!” Derek says flashing his eyes “Don’t fight. Claudia that is precaution, to protect you because if something attacks this house you have to help me protected it. Understood?”

Their Dad never flashes his eyes at them to control them, so Claudia and Laura get that something is really wrong. Claudia remembers that sometimes she was sent to Melissa’s for weeks at a time and when Laura was born she remembers vacation with her grandparents at a cabin and she knows all those times they were being placed out of harm’s way it hasn’t happened for years. She knows is because of her Papa, he found a way to seal the Nemeton and also placed powerful wards around town limits so all they get from time to time is an omega or the occasional not so threatening creature.

“What is coming?” Laura asks

“A very bad person, she calls herself Allison. If you see her and you are alone you run but, you have to promise that you will stick to us” Derek is looking straight at them “ok?” they nod and reply ‘ok’ “Claudia tomorrow we’re going to up your training”

“What about me?” Laura ask displaying a cheerful smile, she looks just like Stiles when she smiles.

“You, munchkin, are going to help me gather things we might need. Prepare the arsenal” Stiles says trying to sound as cheerful

“No training then?” She says deflated

“Yes training, but first help your father. God knows he needs all the help he can get with the heavy work” Derek laughs and dissipates a bit of the tension

“Are you calling your husband weak?” Stiles replies indignated

“Your words not mine” Derek puts his hands up in an appeasing sign and the girls giggle at the familiar banter.




Claudia wakes up, yet again, at an ungodly hour. There’s barely light and her Dad is ready to go. He is dressed for running. Ugh… at least the only order she has to give her brain is left - right. It’s been a week of this and nothing is happened. She should be glad but she also wishes something happens so she can go back to normal. So she can think about college again. They’re not running on the trail and for the life of her she doesn’t know how long they’ve been at it but there’s light now. She stops suddenly as if she felt electricity but she knows this reaction, she picked up a new scent. Her parents did that to them when they were small they hid things on an area of the woods for them to find, Laura sniffed things out easily, her movements controlled but Claudia always had this full body reaction to the scents that don’t belong. Everytime she smelled something new her whole body would react as it did now.


Her Dad turn back and picked the scent, she was starting to follow it when a rumble from her father stopped her. He signaled for their return to the house. Once there he called the pack and put them on alert.


Laura was in the kitchen when they arrived; there were herbs and stones lying around.


“I hope that’s not dinner” Claudia said looking a weird liquid in a pot with apparent repulsion on her face. Laura laughed and her sister looked at her puzzled.

“We have to drink that if we get hurt. It helps with healing” she laughed

“Call for a pizza would you, Claudia” Said Stiles without looking up, he was mixing some herbs

“We picked up a scent and Dad didn’t followed” at that Stiles looked up

“What did it feel like?” he asks

“Metallic, cold… I only got a whiff. We should’ve followed and finally be over with this crap! We should just go for this Allison person and take her down! I shouldn’t even be here to begin with, you know! I should be in college and not dealing with someone you couldn’t take down”

Laura stopped stirring the concoction and Stiles was looking at her. No, he was looking past her, at Derek by the kitchen door.  Claudia turned slowly her Dad had an angry expression (that was his default setting) but, his eyes looked sad.

“Go upstairs, Claudia”



She went with another word and with her head held high. She was right. She was. The pack could’ve easily spared her. Why do they even need her! Ugh!!

“It’s not your fault Daddy” She heard Laura say. Of fucking course! She slammed the door and most of the noises were cut off. She must have slept most of the afternoon because she was woken by a knock on the door. Laura came in carrying a plate “We made pasta” she said setting the plate on her desk.


A few minutes went by. The pasta smelled good.


“You shouldn’t have said that” Laura spoke softly, carefully “You made it sound as if you didn’t care for the pack. As if… you would rather be away. Made them think that if you had gone to college and they called you would not come to help”

“What do you think?”

“That if you were away and there was trouble they wouldn’t call you” Laura spoke harshly. It hurt, she did not often. “You should go down and apologize. Dad’s sad”

“They really don’t need us to fight”

“They need us. And if I have to fight I will. They wouldn’t call you because if you were away that will mean you are safe” She left her and Claudia ate. Maybe she’ll go down with the dishes later.


“She didn’t mean it Derek” Stiles was soothingly rubbing his back “It’s that thing on her. The Shadow” he added

“That was all her” Derek was shocked, Claudia was right, if she were in college she wouldn’t have even heard of Allison. She would’ve been safe and away, what hurt was that she spoke as if their pack held little importance to her. She was going to become Alpha after him.

Laura came to sit in his lap. And whined when she rested her head on his shoulder. His little pup. It felt like yesterday when she was born and Melissa handed her to him. Her eyes were closed and she sniffed him. He swears she did even if Stiles says she was way too small to show werewolf signs. She still smells like baby, but that’s starting to change, he rubs his cheek on her head, feeling Stiles’ hands on him. Laura is not scared. She trusts her pack to keep her safe. He cannot say the same about Claudia. The three of them are hugging, Derek holding Laura while Stiles holds them.

They are startled by the sound of shattering china. Claudia is on the kitchen door plate broken at her feet staring at them. “The scent” she says.

In a second Derek is by the window, he sees nothing outside. Stiles’ steps out and closes a circle, no one can go into his circles of mountain ash; he added other things over the years to ward off different things. He goes back into the kitchen and calls Lydia “It’s here” he says and hangs up. Derek’s still at the window “not it, they” Laura is in the middle of the kitchen her breathing coming in gasps.

“It’s ok baby. They’re coming to help” he sooths her. The pack is on their way.

Derek is moving “Stiles, keep them inside” he heads to the door and Claudia stops him.

“I’m going with you” Stiles looks like he is about to say no to both but, Derek just negates with his head

“You stay here” he adds with a growl flashing his eyes to Claudia

“No” looking at him, eyes also shinning “I’m going with you” Derek growls one more time and signals her to follow



Derek leaves the house, there’s not much Stiles can do about that, you see they have an agreement Derek doesn’t stop Stiles and Stiles doesn’t stop Derek. Of course they go after each other later. Now Claudia is another matter, as she tries to walk out she can’t, she tries again, believing she can break his father’s barrier on will alone (ah, to be young)

“Let me out” She growls then adds softly “Please, let me out” and he does.

Stiles takes a deep breath “Go up and pick something warm to wear” Laura looks at him for a moment but does as she’s told.


Outside, the Sceadu are by the trees Derek and Claudia station themselves halfway.

“These are new, try basic blows. Strike and retreat” Claudia just nods and they hear howling. It’s still far but they know they’re coming.

There are a lot of them but they come in twos. Claudia does as his father says and strikes and retreats the Shadows copy her movements and slash as she retreats.

They looks as if they’re made are of coal and they are solid enough for the blows to make them stager back.

Derek goes for the head and severs. Claudia tries to do the same but can’t manage; two more come and Derek pushes her back while he severs yet another head. It takes some work but they are taking them down

Claudia feels tired, she looks at her Dad who is healing from a nasty abdomen wound, eyes flaring.


It’s the last thing she sees.


Claudia is lying behind him and Stiles is with her. His heart beating fast.


Derek is pushing and fighting them. Another howl very close, he answers with a howl of his own and notices Stiles is saying something he can’t make out. A spell.  He manages to push the shadows back and Claudia is gone.


“Stiles, what did you do?!”

“I had to”

“Where are they Stiles?!”

“I sent them back”


He knows what that means, they talked about it once, if a day comes when they can’t defeat the monster of the hour, if they can’t protect their girls. Where will they be safe? He knows where they are. Stiles is setting the Shadows on fire. He sees Scott and Isaac running towards them. He exhales and turns to keep fighting shadows.


He stumbles. An arrow pierced his shoulder.