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The Sheriff and Melisa are brought up to speed, the house still has protection and the girls are not allowed out.

And Derek asks Stiles to come to the loft.


“So, what’s up?”

“You are going to college then”

“When the time comes. I am” Stiles tries to sound challenging

“Apologize?” Stiles cuts in

“I don’t have to, I was right. You have to go to college”

“You didn’t have to be an asshole about it!”

“What now?” Derek asks sincerely

“We make it work. I mean, I want you Derek and you’ve seen those girls and I want them too”

“Berkeley is not that far, and I have this awesome car, according to this guy I’m seeing, I could make the trip easily” He takes hold of Stiles’ hips.

“We need some ground rules for college life, in case I want to hook up with someone there” Derek freezes and for the expression on his face seems like someone killed his puppy “Aaaand that is the last joke I’ll make about it. You have me Grumpy, you don’t have to even do a thing”

They kissed but Stiles resurfaces “We had sex”


“We totally had sex dude! Kids are prove we had sex!”

“I can’t believe I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you” Derek then remembers that the rest of their lives might only be until their oldest child is 17 “Can we do anything?”

“Only wait, since my magic now just consist in protection and attack spells. I can’t do much. Sorry”

“Do they need anything?”

“Not much, just maybe sunshine but I’m afraid to let them out… They’re mine, my own!”

“Why? And couldn’t the barrier around the house stop their retrieval?”
“If I’m strong enough to send them back in time I don’t think anything would stop me from retrieving them, and they are free to go out only I asked them not to. Also…”


“Lydia found something, I was busy with the girls so I ask her to look for info on these shadows and…”

“She did”

“She did. Funny thing is they are called Shadows. They come in different sizes”

“Small, medium, large?”

“Quite accurate, Derek” He just gives Stiles a look. Really those eyebrows are like bold Italics.

“I’m not pulling your leg here, as much as I would like that. The Small ones are ever present if magic is involved but that’s why you have protection spells and there’s always something an item in the spell to protect you from them. They are like mosquitoes and they don’t do much harm”

“Have you come across any mosquitoes?”

“No, I am very careful. Thank you very much” Derek snorts “Anyhow… the Medium Shadow is rare, they don’t cross planes just like that, but they can cross if the barrier between planes weakens for some reason and they feed of negative energy. Bad vides and such.” Stiles looks at Derek for a sign of understanding but doesn’t find any

“What?” He asks

“You do not know your daughters!”

“Stiles, I’ve know my daughter for 3 days. They’ve been here for like 3 days!”

“Exactly!! Ugh! Laura told me Claudia was angry at us, well future us and not only for the college debacle but she is been fighting us-them for a while now but that here she is back to normal”

“So you think Medium shadow is to blame?”

“Of course! No daughter of mine will be an antagonist!” Stiles says offended

“Right. So she shook whatever was feeding off her bad vides on the trip here”

“Exactly! I knew I loved you not only for your looks!”

“What about Large Shadow?” At that question Stiles closes up and his smell changes. He is scared.

“That’s the thing… I don’t think we made it. Us, I mean, future us… I don’t think Laura and Claudia are going to get back there”


“The Shadows? They’re scary as fuck. According to Lydia… they feed of vital human energy. They feed off people” Stile looks pale and Derek holds him “Vital energy is different in everyone, but stronger in people with magical ability or magical beings”

“So these shadows will go for werewolves and you first. They will go for the pack”

“Yes, and no… you and me? We have different types of energy I have my spark and you your wolfiness”

“Wolfiness” Dereks chuckles

“Yeah, wolfiness… and I in my infinite wisdom managed to combine the two in 2 amazing yummy dishes”


“That’s why I send them here, Derek, because I knew we could not protect them, because they were going for them first” Stiles breaks and falls in Derek’s arms “Do we tell them?”

“No. No, I don’t think we would send them just like that. Ask Lydia if she can look for more info on these shadows and I’ll talk to Claudia and see what else she remembers”


They spend the afternoon in Derek’s bed and head home for dinner.


When they get there, Claudia is helping John cook and Laura is setting the table. Melissa and Scott are watching tv.


“We are home” Stiles called

“We know” calls Scott

“For those who don’t have super hearing!”

“Hey, boys. Just in time” Melissa says “oh, Stiles? Lydia called said to remind you to check your email”

“Thanks, I will”


“Hi Da- De- Hi.” Laura looks confused

“You can call me Derek. Less confusing”




“How… how was your day?”

“It was good, thank you”

“Anything interesting?”

“All the movies Pa- Stiles has are old movies for me so, not much”

“Let’s see if I can get you anything more challenging”

“Hey! Don’t criticize my taste in movies Grumpy!” Says Stiles bringing food from the kitchen

“That looks awesome Claudia” Melissa comments

“Is about all I can do. Stew. Stick all edibles in a pot! Grandpa helped a lot, so you’ll have to thank him for the taste!”

John is smiling proudly and Stiles is awestruck. Derek is looking at him and this is it. They have a family.


After diner Derek sits with Stiles while Laura helps with the dishes and Cora Talks to Claudia. Stiles smells like him. More like their smells have combined and is impossible to tell where one of them ends and the other begins. And that’s how he perceives them, his daughters, a bit of Stiles and him and something that is uniquely theirs. Yet, something in them has a bitter scent. Sadness, these kids miss their parents and are probably thinking the worse has happened.


Stiles is checking his phone, probably Lydia’s e-mail with more info on the Shadows.



            I’ve found something else. According to the texts I have Shadows rarely cross planes, almost never. They can’t cross planes, so unless the barrier between was broken in the future, someone brought them to their time.

            Also, as you know shadows feed off vital energy, any human energy would do, until they finish feeding they use/wear the body as a host. If Claudia saw the Shadows they had no host yet, I’m guessing here. Or maybe she could see the shadows and not the hosts. I don’t know but is a sort of possession. Stiles, this reminds me of the Nogitsune.

            Other books plainly describe the Shadows as demons and their possession as demonic possession, and the description to be rid of them is a catholic exorcism, there’s a lot of info and also nothing certain.

            I am sure of one thing; these things were helped by someone. Have you and Derek decided if you will tell them? Maybe not Laura, but Claudia fought these things.

            Also Stiles, nothing is said about the other plane but if it is as I theorized, it’s atemporal.

            Let me know what you think, and don’t let the girls leave the house!



Someone in the future wanted to harm his family. Hell, the whole freaking town.


Lyds43A: So?

StudStiles: Haven’t talk to Derek yet. Kidos are here

Lyds43A:  Kidos are our age!

Lyds43A:  We need to know what Claudia knows about these things

StudStiles: =(

StudStiles: They’re so cute Lyds. How did I get so lucky??!

Lyds43A: There are cute Stiles. Derek’s genes!

StudStiles: Meanie!!!

Lyds43A: Ok, you helped

StudStiles: Help?! I frickin’ gave birth to those cuties!

Lyds43A: ugh… funny image

StudStiles: oopss

Lyds43A: Does Derek have that dreamy expression he gets when he is looking at something he really likes (aka you?)

StudStiles: yup, is there. Not directed at me now, but I don’t mind. I like to see it

Lyds43A: If I find anything I’ll let you know. Same on your end. K?

StudStiles: K. Potasium for you too!

Lyds43A: u.u why

StudStiles: I need cool jokes

Lyds43A: say Bye Stiles!

StudStiles: Bye Stiles!



StudStiles: Lydia wants us to talk to them. Maybe only to Clauds to find out more about the Shadows

Derekqt314: ok. Anything new?

StudStiles: Some more info but is a bit of a mess

Derekqt314: we talk to them tomorrow. Now just watch the movie

StudStiles: sure thing Boo!

Derekqt314: How do I change my user name on this thing?

StudStiles: XDDDDD