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Claudia woke up by the side of the road and whimpered. Everything smelled off... smelled Different.


The cuts on her skin were healing and she started to rub off the dried blood. ‘Never let anyone find you with blood on’, that was one of Papa’s rules. Seems funny she remembers that now. Her body was still thrumming with adrenaline; she could tell she wasn’t unconscious for long.


It was still day, probably mid-afternoon… that was odd, it was near midnight when the fighting started and them she was hit with something, it didn’t hurt… felt like a stuffed animal… god knows she has experience getting those in the face because Laura--  

Laura was back at the house and her Dad was next to her fighting next to her, to hold them back, to make time for the rest of their pack to come and help…


Claudia wanted to cry… she was alone and the last thing she said to her parents and sister was that she was happy to go away… but she only said that because she knew she could come back and she was upset. Surely they know she didn’t mean it.


She was so stressed trying to figure out what had happened that she did not notice the man standing next to her until he touched her.


She jumped back and saw the man was a deputy, a Beacon Hills deputy. She was still in Beacon Hills. The relief a single stranger can bring, it was only then she could focus a bit and make out the words coming out of the deputy’s mouth.

‘’I think is better if you come with me miss’’

‘’I just… I’m ok, really… I just…’’ she was never good at making stories on the go. Her forte was getting upset… more like… angry these days.


Claudia got picked up by a Bacon Hills patrol car. She woke up by the side of the road. Papa mentioned this in one of his tirades about boys and partying… why is she remembering this stuff now? It’s useless information!


It was dark when they got to the station and there were only a couple of people there, maybe she could make a run for it. They can’t arrest her; she was doing nothing wrong… and if they do arrest her she still has her call. They have to give her call. She should ask for her call.


The officer brings her a blanket and tea from a vending machine. Tea from a vending machine sucks but at least is warm in her hands.


‘’What’s your name? I’m deputy Parrish. Would you like me to call anyone?’’

‘‘I… yeah…’’

So she gives the guy grandpa’s phone number only she hears a message that says the number doesn’t exist. She tries her parent’s numbers and is the same story.


The deputy doesn’t bother her much until a woman dressed as a nurse comes in.  They think she can’t hear but she knows they are talking about her so she decides to listen. No harm there right?

‘’Got a call from a driver saying he saw a body by the road, when I got there I found her, she is kind of absent so I did not push for information’’

‘’She looks like she’s been attack… she might be on shock’’

Yeah, she might be on shock… she was supposed to be out of here… even if this is Beacon Hills.


The deputy and the nurse come close

‘’Hey there, this is Nurse McCall, she’s just going to check you are ok and talk to you for a bit, I’ll be over there if you need me’’

‘’Hi, my name is Melissa McCall, what’s your name?

‘’Claudia… Claudia Hale’’

There’s recognition on the Nurse’s face and if Claudia really looks at her she seems familiar… she knows this woman.

‘’Are you related to Derek Hale?’’

‘’Yes! Where is he? Is he ok?’’

Melissa looks back at the deputy and says ‘’I can take you to him, but you have to play along, ok?’’


‘’Deputy Parrish?’’


‘’I think I need to take this girl to the hospital, she might have a concussion’’

‘’Sure, but I need basic info to contact her family, she gave me some phone numbers but no luck there’’

Parrish takes a note pad and sits in front of Claudia, Melissa stands behind him

‘’Name and last name please’’

‘’Claudia’’ Melissa mouths no ‘’Morgan’’



‘’Parents or family?’’

She wants to cry… fuck, she is crying…

‘’I really have to take her to the hospital. You should’ve taken her straight there! Is not possible you bring someone that is injured to the station!’’

Parrish tries to argue but Melissa is already taking her to her car and to her Dad, she is going to see her Dad.


Then she remembers, how can she be such an idiot. This is Gran! This is Gran! Melissa is Gran! But she is younger and omg! She is going to call her Dad! And according to Aunt Lydia her Dad was a jerk who attacked and asked questions later. She has to run. Jump out of the car and look for her sister… she could smell her in the woods… why didn’t she do something then! She is such a failure! But she can’t bring herself to move. Maybe she does have a concussion.


So Melissa drives her to her house.





''Laura, come here.''

''Dad and Claudia are out there Papa! I need to help them'' She was desperate, how could her father be so calm while his daughter and husband were probably being torn to pieces!

''And you will, love, you will! But, now I want you to hold this'' he put some herbs in her hand

''What is this Papa? What are you doing?'' she was starting to panic and in tears. She knew his father was a powerful Mage, his magic had allowed hers and her sister's existence but what they needed now was action. To Get out there and fight off the attackers until the rest of the pack got here.

''Listen carefully, Laura, this will send you somewhere safe! And when everything here is over I'll get you back, ok?'' Stiles tried to reassure her, Laura tried to argue but his father was already saying the spell.

''Bye baby'' He said and everything went black.



Laura felt herself fall. She braised for it. She was in the woods and it smelled off, but it was not the woods, the herbs her dad gave her… she felt faint but if she stopped she was done for, especially in unfamiliar territory. So she ran, and fell and ran and kept running until it was dark and nothing could follow her or event catch her scent  because she was covered in mud. A branch had caught on her side and opened a gash she closed her hoodie and started walking. Her senses were crap. She just needed to keep moving and maybe water. Water sounded awesome! It was dark now and she fell into a bush. The bush won but the came on the other side of it and crashed into someone. That’s all she remembered. And then waking up in a strange room and trying to get out of the window and not being able to! If she remembers correctly that’s what it felt like to be trapped by mountain ash. Papa had shown her once, few years back when the omega came into their territory and they had to corner it. She wanted to cry… now she felt like an omega, her side hurt and it was almost healed but still an angry red and she could not hear past her own breathing, smell past the perfume on the clothes she had on and that feeling, the link his Dad told her about was gone. The link with her family was gone. She had no pack. She was alone.


Two people come into the room and she just stares. That’s Papa and Aunt Lydia! But… younger! They look younger and…


“Can we do this in a few hours, I bet you are tired and we really need to sleep. You are safe here, I promise”


She is safe! She wants to jump to Papa’s arms but he doesn’t know her… that’s not her Papa. She only nods and they leave her to rest.

The weird herbs, the spell, Papa said she’ll be save and that he will get her back… he will get her back… but what if he can’t. She is too tired to think and there’s a few hours to sunup. Tomorrow she can try to explain.






‘’And… he’s not picking up, you can shower if you like… I’ll get you some clothes and while you do that I’ll try to contact them ok?’’


‘’You’re ok sweetie, you’re safe’’

Melissa holds Claudia while she hiccups into her shoulder.


When she goes into the shower, she feels it again, something is really off… she can’t hear Melissa outside, or smell her or feel the pack connection… and that is scary… no matter where she went… she could always feel it, like an annoying heat on her belly or the buzz in the back of her head when someone on the pack was in trouble…. Nothing… maybe people with lost limbs feel like this. She is safe; Papa said ‘if you know you are safe, relax. Then, plan’ but he said that when they played hiding in the woods not for this! Nothing prepared her for this!

Young Mellissa means time Travel… all she knows about time travel comes from Doctor Who! Thanks for a great education Papa! Ugh… no, if she strains she can feel Laura. Laura is here and she is priority. She’s never been totally responsible for Laura.


‘’Sorry Dad, I wasn’t looking!’’ Claudia is crying

‘’Baby, I wasn’t looking, you two were just playing. It’s not your fault your sister is hurt, unless I or Papa are not here you don’t have to feel responsible for your sister, you have to take care of her because she is your baby sister but, it’s our job to take really good care of you two, ok? So don’t you feel guilty because she fell. Not your fault baby’’ Derek kisses his 8 year old’s head and soothes little Laura while she heals.


‘’I have to find my baby sister Dad’’


 When she goes back to the living room Melissa is still there with uncle Scott!


‘’hey’’ he says


‘’They’re on their way’’


‘’Derek and Cora’’


‘’Do you want to lay down? Is pretty late’’

She looks and the clock and it is… it’s 3am. Just how long was she in the station?

‘’ok’’ she meant to say she’ll wait but she is really tired!

When she wakes again there’s a faint light outside and her Dad in sleep on an armchair, head tilt back.  She sits and when she looks up he is looking and her and is scary because there no love there like at all and she feels abandoned.


‘’Who are you? And better tell me the truth because I will rip you apart so fast you will not have the chance to heal’’


She had a nightmare like this once, one where her whole family stares and watches as she gets killed like she was nothing. When she woke up Dad and Papa were there and they stayed with her until she slept again talking faintly saying how that would never happen. Never, ever, ever… they would never hurt their baby.