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Something was off, definitely off. Derek could not place it, his senses were everywhere. Well, actually his senses were with Stiles, he’d asked Isaac to go with him and now he realized he should’ve gone instead. They needed to talk more in order to go back to being… friends? That was not right, there was always that tension between them, they were never just friends and it would be hard to go back to anything they had before but, they will get there. They had to get there eventually.  Stiles could not just throw away his future for him; Derek was bound to Beacon Hills now that it was actually a beacon, the pack will go off  to college but they’ll be back; Stiles on the other hand had different plans… he wanted to stay, take online classes  and go to the community college nearby. When he told Derek about it, he lost it. Stiles got into a few good colleges and Berkeley was one of them, full scholarship in his mother’s Alma Mater. How could Stiles be willing to leave that for community college was beyond him. 

Derek realized it wasn’t just the community college, Beacon Hills, his dad or the pack, it was also Derek, and even if Derek felt even more love for Stiles when he realized that Stiles was staying for him, he wouldn’t have it, to change your life in order to accommodate another person was too much to ask, too much to give up for someone like him… Stiles had to experience things, even if it killed Derek to think about Stiles surrounded by other people, people that will fall for him and maybe he would reciprocate because Stiles in college will see that not everything in live was about being attacked by monsters every other week, outside Beacon Hills life would be somewhat normal (if he stopped practicing magic). Stiles should have that. Derek could not give him normal, could not be certain he could keep him safe now that he wasn’t an Alpha.

Stiles deserved better than Derek. Stiles deserved happiness and safety.


‘I don’t feel anything anymore Derek’ – Cora was looking at him concerned – ‘we should go back to the house, maybe Stiles will be there and you can kiss and make up.’ She added trying to sound cheeful


‘Cora…’ - he said in warning


‘What? You know you are being an idiot, no one will say it but you know, right? And Stiles smells sad all the time now, is awful! Both of you are pathetic.’


‘We talked about this Cora; you and the pack have to go off to college soon. I’ll take care of things here and call you if something really big shows up’ – Derek hoped that didn’t sounded like and order.


‘I will go to community college it’s not even necessary for me to move and Stiles wants that too’ – Cora was serious.


‘Stiles is going to Berkeley. The Sheriff told me, they already sent in the confirmation.’


‘Oh, Berkeley is not that far? I bet he will come often and… you should really work something out, like long distance relationship or something or-'


‘Stop, Cora. Just… stop... Let’s go back to the house.’ – After seeing his brother’s expression Cora could not continue that line of conversation. Derek had really come out of his shell in the few months of relationship with Stilles, she had a glimpse of the older brother she had before the fire. They headed back to the house in silence. When they got there the jeep was gone. Which was fine with Derek because maybe it was better if they just ignored each other until it was time for Stiles to go to college.


Lydia came to him. Stomping out of the house.


‘Do you have a cellphone?' -She asked exasperated- 'Well, yes or not? Is quite a simple question’


‘Yes, Lydia. I do.’ – He knew better now. If he grunted and did not answer Lydia will be unbearable, and she was already unbearable since his break up with Stiles. She was really protective of him. These days she was looking at Derek as if she wanted to stab him. Not stab him just to hurt him, stab him with a knife dipped in wolfsbane and kill him, she was holding back because she knew that would hurt Stiles more.


‘And where is it?! I’ve been calling you (you too Cora) for a while now! Stiles found… something’ – she said carefully and that did it for Derek, usually Stiles didn’t find things, things found him and not in a nice way.


‘Is he ok?!’ – That was not the first thing he wanted out of his mouth, he meant to ask what was it that Stiles had found. Then he noticed he was grabbing Lydia by the arm forcefully when she placed her hand gently on his wrist – ‘sorry… I didn’t…’


‘It’s ok… Stiles is with Scott. He is fine; they're headed to Stiles’ house with the girl. Yes, the thing in the woods was a young girl.’ – She was not even finish when Derek went into the house for his cellphone, keys and headed to the Camaro.


‘Derek’ – it was Kira, getting in the way to his car – ‘Stiles said he will call if they need your help.’



‘What?!’ – He tried not to sound hurt even if he knows that everything he says sounds kind of angry


‘He asked me to… tell you, not to show in his house for now. He will call you.’


He will do as Stiles asked, either way Scott was with him also the Camaro will need a new window. He’ll deal with that tomorrow.