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It wasn’t like other times, there was something strange in the air, a sort of heaviness that wasn’t really there, when you don’t know if it is actually a physical phenomenon or is just in your head. Either way he pushed on, the rain was mild for this time of the year and he was dressed warm enough, for a change.

They were in the half rebuilt Hale house when Derek and Scott felt it. They couldn’t explain exactly what it was but it was there, even Stiles could feel it now (that or the pack was psychosomatically delusional) that’s why he was walking the woods with Isaac (Stilesiter extraordinaire!) because Derek made it a point of not being alone with him since they sort of broke up.

Derek broke up with Stiles. Stiles will not have it. Sort of break up then. Stupid werewolf.

Stiles is a genius, not like Lydia, but he can hold his own in a fight and also he is a Spark –a bit of magic comes in handy in a fight. Something was in their woods, and they didn’t know if it was good or bad.

Of course, Stiles and Isaac were not headed to the heart of the woods but to the highway –Derek’s orders- if there was something in the woods that something will hide IN the woods and Stiles was being herded the other way.

‘You know Isaac’ – Stiles started – ‘I think I’m as far away from danger I can get. Get back to the house, they might need you.’

‘Stiles, I…’ -Isaac just opened and closed his mouth trying to say something – ‘… he worries about you, Stiles. He is just… Derek.’

‘If Derek gives you trouble tell him he can come and talk to me, nothing is going to come out of the shadows to get me!’ – Stiles continued walking away.

‘Stiles, you came in your jeep! Are you really going to walk to your house at this hour?’

Stiles just waved at him without turning back. Isaac started to head back into the woods. Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea because his house was really far, but hey, if Derek wanted him “safe” he would've been here. Stiles didn’t want trouble but… there was something coming from the bushes on his left.

‘Why me?!’ – He whined, and he was tackled to the ground by a smallish body – ‘I hate when he is right!’