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We've got a good thing going (we've got some promises to keep)

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When Allison and Scott finally get their moment alone, they're sitting quietly in her car outside his house, and Scott looks as exhausted as Allison feels.

"Can you hear their heartbeats?" she asks, looking up at his house.

"Yeah. My mum's asleep. Isaac-" Scott stops, and his expression looks pained.

"What?" It's all still too fresh, and Allison's heart is jumping in her chest again.

"It's okay, he's just... He's crying."

"Oh." Allison releases all her tense muscles, sitting back in her seat and watching Scott. "You should go inside."

"No, he- he wouldn't want me there."

Allison smiles at that. Scott's not stupid, not by any means, but when it comes to reading emotions, he often draws the short straw. Isaac is guarded, with a 'fuck you' attitude and sky-high walls to keep people out, but Scott's already slipped past them all, Allison knows. She and Isaac are the same, that way.

"Do you remember, before all this, you asked me if we could talk?" Scott asks.

Allison nods. When he looks at her like he's waiting for her to elaborate, she sighs.

"Do you know, I don't even remember what I was going to say to you? I suppose it doesn't really matter now anyway."

"What do you mean?"

Allison smiles, gentle. "Scott, do you feel like you have to make a choice?"

Scott inhales sharply. He looks past her to the house and nods. "Sometimes," he says, still not looking at her, and Allison hopes the guilt she can see in his eyes will fade, after she's said what needs to be said.

"What if it doesn't need to be like that?"

Scott looks at her, finally, eyes searching hers. Allison smiles and lets him, hoping he can read sincerity there.

"You don't have to do that for me."

Allison thinks of Isaac's soft smile in her rear-view mirror. The way he'd curled himself into her and over her in that bank vault- how it hadn't felt like weakness to cling to him for a few moments.

"I'm not."

It feels like a year later when Scott takes her hand. Allison's missed the way her fingers fit perfectly in Scott's big, warm palms. He leans forward and curls a lock of her hair around his finger, and Allison's missed that, too.

"He's good for you," Allison whispers.

"So are you."

And maybe it's selfish, but Allison doesn't really want to correct Scott on that point. So she leans in, slowly, and Scott doesn't back away, but surges forward to meet her.

He tangles his hand into her hair and kisses her, slow but deep. It occurs to Allison as she brings her free hand up to clutch him closer by the front of his shirt, that this is the first time they've kissed since the breakup. She wonders if that's the reason her whole body feels on fire right now, or if it's because she's come too close to losing Scott too many times since then.

She decides she doesn't care, and gives herself permission to lick her way into Scott's mouth, revelling in the way he opens up for her, his gentle groan as he lets her take charge, just like always, softening for her like she isn't something sharp.

When she has to break away for air, Scott chases her, chastely kissing the corner of her mouth. Allison smiles against his lips.

"I love you," he gasps out into her skin, all in a tumble like he needs to get it out.

Allison chuckles lightly, trailing her fingers over the crooked side of his jaw. "I know, you dork." She pushes him away, gently. "How are their heartbeats now?"

Scott tilts his head as he listens, and Allison has to fight the urge to make a dog joke (which Scott pouts at each and every time).

"Better," he says with a relieved sigh.

Allison nods. "Good. Let's go."


Scott leads the way to Isaac's room, stopping once in the hallway to wind his arms around her, pressing his face into the crook of her neck and breathing her scent in big, steadying breaths. Allison cards her fingers through his hair and waits, patient like she isn't for anyone else.

Isaac's not asleep, but he doesn't look up when she steps into his room. Allison isn't sure how much of their conversation he heard, so for now she pretends not to notice the red around his eyes. He only looks at her when she steps up to the bed and gently tugs a hand through his soft hair, weirdly enjoying the way his curls bounce back into place. Scott's hair just stays odd positions when she plays with it.

"Hey," he says quietly, his eyes just barely touching on her face.

"Hey. Scoot over."

Isaac doesn't look very surprised, so maybe he was listening to them after all. He sits up and moves over to the side of the bed, studying first her and then Scott, who'd been watching them from the doorway. He looks like he's not sure what he's supposed to do. Allison feels the same way, a little, but she's got lots of practice hiding it.

Scott comes up next to her, brushing a hand over her waist as he climbs into the space Isaac's just vacated, and then keeps going, almost into Isaac's lap. Allison can see the exact moment that Isaac stops breathing. He looks a little scared, which Allison doesn't like, and a lot flustered, which she does.

"Is this okay?" Scott asks (Of course he does. Sweet, sweet Scott, who would never assume anything, even when the person in front of him is obviously head-over-heels for him).

Isaac nods emphatically, and Scott leans in.

He kisses Isaac differently than he kisses her, more insistent, if not less hungry, like he knows Isaac needs something firm. Allison thinks it might also have something to do with the way Isaac is a lot less human and breakable than she is. Isaac kisses back like he's drowning in it, starving for touch. It's unbelievably hot.

When they break apart, Isaac is breathing hard. Scott reaches for her, and she climbs up onto the bed next to him. He kisses her gently, close mouthed, but Allison deepens it, chasing Isaac's taste on Scott's tongue. She feels a hand on her waist, and the fingers are too long, to slender to be Scott's. She breaks away to look, and Isaac is watching them with glazed eyes, and yes, that's his hand on her.

Need courses up through her, and Allison wants to push her way into his lap, to grind down and learn how he feels under her, how his hands feel on her body. But she doesn't want to push this further than Isaac is comfortable with just yet. They have time, now. (There's also the issue of Mellissa sleeping just down the hall. Allison knows herself pretty well, and she knows that she has a tendency to be loud in bed.)

So Allison just pulls Isaac down onto the pillows and tucks herself into his chest. He seems a little surprised at first, but he softens and wraps an arm around her waist. Allison looks up at Scott, nuzzling back into Isaac's neck and opening her arms like an invitation. Scott smiles big and wide, and not for the first time Allison wonders how sunshine rolled itself into a person. He lies facing her, resting his head between her neck and breasts, and one of his arms goes all the way around her to rest over Isaac's waist.

Allison's fingers are in Scott's hair, and Isaac heart is beating staccato against her back, and she thinks for the first time in weeks that things might be okay for a while.

"Isaac?" She whispers.


"Relax. It's okay." Allison drags one hand up his arm, and he shivers.

"You don't need to be afraid, Isaac," Scott says, picking up on Allison's cues. "It's over, right? We're all together."

Isaac releases a breath, his chest melting against her back. Scott must hear his heartbeat slow, because he smiles. Allison wishes that she could calm Isaac the way that he does, but she figures that will come, in time. She can work on it. For now, she turns to face him, twisting her torso in his arms.

"Can I?" She asks, nudging her nose into his cheek.

"Yes," Isaac says, breath coming out shaky against her skin. Scott pushes off her chest to watch them.

When Allison leans in those last few inches, Isaac's lips are so soft- softer than Scott's. He doesn't respond for a moment, as if he's unsure about her in a way that he wasn't unsure about Scott, but when Allison catches his bottom lip between hers and drags, Isaac breaks, kissing her back gentle but firm. And then it's Isaac who pushes open her mouth with his own. Isaac who licks into her mouth and tightens his arm around her waist. There's a little bit of fire that reminds Allison that it wasn't all that long ago that they'd been ready to kill each other. Now though, it's just them breathing harsh into a kiss that is very quickly making Allison question her decision not to push things too far tonight.

"Oh my God," Scott groans, and Allison can't help laughing a bit into the kiss. She thinks she feels Isaac do the same. When they break apart, Isaac's lips are red and wet and he's breathing a little too hard, and when he smiles it's all teeth- no smirk. Allison thinks he's beautiful.

She turns to Scott, who is leaning over them and looking utterly wrecked. Allison smirks a little.

"You guys are going to kill me, I swear," Scott says, ducking his head to kiss the base of her neck. Allison laughs and Isaac buries his face into the back of her neck, embarrassed. Allison would tell him not to be, but then he kisses one of the knobs of her spine affectionately and Allison forgets how to breathe.

Scott smiles knowingly at her. She kisses him in retaliation.


Allison wakes in a tangle of limbs for the second time in the last few weeks, one of Scott's legs flung round hers and one of Isaac's slipped between her ankles. There's hand rubbing light circles over her belly, and the sound of heavy breathing is calming around her. She makes a contented noise and opens her eyes. Scott is still asleep in front of her. Allison turns her head to Isaac slowly, trying not to wake Scott.

"Hey," Isaac whispers, "I felt you waking up."

He smiles, and again Allison notices that it's not a smirk anymore. It hasn't been for a while, she realises. She thinks about points of connection and knows that Scott isn't the only thing holding them together anymore, and it makes her chest tighten in the best way. She smiles back.

Isaac is often sarcastic, bitter and angry (and he has every right to be). Isaac is morally grey, not afraid to get his hands dirty, and has a habit of making people uncomfortable. He's still a little wild, and will literally try to kill anyone who threatens someone he loves. He's a lot like her, and also a lot like Derek- which Allison doesn't like to think about too much.

But for all that, Isaac is kind. Isaac is trusting, and brave, and sort of wonderful. His arm tightens around her, and Allison wants to think about how significant that is- Isaac holding her close when he usually pushes people away- but her heart is beating too hard and she can't think properly at all.

Allison knows exactly why Scott loves him.

She doesn't know how to explain any of that out loud, let alone sound sincere to someone like Isaac, so when he cocks one eyebrow, Allison just shakes her head.


"I'm glad you're still here," Isaac whispers, glancing off to the side and then back at her, like he isn't sure where to look. Allison raises her own eyebrow, and Isaac snorts quietly.

"Last time. We woke up and you were gone."

He says it with his eyes down and a smirk on his lips again, like he's trying to brush it off, and- oh. She hadn't realised that he'd even cared, especially not back then. Allison softens her gaze, twines her fingers with his, and tries really hard not to feel guilty. (Allison already feels guilty for far too much, and Isaac's abandonment issues, at least, are not her fault. But she thinks they are something she can help change.)

"I had to get back to my dad. Sorry."

There's a knock on the door.

Isaac stiffens, and Scott jolts awake with a sleepy grunt of surprise. Allison turns just in time to see Melissa pushing open the door.

"Isaac, Scott's not in his room. Has he gone ou-"

She stops. Stares. "Oh. Um, I guess not."

"Uh, mom, I-"

Mellissa holds up a hand. "I do not have time for this right now. I have to be at the hospital in twenty."

"Mom, should you really be going to work? Scott asks. "I mean, after- everything."

"Unfortunately, the ER doesn't stop for anyone. Not even when there's still a couple of tree branches in the waiting rooms that the cleanup crew haven't gotten to yet." She steps further into the room and kisses Scott on the forehead, reaching out to ruffle Isaac's hair. Mellissa is warm and maternal and it makes Allison miss her own mother like something physical.

"I'll be fine," she tells them. "You three be safe."

"In a 'don't die or get mortally injured' sort of way, or in a 'use protection' sort of way?" Isaac asks, smirking.

"Oh my God, dude!" Scott chokes, and Allison snorts, burying her face in her hands.

Mellissa looks heavenward and shakes her head, but Allison can tell she's holding back a smile. She thinks about what she knows of Isaac's father and she's glad he has this now, has Scott and Mellissa to love him. And her, too. If he'll have her.

"Both, Isaac." Mellissa says. "And we are all having a serious talk about this when I get back."

She stops to give both Allison and Isaac warm smiles before she walks out, but Scott is still red long after she leaves.