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Impeccable timing

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Lena hates herself more than usual.   

She barely slept and has a soaring headache. She stomps out of the lift and finds Jess reading a magazine that-

“What is that?” she asks her assistant, who promptly closes the magazine and hides it behind her back. Subtlety is not her best quality.

“N-nothing.” Jess claims, “You’re early, Miss Luthor.”

“Jess,” Lena says, menacing, “what is that?”

“Just a stupid tabloid, nothing important.”

Lena squints, and opens a palm. Jess looks at it, hesitantly, then slowly hands the magazine over. The cover features a grainy picture of her in front of the fertility clinic, Kara at her side. There’s no doubt it’s them, and her bump is clearly visible. 

“Lena Luthor pregnant.” She reads “Wow, they really went out of their way to come up with something creative.” And below, smaller, she reads “The CEO of L-Corp seen with a friend heading to- of course. A friend. Just gals being pals.” She mutters. She throws the magazine on Jess’ desk, and walks to her office. Her headache suddenly gets worse. She pours herself a glass of water, mentally calculating how long it will take for her to need the restroom. 

She misses Kara. The reporter has been quiet for the past two days, texting only a couple of times to check on her. And she gets it. She was horrible to her. But they’ve been dating for a little over three months and it’s early, too early to decide if Kara is the person she wants to raise her child. 


“Right” she tells herself, as the memory of Kara’s heartbroken eyes haunts her. It’s not like Kara’s has been nothing but supportive, listening to her when she set her boundaries, yet always being there when she asked her to. It’s not like she's the most beautiful, caring and selfless person she’s ever met. It’s not like Kara is just so fucking perfect for her.

Her train of thought is interrupted by the phone. She checks her schedule: no meetings until this afternoon.

“Jess?” she says, a little puzzled, when she picks up.

“M-miss Luthor, your mother-“ Jess doesn’t need to finish the sentence. Lilian walks into Lena's office, accompanied by two armed guards. They lead her to a chair and let her sit. One of them opens her handcuffs and ties her to the chair.

“Miss Luthor” he says “we’ll be outside if you need us.” 

Lena’s head is spinning. What’s her mother doing in her office? Lilian smiles a little, amused by her daughter's distress.

“You look tired, Lena. Are you sleeping enough?” she says, calmly.

“What are you doing here? You're supposed to be in jail.” Lena spits out.

“Aren't you ashamed? A mother has to find out from a second rate tabloid her daughter is pregnant.”

“That’s none of your business” Lena hisses, and instinctively rolls her chair closer to the desk so her bump is somehow covered.

“Oh, but it is” Lilian notes “How else could I get a special permit to visit my daughter? Did you know you can ask for a full morning out?” 

“Well I'm glad you got your little field trip” Lena comments, coldly, “I can recommend a couple of brunch places where you can spend the rest of your morning. You can leave.”

“Not so fast, Lena” Lilian argues, and glances at the clock on the wall. “This baby is also my family. Don't you think I have the right to know if he’s ok? Or is it a girl?”

“We've decided we’d rather not know.” Lena replies, and picks some loose papers from her desk, trying to keep her hands and mind busy.

“We?” Lilian frowns “You and your little reporter girlfriend? I thought you got over that phase.” 

“Get out” Lena barks.

“I just need a couple more minutes, really.”

Lena’s head shoots up, and suddenly she knows. She hears a noise getting closer - an engine. She turns towards the window and sees it: a black helicopter is floating just outside her office. She barely has time to run away from her desk before some sort of sonic wave makes the air vibrate and all her windows shatter. They don't implode - they simply fall apart, crashing to the floor. 

The sound calls the attention of the guards. They run into her office, but two bullets reach their heads before they can even point their guns. The helicopter turns to one side, and Metallo leaps out of it and into the office. Lena watches, powerless, as he breaks the handcuffs and frees Lilian. 

Then, he points his gun at her.

Lena freezes. She looks at Lilian with imploring eyes. “Mom” she begs, hoping to appeal to what’s left of her humanity. Apparently, there’s none. Lilian looks at her, unimpressed, and orders Metallo: “Go for it.”

He shoots.

As Lena braces herself for the impact, her only thought is the baby. "Not the head, not the stomach” she prays, instinctively. She's ready for the burning pang of the bullet in her flesh, she’s ready to clench her teeth and face the pain if someone comes fast enough to pull it out. She's ready to fight to stay alive if that means her baby will get a chance. All she hopes for is that the bullet won’t pierce any vital organ. 

But she feels nothing, only her ears booming with the sound of the gunshot and the engine of the helicopter behind her. When she opens her eyes, Supergirl is standing in front to her, protecting her with her cape.

“Are you ok?” Kara asks, more worried than she’s ever been in her life. Lena nods, unable to form a sentence, petrified by fear. “Sorry it took me so long to come.” 

“Supergirl” Lilian sneers “I should’ve killed you when I had the chance.” 

“I should say the same” Kara replies, and it’s the first time she actually contemplates taking a life. If anyone deserves to be wiped out from the face of Earth, she thinks, that’s Lilian Luthor.

“Another day” Lilian comments, as Metallo takes her in his arms and leaps back onto the helicopter. The chopper quickly turns, and the blast of air it produces is strong enough to make Lena lose her balance. Kara places herself between the CEO and the window, blocking the wind and the shards that are flying towards her.

When everything is finally calm again, Lena’s legs give way, and she would fall to the ground if Kara weren’t quick enough to hold her. “Babe, look at me” she begs, but Lena’s eyes are blank. “She’s in shock” Kara mutters, and takes her in her arms. 

Jess comes out of her desk where she's hiding, and when she looks inside the office she can hold a scream.

“Jess” Kara tells her “Call the police, ask for detective Sawyer. Tell her two policemen were killed, there was an attempted murder and Lilian Luthor escaped jail. Then go home, it's not safe here.” 

- - - 

Lena wakes up in a bed at the DEO, Kara sitting next to her. 

“Lena” Kara breaths out as soon as she feels Lena's hand moving into hers.

“Kara” Lena mutters. Her mouth is dry, her arm hurts. “Is the baby…?”

“The baby’s fine” Kara reassures her “There was no concussion and they’ve kept you hydrated. You have a small cut on your forehead from a rogue shard, that’s it.”

Lena closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, relieved. She then brings a hand to touch the side of her right eyebrow, where they must have put some stitches.

“Do you think it's going to scar?” she mumbles, and Kara smiles.


“I hope it’ll scar” Lena comments “So I’ll remember what monster my mother is every time I look at myself in the mirror.” 


“She used the baby, Kara. She used it to get out of jail and plan her escape. Metallo almost killed me. Us. If it weren’t for you-“ her words die in her throat as she starts sobbing. 

“Shhhh it’s ok. I’m here.” Kara rubs her thumb over Lena’s knuckles “I’ll always be here.” 

It only makes Lena cry harder, as she remembers how she pushed Kara away only a couple of days before. How she never felt so lonely. 

“I can’t do this without you.” Lena admits between sobs.

“Yes, you can,” Kara argues, “but you don't have to. I'm here if you let me. I love you, both of you.”

It hits them both that this is the first time Kara’s said it out loud. Sure, she’s demonstrated it over and over, but to hear it… Lena feels like an idiot for pushing her away, for thinking she wasn't already completely committed to her and the baby. Hearing those words wipes away any doubt from Lena’s mind.

“Kara, do you… would you like to be the baby's legal guardian? Would you help me raise them?” Lena asks, and then, more resolutely, adds: “Actually, screw that. I don’t have a ring yet, but… Kara Danvers, would you marry me?” 

Kara’s eyes widen. “Lena, you’re still in shock, I-“

“I’ve been thinking about it for the past two days, Kara” Lena confesses “Since the moment I got into that taxi outside the clinic. I love you, and I can’t imagine my life - our life - without you.”  

Kara doesn’t say anything, weighting her words for a moment.  

“You don’t… I’m sorry, that was too much, I get it.” Lena shakes her head, forcing a smile. There must be some sort of survival instinct, or something Lilian trained into her, because her mind quickly finds a way to rationalise what’s happening. “I can't bring anyone in the baby’s life if they’re not sticking around, Kara, you're either in or you're out. I didn’t want to present you this choice so early, but-“ 

“Lena, I know,” Kara cuts her off, and reaches in her pocket to pull out the small box she’s been turning around her fingers for the past few weeks “and don’t worry about the ring, I got one.” 

Lena bites her lower lip, and softly mutters a ‘fuck'. 

“I’ve had it for quite a while, actually” Kara explains “I knew the day we met. It's just… you're the CEO of L-Corp, and I’m a reporter. I didn't want you to think I was trying to take advantage or something.”

Lena lets out a short laugh. “Sure. Kara Danvers, the gold digger.” She looks up, into Kara’s eyes. They’re soft and warm and reassuring. Lena searches them for an answer.

“So… is that a yes?” she asks.

Kara would really like to keep her on the edge for a while, after she’s spent two whole days constantly on the verge of crying. There’s not a corner shop or supermarket left with a single pint of ice cream in a mile radius from her flat. But all she can do is nod and cry a little.

“Yes, you dummy.” 

She opens the box and pulls the ring out. She’s about to put in on Lena's fingers when they’re interrupted by a familiar voice.

“Oh my God,” Alex enters the room with Maggie, “are you kidding me?” 

“Told you,” the detective comments, opening her palm and flexing her fingers. “Pay up, Danvers.”

Alex pulls another 50 dollars from her wallet, and repeats: “Are you fucking kidding me…”

“You guys need to stop betting on us.” Kara complains, but she's quickly pulled back by Lena into a deep, passionate kiss, while Maggie and Alex let out a “Ew, gross” in unison.

- - - 

“We’re trying to track the helicopter they used” Maggie explains when Kara and Lena finally pull apart. “It’s a military aircraft, the security footage clearly shows the ID number, and we managed to cross reference a bunch of different CCTV to know at least the direction the took. They’re headed North-West, potentially outside of the city.”

“That could be the current location of the CADMUS headquarters” Alex adds. “According to Lena’s description, they’ve used some high-frequency wave to shatter the windows and their bullets were made of depleted uranium, engineered to pierce any armour. They definitely planned this.”

“There’s a chance they knew about the pregnancy” Maggie continues “But waited till the news was official to ask for a special permit, so they wouldn't raise suspicion.” 

“That’s enough!” Eliza’s voice cuts them off, and she slaps Alex and Maggie on their arms. “Get out of here, you two. Go play detective with Winn.” 

“But…” Alex tries to protest, but one look at Eliza’s face is enough to deter her.

“Let’s go, babe” Maggie mumbles “Nice to see you, Eliza” she adds, dragging her girlfriend out of the room.

“I’m sorry about them, they’re just trying to do their job” Eliza apologises to Lena. Kara is so overwhelmed by all the information she barely has time to process her girlfriend - no, fiancée - is in the same room with her mother.

“That’s not a problem, doctor” Lena says, noticing Eliza’s lab coat “I’m feeling much better, and-“

“Oh, I'm not your doctor” Eliza corrects her, smiling, and offers her a hand “I’m Kara’s mom."

The look in Lena’s eyes tells Eliza she was not expecting that. The CEO gapes, and self-consciously runs a hand through her hair, aware that she looks like a mess.

“Thanks for the heads up” she mumbles to Kara, still looking at her future mother-in-law.

“Sorry” Kara whispers, equally petrified.

“Girls” Eliza snaps her fingers in fronts of both women, making them blink “I know it’s been a rough day, but you're safe now. Relax.” 

Seeing that neither of them manages to say anything, Eliza grabs a chair and sits close to Kara. She sees the small empty box sitting on the mattress and the ring on Lena’s hand. “It that what I think it is?” She asks, hoping one of them will reply. 

“Yes!” Kara blurts out, with more defiance that’s actually needed, and Lena nods to support the statement.

Eliza stands up again, and gets closer to Lena. Kara is not sure what to expect, but it's definitely not Eliza leaning down to carefully wrap her arms around her girlfriend. 

“In that case… welcome to the family.” She says, and doesn't let go until Lena reciprocates the hug. When she finally releases her, she places a small kiss on her forehead and adds: “Now we need to talk.”

- - -

Lena was expecting some sort of threat, a good old shovel talk, or maybe a warning on how easy it is to break Kara’s heart. Instead, she gets a crash course on pregnancy because “For some reasons doctors don't tell you these things.” 

So Lena learns that postpartum bleeding is a thing, and it can last up to six weeks. Her flow will be heavy for the first ten days, and she should wear thick pads and panties she doesn’t care about. Also - Kara turns white when she hears it - the doctor will most likely perform an episiotomy, which is a cut on the skin between her vagina and her perineum. Otherwise, chances are the skin will tear anyway.

Lena listens, carefully, gratefully. Kara listens too, worried and a little squeamish, and earns an unimpressed look from her mother because “You're not the one who’s pushing a watermelon through a whole the size of an apple."

“And remember” Eliza concludes, after a quick mention to something called perineum massage that apparently Lena should google and get Kara to do for her, “If you have any doubt, any issue, you can give me a call.” She pulls a business card from her pocket and offers it to her. “Anytime.” 

“Thank you, Mrs Danvers” Lena says, taking the card, “It really means a lot to me.” 

Her voice is small, unsure. Kara thinks she's never seen her so fragile and determined at the same time.

“Please, call me Eliza. Actually, you know what?” she moves a finger in the air, as if she’s just had a brilliant idea. “Call me mom."