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Impeccable timing

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Kara Danvers has ironically impeccable timing.  

Lena is absolutely convinced about it, especially when she drops by her office after the CEO’s just had a bad episode of morning sickness. Or when she appears in her life, out of goddamn nowhere, two months after the she's received the news that the IVF has, finally, been successful. Finally, because it was her third attempt, and she was ready to file an application for adoption. Finally, because it had been years in the making, since the painful awareness she wasn’t going to find anyone who could stand her name, her schedule and her bad temper - so she had decided to hell with a partner! She’s made it this far on her own, she’ll take this next step alone too.

Then fucking Kara Danvers appeared, with her sunny smile and that terrible habit of touching her glasses like they were always on the verge of falling off that stupidly cute nose. She dropped into her office and her life unannounced, and God knows how much Lena loathes things not going according to plan

It had taken all of one week for Lena to give her full, unrestricted access to her office (so what if she was the only thing that could light up her day), ten days for Jess to start giving her funny looks (that woman has a sixth sense or something, Lena swears) and just over two weeks for Kara to goofily ask her out for dinner, twisting her fingers and stuttering every other word.

She had refused three times. Who’s so damn stubborn? Who on Earth doesn’t get a hint? Lena did not want, no, absolutely refused, to start dating someone when she was eight weeks pregnant, and still dealing with the aftermath of her murderous brother trying to have her assassinated. 

Yet here she is.

The fourth time, the reporter’s carrying a bag of take-out and is solemnly announcing that if she’s not going to the food, the food’s coming to her, because apparentlyLena works too much and doesn’t eat enough and Kara’s not taking a no for an answer. 

That’s when Lena gives in, and soon enough she’s moaning into a mouthful of Chinese food and promising Kara she’ll make it up to her - begging her to let Lena take her out for dinner, in fact. 

And now Lena can’t even wrap her head around the fact that she’s four months into the pregnancy and dating a woman, so she’s almost grateful she doesn’t have a family she needs to explain that to. Moreover, the bump is starting to show and that’s going to be a hell of a conversation to have with Kara. Just grand.

- - - 

“Hey,” Kara peeks into her office, waiting for Lena to gesture she can come in. The CEO finds that endearing, if a little puzzling. Kara doesn’t seem to get the hang of the fact that Jess has already announced her and she can just walk in.

“Hey” Lena smiles, because as much as she’s terrified about Kara finding out about the baby and consequently running for her life, there’s nothing that makes her feel better than her favourite reporter carrying muffins and coffees.

Her face twists a little when she feels another retch, and Kara looks worried for a second. 

“I bring the gift of coffee!” Kara beams, and Lena chuckles because “Yeah, I can see that."

“Also,” Kara leans in to place a soft, goofy peck on Lena’s lips “I dropped by to ask if you want to join us for game night!” 

Lena’s eyebrows shoot up: “Game night?” She gives her a loopsided smile; however, there is a certain discomfort in her eyes, as sweat pearls form on her brow.

Oh boy I’m going to throw up again.

“Yeah,” Kara spins on her heels, nervously, turning her back to her, and Lena takes a couple of deep breaths. “We have this tradition, my friends and my sister come to my place and we play board games!” Kara turns, excited, and claps her hands, “What do you think?"

Lena quickly pulls herself together and tries to give Kara a proper smile, “That sounds lovely!” She manages to say, if a bit stiffly.

“You… don’t seem very excited,” a small pout forms on the reporter’s lips and Lena almost panics.

“No no no no,” she blurts out, standing up from her desk to hold Kara’s hands. “It’s really sweet of you, and I would absolutely love to meet your friends and your sister.” 

Thank God the sickness is gone and - nope, it’s back. Kara watches Lena run for the toilet with a faint “Sorry, babe."

Kara knows she really shouldn’t, but Lena is acting a little weird today and as much as she trusts her, she wonder if she’s not worried about something she’s not telling her. What if she’s sick? So it’s only out of well-intentioned concern that Kara pricks her ears and yep, that’s the sound of someone throwing up. She’s ready to give Lena a piece of her mind, because surely she can take one or two days off to look after herself, when she hears something else. 

A heartbeat. Or, to be precise, two.

First she think someone is the restroom with Lena, but then she realises the second heartbeat is fainter, and much faster. 

Could this be…?

She scan the room with her x-ray vision. She knows what she’s looking for, so when she scans the drawers she finds it straight away. A pregnancy test result. And yep, it’s positive.The heading on the document is from a top tier fertility clinic and Kara almost chokes on her breath.

And she knows this is oh so incredibly complicated now and there are a million things she could be thinking but there’s only one on her mind: baby!!

When Lena comes back, Kara is standing ten feet from the desk, hands behind her back, looking suspiciously casual.

“What are you doing over there?” Lena asks, amused.

“Nothing” Kara replies, trying to sound like she hasn’t just discovered the woman she’s dating is pregnant. She earns a weird look, but Lena is getting used to her… peculiarities. 

“Thanks for the coffee” she says, and is about to take a sip when Kara yanks the cup from her hand and stutters: “A-actually, you know what? I forgot to ask for skimmed milk. This is full fat. You do not want full fat."

Lena frowns, because she most definitely doesn’t care about how fat the dash of milk in her white americano is. Kara frowns too, because doesn't Lena know pregnant women aren't supposed to drink coffee?

“Why don’t you sit?” Kara proposes, “Sitting is good."

Lena doesn’t really have the energy to challenge that, and happily lets Kara roll the chair to her and push it back to her desk once she’s sat. And before she knows it, Kara is working her thumbs on her shoulders and it feels so good she forgets to ask why she’s acting so weird.

“Oh my God” she slurs, and drops her head back. Kara leans down to place a soft kiss on her forehead, and the crease on it instantly disappears. 

“So, when’s this game night?” Lena asks after her shoulders have been thoroughly massaged.

“Tomorrow!” Kara gushed “So, you’re coming, yes?"

“Yes, Kara,” Lena says, patiently, “I’m coming."

- - - 

Lena is not sure how Kara manages to leave a glass of water on her desk before leaving, nor why she’s texting her five minutes later asking if she’s sleeping enough.

She wonders if she’s staring to look tired. She blames the fact that she gave up on wearing lipstick at work, but luckily her morning sickness is getting less frequent as the pregnancy progresses so she’s hoping to start again soon.

“You have a meeting at Barren&Lloyds in twenty minutes” Jess lets her know, “Should I call a taxi?"

“No need, it’s only a ten minutes walk” she replies, and goes through her papers to find the documents for the meeting. 

A whole fifteen seconds later, Supergirl lands on her balcony, fists on her hips. Lena drops her shoulders because National city’s superhero means problems and she has a meeting to attend.

“Supergirl,” she greets her with a tight lipped smile.

“Miss Luthor.” Supergirl paces the office “How are you?"

Lena raises an eyebrow, hearing a tone in Supergirl's voice that she can't quite place, “I’m… well, thank you. To what do I owe your visit today?” 

“Nothing,” Supergirl shrugs, and drags a foot on the carpet, “I just thought I’d drop by. Was flying in the area. Up to much?"

Lena squints, suspicious “I’m off to a meeting in five minutes.” She says, dryly.

“Are you getting a taxi?” 

“No, actually, I’m walking” Why is Supergirl asking all these questions?

“You’re walking, hm?” She repeats, rocking back an forth on her heels “Even though you could be the target of another attack. Like it’s no issue. At all.” 

Her tone is a bit condescending, and Lena really doesn’t need that before an important meeting.

“Well as I said, we can’t live in fear,” she argues, and quickly checks all her documents and in her bag before moving towards the door, “and it’s just ten minutes away."

Supergirl bolts in front of her, “But you have the responsibility” she says, starting strong but losing conviction as she looks for a good argument “to stay alive. For… L-Corp. And your employees.” and your baby, goddammit, Lena!

Lena just shakes her head, almost irritated, and sidesteps Supergirl to reach the elevator.

“Do you at least have a snack with you?” She insists as she watches the CEO disappear behind the sliding doors.

When she reaches the ground floor and walks out of L-Corp, Lena is greeted by the superhero standing cross armed at the bottom of the stairs. As she walks past her, Supergirl just strolls at her side, in silence.

“Are you trying to shadow me?” The CEO grumbles, and Supergirl shrugs. It’s not like she can get rid of her. Lena sighs, and feels all eyes are on her. Who walks around with Supergirl at her side on a Tuesday morning?

“Don’t you have someone to save? A fire to extinguish? Some ships to launch?"

“Nope,” Supergirl purses her lips, defiantly, “nothing."

Lena rolls her eyes and that’s when her ankle betrays her. Her foot twists and she stumbles to the side and- She’s held by two strong arms and suddenly she is very close to a certain superhero’s face and hasn’t she seen those blue eyes somewhere else?

“You should have taken a taxi,” Supergirl mutters, pointedly.

Lena frees herself from the awkward embrace, and smoothes her coat down.

“I can survive a ten minutes walk” Lena objects “plus, we’re here.” she points at the building in front of them. “Now, unless you're a shareholder of either company, you can leave."

Kara huffs, and watches the CEO walk inside.

- - -

When Lena leaves the building again, she’s swooped up by the same arms that stopped her fall earlier - she’d know, she’s felt them.

“Supergirl, what the actual f-"

“Language!” the hero cuts her off, Babies can hear even in the belly, everybody knows that, Lena! Kara thinks.

“You are such a nerd,” the CEO mutters as they land on the balcony, “why did you do that?"

“I wasn’t busy, and you’re still wearing heels. Ever considered flats?” The glare Lena gives her sends a chill down her spine. “Ok, no flats!” she concedes, hands raised defensively.

“What’s this?” Lena points at her desk, that’s now covered in snacks. Nuts, wasabi peas, chips, apples, and a selection of herbal teas.

“Don’t know,” Supergirl shrugs.

“My brother thinks he’s funny. This stuff is probably poisoned, Jess” she calls "can you- "

“Ok, ok, it was me” Supergirl admits “You look like you could use a snack or two."

Lena bring a hand to her forehead, and wonders if this is part of some weird alien courtship ritual.

- - - 

Kara’s spent the afternoon with an ear tuned to the city and the other on Lena’s office. Needless to say, the article she’s writing is a mess. Winn calls and she cuts him off because she’s too worried Lena will accidentally drink half glass of bourbon or eat some sushi and oh my God the baby is not even mine and I’m so overprotective, is this how Alex feels all the time?

“Alex, hey” she greets as soon as her sister picks up the phone.

“Kara! Is everything ok?” Alex sounds worried and Kara finally starts to grasp how her sister’s life is impacted by hers. She hears a muttered I swear to god this better be important this is the third time this week.

“Mh… was that Maggie?” Kara asks, feeling a little guilty.

“Uum, yeah, we were… just chatting” Alex answers, and Kara thinks she’s a little breathless “training!” she corrects.

Yeah, sure, for the eating out olympics, Maggie snarls, and Kara is now definitely embarrassed.

“I’m so sorry, Alex!” She blurts out, “Why didn't you tell me I was… interrupting? You don't have to pick up the phone every single time!”

“Well, what if you're in danger? I can't risk that."

“Alex…” Kara takes a deep breath “how do you cope with it?”

“With what, my girlfriend being a little shit?” She sighs as Maggie nibbles on her ear, her neck, her nipples - and Kara’s pretty sure the sound she’s just heard is a moan.

“No, with being constantly worried? How do you… care so much and still function?”

Alex frowns.

“Well I just… I make sure I do everything I can to protect you. And this little goblin here too.” Kara hears a smack, and a teasing uh, yes, Agent Danvers, do it again, “but I had to work on the fact I can't always be there, or I would probably fuck you up big time.”

“Mh,” Kara doesn't sound convinced, but how can she explain to Alex she’s worried about her girlfriend’s baby who is not even born yet? She doesn't even know they're dating!

“Kara, what is this about?”

“N-nothing, I was just thinking…”

“You were thinking, mh?” Alex replies, and starts to sound a bit distracted “Listen, Kara, I know it may sound weird coming from me but you can’t control everything. Sometimes mmhhh” there’s a pause, and Kara shuts her eyes “sometimes you just need to let go. Trust the universssssss”


“Gotta go, sis. Glad you’reokbye"

And she’s gone.

- - -

“I would kill for some pickles” Lena mutters, and considers sending Jess to the corner shop. She taps her fingers on the desk, cursing these weird cravings she’s most definitely not used to.

Ten minutes later, Jess knocks.

“Miss Luthor, Miss Danvers is here,” Jess announces “again.” A smile and a question are both evident on her face, and Lena rolls her eyes benevolently.

“Let her in.”

The speed at which Kara bolts int the office leaves Jess speechless, but she’s stopped questioning it when her visits became regular. 

“Good afternoon, Kara,” Lena greets her, leaning into the backrest of her chair. “What can I do for you?”

“Y-you? Nothing!” Kara says, hurriedly, moving her hands nervously, “You don't need to do anything.  I just thought maybe you’re feeling a little peckish, and I coincidentally have some pickles with me, so I thought I’d share." 

Lena’s pupils widen a little, and Kara almost takes a step back at the hunger in her eyes. It only lasts a split second, before the CEO regains composure and squints at her.

“Pickles, mh?” She mutters, wetting her lips, “How did you know?”

“W-what? I don't know anything” Kara scoffs “I’ve literally never known anything ever.”

And the reporter is so cute and flustered, and the pickles are so... there, and maybe it’s the hormones talking but Lena is really hungry for both. She stands up and takes a few steps towards Kara. And it hits Lena harder than usual that she still hasn't touched her, she still hasn't ripped that pastel cardigan to pieces, still hasn’t fucked the innocence out of this little ball of sunshine.

So she decides to hell with pickles and patience. She pulls the glasses off Kara’s face, and kisses her, and Kara moans into it. Lena runs her fingers down her neck, and on her cardigan, and pops two buttons open at once. And Kara frowns, because this is good, oh so good, but there’s something, something she should be aware of, something she’s forgetting. 

Lena’s hands drag on to Kara’s chest, and suddenly she stops.

“What…” she mumbles, feeling an unfamiliar texture under her fingers. She looks down, and sees the blue fabric peeking out of pastel pink cotton. 

Kara snaps out of it, but it’s too late.

“Lena… I…”

“You’re her?” Lena looks up, and it finally clicks. Those eyes. Her smile. Her scent. She remembers it, from when Supergirl held her in her arms earlier. Kara can't move. She feels cornered, exposed, she feels guilty for keeping her identity from Lena, she feels stupid for not being able to stop before she could find out. She panics.

“You're pregnant!” she shouts, and quickly brings her hands to cover her mouth. Lena’s lips part, Kara shuts her eyes. Great job, Supergirl! 

“H-how…” Lena whispers.

“I heard his heartbeat. Or hers.” Kara mumbles.

“You can do that?” Lena lets out, amazed. Kara nods. 

They stand in front of each other, in silence, weighting each other’s secret.

“Can I… can I touch it?” Kara asks, finally, a hand hovering over Lena’s stomach.

“Well, I touched yours,” Lena jokes, and opens her blazer to reveal the small bump that’s starting to show. Kara’s eyes widen in awe, and doesn't dare touch it quite yet, so Lena takes her hand and guides it under her blouse. There’s someone in there, someone she hasn’t met yet, another little light in National City’s sky. Another life to protect, and another piece of Lena she’ll come to know.

“Kara, are you crying?”

“What?” Kara winces, and realises her eyes are wet and shiny “N-no, I’m not. Ok, maybe.” She admits, and wipes them with her free hand. 

“I understand if this is too much,” Lena shrugs, “it’s a huge commitment, and you don't have to-“ her words die in her throat when she sees the pure outrage in Kara’s eyes.

“I’m not going anywhere!” she blurts out “I mean, I'm not asking you for joint custody or anything, but I’m not going to run away from this. Who’s… who’s doing this with you? Does your mother know? Jess?”

Lena shakes her head, and Kara searches for another name, but she's painfully aware there’s no one else in Lena’s life. 

“Well, I’m here now” she states, determined, and drops a jar on the desk, “And you're going to eat these pickles."