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you make me feel (so young)

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the first time jeongguk felt like “that,” it was right before he became part of bangtan.

he was in the apartment with his family, and the sudden shock of “i’m going to be in a group soon,” made him feel truly… small. like a child.

he snuck off to his room, put on his pajamas, and curled up in his bed. he grabbed the stuffed rabbit that he hadn’t used since he was four and hugged it extra tight as he cried to himself. he noticed that the crying was how a child would cry, he thought.

after he cried, he had to go to bed with a nightlight.

 it had been so many years since he used it, he almost forgot what a comfort it was.


the second time he felt like “that,” it was a year since joining bangtan. he loved his hyungs a lot, because even though they could get on his nerves sometimes, he thought of the times that his family annoyed him like that. it was like a comfort to him, to feel that way.

seokjin, jimin, hoseok and jeongguk were at the supermarket to buy some food. hoseok had been assigned to get toilet paper (which he got the good kind, thank god.), jimin was supposed to get more socks because taehyung had a tendency to get very literal cold feet (he liked to sit behind people and ask “hey are my feet cold?” as he slowly rubbed his feet on them. he got punched in the stomach more than once for that.), and jeongguk was ordered to stay with seokjin-hyung as it was a big supermarket and he thought he would get lost.

after getting all the items, seokjin smiled at the others and asked, “who wants candy?”

and then it happened.

as hoseok and jimin were picking their candy, jeongguk felt his entire body change. he went from fifteen year old jeongguk, to a small child in his mind in the blink of an eye.

he bit his lip and tucked a hand under his chin, the other hand’s knuckles pressed against his mouth. he pushed his toes together and he wanted to hide because picking one candy from aaaallll that candy was super duper hard!!

“jeonggukie? are you alright?” seokjin looked down at him, and kookie nodded. he blinked at his hyung with big eyes.

“i… i wan’ tandyyy…” he lisped softly, looking down to avoid his hyungs’ gaze. he missed how seokjin’s eyes widened with realization and softened.

“tell you what, kookie~ you can have this~” seokjin shook a bag of lollipops to bring back jeongguk’s attention. “but! only if you’re a good boy, kookie. are you a good boy?” seokjin tapped kookie’s nosie with a finger and kookie nodded fiercely.

“i’s a good boy, hyunggie!! kookie’s a good boy!!” he whisper-yelled. seokjin smiled and bought the bag of lollipops and gave one to kookie.

“one at a time, kookie. we don’t wanna spoil dinner, do we?”

kookie shook his head, while sucking on the lollipop. seokjin-hyunggie made good dinner and he wanted to eat all of it, so just one lollipop for now. besides, he got candy for today and tomorrow!!! it was the bestest day ever!!!

 (when kookie is tucked into bed after bath time and night night kisses, seokjin takes the rest of the group into the other room and explains what happens.

“i swear to everything , if you make fun of him for this, i will seriously hurt all of you. that is probably the first time he ever indulged that side of him in front of other people that we know of, and you will not ruin it ,” seokjin looks furious at the concept of any of the other members making fun of the youngest.

yoongi scoffs. “that would be hypocritical of me,” at the looks the others give him, he flushes a deep maroon and he mumbles out, “i do the same anyway. he needs a playmate when he’s like that, so it’ll be easier for him to understand.”

jimin beams, “he was adorable at the supermarket today! i wanted to give him all of my candy! i wanna keep him!” taehyung nods in agreement.

hoseok shrugs in a good natured way and says something along the same lines of what jimin says.

namjoon looks… intrigued, as though this was something to research. “as long as it doesn’t cause us problems on stage, and as long as he doesn’t throw tantrums in public, i’m cool with it. besides, this has probably been rough on him, even with all the training. it’s good to have an outlet, even if it’s non-conventional.”

seokjin smiles. “thank you all for understanding.”

namjoon just nods his head with a strange grin, “i write songs to get the feelings out. he plays with bath toys and colors to help him understand the feelings. and he may not even be used to it in general. so i vote to support it so he knows that this isn’t bad.”)

(when jeongguk wakes up, he sleepily rubs his eyes to seokjin dressing him and saying that “my kookie is so cute!”

it makes him feel so tiny that kookie blinks and giggles at him. “t-tankoo hyunggieee~” seokjin hugs kookie extra tight and tells him to go play with jiminnie and taehyunggie because babies need to play lots and lots!!”

they play quiet but super duper fun games and when yoongi waddles into the room wide-eyed and innocent…

kookie knows that he’s got an extra extra special friend to play with! )

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the first time jeongguk met yoongi when he was like “that,” jeongguk was with the group at a restaurant.

they all sat down and were just chatting away…

except yoongi.

yoongi kept fiddling with his fingers and blowing air between his lips to make silly noises. he would giggle at the noises to himself, like a child.

jeongguk instantly knew yoongi was like “that,” and an urge to bond with yoongi overcame him.

“hi, hyung,” he said softly. yoongi perked up a little, his eyes widening over exaggeratedly.

“kookie!” yoongi chirped, bouncing in his seat slightly, his gummy smile showing up all too quickly.

“what are you doing?” jeongguk glanced at seokjin, who nodded and went to get those coloring pages for children to occupy the others. (if jeongguk was like “that,” in public, the others made sure to make it look like all of them were being silly. it made kookie’s day too, so it was a win-win.)

“waitin’!” yoongi responded, taking a slurp of his soup. yoongi never slurped that loudly off camera, so it was a definite sign of being like “that.”

“waiting for what, hyung?” a bit of a laugh entered jeongguk’s voice. it was the type of laugh that one used around small children, when they were indulging them. but jeongguk honestly didn’t think of his asking as “indulging.” he genuinely wanted to know what yoongi-hyung was waiting for.

“to colorrrrrr~” yoongi drew out the word, and it was just in time for seokjin to come back with coloring pages and crayons.

“please don’t make a mess, okay, yoongi?” seokjin asked. seokjin was always quiet when it came to them being like “that.” yoongi nodded and started meticulously (read: very slowly but very messily) color the page. jimin and taehyung also started coloring but they were giggling and not being very serious about it.

when they were done with their meal, and yoongi was done coloring, the rest of them praised the page.

“i think this should go on the fridge, yoongi! it’s very very pretty!” taehyung giggled, his eyes and smile full of honesty. yoongi flushed a pretty pink and he sloppily signed the picture.

“thank you, hyung~” yoongi chirped and hugged seokjin. seokjin smiled.

“remember, little boys have to hold hands with big boys, so who do you wanna hold hands with?”

“seok-seok!!” yoongi bounced once and grabbed his hand. hoseok smiled down at yoongi and kissed his forehead.

jeongguk watched as hoseok listened to yoongi babble about his day, and jeongguk saw complete love and adoration in his hyung’s eyes.

he wished that, one day, someone would look at him like that.

he didn’t realize that he had two gazes like that on him already.


the first time jeongguk got a label for what “that” was, he threw his first tantrum.

he was fucking exhausted.

they practiced for almost the entire day, and he kept messing up in the later parts, which was unusual.

(he would never admit that it was because he missed his nap time. no. nap times were gross and he didn’t like them and he would always tell seokjin-hyung so.)

so when they got to the dorms, all of them showered, and a lot of the others decided to go out for the night. yoongi offered to stay behind with jeongguk.

“yah, brat. you gotta eat.”

“i’m not hungry,” jeongguk responded. all he wanted was to play video games and to be left alone. was that too much? “i ate earlier.

“i don’t care. you have to eat,” yoongi responded, without even looking up from the lyrics that he was writing on his laptop.

“no!” jeongguk barked out, glaring at the laptop. yoongi glanced up at jeongguk, an eyebrow raised.


“no! i don’t wanna!”

“really? why?” yoongi got out of his chair and went to make himself a pot of coffee. jeongguk didn’t know why but that angered him more than if yoongi had gotten mad too.

“because!” jeongguk plopped himself on the floor angrily, a huffy pout at his lips. yoongi leaned against the counter. his eyebrow was still raised and jeongguk glared sharply at yoongi.

“because why?” the tone yoongi gave was almost goading in a sense.


“is it because i said so?”

he hit his boiling point. jeongguk didn’t understand how to describe how he was feeling, and the confusion of what “that” was overwhelming and it just morphed into irrational rage.


yoongi blinked. “no?”

“NO NO NO !” jeongguk screamed. because he was sitting with his legs out in front of him, he couldn’t stomp his feet, so he decided to smack his heel against the ground. the noise was satisfying in an odd way, so he did it again.

and again

and again

over and over.

yoongi watched as the eighteen year old smacked his feet against the floor, and started hitting his hands against the couch. jeongguk had started crying and yelling out “you’re mean and stupid and i hate you hyung with your smug face you’re stupid cuz you think you’re bigger you big dummy i hate you i hate you i hate you”

all the while, yoongi poured himself a cup of coffee and watched jeongguk tire himself out. after a good few minutes, jeongguk’s face was red and puffy, and he lay on the floor and curled into a ball.

it was the perfect timing, because that’s when the others came home.

“what happened?!” seokjin stared, wide eyed, at jeongguk on the floor.

“he’s being a brat. you done yet?”

“shut up…” he mumbled, “i hate you hyung.”

the shocked gasps from both hoseok and seokjin kind of made jeongguk think that it was a bad thing to say, but he didn’t care.

“ooh, so you’re gonna pout. alright. we’ll be in the back when you’re done,” yoongi motioned for the others to follow him back to the recording room.

except jimin just lay on the floor, with his face towards jeongguk’s. “jeonggukie, it’s okay to be mad sometimes. but you gotta talk about it instead pouting.”

“‘m not pouting…” jeongguk mumbled.

“well it looks like you’re pouting,” jimin said. jeongguk wiggled towards jimin and buried his head into his neck.

“he’s so little like this…” jeongguk heard taehyung say.

“well that’s what the headspace is called. it’s called a little headspace,” seokjin said calmly and softly.

“that doesn’t give him the excuse to be a brat,” yoogi spat.

somehow, that made jeongguk feel like the worst member ever. like he was a bad boy. that made kookie cry into jimin’s neck. he wanted to be a good boyyy.

“i sowwyyyyyy,” he wailed. “i sowwy yoongi-hyunggie kookie gon’ be goooooddddddd!” hot tears ran down his face, and he rubbed his eyes while curling up into a ball.

yoongi blinked and sighed. he picked up kookie and gently placed him in the corner, nose to the wall. “kookie, please listen. you were rude earlier, right?”


“so you gotta go to time-out, so we know you won’t do it again, okay?”

“... dun wanna…”

“well you gotta. or do you want spankings?”

kookie shook his head rapidly. “no no no no!”

“okay then, you gotta go to time-out,” yoongi looked up at seokjin. “how long should he be there?”

“hmm… ten minutes.”

kookie could wait that long, yoongi thought. it wasn’t all that terrible, maybe.


(when kookie is done with time-out, he shuffles over to yoongi where he’s remixing, and curls up onto his lap.

“is sowwy, hyunggie…” he mumbles. “kookie was sweepyy...” yoongi nods, and positions kookie to face yoongi.

“but that doesn’t mean you get to act like a bad boy.”

“no no no. hyunggie needs good kookies. good kookie is happy kookie,” kookie slips his thumb into his mouth, and closes his eyes. “‘innie-hyunggie thaith tho,” he lisps around his thumb. yoongi smiles at him.

“that’s right, kookie. and we’re gonna have nap time, right? because i think this good kookie is sleepy, yeah?”

kookie nods, and nuzzles yoongi’s chest. he’s a good kookie, and if a good kookie takes naps, then he’ll take a nap.

but he’ll be grumbly. good kookies can be grumbly.)

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the first time he got “cute clothes,” he was with hoseok.

hoseok adored being in the caregiver role, (so much so that he actually did research about little space and caregiving and all that stuff. which was pretty impressive, seeing as he had to go to english speaking blogs and ask questions about it.) and he loved doting on yoongi and jeongguk when they were “cute as buttons and sweeter than sugar.”

hoseok, however, had this weird… quirk.

he wouldn’t ask for information. he would actively seek out the information in strange ways.

like how instead of asking what his shirt size was, jeongguk walked into his room to see hoseok sitting in a pile of his shirts reading the tags.

(“just wanted to see if they were all the same!” he called out in explanation as jeongguk simply walked backwards out the door.)

like how instead of asking how thick his thighs were, hoseok had simply taken a tape measure and wrapped it around his thigh and wrote down the measurement of how long his leg was and how thick his thigh was.

(“just checking to make sure, jeonggukie~” he cooed when jeongguk wiggled because it tickled.)

or -- and this was the weirdest one -- like how instead of asking what underwear size jeongguk was, hoseok had gone and stolen exactly seven pairs of them.



he didn’t even try to hide it. just plopped them onto the table when jeongguk asked seokjin where his underwear went.

they had to deep clean the table.


for the third time.

this week.

“hyung. what are you doing,” jeongguk deadpanned at hoseok. said hyung happened to be squishing his thighs intently. jeongguk could feel the breath exhaling from his nose on jeongguk’s skin. it was uncomfortable .

“i’m figuring things out! i don’t want to mess things up,” hoseok straightened up. “i think it’s right!”

“think… what’s right?” jeongguk trailed off, as hoseok bounded towards his room.

hoseok ran back in, holding up a ridiculously large pastel pink sweater and pearl-white thigh-high socks. “짜잔~~” he sing-songed, shaking the articles of clothing. “here, try these on! if you don’t like them, i can give them to jiminie, or taehyungie!”

jeongguk (in a good-natured way) rolled his eyes, and grabbed the clothes out of hoseok’s hands. he changed from his usual white t-shirt and cargo shorts, and changed into the shirt and socks. jeongguk had worn briefs instead of his usual boxers, and they hid under the pastel sweater. he came out of the bathroom, and the look on hoseok’s face was… thrillling.

“so… how do i look?” jeongguk fiddled with the hem of the sweater and blushed. hoseok literally prowled towards him, an undeniable smirk on his face. the look in his eyes promised jeongguk filthy things that made his heart ache .

“so good, baby boy~” hoseok cooed. he took a lock of jeongguk’s hair and twirled it between his fingers. “i love your pretty little legs, sweetheart~” jeongguk shuddered as a feeling overwhelmed him. hoseok tugged him close, keeping his hands at jeongguk’s waist. his hyung’s eyes lowered their gaze to his mouth then back to his own eyes.

“jeonggukie… i’m gonna ask you something, sweetheart,” hoseok whispered. one hand left jeongguk’s waist and rested itself on jeongguk’s shoulder, his thumb resting on the dip of jeongguk’s collarbone. “and i want you to be perfectly honest with me.”

“yes, hyung…?” jeongguk breathed.

“can i kiss you?” hoseok somehow got impossibly closer, giving jeongguk no room to take a step back. jeongguk could feel the hot, heavy heat of hoseok’s cock against his hip. jeongguk couldn’t speak, his voice stuck in his throat. he nodded quickly and when hoseok yanked jeongguk’s mouth to his, jeongguk whimpered. he arched his body into the kiss, whining when his own cock brushed against hoseok’s. hoseok growled into jeongguk’s mouth, bringing both his hands to jeongguk’s ass to lift him up. jeongguk wrapped his legs around hoseok’s waist and hoseok pushed jeongguk into the wall. hoseok moved his mouth from jeongguk’s lips to his jaw, peppering kisses in different spots to try and gain a reaction from the maknae. at a rather high-pitched whine, hoseok pressed an open mouth kiss right behind jeongguk’s ear, and ran his tongue over it.

“ngh~... daddy …” jeongguk breathed into hoseok’s ear. jeongguk felt the full-body shudder that went through hoseok.

“am i your daddy baby?” hoseok rolled his hips into jeongguk’s, stealing a whine from jeongguk’s lungs. “you gotta tell me, sweets. or else i won’t fuck you like you deserve. i won’t let you come for me. and i don’t think you want that, baby.”

yeah , you’re my daddy, hoseokiee~” jeongguk purred, rolling his hips in time with hoseok. “my daddy makes me feel so so sooo good…”

hoseok growled into jeongguk’s ear. “that’s right baby. that’s what daddies are supposed to do for their little bunnies, aren’t they?” he took jeongguk off of the wall and dropped him onto hoseok’s bed. jeongguk squeaked when he bounced, but he lost the giggles in his throat at the sight of his hyung crawling over him, covering his body. he hooked his arms under hoseok’s, resting his palms on hoseok’s shoulder blades as they kissed. his legs spread to let hoseok between the space, and to buck his hips up when hoseok thrust against him. his pretty pink sweater got pushed up his torso to show off his nipples and his pale blue briefs. hoseok lifted a hand and pinched at one of jeongguk’s nipples, swallowing down the moan that left the younger man’s lips.

“such a good boy for me, baby boy. i love how you taste, sweetheart,” hoseok whispered into jeongguk’s ear. “you’re gonna be my good boy, aren’t you, prince?” hoseok ground down on jeongguk for a last time.

with a drawn out moan in hoseok’s ear, jeongguk came into his briefs and against hoseok’s hip. hoseok moaned with the maknae, and bit at his earlobe. “so good sweetheart, so perfect for me baby.”

“well. don’t stop on my account,” seokjin drawled out. hoseok and jeongguk jumped, looking sharply at their hyung, leering at them from the doorway. “i see you made good use of the clothes hoseok bought you, huh, jeonggukkie?”

jeongguk flushed and nodded. seokjin sat down on the bed and pushed hoseok’s hips into jeongguk’s. both men moaned at the contact.

“i don’t think that our adorable maknae has ever taken a cock in his ass, but i don’t want our little prince into thinking that he has to today. do you agree, hoseok?” hoseok nodded quickly, the dominance in his body melting away into submission. “hoseokie, kiss jeonggukkie again, will you? i know how much you love kissing.” seokjin purred.

hoseok kissed jeongguk and seokjin smirked, watching as the younger men whined into each others’ mouths.


( taehyung adores kookie and baby yoongi. he does. every chance he gets, he’ll buy them coloring books and stuffies and clothes with his hwarang paychecks. he loves giving them kisses and getting kisses in return. he loves bouncing them on his knee and coloring with them. he loves telling them that “taetae loves you!” and hearing either “yoongi wuvs you too!!” or “an’ an’ an’ this kookie loves you too!!”

taehyung notices that yoongi, when he’s little, speaks with a speech impediment and his lisp is more pronounced. he’ll say hoseok as “theok-theok!!” and he’ll gush about hollie with glee. jungkook is similar but all grammar flies out the window.

“isn’t, isn’t, isn’t, isn’t cute taetae!!! kookie isn’t cute !!!” kookie will squeal when taehyung coos “my kookie is so cute!” and kiss his maknae’s cheeks. when kookie is tucked into bed but not sleepy, taehyung and jimin will lay next to him, and just compliment him and coo “where’s the baby~?” and kookie will blush sweetly and giggle into his blankie.

“h-here is!!” kookie will squeal and jimin and taehyung will hug him tight and agree that “there he is there’s our baby!!”

taehyung and hoseok have rallied together to get kookie lots of onesies and overalls and shirts with duckies on them. kookie has a minor obsession with ducks, insisting on squealing “duck-duck!!” when he wants his duckie in the bath. yoongi loves dogs, and he has a special stuffed dog named buddy that he takes with him everywhere.

sometimes they fight, but after a stern but gentle talking to from seokjin-hyung (and hearing the other little sniffle and start to cry), they’re usually tearfully hugging it out and saying that they love each other. (more than once has taehyung been reduced to tears shut up he’s a sympathy cryer .)

taehyung knows that yoongi and jeongguk have different means of being little, and that’s okay.

taehyung loves them just the same. )

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surprisingly, when yoongi hurt his ear, he was big. kookie was little at the time, and they were playing together. it wasn’t rambunctious, or full of squealing. it was a quiet time, because at the time, yoongi actually had a migraine.

at some point there was some spilling of some kind in the hallway, because one second yoongi is walking to close the door, the next he’s lying on the ground swearing up a storm. kookie had scrambled over to him yelling out “hyunggie??”

his head hurt so bad…

kookie scrambled to the living room, and grabbed yoongi-hyunggie’s phone. he didn’t really know how to work it, but he knew how to call jinnie-hyunggie! jinnie-hyunggie would fix it.

hello, yoongi, ” jinnie-hyunggie drew out the words like yoongi-hyunggie was being silly. but he was hurting, so he wasn’t being silly.

“jinnie-hyunggie!! yoongi-hyunggie got a big owie an’ kookie dunno how to fix it,” kookie chirped into the phone. he shuffled back to yoongi and lifted his head onto his lap.

what happened? ” jinnie-hyunggie sounded like he did when he couldn’t find jiminie-hyunggie for a long long time.

“he hit his ear on the door! it looks like it hurts lots an’ lots!!” kookie tugged on his own ear, even though jinnie-hyunggie couldn’t see. “it’s bleedin’!!”

we’re on our way, and i’m calling manager-hyung. okay? be a good boy and make sure that yoongi isn’t alone.

“is with him!” kookie chirped. yoongi’s face was scrunched up like he swallowed lots of lemons. tears were leaking out of the corners of his eyes.

thank you kookie, you’re such a good boy ,” jinnie-hyung cooed. “ you’re being such a good boy, waiting with your hyung .” he sounded out of breath, like he was running. “ hyung loves you lots and lots, okay, baby?

“kookie loves you tooooo,” kookie pursed his lips around the last syllable. after jinnie-hyunggie hung up, kookie grabbed momo the peach and placed it on yoongi-hyunggie’s tummy. he also took one of the clean-up rags and placed it against yoongi-hyunggie’s ear to try and help.

“... thanks baby...” yoongi-hyunggie whined out.

“jinnie-hyunggie and manager-hyunggie are comin’! they’ll help!” kookie whispered, not knowing how much his head hurt. “guess kookie gotta act big when manager-hyunggie comes, huh?”

yoongi clutched at momo the peach harder.


acting big was. hard . the hardest thing kookie had to do ever ever ever . ever. when manager-hyunggie, hoseokkie and jinnie-hyunggie scrambled over, kookie perked up.

“what happened?!” manager-hyung barked. his face was more worried than mad so kookie didn’t feel too nervous about acting big.

“i think there was… a spill in the hallway,” kookie mumbled. “he must’ve slipped and hit his ear on the door. it’s bleedin’ pretty bad. i put a rag on it to help with the bleedin’ though.”

manager-hyunggie nodded. “thanks, jeongguk. i’ll drive him to the hospital, and i’ll call you with updates. the others will be home soon.”

manager-hyunggie slowly picked yoongi-hyunggie up (along with momo the peach), and took him out of the hallway, and out of the dorms. tears welled up in kookie’s eyes. it was his fault. he was a bad kookie.

“prince, what’s wrong??” hoseokkie gasped. their little baby’s face was scrunched up, with eyes welling up with tears and lower lip wobbling.

“is kookie’s faultttttt,” kookie wailed, tears finally streamed down his face. “kookie made a mess with his water bu’ di’n’ tell yoongi-hyunggie ‘cuz i forgottttttttt.” he buried his face in his hands. “bad kookie bad kookie!!”

“nonononononono, kookie it’s not your fault!” hoseok hugged their baby. “sometimes babies forget, right? it’s okay. yoongi will get better, and it’ll be fine, okay?”

“we can visit him and we can make sure he feels better, okay? lots and lots of kisses,” seokjin cooed at kookie. he kissed the top of kookie’s head, and snuggled both hoseok and kookie. “he’ll be okay baby, i promise.”

the others came home later, and seokjin reported to the others what had happened. the others promptly went over to kookie (who had cried his pretty little eyes out and immediately fell asleep after three minutes of crying), and cuddled their maknae. they pressed kisses to his face, and tried to help him feel better.

“don’t worry baby, yoongi won’t blame you, we promise. he’ll still love you, don’t worry,” jimin crooned. kookie buried his head into jimin’s neck and nuzzled him.

“otayyyyyyy, hyunggie,” kookie mumbled against his hyung’s skin. jimin smiled over kookie’s shoulder at taehyung.


(when yoongi comes back to the dorms, he looks stiff and huffy, like he’s trying not to be little in front of the manager. when the manager leaves, his face crumples up in tears and he wails out “ joonieeeeee! ” namjoon scrambles over to the baby and takes him in a huge hug.

“you’re okay, yoongi. you’re safe now, there’s no more scary things, okay baby?” yoongi just sobs into namjoon’s shirt.

kookie tugs on yoongi’s shirt. “hyunggie?” yoongi turns to the maknae, his nose scrunched up and his eyes watery. “is sowwy hyunggie… is kookie’s fault you got hurt…” seokjin kind of nods, letting kookie confess to what he feels he did wrong. kookie’s the type of little to let the guilt eat at him, even if he didn’t actually do anything wrong.

yoongi sniffles again, then his face contorts from fear to anger.

“you big meanie!!” yoongi howls at kookie. “yoongi can’t--can’t do big fings now!! yoongi can’t help!!! kookie ruined ev’rything!!” kookie’s eyes well up and tears overflow.

“k-kookie di’n mean toooo,” kookie whimpers and yoongi shoves him. the others shout in shock when kookie lands on his butt and cries out.

“kook-kookie’s just a big dumb crybaby!! a big dumb meanie!! i dun wanna play wif you anymore!!” yoongi stabs a finger in kookie’s direction, and poor kookie is trying desperately not to cry. “i-i-i hope you get a big booboo an’ an’ an’ it never gets better!!”

yoongi runs off to his room, hoseok right behind him calling his name. kookie wails out and seokjin picks him up tight.

“yoo-yoongi hates kookieeeeeeee,” kookie wails and bawls into seokjin’s shoulder. seokjin tries to console the little, but his sobbing is so overpowering that taehyung looks as though he’s about to cry with him.

“time for bed, kookie. it’ll be okay baby, i promise. he can’t stay mad forever, i know,” seokjin coos out, rubbing at the maknae’s back. namjoon heads to yoongi’s room to help hoseok, and jimin and taehyung take kookie from seokjin.)

(the others know not to try and take sides. taking sides is a terrible idea, and everyone knows it like they know they need air to breathe.  

little yoongi is very angry and very frustrated at the maknae, but big yoongi has gone silent. he knows that the relationship between little yoongi and little kookie has been strained, if not broken. big yoongi has tried to communicate with jeongguk but the maknae must feel guilt still because jeongguk goes out of his way to avoid his hyung.

“i was a dick,” yoongi mumbles into seokjin’s shoulder. “even if i was little and hurting, i shouldn’t have said those things. i wanna apologize to him but he doesn’t want to talk to me.”

“he does, yoongi-yah. he’s just scared. he thinks that you hate him, and he needs time to talk to you. is that okay? none of us are trying to pick sides between you,” seokjin says, petting yoongi’s hair. yoongi snuggles into his hyung closer, enjoying the softness of his sweater and the calmness that his hyung gives him. he’ll ask jeongguk to forgive him tomorrow. he just wants to sleep now.)

Chapter Text

the first time jeongguk dreaded being in little space, it was a few weeks after the Ear Incident.

jeongguk avoided yoongi like the plague. it was easier that way. he would rather avoid yoongi than hear him say “ stay away from me. you ruined everything ,” like his younger persona did. and one way to avoid yoongi was to not be little. he knew it was going to put a strain on him, but it was really the only way to make sure yoongi was comfortable with the others if he wasn’t little.

no matter how many times hoseok or namjoon bought him things that made him want to get in his duckie onsie and suck on his paci, he couldn’t.

he didn’t deserve it.

he didn’t deserve to be cuddled by his hyungs when yoongi-hyung couldn’t. it wasn’t fair.

“jeonggukkie? we gotta head out for a while. yoongi’s little, so we need someone to watch over him, do you feel comfortable doing that?” namjoon asked. at jeongguk’s obvious hesitation, he added, “we can always have jimin or taehyung stay behind if you don’t want to watch him.”

“... no, hyung. i can watch him,” jeongguk said slowly, as if his hesitation needed to be called out upon. “i’ll be okay.”

“okay, jeonggukie. we’ll be back later,” namjoon said, over the calls of “WE LOVE YOU KOOKIE BE A GOOD BOY” from taehyung and jimin in the background. jeongguk rolled his eyes good naturedly, but he was still worried that he wouldn’t be able to give yoongi the attention he deserved.

yoongi was a soft man, and a soft little boy. jeongguk was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to take care of him in the same way that his hyungs did.

that was his worst fear.

yoongi was perched on the couch, watching Steven Universe on the television half-heartedly. jeongguk sat at the table, texting jimin, playing games on his phone, and glancing up to look at yoongi every five seconds.

jeongguk felt awkward around little yoongi, and felt like he needed to tiptoe around the little. so naturally hearing the telling sound of a sniffle made jeongguk apprehensive. “... yoongi? what’s wrong, babe?” he asked. he didn’t really want to look at yoongi just in case the little wanted to lash out.

the sniffling got louder, and a faint whining began. jeongguk looked up to see yoongi crying.

“yoongi, you gotta tell me what’s wrong. i can’t read your mind, little man,” jeongguk told him gently.

“yoongi thowwyyyyyyyy !!” yoongi bawled, loudly enough to make jeongguk startle.

jeongguk stared at little yoongi, watching as the boy sobbed and hiccupped through his tears. “yoongi a meanie!!! i wath hurtin’ an’ i wath thcared an’ an’ i wan’ed you to hur’ like i did bu’ bu’ it was meaaaaaaannnnnnnn !! i thowwyyyyyyy!!”

jeongguk tried to hold on. he really did. he wanted to be big and to reassure that yoongi was forgiven, but the urge to become little was overwhelming and it had been so long since he was little.

“yoongiiiii, is, is okayyyyyyyyy,” kookie cooed, hugging his hyunggie. “you need cuddles, an’ an’ an’ is here for youuu.”

yoongi sobbed into kookie’s shoulder, holding the other baby tight. kookie pet his hyunggie’s hair and shh’ed him like his hyunggies did with him when he cried. yoongi pulled back and wiped his eyes on his sleeves.

“let’s get juice hyunggie. an’ some cookies. jinnie-hyunggie won’ min’,” kookie held yoongi’s hand all the way to the kitchen.

they would be okay.

( seokjin comes home to see the babies curled up on the couch asleep, moana’s select screen repeating on the television. he sighs in relief and takes a picture. his boys are feeling better, and he’s so thankful for it. jimin comes in behind him and quietly squeals. jimin hugs seokjin from behind and does a little dance.

“everything’s better now!” jimin coos, and picks yoongi up to tuck him into bed. seokjin picks up kookie and presses a kiss to the baby’s temple. kookie makes a little noise and nuzzles at seokjin’s shoulder. jimin’s right, in a sense. everything would be better now.)


( yoongi likes cuddling his kookie lots. almost as much as he likes cuddling hoseokie and namjoonie. but what he likes even more than cuddling kookie is to just… watch him sleep.

now. yoongi knows that sounds silly. why would someone watch someone else sleeping?? that’s super duper boring!!!

but when kookie sleeps, it’s cute!! he has a special paci for nappie time (it’s PINK!!! and has FLOWERS!!! and it has GLITTER!!!!!!!! G L I T T E R ! ! ! ! yoongi loves that paci it’s so cute!!!!) and sometimes when he’s sleeping, his paci will fall out of his mouth but yoongi always gently places it back in kookie’s mouth and he continues to softly suckle at the paci. kookie also scrunches his nosie and smiles around the paci when he’s dreaming of happy things. kookie also likes to feel around the bed for something to snuggle but if it doesn’t feel warm he doesn’t like it. so he pushes it away!!! and tries to feel for something warm and that’s when yoongi realizes that he’s warm so he starts cuddling kookie!!!! but then yoongi gets sleepy too so he snuggles kookie extra close and he goes night-night.

when he and kookie are allllll by themselves in the apartment, they like to play dress up!! yoongi likes to wear cute things like kookie does sometimes!!! there’s special socks that are extra tall and have itchy things on top where you put in your legs, and sparkly fairy princess skirts that yoongi likes lots and lots!! when hoseokie sees them play dress up for the first time, he gets super duper red like a crayon! it’s super funny!!

yoongi loves kookie lots.

he still feels bad about making kookie cry. he hugs kookie constantly to make up for it, and he knows that kookie gives him more smooches and kissies around the ear that got the boo-boo to make the pain go away. the hurt is gone, but he likes to make sure that it stays away with every snuggle and kiss.

but that’s okay!

yoongi knowss that he and kookie will be bestest friends forever and ever!

he knows that they will, like he knows that he’s sometimes yoonji. he knows it like he knows hoseokie likes kookie and yoongi to wear his clothes. he knows it like he knows that jiminnie likes to be called pretty like yoongi does.

he just knows it! )