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Shinichi x MC x Kenzo "Doctor's Examination"

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I walked into my boyfriend's office we work together he's the school nurse and I am a English teacher. It's a local high school that just merged with a nearby successful high school. The school we use to be apart of was all boys and the other all girls and now it was mixed and doing better than ever.

The thing is that we weren't suppose to be dating it was a school rule students and teachers had to follow. But Kenzo and I had been dating before the merger of the schools it wasn't well known as we had just started dating two months prior but I wasn't going to break up with him just because of this foolish rule. So we kept it secret in school but sometimes either of us are unable to keep our hands off of each other.

"Kenzo, I'm stuck on this level can you help me?" I asked holding my cellphone out to him showing him the game I had been playing it was one he got me into.


"Ah this level was hard, though for this I require payment first." He said a smirk playing on his lips a few strands of blond hair falling into his big brown eyes.

"Hmm," I mused leaning into him. "I'm out of cash all I have is this to offer."

I cupped the side of his face with my right hand kissing him gently listening to the slight moan coming from him.

"Ah, here's your change, love." He said kissing me back nipping on my lower lip and licked his tongue over my lips.

"Squawk!" Professor bawked as she came out of her cage flapping her wings pecking at my shoes.

Laughing a little I picked up the Silkie she nuzzled up against me, Professor only adored Kenzo and myself. My brother raised Silkies and sold them right after my father's death and he used that money to keep the family afloat. So I was comfortable around the birds myself and helped Kenzo whenever he come across any problems with Professor.

"You want some attention too Professor my dear, he ignoring you too?" I cooed kissing the top of the bird's head.

"And who has been playing video games during this morning's meeting?" Kenzo Asked as he waved my phone in my face.

"Nope I wasn't doing this during a meeting this morning this was during the kids testing. I was waiting on them so I went ahead and played. You didn't go to the meeting this morning so how would you know?" I teased as he clicked on the buttons on the screen.

"So in front of students, such a naughty girl." Kenzo teased reaching a hand out pulling me onto his lap.

Now the three of us were cuddled up together on a examining table with his jaw resting on my shoulder as his strong arms wrapped around my waist as he played the game. Professor was nestled up on my chest as I hummed the theme song to the game.

"I'm jealous of Professor getting to cuddle up against your breast like that. Perhaps I can learn a spell and change spots with her?" He mused during a loading screen.

"But then you wouldn't have pose-able thumbs or beautiful lips to kiss." I reasoned, wriggling a little on his lap to tease him.

"True then I couldn't put these fingers to good work, like getting you out of this blouse and skirt." He teased kissing my neck.

"We are at work, Kenzo...we really even shouldn't be sitting like this."

"Yeah its lunch time and oddly no kids are here to interrupt us." He hummed squeezing me tight.


"Wouldn't it be hot to have sex here in the office right here on a exam table and then over there on one of the beds?" He asked in a husky tone his hot breath tickling my ear sending a shiver down my spine.

"Yes it would be, Kenzo. But perhaps it when school isn't in session?" I reasoned.

"But being possibly caught apart of the allure of it all?"

"Yeah by a student with parents who would retaliate and the council who doesn't know we are dating and would fire us."

"No fun." He teased as he finished the level I was stuck on.

"No fun?" I repeated getting up and placing Professor on the ground I turned to face Kenzo I kissed him slipping my tongue inside his mouth massaging his tongue as he wrapped his arms around me again holding me close.

I reached my right hand down and palmed his crotch feeling his cock get hard at my touch. There was a slight cough which made us stop what we were doing.

"So I am right about the two of you." Shinichi said from the doorway.

"Crap." I muttered as I moved away from Kenzo who sneakily grabbed my ass squeezing it tightly.

"I know you are jealous Shinichi, of Miku and I. Like I know you stare at her and want her but she is with me."

Shinichi liked me? I didn't know that we worked together a lot with him for the extra projects to raise the overall grades of the school. Looking over at Shinichi I noticed his eyes roving over me a blush rising to his cheeks.

"Is that true Shinichi?"

"This is not the time to discus that know the rules."

"Shinichi we've been dating before this whole ruling came over well before the merger. I'm not giving up my relationship with Miku." Kenzo said firmly standing up wrapping a arm around my waist holding me tight against him.

"And I don't want separate from Kenzo, I love him." I responded wrapping my arm around him.

"I love you too babe." He said kissing the side of my face causing me to blush a deep shade sometimes his pda can be at the wrong time.

"It hasn't affected our work any as you see, Mr Kagari. We keep everything together...."

"Well with what I just saw I don't think you weren't keeping it together very well, Miss Hayashi." Shinichi said looking firmly at the both of us.

"It's lunch break and on our personal time." Kenzo reasoned as he stood up for us.

"But still in the school and representing the staff." Shinichi reasoned logically.

"It won't happen again." I said submitting to Shinichi knowing that he wouldn't give up on this. "I will be a good girl."

The way I said good girl I said it my most seductive voice possible I knew the voice got Kenzo's attention every time and made him bend to my whim. Of course Kenzo has a voice fetish and loves the sound of my voice what's the chance of his good friend having the same fetish?

"Legs." Kenzo muttered under his breath a smirk playing on his lips.

"Oh." I replied I was wearing a knee length black skirt that was made of thin cotton.

I did work out every other day so I had nicely toned legs that looked good in my cosplay outfits. Of course I was more into what ass looked like in the outfits as the works outs were for my ample ass. Raising my skirt a few inches I let Shinichi see my left thigh peeking at the tattoo that was there. His eyes looked at the firm thigh and the sun tattoo. Shinichi licked his thin lips his eyes going wide as he shuffled uncomfortably in spot.

"If I see anything like this happening between the two of you on school grounds I will report you."

"Thanks Mr Kagari." I said smiling pleasantly at him turning around facing Kenzo.

--- After School ---


"Kenzo they had to cancel the meet for tonight." I called out to him as I walked into the office as he was getting ready to leave for the night.

We would alternate who would leave first and meet at different locations before we would go home to walk together or go play games. Today we were suppose to meet up with some friends to play some D & D in full role play but a few had to call out due to being sick. So it would be rescheduled to next week.

"Oh so that leaves us with a free night." Kenzo said as he took the power cord for the DS out and wrapped it up.

"It sure does." I said as I looked at my phone and then to the door.

"You know you left me rather horny earlier today, I don't think I could really focus at Hiro's house sitting next to you in your archer elf cosplay."

"Does show off my breasts really well." I said with a smile on my face.

"Hmm yes," He replied walking past me a hand brushing my side pulling on the blouse a little.

Kenzo closed the door, the curtain of the window still open slightly. Moving back towards me looking down at me his big brown eyes staring into my green eyes, reaching his right hand to the side of my face cupping it.

"I think you are due for a check up, my dear." He said smoothly kissing me pressing his body against mine.

"It's been a while, who knows what horrible disorder I've picked up." I laughed in between hot peppered kisses on my lips.

"Hmm, yes you could be riddled with stuff. Let's check that heart rate." Kenzo said moving us to the examining table standing in between my legs leaning into me sucking on my neck.

I moaned loudly as he reached his hands underneath my shirt rubbing against my pale skin as he sucked on my neck more. My heart started to beat wildly as I reached out pulling on his lab coat bringing him closer to me. His tongue slid overthrew pulse in my neck and he squeezed my sides tightly as he nipped down leaving a mark on my skin.

"Ah Kenzo, so good." I moaned as he brought his lips to mine again, those damn kissable lips of his.

"Well your heart rate is really good, blood pressure seems fine." He said seductively reaching for the front buttons of the blouse.

Kenzo buried his face into my cleavage as he undid the blouse revealing me in a red lacy bra he let out a loud sigh as he wrapped his arm around me tightly. I rubbed the back of his head burying my fingers in his shaggy hair holding him against my breast as he placed small bites on my breasts.

"Ah yes Kenzo." I moaned I pulled on his hair some listening to the growl in his voice as he nipped on my skin some more.

"I want you right here and right now." Kenzo said huskily locking eyes with me the big brown eyes staring into my light green eyes.

"Yes." I replied, his hands working all over my stomach and sides.

With deft hands he took off the blouse tossing it to the bottom of the examining table reached around me to the snaps of the bra. Biting at my exposed neck right at the collarbone leaving nice teeth marks, letting out a grunt as I moaned loudly. I took off his lab coat then started to hastily unbutton his white shirt revealing his pale toned chest. Leaning into him I kissed his chest kissing his heart hearing it beat madly just like mine was. I brushed my hands over his chest nails digging on his pale skin as Kenzo kissed me passionately.

-- Shinichi's POV --


I was at my desk finishing the last of the paperwork I had to do for the day, my mind kept going to Miku's legs. To her ample bosom and round ass those lean legs that are perfectly smooth. It made working hard to do specially since we had classes together later on during the day so seeing all of it constantly next to me made me flustered.

"She is with Kenzo...I was hoping to ask her on a date when the school rule was lifted. She is so smart, funny and gorgeous."

I headed to the doctors office I had to drop off a few papers to Kenzo's desk. Plus I had a few things I wanted to tell him a few things, mainly to take good care of Miku. At the office the door was closed which was odd since no matter what Kenzo slacked and kept it open wide, the curtain of the glass on the door was still open.

"What?" I gasped eyes going wide my breath catching in my lungs.
Peering through the window Kenzo was leaning in between Miku, pulling off her blouse and tossing her bra to the side. Her breasts are so big and soft looking as Kenzo put his large hands on her breast squeezing them tightly she arching her back. Hot tantalizing sensation went through my body down my spine and to my crotch.

My pants started to get tight as I watched the two of them, why was I doing something so crude? Why am I wishing it was me standing in between her legs kissing her and touching her? I let out a moan as I saw Kenzo reach in between her legs pulling off her underwear and sliding up her skirt around her full hips.

"I should leave..." I chided myself this was wrong...but it was so hot to see them together like this.

Unconsciously I reached my left hand down to my pants rubbing the front of my pants feeling how hard I am right now and how I want to be in her. Kenzo was fingering her as she was fighting with his pants they finally falling down at a pile at his feet. Miku was sucking and biting on Kenzo's neck small arms wrapped around his back pulling him close as he kept his fingers inside her - I wanted to hear the moans she was making the sounds of his fingers moving in and out of her wet vagina.

"Damn..." I muttered as I felt my heart pounding in my chest my breath was short and ragged as I nervously unzipped my pants pulling out my cock and slowly started to stoke it.

Miku leaned back a little spreading her legs I got a view of her glistening wet vagina, I let out a shocked gasp at how perfect it looked. Some precum spurted forth from my hard cock dripping down the head of my cock and onto my fingers. Moaning some as I watched Miku get on her hands and knees on the examining table her shapely ass up in the air Kenzo rubbing her ass in his hands. I want to hear the little yelps she makes when he smacks her ass, I see her body jolt a bit as he smacks that ass, I pressed against the door a bit more it squeaking a little.


"Kenzo, yes!" I heard her shout faintly, it was like music to my ears, Kenzo always had a voice fetish and Miku does have a very lovely voice.

"Her legs..." I moaned, stroking myself a bit harder as Kenzo leans into her sucking and licking her clit hands roaming on her legs.

I watched eagerly as Kenzo inserted several fingers inside of Miku's wet vagina they went in so smoothly I imagine the sound was so erotic. Kenzo smacked her ass hard this time with his free hand leaving a red print. My cock was throbbing in my hand now this was hotter than anything I've pleasured myself to in a while and they hadn't even done any actual penetration. Was watching them do it just that much more thrilling for me? The thought of getting caught by them or someone in the hallway made my heart race faster.

Kenzo inserted his right hand inside her vagina, there was cum and a lot of juices dripping down her vagina and his hand. He was moving his hand in and out slowly the lips of her vagina spreading open as his hand went back inside of her. Her perfect legs were quivering under the pleasure of his hand inside of her. I want to put my hand in her...

"Ahhh..." I moaned as I ejaculated unexpectedly as I watched Miku squirted on Kenzo's hand the cum everywhere.

I lost my balance some loosing my footing I braced myself on the door it making a loud thud against the door jam. Cum spattered all over the door, my eyes went wide with shock as both Kenzo and Miku turned to spot me panting heavily on the other side of the door watching.



"Kenzo we have a Peeping Tom." I said as I locked my green eyes on his dark browns, wide with shock.

I sat up legs spread open as Kenzo kissed me on the side of the head tangling his hands in my hair.

"Well looks like Shinichi enjoyed that show."

I nodded, "agreed. Well I guess we got caught...we will get into trouble."

"Well I think we can use this to our advantage dear, let's talk to him for a few minutes." Kenzo said calmly heading towards the door opening it.


I watched as Shinichi was scrambling to put his cock back inside his pants and zip it up as Kenzo opened the door.

"I would have never pinned you as someone into voyeurism Shinichi. Like what you saw?" Kenzo said in a teasing tone, in his black and red boxers, hard as a rock from fingering and fisting me.

"It's new..." Shinichi stammered, his eyes darting all over the room.

"Well," Kenzo started grabbing Shinichi's arm pulling him into the room shutting the curtain this time.

"You always wanted a threesome my dear." Kenzo said looking over at me a smile playing on his handsome face.

"That is true. How about it Shinichi? We have a little fun and then you drop this?" I asked leaning forward squishing my breast together some making a good show of cleavage.

"I uhh...." He said blushing as I stood up walking over to him sauntering as I did making my breasts bounce and my hips sway.

"See it's been a little fantasy of mine to have sex with two guys. Kenzo wanted another girl suggested Rika but I couldn't stand the thought of another woman in bed with us I would get terribly jealous. Though another guy...on the other hand just sends my pussy a quivering with excitement." I explained to him caressing the side of his face with my left hand and with my right hand rubbing at the hem of Kenzo's boxers.

“You sure about this?” Shinichi questioned feeling nervous, as I palmed his crotch feeling him get hard again.


“Very sure.” Kenzo and I answered at the same time then the both of us laughed a little.


“Why don't we move it to a safer spot? There are still kids here. . .” Shinichi became the voice of reason, as he looked around at the clock the last of the after school clubs would be finishing in a few minutes.


“I didn't take my car today. . .” Kenzo muttered, we had planned to walk to Hiro's place after school.


“I brought mine.” Shinichi replied, reaching a hand out brushing a few long strands of red hair out of my face.


“Excellent then, we go to my place and I get to watch whatever Miku does in the car to you Shinichi, call that payback.”


“Well then get dressed.” Shinichi ordered moving over to the clothes of mine, handing them to me his eyes roving over my naked body.


I put the bra back on as Kenzo got dressed watching me as he got dressed himself, Shinichi picked up the underwear staring at the lacy thong.


“No need for me to put that back on.” I said a smirk playing on my lips as I shimmied the skirt up my hips.


“Keeping this. . .” Shinichi said placing the underwear in his pocket.


“Still the underwear perv.” Kenzo laughed, revealing a secret of Shinichi's one he found out in college.


“That was a accident – this is on purpose.” Shinichi said curtly as he fished his keys out of the pocket.


~~ In the car ~~


I took the passenger seat of the silver Acura while Kenzo slipped into the back seat sitting in the middle legs spread as he unzipped his pants pulling out his cock stroking it gently. The windows were tinted really well so it was hard to see inside unless you really tried at it. Pulling up my skirt some I watched as eyes moved over my wet vagina as I reached a hand over to my clit and massaged it.


“Miku is big on entertaining in the car.” Kenzo remarked. “I have good concentration when driving because of all my gaming techniques so I'm really good at driving and watching her. Or enjoying her mouth on my hard cock.”


“Fuck. . .” Shinichi said breathlessly as I smiled over at him as he pulled the car onto the road shuffling a little in his seat.


“Whatever you are comfortable with Shinichi.” I cooed not wanting him to get us into accident.


“Let me finger you until we get to the apartment, be loud for Kenzo back their.”


I moved myself so I was facing Shinichi more back leaning against the door of the car, his right hand went to my vagina long fingers curling up inside of me getting drenched. Moaning loudly as his fingers went inside of my pressing against the walls of my vagina pressing on them. I placed my fingers on my clit rubbing it as Shinichi scissored his fingers in and out the seat getting wet as I got more turned on as I looked over at Kenzo. Kenzo was stroking his hard cock watching Shinichi finger me his eyes on mine enjoying the moans coming from my mouth as I enjoyed the feeling.


The thing that sucked was that the apartment that we all lived in wasn't far from the school itself so it wasn't enough time to get anything accomplished. Kenzo leaned forward as Shinichi put a third finger inside of me listening to the heavy panting I made his eyes stuck on my vagina as it took in the fingers.


“Pinched her clit, she'll squirt.” Kenzo whispered to Shinichi not wanting to drown out my moans as the car went into the driveway parking the closest.


“Ah yes.” I moan loudly as Shinichi moved his fingers back taking my clit pinching it slightly with his middle finger still inside of me.


Letting out a loud shout of pleasure my lower half shook with pleasure as I squirted right on his arm making the sleeve of his shirt wet with cum and juices.


“Fuck.” The both of them said breathlessly, staring at the scene enjoying themselves.


~~ In Kenzo's apartment ~~


In moments of the door being closed and locked I was pinned between Kenzo and Shinichi as the both of them laid claim to my neck sucking roughly. I moaned as I felt Kenzo's hands on my shirt undoing the buttons, ripping at some of them as he was eager to get at my bare skin. Shinichi pushed down on my skirt hands running over my ass squeezing it tightly, hands moving to my legs.


“Loose the clothes men.” I said as I was all the sudden naked while they were tenting hard in their pants and dressed.


“Yes, love it when you are so commanding.” Kenzo said quickly removing his clothes with Shinichi following behind him.


I moved towards the bed the both of them following behind me stripping of clothes along the way as I sat down on the bed. I was on my knees know looking at the both of them completely naked standing before the bed. The both of them looked simply stunning before me naked cocks fully erect waiting for me. Kenzo's cock was long with a fairly thick girth that always good at spreading me right open, he wasn't circumcised – Shinichi was his cock was a perfect mushroom shaped for the head and he wasn't as long as Kenzo but he had more of a girth to his. Looking at their beautiful eyes full of lust and wanting dark brown eyes and light brown eyes staring into my green eyes.


“I want the ropes and the gag, Kenzo.” I told him eyes flickering over to the dresser by the bed.


“Oh babe,” Kenzo said happily, reaching for the drawer opening the bottom one a few things inside of it.


“Ground rules?” Shinichi asked curious as Kenzo pulled out some ropes and a spider gag.


“No cumming on my face, no choking. . .yeah that's about it.” I summed up a smile playing on my lips.


“So anal?” Shinichi questioned.


“Hell yes, that's a definite.” I said with a bit of a laugh, I shocked Kenzo when I had been the one to suggest we do anal for the first time.


“Fuck, who knew you were freaky. . .” Shinichi said breathlessly his eyes going wide as he saw Kenzo reach behind me tying my arms together in a in-line column knot.


“Yeah it really doesn't show in school does it?” I mused as Shinichi lean forward placing a few kisses on my neck, a hand rubbing up and down my left leg.


“No I thought you were a virgin.”


“Hah. . .” I moan and laughed at the same time as Kenzo started to suck on the other side of my neck, leaving a nice hickey.


“Miku is freaky as hell prim and proper for work though, imagine my surprise when she was the one who brought in more clothes in for sexy roleplay. Her nurses outfit is spot on. . .so sexy.”


“Damn. . .” Shinichi cursed, wishing he had gotten to Miku first before Kenzo.


“Open your mouth babe.” Kenzo ordered, I turned to him opening my mouth wide as he placed the spider gag in my mouth.


Shinichi watched avidly as Kenzo placed the gag in my mouth it prying my mouth open keeping it open wide. Kenzo kissed my forehead ruffling up my red hair some looking lovingly at me. Then roughly he grabbed at my hair pulling me back some pulling me to the floor making me kneel in front of the both of them. Shinichi's eyes went wide at the sudden aggressive change in Kenzo but the excited fire in my eyes and the moaning coming from me calmed him down as it was something I was fine with.


Grabbing his cock Kenzo placed it right inside of my mouth moaning loudly as I started to moan with the feeling of it all. I couldn't suck on his cock like I wanted to because of the gag in my mouth. Knotting his hands in my hair moving his hips back and forth throat fucking me not too roughly his cock just barely getting to the back of my throat enough to make me gag. Drool was hanging from my mouth as his cock went in and out of my mouth the loud sounds of me gagging was enough to drive Kenzo crazy. Shinichi got to his knees reaching his right hand in between my legs and started to massage my clit, spreading the wetness all over his fingers as he buried three fingers right inside of me. Both of them staring me in the eyes watching my reactions, enjoying the desire I had to please them.


“Man your mouth is so good, Miku. I bet you want to suck my cock so hard right now but you can't.~” Kenzo teased as he started to thrust harder into me Shinichi using his free hand to grab at my breasts squeezing them.


“She's so fucking wet, it's like a waterfall.” Shinichi commented as all the juices started to drip down his hands.


“She loves to be dominated like this – but she likes to turn it around dominate you back.” Kenzo said grunting as he started thrust faster in my mouth, the loud moans from me fueling his desire to go faster.


“Fuck she's so hot.” Shinichi moan as he started to suck on my neck some left hand going to my ass squeezing it tightly.


“And she's all mine.” Kenzo grunted, his cock throbbing roughly in my mouth as he held his cock right into the back of my throat and started to cum right in my mouth.


“Damn my turn.” Shinichi said sternly getting to his feet quickly.


“Hah, you get the other side.” Kenzo undid the spider gag gently massaging my jaw for me knowing that it can lock up my mouth and hurt me some, so he always massaged it loosening the muscles. Then removing the ropes, helping me to my feet.


Pushing Shinichi onto the bed I sidled myself in between him rubbing my hands up and down his legs placing a few kisses on the inside of his thighs, he let out a whimper. Kenzo was beside me stroking his cock again watching, enjoying this just as much as I was. Grabbing Shinichi's cock in my right hand I started to stroke my hand up and down just ghosting my hand over the sensitive skin making him moan. With my left hand I grabbed at his balls fingertips just tickling over the skin making him loll his head back the glasses sliding up his nose some as he bit his lower lip. With the tip of my tongue I flicked over the head of his cock tasting the salty precum that was leaking out of it. Putting the head of the cock in my mouth I took it slowly in sucking had on it on the way down. Shinichi was a moaning mess as I took all of his cock inside of my mouth, the base pressing against my lips the light about of pubic hair brushing against my nose a little. I sucked hard holding his cock deep in my mouth, nails digging into his thighs Shinichi buried a hand in my hair pulling on it roughly as he moved my head up looking me in the eyes.


“Damn you are so hot, Miku.” He panted as I pushed his hands away from my head as I went back to work on his cock.


Moving my head up and down roughly sucking on him enjoying the feeling of his cock spreading my mouth right open, filling me right up. I felt his cock throbbing in my mouth, the moans and whines coming from Shinichi making me excited beyond belief, Kenzo got down on his knees and started to finger my vagina getting his fingers drenched then moving them to my ass, pushing two fingers in. I moan loudly against his cock the vibrations rushing over Shinichi's cock making him buck against me. I pulled his cock out of my mouth, Shinichi let out a whine as the heat from my mouth left his cock, there was precum spilling out of it, throbbing right in front of me.


“I'm about to cum.” Shinichi whined panting reaching for my hair to pull me back towards his cock.


I grabbed at his hands holding them down as I licked up and down his throbbing cock, my tongue not providing enough friction for him to find his release. I reached down to the base of his cock licking at his balls a long slow lick as I went back to the tip of his cock. Pressing my lips against his head, as Kenzo added a third finger in my ass moving them in and out smoothly. I gave a hard suck just on the head of his cock, causing Shinichi to buck his hips trying to get his cock deeper into my mouth but I just stopped him as I lifted my head up. He whined under me wanting my mouth to wrap around his cock holding it tightly with drool just going down it.


“Doesn't it frustrate you just want to ram your cock right down her throat?” Kenzo teased, noticing the look on his friend's face.


“Yes, I want to cum.” Shinichi whined.


“Take back the dominance, she'll love it.” Kenzo suggested kissing the back of my neck biting down on the skin some.


My tongue going back and forth over that perfectly shaped head, teasing him feeling him on the verge of cumming any second but can't because I'm suppressing him. With a guttural grunt Shinichi pushed his hands free of mine standing up forcing his cock right into the back of my throat right hand buried into my hair holding me tight against him as he started to fuck my throat. Grunting loudly as he held his cock deep in my mouth it making me gag loudly drool hanging down my lips my eyes watering some when his cock pressed against my tonsils. Then all the sudden hot liquid filled my throat as cum shot right into my mouth as Shinichi grunted loudly. Shinichi fell back onto the bed panting heavily as I let out a loud pleasurable moan as Kenzo helped me to my feet.


“Damn that was so good.” Shinichi moaned, as I got onto the bed Kenzo following behind me.


“Still hard.” I muttered reaching a hand for his cock, rubbing it in my hands Shinichi moaning under my touch.


“Yes. . .I want more of you.” Shinichi moaned.


“Yes all of you.” Kenzo replied as he pushed me on top of Shinichi.


I was holding myself up a little by my arms my legs straddling Shinichi as I bit down on his right nipple getting the reward of his load moan. I felt the head of Kenzo's cock pressing at the lips of my vagina the thick cock pressing me right open filling me right up. I let out a shrill cry of pleasure as I felt his cock his my cervix panting heavily he moved in and out a bit, but the grunting of Shinichi underneath made him stop. Reaching his right hand underneath me Shinichi grabbed his cock rubbing it at my already occupied entrance, the wetness of my cum and juice moving down his cock.


“Ah! It is tight. . .fuck this is so much.” I shouted out in pure pleasure as Shinichi pushed his cock inside of my vagina alongside Kenzo's cock.


“FUCK!” Kenzo shouted as he felt Shinichi's cock push in next to his spreading my vagina open wider.


“Damn, this is so fucking tight. You are so wet, Miku, you love the feeling of us right in you.” Shinichi said in a husky voice, his dark brown eyes staring into my green eyes.


“Yes I'm loving it. Move you two.” I said in a commanding voice as I tried to move myself some but being pinned in between them it was hard to just barely rock my hips.


Kenzo grunted as he started to thrust into me and Shinichi bucked his hips up against me the both of them found a steady rhythm after a few moments of sloppy thrusting. Then it was perfect as my body was being thrusted into my g-spot and cervix being slammed into as my body quivered between them. The both of them were grunting and moaning sexily in my ears, as they bit and suck on my neck and shoulder holding me against them. The loudness of our bodies smacking against each other was such a erotic sound that was giving me such pleasure, I kept cumming as cum just drooled down their cocks and onto the bed. I felt Kenzo starting to throb first his thrusts becoming a bit erratic as he slowed down a little then picked up again as I moaned out his name.


“Kenzo. . .” I moaned as he grunted biting on my shoulder.


“Miku you are getting tighter on us. . .” Shinichi moaned roughly as he throbbed madly inside of me thrusting roughly inside of me.


Both of them let out a loud grunt as they ejaculated right inside of me filling up my vagina with hot cum. I let out a shrill moan as they pulled out of me their cum leaking out of my vagina as they released so much inside of me, I was shaking with pleasure as Kenzo sat me up kissing me passionately.


“I love you so much Miku.” He muttered in between kisses.


“I want to fuck those legs. . .” Shinichi said as he got to his knees his cock still hard his eyes moving up and down legs his hands reach out his hands.


There was a soft laugh coming from Kenzo as he laid me on the my back sucking on my nipples pressing both of my breasts together sucking on both at the same time. His hands grabbing onto my breasts roughly squeezing them tightly making me pant heavily. Shinichi propped my legs up lifting them up his hands massaging all over my legs as Kenzo reached his left hand down in between my legs and started to massage my clit. Shinichi placed soft kisses to my legs leaning in to my inner thighs as he pressed my legs almost to my chest as they bumped against Kenzo's body. The moans coming from Shinichi was hot my heart was racing at the new experiences, sure Kenzo had fucked me before with a dildo in at the same time just to experiment but having a second real cock inside of me was a whole different story. Then this leg fetish that wasn't something Kenzo had so this was totally new to me. Situating himself close to me and angled right with my legs pressed together I felt the head of his cock pressing against my thighs as he pushed them through my legs.


Kenzo was continuing his work on my breasts and my clit enjoying the sounds of my moans and pants as Shinichi started to thrust into my legs, his cock was wet from my vagina so it went through my legs rather smoothly.


“Fuck this feels so good the muscles of your legs against my cock feels so fantastic. They are so smooth. . .I bet them in fishnet tights would be so wonderful.” Shinichi groaned heavily I felt a trickle of precum on my stomach.


I reached out my right hand grabbing a hold of Kenzo's hard cock stroking it listening to his moans as he bit down roughly on my neck leaving deep imprints on me. Shinichi started to kiss my ankles then biting down gently on the tender skin, it sent a shiver through my body just as the same time as Kenzo pinched my clit I let out a loud moan squirting on his hands. Then the throbbing of Shinichi's cock started to get crazy just as Kenzo's started throbbing in my hand. Pulling his cock from out from between my legs Shinichi started to jerk his cock roughly grunting he ejaculated all down my legs from my calves to my thighs, covering me in white cum it dripping down my legs.


“Fuck.” Kenzo moaned as he took his cock in his hand and jerked off right onto my breasts leaving strands of cum all over me.


“Damn this feels so fucking hot!” I shouted as I got to my hands and knees sticking my ass right up in the air.


“Damn babe.” Kenzo said smacking my ass roughly then Shinichi followed suit after hearing the moans I let out.


“Both cocks in that ass.” I commanded. “Shove them into that swollen pussy get them wetter and then right into that ass. That firm – fat ass that is begging to be fuck.”


In a second I felt Kenzo's cock shoving it right into my vagina forcing it in as it was swollen from all the fucking it's taken already. Slamming into my cervix I moaned as Kenzo pulled out his cock slowly taking the head of his cock and pressing it against my asshole, I let out a mewling whimper at the pressure. Kenzo mounted me burying his cock deep into my ass, letting out a grunt as he went balls deep inside of my ass. I felt the overwhelming pressure of Shinichi forcing his cock in my swollen vagina as he wanted to get inside my ass as well.


“Shit, that feels good one in each hole, damn.” I moaned as the sensation of being filled by the both of them sent my body on fire.


“You are clenching my cock so tight, Miku.” Shinichi moaned weakly as I let out a good orgasm body shaking a little.


Forcibly pulling out his cock out of me he moaned watching some cum drip down his cock, moving closer to me Shinichi took his cock pressing the head against my asshole. He nudged it next to Kenzo's cock spreading my ass open enjoying the tight sensation we all moan loudly it felt so good to have them buried into my ass. They were moving slowly enjoying the feeling, I felt Kenzo grab at my breasts as Shinichi rubbed one leg fingers getting cum on them as he did.


“This is so hot. . .I'm loving this so much.” I panted as they started to move faster in sync with each other spreading my ass open more in the process.


“Babe your ass is so tight it is so good.” Kenzo whined as he gripped my breast so tightly.


“I'm going to fill this ass right up with cum.” Shinichi grunted as I felt both of their cocks throbbing inside of me.


I was starting to buckle under the weight of the both of them on top me pounding into me the thrilling sensation was sending my eyes rolling in my head and my toes curling from the feeling. There was a steady stream of cum dripping down my legs from my vagina and I was ready for some to drip out of my ass.


“Harder!” I shouted I wanted them deeper in me.


They both grunted in reply as I clenched my ass around their cocks tighter making them shout out in pleasure. The both of them started to pound into me harder sending my mind reeling from the pleasure it was so much, the throbbing of their cocks felt so good pressing against my ass. I felt Shinichi smack my ass, his hand snaking underneath me rubbing fingers against my clit, pinching it slightly. I let out excited moan as the two bodies on top of me shivered and hot cum was released inside my ass. Grunting and panting heavily the both of them pulled out of me letting tendrils of cum dripping out of my ass as Kenzo pulled me into his arms kissing me passionately. The three of us curled up next to each other with me in the middle and slowly catching our breath and falling asleep.