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Out of the Woods

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Out of the Woods


It was nearly one in the morning when they came through the door of her townhouse. She tossed her keys on the hall table and shrugged off her coat, throwing it across the bench. “How about a drink?”

“Whisky.” Bill took off his coat, laying it down next to her. “Where’s your stereo?”

“Far wall in the living room.” she pointed in the direction the room was. “No country though.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

Hillary made her way into the kitchen, kicking her heels off as she went. As she poured the drinks she heard the soft buzzing of jazz music floating throughout the house. She leaned up against the doorjamb and watched him.

Bill looked up from the stereo. “You approve?”

“Not bad.” she held out a tumbler of liquor to him.

He took the drink from her hand and took a sip. “It can’t be, it’s from your collection.” he smiled. “Let’s dance.”

“Again?” she raised the glass to her lips. “You’re the one who complained that your feet hurt.”

“You have carpet though.”

Her smile was enough to illuminate the entire city of D.C. “You’ll have to move the coffee table.”

“Not a problem.” he sat his drink down on an end table. He pushed the coffee table to the far side of the room, under the window.

“And take off your shoes.” she instructed. “I don’t want you stepping on my toes.”

He sat down and untied his shoes. “I didn’t step on your toes all evening.”

She downed the contents of her glass and sat it down next to his. “Yes, and I’d like to keep it that way.”

Bill stood up and reached for her hand, drawing her to him. Without her heels she lost about three inches of height. “You shrunk.”

“Just a little.” she said. “Is that a problem?”

His hand pushed into the small of her back, pulling her closer to him. “Not in the slightest.” he smiled down at her. “This is even better than before.”

“Aren’t you glad I talked you into coming out with me tonight?” she asked. “Much better than having dinner with Henry.”

“I didn’t need much convincing.” he said. “I’ve had a fun time with you.”

They danced together for the longest time. Filtering streetlight from outside, bare feet on plush carpet, soft buzz of aged whiskey filtering through their veins. They were comfortable in the silence of words, bodies swaying to the music. Hillary laid her head against his shoulder, their intertwined hands resting against his chest.


“Hmm?” she hummed.

He tilted her chin up with his fingertip, without breaking his hold on her hand. “Can I kiss you?”

“You don’t have to ask permission, Bill.” she teased. “Takes the spontaneity out of things.”

“No?” he laughed.

“No.” she smiled. “I’m not a delicate Southern Belle. I won’t break.”

“But I want you to remember this.”

Her blue eyes searched his. “Yeah, why’s that?”

“Because you should be able to recall the moment you fell in love.”

Soft laughter filled the room. “There’s that Southern charm I’ve heard so much about.”

“Is it working?”

“Well I don’t know.” she replied. “I’m still waiting for that kiss.”

His mouth descended upon hers meeting full, soft lips. He kissed her top lip and then her bottom, releasing it ever so slowly. Her lips parted under his tongue and she deepened the kiss. They explored with great patience, languid, liquid kisses that threatened to burn them up. Lips and tongues caressing and teasing until they parted out of lack of oxygen.

“Well, I don’t know about Southern charm but you’re a hell of kisser.”

He fought to keep from blushing. No other woman ever had this effect on him. “I think it comes down to who you’re with.”

“Learn to take a compliment when it’s given.”

Hillary kissed him again, slow and deep. His hands on her face pulled her closer. They couldn’t seem to get enough of each other. Mouths opening and closing in a delicious battle that neither one had to courage to stop.

He pulled back, resting his forehead against hers. “Slow down.”

“Stay.” she breathed out.

His opened mouth trailed down her neck, his breath warm against her skin. “Stay?” he questioned.

She drew her bottom lip between her teeth, biting down slightly at the promise of pleasure he stirred within her. “Mmm.” she sighed. “Stay.”

His lips were on hers again, kissing her breathless. Hillary pulled away, grabbing him by the tie and leading him backward. His strong hand, heavy on her hip, pushed her against the wall and he closed in on her, his tongue sweeping through her open mouth and tangling with hers.

Her hands went for his tie, undoing it and using it to pull him to her further. My God she could drown in his kisses. They had both started something they couldn’t stop. The tie was dropped to the floor and she went for the buttons down his shirt.

He pulled back to watch her, her fingers making quick work of the buttons, pushing the shirt from his body. He shrugged it off and then placed his hands on her hips, turning her against the wall. An open mouth kiss was pressed to the nape of her neck. His hands skillfully finding the zipper and sliding it down slowly to reveal her bare back and a peek of black lace covering her rounded bottom.

He placed a kiss between her shoulder blades and she drew in a shaky breath. She could feel his smile against her back. His hands slid into her dress, her skin oh-so warm and inviting. The dress was on the floor in a matter of moments, a black puddle at her bare feet.

Bill turned her to face him. His tongue slipped through his lips to wet them before drawing his bottom lip between his teeth. One of the most prominent women in politics was standing before him in a wisp of black lace. Curvy and gorgeous with blue eyes that he could drown in.

He reached out for her hand, interlacing his fingers with hers. “Are you sure?”

Her lips grazed the back of his hand. “Come to bed with me.”