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Pen to the skin

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I hate you

I need you

Please, don't leave me, my dear blue boy


The tears poured down crybaby's face into a giant pool that flooded her room. Her fingers gently stroking the words printed so clearly on her delicate skin. 

I deserve more

We deserve more

Don't leave me

Please don't leave me

I love you

The memories of her begging written right above her belly button. For each word, a scar slashed it. To forget the memories. To replace the begging with a new beginning. A new hope. 

You will be the death of me

It'll be all your fault

I'll drown in my own tears

It'll be all your fault

Crybaby grabbed at the flesh with the words. Tears like a tsunami, gushing out of her face. 

"it's all his fault, he makes me feel bad" she said, watching the black ink shape out the words on her pale skin. 

This makes her cry even harder. Each word on her skin is hated, they're only their as rememberence for her sins and mistakes.

He wasn't even there for the last part.

She saved it for when he had already left her.  

blue boy

I love everything you do

Even when you skipped my parties

And ditched me for someone new

Slash, slash, slash. Today was supposed to be their anniversary.

She spends it alone. 

He spends it with the girl he chose over her. 

And that last tear is what finally drowns her. 

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Every word you say appears on your skin. No one is quite sure why. Maybe it's because the great dinosaur overlords wanted the new human species to be kinder with their words or maybe to be able to remember specific moments more clearly or maybe because the universe just wanted to a bitch.

Whatever it was, it was a stupid idea.

Everyone delt with their hatred towards the words differently. Some wanted to punch the creator towards the human race. Some cried themselves to sleep, stroking the penmanship on their skin. Some even went as far as making sure that they couldn't speak so that the words wouldn't appear. They are the crazy ones, but, if you think about it, who can blame them for going insane?

Tyler Joseph was crazy. Not the cut your tongue off type crazy or the don't speak unless you're in a fatal circumstance. No, Tyler Joseph was a different type of crazy. He just can't deal with his demons so he made them real. He split his personality into different beings. Ruby was goodness, Blurry was anger. 

Tyler had more words on his arms than most at his age. He constantly talks to his personality, adding more words to his skin. Well,  I say talking. It's mostly screaming at Blurry and crying to Ruby. Ruby understands, Blurry just fuels the flame.

Today, Tyler was mourning the death of his friend Melanie, or as everyone else liked to call her, Crybaby. Her life was sad and she was lonely and depressed when Tyler wasn't there. Maybe that's why she drowned herself in a pool of her tears. Everyone has their breaking point and Crybaby found hers. 

The funeral was short and grim. Not many people came, but just enough that Tyler knew that Crybaby had made an impact on this horrible world. The gravestone was simple. It had her name, and just above it, it had a little teddy bear symbol. Nice and simple. 

Tyler, now sitting in the middle of his room, felt do the place where his last words with Crybaby were. They were written just above the knee, where they were easy to spot and easy to remember.

Hey Melanie


How are you




I'm sorry


I'll leave you alone. I know you probably don't want me here. I know today is hard for you


Oh, and Melanie? Remember to stay alive. OK? 




It's like being on one side of a phone line. Only hearing one side of the conversation

Tyler kept going back to the moment where the words were spoken, flickering between talking to Ruby and reminiscing.

If only that would help. 

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Josh's life sucks.

Well, everyone's life sucks, just for different reasons. Could be because of something big, or something small, or maybe because your parents voted for the one and only Cheeto Voldemort to be the president of the United States, or your life could suck just because.

Josh have not had his life suck for a big reason, and yes, he did sometimes have small problems, but they were minor and easy to fix. His parents didn’t vote for the dumb ass president we have today, but even so, his life still sucked.

He didn’t have many friends, for he did not speak. At all. It was a choice. He couldn’t bear to see the words on his skin. He still had them, of course. I mean, it's hard to find someone who didn’t have at least one word. He could sign and that was all that mattered.

Sometimes, when Josh was out of the sight of the only friend he had, he would look over the last words he said, which were conveniently located on his right wrist, like a bracelet.


You know what I'm craving right now


It's so awesome



How have you not guessed what it is?

It's so simple


It's freaking-

Wait for it-



I just need some in my system


Well, I need me some Taco bell

BYE, fren

His words weren’t sad, or emotional, or filled with angst. They just were, well, there. They were annoying and stupid and not what Josh should be thinking about. He had to focus. He had to comfort Tyler after the tragic death of Crybaby.

Tyler’s fragile. Each incident needed to be handled with extreme care and precision. You never know if he could go back to talking to-
No. Tyler had learned from the previous incident. He wouldn’t go talking to Blurry again.

Or that’s what Josh thought as he rolled into Tyler’s driveway.

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Laying on the ground is awesome. That's what Tyler thinks. Or at least, that's what he thinks in this moment.

The ground, for some strange reason, is a calming way to relieve your pain and to help you focus. Just lay down in a comfortable position, look up the the ceiling, and let out all your fears and misery. 

Tyler is laying on the ground, in the middle of his apartment, balling up the carpet in his fists. 

"Relax" he thought. "Make the thoughts go away. Don't give in. Don't let the evil control you"

Suddenly Jimmy Fallon burst through the apartment door. 

Just kidding. It was actually Josh. I'll start over. 

Suddenly Josh burst through the apartment door. 

"Tyler!" he signed. Worry and confusion spread through Josh's face

Tyler tilted his head to see Josh properly. 

"Hmm. " he grumbled. 

"What" Josh paused, making sure Tyler understood how concerned he was. "Are. You. Doing?

Tyler smirked before making a face of mock seriousness.

"Skydiving." he replied sarcastically."I'm skydiving, Josh. "

Josh rolled his eyes. "You know what I mean. " he signed. 

Tyler chuckled. "Josh, I'm only clearing my head. You know how important that is. "

"I do, but why can't you do that in a chair or something? "

Tyler started picking at the carpet beneath him. " I don't know.  It doesn't work as well,  I guess. "

Josh bent down and layed parallel to Tyler, their faces inches away from each others. 


"yes, Josh"

"Have you, uh, started to talk to Him again? "

Tyler looked down at his word covered hands. 

"Tyler. "


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In the many years between now and when Tyler had turned 21, he would go to the same bar, on the same corner of the same street, in between the Dunkin' Donuts and Ruby's Motorcycle Repair. 9He never went anywhere else. Well, he never wanted to go anywhere else. If he wanted to get drunkenly stupid, BAM! He would go to there. If he wanted to host a small get-together, KABLAMO! He would go to The Bar.

This bar in particular was a conveniently located, well stocked bar where bands come to play hoping to get a record deal. I say bands come to play, I mean, bands used to come and play. Now, the only band that plays there now is some popular, local, emo band who calls themselves My Chemical Romance. In fact, My Chemical Romance is the sole reason Tyler came to this bar more frequently.

Sometimes, tyler would go back to those fond memories where My CHEM would be playing in the background while he would sit on a stool sipping a strange combination of Red Bull and vodka.


"I don't love you like I loved you yesterday" the lead vocalist sang. The words leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Tyler appreciated the music. Listening to music helped him focus and to rid his mind of thoughts. He understood the words and the words understood him.

"Thank you" the song had ended and the lead vocalist had started to speak. "that was our last song for this evening. We are My Chemical Romance, check us out at our other venues."

The man broke out into a smile as the audience cheered and clapped for the band.

Tyler broke out of thoughts, and upon realizing he was staring at someone, his cheeks, covered by words, Started to visibly blush.

Unfortunately for Tyler, the human that Tyler was accidently staring at noticed Tyler's sudden attention to them and started to walk over to him.

When the person walked over, they reached out their hand and said "Hi. I'm Josh. "

~(Present time)~

Tyler was very confused as to why he was thinking of that memory in this exact moment. He was freaking out and couldn't understand much of what was going on around him.

Josh was hovered over him,  looking very panicked and frightened, holding His phone up to his ear. His hands shaking. 

No,  tyler did not understand much of what was going on around him, but he did understand that his mind was shutting down. 

He did understand that his arms were flailing about. 

He did understand that everything was dark. 

He did understand that it was getting hard for him to breathe. 

He did understand that he was very scared. 

He also understood that, in this moment, he was having a seizure. 

See, he can understand things


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"Hello? Sir?" voice called out. My eyes opened a sliver to see who it was. Being to drowsy to open them any more. "Are you awake? Yes? No? Maybe? Just want to sleep? Think I'm super annoying and is just pretending to be asleep so I'll go away? OK. I get it"

I opened my mouth just a little, trying to say something intelligent to have the voice stay. 

Instead I said something along the lines of, "hmmmmalamsn. Wasssgooneon? "

Good job, Tyler. Now that's going to be on your body for the rest of your life. 

I attempted to open my eyes a little more. Notice I said attempted.

I opened my eyes a smidge and my eyeballs screamed in agony. Or maybe that was me. I don't know. 

The room was brighter than what I had anticipated. It was like staring into the freaking sun.

"Oh, sir"the voice called out again. "don't open your eyes just yet. Let me turn the brightness down in the room first.  Don't want to damage those pretty little eyes of yours. "

Was she flirting with me? 

I could sense the light dimming around me.

"There." the voice said. "you can open your eyes now."

My 'pretty' eyes(as the voice called them) slowly opened, as to not kill them. 

Sitting to the right of my bed was a young women, no older than 25. She must've been the voice. 

" Ahh, there we are Mr. joseph. Now for the interrogation." she said. 

I must've looked soooooo confused, because she laughed at whatever face I was making. 

"Oh, no sir." she explained. "I just have some mandatory questions for you. Is that OK?" she asked. 

I nodded, not wanting to embarrass myself even more. 

"OK. Question 1:" she said. "do you know when you are? If so, please state. "

"the hospital,  duh" I replied smart-assly (if that's a word). 

"Alright. Question 2: do you know why you are here?  If so, please state."

I sighed, rolling my eyes. "Seizure"

"OK,  last question. " she said. " would you like me to call your emergency contact and let them know your awake? "

Well my emergency contact was, obviously, josh. Oh, no josh! He must be so worried. 

"yes please!" I replied. " please hurry. He just cares so much, but" I sigh. " the only problem is that he's selectively mute so he won't talk back. "

The girl's nose crinkles with disgust. "Oh," she said. "He's one of those people.  I don't understand how you can be near someone like him. I mean, they're just words. Get over it."

All I can do is stare at here. Shock temporarily paralyzing my body. 

"that's a very bigoted opinion" I whisper. 

"what was that! What did you say! " she yelled.

" I said ' that is a very bigoted opinion" I said raising my voice a little *coughcoughalotcough* " I mean it's your opinion but you have no idea what they go through. I would like a new, um, whatever you are"

"Ugh! " she turned and exited the room, but not before I flipped her off. I know, real classy. The conversation forever etched into our arms

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I hate people. They just suck. They always say such bigotry and they don't care that what they say will be forever etched on their flesh and when they're old and dead inside they will look back and regret it.

Thats why I don't say anything. It's so much easier than worrying about accidentally saying some shitty bs ( I know, great word choice) or saying something stupid like, " holy crabnuggets, I just farted on a weasel." You stare, but I can be weird enough to say this.

But there are also some times when it sucks, like when you get a call from the hospital and can't respond.

"Mr. Dun, Tyler is well enough to be taken home now, when would you like to pick him up?"

like, what the hell? How do you expect me to answer that? 

"Hello, sir? Are you there? Excuse me."

or, my personal favorite,

"You know, Mr. Dun, you have to actually speak in order for me to do my job. This is very rude to just ignore me."

Oh the stupidity.

of course, I'm thinking about all of this while driving to the local hospital, because I would like to be face to face with the extremely rude person on the phone and just tell her off(while Tyler interprets). 

And, of course, to pick up Tyler. I didn't forget about him. I was just occupying my mind with how I'm going violently murder the bitch and I momentarily forgot the whole reason I was going to the hospital in the first place.

See, I didn't forget about him.

though, I do have a lot of time in between all of my red lights. It wouldn't hurt to pretend I'm strangling someone in particular. 

Oh, would you look at that. I have arrived at the hospital. How convenient. 

I step out of the car and head towards the main lobby, passing the gift shop and the large family of drug addicts. 

I some how find Tyler's room and see that he's just staring at the wall. Yep. Just staring. Which is getting very creepy.

I tap on his shoulder, which startled him.

"Holy crap! Where did you come from?" He asks.

'I just got here and you looked like you were stalking the wall. I was just doing the wall a favor.'

He nods," Jeez, just a little warning next time. I just had a seizure, I don't need another one by you scaring the crap out of me."

i chuckle. 'I think you mean a heart attack'

"Whatever, man, I just want to get out of here."

'Oh, yeah! Come on dude lets go get you checked out.'

Out comes the biggest eye roll in history, "This isn't a hotel, dumbass"

we both giggle for a few minutes, 'yeah, you're right, this would be the crapiest hotel in the universe."

And then we left.