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The WarBirds in Seidoukan.

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Crow was thinking, if he could help anyone in his state, considering he is not in a good position right now. Then suddenly a squad of 7 CASTs run towards him. The 5 Male CASTs had the cyclop face, wearing Lobas torso,Gimnas arms and Lobas legs. Epsilon 6 wore a custom faceplate with the monocular attachment to her left eye while Epsilon 2 wears a full Redmiels set and dons a full head helmet that covers her face. The Epsilon unit dons the color red, the color of valor.

“Commander Crow!”

“Epsilon Unit, reporting for duty sir.”

“We never thought we’d see you again! Commander.” Epsilon 7 says with a salute.

“No time for chatter, Epsilon 7. Take this girl, heal her leg if you can. She twisted it. Epsilon 4,5,6 use long range weapons! Epsilon 1,2,3 draw your blades. Keep it distracted while 4,5 and 6 line up shots.”

“Sir, aren’t we at war with humans?” Epsilon 7 asks him,

“I will explain later!” Crow says as his helmet forms on his head, to which he takes off his butler coat, putting it on Milly’s shoulder. Crow draws his Ank Tomho and charges to the front. Epsilon 4 pulls out Rebellion rifle, firing away to the Stateria, the Zamvapas screams loudly, roaring as it charges at them. Crow stands at the front keeping the Stateria back, he looks at the four students behind him.

“Get to safety!” Crow shouts to them, to which Epsilon 5 and 6 carries them to the side. Epsilon 4 kept firing at the Zamvapas.

“Armor is a little thick! 6, mind thinning it for me?”

“COPY!” Epsilon 6 fires a Tartaros cannon, the laser rounds hit the target.

Epsilon 7 has a Ryuulikon Tech support, that helps him casts a healing aid to Milly. Epsilon 7 then turns to the Stateria, after Milly runs away. Epsilon 7 draws out Crimson Flare firing powerful arrows that keep the Zamvapas down. The Zamvapas falls on its legs. Epsilon 3 rushes in with his double sabers striking the joints of the Zamvapas, while Epsilon 2 thrusts her Grand Chariot into the back of the Zamvapas. Epsilon 5 fires the Gur Bazga grenade launcher, keeping the Zamvapas pinned with the help of Epsilon 7’s Crimson Flare arrows. Epsilon 1 jumps with his King of Blood claws, striking the head of the stateria and then cracking its head open. The Zamvapas roars again, sending them back. Then it charges to Milly, who was trying to move away, she falls down, then she sees Crow hold it off with his Ank Tomho, setting it for Photon generator weaponry.

“Crow?” Crow pushes it back, then he uses his shoulder charging at it, pushing the Zamvapas to the back for a moment and then he jumps to its cracked skull, driving the Ank Tomho into its head, killing it. The stateria falls down, motionless.

Crow stands up, seeing the glowing blood of the stateria splashed on him.

“Commander on Deck!” Epsilon 1 shouts as they see the Epsilons standing before Crow in a straight line, weapons sheathed, they stand and look at Crow.

“Which unit were you from?”

“Task Force Epsilon of the AMF, First Division Combat Assault Force! Sir!” Epsilon 1 answers.

“Drop the formalities. Epsilon 1. I’m no longer your Commander.”

“Remember Commander Fulyen Curtz, is still higher ranked than me.”

“But, Commander Curtz placed your rank along with Commander Dove to be at his level. Sir.”

“What was your assignment?”

“We were assigned to eliminate an enemy force on Parum plains. Sir.”

“At ease, all of you.” Crow says to them as he watches them change their stance.

“Crow.” Crow looks at Milly, who notices Crow’s shirt looking a little tattered.

“I’m sorry, about your shirt.”

“Do not worry. I can fix this later. Be safe. Farewell.” Crow says as he walks away with Epsilon unit.

“YOUR COAT?” Crow brushes it off, signalling that he does not need it.

Meanwhile at the same time.

Dove was walking with Claudia, to which they meet Julis, Kirin, Saya and Ayato walking about.

“Ah, h-” A bright flash blinds them and it was clear. Something was a miss. Dove looks at 10 Svaltus humanoid stateria, and a lot of Galmoros.

“Get away from here, now!” Dove shouts as he switches his weapons to the Photon Generator firing Heretically at the Stateria, getting its attention while the crowd starts moving about.

“Dove?! What is that thing!?”

“Just get out of here! Lux weaponry won’t do anything to it!” Saya fires her Wolfdora, and they the Stateria just absorbing it to his sword. The Stateria looks at Claudia, Ayato, Julis and Kirin and then swings the blade to them, letting out a giant wave towards them. Dove tries to make the distance, but he was a second too late. He closed his eyes, not ready to face the reality that they may be dead.

“Commander Dove!” Dove looks at the voices calling him out, they were clad in multi colored armor with the base color being white, with the rhino like headpiece, wearing the Apollos arms, Revsys legs, Granadas torsos. The Company of 250 CASTs soldiers holding their Victory Shield wielding multi element Buccaneers

“AMF Detachment,117 Strategic Defense Company. Reporting for duty. Callsign White Legion ” They stand ready looking at Dove for orders.

“Will you obey my every command?” Dove asks them, as the some of the White Legion members look around, seeing the humans being afraid. A Stateria was about to kill a mother and a child, Dove watched as how a White Legion member withstands the attack with his Victory shield.


“We will follow you till the ends of Gurhal. Commander Dove.”

“White Legion. Priority 1 protect the civilians! Priority 2, minimize damage to the environment! Priority 3, eliminate the enemy forces!” Dove shouts.


“I am the Leader of the White Legion. My name is Blaze.”

“Blaze, lead your men as you are used to. Buy me time!”

“Understood. Teal and Blue! protect the civilians. Platoon Yellow,Green! and Silver engage!” Dove watched how the teal and blue colored CASTs move to the civilians, wielding their Victory shield, stopping the attacks by the Stateria and the Galmoros. The yellow platoon forming a line behind the Teal Platoon and Blue Platoon, firing their rifles, laser cannons, long bows and their dual machine guns.. Green platoon rushes in with claws and double sabers while Silver platoon draws out the swords and axes. Claudia watched how the Silver platoon jumped around after they striked.

Dove is seen in the center, he seems to be focused on doing something.

A Teal member pushes Claudia behind the defensive line, where Ayato and the others were watching. The students from ReWolf, Galahadworth and the others were watching as well. Then Crow runs back to them, seeing Dove in the center.

“Commander Crow! Epsilon unit!” The Teal defense members give way to Crow and Epsilon.

“Epsilon unit. Supporting White Legion!” Crow stands next to Dove.

“Looks like to end this Quickly we’ll need to use the Espadas.”

Crow nods to Dove’s suggestion and the two of them stand next to each other.

“Blaze, pull your men out!” Blaze orders his men to move away and they see Crow and Dove summoning the SUV weapons. With the SUV weapon being a being that was as tall as the staterias. Crow’s SUV weapon was known as the Black Samurai, as it was the shape of a large samurai wearing ancient battle armor whereas Dove’s SUV weapon was the White Knight, wearing the Medieval Knight armor. The two of them swung their blades at the Staterias and Golmoros, destroying them in an instant.

To which the men cheered at their triumph of their Commanders. The White Legion and Epsilon Unit reformed their ranks. The students, the police that just arrived and the civilians watched, silence filled the air as the large number of CASTs stand in formation before their commanders.

“Commander.. Why did we defend the humans?” Epsilon 7 asks.

“We are not in Gurhal.. We are in the planet where humans originated from. We are on earth. Abandon all previous directives. With that particular incident..It can be assumed sinister things are on the verge of happening here. Though I must commend a member of White Legion. Teal 5, Dove had informed me that you protected a mother and a child. Why is that?”

Teal 5 lowered his head in shame.

“Instinct.. Sir. I was a member of the Parum’s Police Department, Riot Unit.”

“I am not speaking out of anger or dissapointment. Teal 5, your instincts prove that CASTs and humans can co exist. Your actions prove that you still have.. The non existent heart.. Or rather, what emotional capacity we have. Teal 5. I commend your actions.” Crow says to him, to which Teal 5 salutes to him.

“I am honored, SIR!”

“Keep your head up, Teal 5. There’s a lot to learn in this world. Even, the two of us are learning as much as we can from these people.”

“Commander Crow.” Blaze called out.

“Why did you force us to leave?”

“You had families. Lovers, wives and children to return to. Suicide missions do not suit you. Defending the Castle of Justice on Parum.. That was suicide. Men and women of your caliber should be placed elsewhere. Duty may be what compels you, but remember the family that you have..” Crow says to them, then he falls on his knees.

“Operational Capability.. Down to 5%..” Dove catches him but he also falls weak..


“We just.. Surpassed our limits.. We did not do our basic maintenance..” Blaze orders his men to carry Crow and Dove to Seidoukan, to which Claudia, Ayato and the others aid them to the quarters, with the students looking at the appearance of the many CASTs that arrived